The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1941
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVTLLE,' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Eerie Whistling Of Hostile: Indians Pursues Daring Scientists Seeking For "Lost Empire" On Long Jungle Trek WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 1941" TOM wor.r .Staff (Copyright, 1941, NKA Service. Inc.) NEW YORK.—Five months driving through lh« un. known "Green Hell" of the eastern Peruvian -'jungles . . . pushing^250 miles^upstream where death from "fan^s an',1 j nf jj ail , m . ows luj.^pj behind "every, twig ami leal' of the impeiieiruble vegetation lining the river !,anlta . . . caught, in tribal war? among (he ruthless Mashfos, 'sloriod lor. their f Incredible wieliy 'and--savagery . slashing up the forested slopes or: the lowering Sierras, eventually to'-discover. \vh?it. may well be the cradle of lm-a eivilixation. fc'uch -is a pag« from tm> lo# or Dr. Paul Fejos, Huugarlmi-Jwrii physic-Ian, leader oi i,ht> .small ban's •oi 67 men who made up the Weiiner-Grc-n Scientific Expedition to Hispanic America. Financed by •Axel L. Wennef-Gren, Swedish, «K> expedition was to. explore and study 1550 sq. miles 01 the Mtuire.dVDios region of Peru, one oi the few remaining whire spots on the map. The party, which included 37 Indian carrier* ahd 20 soldiers'loaned by ihe Peruvian government, pushed off from Puerto MaUicnado : on May 21, 1940. The put-putting of 'their .six. outboard* and their dlesei- engined barge shattered the jungle silence as they pushed it,) the Msciro de Dios River, <.vhu k h twlsus and , 'KLV A WAV winds through the jumbled trees and vegetation. FLANK MOTOR MISFIRES, STOPS vast woods, j lMMfcl)IA.TKl,y" chick jungle ! That "iiitfii, '.starting on rnt'on-; . ; O f a banur-a upi^-e a day ' me i thre* white men ^pi, in , heir | plane. They ~ • hoped de.sperat.elv malaria and mosquitoes [ that their companions ni the base fai- one time Dr. Fejos counted ! camp would radio for a rescue 168 bites on his lefi hand; .stalked j plane biniPdiatrly. All night 'the them constantly. At night. the echoed wjtu eerie whistling. woods were alive with anhhal The next morning ijie situation sounds and Ihe hosfile Mashcos' warr gr.ave. Payhaha'became very whistling. "Like the ripple of a i angry when the promised .presents! wave," Dr. Fejos noted in his log. j failed io arrive. Dr. Fejos tried' "it jumped, rolled from bush to > to- trade for a cano?, but nothing bush, from tree to tree." | he had was acceptable to'Payhaha 1 . A- the end oi a month i hey had The'Indian i-njpjtnin called the To Roll Off "Spare Tire" Fat West Pointer Outlines Exercises That Should Appeal To Women Ky pushed to the fork ot the Rio Colorado. Here they were met by white-men Haw and cheats, , told Ihem to fly away immediately. •% U'OKKMEN CLGAK AWAV THK .rUNGLK thul hid a Hiree-house "eoiaplex in :t seeiion oi' I'huyu Tata Marka. Note the uelt-pre- Sftrvtd slairwiiys and ieiraces coitiu^Ung- ihe .grstniti' structures which Kxpcdition archaeologists believe were huilt by the. than ten centuries afco. a naval plane. It was Dr. Pejos 1 j .In desperation they decided. to , plan to fly over the country before ] build n. rait. They hac(only a hunt- entering it, dropping presents (machetes, axes, mirrors, 1 ishhooks) to gain native goodwill A first flight was made on June 22. The following day, Dr. Pejos and two. officers made. a second flight. Suddenly, just after they had,-unloaded their gifts, the plane motor 'misfired, stopped. They landed on a gravel bar-^smack In the middle of hostile Indian territory. BU.SH PARTED •AND MASHCO ''APPEARED The frightened natives had run to ihe bush when the plane came down. Armed with automatic .'pistols and 43 rounds of ammunition, Dr. Pejos and his companions followed, calling "Amigo! Amigo!" in "the. most amiable voice 'we: could produce." "After 30 minutes," Dr. Fejos notes in mVdiary,- "the bush parted and the.first Mashco appeared. His body \\as painted cinnabar red. His legs, from feet, to-knees,-were painted coal black. His nostrils were pierced with sharp thorns of Cans Brava." The Indian spoke only Quechua, or-Ineaic. 'He ihdipated he was chief, his' name Payhaha. Soon 14 more Indians appeared from the bush, which bristled with arrows. Dr. Pejos indicated that the plane was a friendly bird, at present nsJeep. Tomorrow, \vculd fly away. he said.' ing knife, a penknife and n hammer to fell balsa trees is inches in diameter, it- wa.s agonizing, blistering work. Night t -ume before the raft completed. And ibis night: the '..whistling wa.s louder and nearer. The next day, .their raft nearly cpm'Rleted, they started -to dismantle the. plane to floai it back to camp. Suddenly the rescue plane roared overhead. .But.there ,wu.s no*place to lancU.-It disappeared, soon returned to. drop food. It .signaled that a rescue . party was on its. way up the river. But Dr. Pejos and "his compari- ions ..spent, a third horrifying night in their plane "-fortress"' before their friends 'came splashing upriver , to : their rescue'SHOT: "IN'THE KEAD BY ARROWS . They -were to see Payhaha. again A side trip went up the Hio Colorado a few days later without Dr. Fejos,; -who had caught malaria. Payhaha met the party some miles upriver. insisted . on joining- it— ostensibly to protect it from a lior.r' tile;."tribe, farther along. His' real motive .was to get help in attack- ml dov;n tJur eastern I'«r»vf f in Jennie jfrapiivinc slrau sc gossip is telegraphed. It whispers of the incredible .savagery of the tribes of -Muscho Indians (whose V fry name mean*;. •'enemy"). A glancr at the wiordly v paintrd _ Mashco brave; above. teJJ.s why. Two months after arrivin: motive .was to get help in attack- the Rio Colorado, Dr Fejo.s ing this tribe', with whom his men (and his • party- .started ' for 'cir>co had:_been feuding. A fight ensued | high atop the Sierras, near Mac-' «i, which'one of the .whites was i chu ' picchu. En routo thpv rt\*.\ begun in earnest before the m.which one of the and could leave then- boats. "In the history of the fooU.111, You'll have^ao "spare tires" rolliti? over your hipbones after doing: this exercise faithfully promises Capt. Kin* of West Point. Arrow shows how, lying fiat <m floor, you lower legs to &™i** touching leet to floor at r,AI»T. VICTOR II. ICING. mmu'tor hi Physical Culture, West Written for MEA WKST POINT. N. Y --Todfty iii'S' day. Not that the cxercis 0 Ls noi equaJJy c>ood I'or but it has especial appeal. 10 D>r- k-i'i until your feet touch the floor, as indicated by :;ciK:d Ihifi in picture. Raise legs •', tlw vc-rriciil and then lower •ii i<- the riyhl,. lhk imiiiner as lorig us you can, and lu-<. • continue for a while longer with the knees well bent Instead j of straight. The .second method is '<>s .-iirenuoua and hence not as yocd for you. but It is better than quitiing entirely when the fn i st uielhod inakos you tired. • By now. I have given you enough exercises of varying types to afford you a good daily work- GIU. Do them for 1.5 or 20 min- ules daily. That is long enough if you really "put out" and by now you should be in pretty good con- Oil ion already and should be able to start pushing yourself more each clay. Dell News HLVC IM-ogi s am Meeting- A Royal Service program was presented at the meeting of the Baptist Woman's Missionary Union oi rhe Del} Baptist church ^Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. M. Levm. president. Nine members and one visitor, Mrs. M. P. Brownlee, were present. After group singing. Mrs. -. J. Henderson gave the devotional from the 146th Psalm an dsentence prayers were offered. The program chauman, Mrs. C. A. Smith, gave the nrst part; "Setting 1 , in Which •We As Christians Live" and Mrs. Jim Ross, the second part, on "The tteed .At Our. Doors"; Mrs. Allen Hardiri, third . : pari on "Bringing Jesus' to Them." Mrs. Henderson dismissed the group with prayer. '" The hostess served iced drinks, cookies and Valentine candy during the social hour. Valentine games '-were played. de in .Eider down, which eider ducks pluck from their own breasts to line their nests, is a valuable. ex- of northern countries. BUSINESS »* .^ t t worry, the new doctor is pretty sure you're going to he his first successful operation!" \ 1 Lone Oak JVewx Piece Quih Fourteen members and three visitors of the Woman's Society of Christian Service, Lone Oak Methodi-si church, pieced a quill at the horn? of Mrs. Charley Hai-i. Km week. Mrs. Delia Tornlinson read the. lesson at the all day meeting and Mrs. Mollie Lane offered prayer.. &. reading. K The Upper Room" was given by Mrs. Ruby Miller., Alter a new member had been received into the society, the .group was dismissed with prayer by the president. Mrs. Daisy Alexander. How TTRieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. for Cooahs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis and the Emmett Colvin Wins Award In Law Course PAYETTEVILLE.— Winners of the annual bock prizes for making 'the highest grades in certain courses in law were announced today by Dean J. a. Waterman of the .University of Arkansas School of Law. Each will receive a copy of American Jurisprudence or .Cor-, pu« Juris Secundum given by the | "putluhers. . -."; Winners were: Francis Donovan,] Pine Bluff, in Agency; Griffin] Pmith Jr.. Little Rock, in Wills; \ Ed?ar Beihell, Little Rock, Triists I ar:d Evidence; Ralph Brainerd.! Cteremcre. Okla., Equity; Emmett, Colvin.. Blytheville, Bankruptcy; I Arcli . R. Law. BentonviUe. Contracts; Newton •KillouBh:"\Vymi\' Corporations; Edgar BetheJl and Gsltftrr-Smiti-i Jr.. T.Htie Kc^ic/tied. CcRstituiional Law. season had •; to civilisation ftguin." PRESCRIPTIONS . Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Drug Stores To entertain your thirst... pause and utone over on the yardsticks Here are FOUR NEW ADDITIONS to the BUICK SPECIAL line that Compact Motorcar Bigness into Handy Size Annual Custom • •The Moravians of Winston- Sal em. N. 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