The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 6
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'".: PAGE SIX ; BLYTHEVILIB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 T-VTTTT-I* -w-vr-r-. - ~~ - ' ----- ' ---- ___ , SEPTEMBER and FIVE' When the QUINS Go Movie Making! wmmmi'mmM: ,«««s,~ " -- "• - '— - • --- .^. i) Cccile Is quite calm despite the thrill of' a ride'in 'n-line bu (h< > yi-i-.c .» i,ime caim UL-.SPIIC me inrin of a ride n n fine pony-curt i NOIC <i,ic k *!„,„ ,-„ ,„ . . " • " - Er,r'^rtz,r:^:rr,,:^v:,=,,: «--~"-=-"ri —-r,rsy- 1 r=:rL-jrs;r^^s:%T ; . . , . .,. |100(I to Nuis '- Yvonne UTUUX sitting behind !icr. ° " «nti = iuu No. the quins haven't gone high-hat! That's just a groom at !-ft .is Dr. Dafoe holds Emilie dui-lng a rest from the pony-carl sequence In the forthcoming movie of the famous Dionne girls. toilndy, the carrinse raits! And wait 'It. must ...whin-': NurseVivfojlle OShaughnessy steps down with her precious ^burden; Cccile wants .- tosee the funny Imt the waiting 'footmnn-is. wearing-•' KT ^ f i*ify)fiyip'ti** ! *ywttr*™> OT ¥'# ^fjrf •"*"-•< ^i^^^^^^^^l^lM'^^'fei'i^l^. «u; Suitability Is Key to Weil Plaimea House Writes Elsie de WolfV Fariied as Decorator Whether her home is a bumja- ' low, a onc-riHiin apartment or a ; mansion, every woman wants, lo i make il as attractive as possible. _ Etie lie Wolfe (lady Mciirtl), chosen by King-Edward VIII lg . redecorate Buckingham I'alacc, offers her expert advice lo rcad- -frs of Courier News In a scries .of four weekly articles, bc£imilii ff todaj She will give practical, t helpful suggestions of inlcresl lo homcmakcrs everywhere. The second arliclc will appear next week and has (o do will, (In- decora- lion of dining rooms. . By ELSIE DC worn: AUiltcii for NBA Sen ice I have always lived in cnchaxt- ing houses/Probably when another woman would be drcamuv of love affairs I dream of delightful houses . ' The principles of beauty do not change . . . form, space, proportion, light, air, prospect, purpose ! . . these are the problems with yhlch they arc concerned and they remain lhe same whether they are applied to the composition of a poem or n song, of a painting or a ft&Hin^t~*l • a a cathedral. _ Particularly is lliis true in the of a home. The storv of jts the story of life. Just - -lislory of a country <•; writ..---'Indelibly In its architecture so is;thn history; of Indlvldu. ,, 'o be traced by the houses In wh' •• fhev have lived. There it all \t, tKelr beginning, their growth their development or depreciation ... the realization or destruction tern of their destiny Vs^ "£« etched, line by line. • Consider Light, Air, Sunshine .The first important thing about one's house Is its size. It must s sze. It must « nex e prap accessible to one's self and one's 5 '°»>se and iU rooms friends. It must afford "light" air &nd sunshine. It must be In must one's She's Decorating Buc-kiivHiatn Palace When King Edward VIII of Eng land, recently placed the redecoration of Buckingham Palace In the hands of Elsie de Wolfe tt was a strikijn; blow to precedent for a •woinnn mid nn American to receive such-a commission. Vet il was In line with Elsie dc Wolfe's achievements. • Entering the decorating field at the turn of Die centurj', she opened a new profession for women, she designed interiors for the Ogden Armour mansion. Lake forest, III., the Wcyer- liauser. house, Minneapolis, Minn.; the Henry Prick mansion, and Anne ' Morgan house hi New York. Elsie de Wolfe has been called the best dressed woman in the world by Paris style creators. As Lady Mendl, she Is an Internationally famous hostess. For her war work slis received the Croix de Guerre and Legion of Honor from the French government. fashionable neighborhood. There are always, if one has ryes to find them, little houses that may be made over oaslly, in little streets I* 2 )*/-® f .S^-V'J**, * ^ l,%, •"',•,•"*•• ~</>y*j *&^&:'s^^s~ i 3 f -~-^^'+* where one can peace and e an quiet, light, air aiKl a view, if tt is only a garden In the backyard. When 1 am nskcd to decorate- a lioiise, my first thought is suitability; my next' thought is -proportion. I always keep in mind the importance of simplicity First. I study Ihc people who are to live „ jo-^j^.s. i»iiv HIV MJ 11VC in this house Olid, for the time Ming, I am really Uic chatelaine of Ihc house. When I have thor- hmllliitizcd myself, I con- next the praportlon of the i sura to Judge a woman, house we fin 'w— •••?•'„" *~ ^.v,.u. ^H;^ iiit-aiis. n^s. >ve incise lier tennv>rai«Ani It need not. .i*oM»rHy,« her_h»b!U, heViiiclLllMw Sy the interior of her home. We may talk of the weather, but we arc look- lug at the furniture. We attribute vulgar qualities to those who are content (o live in ugly surroundings, we endow with refinement and charm, lhe woman who wel- eomes us In a delightful room where colors blrnd and t| ;0 proportions are as perfect as in a picture. Alter all, what other guarantee can there be of a woman's character natural and cultivated, inherent and Inherited, than taste H Is a compass that never errs man has taste, she imy 1 Jollies, fads . . . sh. ,,,. ly u,, as human and feminine as she plras- «. but she win never cause a scan- SiilUMlily I S Test why should we American women run after styles- and periods of WHch we know nothing? \viiy If a wo- have faults, may be should we not to content with fundamental things? The formal French room is very delightful In (he proper place, but when it is nnsultcd lo fhc people who must live In it, it is very bad Indeed. This Is what I nm always fight, ing in people's houses, the umuit- abllity of things. The foolish worn- an gore about from shop to shop nnrt buys as her fancy directs. She sees something pretty and buys u. though it has no reference, either in form or color, to the scheme of her house. Haven't yon be?n in rooms where there was a juuib of mission furniture, satimvood, fine old mahogany and gilt leg; i chairs? And it is the snun with color. A woman says, "Oh. i to i green. Let's have green." rcgarl (less of the exposure of her room and the furnishings she has a! ready collected. And then, when slic has treated each one of li romis in a different, color, ai i i with a different floor covering, sn wonders why she always is aimoyi ' in going from one room to anoth er. Cool Tours for Soulli Itoom 1 would like lo give you a fc basic principles of interior <lcoi> ation Hint I Uilnfc might be of n-i assistance to you in thc decoratiu of a home, small Or lar^c. n : tones and cool colors are alw.n good In south rooms, and ali\ (ones and warm colors in u;>r < rooms. For instance, if you \u. to keep your rooms in one co!, Plan, you may have wMto we-:)]' work in nil of Hjfm and lvllvs 0( i'vonnc is getting all set for a scene here, seated in the pony-cart »vUh Orr.ce Demar. One of (he directors subs for the pony and if you look closely at right, you'll se? Dr. Dafoe adding a few hints Givcs Distinction Today." Later I shall m-ite of the modern trend in interior decoration. The last article of the series, and one in which I think I can aptly illustrate the details of good interior decoration, will b c a resume of interesting houses I liave decora ted for famous personages. Raveas ana magpies can be taught to s|>eak. .--.„ shades of cream and yellow. Hemcmber, above all thin.-* that your walls must bo bcutitiiui in Ihcmsdves. They must b- phin and quiet, ready lo' receive sincci,' things, but quite good cnoii"*h to get along without pictures, it' ne,-- essary. A wall that is broken iiuo beautiful .spaces «ml covered wii'.i a soft cream palm, paper or gr.isi,- e'oth, is good enough for nnv room. It may be broken for any Shling fixtures and It is finished Tlic cardinal virtue of all IKMU- ly is restraint. In no part in 1)10 waking of a home Is it. more to uc ncedal Ulan in furnishino interior, [.arge furniture in ° i-ooms lirtltllesself-conndenc^. v,iv- daws all over thc place are bound Simplicity of de,lgn „„„ well-treated wr.1. spaces give ,hi s room „, , ™^ ' be,,™,,, decorate,! by Elsie de Wolfe, Thc walls are pine-panned, ^on^au"' " " " ^^ '° "°° r alUl " lc Cilr ' 1ct ' als °' is "' ims o»- T1 «= fixture is eighteenth centurv^nhLnr CCl """ lo be rid of them, tiiVv can ly stored away for the future. A few food, things in their proper settings, mid in frlcnrtiy relations'lila to one another, are far more satisfying than n regiment of tncon- feqncnliais whicli pick at nerves! Choose Pictures Carrfullv One cannot lie loo careiui nuum. Pictures. Nothing is more conducive lo unrest than amateur oil paintings, defacing th c surface of what otherwise might be a pleas- : ing wall since. A few well-rhosrn i < Ichlnss, mellow prints, or Rood to thc temperamental. Color should he treated kindly, but it should never be allowed to get the best of a house or room. If you are inclined to a hasty temper, you should not live in a room where the prevailing note is red. On the other hand, a timid, dell- cute nalurc can often gain coiir- ago and jwise by living in surroundings of rich led tones. Orlain colors are antagonistic lo each of us, and I think we should Iry to learn Just which colors are most sympathetic- lo our own in- dividual emotions and Uien mak- thc best of them, if you arc not sure that you appreciate color if you feel that you. like your children, lite lhe green rug with the "•d roses because it is ""so chcer- »'l. you may be sure that you snould let color problems alone and lurnlsh your house in neutral tones depending upon book bindings, for your color. I could go on Indefinitely with •y soliloquy on what lo do, and what not to do, but space is limited OT i sb-,11 i cave it lo my ncxl arllclc to take up with you the subject of "The Dining Room of Plant Winter Legumes Increase yield 550 Ibs. of seed cotton per acre by planting Hairy Vetch. We have the only planter equipped to plant Vetch in cotton and corn middles. We can furnish Duplex Hoppers and Legume attachments to convert your Shawnee Cotton and Corn planter to Legume planter at nominal cost. Paul Byrum Blylhcvilk, Ark. \ \

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