The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa on April 6, 1923 · 23
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The Gazette from Cedar Rapids, Iowa · 23

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1923
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J u THE CEDAR RAPIDS EVENING GAZETTE, FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 1923. SEvrrt V 1 : ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE BELIEVES CARNARVON victim of spooks : Noted Spiritualist Explains Old Tat Left Elemental To, Guard His Tomb When He Died. NEW YORK, April 6. Sir Arthur Conan 1oyte, who has arrived in thfa country for a second series of lectures on spiritism, today expressed belief that an evil element brought Into being 'by Egyptian occultism. or the spirit of Tut-Ankh-Amen might have caused the death of Lord Carnarvon. - - - Sir Arthur was asked if lie agreed with Miss Marie Corelli, the English novelist, who warned the explorer that it was dangerous co enter the Luxor tomb because the spirit of the Egyptian king might be angered. "It might be a dangerous thing to dig into these old graves, said Sir Arthur. One does not know what elemental existed in those days and bow long these elementals existed or ,what might be their force. "The Egyptians knew a great deal more about these things than we do. If they could put these elementals on guard over their dead bodies they certainly would 'have done so. "An elemental, said Sir Arthur, ls a built Up, artificial thing, an imbued force which may be brought into being by a spirit mind or by nature, it exists of Itself for a specific purpose and is not procreated. We know very little about them but we have had evidence of their existence, especially in regard to the Egyptians. Tells of Strange Mummy. "There was a mummy once In the British museum which we believe was guarded by one of the elementals, forvevery one who came in contact with it came to grief. This was the murtuny of a queen, and even one of my dear friends, a Journalist. . who ' Investigated the circumstances surrounding the happenings that befell the persons who handled the mummy was himself stricken Immediately with typhoid and died. "The son of a friend of mine. Sir William Ingram, found a ' mummy while hunting In Somaliland. Inscribed on the mummy's breast were the words: May the person who unwraps me die rapidly and may hia bones not be burled. This young man In a few daya was drowned in a water course and his body never was found. , "Therefore, I think it quite possible that Lord Carnarvon may have j STERN POLICY CUTS CHICAGO CAR THEFTS Prevention Of Motor Thefts Often Halts Bandits In More Serious Grimes; Judges More Severe. CHICAGO. March JI- By Inter-national News. V Despite tart criti-niet hla thiTglTons 'of thte f cism of certain methods practiced by jthe police of Chicago I a ... KaM. a V. elementals. "1 know the Egyptians know a lot about spiritism, ail the' easterners did.i We are in communication with them quite often. Wise old eastern spirits are our spiritual guides. Has Spiritual Guido. In fact, I have such a spiritual guide myself. Through my wife, who is a medium, I often get advice from him on spiritual - matters. I never consult him on material things He says he often helps me without my knowing it. - Ho lived 3,000 or 4,000 years ago in Arabia and was a man high In his country, and, like most eastern spirits. Is highly developed. Still, we dont know whether the' occult power of the Egyptians ex, tended far enough to brmg into be- ing an elemental which would exist for several thousand years, although it is possible, since a spirit is eternal. i Then Sir Arthur smilingly added:' You know a great many people have- dug into graves without any-- thing happening to them, and Im inclined to believe that by now old King Tuts spirit is far enough along not to care a tuppence what happens to his old bones." In handling motor car thefts the bluecoats of this city are more than elated over the report made by the Chicago Crime Commission for 1923. Automobile stealing here has declined 41 per cent in a year, according to the report.' Police consider the problem of auto thefts , second to no other branch of their work. Halts Serious Crime. Records show that 90 per cent of the persons arrested in connection with more serious offenses have been implicated at some time in auto thefts. Police believe that an iron hand rule in such offenses means more than a possible reduction of the number of machines stolen it frequently constitutes the stitch in time to prevent many youths of the city from "going bad. The arrest and punishment of a pal. police authorise will not Infrequently hold in check another boy who might otherwise try his hand at stealing a car. The system of parking machines Inside a guarded compound has proven highly successful, the report of the commission shows. Theft of automobiles from parking spaces of that character has been reduced In Chicago by C? per cent in a year. Change Report System. The Chicago system of reporting automobile thefts will probably soon bo radically changed, it was said by police. The present system was described by the commission in its report as cumbersome, top-heavy and contains a great deal of duplication of effort. Chicago courts are lending a helping bend in the effort to eliminate this variety of crime, the commission report advised. Prosecution of such thieves is becoming more stem. A number of recommendations are being prepared for consideration by both the police and Judiciary department of the city, which, it U promised by the Crime Commission, will maks the going still rougher for the Chicago automobile thief. TUanlc at Bottom of Ocean. The Titanic has never been raised and it is assumed that the giant steamer is resting quietly at the hot tom of the Atlantic ocean. The fact that pounding leads and dredging nets sink to the bottom of tbe ocean even at depths of six miles tsnds to prove that any weight heavier than water will sink to the bottom in the deepest ocean. J An, Old Chum. Why must you go behind the scenes to see this Russian dancer? "Ha's from Oshkosk, my old home town. Louisville Courier-Journal. PRIZE FISH STORY; - SHIP RUNS THROUGH 80 MILES OF TURTLES WASHINGTON, April t. (By International News). The United States nary came forward today with a bid for first place in the spring fish story sweepstakes. Its really a turtle story, but a turtle comes so close to being a fish that tbe difference does not matter. Captain J. J. Johnson of ths steamer Kenecott. reported today to the Navy Hydrographic department that his ship passed through eighty miles of turtles 100 miles off ths Pacific coast of Mexico. Ths ship was en route from Balboa, Panama, to San Pedro. Calif. Captain Johnson said there were thousands on thousands of tbe turtles some of them three feet long and estimated to weigh at least 200 pounds. -The Kenecott ran through the school for more than eighty miles. Herrick Refrigerator Universal Store Kctrse-' Fbtb&i&ss 29 yean Senta Saturday Specials Advantage Offset. Boss, ain't you sorry you's bald-headed? Why, no. Sam; I havent any hair to comb now. Dat's so. boss; but you suttinly has a long face to wash. Boston Evening Transcript. JUST FOLKS BT EDOU A. GUX8T Copyrighted. 1121. 1 THE GOOD WIFE When skies are cloudy and hope - sinks low. The smile of a true wifes good to know. When the road seems long and the gqal not clear, The voice of a true wife's sweet to hear. When your best seems lost to the heedless throng. The faith of a true wife keeps you strong. Well-armored he, for his days of strife, Who comes at night to a smiling wife. And brave hell be in the bitter choice Who is counseled well by a gentle voice; And much hell dare, and much he'll do Who owns the faith of a woman true. For this Is the charm of a woman fair j She can smile at failure and smile at care, j She can soothe the blows of the world and speak j New strength into him who is faint and weak. And hell brave the world with his -- head up high, 1 The faith of a woman to Justify. . 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