The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1931
Page 3
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SA'n.'UDAY, .11.1 Xl'1 27, UB1 (|F W P[|(JPW ! ^hcrc Ford Pays Farmers'^5 for Ekh tSour Dav ULLH s isU! liuilH. ! - - _^_.^_._^__ _ • . .. „ RT.YTRKV1U.K. (AUK.) COllltlF.K NTCWH liPfj bv :.conoi«:c Colin Geminnv. PACK TTTKRfc BOOK SURVEY . . . Ur, ;u!er nil . A lx".i:-r-i!i;in-ru-:r- i . . for the;'I iiv HIUTI-: CATTON ! teieiihnrie Ni:A SiTvirr Wilier nl:d lip? . Tin- •'Mc'.nc/j.s of Prince von llii- ' "K f ••>""'>' | low." covorln;; t::e y^irs IM1 u IflfM .rentier. ; Is :m unusually fiillyliti'iilim Imk.j "The 1'olforry Hlddle," by Philip Ifvie rii; 1 of tile sumM ui (i.-innu . Mai-Donald iC'ilinr- Liub; $1). ,\ [huin.its inul slHii'istiK'n spunks huly's is cut in nn KnvjlSsh \viy [raukly alinui German's lor- cumilry hmi^p . . . nn.l then th" dim and iliinu-stk- policies :il Ihv i suspr-fts b?(!ln ilylnn :ici:ldtnlul linn of the century, and inicovois' deaths .... A KCUC! :.tuiy, nl- r.ui .1 few lliivads l.-.u-p ;ii- j lluiimU nnt qiihe :i:i pu/./lln j u, riTitj to the World War. . MJIIIC of Mr. MfclJon.iH.* other Tu Ivaln with, be draws a v ,. f y ' yarns. picture of KnlstT Wilhrlm II. i "Murder Olf Star,?," bv .Mjn'.r The List Hohvnzollc-i n ?mppri>r ap- , Harrctt 'liobbs-Merlll; $2i. Wh:: Heat These, You Anglers us a man who wavered li.. jiiinetiiliiL; H|>;iniui;liliii! urn- , .liriiUGk-d Ihv lovely actrc.-.-i 'am! wliy . . . and h:,,:1 iiii'l ikiwnrl- n 'li( iriTS|)io!i<iblltlv. j Highly bnlflhii:, but niliernlily wril- At iluu-s he WLIS fat-si'elnn am' It'll ... us Is, unfortunately, M niliuliiil of Ills . KI-. I M ivsiHiisSblll- /itti'ii the cn:.i' witb inyMery sfj lies: m other tlmos he was flii'hly. ' lies. almost duck-brained, «lven tu ei:.i- j "The Ili):it Ko-.ise H1:!:lle." bv .1 lislle outburst-i mid Intel frrlni: wj;'- J. CtMiniiiyion (Uule, Dniwii; '$2i fully with thp work of lih minis- Somebody i!lui;i:ul Ihe KIIIII:I:.V|;. ters. His urlva'.c eharactvr MK-. Ir- ;nliiil|> the;c sliore nt . dmbk-, and he was persnii- of th; |iluii:onr:ipli? . . . it's ail ally very_ lovable; but lie bail n fa- 1 ii]> when Hh c;ilntun IJnds I !i sr.'< ' Tlie !r,r( few v.rr'.r--. -;ot sue 111" ihinViii:! • abc.nt vvlif!! liajiiien if Germany co':ir.p-;e niiieli of the re.t of E'.irop; be carr::-d down in such a fitian-, tjinl iin-l (.rr.noinip crash. T!i? bo?-'. ie:: of war and Ct'in:miLii:;!!i both | rnifed their he-ids. Enormous Am-j cri.-an foiclen Investments and a! still vcrv -ciportnr.t volume of •American trade wer: involved. A Mlt '»'r-«». domestic depression of lor.3 stand- These pictuus show scener. n:; t!ic 3000-acre ". re Kc-jiry Fora' is putting into c^uct, lucst unheard of wort: day nnrt ware in agriculture. uouiuy, southern a t5 pi.- riglit-lmsir i!::y for tnvin lab;r, si> al- Above. weri:ini:!i are shown iinprtnmK pvounrt ' old siouc fChuol, -.vhiclj For:! inliDiMD i 1 ; to bo rebuilt nnd inn. tied in cls*?ly with the xvor'd-1 near :i:i old f.-.rmhousc. school and .','ore. Btlow. U-lt. h :: t'o-i-un of fnfw^r'J^^^mich'lou^i^'r ^ "™' """ ""™^ " " ™ ™ ^ ^ T "< ™ Even the rest mcsiilcntfa! election I I1 ' icd !ls ;1 ! H ! >«':im (or from the ncixhl'oi hcoil Al '.he ri;ht bclov,, is the foreman's horn.:', in thi-i country s.-emed likely to', "» u!<! house, bcim; :es:orcd. One hundred men aire:idy an- employed on the novel farm. har.r; on '.uiat happened to Ger-' in any The American. British and Ber- mnn governments worked the sus-; pension rehe::-e out by themselves, j bul it dor sn'l quite appear that' this mark- :he bctiinniiv; of -a; ini)leu:iium in which stnteimcn' • will ui'.ite to soive world problems. The arrangement decs, however. present the spectacle of a bneket! hastily organized to quench; nn rn'SciK'l fire. ! :-. Onrinany's I'nsilion ] Atrrees-.cnl is nearly unanimous. thr.t .-Germany had found herself; in r.'posit:on where she could no looser ;:?v h?r reparations and v/ith internal eor.ciitions, economic :-. > snd iipll'tcal, v.ipidly becoming •• ) ore thre?.tenine. Our own war : deblors would not rontlr.iie their! ..., .. .... .... <!»bt payments when deprived of j money, no matter in what line of , the reparations receipts. At 'oeEt- v - or ^ t hcy arc cn<jaged. The vast 1 the offe-'.s wouHl havn approached j majority cf us do well to make a .. Ite tlisastr&iis if nil hands hn^i dp-j^vi,., j,,^ consider mn solves fir-: •mnndecl their own moratoriums: (unnt/ , if olir p (Tor's arc reward;:!' and President Hoover and Secrc-! wkh n Roort ](vln5! _ Bl ,, cvcrv s ,.,.j.. . (arv Mrllon camr to accc;:'^ jhc, c , n jarm! , r c:>n ; j( hc ;vjl , nn -,. _ lal l.ick of b:d:uK'c. ami a eonven- Hal Inability tu kre[i from Hslculir' (o Hie wioni! ndvl.Miis. As foreti;n serrciary of the empire, von H'.ilow wurketl for poavi'. lie explains tlnit Oeruuiny's navnl bnil'liuf: proj'.rmn wns r.ot nirant as a elialli'n^e to Kiu;!aml, aiul never would luive been rcsarcied us such if Wllhclm could have b,-en rcus'tiftbly discreet. Von llulow's own ellorls were constantly directed inward more cordial relullons with Ihe Ilrilish, nUliongli he distrusted them and. al (lines, d?spls- e:l '.hem. He worked for an eiiilur- in-j peace with Kusshi, feellni; Ihal noihhiR could be more calinnltous for Germany than it great conli- leutal war. Yet that war finally came; and •on llulow Is vehement In his ib- mnciallon of (lie men responsible. Bctbimnu-llolwcj. he wrlles (lowi Only a very few people ever mak; whose first objective. . , IW r.ry with which the ad.nini,- ,t» tra'.irn viewed the problem. Po!-'ll:il:t. : .:s of as well s..ii as the nations involved a gr • hi^ and some money to boot. • Diirin; the first fenr months of .this year. Craven county. S'. C., i farmers sold 1.W3 fnt ho7s for a governor of the B^nk c: rneians.. is siH lo l-.r.vr tol-i the directors | A of tl-.e Intpvnaii'iii?! Bark of ?.?!-' jf tlpment- reccr.tlv thi>l t':e whole 1 " panitT^st sv^tcni was likelv to col-1- 1 lapse within six nierths. NOT-! J mni'-'s pmiversions v.-i'h S^cretarvi^ are sunije.-ed to have, been the final fncinr :is the iie^oliplions and developments, which so afterward produced the plan of to c? total ;o over SM.OOO. "Dolier Day'' her.s anci cows is the way A. Parker, of Alison eo'.mty. M. des:rib?s his two cows and hi- flcrk cf 103 hens. Tliey net him a cash profil of $1.00 r, day above all feed cos', and expense. An in- nuicklv• ccmc of Sl.034.l-J was reallj;-.! from Hcovr 1M White Leqhorn hcr.s by J. R. 5 Williford. of Bertie county, N. C.. ."erase of Accore.ips to reports from over na 'ermer.s are cnt- 'ting eorncrs and rcdncin; t!i-.- nro- (!uc;ir.:i ros'.s this yr-ar. wi'h every ; er-ne.'rn. H^vohilion was! :I ns n real tl'.reai and in ,i;mv quarters us q-.i-fp inevi'r.ble unle^ s a moratorium er ?om-thin^ as pff^iivp were annlied. StalPS- ; P^mi?e of incrensirc; tl-.eir net re-, men shivered, rp^arciless of whrtiv | turns. They are living out of their- gni-dcns instead o! out of paper j sacks antl tin ca'is. thereby rcdiir- I e::pen-?.i: tliev are bnl- I anr:r.<: th.eir fnrmins- l},'l\V';e:i li\T- i pr thr>v tlioucht the extreme Kn- | fioi:-ili-::. c . or Co::nuunists iniaht'^ci ceinn o;:t on to'.i in such a revolt, i in-J Tlie Hiileriles wpr« ccir.T.itteii lo i rerudhtirn r.f reparations which stock and crops with a view lo pro- aiiphr easily start a new war. On.viding for t'r.eiv.seivcs paj-ir.j job: (he other hand, if Gevminy should | Ihroiidiout the yrar. and they aiv join wii-i cornmur.isl Russia fv- raisin"; more feed 'or which (heir | oral rf tries v.-ou'.d lluropopn enun- bo s"rc lo p.o alonp;, c'r: wiil pay pe/Hl J. 1. .Matins, of Gerrtr.r. rountv. too. an'l {1-e future of has qrown as many a> l:ii conjerture. In th:.- countrx- matter of alarm- cliffnr.-rt props on his farm whi-h '- he bought on credit ar.-l psi-J for te Hoover ad- within five years. He voters ncv little to 1 bushel of corn fcr hntitn . Mr. l!i\!his furnisli"; t ypar. appear-; to lipvcjlivin-.; proof thnt there is n-ire i:i wc and evervtlung tojtho nun than there i« in (re bn-1. n. r\^ one tip for vindi- ;bc',t=:iit cc.r.rtcmna'.ioii by 1C1XG COTTON'S C0.11PL.VIXT Kir.s Cotton spoke wi! h inci'inTul air. seated on his fle-cy throne: "My subjects c'rh'^ rr.e i? despair. 1 wish they'd learn tos'a:id alone. They lean on me for and all their bureaus 1 must tote. A!thou?i! I am a kindly kin:;. I vov. their metl-.c-Js qri ni 1 . eo^.l. Each aul'.nr.n. from m> v.-r.itenin.^ fields. 1 brin^ to th^iv. n uoo:l!v rent; In:: little iny tn them it > ieliis. b^eans.e ihe coin' eirnrty spent. They buy o:; c'.vnii at the stores, mo>t ev- e;yt!iiu? frctn perk lo pill:,: lo ruv e.rcrnml thcy ch,-rc:2 score, and I.'m ccnvvMlc:! to fi-ot the bi'iis. E. r ps. bae^n. her.-.s or on:on sels. thev buy thrn- !frr. :l-,e rnprehants' shelve': run! keen ir^ le^dt-j daw:! v:ii- debts for thm^s i'-.ey s'no-jl: my credit cut =•> thin it hurts my prestige and r.iy fanin. Tl and when they lire. T set the blame. 7f they would raise a :drn. natch, and keeo some pi7s. say throe or four, (he wo!f we::lfl nnt so oflcn scratch t'.:e v.rnir.'ii from 'heir kitchen cloov. If tlvv would keep .-. co-v or wo. so:v.e hens of yo.icllv nr.res- tvv. 't-.v^rld chance thei- ]ii«s:- rv.istir view, ar.d sre-itly ease Ihe strain on me. I'm sure if thev wo-.ila do their par: to livr v liniv.c b:i-iid tl-.ere. too. trr-.t T ecu!:! hel:) Ihem i:?t n start nn:l own the ce.mfn-.-is tin! nr 1 - cVie. H:;1 whni tl-.ey a^k me to ::ii!}o!v each wsiv. from SOUTI to^le-bob. I realiv rr.ust rouf.'-.i thai I fees hardly equal ti 'he job. If 1 were nrt eo:n- nrlK'd to die for things ih-ir rjar.-lens should produce, for nrcriuc's of th.e co\v or p[e. Ire hrn. (lie ti:rkev or (he L'O"):-? the: 1 . I c:<;ld help !:iem hoard cln-i?!i. and slow bu' s:ire- ly net nhe.i.-i. anci all my bov.niv •re.::;:! not po ;o pay for hors?.-. th-ii are ::en-j." —W. P. Morrison in Farm and Ranch. Murk I tils (jiu- in r.i\tdi' (lotion Kamllrrs Uj Allcud School al Stale (lapilii! Accnrclluc to II. Vnncltvev, nssist- nnl livid director of the Mlcl-Bouth Cotton Glowers Association, a lariie nuinl:er of col Ion hnndlers. assorla- llon receivers, Dinners, inerrhnncs nnd tanker:; will allencl Ihe cotton dossing schcol which Is lo be July Gth tn July 18th Inclusive nl Ibc old olllce location of Ihe old Arknnsiis iissucla'.inn, 317'!• Cnpito' Avn.. Little Hortc. Mr, Vji(Hivpr stated llml the scl:ool wns ed by (lie College of Agriculture of Arkansas mid want? etiinwnu-iimwes lie vrues '""'to assure the public that a v-erv vnl- > a blunderer. -Austria s lonld „.,,,,,. ( . o . ]| . st . of ,, lsln , r[|on , m ' , ever have, been given the bmtik „,.„,, rronilnent nnd abb In h . c " ' .."' l L"..™L"J" C . r ,.°' i?' 4 .' s "'"«°" «™ «l«Jnl«t W lift o, farmers divide;! among themselves SIS.liOl.'M from the sale of 12 carloads of lioss. Bamberg comity hop rOiipmenls more than trebled thos." of lost Sprhii;. Even .al prevailing low prices, the ID IIORS that J. B Ostren. of S'milrr eoinr.y. fed 'oul paid him a net return of $1.12 per hus'r.el for corn. Nine hundred seven carloads of fnrm products were shipped from Newbern. Tennessee, la-.t year. Al- Ihou^h cotton is Die principal crop. i i! h by no means th" community's • only crop. Only 323 of ihu carr con] t:iined cotton and cotton see.l. ' leaving S19 ef tr.eni r.iadc up o' surplus food and feed. hogs, caitle, sheep r.nd poultry. In addition ie the carload f.hipnienls. S2.92S sailors of sour cream were shipped, ar.d many thousands of Ral!or;s cf whole r.',i;k were furnisher! the county cheese plant. B. C. Batch, of Conway county. Arkansns,-Ls a one-nrme:3 ni:in who nevertheless practices two-armefl farming in the truest sense of the word Tv.eiity-one years a?o. with SOOO in cash, 2 cows. » bi.ll. nn old gray mare, a mule colt miti some farm tools, he undertook to pay j S1.-10-) for 80 acres of what was considered about the most nm- do\vn land to IK? found anywhere. So many two-fh'.cd men had faib:! to make a living on the place that the community thought it would Ic just a matcer of time until one- armed Balch and his family would be down and oul. And he dirt fcl o!f to a bid st.irr. what willi an unprecedented r.:ro:il: • nnd total crop fnilur? raarkin? h;r first year. He didn't make enrrj'..''.! mo:iey to pay liis taxes and had !o borrow inonev to liny groceries for his family, mil his two c.vvs an: 1 a Ihird that bo managed to buv saved (lie day for him nnd W3ie . the start of a dairy venture that ' now brings him a gross income o! • 51.0CO .->. month. ] Pasture development hns kept ! paco with the srowth of Mr. Batch's | dairy herd. Wl'-.c nhe first bD'i?ht it ; Ihe land war, r,ci poor it took sev- 1 oral acres to crow pnou-jh ciras.s ; for a cow. Now, Ibc samp land will grow enough ijrnss lo jrnze a row ; per acre and cu! enough hay lo : carry her tbroi »h the Winter. ' D.i:rv products, slawberrics. sweet bay. poultry products ai-.r! lev chee. tore thjin at any other time, Gcr- nany needed peace. '1'he war was i frishtful mistake, and It. wns not •vei; prosecuted intellifsently wlicn .1 was begun. So says von Bulow. 1 imagine that historians will find his baok —the first of four volumes of his mrmoir.s— extremely valuable. The general reader will also find it well wcrth dl|i[ihi[! into. Its picture of German diplomacy and German court life before the wnr is fascl- nnllin!. Tlie book is published by Little. Tlrown and Co.. and casts S5. A I'AItAllK OP/THE BIG CITV'S MISFITS. A bonk T should have called to your attention earlier is "Life Among Ibe Lowbrows," by Ele.inor Rowland Wembrldge. Mrs. Wem- brldgc Is referee of the juvenile court at Cleveland, and In this bonk discusses the sheiks and ilap- pers— and fathers and mclhers— whom her work brought before her. The baok is revealing, nnmsln;. an:l occasionally appalling. In an unendini: succession, there parade through its pases the misfits ol HIS. siibjeci.'. which will te hilereMtnt lo Ihose Hltencllng. Full sets of iinlversil slnr;lnrds of American Uplaiul cotton, f-.ill set:, of staple tyiics will be available for obr.ervntion nnd study nnd expert cotton clnssers from (he Unlt?cl Etnlcs I)?r»irlmcnl of AjricuHiirj will be on hnnd to inslrucl And If you ran. mnyln' you'll get your nlcluro 111 the paper, too. It took all ihe strenslh of Major A. n. Lambert, Iclt, noled aviation. tuid bnllonn enlhnsin^l of St. I.ouis. to lift this Ilia drumnsh, caught in the Ciulf of Mexico, nl niloxl, Miss. And you cnn undei-sland why'- Jului M. Curtre, rlshl. also of SI I.ouis, sullrs posing with tills 120 pound tarpon. He lauded ft near Ucjwnsvllle. Tex. prrvise tlio Riadiur; nn:l :;lapliiv.! ] Dciinrlmciit of Agriculture, Cotton pr.wllce. [ Division;. L. U. Ilowell, U. 3. De- Aecordl.iG lo Mr VamHver's state- | V<" lmmt - «f Acnlciiltiire; C. O. Mo-' inent. It Is believed Hint u cr-at i jL".._vlco-prcs[ilenl, secretary of A. Progrewlvc Farmer; Charles F. Sarlo. representative federal fnrm bonrd, and ninny others. There arc no requirements as to previous training nnd should nuy: one desire lo nlleud they may get- 11 merchants will lie on hand to tnkc ailvnntaiic of this pjiportunlly of "brushing up" on (heir classing and staplim,' in order (o be ready for Hie coming cotton 52as.on. Among the nolnbb speakers on the program arc Omer \V. Herr- : . . . .,, ,_ , ln tmicl1 - wU1 ? r - Re:tl - . field represenUllvc Federal j dlrcclor of exlension, 310 Federal an:l su- Furm lioani. W. n. Lanhnm, U. a. Hank biillcllnr;, Little Rock, Ark. modcrn nrbiin life; Ihe. moroi the neurotics. Ihe downtrodden. Ibc square pegs that have B<Jl januned into round holes. Mrs. Wembridge tells about Ihem with sympathe;- j Ic iinclc-rsiancilng. She can smile nt ! them, bin she can also point o:il ' that they constitute a major problem. These people make ui) a large Linking the Primitive With the Sophisticated At 10 a. 111. you're pounding; ioather on a lope down a govgreouK canyon. At 10 p. in. you're making a redoubled small slam! All the hard, muscle-making thrills and exercise o!' the clays of Forty-Nine— and all the luxurious appointments of the club of Thirty-One! The perfect vacation-at Kancho Real prcs^:on is alleviated, on the other linn:!—?nd, n-^rj.n. whatever trie ca»::. 'he parly in power presumably «1ii bo'abJe to point (o the Htxni.r suspemion proposal a; the nrc.'. f'eP Rliich turned the tide, Cross. A lot of South C.irolin.i farmers on a cr.sli basis. | fann wnirh IKM . rcprcscnt<1 an ln . Berkeley county i v.-slment of $28.000. ynllon, much of our juvenile cour: vork, much of our crime; nnd lusl how their affairs arc to bo straightened oul is a question Ih-it mi^lit ui?7lc Solomon himself. As a pic- lure of the "submerged tenth." .his book is an arresting document, an-.l I earnestly commend it to yon. It Is published by the Houston. Milllin Co.. nnd costs 52.50. TAl.r, tlTH .SAVAGC" IS BATHER DISAITOINTIN't; In "Call Her Savnsc." TifTanv Tbaycr demonstrates that thosD of us who got all cxclled about his earlier "Thirteen Men" can now go oil to a quiet corner nnd deflate ourselves. The uaiiiiT book nncle it seem as if a valuable new novelist were about to nppenr on the scene: "Call Her Snv.agc" is disillusioning. The book Ijegins well, witb a picture of an emigrant train hcadiu? west through Indinn-infrsted conn- try shortly after the Civil Wnr. Tl-.e emigrants settle in Texas and become farmers: and one of the women folk, (ailing in love wit'i an Indian brave, brings to birth n balf- brppcl daughter, wham sbe pnssrs off on her Imsbar.d as his own child. That's the Sort of Vacation Some One These €Ms Is Goimg to Get FREE! Vote For One of the Following Martha Robinson, Blulheuillc Maurinc Branson, Blythcvillc Kvelyn Harwell, lilylheville Alberla Elliott, BlylhcoiUc Marion Burns, Blythcville. Ruth Whitworth, BlytheuiUc. Ruth Butt, HlythcviUe Marr/arct Cross, Blylheville Carolyn Pride, Allhea Kdwarda, Margaret filthier, lilylheville Klizateth Martin, Dell Rosa Lou CooJt, Luxor a Dorolhif Gideon, Wilson Oi-'tne Hntcheiis, Manila Mary DeWccse., Hayti Virt/inia Burton, Carulhersvilk lively widen yellow, ir.akin? thej Ancient School Boasted ower visible from even more irr.ics • ~ EiSW Tower Will Get Nev Coat oi Yellow Paint p.',!;is, France. (UP)—1>r.ks of yrl!'.-.v piur. lhat delicate shadr betw.'fu a lemon r.nd a jonquil, will I:-- rcKcd up lo tile Fiffcl JL 3'own 1 - :it ihe rncl of tiie present ' * nror.. and painlers will tsivo the f.imour, landmark a chess. Th.e traditional dull reddish brov.-n nnd r:rcen which rovers the structure will Ix* turned into n Ihnn nt presen*. The choice of a . v~llow Ss said to have been mr:de. •. no! for artistic r-asnis. but l>e- reinr that colo: is the brst prc- senfitivo of outsifle iron work. The Kiffel Tower is in one ef Ihe nir.-i (]1 ;; c t sections of old V.iris. ] the town ar.d drove out the Jesuits conducted It. 0( One Perfect Pupil! The wh-»l had one perfect ~ - I' 1 "!' 11 atIcar ' 1 in "'C- coiir.«c of i' The rest of the baok deals with the adventures, mostly amorous, r.f this daughter. With the entrance of the daughter. the book goes native. In 'Thtr- leen Men" Mr. Thayer seemed to be a man who had something im------- — Iportanl to say: In "Cnl! Her Savage" he simply becomes another of the tribe thnt hopes to shock t::e reading public. His shockers, how- Votes Given With Every Purchase at the Following Places ever. arc not quite shocking I 1 ., r OSNABRUECK. VA-stplul:a, , Inns hfc. I,udwi R ,Ul-i — Eleirn hundred twenty- , noted Center Party leadrr. who fr.e years is tiuile a venerable a?e ! was cr.icluated in 1930. alwavs re Exports declare that nalnt will uleam like the sun I the yc-liow irold when s upon il. and lint at Ihe • 10 the yellow shade will! fnr a hiph school, but that Is: reived r. Krade of 100. HLs papers tl:e i-.nniv.-rsuiy wlilch is being celrbrated at the "Oyninar.ii:ni Car- ! olinum." The iuslilulion was I \viiulhor3t, U clls A ll in all It .veins (o !>- a m | s|akc " ••c'all'ner Savage" is offered bv preserved in the librfiry. by Cliartcmfljr." in P06.'the MOXTEO3E. Col. (UP> Sheep on here suddenly developer! Claude Kendall at $2.50. * • * HUIKF RKVIKWS OF sosii: NKW MVSTI:BII:S Among ihe recent myslery stories The .automobile hns yiven work to move Ilicin 'I.WXl.nno |y?rsONs, wns r.iised to the rank of | nnd onions failing lo meet Iheir j "The Boudoir Murder," by Mtl- iin:vcrsity by Imiwrinl nnd Pa-1 p.istronomical ne«is, thcy broko in- |lon M, Propper (H.up:r and I?rp- n>ain : to a greenhouse nnd completed! tl'.ers, $21. A well-written s'ory i three i their meal with a row of choice tu- jalwut n girl who got s!rnni;led while p ( ' crco later uben the Swedes I rain nnnomicer listened hi by Nu-Wa Cleaners New Mead Cfothiuci Co. i\cw Dixie Store Co. Ark-illo Power Co. Phillips /1/o/or Co. .777 Service Stalin?) Ulctllullin's Cash Grocery Klois Kcanty Shop Gillcn Furniture Co. Ronun's Drug 'Store The Kootery Central Shoe Store Hubbard Hardware Co. Hitbbard Tire & Kattcry Co. Guard Jewelry Store New York Store

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