The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 10, •LYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEriVl etAssifiED SECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION /ally raw pet one "or COOMOU- >v« Inwrtloni: (Five average void) to a Unai One time per line >0o Two times per lln«i per day .. 08c Three time* per lllii per d»T .. •*« Kit time* per line tier day .. Oao Vontb rate per lln* Me Minimum chart* Me Ad» wctied !O T mrce or n* uniei and stopped before explr* t'on wUI be charged lor *.h.» number ot time* Die ad apptmd IBO of bill made, - ., TflE ARIC.HO/ LUUB1R CO• . To-ck-7-io London's Big Ben RUNT FOR RENT—3' room FurnWwd House, 60S N. Filth St. dh I siiipplnt; llu- fucrs of the fnmouF. iho uppllcrillons nre rxpu-lcd u n i i F i clccl; c '" !l '°"« (1 I" H>c wwcr of |:i b | for n month. New uOld face! the Houses of Parllnmcut—mid jlhcy :ife shijiplin; H wllh gold. LONDON (UP). Almost any one I wlll > l ' u ' r V s '» ;u ' l; sow " throe- I'amotlS voiild turn the oilier check to ic-; ll!rn s:|ii;irr ol uuM l.-uf. Ginran- u u I D I celve one ol (lie shins Ihnt »vc; u ' L 'd "doubli- line" M taint Hurt ItaS InUliel FCUU dally being smacked on the luce without ulloy, 1,1 urlslucn the clliilLondot: " ' APARTMKNTS: FURNISHED 3 room upstalvs; UNFURNISHED 4 room downstairs. 1013 W. Walnut. Phone 303. 6-30-tI loom With Math, »50, J.I5, »!.*). Or |25* if U 13, W * week. Fu- Ottj •otel erer Kern Franklin Stare, Mala and BrMdvajr. «-ck-7-8 All Claamefl Advertising copj nubmitted by person.' residing out aide o< th» city trust be accom- piiilprt by cash. Htt» may be ctclly computed from above t»bi« NO rBsuonslDllltY will tw Uten irr more than one Incorrect In- wit Ion of auy classified ad. Advertising oiueitd lor tneju- *r luMitlou taVi* the one time tate." MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Klrb> Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30-ck-tf Nicely Mrs. Furnished BED ROOM Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30-ck-7-30 lo Iliu only I'ciinsylvnnlii Mvcmn Intruding iwarl-bf^ui ini: nn]5.wl.\ now Is foiftd li> share (lie honor ttlth the hlslorli: Hrnndywlne. The t-\ee Nutumr History Mn- winii of I|IB Acadryiy of Naluiul i (Jclences of l'hllKd«l|)lihi IIK.I pii'.wntcd by Paul Q. Miisins of of "Big Ben," London's fainoiir,. 01 ""' parliunu-ntaiy imic-p!ei.-c. ' 1'llII.ADKl.lMIIA. (UP) -'riu'if's 1 llmitinslon Valley. I'u., wllh n Imc-ltller. '• Every dny $'J50, worth ol Ihc |x-.irls In that thur 1 liver. Irolli-cllun nl Diiiiiilynliiii |K-,irIs he Twenty brawny workintu.slaiid-'KOld, wlili-h COIIILW from buiilli Af-! The Schnyklll Rlvcv. which collected M yeurs ngo. Thi'SC .ng aOO feet uljove Ihc street, iiici 11 " 1 - ls "I'lihcil In [he clock, and ona> lu-lil lliu ilistini'llon ol belini me (.linllnv in colors niut luster lo llu* Scliuyklll pcarl-s found lama yeurs HBO tifav T'nmaiiuii. Pn, by Krunk M. Euert. They ncrc. Imui'vcr. piotlncril by a dl(- firent bix'do.s of mussel sncl wcro Ir.unil north of Itownliigum, PA. Cdrdon, Astoeiale Curatot 1 ol Mln- ut (lie' Acndemy.' Asplilng i>enii ^iiiiierers not, however, \ui:,le time In need prcs- Killed Coyote Wllh Kwk " MKDTOIU). Ore. (UP) — -Rockl (he best weapav, to use ulivst cayutcs, but Ihcy'll do in pinch, county Coininljslonor R. Ne.ilon ri'ccnlly collected the tiomily on n coyote which he killed OUR BOARDING HOUSE Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed H»rdin. 1017 W. Wilnut. Call 102. Ickll CLEANERS, TAILORS PHILLIPS' USED CARS Ylsll Our Used Car Lot ard Set Some uf Our Values. KE- MKMBER, YOU CAN-BUY ONK- IIALK YKAK LICENSE NOW! '29 FOKD TUDOK. A Real Good Buy 5 93 •Z9 FORD I'HAUTON. Motur \1-1. tlood Tlrts S 93 •ZD CHRVSI.ER TLYMOLTH. Runs Good 5 93 '33 CHEVROLET COACH. Kub- bei and Motor A-l $155 •32 FORD DELUXE TUDOR A Bartain ? 3 * 3 FORD DELUXE COUPE. Motor A-l, New Tires .. $365 TRUCKS GMC 2-TON TRUCK. A Ktal Buy $ 189 FORD Mi TON TRUCK. Runt Gocd * 29 * '31 FORD CLOSED CAB - PICK-UP. 6-ply Tlr« .. J182 •30 FORD STA'liON WAGON. New 6-pl.v Tires 1138 PH1LUPS MOTOR COMPANY "" USED CAR LOT Corner 1st * Walnut St«. Phort 810 - Sll BUSINESS JilKECTORY Linen lulls, hcMi Ironr4 anl UU»r- ed shaped arc nice and ce«l Uwte hot dayji. PhuDe 171. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE AUTOMmiVE of i Save lime .and Monty by using our complete stock Auto Kfplaceraent l*Mrls Hubbard Hardware Co. Automotive Dept. - - Phone 476 6c k8-6 •35 'JO '32 HOOM & BOARD GOOD Meals and Rooms. Reason able prices. Mrs. T. R. WaUon, 112 East Cherry, Phone M2. 20c k7-20 FURNITURE LawB Ckaln Unpalnted *165 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c M-25 AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready for summer driving at bargain prices you probably will never see again. Come In. Compare our prices on auto parts, tires, tubes, motor oil, 5 Ral $1.50. WOLF ASIAN We Sell Wholesale and Retail Phnne 116 - - 108 E. Main FOR SALE OR TRADE Z story'brkk building, 4 rooms and closet Hpstain; 2» hr 4» downstairs between Main and Ash. Win sell or trade for midenra *r (arm. See ABRAHAM, Ash A Broadway. 5-ck-12 Good CUT-OVER LAND In southeast Missouri, about 1 miles from Blytheville. Will sell cheap or swap for good second hand car. O. E Fiazer Filling Station, due north off «1 at Yarbro or Box OEF, Care Courier News. 3p kH CALL 127 for highest qua'lty Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Red Ash Coal. Lowest Content. wood Good dry coo;; and heating and kindling. Corn, hay. mixed feed, farm seed, table and stock salt. PERSONAL Making, Re-blocking £ Trinsminf Hits We cm make your old halt like new. Sleam blocked iirto any Stvle. Mrs. H. C. Wkkham - Bets Hal! At Our Residence 611 West Main - - Phone ZM lOc k8-l( Home of and high quality products low cash prices. FARMER'S CASH FEED AND SEED CO. A Home On-ned Business Wholesale and Retail Keep Kool with Hunter Electric FANS. Unconditionally guaranteed. HUBBARD HDW. CO. 6-ck-8-6 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC I pin now operating the Blytlic- villc Hide nnrt Junk Co., at rear of Jo<? Isaacs' store. MEYER BARTNICK formerly opposl'.e Frisco Station LEGAL NOTICES FUR SALfi Wonderful bargains in food med elertrlc refrlferalors and Ice boxes. Vsed and new electric fuu CHEAP. Alse fan repairing. Bargains In osed Ddce lijht plant and batteries. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Miin St. Second Hand LUMBER. At old Creamery Package Co. Oak, Gum, Pine flooring; brick; tin roolins. See J. Mel! Brooks, C. M. Baxter, or City Engineer 1,. E. Tull. 12c k7-12 RKI'AIRING niniilurc icpaireil. reftnlshed, np- holilcrtd. Patrick at rarkhiint's. Call 57. «.ck-8-9 NOTICE DELTA VALLEY & SOUTHERN RAILWAY .COMPANY hereby gives notice that on July 5. 1934. it filed with the Interstate Commerct Commission at Washington. D. C. its application lor a certificatf that the present and future public convenience -and • necessity requln the acquisition and operation ol a line of railroad formerly kno*'i as the Evadale branch of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company extending from Dsckerville lo Evadalo Junction, approximately 18.- miles, all in Poiasett and Mississippi Counties. Arkansas. I> E L T A VALLEY & SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. 10-17-24 ; WARNING ORDER George D. Hay; Ellen Ray: J H. Klesler; Mrs. C. A. Kksler; T. J. Klesler; Dorothy Kiesler; Lucy Kiesler: Eugene Kiesler: Marie Kiesler; Mrs. J. 5. Watkins; O'Neal Watlcins and Lola Walklns and E. P. Ktesler, as trustee for George D. Ray. are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within three months from the date hereof, answer a complaint filed against them by Evangelical Lutheran Sy- ^"!£?^: nod of Missouri. Ohio and Other State-s. Dated this June -18. 1934. n. 1.. GAINES. Clerk, By Elliott Sarlaln, U. Bold. Evrard & Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. 19-26-3-10 Factory aulhorlied FRIGIDA1RE SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics nay 67—Phone—Mgkt 3M E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. KKEP YOUR HOME IN GOOD REPAIR Wlion It needs a prescription phone E. D. Ferguson. "The House Doctor."' Phone 100. U. S. Marshall Sells Plane TACOMA. Wash. tUPI^-To A. J. Chltty. new U. s. Marshall, fell the duty of selling an amphibian plane seized from . Tra|>k Dor- bandl. Alaskan flying ace. Dor- Uandt wns arrested for having contraband Alaskan furs, lie sain- ed national recognition recently by Hying Father .Hubbard, "glacier priest," over Alaskan mountains. Read Courier Ncivs Want Ads. AND WHKN UK DOKH THAT ROOT5V BOBO TOOK CXXM.A f)pt^ OOP MM(E5 T EVIDENT TO MU It'S COT SOMETHING ON HER TOO; t'LL TUftT GUV AN' SEE.' »OOLONT MARRY ) BRIGHT- EVEN IF / 5UPPOSIN, 1 I WERE TH'/I WAS TO ItiLl rt W QUEEN 3.' / SMACKED 111 1 A PRINCESS J ( VJItH THAT V S /AELON ? THING WE CO \STO t« 30 WORTH OF SUI&W3, . VOW, OOPS l NX THEN IfA 60NG TO TUSH } ( /AV OC CAR Of F A BUT . OOOVSV CQBO .1 Wr.LU - TH 1 TOX^VOl) 1 ,^GUftRO fOUND NOTIWN6 pOUft TO DO \NiiTti XBUT,OF cooree IT I ,1 \^ON'T SQO'AL OH VOU-THftT I'OTCLl-'IrA TO — S00o«. — BOOTS AND HER HUDDIUS OR OH WKK. COtAt*. : —VX BET V\V BCXDTe—VOU l 'OTi GOT WASH TUBBS f ( MS'S 60WEf HE MUSTA OEEtJ T|PPEPOPP.> ET COPS I TtlL VA. AIN'T A ALIVE TO CjtT LADRCNI. ^LKt DASH PROM ROOM TO ROOM F/T1LE SEARCH FOR LADROMl. HAMWHII.E, THE GANGSTERS AKC H«£TY 06TV1WAV tHft* THE BASEI^EM !. SALESMAN SAM > (MIQOSH, ) ALU \PEftNIESf Jl, SURE, I'P 8UV VA f\ C3LASS O' BEER,} ftLL BCJT BEP-Tie,ONLV I PER6OT TA CASH MY) COMMISSION! PAV CHECK, AM 1 AULTH' S1ORES CHOUSE, AtR04S TH I'D LIKE TA GET THftT CHECK CASHED, MR.CLUCK, BUT I tun MM A COULDJA FiV ME UP? THIS IS PI POULTP-V STREET.' THEV'RE WORKIM' O! THEIR OOOKS f FOfi. CLUCKS FOOD SO' TEST A MIN- Till-, GREAT RHONTASSK! FRECKLES AND HIS KK ENDS SHOMTASSE !S SMARTER THAN THS ANIMALS HE HE HAS TO BE:...HE HAS EYES LlkE A HAWK...BEST TRACKER IN THE WORTH WOODS.' 1 CAN OUTFIT YOU BOYS WITH EVERYTHING FROM A CANOE TO A FLASHLIGHT.... MOVE V/ITHOOT HIS IT... I SET THAT iNDIAM COULD HEAR A FALLING GREAT FISH1HG... AFTER YOU STOCK YOUR SJPPLIES, AT FALLEN LEAP,YOU'LL HAYS TO PORTAGE OVER CRAG MEADOW TO CHIM60K! X»ND,WHAT'S KOBE, I KNOW THAT NORTH COUNTRY ARCH, AT FIFTY YARDS : YOURS GOING IN

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