The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 2
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BLVTHEViLLB, <A*JL) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 1934 old "and new • members ot People's organiiatlon W- tfc« nr»t : Pre«byt«tin church •irinvUfd 'to ««t at the church Tlntrsda'y evening at 6:«5 for a picnic ' supper on Ilic lawn of tbt I Chicago Mill Park. Wllow- tof cupper games will be played Ud there will be a swimming putty beginning at nine o'clock. ,The marriage of Miss Liiclllc JRichardscn and Floyd Snyder, both of 'this city, occurred yesterday »}th Justice Ocar Alexander of- It's Up to the Women BY A1KS. FRANKLIN D. HOOSRVE1/1 1 \Vorlnes(lay's iMcnu Bits of Neics Mostly Personal These Modern Girls Most Beautiful, Artist Declares The bridegroom is connected with the Jimmie O'Brien restaurant. « * « Ckrlci Meet. Circles ol the Woman's Mlssion- mrjr union of the First Bapusl church held their Blbta studies Monday afternoon. The llrsl group, *hich had 16 present, met at the dren; home of Mrs. J. W. Dolan with cne neK member. ' Mrs. Dewty Baynes; present. Mrs. R. L Recd- 'er used the 27th chapter of Acls lor the lesson and Mrs. J. W. Bishop offered prayer. Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon'enterlaln- ]td : eight members of circle 2 lit ber home. Mrs. U. W. Mul 31ns used Psalms for the lesson •with Mrs.' MulUns and Mrs. Theodore Logan offering prayer. Re- fn&iimems were served during Ihi '•social 'hour. .-Circle 3 met at the church. Mrs. W. Jt. Blayloek, devotional leader, used the 15th chapter of John with the theme "Ye Are My Friend". Thj lesson was taken from tlie 8th chapter of Romans With Mrs. Alvtn Huffman as leart- •er,. Mrs. W., M. Blayloek offered prayer. Breakfast Tomato Juice lor children, oatmeal-milk, bread-buller. milk loi children, codec for adult;. Dinner Vegetable stew, whole whca 1 .' brend-bultcr, carpinc! Wane maurce, milk lot children, cd milk on Ihr flour and blend. Add tills lo nuilniiiK milk anil ttlv coiiMunlly over lire until tlie mixture- roal; ic spoon. Put. tlie sugar In a frying pan vor a low lire and stir until Scallopsd polaloe-j with milk, carrot relish, whole wheat troael-mit- ler, tea for adulls. milk for chll- Yfjclablr Slrw . Hi cups dried limn, navy, kidney beans or lentils. 'i tmtirls cbW water. Vj cup rice, 2 cups tomatoes. 1 onion, 4 tablespoon? drippings.' Wash and soak the beans over: niglil in water. Drain and. ;; B'd,d fresh wulcr to cover well.' '. Btril for three hours. Brown sliced onion in trying pan, drip-; beans, add this together lo ihc conked with lomiUots, wnshcdjlce and scnsunlngs. Simmer for one-hall liour. Caramel Blanr Mange 3 cups fresh or dllulsd cviinof- atcd milk. 0 tablespoons sugar, tcnspcon salt, '-, leasgiixm vanillii Mix the flour, salt and !i ciip cold milk. Stir lo a smooth'paste Meanwhile scnld the .rest, of the milk. Pour a illtle of the scnld Ls milted and a golden brown cloi". I'.cmovc fioin Ihc Iln 1 , add lowly, Mining constantly, 'i cii]! n; wnler. Return to the love and sllr until smooth. Ad<i ctiromeilzrd sugur to th? other nlxtiirc nlnutss cook lor 10 longer. Add the 01 other teusflnlng if <le:.ircd and pour Into fold, wet molds or Biases, Wlicn cold turn out on 11 sauce dish and serve with top milk. Raw X'airul Rdlsli Wash and scra-ic raw and let stand In cold water until ^crisp. main Chop or N. n. Menaid. Jr., will leave Thursday inoinhuj for Buffalo, N V.. where he will visit relatives. Bclorc returning home he will •„» lo Niagara falls and Toronto, uanadu. He will be away for f'cv- eral weeks. Mrs. G. M. Morgan 1ms had her guesl Miss Gladys Swift ol Caiuiliersvlllo, Mo. Miss Ruth Mansfield of I'-airie, Mo., is the guest of tin. O. M. Morgan lor the week. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sanders art spending this week in nut litdge visiting relatives. Mlis Gladys Smotherimm will leave Sunday for a visit In Calm, III., and Hk-kman, Ky. Sha tc taken to Cairo by Mr. Mrs. Jimmy Smotherman. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Stovall and lelr nephew, Billy Stovall, ve- irned lasl night from ten dajs i spent «l Winchester, cnn., and Huntsvllle, Ala. Mr. and Mrs. J. U Elklns have s Ihelr guests Mrs. J. E. Farrell nd daughter, Ann, and Mrs. Kay The marriage . of MUs Lucille Noland and Clarence Albert Rous- bottom, tioth of Huffman, occurred l»re July 2 with the Rev. A. J. Hill performing the rites. * * * «lllll«k-Tr,»ther. Miss Bsttlfc Traugher and O. S. Whlttock. loth of Manila, were united in marriage July 2 by Justice John U. Needhnm. - • • • Wa Iwn • IVcackrrly. Announcement has been made ot the marriage of Miss Mattle Lee Weacktrjy, of,here, and Ben Hooper Watson, "of Cainden, Tenn.; which wac solemnized In Blythe- frate the carrots, season with sail pepper and a liltlc dlhilc vlnegai uud .serve. Inslcad of chumilns or grating (he carrots. Ihey may be cut in long, thin ships and EC cd like celery, NEXT: Hood Things for Thur* day. (Copyright, 1033, by Anna Eleauo Rootcvclt; dlstrlbulcd by United Feature Syndicate. Inc.) mon. creamed peas, potatoes in »rsle.y butter, beet nnd coltag 'heesc .ralad, chocolalc Ice-bo cake, milk, coffee. toll, ol Memphis, who will bc-, BV MAKY MAH fj AKi ;T M KITCHEN vjlle Juno 30. fort a* Id well BY MARY E. IMG Ut, NBA Service SUIT Writer Pu?jled ,nrc you these hot dayr abniit what • to have for lunch- con, or dinner; or supper? .'Her? are some casy-to-make recipe specially planned lo tempi sum- The Rev. J. Bin:- mertline appetites without overtaxing Ihc po,~}:elbook. Muybe they'll help. Jellied Ton-.ifo Soap Two cups canned tomatoes, onion, 1 bay leaf. 1 tablespoon sugar, 1-2 leaspoon sail, 1-8 tea- while popper. 2 cups boil- ling wnler. '1 bouillon cubes (chicken or other, or any strained meal Announcement has been made broth at, hand), 'i tablespoons of tl» marriage of Miss Mildred [granulate'.! gelatine, 1-4 cup cold watei. read the service. •'Miss Haltle B. Smith and Walter •Lee Jackson, both of here. Mere ubtted m marriage June 30 by the Rsv. T. R. Shepherd. Hayti Sociely-Personal Ellis Kohn attended to business tre lias week. Mr. Mrs. I>Hl. O'Bryant spent Sunday in Mcmpliis. Mrs. Thomas W. Brunswick. Ga., arrived this moru- ng for 11 visit willi relatives. She s-as formerly Miss Eli/abeth rouche weeks at the girl scout and Mrs. Mutt Monsgrranj da Mrs. Joel Chandler and son, Joel, Jr., has gone to Searcy, Ark.. for a visit with relatives. She- was accompanied home by lier sister, who visited here for a month. Mrs. Byron Bartholomew mid children, of Memphis, who havi 1 Harden Hayden Finds Beauty In Girls Of Today Miller, of erlqan woiiii'.n is Ihc mosl ful Hie world has known. nor clime lias ever produced any thing to equal or even lo riva her. according to Howard Ren _ of this city. , v[ck f am ous artist, who has paint Sara Lou McCulcheii will re- | cd thousands of her in every turn Saturday from Hardy, Ark, I P J HJ C where she has been spending Hire? camp. Mr. !l To prove his point Mr. Renwick who, as Hayden Hnydcn •ivcll known lor Ills strll lincation of poster girls, has sc- The women who he bclhres could uphold America's claim lo supreme pulchritude against all i, , , » . . . .. claimants are: Ann Harding, slage "rst love. And anyway, he adds, star: Margaret Sullavan. of screen s »e " 's'aBC type . fame: Mrs. Allen Ryan. Jr., society woman; Eleanor Holm. feminine Ann Harding (upper whom lie regards primarily as a "stage type"; Margaret Sullavan (upper center) of the cinema; Carolyn Edmundson (upper righl) of the professional world; Eleanor Holm (lower left) of the spoils realm; and Mrs. Allen Ryan, Jr., society leader. Boston Marriage Lisences Show Good Increase and 'Riley Hastings, •of Caruthersvlll? Mo. Justice Oscar 'Alexander officiated In a civ-- «tiony performed here June 23. lomatws, onion, bay leal and sugar In sauce pan and cook Iwcnly minules. Strain nnd ndd I brolh. Season wilh snll nnd pep- In St. Louis Monday. Misses June Montgomery and Luclnnc McNiel of Dallns i>rc here vlsltfng thcli) sister and Hunt, Mrs. Busli: Ethrldge. Elmer Wllbanks oi St. Ixmls av- rlvcd Monduy'i'or a visit here with Ills son and brother. Miss Alma Jean Morgan Is en- Ici'taining as her guest Miss Leon Sanfovd of Cape Glrtirdefiu. Mesdamcs Lnuis Wilson, Dick Eherrkk and Fred Sandcfcr, nnd, Miss B. Wilson of Blythevillc were. the guests of Mrs. Bush Ethrldge Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Harris nnd children of Temple. Okla.. and Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McKlnney ot Washington, D. C.. arc the guests r,f Mrs. Anna nunklln. The Mc- Klnncy's were cnroutc home alter wen spending the past three weeks i sportswoman, and Carolyn Ed- hcre. as guests ol Mr. and Mrs. I mundson, professional and business w. s Langdon and Mr. nnd Mrs. Welch Foster, went to Harrison, Arfc.,' Unlay where they will visit Mi. / Bartholomew's mother. "The ideal American woman ox- prefses in her face and figure,'-"and ally Godscy. of Greenwood, B.\ !(time M to nfr be""ng,-the'Xrec- C.. has arrived to spentd the re-| dcm - thfe whplesomcness'and -the niF.lndcr of the summer lack of "tilicialtty Unit arc Miss Sullavan on Vie other hanri. Incidentally, in selecting beauty. Mr. Henwick . aunt, Miss Corn-Lee Coleman. He characteristic of ' per and ndd gelatine" wliioh has been softened in cold walcr for •-11 (Ive minutes. Sllr until gelatin? ,s thoroughly dissolved and pouv into S. S. W rrestjterUn Chinch Hat Picnic S»pper. The' Sunday school of tha Firs Presbyterian church had Its annual pfctilc last 'evening in the •form .of a suppor at the church.|has ,' The ' K present were served picnic menu In the social rooml ovcl ;«n"d later'there were games direct- firm. When ready lo serve cut in td by the Rev. Stuart H. Snlmon, small cubes or bread Into pieces J. Nick "Thomas and Mrs. Luc.'p'"' 1 a fork. Pile hi chiluxl MeAdams. in a "Bible Questions bouillon cups and garnish wilh ------ ., --------- . . of Baseball" the Rev. Mr. salmon paper-lhin slices of lemon dipped j M r . nlH i Mr£ W ) B. McElyea, square shallow pan which :cn dipped in cold water. Let on ice for several hours or nlghl lo chill and -become Milled here two summers ago. Miss Margaret Moore has- as her «' llole . the our country declares. any suggestion of the de- guesl. Miss Edwynne Mtlhorn. of «dent_in Cither women or art- Memphis. Several Interesting af- who has recently made her debut in pictures in thU country, is definilcly screen type, he declares, her as a is going against her own opinion of'her- self. She has said -bluntly that she is "not pretty at all." '. With Dial opinion, however, Mr. Renwick has uo real quarrel, he explains, for he was not picking prctly women, 'but beautiful on:s. And that, he points out. is something quile different. \Vhile each of the women is intensely feminine-, all are sturdily if slenderly built and go in for Healthy, wholesome exercise and ' fairs are planned in her honor. "The Proper Thing" -i visit In. San Antonio, Tex. Mr. and Mrs.' Joe Kohn and Mr. and Mrs. Nethery motored to Memphis Monday. Mrs. Nethery continued to Tupelo, Miss., where she will visit. Former Wilson Girl Weds at Portageville Miss Ella McElyca. daughter ol "Can you give me any help in handling Ihc situation of a hos- • tess who must com? to Tlie rescue of a guest who is left out ot the conversation of several ollicrs?" Handling nnmixable converiation is a severe tesl of skill. It the conversation takes a turn entirely out, of reach of some of those present, you include them as defl- and American women are almost Ihc only ones in Ihc world who do nol have .something of Ihe ex- olic and unhcallhy abotil Ihcni." While lie disclaims any prejudice in favor of blonds, it is noticeable IhaL Mr. Rcnwick's selections all lean in that- direction. Ann Harding, for Inslancc. has ash blond hair worn usually Madonna iarhion in braids or rolls around her head, and deep blue eyes. • • • Margaret Sullavan. who conies from Virginia, and talks wilh a slight Southern accent, has brown sporls-rlding, swimming, and tennis. And Ihougn they hhve perfect complexions wilh pofd natural color, all, with one exception, us-: some make-up. Miss Sullavan the' 1 exbeptlorf.-it'sTOiws icuga and lipstick off the sc'. Mid heartily dislikes all sludlo atlcmpls TO "beautify tier." as srre calls it. "My BOSTON (UP)-- Good I lines must be here! . • Marriage inlentions filed In Hoston during the first six months of 1934 exceeded those filed during the corresponding period ol 1933 by TO. ;• I During June 864 Intentions were filed. 88 more than in June, 1933. New Laxative Does 6 Things know a good Iix»tiv» sh'o'-iti h»v» tht l dtlicioui chtfing gum lintiv* pauMi;!. I. Dllidoui, 10 yo-J vill nat p-Ji oil taking it. 2. Thorough, more n»l-Jr»l icticn.-i. Non- hlHl (omlir.g. .4. Sl(«' toi .vtj cl.ild;«n ; •>. No.richneil'fo u"p>" di" or.-«pptlin. 6. Grtduil plie«nntit of liaiti^t b [ni«»- tir.«. Doctot* rrguliilr p*«criS# the UM-, tive cr.gctdient in Fe'fn-» D*tiy i was' K Liixora Society— Personal In minced parsley. If you like I roimerly -of Wilson 'nnd now ot whipped cream (lie bouillon inny porlngcvllle. Mo. and Mr. C.'C.' to garnished with slightly snlled I Duller, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Oscnv whipped cream sprinkled • wlU) i runer of Porlagcvllle. were united niluccd parsley. | m marriage Monday. July2. The marriage was solemnized at the as you difficult can. And though il you will t>c rewarded by HID admiration ol (hat one who Euslnchius church of Tori- Cheese Roll This roll is delectable lor Sun- Iday nlghl supper with bran n, ngcvllle. [bread or toasted crackers. You) •]•],,, \, r \fa woro „ w |,n r Cfftv may like it for simple evening i'- i (rock with while accessories and freshmenls with coITec. i n r.hni.Wrr corsage gf gardenias. Miss Maxtne Randal of Houston Olle - |lal( I"" 1 " 1 , Pl"ladelphl;v, Mrs . Joo .\tccratc. matron of Miss., is the west of Mr. and Mrs. cram cheese. * .lablesrmms n«iuc-1 honor, wore a pink sheer cvepo Mrs. B?£ch, of Atklus. Arl:..l lnlllcc<1 . 0 ' ive5 - ' lnWespopn_ nnely j B1M i VB , I( , y liUfs . who has been wan "left thing these oul". This SOlllC- many hoslessos overlook [lays and which Is aide. hair and gray eyes. hair, parted Hie Mrs. Ryan's middle and SAVE TO BUY Lindbergh Uoillcvaril Finished ST. LOUfS. Mo. (UP>— Lindbergh ' very smoolh. has been described by one of her admirers us 11 color of wheat straw, a perfC' golden-blond. Misr, Holm's lialv between lighl-bkmde and chestnut nnd she has brown eyes, particularly ravishing combin;.-! tion. Miss Edmundson. fashion 11 designer and artist, come.', the nearest of all to having red hair. 1 Her chestnut, locks are shot through with red clinls and her eyes arc brightly blue, shaded by long dark lashes. and Boulevard, sla'rtrd in 1523 to com- of the ^'A',,.:; chopped green pepper, l mmce,t| Mr . gut-ll Wl lilj I j ^iT^nTitr, \ laM*ltvf\l\ llllnr- I . . Mrs. T. D.' Wi.kins for, . canned pimento. 1 lablespcon mine- ; best man was Mr. Fuller's Mi-. Kenwlck rlioiqi Mi.=o Hard- I.ind-ltiig as Ihe. stage's outstanding because, while she me morn I e the hergii solo flight Irom New York | beauty because, while she hns to t'aris, has just been completed I been In motion pictures most of as a single highway unit, li is a Ihc lime lalcly. he prcriicU that link in Highway T?. fl;e will eventually return to her the past week, left for her homel I parsley. \-2 leaspoon papriKa.i 71,0 hridr who is a graduate t lablsspoons bultor. 1-2 teaspi)on|r:f the WILion high school. later M»rgerel Wood Is tn J W( "e«t"shlic sauce. 1-2 cup chop-1 Mleuded Arkansas slale college A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM ..FayettevUie. Ark., where she will be the gitest of Miss EtWyn Howard for a couple ot weeks. . Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Bogan will leave. Sunday lor a vacation in the mountains of east Tennessee. ' >tr.; and Mrs. Sam Bowen ind 'tiiV small'daughters, Frances Reed jnd Miry Clay, are In Wlnona. relatives. ped nut meats. '.HI Jonesboro. One cup cottage cheese can be I Ths tildegroom Is a graduate used in place ol cream cheese.! of the I'ortagevfllc high school Mix all Ingredients except mils.; and is now connected with the Shape m a roll about 2 Inches in | Fuller Lumber company there, diameter and roll in nuts. Chill I where they will make thslr honu. tor several hours and serve on a, Mr. ni-.d Mrs. Fuller arc now platter with :•- garnish ot sprigs ] on a motor trip lo N<-w York, Chl- ol parsley. cago anrt poin's of Michigan. They SluiTtd Tcinatu cn Toast ixiiii reiuin Aiijfust 1. Four large ripe tomatoes, l cup! Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hollowel!. . ,J. is: hunt, »ho has been In the .aroeeify biElnrfs for the pest six yuirs, hu nld his store, lo Bob .OUflivph! jr. Mr. Hunt's plans for 'tbe future ire ihdennltc but he will_r*maln hi Luxor* for the " tin: K. C. Lanaston was hostess to " tt«-TWnrslay night contract • cfub: Twenty -guests enjoyed her ~"" t —V'l«*id*g a visitor, tjr .'XWiirlch;. High score »*:«jrd«d'Mrs. Tlios. F. .... - . wallers. Fet PROVO, •'• TJt»h (OT)—Foreman , • • 'Tj.y ( ,if.-i.cCC camp i' V rattlesnake for : a rock t heese. 1 cup rich milk. 1-2 to;-- poon salt. 1-8 teaspoon pcppsr. 4 ounds tojsl. i Scoop out Insld? of tpniatcra, | and sprinkle with ssll. tnvert a,nd , nt ita.nd , in reirlgerator HOIM*. of Wilson, were among Ins guests at the wedding. To Have Democratic Tkkett ST. LOUIS (UP)—For the first an'-hour. Fill Kilh -apcll seasoned timc 111 years, ihcrc will _. ._ rlcs and bake In a hoi oven lor j»emocratlc lickrt In every county hlrly minults. Arrange rounds J" the ttatc of Missouri, a survey 'by the Dfmocrnlic Stale Cornmlt- 'ee showed. In some counties which raditionally returned heavy Re- rubllcan im)orllles. hot contests ate in prospect. of toast on a hot platter and put a tomato on each round. Add cheese to milk. Heal slowly over hoi water until cheese Is mellcd and season with fall and pepper. Pour around tomatoes and sarnlsn wilh parsley. Tom K row's Menu BREAKFAST — Water melon cones, cereal, cream, vegetable hash, toasted cheese, bread, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Sluficd lomalo on' toast, . escarolc wilh French £ under his bed dressing, Dutch peach cake. milk. In: a' box rnieTaujtfc of 1U rattles I tea. pfei'ae to '»S?P,"'be' «»y«, I DINNER — Timbabs of .'M- Read Conrlcr News Want DELICIOUS Hot Weather Sp*cials Served Daily lil-ACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE Prices Reasonable SPRAY AND POWDER FH£ 4JOUSE THAT f UT SWAYS BUY TO SAVE READ this headline forwards or read it backwards— it gives you the same, sound advice. You have certain fixed living expenses—rent, food, clothing, light, and other necessities. You save money every week so that these bills can be paid at 'the first of every month. Whatever else you buy must come from surplus savings, over and above those set apart to cover living costs. To make those savings buy .the utmost value for the money is the essence of true economy. Save to buy—then buy to save. Know what you need to buy before going to the store. Know what you can afford to pay before you start out to make a purchase. That is the one sure way to get the most for your money. Make it a' habit to read the advertisements in your newspaper every day. By doing so you will learn where |o,.buy the things you need and where your dollar will buy the greatest value. The advertisements will show you where .to purchase better food, better clothes, and yet save you money. They will help you live better and enjoy the good things of life. They help you to buy in order to save. IT COSTS SO LITTLE-IT DOES SO MUCH

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