Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 28, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1891
Page 5
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1 Are You In It? -,---.'-rj tVhy, in for having sport this^SKimmer. If so we are Headquarters for THE MURPHY MEETINGS. I Frunclw Murplir'H Great Work In tlie CauKc or Temperance In LoKan- Miort Will Close To-nlsht. PORTING GOD Such as Bicycles. Sattys,, Base' Bail; supplys, Tennis outfits and, and last but not least, our Immense line of F I SHI N G T A C K E L THE GRAND BAZAR, Agents for ChubbQoand Fishinjr Kods. Divine's Dr. CORBETT,V.V.S. A veterinary surgeon of many years experience Is now permanently located at . DielUs Livery Stable - -209,Market street, Logansport, Inil. Dr.,Corb6tt-wllIbe pleased tow;Utupon ;ill who may favor him with a call. . apr22difcwlm - DR.E. M. HATCH, Physician and. , Office, HcCiiffrpyDlfrlcBirj:dn^.T Ci-r. .Sixth St. Hesldence, 1122:.Illfeh S1rei t, Lcgursi ort, Ind Daily Journal. TUESDAY MORNING,"APRIL i'S.' Eli Daly and • Mary' E. Stitt are licensed to wed. Mrs. Dr. J. B. Shultz is visiting- friends at Kokomo. '-'.•-'" Dr. A. B. Ballon of Burnettsville, "was in the city yesterda}'. -."••>'-«• Laugh at that funny conceit, the Irish Arab, at Dolan's to-night. ",.'J. B. Stanley began a w.eeks temperance revival at Flora last evening. Two plain drunks were disposed of before His Honor yesterday morning. Dr. J. H. Allen'.went to Burnetta- ville yesterday on professional business. .... .'..-" A cow belonging to Rev. Kroeger was killed by a train near the junction Sunday.. : .,..,...'.. Margaret A. Wagner has filed complaint'of divorce against John W Wagner.. ., . Councilman Boyer went to Indian apolis'yesterday, ^on a few days busi ness trip. ''; Try some of my Lake .Superior fish, • the finest ever brought to town, this morning^—A. Hubler. Old refuse fish are dear at any price. Mine are fresh from the la.kes every morning.—A. Hubler. Bobby Gaylor, the inimitable Irish comedian in side splitting farce comedy at Dolan's to-night. Mrs. Mary A. Patton of East Broadway departed yesterday' on a visit to her mother in Wisconsin. Charles H. cShafer and Flora B. Stevenson; George L. Smith and 'Jen. nieSauers,are licensed to .wed. , -•.;• "Isn'tshebeautiful?" "Certainly. She uses Fiora A. Bones'famous "Blush of Roses'" for the complexion* 1— Go to the rink to-night and hear. Faancis Murphy's farewell address, as his good work in the' city closes for the present to-night. Sleeplessness, nervous prostration nervous .dyspepsia,, dullness, blues cured by : Dr. MileSj Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling'g. (2) T. W. ^Nichols -and Martin Bligh , were engaged yesterday in appraising the stock and bar room fixtures of the late Martin C. ^Heenan, Yesterday in the circuit court -Alice A. Parker was granted a divorce from Arthur W. Parker and leave to resume her maiden name,'Alice'A, Wood. Mr. C-, H. Wagner, of the Murdock, will depart "to-morrow on a visit back to his former home at Winona, Minn. Mr. Wagner retains large interests at Winona jand at Dead wood City. The Wolcott-PaV Handle damage case started in bright and early r."e Found How to I>o Ir. "1. never ventured to answer what might be called 'snide advertisements' but once," said a, former Log-a-usport merchant. "It was shortly after " we had gas bills established hero and gas bills burdensome. One day I saw an advertisement in-a New York paper offeriug 1 to send a recipe for $1 guaranteed to rbduce gas bills 75 per cenl. As my jras bills averaged §16 a month J thought I would find out how io save $12,. and sent the $1 to the address specified in the advertisement. In the course of a week I received the recipe. What do you think it was? A small card on which was printed in prominent letters, -Use kerosene oil.' " ' Florida on Wheels. A unique attraction fresh from the -land of flowers,'from the sunny south, will be side tracked near the Pan Handle station to-day to remain the rest of the week. This is a magnificent car fitted up handsomely and containing all the choicest products of Florida arranged in the most attractive form. Florida on wheels -is really a .real estate advertisement, butitag'so attractive a one that'the business feature's'of it are forgotten in the unique, beauty of the thing. The Sunday evening mass ance meeting at the rink was the most largely attended and enthusiastic of the series and Frrncis Murphy fairly outdid his former efforts in the •rand work he is so heroicly pursuing and in which he has , done so much good in this community. His address Sunday night was most able and commanded the closest attention of his large audience. He was assisted by Hon. W. D., Owen, Rev. -Dr. Putnam, J. B. Stanley, George McKee and Frank Smith.whose short talks were received with interest. The ten cent collection taken at the door realized for the temperance union a sum which will go far toward defraying the expenses of the series of mettings. The meeting- last night was characterized by the same large attendance and enthusiasm .which have marked all these meetings/and at the close of the meeting Mr. Murphy's earnest solicitation prevailed on a large number of persons to declare themselves on the right side and to sign the pledge of total abstinence. During these meetings more than six hundred persons have signed the pledg-e, man Y of whom were persons much given to the soul destroying habit. It is expected that to-night, the last night of the series, the number will be swelled to the grand aggregate of seven hundred names, truly a wonderful work. This evening will close Mr. Murphy's labors for the present in this city and the: largest crowd of the entire series is expected to turn out to hear the farewell address of the most gifted man in the whol« field of the temperance work. The meeting will be held free of charge and everyone -is cordially invited. A Yonngr Grand master. Mr. W. H, Leedy, formerly of this city, Grand Master I. 0. O. F. of tb> State led the anniversary celebration pf the order in Indianapolis' "Sunday. The Indianapolis News speaking of our former townsman says : "Mr. W. H. Leedy, the present grand master is a rather young man to have reached sueh an eminence. He is a successful business man 'of this city,' and one of the most highly esteemed members of the order to which he belongs.' In his address Grand Master Leedy rave some interesting statistics. 'Under the jurisdiction of the ' Sovereign Grand Lodge,' he said, 'we have a membership at our last official reports of 694,335, add to this 59,000, the number of Daughters o r Reb'ekah, and you have the number which constitutes the American branch of the order. The English branch, from whom we derived our charter, numbers 708,473, a grand total oJ 1,402,808 active Odd Fellows in good standing in the world.' The Masonic Order's last report, he said, showed 530,748 members in America and 1,082,992 in the world. Reports of last May showed 33,050 Odd Fellows in Indiana, and 569 lodges, a number of members 10,000 greater than the next highest order and 5,000 higher than the third largest society in the State. In the last tweaty-five years the net increase in Indiana lodges has been 374, and in membership 25,486. The American Order of Odd Fellows in 1S88 -dis- bursed'nearly $2;600,000 for relief of its members. For the six months ending June 8 last, the subordinate lodges alone of this State disbursed $68,796 for relief. The-title of the' play, "An Irish Arab" is enough .in itself to set, the crowd'to smiling- 'and the intensely ludicrous manner In which • the Irish Arab is worked up into the skit which will be at Dolan's to-night is enough to expand the smiles and keep them going all through the evening. This is probably the best farce comedy which Wm. A. Brady has produced and fun alive is the.program for tonight. You will not be disappointed in the character of the entertainment planned for the evening. It;Aninned 'Em. Indianapolis JS T ews: The United States Harine^Band in gorgeous uniforms adorned the Bates House to-day. The members were greatly interested in the use^of natural gas, and it was allowed to burn in the grates in the .obby for their amusement until everybody was almost reasted. About the only kind of'natural gas which they lave kaown is that which they blow ;h rough their musical instruments, Cbrlsilaji—Acrostic. Thoughts prompted by the discourse of Bev. Dr. Pntnam.] . . •-. Clirlst. anointed for the cross! Human kingdoms, deems but dross; Righteousness, his diadem, Innocence, a glorious geml Shine with splendor, not.orearth; These adorn the glad new birth. In his name, the Christian lives, All we have, his goodness gives; None can. tell the bliss on high, Jesus gives for tear and sigh! _ - ^_ —S. McGulre. The Broadway M, E. church was crowded to its upmost capacity Sunday morning-'by the Odd Fellows, Daughters of k ;Reb«ckah and Canton and the anniversary sermon preached by Rev;Norris was an admirable effort. The Odd Fellows"'turned out in full force to observe the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the -order in this 'country. , , . Superintendantand Mrs. Rogers of the hospital departed Sunday night for Washington where Mr. Rogers- will take a part in the national meeting of Superintendants of insane asylums. They will be gone a couple of weeks during which time Dr. S. E. Smith will have charge of the hospital at Long Cliff. South Bend Tribune: Rev. D. E-. Williamson, the new . pastor of the Second Presbyterian church, has taken rooms at the residence of Mrs. N. S. Marsh, 104 south St. Louis street, where his address will be for the •present. - - - Base Ball. . Hall's Business College team defeated the High School team by a score of 7 to 4. Batteries, Jones and Dolan for the College team, and Pierce andiCarroll for the High School team. His Wall of Woe. A Georgia editor thus presents his unfortunate and undone condition. .. "A paper cannot live where the town council sticks its notices on a. china tree, and the merchants do all their advertising on paper sack. Some of them say it does not pay to advertise. Why the devil, didn't they say so before we planted the Banner in this cursed one horse town? Here we are with five hundred dollars worth of fine printing material and not enough business to furnish grub for a grasshopper. Guess we will never settle at atfother water tank with a lot of ignorant people, Unless we get some advertising this week the paper goes up the spout, and we shall leave this God-forsaken nieasly town and open up a bar at Drunkard's Gluch and get rich." SUCCESS By Persist ant Advertising and ACTUAL BIG BARGAINS I succeeded in filling our house with rather creda- bus people. V r e satisfied them in ever instance of tKe" truth and gave them Better Value. No matter how great their expectations FOR THIS WEEK Men's Satinet Suits $2 50 Men's Cot Worsted Suits.. 2 76 •Men's All Wool Suits .'. -!v 5 "Op/T ' ,." • Boys ; Suits, New Plaids 93 ; .'• Boys' |3.00 Suits, all New '".' i 50, ,.- Better Grades Reduced. OTTO A. Zo.'t. P. (ft. 1.000 1.000 .760 .750 •350 .250 again in othe circuit court yesterday morningf. "" [The evidence is about .half in and the case Will probably consume two weeks more. : i Mr. B. Troutman, Wabash, freight 'agent at'<Butler,and.'wife, -and Mrs. E. J. Ford of the'-; same-,' place, returned home after a, few . days visit a in the city the guests of ; th*--famili'es^of Ed- Leonard aud H. C. MehafSc.-- . <7 H, : . Charley. Paden the .well y known Fourth street barber; departed, yesterday for Des'Mbines, la., where :he will 'take lucratite., employment' .at -once! Commendable, All cjaims_ not consistent with the high 'character of. Syrup of Figs • are purposely avoide'd^ by the California BASEBALL. Tables Showing the standing of the Clubs in Three Leading Organizations. , The clubs of the National league, American association and Western association stand as follows in the race for the pennants: NATIONAL LEAGUE. II On, Boston 4 Cleveland. 4 CWcaso 3 Philadelphia -. .'.'.'.'3 Brooklyn i Pittsburgh i New York -. ,.'.',"o Cincinnati ."Q AMERICAX. WESTERN. Per p (T - , Won. Int. C't. iron Zost. CY. Louisville.. 11 4 .7S3|Omalja....s Beaton 8 4 .TOlDenvcr 5 Baltimore., 8 5 .615|Kaa's Ciiy.5 St. Louis.. 7 7 .MKJ'Sinux City.4 Columbus.. 0 8 .428JMil»aultc'e4 Washt'toc. 4 7 .Bfl^Mln'apoIis 3 Cincinnati. 5 10 .3')3 ; St. Paul '.3 Athletic. ..4 8 .333jLincoln 3 Two Boys Drowned. PHILADELPHIA, April 27. -A .sailing party on the Delaware river Sunday ended in the drowning of two boys of a party of ten. The boys drowned were Walter Price, aged 20 years, and Charles Christy, 18. The party started to- sail from Camden to Gloucester. The boat had hardly left the wharf when it capsized and all were thrown into the watsr. Ca/pt. John Hart heard the cries for help, and. jumping into a boat, rowed to the rescue. He succeeded in saving- eigrht of the boys. .750 .625 .625 .444 .444 .438 .385 '_';. ' '-- Happy Iloonicrs. 'Wm. Timmons. postmaster of Idaville, Ind., writes: "Electric Bitteis has done more for me than all other medicines combined, for that bad feeling- arising from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to be the best kidney and liver medicine, made me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, says: "Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man. who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies; he found new strength, good appetite and felt just like he had a new lease on life. Only 50 cents a bottle, at B. F. Keesling's drug store. o Estray Nolle:-. ' 'Stray horse taken up, bay, 4 years old with saddle and bridle on. Can be found at Grable's feed.yard, corner Sixth street and Broadway. apr26d4t Fig Syrup J Company.) It acts', gently on the kidn'e'ys;,. .liver and b'owels cleansing the'-system' -effectually,? but it is not a cure-all and -makes'-no'pre- tensions that every bottle ,wi],l not substantiate. ••'--'• . ' '"• | -• , " ' " iCharley's-i riends,regret ;Kis: departurb and wish, -him well in his ne^"home. .• Miss Ida Tucker who sttebdecLthe. Grand Ch^ptgr'O. E. ,S.: aiJndianapQ" lis last week,- as a delegate frdin tte' local chapter and ^remained -eroine' days in that city visiting 1 , <ier .motfrete and sisters returned'.,home 'Sunday eveniog.; ' • • A Boon to \VlTe*. ; , . , .' Having. used : • 'Mother's .Tri'CTd", il .would not be without'it. ;. It is a boon towivesjwho know-'-'-they -mu'at;'pass t-hrough;the,,p.a,iilful._brdeal : .qf''child- birth. 'Mrs./ ! C.-. Melbo-unie, Iowa: i^rite Bradfield^egidator Co.. ~ Atlanta, fea., for further particulars.- Sold by Ben'Fisher. '••',. to26 ,Mc8.. Thomas Harrison, living just '(. Fer the line in . Fulton . county, fell a " aw days ago and dislocated her hip. j3r. J.vH. Shultz, reduced : the,disloca ti'on,- and it is thought the ,lady will recover all right. Mrs. Harrison is "ttte'in other of Mrs.' J. A. JTewhy, of this city. Tragedy In a Micliigan Jail. MONKOE, Mich., April 27.—A tragedy occurred at the county jail at 8 a. m. As Turnkey Tehrer entered the cell of two colored tramps who were awaiting trial for attempted burglary, to remove their breakfast dishes, he was set upon and-a desperate .attempt made to secure his keys and thus to escape. The officer in the fig-ht shot both men.' One was killed instp.ntly.and the other will die. , Shot HU Brother Dead. Ala., April 27.—At -Bee- to.wn, a little hamlet in the southern part of the county, Coleman Hart and his brother John quarreled recently over.their property., Sunday the brothers met in the road, renewed the quarrel ; and wound up with a shooting match. ;Gqleman emptied the-'contents of a double-barreled shotgun into John's body killing him instantly. Coleman; was arrested. A.Kimniray Keaulti Pa tally. MZXASHA, Wis., April 27.—A team belonging to Robert Sumerhalter, a farmer, ran away at noon Sunday. The vehicle attached was occupied by Mrs. Sumerhalter and her 14-year-old son. In a collision with, an electric Kght.pole both were. thrown out The boy was instantly killed asd the mother's injuries will prove fatal. BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by . . ! H. C P. U R C E L L, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. JOHNSTON BROS. "Tie 'Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, (Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line oJ DRUGS UNHAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. - "MONEY TO LOAN! IDOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE! ind Notes Bought in any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FORGY. declSdiwem DR. w. D. SNOW, I Tuesday April 28th. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Both tie method and results' -when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acti gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of j?igs is tl« only remedy of its kind ever pro duced, pleasing to the taste acd acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its . action and truly -beneficial ta" its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent -qualities commend it to all and have made ft the most popular remedy known'. . ' Syrup of Figs is for sale In 50c. asd 81 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly f'cr any 'one who wishes to- try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA 'rtf SY3UP CC OFFICE and Residence 102 Pawnee St LOGANSPORT, - - . IND. Special Attention Glren to'Acata and Chronic Diseases ami Diseases o£ Women and Children. Consultation Free. Might Bell Promptly Besponded to.. M ON E : UeaersI Insurance and Loann. All kind* of In- mrsiic* plMKd in nrstclMs oompanisH. Bnaow- nent pollolOT purch«ed, BoniJ» of gnretysL. written tor parHe» holding po«ltt»n« of fan»> »h«r» t bond It reqolred. ' ' . S. M; Cl oss on MONEY TO LOANy n «nr njnj «t the LOWSBT ratal. Prt-nti ftindi I »nly. Mon»7 «Iw»yi IB Hand. Hbr»1t«p»orao- t«r. Intere*t «nd principal, psjiibl* ID Lopan*. I oort. -«peol»l »n-En«rm«Dt» kt to paybeKt of irlnolpal*ndIntBi-Mt,nudB to suit tNe wlshwot I ftorroww.' For farther parttaalcn «pplr to • Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 street, opposite Court House. Prepare to; Laugfi!,, B OIB BY GAYLOR Is Coming] in :AN IRISH ARAB,,. A Scenic Production Complete in Every Detail. '" '" P BtCE S 25, 50, 75 cenw . '.OUISV1UE. try. J'orsalebyB.F.Keesllngand all "rigglsts. F. M.BOZER,D.D. : DENTIST. S. Ofllce Over J. Herat' VsUoring Rxtttb- llvliment, 409 Market Street. aprlld&wlf $1 CA <pJ..uU I For the purpose oJ Introducing my work to tha musical pepple ol logaasport I have rednced my price for tanlng- Hancs, ta.60 to $1 50. I also keep on hand a ; full supply of repalrlng-mnterlal. Pianos lepollslied, restrnng, new hummers, tone regulated, i action rewatted/the touch chanced heavy or ll&jt. First-class work. S3 years experience. Orders by mall or left at Allen Etchard| son,s, il-i Fount Street- Organs as above. marlldSm " W. D.£CAPKON.

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