The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 6
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SL:. i. ji//'"II-LE. (AftK 'EOIEB, 1E1 TOIL Tfi Bfl _ m Myers Scores Moral Victory Oviii- Tillc Claim- anl; Wrlch Wins i\1;ilch F<ay Myi'ia. n vMi-uin ol tin- grunt :ai(t B''o:m wide, ciuuix-d down fifun Hie Ii:il.-y I-'ii-Ji! i III 1 -: liLsl night nfiei- 70 inliii.iis ol graiiplInK v.-iilj n mo, 1 . 1 .! vioiory ilf siuh ran !,(• M-M-I;! In a wivr.illiij timlc-lii nn niiu'kMiilili Pidlgo, iviMitf-ii JuiiiiJ uuililU" weight. i-ll:ili)f:!nn ul I'i-dt^o niiil MJI-IS n iltaw ulih Myi'-ia first. i:lll 'u, -IS imnlll..s. Ivdlp, tlie sr-ci'iiul In 1.1 iniiiui.-. .mil llir bell cmimii tin- try (c,r lliiul fall nl 10 miiinl.-.':. Myt-i.-.' i-liiim 10 11 iiior;il vlilory i-i-s's in his (ifndlod: wlih HIP JiluciLimllh, rluimnnL of cltiiui|ilonshi|) honors. HVIi-h In Win In !i utcUmlnary iniili-ti Hoy , Welch, n favciUi: eu-.-iuy of Bly-1 theville wrestling fans. went I through :i \voi"i:o:it • \\iih LL rotund youngster t-;i!lctl Illinium !och John . Hud then proceeded in !i:s iisiiu! fashion to (lie nl hand, winning two .straight falls wilh Ills customary rough tac'.ie.s Hint lell Ihc audience howlliur. Although ihe Blacksmith npiicnr- ed lo be stronger tliini Myer.s h" exijeiienced considerable dlilicul-| .45; In gclline Hi? veteran inatmaii| Just 'where he wanted him. 'I'll.' mnleh was last most of the time with bolh men and pfu-ticnlnily Myers occasionally lit loss iis to liow to secure u iirin. ltr.i-.i-. In fact, I'rdlKO doubled himself n]> on the mill anil lei MyiM's sjx-ml a fulll-j niinuti! o:- uvo trying 10 find iin opening before he i;ul lack lo business. Trk-k for Trli-k Al nny lale-. Inst in'ijlil's porfonn- nncc from tlie si.-iml|iolni v of the audience was n intieh iMillrr show tluin, Ihe program on which Pedii:o ; appeared llic week before, winning from Chief Arquelte wilh apparent case. Pedltjo ami Myers. Ixith wilh years of ring Uill hack ot Ihem. matched grips e.nd evasion minute aier inlnule. Just when 11 appeared that Myers had used his tag of tricks ulltioul imy par' ticiilar ImnireMon on the rugscd .Blacksmith nnd luul tired himself almost to llic polni of exhaustion lie. |illined Ihe tillc elalninnt for the llrsl fall. Myers opened up suddenly with a series ol fly- Ing winglocks '.hnl had i'eillyo floppitiB about Hie rlnj like n chicken being prepared for thr frying pan. Allcr several treatments Myers dropped his fitlp and fell on Pcrtlyo u-lth n body smother for tlie fall. recllgn ftfflwavc-d Ihe fwdu-r of the lv;o .oven . :ti IK- Mi (he rtiij. He came. IMC!: i& lake Ihe lead in •nggrcsjlveiiess, comlnnlnc • his ladies ol taunting Myers bj ))!.ij'lng wilh his forelock. A I. UK 15 minute jxriod P«Jlg<> iirnlilicc Myers with nliiu nnih-aral 10 be a,: backward on?-hand tn-adlork, pilllliiS Myers head backward ivhili ttiey wci-f standing Inek lo bnck Tlien he crabbed Myers' legs \viih his olhcr hand and holslcd him above his head, bending Mvrr.V head nnd legs uuckward touc-ihei- Dropping Myors to Ihe floor 1'ed- igo walked, wlthmii Icwkim: Ijack. to Ills own corner, look his robt and left, the ring. Myeis fnllov.-- cd severalvminutes later. Pedlso quite H tnlkcr. explained to fans that the crip was win! he leini- ed the ••crucifixion" ami iiiey always slay down when thrown dial way. Potllgo trird several l lines 10 f^rt the fuim- grip 1,1 the rrm-.Hiiuv: 10 minule.s n-ilhnut avail. Mjci-ii took lo ilir: bicycle om-c dtirint the |ii-rio<l but olhcnvise wic-stled 1- TERRY 2-GEHRlG 3 -l- By Marry Grayson '.'•:'.(\\ .lo K<\ liromlnskl, bc-forc slip-;bit m (he slnrt.s of Papyrus nnd pine'il lo Al Harabas, that Hours :l:pinaid in this country, lln'inllloii .Slnnfoul. linlfliack, com-1 Charley Vales. Georgia Tech jmltlcd himself and lianilins. svlih 'er and winner of thn ftil i lo his ball aflc.i CI,RVf-:i,AND. July 10. .M-hools. hidden on his lilp. siii'int- :iiil tfl.yurd.'i uround the Cardinals' ri|;ht'oiid lor the Imirlidown Hint wia. nj'iird nround the world. Anv ^oolliiill sysii'in Is nniiul ' "- ' i U'uriiinneni, eveiy shot. pruftlcally the same us those pie aiiieil In all seaions «[ the t-oun tiy. slnvlliiB with the clo.-e school In June and running until Tiojnns bow lo play football . . . | iL iu!-ni«e.s 110: after iin September. Circnlnrs nn- 'mailed lo j He smacked a Tiiiisslc shot lor 3ilfl tfrlve over n hill It soars lo I9.v Inch and preparatory schaol nud ' .varrts the oilier dny . . . and (In- when ; , si lint Is put on a hole collCRC menlocs. They miiy nuoll j drive Is said to haw. been llu- the old pump jumps up m 210- for Icotbull'nr basketball for $10.1 Icnaesl ever .seen on Ihe course lie nul before i i lute Knuie Roekne followluu the i war. do iuucli toward advanceiuenl j III ol. football, keeping Inlcrcsi in 11 ' "* p.llve dining Ihc .siunmcr. nud bal- ( Ivhoolnj! Ihe approachhiB season, Curl II. Hrubaker and Harry P. Newman, nrlcllrnn nnd basketball guides of Shaker HMglus nud Col- iiiwo,-xi lllth .Schools ol Clcvc- mid. rcsix-ctlvely. will couducl one it the fornii'i" inslllutl'jii. siiuaied . ((J n a fashloiuihli; .suburb of Ihis n u Mms . rO'd'RE ib Coifs JNo Came l ( or Weak Heart, Physician SI6MEO RED sc>x ro: "il?iAL AT S fd the most iiisr ciu-ult. in mil only v/as ihe Ihis irip wilh 1 n.730 V on-.-i but Ihe ciiiirlitkile- of Fuss's imn niag.-f. Connif- Mack, n vear :u!o. .uid Joe Cnjiiiii this season. v ot me controversy pio- voked by ihe sli^hiiiv^ i)| Fo?:x. l -'illev,;d the view of one of the U'o BH-alo.'.! f\Ki basemen of nil l!mc would be iiilert-siiii'.-. When liiiivbmirds BO nark lo | Clii.i-le.s A. Coml.skey :md Cap An- ! ran and li.M Dan nroathas. Ho^r i nor. Fi.d Timiiry. Hari-y Davis,, . s Donahue, Frank Ciuncc nnd I ihe re.^1. in arguing ii out down lliriiu'jh [he years, they r.eldoni fail I in n-lnd iii) uilh jiiM iwo — llnl' fl:ii c nnd fieorue Unreal Slsler. ' i " "' • • jiii-c. a.s he has dc-nimislialed ln:Fox>:. 1 never .saw Chase, but no Perhaps H was because Sislor Is : 1" l 'lniS his club. jonc can lell me lhat baseball ever ' • •' thine : K » W tllc match of Oehrig around Pelicans Bowl Over Smok- ies; Travelers Idle On Monday Tin- Ni-iv Orleans Pelicans itr. fenirt! iho Knoxvllle Smokies, 1 m 2, ai Knoxville yesierdny. n wns Ilir- .-.Ixlh strnlalil. ir>ss I'm u,',. Sninkii'S slni'e the Ktconil hr.lf opened. niit'li'.iul lull-led for- the Birds. Holding the Rmokles [r, seven hits Tlnee pitchevs woiked for ihc ICnoxvllIn club wilh filelhen start in? lini. relirlne In Hie sixth. (Iforgp anil Ward hit honiPis. Tlie llirmiiiglmin finrons defpr.i- ed tin- Chatlonoogii L/iokoiits, 2 10 I. r,l. Chaltnnnoaa. The Flr.ton.-i v.on Iwhluil thr- |>in-)iln9 of Mur- if.y who gave up SPVI>H~ blows bin l-'cpt Iheni srattered. Pcttlt. on ihe losing end () f n, e mou ,,,[ (illp] gave up liiil five blows He vslred four. Rain caused postpoiiptnent nl Ihe Atlnnla-Litite R 0 BRIDGEPORT. Coi^T~(UP) George . V. .McGrnih Ihout'l.l Hie hrai wns gcuine ihc best, of hliv when he, discovered Jfc elecirl- iee tos afire. Pii-cmen hlmncrt i, on a short circuit.. • /m I*-' •ily, from The Shaker B lo 17. Helens course lly NKA Service Fj-e.ddle Slnelon, the guy -,vlio; NR\V YORK, July 10—Dr. Clar- uscd lo play fnotbull for Alatamn,; eiii-e W. Lieh, ufier a tv;o-jear Is playing sensalional baseball with'sinily of sudden dcnllis which oo- Albany, N. Y. . . . lie's hilling , cm red while playing uolf, lui^ puli- bnlteil In more than ; lisbed an inteiesihiB report In Ihe Johnny Mnliard'..-Nnv York Slate .lounuil of Medl- ii,i-h a ilypd-hi'ilii'-wntil Ameilenn' "'Hie most remnrkiihle ihing i 1 Ihal 1 wn.s .somewhat MU-- jiibnui' Terry If thai he wns slow when he rated Bill Terry »i nrrivlnt', hnving been an ordin- first base." Now, Ci-onin 'Ls of bolh GehrlB and Posx.ji'i'J 1 pitcher and outfielder and con-i .-so cannot IK; exjicctcd 10 pass "on Coming from ihe Immortal Mirtil- isldcrcd a mark for left-handed ! Chase, but lie certainly must have L-an product. Hint indeed Is a trl- \ pitching for a lot of years !sr-en "' ' '" the diaiii pilot. | -j'erry and Gehrig possess the • »'«• "-- I irnai-ine. might be: n.iturul nelding ailvuninge- over | wlio used lo piny fofl'.linil loi Nolle i. and Inicr with tlie Chkngo, Tlie liihle shows Hems, now is a doctor in Chicago. . . . Howard Jours eiin piny j;o]r about us well us be teaches those just when' rim-Ins u round ol polf, blood pressure l-s highest. Hi:fore leaving; ihc locker room Sisler somewhere along And when California late.s Columbia .f.ou, Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 7» p;:i!i i "'• riff, in object. I'm sine ihnl I ciou'i know on nboui oven terms with tin- tillc claimant. . While the mutch wns billed for 90 mimucs, prornolers clnim-d that the customers under a system recently Installed here, were chare«i for ench 10 iniiiiiic resl period 70 minutes of n-rejllltie and Si, minute? of re«l lolalling no mln- tiies, the limit. The arrangements sit Haley Field were unusiully poor compared to the set-up the week before. Thr offnlr got off to a slow slfiri. ihe ring hsc! a hill al Ihe soiilheast end and (ho arrangnnpiil* wer? dn-ltir-dly below pi-pvlotts --.ei-ups. Hayncs, Robinson; ArkMo. Mborty, Soft Ball LiiKMi|! Robinson Drug company, lead Ing team of the Commercial Sot Ball lengue, nnd Hayncs. in thin place, will meet ot Haley Fielt tonight in the first game of Hi regular Tuesday niglu doubl header. In the second game Liberty Cos! Orocers will lake on the Ark-M Power company. The Grocers hnv yet to annex a win in the secon half nnd nro anxious to turn Ih trick tonight. The power teai and East Arkansas Builders shar the spot Just above the ctlla grocers. and for bolh for $15. Celebrated coaches serve us pro- fc-ssor.s for a comparnlively small :'ci- and u perceulnyc. The- .Shaker Heights school will have Ijiu Little of Columbia: Tiul Wlc-man, line coach at Priuceion; Oi. H. C. Cm>:on, uilur of Piiis- nalinnnl lioop i-hampions: fir.y O. [Jolrlrk. \vho-.e Ohio We.s- Irynn an-n.v c-nptured Ihe Uiivkeye iMiskclball lille; and Clifford Welts I of l.ojans|iort. 1ml, lil^h :chi,nl. ! Wei!.-.' sciuntl. cliampl'in of Ihe I Slousier il:iti-. will demonsli-nie hLs \ biopkint; gurne; nnd Ciiiublnatlon of j jlullng ?.oii-;- and mnn-fur-iunn di>- j .'( I1M'. ' ! r»inoii<! Toai'lies Busy All Runuiu'i- Ullli! Is lo be in charge of a icluxil at Columbia before coming :o ClevL-lnnd. and will go from here n Nci-lliKvslei-n University, where, Iirai Augnsi n lo IS. lie. Frit?. Ciisler of Princeton, and liu-»: Hi.nley w m i?]\ , lm |,|(| mls pigskin imructors how in score, once Iheir :aia Is inside the enemy's 20-ynrd ne and impart olhcr secrets of In 1 yi'eiil intercollegiate sport. Ciislei- laiiiiiu n similar class al Hah Simp lust month. Noble Ci.'er of Pin-due, beads another 'honl al lliillei- CollCBi'. Imllan- i|nll.-.. fwm August n in 18. I): :\,il:on join..; Andy Kcrr for a M-I-'-^ ot blarklhiarri lalks nud Illus- alions nl Colgate durlue the jv.ns pliiyinB. . . . Windsor n-e. k is ut its peak of 2-15. It v: '"ncr of Hie Encllsh Derby, may t:,tcs a full iiuy for jirpssiirp lo ve.- ti- shipped (o Hie Unlled Sluice nun lo normal. lo; n inuicli with Cavalcade llic Ijfsl first base-; l^eon hurl and out. while the in my opinion. Is>y»nkee. player Is compiling nn en-, 'durance record Ihal 'may never : 1;r "'* teller (|iialified to rale fmpliLs Bill does not rliiij upllie broken." ' ' hils as cnnsi.Uency as either' jfKlirii; or Foxx. but he ahynys Is j Cronin Is Ihe latest to list Och!.im,iii K Ihe battniB leaders nnd-rig as Hie dndriy of all first sack firM In more tlmn bis share oners. nnd ihul race would, be compara- Read Courier News Want Ads. ----- ...... ' •wuit,niT mil ujg im* iiii"- * ei pan of Angiui. iinrvy Kipke | - . Michigan, Howard O f I , Soulbcrn Californin. Pop Winner of Temple. Wallace Wndc of l)»ke. Benny Bierman of Mhmesola. nnd ;lher widely known coachts keep iwy with clnssos of the kind ench ».:iumer. Little made n hit here this j •prine in leading n paper on pry-,- tnl education 'find. it5 place in the i cciticatinnal system before the N:i- | tioual Physical Education Conveii-! The Camp Heard .irnumt tlir World 1! Is doubtful if a coach cvr ipitaliwd a victory ns Liltle has >i:1tnll7ed Columbia's unexpected. of Stanford In Ihe Pnsa- i<-na Rose Howl on New Year's T:ty. P.nke H. Davis, the renowned li.Morimi who p.nrscrt awny recently, called it ihe greatest' gridiron j ..chtcvfmcnt of all Utue. and one tiwil would do the •;cod than any other. game, more Tbe pictures ol this savagely foughl fray, in which Ihc smaller L!on scored on and then held the -;rant Redwoods of Ihc Oolden V.'osl. have been shown nt many Institutions, and will be reeled off "id commented on by Little nt Shaker Heights. It would be interesting to nllend '.he Evamum leciurcs, and hear 'be conniciing views of Iwo of the fcremost straiegisls. Crlslcr fnvors driving immediately to ihe line of scrimmage, rather than relying on spins nnd reverses. Lit lie goes in for more of the dipsy-do stuff. _H was on n spinner, In which Cliff. Montgomery faVfd glvine the Read Courier Nov:; Want Ads. The Exacf Age of Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer Is Guaranteed ins always known — that to be good — licoc must be aged. Many Indefinite claims linvc teen m.idc as to the age of beers •— but now the Bbtz Brewing Co,, tecs tht) tf.xacf ago ot every bottle of Blstz Old Hfidelbers Beer. The Bbtz brewery his row after row of huge ageing vsts—each carrying the dale on v.-hich ils conlsnls was bicwcd. When it has reached the exact lime to insure satisfying richness of flavor — full body and strcngih — then it is bottled, and there ii plainly marked on cvtry botlle ihc exact date that beer was brewed. It is your guarantee lhal Blatz Old, Heidelberg Beer U lully-i^ci. A. S. Bar'ooro.& Compan I :Viv jiiitis. T!ie New York mnnnacr Is i Atkf-d 10 name an all-lime, all. :» mo;l polujiccl defensive player ;aar ontm, the WnshinBton leader oi the Ihrce. and an insplrins Hy- replied. "Cichrift K cls the call over tr.semen than SLsler, which makei [Ihe fans right for once, nny way ..i'l'hey knew somclhlsg when they .. jcosl 121.110 haiiot 1 ; for Terry, more • than any oilier player ou either !oll-slnr lram received. Read c.Vnrinr News Want Ads. OPINIONS THAT BANISH Al. L DUIJO 1 ! When Banktrs, Mcrchimt., Ex- tculiies, Professional men and many other* »H agree on one salient fact, it may bo Mfely OMtimed that all pliages of Ihe matter have been taken Into consideration. To the remukable average of 93 out of etery 100 queg- tioned, it waa proven, hy actual italistics and dependable opinions, that Newspaper Advertising produced more »ale« per dollar SIM-IU than any other medium, The newspaper, through its agency ns a necessity in o\ir live*, invades every home and is read hy every class nnd type.' ^ The Newspaper Is The Most Powerful Adver^ tising Medium In The World! Investigate the enormoua result-power of its columns. /l Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-25e Nite 7:15. 10-35c A FOX PICTURE with HELEN TWELVETREES ALICE FAYE Produced by WINFIELD SHEEHAN Oirecled by EDWIN BURKE Paramount News Musical—"floinp; la Heaven" Willie Hopper Carloon— "Reducing Creme"

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