Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 12, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1942
Page 3
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WAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS^PRIDAY, JUNE, 12, 1942 Entire -Stock Reduced Including New Summer Merchandise SALE NOW IN PROGRESS ON THE BRIDGE Naugatuck Conn. Women's Activities :. Personal POlTPOSITIVE RESULTS - - - READ TUB CLASSIFIED_A]D« REGULARLY. AT~GARSTON'S Get the best with Rocklyn MINNIE, T. AHERN, EDITOR 7th Anniversary Mr. am! Mrs.; \VUIlarri; J. Baxter of Manners avenue- wore .,.tendered•- a surprise" party at their.-.home Wednesday evening on the occasion oi their seventh wedding anniversary Gifts were .received by the couple and games 'and yefreshrnchts wore onjoyed. Miss 'Helen 'GlgnoUS entertained with " a »'bufiblo-eunV dance. ' ' " Those who attended .were: Misses Rita Joyce, Jane Ghrjsfcenscn, Adole Stasonls, Wlnl'frcd Palmosk), Melon flignotti, .Betty . Hogmi, Anna 1: Mar- tesky, Elsie .Jackson,''Doris Jensen and Bob ..Carhiiohael..". '. ; . ENTEIVrAlNlNfi CLASSMAtKS 'Mr. and Mrs. Ernest ti. McKen^ie of New street, .are Eleanor Sowle'of'Boston; Mass., and Miss Edith Hambfey : 9!' WQW Betl- .ford, Mass., former ;classmates of Mrs. MoKenzie' at .Deaconess hospital,'Boston. Bo'tli young ladies, \voj> griUluatcd, from"; thc ; ,tiospita.l traiji- ing'school; two weeks .agp. . . , • RIVER TR THE NEW WRINKLE RESISTANT. STUN RAYON SUIT' Just try this suit on, The fabric 1 , is oven oool to tlic touoh. Just, as important, Kouklyn Kivorc'.ool Tropical looks like your regular worsted suit The Kocklyn "ttivorcool is a suit you.Pftii woar for all nmisinns' and is' roason- alily pricoil, too, at Rocklyn All Wool TROPICAL WORSTEDS Ahvii.v.s rclnins ils sliupe, Knjoy cool conil'oi'l and \w iilwiiys well dressed In a tropical worsli'd, $27.50 GABARDINE CASUALS 2 EASY WAYS TO PAY Cool, porous mid wi'inklo roslst-- injj. All \vtiul.(!(l colors and every .si/o, Uulmi'diiU! is tops again this siiintnor. OTIIKHS TO 5.U50 FATHER'S DAY JUNE 21st Grift Ideas From Our Haberdashery Dept. nnnt r*n r T ir r i 'n.'w ,sinnni«r (Joiors OOOL COITON SANFO KIZED SHRUNK WASHABLE POPLIN ENSEMBLES POLO SHIRTS $1.35 All Colors TERRY CLOTH SPORT SHIRTS Solid dolors $1.00 SPUN RAYON POLO 1SHIRTS $2.00 Deup T TERRY CLOTH HOSE $4,95 •— IMn<? — <" POLp SHIRTS CJftE;W foKOtf 'SHOKT Sl-EEVE POI.O SHIRT $1,00 Plain, 'and Fancy .dolors Washable Neckwear Wlft Knows 2 lm $1. J'l4»ln -and Fniicy. dolors * -.»•'•• ••'• '•> ~ f^^^ n s Gars*on Clothes" b -*> f ** CAL AT HARVARD f Mrs. P.' J.-'Pl'lKgeralrF.oi 1 Meadow street has returned fi';bm Gamhrldge, Mass,', where'sh.o attended the. com^ mqnocmont e.xcir.cis!es'' liaryard university. - , , • : ; •.( IN ATLAiNTIC CITY .Mr. and Mrs. Carlton W./Brjsfcql pf Iinislde avenue .are.registered at Ghalfonte-Haddon Hall in Atlantic Uity. . .. ' . v' ,- ; ..:,-^ l .ij^ ENTERTAINING, GUEST Mrs. Henry Baumer of Milford, Coon., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stinson of Trowbridge place.. CONDITION WPKOVED Mrs.'Stewart DahHn of 300 Hilisi'do' avenue Is improving at the Waterbury hospital,, where shfc is ft patient. LEAVE FOn WELLESLEY, MASS. Mr. and Mrs. Cieargo'. Songsl-ftokei\ and daughters, Ruth and Doris, ol| Park, avonijc, will- foilvc Lomoi'row L'oi 1 Wcllcsioy, Mass., where they will attend the commencement exercises of Wollbslcy .opIJQge on Mon- dny. Miss Olive .SerigstacH.en is a. member of-the graduating class. PACKAGE STOHE SOLD Frank .]. Klcl-y, who,has conducted the Naugatuck Valley Package Store at 42 SouUi Mail]..street since shortly after the repeal of*.prohibition 'On December 5, JD33,• sdkljuls business yesterday, afternoon to Henry GarUman, of Watovbury, who took Immediate possession oi^ the .property. Mr. Kiely stated today, that he lias no, immediate plans, for the future. Entertainment,, Supper, June The Ladi.e^';Auxiliary of the Hillside Congregational "church \yill hold ' a".: Strawberry FestiVal Saturday , evening, ,,7uric 20, 'tft ,8 o'clock in the church- hall., :01d, fashioi^'d Htrawberry s^pr;tcalce : ,wUi < ,be serycid l>y a coiTHoltt'oe'.o'f-:which,Mrs..' Oavid Larson .is the chairman.,', , ,'-..£... The. preslde^ti ;or the v auxlliary : Mrs. Paul ; y. , Johnson,^ announces a ypry .interesting, program.,, pUiol Salmonson wi'll.', be the .vocal,.sol-o- ist! . There.iyvll};. be, vocal (luet^s ; lj.v Mrs. Oscar Syyanson and -Paul > v . Anderson, 'SeiqoUons 'will' be givon by a- \yomen's chorus, and ; there will be readings • by Mrs. Waller P. Anderson and - Mrs. 'Paul JjV Anclpc-' son. .',An VolTering .to defray-, the cost o f ch i na "for ;;i lihe ,cji urcir'.k i tch en w ill lie taken, ..-'-.'. ;;.... '..\. : .-,•.•._•-•. •• Misses Behlrnaii Nurses Miss ' Genevieve Dunn, who v was graduated • from St. Francis Hospi- School, of ^Nursi'ng in Hnrtfpvcl Sunday, is the. .daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dunn. of'-44- Culver street.' Miss 'Dorothy."'B6fi : )man; (i'n- o'thep mebbeiv of the grftdi^ating class- is the .daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Behtman. of 38 Neagle street: Local Wornen xEJiecrted Trustees At the : \ election; and, installation of officers'held last night,in Wa T .nrbury by the Lad-ies' auxiliary^ No. 3, 'of 'the .National Associatioii o L' ; Po-wer,-' En gi n, Mrs. Mary, vugeii .qf'Qoen. street, Naugatuclr, nnd Mrs. ..Louise NMssen of Theresa avenue, 'Naugatuck, . ->vere ' elected, uslees;'-'- ,.-:.; ....'-•' .' -. - party given, by-'hls' fellow^workers of, the, Mec-halilcal, deparf.mcn.t of ibe;:IJ:',S;.Rubber company . at, Log's; .In-Unioii .City.v.About 45 attended. Fire Chief Has ^ ; Returned to Boro PIre- Chief < Jp'hn ^. Sheridan,; who has been:, attending .the school for '/Ire,,'chiefs at '.Teachers 1 '- college, Now .Britain, Jias returned to Naugatuok. The. school.; was .sponsored by the State Board of .Education. •IN LAKIDVIEW,, N; ^ .'.:'.'•' '• Mrs. Elmei- Munson,; R. N., of 21 -Park^avenue,, ;is in Lakeview, N, .1. -where she is on ..duty -at the Paul Kirnb.all hospitalv ; tending her ; aunt, Mrs! kath.erinci Mason, who is seri- ,OUSly ilh ' ' . ;: For' Youf Favorite Chair NOTICE TO .EAGLES.'.'. Joseph McG-u i re, worthy- prcsiden t Of •Naug'^i-uoH:'. 1 iftQrle,.-'P. 0. E-agles, announced today r th at, members o f the council, willvassemble. at' their rooms In -the. Neary ,ibu-ildii>g Sun- 4ay ;<lfternoon ,at 1.^5..preparatory to staking pari Jn- Uie' 'FJag.Day par- hildren's Day ' At Local Church Children's Day,'will be observed! ,u nday -at the GongregaWonal; ohuroh. T.he church 'Sdlio-ol will; neet at' 10 ,a. m. arid the' grad-ua- |.on exorcises of the* school will DO held at "11 a. m., as..a part of Hie morning service. Pins will be- awarded to 'members ot the Go-to : 'Church band and the 'baptised children of the ehurch w'ho 'h-avc: roachcd the'-age of .seven years will receive their Bibles, _ . r4-*-«^ ; Jack Suba To Enter U. S. Navy Jaojc Suba of 'Tollcs .square, who will leave 'Soon to enter the U. S.- Navy, was 'honiored last night at.a ' CAR ^ SUNDAY, 'JUNE kst,V!S^FATHER'S PAY Send Dad a Carcl Give Hipi a'Gift You €an Buy Both .Here C*lftf CTKI r V S W 1 1 ME I ART AND STATIONERY MISS WEYII HOSTESS Miss Mildred \Veyh of 131 Soolt •street will'-', .-be 'hostess nt a meeting. of Mie\ Sunday school teachers un,d officers. 'of, t'lie Ntiuga'lupk Methodist church at .her bomo' Monday, June d5, at 8 p.- ml. ANNIVERSARY MASS A first .anniversary Mass for the lal/c, A" J. .McGart'hy .will be celebrated tomorrow, morning at 8 o'clock >in St. Francis church. WILL MARCH-* IN PARADE All members of the' Christoforo Golumbo .^society are requested to'' meet oa.the Greeiv-at 2 p. m. Sun- clay,",Juh.e 14. They will participate In the parade 'in observance .of Flag Da'y, . . .. TO RESUME STUDIES ''• Joseph Wulfeck, ...a studen.t at. TuftS; college, Mcdf.ord, Mass., who •lias been visKing his, nioMier,, Mrs. Ford Wulfeck, of Cje.orge street, .vylll re;turn to 'the college tomorrow, to resume -his studies., , . .'.... VISITING PARENTS Oddo Vagnini, who Is tra,ining to . b e . an '• a v i a t/i o n nia c-h i n I s t at th e naval • training station, • at- Great Lakes, 111;, Is visiting vhis parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Alfred Vagnini, of 125 Gorman street for a few 'weeks. filet- make inl,cr- and Home Dept. To • i Meet Monday r The • American Home department of the .Naugattick Woman's club wilme'et Monday, June i5, at. ; 2 p. m, at the home of Mrs. Robert Housok- neaht in Millville. All members of tli e g.on eral c] u b • a PC i n v i ted to b e present. After -a S'liorl/. business •mecUng, there wi I be card playing. *•' ' • ' ' ' '•','. •-•". • ,..-•...•- <»»V' — --— . • ^Palestme at War" To Be Shown at Hebrew Institute '"Palestine at 'War." is: the title of f;he Jfttes.t moving picture of Pnl- estine w^hic'h will ibe shown at ihe lle'b'rew Institute on Kingsbury s treet, . \Va terb.u ry , -o-ri Mo nday e vein ing, June i5t'h. ... • The picture ,i« described, by, re- MieweL's ; as one of the best yet produced of the ancient ci^ty, and a capacity audience 1 Is anticlpaTed. ! -The .prog-ra-m will start at- 8:30. p. •mi and B.-, Zuckerman will be the •gues't speaker for the occasion. Waterbury's Oldest Furniture Store' -' . .PATTERN,No. 1S02 . ' mars' the appearance of a ch'nir more than l.ho dinl.y grease spots-•-'Mini-- IneVJUibly foi'm 'on the arms .apd backs '-if l.lK 1 chair is not protected,.. A crocheted clwlr set will save you 'l?his -hoart-aclin iuvd will acluMlly decora/te, your aUthe same time. The' "Home ..S^'-eot Home" crocbe! design above not only c'hccrful set- but am esting table as well, tions ^ire given . for both oval rectangular shapes. Pattern'envelope fto-nlalns 2 filet- jroolict 'diagrams of easy-lo-*oe dot- in 'square mct'hod; also full diroe- lions. Send He. (coin) for above pattern number to Naugal.uek Daily News, Needle Arts Dep'L, P. 0. Box 172, Station D, New York, N. Y, ANTHONY MALONE IN ACCIDENT Anthony Malonc, Jr., son of Captain' Anthony -Malono, and Mrs. Malone of 05 Q\\\nu street, rctui'nod last night from St. .Mary's -Jnospltal, Waterbury, wl]OiM3 lio has 'beon a patient. -Me. suffered sovnrp, injuries In a bicycle collision Sunday and will be cott.fhved I'o bed for several days. 'Use 'of plywood freiglil, ra-cks In Army-, ftirplanossaves 150 pou.nds of aluminum a plane, GALE \Sayx Gale Jeweler M*.n S CiPeate your>own resort spot, thi^i year, h$ye something ^that' ia a' per- nt investment; Ma^e:it inviting with cool, comfortable furhityre ;ln which yo'u ^an relax atjd n get your full share of sun v shine ' vitamins^ Stari; ^vith ^^jllovy-arm, coil paring glider or an a<U ustable back sinau cot with l>«;i'.somU,. 'Credit ^ ' Term's ' ; " A 'large,-.-.glijucni-ng'-soliiairc- tliat • will Uirijl-..the licfjrt,, of aiiv. wo- nmni T\\'o; matching dininondsvon "•' ea'i?h- .^idc'' a'dd to \})c - luster of . tlic' big- dinindmK; Sec* it' 1 at K : A D -Jewelers'-' ; ; v -..*'.,.' 110 SOUTH MAIN Cambridge, .1 u'no 12—(UP) —The bribery trial, of Mayor George T. ;Ashe of Lowell has been postponed. Tin 1 case—wblo/lv \va.s soli.edule'd to o)5on MomJay—has '- been: put over \miil September by agreement of counsel, » Sensational Purchtue! Ready for Waterbury Saturday at Si 3.98 Ginghams! Chamhrays! Seersuckers! Just take a peek at our second floor — you'll see row upon row of Ail-American cottons I Crisp seersuckers, cool chambrays, and u^- and-coming ginghams! Almost any style your little heart desires — suits, arid! one-piece dresses. Stripes, checks , V and solid colors. All sizes. Other Cotton 3.00 to 7.95 COTTON SHOP —Second Floor— alt** FOREVER YOURS with DIAMONDS K & D K & I) Im.vft Mic diamond lo mwko II«P forever yours. Buy on cnsy tcrhis. Op'mi «. crcdff. ftccduiil tod Ay. DIAMOND IUV(T*AriOKI CKUtCCO TO SHOW $50.00 Matched comhinijjlon in the <?na«p«- inont rl»)». $1.50 Weeldy

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