Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 13, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1942
Page 2
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Two NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWB, SATURDAY, JUNE 13,; 1942 HIGHEST GIRLS' CAMP EAST OF : . ROCKIES OPENS MOVIE In Waynesvlllo, M. (!., June olaO—ThlM your thn oamp NW<HOM Iho Clreftl Srnoyk MotmlulOH nr North Carolina hold* HpnoliU Intm-cml jfftMHU'ofiUf'OC-Uu) oonnUl .olllou and or the InUuul ttroiin whoro hirge dv- fonao . jtroJoolH ni'O In -progiM'MH. \VrtynoHvlih>. N. i 1 ,., tut uwpoolull> jftr.p.tQQlful city nuHliod .uinong th< fnountalMM of thn (trout hftH boon Iho favored mimmor of vlHltoi-H for many yours, At an uuitudo or about root, vlllo to Ihn hlghoHl oily In Arnorlon, It In the K«Hlcr« to tho (ipual Smoky ' Monntolrw National Park and l»t bntwoen thr> l'' M - grth and N«nlahula National l«'orunl*. Tho JlfHlnpH or HI. FnvnoK HI. Fi-anola, Win., -tmi aguln opening Si, John'H 'VauutVou Homo for Uh'lH at WuynoHVlllo thin mirnmoi', SI. Johuw- holdM tho dlHtlnollon of Uoln« tin- highest gh'I'H oarup wist °* lno iiookioH. • UMu> OUUVP \» toouloa on ono pr kho ibfllurtl points Ur\Vaynw* J vllhJ, nntl oomnwNdH ft vlo\v of low- oplng moiiMlaln rantfu* and Polling vftlloyH Tho high ultltudu ucoountn for a cool, Hllmulullng olimutu wml fpeodom" fi'om moMfiiilloort, A now playground ai'oa han luun lujllt at Iho VawUloir Homo during Iho past year to aoooinmodftlo nlH, Hhufl'loboanl, rolloi 1 voltoy hall and badminton. Hlorw* havo bu'on inwlo Hwlmmlng, arohory, tlui'l and gamoH of low organization, HlknH Into the HtiiM'ouiulIng mountains aro eomblnod with nature Hludy of Iho luxuriant vogoluI on umi aboumllng woodland ftulnwl IHo. Grafts, dpawalloH, rolk dancing, nui- nlo and Hlopy hour* have a plaoo In Iho wiuik'H ppogpam. MnalM out c>t ilOQPH, .ellhoP (U'o.u.nd tho llpoplacu or on thn Hpaolniin wirciiuuul poroh, aro on tho dally HOhodnlo, Thu BlHtui'H togothor svlth a UiN- coiMMOlop plan ami HUptu'vlnu all Fmtlum film, today nntl tonight, Ls tlwwl ax follows at the following thotttoitn Alcn/ms View of Smokies Frojn Highest Gjrls'* j€$mp in Ejasifcern America >^r **-& (Jew Tluui'.«»p Toll, -Jj{lO-4:00-0;»0-U:00 MAJOR GENERAL CLARENCE TINKER LOST IN ACTION .S;?W\$^ Ki v }> ,ity U^^ Vv^sv-...^ v- ^'s*- 1 - s^'V^X "^ -s*\ &£. ^ s *^'L^A*s^»*iM**i-i'* * ^v^^^v^v^^m^^^j • -' S-... M-, ' f Wv' s '^/>-^:Xl-- : :^-,'' -' - -.j^^^^ V^'-^^V V-tO^o^-^^^^ t^J $<•<»• --^Vvc v s. '•''•. <J V* t v ^X^ •• ^ \\. " ' k fe V X" ^ '^x ^ " s- ~ ^^jj^^^^^^^^^^^^m '"'V'•?•••'. V-' - V "V ,T:IL" & ' C M^l^ii^^^^H ^$. y* lon- roi 1 Tho two four-wook peplodn at HI. ,hn'H Vaoatlon Homo I'oi 1 UlPlH will IdHt fpoin Juno *l III! July iy, and ri'om duly W H'jj^ 11 " 1 lil< IRISHTATHi 25,000 STRONG , FOR12THFHS Now York, Juno W^ UP)- Thn HOIIH ami rtftiiKKlnrn -of Miu hnuu-aU iHln will pny krlhiilo to tKo land of a-holi 1 fopofuthopH, SuncbVi « i4 whnn Bf'.OOO HHHrMiibU* on FoVdharn Unlvtu'Hlty oainpun ror 10th 'uruuwl FolH ^onHunul. by Washlnglon, Juno .13—(UP)— Major (loncral iiliiponuu I/. Tl'nkcp, oom- inandi'-P of Iho Hawaiian ulr Jfopoo IH mlsHtiig lu action, Tho War Doparlmmil announooH thai Tlnkop failed l-o i-oUirn t'roni an alluok on tho Japaneao Jluot off Midway Juno 7, Other momhopa of ,tlio (light formation Maid •TI'nkop'M piano W«H Inat Hoen dOHOonclIng rapidly toward tho sou, Tho oouan wan Heapchwl : f,oii HCVV- oral days In Ihn vlolnity whopo lie ; \VUH l»»t Hium l>y ulr.plunuH and HUP- faoo opafl hut no Ipaoo of his bomb- np was round, AMERICAN FOOD WILL BE SENT TO UNITED NATIONS Daily Chuckles -lit Coffee on Ice ^A Los Angeles nian, Robert Koontz, decided it was higfc 4i;ne he got a divorce* Koontz -said bis wife spent eo much time feeding and oaring for her 23 cats that be was neglected. Result: The cats were treated /Inc. ICoontz' was. 'treated -too—for malnutrition. is Jn ;MUton, penn., Mrs. Ada Tuefcl thought and thoupiit to fiflurc out Hie best wnyv -to celebrate Jien 80th '' " ' everyone doesn't get to she wanted to dp some- After oil be 80. 'And after range of (oweriug nioiiiitaina.,,n»ake up a panormnn ^>f untold J)oautJ ns ; scon from''-th«j.-.i|WMi.| of St, ilohn's A'aealion Home for Girls-in Wuyn'osyiUcV'-NvC'.r..on;'tIio : .c«stcrh edge of the t |Great Smoky Mountains iN'allonal Park, Tlila summer camp is located at (lie highcjpjjelevutipn pf.any-'giVI-s^oaluiWinvEafitei'ii- Aiuorlcn, • . . i ''"' .."... ••;'.••--• ' i ''". '.' '.-. ,':• ' ,/,,.- : - J .:-.•".'• - ; i: .•.-.••i • ' Win tlio T,h« uolortul Ouolio worn by o6nlrm^n^'1nnti'rr> cllf- ffiront omnp.pWUf»nM will link tlil« niodurn -KnlH AvU-h tho lilmloi'lo Fols- anna of old Krln, Tlil» nfttlorml monlal nrul nrllHtlo fOHtLval \VUH rwui'dod HO highly In anoloi>t li'oUuul that Hpnolal fawn and tho klntf'H poauo 'i Cor all. All fruo mon and worn not molustnd. CJIOHn -to i,0()() uutpuntM will 00111- polo In tho yurloiiH ovrnlM, Moth fJnollo anrl KnKll^h svW bo iwod In Iho vooal H<Mvtlon>*. (HMo Juno in—(UP)—Many an Ainoplwin housowlfo oan nyni- puthi/u with tho probloins facln« nlno niori who aro innutlng In Waah- InKtori, Tholp ppobUun—what to havo for Ulnnop, Not JUKI for ono family, but for all tlio ramilloa In tlio United iwtlonfl, 'IMiu inon aro rnomlnips of thn now I'ootl pn(|ulpoinnnl8 oouunlt- loo, Aiul tlmy'po monlliiK fop tlio llpHl limn to bogln uppoPllonlnK Am- nrhuui food among thn United Na- UOIIH, , o t , Thn nluilnnan—Snorotary of Agn- oullupo SVlokuptl—will Kot thn inool- Ing off to a good Htart with Korno nliuopUiK IIPWH, -lie .will popopt t\mt AnujpUmn 1'armiM-H havo gono OVOP thn top In food production, Congregational Her, Kdwuird B, WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, JUNE 13,1941 to aid and PlH»H'" flanolnx, apt, rttwtlxn, lit- fcnoliW untl 1'lpo arid Klf.o KntmnU from aH fui« wnst an 'DftnvoP. Bl< liouln nnd Dnlroll will bo among Uio ii (Hy Unltnd PPOHS) flooacvoll POIHJWM ploclgn (Ipmil HPiteiln, M.A.K, pnpoi'l. bombliiK of Herman porkntbutllnHhlp— llijr) laml/osv or tho Adinlpul Sdhnur— off soulhopn Norwegian coast, -N«y,l HpokoHinnn «HHMP|.H "(inrmany will oontlntin to Hlnk ovory Mlil-p wl'lh oontpftbttiul I'or Britain," „„ ,,-— v ^ n "^^T^ ^1 ' " TT CAN'T I'MOVI'I HK'H A,>n<;iU(!/\N IMilludnlphlu (UP)— fllilof f/lttlo lr()n Hoy of l-hn Sioux vlnrllun tribn wantx to go lo work In llm Hrook- lyn Navy Yard, but -thiiH CUP ban not -boon ablo to; ppoyo Tho ohuroh -'school will moot at 10:30 a. in. (Forly'mlnules latortlio,n UHiial). '••'Tho graduating exorcises of tho school-will bo held nt 11 o'olook, us a 'Part of tho morning service. Tho saoramont of baptism will be -n^- mlnl.storod to a tuimbor of ohlldron. Bibles will bo npcsonted to the bnp- lixod ohliapon of tho churoh who have reached the age of seven years or nioro. Pins will be awarded'to members of tho Go-to-Ghuroh -Band, Diplomas will bo awarded to tho ptipllH graduating froni tho various deparlmonls of tho ohuroli school. Tho Junior choirs will sing. Aftis'lo; Inh'o-duolopy voluntary, "Festival Mnroh," Tollman; Junlpr oholrs, "Faith to \Vln," Bullarcl; "Clod -Who Touohcst Bnrlh -With Hoauly," Muollop; offortory, tl ^ ll>c Lord's Prayer," Malotto; oonoludlng voluntary, ."IMiko Street," Whiting. Tho ohuroh klndorgartcn which has boon open during the hour of the ohuroh sorvloo will be-closed, as ohlldron of all agos aro expect- to attend this Borvlqo, The Jdndop- Karton will not ro-pe-opcn until Ootobor. Auxl Mary . .-svii 1 1 -h«old -a -.-•' fitra,wberry festival. -An interost'lng program., toy local talon ( t^AvirJ>Qvr(^i|.l"ci^ ' , ' '' St. (EpUcopal) Rev. A. r, t«wlf Sucond Sunday after Trinity. ijshprs: .barlton Nelsori,, -Cjcorge Johnson. ; . - -. ' '. , ••'•! ' I Sunday; JO a. m. .Biible school. Auto sicrvlco: Wall-ace ,1'o-linspni C'a- lob Johnson. iiiOO a, in. ^Bnglisfi .service.' Oh urch -choir. -Soloist, 1 Mrs. Adolph Noison; .Speaker, G. Hovland '-of •- Yalo Divin-Uy Monday, , Juno d.5: 7:BO p.m. First x\id .•class. . ,,. ' •-, - ; •'!.. -Tuesday: 6:30. p:ni; Ordiestra d-oV ilioarsoi. 8cOO p. jn. Dorcas ;. (P.lank and Siiimni;! 1 !- Ro:ad, , ; -V/^iiebruJi'yj. Hostess, Mrs. .Philip Swans.oh, : .' .; . vWp(ln-094«y • 8 :0 ° -P."-:m. J3,oard l.o'f ad mini! s Iraki on-. • •/'• - . \ .-',;] Thursday: a:-i5 p. ,«i. .Qlil^ren.s choir, .7 :30 p. in, : 'Ch:urch .clvb'ir. ' 7 :ijo p. 'm. ; EvangeHn-o. Circle First Aid', Class. . -.;'.• ' ; : . : : ' .iPrldlay: 8:00 ip. in, Lutheran Brotherhood 'meeting (>P.e.r ( n.'-§t; f ); Hiost 1'am II, y, -David Lorcn.tson. (In ; tho event of rain we will meet ii church.) '.."'•'" ' \ ' will be , oonducted ,.at -lO :45;:0.i.Q'lo;clc, with -Rev. Mijlard Stcv'ensr.thG pastor, ofll elating ; and delivering the ' ' ' '' . > ! In tjie .evening^ the Christian Endeavor society '.>-wl"H-- : at , the church a t';7.o' clocks -\:;- ^ ''<• ; j* ', A ' »» -. '^ ;-•',.". .' . - , Mrs. Teiifel fliially hit on (he idea ofVtoking aj ^ong ride. And she 1 did~-rodc for ...five miles. Mosfc'vpf' us xvould hesjtote before j Inking ,.9 > 5-inile .aulomohilc ride in the$e "dayis.p.f scarce-gasoline. But not 80-year-old Mrs. Tcufel. Slie rode a-bicycle; ' -Inr-Lo8'vAn|5cl[csy-vt|hc ;county. asses- 1 ;j,ust .made' ruljn^- .' Those' people who-have built steel and:.:concpete> J)omb; shelters on tlieir -i>ropeiM-y will - have to pay up. Bojiibs. *nay ; never fall on the shelters; ''•'-.• • • . ButAtaxes»will;/i ; ••-... -,,.-.... vin-VChlcago, ''.they've >|nst posted tjie si»Qrlest;vi!^il;<se,rvice :list on •. , A nuinl|cr-'of, oxninination for the jou'^ns : . secretary ? ot ' (Roman Cuthblio) 1 ; The . masses vfor 1 the parishioners of.-:? St, .jMichQers- ohurch% :Will:,}b.e celebrated • at 8 .o'clock, , ; 9:15 o'.'bJpck a^^.il:..o'clock' ,on Sunday:..morning .at,''Jphhgqnis 'hall -pnv-Main ''.street. Tne^iiU.a^n.^ to.iaUond Jbe ; :9;'15 -p.'clock Mass and remain for religious instructions th"e : ''Mass.'"v . " V V>. '•''•':.''.•?•• First Ohurcli of Christ, . Scientist, Corner Holmes and 'Mitchell Avenues; Sunday services, 10:45 a.- . m. and 7:30. p. m,.:, ;:-.,- ,^— v Sunday- school, 10:^5 a. ,m, ' ' "' ' took the $5,000 a year the , public li' a 'Jot ,of;friendly rival- And'.whcn it was aU;; x ov.eri ahd:>tbe list oivns posted, tlvey > ruslie.d Qiit -iol to see! where Uiey.xJia^ placcdi V'-. ^> y '».Buts vibcy,-' 'looked ,at the list stuimed, their'expressions blank. Sofwas-the lijst. •;;',-:, • Here te-.-a story^'s being told. T.wo ; Bnlgia.ns -met, on a -street corner-in their homeland.'-..Said-- one: "Hel'l Rubens,V Tlio other ^returned the salute: "Heil Rubens^' - v A nearly Nazi became suspicious. What's -all : this "Heil Rubcns'\ mean:? He wanted to-know. One of the men answered with an innoc.en,t- ;e$p.ression: ".Oh we Belgians -have a .famous .jialntcr, -top." ' . Member^ofJthe cast of "Stars qn Ice, H which will open next jnonth at -New York's Center ;Tlieater f relax during rehearsal by having coffee and sandwiches. The'talented ^rirls crijoyin£ their snack arc,/left to right: JFlorence-Rohr, Kay Gorcoran, Jeanne Berman and Jaiiet Hester. •-.-. " . . .,'. . v ! . .-...- /'CentralPreti) Allied World Flag (,C.on ti nue'd •> :;f rorn • Pago •Tho sopylocfl • at St. ohupoh on Sunday, Juno l,C4ty •, O4rV» name 11. On f^ot If, To punt it, Or«ek Utter 14. To outdo 15. Bo fore 40, unit If, Half an .10, J7, Comfort 19, Honey. DAILY CROSSWORD v < ' • • . ' i, fihoo cord 27. ProphoU 33, Over (poot.) 34. Public upoakorti 30, Mix 30, Metallic rook 40, Silver in ingot* 41, Kxpremtlon of norrow 49, Young womnn 43, Olrl'n n«m« 45, young- Mlmon 40, Kngllih It, Chin 21, To platt 23, HU|f« 21. Mount*in» Of RUMlA 35. Smoothly poHU Mlohapl's J-i, Hocbnd Sunday nftor Trinity will bo as lotIO.WH: Golobrallon of the -Holy Communion at 7;HO o, ' rn. Gommonoo- morit oxorolsoH pi' thn Suncl«;y school will he hold nt the dl a. in,' ncrvlco. Ghlldron of the Sunday school are ro(|iiOHtocl ,to incot • In the parish hoiiHO at 10;-'iO a.'m, Tho mombors o/ tho Oranvniui 1 School .Girls' .choir will assist with- 'the -niuslo at this HO'l'VlCQ. Tuosilay: 0.^5-p, m, Alias. and BO- prano.M, . ',' * Thursday:. -7 $0 .p. m, 'Troop 7, B. S, A. In parish h'ouso, " Friday: ,7:00 -p." iv- Altos and so:-. p.-m. Gospcsl 96 Pro*pect Strc«t. Union City, Rev, lUy Unsilerfcr, Pastor. 9:30 a,. -- : m-, 10, '30 a. 'in, Morn ing; C ;{K) ;P. ,m. \YQuug; .l^6bplo'.s v meeting, -.!.;>• ;• !:.. . ..'; ".••'• .•:-;•: ''•-/'-:': .'V"7 :30 p.' m. Eva'ngolistic service. . Vyedixos^ay =7 : ;30v^p/-' m.'. Prayer mooting, --. ' ' ' ••"• Naugatuck Methodist Hov. T, llruillo'y - 29, Bf nr 30, Conntttlatlon Una 6-M Y«M«riUy'« Aniwor 47, Com pass point 49, Larva of botfly ,51, Roofing Slfttfr 3(1. AcrOM 37, Abandon 38, Cplorii ' 39' ttlevftto 41, Grow old 44, Attempt 46, Anlmftl-H ' foot 48 PUc« of oblivion 50 Hoi. ting clothing 93, ftUrlt* DOWN Actor'* part 0, A mark of r*n^ f A witch I Children's Day- will bo observed Sunday, 'Juno \'t, at the Naugn- tuok MothodlHt chui'ch, the UOV..T. Hraclloy Longstaff, pastor. ,Thc HptJclul Horvlco will be at 10:30 a. m, and will Include .the baptism of children by tho pastor. Th,o following ohlldron .will participate In tho ^program In charge of Mrs. M'lllam If, Hooth : Beta Ware, Jerry Ilallornn, Uhoda Marnon, Hlcliard AHho, SyLvl-u Obat, Doris Sweet, 1/oulHO MntohGt, Donna Marnon, PaUy Long, Saiulra Uobble, Linda McKoa; Mrs. • CJav.o's class, Roberta Moffat, JoHOph Plko, Lori-nine J^.ocU, nichand -Lawrence, Shlrloy Miller, Lynn r ( oohurd, Harold P.ctorson, Hai'baru Uullauf, Dorothy Barker, Uuorgc Mofful, .loyoc Aslio, John Mogln, .Lorraine 'W.oodskic, Dorothy J>rovceixan, Oono-.13ob.blo, Catherine Boyci, Illlon Mogln, Polo Swact,. Dolores l»ook, Joyce .Bobble, Joan Hoyd; Mr, Marker's .class, Mary Moffal, Marlon FoHpn, Joyce Bobbio ; Mrs. .Uoolh's class, •,Jimrny',Mu- huClV.o, .Awards -will -also -bo prqscnt- od to .nvoniUoi'8 ,of • .tho school, •••..-..•. • Sohodulo for the o.onilng wbok: Juno 15Lh~rMonday, : , 8 p. rn. A mooting -of the church Hohpp.Koaoh'- nrH'(UKl officers will bo' hold at Iho homo of Miss Mildred Wcyh, 431 Scott ulrqot. ...... ' • - ilunn SOlrh-^Sntupdny,' the -'nnnual ohurch school <plonlc will bo hold. Murshu.ll Long, -'suporln tendon t, is I M oj 1 1\ 'rg6 {o t ttVra ngom oiits/ 1 - • ' ' (rpllsh Roman { Rov.-3. ;1 .The Masses at VSt, 'Hedlwigte c will 'be celebraied fit ^QtW 8 arid 11 a, m. , ., •'.' / !l( -;•',-'-. The regular ^weekly vesper service wi'l 1 be at 3 o'olock -Sunday noon; ;';;,. ,.:'• 4 «i» ''.'•.'-JI.-. •'. ,-ir J3t. Paul's Eyarigejicafl Henry .'.S. . . Oa, m, ^ . . : 10, a. m. Morning worship with §&rmon ty Rev,-. Henry S.Brustat f paator. ••' , r,j •;;..— .•., •':.•••(. • '', '' " l (Roman Rev, Thomas -M. Griffin : Tho nia&seis ft"t St. A^ary'^ churcb bo celebrated ; at 7 : 30, 9 ;30 a, xn. (Roman Catholic) J. j. Flt7!jer»ld, Masses will be celebrated In Francis* chaurch' Suri'day mornlniia" 7, 9 and ; ^ '• P-oem-^Old- Ironsides— Juanita Farl; •••'. .-.i-s^i -x,- 1 . ?.'::• •.-••<' ' -...'", •;. 'iHAW-' tliG -iStar ^Spangled Banner B'ocamo Our 'National ' Anthem— lowa'ni Farrow. ' • The .Flag -Goes By— Florence ' Hot For Japs On ttu Aleutian 1 • -campaign now has be- • America—Sixth -Grades. Singing ofri'AmerJca the • f u.l "—Assembly , : :gpacie5j: 7-1 , ,.7-2,,,. 7-3. pleading ''jot GoyoVnar'a/pr^csl-apitt- tion— Tteesa: MaxvveH— 7-2. ' . " Mean ing lp f ; • M i o Am e^ I o;an 7-2. . 7-1; -• ...' : •-"•••.- ''-' '•'"'•'' Flags \Uscd -By Our 'Goun- F.lag Rules ,0$v.Qi;nin'g . t-hc^Use" ; of>: thfl ln-'^y^jsV-^r2 : ^J^x^'^-' : J^'^^/9^' Shirle v y; ' HfelivenSj;'• -Stuart ' -VVP J '? S » idn;-Jean. Ravensoi'.oft, LbW 1 ' Sriiithv 'R-fty'inoncl ' iiotchklss, LiCirey Keiiner,SVirglnia/'Gut^nllli. R : eci tiitib.ri^—''Tlie f lag''Goes; By,V— B.ehrieH—Glass 7-3. •• ;•' / -' - ; ;s-'; v. oT M ph Columbia the Gem of.- the' : bccan°.—Assembly, grades'''.7-1, Incidentally, -informed sources now, believe ,tha,t tixe Japanese iosscs at; Midway and in the earlier .Coral Sea baltie'i 'have cripple'd 1,he cnomy offensive power. .Those two'Amerj- oan ^-victbries now imay- pave,/tho way:• fore. '-offenislye >thnusts I hy tht 1 Alljos^-in the direction of Asifl, In general-, ; a.nd ; Japan, in particular; '.-.- .-nii'-V >' ' = that), .Japan's exiended •communications. "1 toes' now are- endangered.' ! In tiie Australian iheater, General MacArthur's bombers have -capi'-i o i ut'.'-another'--'Hg-fit^aUack oh the cn- o'my ; airdromes at Rnbaul- .and'.Gas- ma.ta.'^l'h New*BrJtain."/• ••.•-<- < ' ^;ilied ; '-t'orces in- Libya arc /Ight' : hard r'to-'stem '--'a-, strong -new Axis tanks and planes blore ; : down on -El.Adem. But an.v /IhiReriar '' says, ' headquarters com- .the attack was re- ...Qautions ;on.-;t;he''TJse of the-Flag— Dick Paintel 1 ahrt. Jdhri r; Sousa, 7-2. Tho' American's Creod—Wll.-liam Tyleiv Pa^e—Assembly^ Gr.ades ; 7-1, 7r2;. $$*•'•'•• ' ' '•''-'"•' : '" \ §a'iu i'e ' vt o • ;the- ^ : F 1 ag—Na tali-; D i /auren/.la,' -7-2; • '"•'•'-, ' •' ' Sa! u to' Wh en G i v i n-g • the-'P.ledge- to t h o: / : F-I u&-r : E IMI cs ti n e. M111 er, 7-2. ^rt'lU,w^ tU i/ilCj * •» LTifto. . . , «J Grades.. 7-4. 7-Sr 7-3. . ' " Y Y Singing &t "§ta.r. Spangled Banner Assembly .grades! 7-i, 7.-#, -7-3:' Announcer—Oliver Jean Schbfle.ld, the-Axis arm'orejl units .bi- Bl "Adem and ; .strpaked to- Acrma, \a Bi-itish .strong point \ 's Wh ci'.G, i .the ,;conimu n i.que sa^ f .?, 1m- pQrial Armored forces- and '-the 1 'RAF put'-up a stiff flght. And .prc.snm- fibly..,th.e ' baitLe, at Aorp." 1 ? 1 still ' i>s •iiaglng.-;>•;•: -.,'• -' "• • V The British: jSny\ve in; ^oayyV.dum'agc on the .enemy. .cletaHs ofM.the b.attle ,aVc- not (Continued from Pago OheV ; give' the opportunity to all IVtio peoples to ..demonstrate- -their con.i- bi'ne.d convictions against . I . the Axis'.'-' t Ami in Australia, ..General MacArthur added: ' • - • ", ., -We can humbly . . . dcclaue our faith"and-con/Jdencc wilh Godls lelp in our Una!--victory," .The premier -.of the Polish government in exile, General Sik-orski. las -ordered'American Jlags to Jly \longskle Polish Hugs at all Polish •bases. There will be . a patriotic! mass .meeting at "Chungking. And Russia Is making its plans for a special ,celcb ration. Throughout South and Central. America- nations wlio have thrown their lot wi'th tlio, Axis aro nunV ping plans for parados- and demonstrations. - - s '• .. IN NJOV YORK Now York, June 13— CUP)— Fqr i 0 . o r i 2 ' h o u rs tod ay, N c\v Y o rlv 's Fifth A-ymuic. .wJl'J .reso.und to -the tr'c'if of marching fdct and the clanking mechanised .mojisters, of modern .war; llalf-a niiniqn\marGh- ers; will 'pay -tribiite to America's fighting men of the :-JancI, sea and •nlv 'in the New York at war parade. ."-.''•', -•-..-' The demons! ration will include army and navy units an>! roproson- laUvcs of the United Nations, West Point cadets and colorful victory /loats. , And at least two "million persons, including KJng George of Qrcqc'e and Vitoe-Presklont Wallace will witness lUp g^iant .spectacle,. 170 Pupils Will Graduate Tuesday Pago One) Gabr-ini, *DomiUl- DpWJtt jUcrmonal, *Calvin Anderson lioiulley, Lois AIIR, .John Joseph ,Mnr,totti, Marcella 'hose Mariotli, Charles Jlernjan Mcssnor, Jr.-, * Doris i.alluc MonV ghan", June "'Carol Nardello, Shirky Ward Nccdham, Hyron .^oHoy No- Ijk;, Dorotboji j-jstlier Oslrom, Jen- nic••Hose-.Partdo-lfe, i^obert Ira Peck. .•Juno GHi-dte Huccio, Maxine Ida Shaffer, * James ]2clw«'ird Sweeney Klma Ann Trallcanti, Wwyne Allen Wciuhardt, Charles Xubnjicb, Jr. •Average of 8!3 pci'/.oeni, or above in each subject for ihe-ycar. Hop Broo.k School (20) -"Mary Julia Abucewicz, i\1aria.Aun| Caparclla, Edward Patrick Dillon, Eugane Frank- Fal.ek, Edward Charles Fogarty, *Vincent • Lucianl Gele/.uJias, 'Thaddous Walter y bowski 1 , Nellie -Mary Jasinski,. ; Nln\-| em Stephen Krause, SnndrJa Ant Krxykowski, Michael John Marlh. Bornico Rosemary Murphy, Ramom Rcgina Novak, George Michael Pal>| ten, 'Leonard VatenLInc Pra-lcikas. Mary 'j' Rcilly, Clara Thci-oss Hykowslvl, Joseph-- Anlhony S'/.c^n- Ivowski, *Joan Belinda Tracy, *WaI- Ler Mi'Chael VVoJUik: Trospoet Street Jscliool ; (22). Stanley Leonard Alcxinskj, Jaivoiv Hoyd, Joseph Brodcrick, Jr., -*Bclly Jane ,Ch,urcliill, .Joseph 'Thomas OOH-,' --J*Lois 'Jlclcn Costcllo, 'Victoria ' D u) epsk.U: ,SVl H Jam M| chncl Fleming, 'Mildred .AmoMa ' Poble: Betty ; CorInnc Johnson, Mary ICllxa- belli Kecskes, *G)adys Eyra] Kinly, •Eleanor Virginia Klimasieski, Waiter Myclwskiw, *Norman Chapman Owens,-.Florence AJary PoJo.nis, lOvo- lyn Cori-nne J^oltcr, * Laura Cnlh- crmc Puleo, Raymond Joseph Slu 1 pack, l^illiaji .Kalhryn SodtosJiy,! Howard Carl Vagt, *Lois Madeline! •Welch. ' .' . • ' 'Average of 85 per oCnt or a!jo\?, in each subject for the year. . , . is \i .eVklonce i' toda<y Masses 3 jj.mi-T <Polteih at,8 -aiid .10:30. a.m, st (Romivn Catholic))- -Prb«p*ct t Cohn.I.} 9 Q A QBAHB OT quoUtlon O ' J R K QK OO 8 TERMJNJCD BIT, A a J CM BT — PLB V H, OPINION is XJLTIMATOLY DEANO NOT, By THE3 INTBLr by ItlM fWturiNi 0vndk«l«, Inc, . . Hillside Oon^regational Renr. Arthut Johnson 0:15 n, m, Sunday Blhlo classes. Tho whip In Engilah' 'ut ; J'l pastor's Hormon '.will •!: on 'Into Simplicity.'- 1 •'.. The ovonllng ser.vioo school rowing wor-i o'clock. Tho 6 ofi "Shok- .V •}', • ' . Will >bo at be celobratM; at, | Anthony'a c'huroh in Proapect, Sun'. J X raorainjjr< *^ *"; *P,4'' ?P v 0 '^^^ ;St, P^ulfs Ey^gelical 9 n.m. Sunday^Bohbol. 10 :00^a;irny QqrvyJoc^ a^d 7$0 o'olo.ok. Thnro will l>o Hpooi(i) niuslo hy.tho oholr, Tho noprnan HiJliJtwl .will .bo- "Tho. UWIma(e Trust." ' Tho nikl-wook 'sorylco > will ho •on -Th'utwlay ovdiihiK at, 8 o'c.lock. Tho louder will ho Donntus Anderson. On Saturday evening: Uhc Ladles' .Tho 61 asses lors at; ,0 :?0 o'clock,; under, 'the dj- I'flnMnn nf'nhL reotlon of the Sunday era. • ', :'.-..•;,,.•' M r ,.,-v.'" «-i ^;'-~ -*-^. - • iThe H.voryman'8u ; J3}^|o •'class;->wi]jl moot at the ,ohUroh' ;at v 9:80 ;oi',old,ak: with Prosl'doht Cia'ytoh . Dubois. ohargoi6T ens: will" hour oT -Stey- sfe^yjofl [cndm,g^ \helping hand to th,c Re.d •on^fclie Russi'an^front. yesterday - liv neutral Turk'ey.«>« An«;l-.,the . .Aiper.ioan ,cr.ow : & .c quoted as, Declaring; We aa/io:m pi iah e d H :O,u r s m i on in , J31aclc:' Sea;'/' '• • ;- " - ' v\ ' 1 -^Vaytjs of^ :<$Iazi .'-: ^troops s U 1 1 are<cfafc'ln'g\ s agaljis.t- ;itbe^r6ck-lii«i for- Sevastopol. * ; .- • • ; Qffenslvc,; nov,' In'-jts .eigh-Ui?/ da^,.ii» : beli.eve,d - to havevreaohcd ills; peftK- And a decision one way or thD.^pther is ex-. S^pry-^Tiie FI'pst' Flag—Judy / Mar Message -of •'-., the -.•William vD'oml n lc .- ; ,;://'',< —Joaephlri,e -pec, . ; • Tlie "first "Soyiet .communique to' day- saVs Rumanian Germans' are feeding troops; .. as .'•loan.o.o : AaQnimun' tquci times;' .four And 'on "each ', occasion ihcy 'tio>yn by-rittc and ma*••'"'-• '••••••^ ..,;-.. ..v,-. .-^.--oselves als,o iosirig^-he'ayRr ;'in' : -;.Me; ; roaring baitle. The ; midniglit Sbvi'ct corn- claims -the Germans lost >y ''^eghnents sauadi\on ( pf cavalry- yesterday. \ ,"^ & ', .f\ — _«.' J-L • " munique A >:Rome broadcast' t0.p.o.i\ts that , ,pianes : -haye raided' the Greelt' port of Piraeus,-now an Axis base;.-'- '-.- ' ,. - : ,; ..; / . v >,The Nazi -rejgn,. of terror in CzVcliosiovttki'a shows no signs Qf abating^ ^--Brifclsh i broadcast • says Domen-ic AnUiony '.-NardiioCo, -Jr..,. Gajncj-Jne trances ,Nalalizio, * Patricia 'AmVo NOT ton .'Mary Josephine O'Bonncll, * Eleanor Eliza•tip Hi O'Oin ck c , -J I c n r'lc 1. U 0 1 cl a k o \N 's J*i .' ''Constance Ami ,'OTson,' John' "•Robert Paridol f e, Wi 1 Ham 'By r on Pros- ,sej\ Jr., . Gcncvleve J.eanettc. Rado, Frank .Ellsw'orbh Ran.-dull,' ' Phyllis June Reed, * Robert llovvard Rich- ; ai'd«on, Loi-s Jean Rose, Jean Ruth-. lioyle", Edwin Santos , -Ruella, Marie-. Ann .Sa'hi.a, Joseph Anil'hony Santore, Will iam F. SchlesingeJ', Ca: ; 'l- ton And'crspiv Shea; ' George N'-incenL Sigctti, Mae. Sm'il;h,.I'reneSusxin Spal-, •l-ohe; Vincent Ken nclih Slauffer, a'rd.o JoJin .Stefan el I'i, Donald Swan- Patricia Olivia' Swenston, -L-qr- 'May . Taylor, Wallace Howard^ Terril, Albert Goodwin • -Traisnol,. Catherine Ann Triano, "John Douglas Vaughan, Lorene l^iyllls •VoJ- and, Sh iir Icy. Mae Watcrlvouso, Donald Robejiij ; Wcaylng, • ; * Qeorge B-iv- -wJck AVilnipti- Lorraine. Gloria Wis- •inski, Edith Jean .-Wo.odside, * Cri'rl Antimony .Z ; donick. ••' * A.yerag-c of 85 -per cen t • or' above in year. Central Avenue School (30). Manuel Francis Alberta/ Peter Michael. Aordkian, ''no ^Aquayia,' *IIarry --VWHi'am Arendiiolz-. ;Jr., .-AlbCi'ta ' Mnrie • Carringt'oir. .Gcorgel Arnold ^Classey, '-VJrV,. Ralplv .Thomas tyamianf, J.aiiics ;spei)cer Da- 'yis,,,Garmela JDoi'pthy- F^nateri, M\a ; rioji Frances FoleyvMcglio.l^aymond : • EYES PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED By A. W. WALKER l^eyisicrcd Optometrist nt 68 BANK ST. at CENTER WP THE fiWUtlUN CILUI ' 'UBIN'S CT. santls; • -AtiA, : n- Bother;; GKec i h8-/pay with "thpu- fpr:' every ' .Gernian , .. ..occupied , .nation. What '.RepitaWon—^Yaurt.«<;Flag -anld /•:AlIcev : Pa.l ;-:Mc8ftge: Londdn: broadicast?i says- Tnan.? rtrbops'i : are^ -being Belgium- v ' And ^biff • "^a being moye'd ; up .to the ' '' ' more ;Ger- irjushed .-'. -to ' gUns are coast. i properly : of Is-many tintcg Wiat/of sawed luniber. Graduation Days '. • > •• • • • • •• .-•'•-.-.. • f can s.ew an^ j^ave mon0jr thfs year in making white Graduation'Drjesses. 59c yd. , 75c yd, 75c yd. 75c yd, White Mercerized: "^ite Mercerized iShan^ng/40 inches \yide White Sharkskin, 40 inches wide ......... White Mexicool, 40 inches wide ; ;'.'•'.'...!'.'.. The Kennedy Store J ? =a=a::: 9 :ss =«^^

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