The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, SKPTKMKHK 22, 193U (AKK.) COUUIKR NKWS PAGE FIVJ».- FdDllPil Hcnir, Modernization Work Can Now Oc Financed On Favorable Terms WASHINGTON, D. C.—BlliMill] contractors, plumbers, painter! and oilier memoirs of th™ liotr.i'- buildiiij and allied indmtifei. 13- y2ti:er with banks and new,5pap?rs, ars making every eflort to present lo tlie public the opportunities available for hume mo:brnl7.itlo:i before \Vint-3r s'jis in. Under tlie Modernization Credii. Plan, funds'may bs ou'.ainert from a bank, building and lo;ui as:\;i:lu- lion, cr oilier private financial institution ivhic'.i hoMs a contract of insurance with the Fj:l:ral Hou>- ing Administration. This n'ion?\ may bo used for the purpose of modernizing, altering, repairing, cr making additions to the home Such a lean is rerais in etiunl mcntMy inilnllitntils and ma, cover a period up to fiv3 years, if necessary. Additions and Repairs Mew coal-, gas-, or oil-heating sy^tcms may be InsUillcd or old ones repaired and cleaned. Fireplaces may be built. Houses can r.3 repainted cr rercofcj and otherwise prepared to withstand Ui3 eb ments cf wjather. During the Summer monlh.-s faui- ilin.s \viih pardons, terraces, or porches spent many leisure hours in them. With tlis. approach cf cold weather, however, attention i turned to the-insi:b of lhe iiuiis; Complete reOdecoration of th: llvhi' raom or the entire honre niljlit make a long Winter -evening seetn !:rs dreary, with sous and '^laugh- ters away at school, llieir rconu may be rjpaintcd cr repaperjd williout disturbing lhe occupants. I/j-t For Checking An inventory of the home, inside and out, will probably raveal 1111- mircus things t'nat should b2 at- lendrd lo before Winter cciiics. Make a list of the n2ct"';?.ry re pairs. Then consult (he clfice of tlie Federal Housinj Ad ministration or your own tank an i ri'-'k what nmole st«p> mcst b ..taken ,tp obtain an insured. mo;l . crnlMtiqn loan. ,";•',' Living; Quarters ' Face the Garden Modern Four-Family Dwellings WASHINGTON, D. C.—A wcmar. columnist, writing from New YoA Kiys that an orgaufcaliou interest- cd in (he building of homes has made a survey of the American woman's wants in that line. Tills concern lias discovered tint women w;uit their houses luriral around, with lhe living quarters facing' Ibe bad: garden rattier than the street. They prefer a si:b p-jrch or a terrace on which the living room opens, rather tlian a front porch. The onc-batlirr.oai hcuse. exce'it for very Final! ccttagcs. is cut, the survey shows. Women want two baths upstairs and one down, if pos.siblc, when they i;uy a home. Ttie master bedroom must l;ave a private fciih, and a connecting dressing room is desirable. The American public prefers a simplified version of sturdy American styles rather than ultra modern architecture, the columnist writes. Finally, ihe kitchen must be absolutely up to the minute with the best ol all lutor-saving device. Ventilation Helpful for Attic in Summer It is very important that there le ample ventilation in attics In Summer if the rooms below are to l:-2 comfortable. It is especially important when insulation is installed over (lie ceilings, because i! plenty of air does not ciiculate over tlie attic side ol the in- Milalion it will absorb and store Ihe sun's heat during lhe day and release i:. to the rooms below at r.ight. Thus thc bsncdt of the iiifiilalion is loit. wliilc if proper ventilation is provided the in- ;ii!:;ticn will make the house pleas- rirtly end in summer and be well ivorlh ll.s cost. jSliivts Work on Country Home on Highway Nor- lli of Blylhcville. j niylhrvtllc nnd vicinity arc con- ]tl;itil:i8 an extensive building wro- jr.iain. In addition lo .several Jobs ! iiiiiwnmced today, there lire i\ Housing Question Box Q. How can 1 determine what or wall anil nut on two coals, say, principles 1 should follow mid • a yenr from now? what quality I should require In I A. Where lhe paliil Is still 'lu dcslgul))); nnd building a smnll I reasonably now! condition — that but adequate iioiii*' (Is. free from large checks or A. The Federal Housing Admin-1 blisters—one cent would be sut- IMrntlou hus published several] flclent. -In tills cnse, where uny pamphlets dial will give you sonic: btirc wood doe.s occur, the bare, good Ideas along these lines; why'spots should be touched up wllh nol write and ask for (hem? | two coats prior lo the application I o[ thc single conl. In all cases, Q. is 11 possible lo Ijathroom In a space -1 make feel by o( residences which feet? cxecMcd to lie started by Oc- A. Yes; It can be done, depend- :|>iv loljer a, Hurry Drown, planter, slarlcd the door nnd window. It may be work ytslcrday on a modern conn- j necessary to lise a shower Instead try home n mile north of town!of a tub. Ask some iirchllccl lo en live acres of land lie recently j lay it out for you. 1'uphnsrd from Alvlu and Jnko] lluirmiiH, The Iwo .story house will ije cctonlnl In dcslyn, with two lutli rooms. It will be pnhit- i:l while with a deep green cedur : m 0 mcv n ihliiylc roof. A concrete founcla- linn, o:ik floors and slom shed- ing between Ihe walls will be included in Hie structure. The houce will cosl about 55.000. A country homo being creeled at Cam.<ly Switch. Mo., h tlinl of e |,, nlimlcs \v. c. Pc.sey. The six-room frame ccttage \vlll have a balh room - . , - linij somewhat on lhe location of Q. How can I have a new bnlh- • lub Installed without having u ! crack appear where the tub and A. lluvc an Iron angle screwed j lo the slnds lo receive I lie cdR'; : of lhe lub. The usual pracllcc ts to use a piece ol wooil for this, but the wood shrinks and Ihen the crack appeal*. The Iron angle this trouble. however, U Is advisable to consult n reliable painter nnd ask his advice regarding (he condition ol the present pninl and thus know more nctnralely whether one coat will suffice. Q. How much of a house can I build for $5,000? . A. Thai Is almost like asking: "How much Is a pair of shoes?" 11 depends on (juallly and slv.e. If your budget Is limited unit you need 11 definite number of rooms, you will have lo accept lhe anal 111' ISOTFF! Value of. Old House In* creased by Trimming It Down lo Usable Size end a Delco lighting system. This Q. My house needs painting, bill I Mrs. J. D. Alderman, of Jacksonville. Fla., owns 21 houses, similar lo the one pictured above, property, which Is in the heart of the citv. wns dllnnirintr-ri n.,,i h-in.inr. <„ um. Outc'oor Oven Makes Picnics Fun in Auluinn property, which is in the heart of the city, wns dilapidated unable lo make necessary repairs The ng in little revenue. Tlie oivnir or meet current clmrgcs. After refinancing thc property under will cost slightly m6re llmnl™ 1 *»"">'; n ° >'°" " lhlk il w ° ul<1 5.1,000. Mli-i Ellse Moore ; live-room a|iaAmenl at 100 W. i A'almit St., into Iwo . smaller .ibe wise to pul on one Is retnodellin; " Mrs. A. 13. Holland has conceded her slucco residence at i!5 W. Ash St., Into two apart- nr.nts by luldlng n room and a •?cond balhroon). Work has already started on he Mnillyn Ilatcliery bulldhif! on he no/th highway. It. E. Blny- Icck purelmced bvo loLs Irom Mrs. W. li. Uifllii for the site. 3. G. Caudill handled the deal. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wylle have purchased the two houses ind lots on the southwest corner : f . Walnut und Reventli Sis., from Mrs. W. 1). LoMin. G. G. Caudill iinnclled the deal. Tile lots, which have an 108 foot frontage, will be cleared at some later date by tlie new owner who has not decided whclher he win erect an apartment house or a single dwelling. Many old houses can be. given an up-to-date nf>!>enranco by a (c\v simple operations on' Ihelr exteriors. i)y so doing;, the owner changes a while elephant Into u desirable thoroughbred as far as Its r.ales value Is concerned, Most, of lhe houses built a generation or two ago have excessive l'.orebe_s that ramble all about the, successfully shutting out all, sunlight from their gloomy lute-; riots. And if yon asked Uic. 'occupants whether' they sat all over thul porch space, you would find that] us a matter o* fact only one small spot was ever used You would see In lhe alze that your np|>ro- ia grollp 0 , cMn nnd „. norcll lug [illation will buy. -If you demand „„,, a tllblc „,„, swlnc , nl ona - em . quality, then you must accept as . ncVi w |,n e lht > hilnnco of the. porch much house of that quality as you i would have scaiccly n stick of fur- can gel for the price. And dnn'l n!u , r( , 011 lu S0| Ulc 0 | )vlous thing foi'Ket all the extras Unit go wllh to , !o (s , 0 lcar 1003l of ^ do a building: The driveway, wains, nm | | c t light,, into Hie looms It grading, planting, etc. Fireplaces May Be conscientiously shades Parhaps It would be bolter to tear' the whole porch all down au:l build a new one of belter proportions. At any rate, cither Is a step In the right direction. Turkish towers were popular In' (lie days of the cozy corner. 'These tlie terms of the National Housing Act. Mrs. Alderman then .set lo wort: modernizing lhe buildings A number have already teen completed, and (lie old ninc-rcc-m houses s are now modern four-family apaYt- mcnts, bringing in an income, of from 580 lo $110 n nicnth. There is a wailing list for the houses they arc modernized, and they arc rented in each case, (lie owner says, before the work is Private financial institutions, which hold a cciil.-a;t of insurance will) the (ration, advance funds fcr (his type of work. completed Federal 'Housing Aclniinla- Fence or Wai] Adds •••' to Privacy of Home An appropriate enclosure is necessary (o complete the grounds and contiihutc a satisfactory flu- Lsli lo the new home. Frame houses, bungalows, nnd smnll dwellings cull for u lattice, wire, or picket fence over which vines may Oc trained. The larger house demands a more pvctcnlioic; enclosure, but in Jill coses the fence should correspond with tlie style and size of | thc slrllcturo " ml lhe yrounds I au ' rolllulm S- Cedar-Lined Closet Protects Clothing A cedar-lined closet Is a veritable treasure chest .in a house- held. The storage of bli'.nkcls, turs, and woolen garments therein (curls (o discourage moths and banish worry in the housewife's mind regarding thc protection of | season for moths and makes wat-jinny be obtained from private (i- 1 cliful care of winter clothing nnc-! nancial institutions approved by cs-sary during this time, a cedar the Federal Housing Admiuistra- clcsel fcr all-year-round use is tion, advisable. clothing against While summer these pests. is the danger! all-year-round use is' Thc odor is pleasant and thc space welcome for ordinary use In (he winter. Strips cf aromalic cedar can be nailed to (he wall of a closet, but must to dene carefully if it is to be clieclive, A reliable carpenter! A desire for change in living quarters is sometimes appeased in a simple and inexpensive manner by rcfinishiiij! floors, redecoralin rrrnis, or painting woodwork. Ironing Board Has Many Uses !n Home A buill-in ironing beard is convenient in ttie kitchen. It lias nil important place In the nursery for pressing small garments. The business girl who appreciates thc desirability of a well-groomed appearance finds (hat an ironing board built in to her closet door iMinds for rcdccoralion may be raves time and ts always ready lo can do llns type of work inex- cbtaincd from private financial in-! help In acquiring that enviable pensively. Funds for | silliitiuns annrovcd bv the Federal! "fresh from the band box" appeal (his type of work; Housing Administration. . , i ancc. 'lake Certain They Strong Enough to Sup port New Roof Weight There comes- a time in the lives of all irafs when patching Is no longer economical. When such, time arrives, the only tiling to do Is lo put on a new roof covering. Assuming dial Ihe structure (if lhe root is sound, there are n number of ways you can recover II. If your old rcof Is of wooden shingles, new wocd shingles can lie mit en. They may lie pul Ihe old ones. with , .various types of paper,'fell chlngles, or composition shingles. Be sure, however, tofore you begin the recovering operation that the structure Is strong enough to carry the added load. Check thc size of Ihe rafters and be sure they are adequately tied togellier fnlr- ly near Ihclr base. They may have been all right for lhe old rcof, but the new roof may be like (he proverbial straw on lhe camel's back and you may have a very sad-looking sway-backed rcof. and your walls may take en a middle-aged bulge, in' the front. So. after you have assured yourself that thc structure can carry lhe added load, you can so ahead r.nd .select your new roofing. Don't try to economize loo much, lor remember that in building, us in everything else, you can get only a dollar's worth for a dollar spent, nnd if you put on n cheap reef yon nnisl not expect it to last sir, long as a more expensive one. II you have such a problem and do nol know hew to finance It, yen may be able lo do It through the ModcrnlKilion Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Adminls- Irallon. o! Various Heights If you nrc choosing colonial or provincial furnllure for your home and, waul to . uo "different," re-jcnn be removed to ths e\crlaslinL member that In-olden days flic- bsncflt of the house and thc tor- plnces were nol always on a 'nor can be squaicd Remove a few level with the ground. Many of excrcjcnccs like, this nnd. Micro 1s- lliem were "Lnee high." j frequently the 'foundation for a dlg- Fireplnees may be built under nl(led house of Georgian design. '• the terms of the Modernization 1 ' Odd windows \\s\e anothci pet Credit rian of the Fcdernl "Hoiis-] of our architects of lhe UO'.s nnd Ing Administration. i DO's. and these cnii be dispensed I with without loss to the facade. All The proper selling Is essential these and other alterations may to. complete the beauty of a lions?. 1 be made under the Modernization In planning a houso careful Credit Plan of the Federal ^Hoiis- IhcugliL must l;e given lo the Ing Administration. grounds as well. The result will; '• have a more satisfactory well-. Window sills miy bs protected by balanced ell'ect If thc landswp-' applying a w.ix finish similar to Ing can be • worked out at Uic that, applied'to r.utomobllesV This same time lhe house Is being will prolcct tlie paint .from the al- biilll.. / j tcrnatlng-raln and sun lo which —__ . the sills are subjected. : Inside sills' The Federal Housing Admlnls-'may b2 similarly treated so that- trillion lends no .money. It Insuroj rain which may comq In or damp- Icnns made by private financial in- ness frcin a flower pot that Is set stttutlons operating under -provt- on : IN; sill-' will sicns of tlie National-Housing . -Act. rpaint. - UoL'i'damngo >~ i > I the" "That Home Was For Only $2,000." liuill ipucrs on cool Slimmer cvrnings arc iparic more rtcli-htful by tl:e .-uUiition of hot Mcaks ba.tcd iiolatocs. and olhcr dclicn- cics lo falisfy nppciilos grow, ravenous by lhe trash air of outdoors. On Uic terrace of n country home r. stone lircplncc was built into the chimney, and Uic nl fresco uioal \vr>.-, cooked therein. All [he nclrantanr-.i nnri none of Uic difficiillifs of camping out were enjoyed by lhe ninny B ue.sls who were always ragcr lo accept, the delightful hcsyllaliiy expressed In l!:ls unique manner. Informal picnic nippers wllh a variation of menu were frequent and always 'welcome. Work of Hits kind may be clone through the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Tc Itr :i1ln:ctivc a hi»;:>c decs not I:avc tc 1;- expensive. Many ;HT- toi'j ttc nr.l rcnJi/:c Hint they '"•''' In ild ? gocJ, ii:c\|imiivc lirnw: J>'d r*Y fcr it like rent. The I'HA I Inn makes this Fsssihlr fcr ;!ii>- trs \\i\l\ n strsuiy inctnic unt " C^cri credit recoil!. You can afford lo own your home Let ?<'s help you phut one I ARKMO LUMBER C0,| Pkwc 40 | ; Phone 100 SECiJRliV AND COMFORT ARE YOURS IN A HOME THAT IS BUILT FOR YOU Tlinr's atldfrl <onifcrl hi a fire Hint gtr.M-s 01; ynur own licnri!i...c:;(rn security in tlte licinc thai ym hulld for ; oiiisrlf. Its net tco Inlc to enjoy ll>c hcncfits <f home cnnrrship (his uiiitcr. A\'c are viMil.v nr.\\ to snrPly you Milh all iicrfKsnry i; ilcruts wit lieu I nnncying tlchij^. L'lNANCK YOUR NEW HOMI2 \V1T!I A ]'"HA 1,0AM! LUMBER CO. Safely — Dependably —' Economically ! O NLY Hie G-E Oil Furnace lias the remark- nblc "Inverted Finnic" thnt consumes every drop of oil in an intense "while-hot" flame. This rcvolutionaiy discovery was developed in IhcworM-rcnowncd research lntx>rolories of the General ElcclricCompany. And now —il has been proved by four years of satisfaction in llie hands of thousands of home owners. Quiet. Odorless. Completely automatic. Built for a long life. Us moving parts "scaled-in-steel" against all dust and dirt. Automatic syicly control. And—economy beyond anything you thought possible in oil heat. Learn the full fascinating story of the marvelous G-E Oil Furrace, H is,told in an absorbing booklcl "Luxurious Heal* 1 . A copy is yours, free, for the asking. Write or telephone—today. . HUBBARD FURNlTUfiE CO. U I • Ulylhevillc, Ark . • .... " ; ; GENERAL @ ELECTRIC "" 31 OIL FURNACE & _./ FOR STEAM, VAPOR AND HO/.WAT£R^HEAtlNGjSYsTlMS

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