The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1939
Page 8
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"PAGE'EIGHT Views' Lancl-Aiicl-Sea Base As Nation's No. One Aii- poit B)' WALTER, C. PAHKES NEW YORK, oct O^only one change of plane between the Coist and Europe' Tint's 'the promise of spcedj Intcrcontinenta (ravel lield out by New Yok's new ahport at Noith Beach, I, I, to be opened October 15 If the Civil Aeronautics Autliolty approves tha transfer of f in major airlines from theii picsent tci- minusmlnus at Nciark, pvscii'crs from ihe West Coasl, bound foi Kuroae, will meielv tiansfei from Ihch traiis-c'iitlncntal plane Into a transatlantic seaplane ri<ht al the marine air teiminus which Is an integral part of North Beach alrpoit Passengers (or Latin America can take i Miami-bound plane at North Beach, and transfei to South and Cfntn) American wiv-, ices in Florida Six major airlines !mc already , signified their intend n of usiti" Uie port which New York civic officials exoc:t soon to become the nation'"; tertirw a | r terminus sift 000 OflO JOB is rwvs BracrsT Cost of the N rth B"ach enterprise is estimated at 540,000000 Fevenlj per cent of this was bmne bv Ihe WPA, miking it this agcn- 'cy's largest piolect It Sejiphnc pnucngii' including tho^c (uullug Oe(he U. s and Europe, will go aboard their planes fiom this landing dock nt the marine base section . of New York's new giant airport.. 558 acres of »h!cli only 8 formed the oriemal slle The rest— I talmo 17309000 cubic \irds-is 'made" hnd, }ia\in» been filled in with nnteml brought from outside Hub of the airport Is the group fonneel by the admliilstiation building, flanked bv three hu'e hingars on each side Rich r f these Is ns lirge as Madison Square Garden On the control to»ei atop the admlmsliailon building Is the coimtiys mlshlle't beacon— a 13,500000 candleponer Bukle fci night f hoi's When fliers come In after dark, the entire field will be dirkened e\cept the runway to be used Tins will be hahted by floodlights of 7,50000 candlepowci For bad neither, elaborate 'blind /Ivmg" facilities art- movidcci HAS RUNWAY OVUl ONE MILE LONG Swm«ln» in an aic bc'ore the adminislrati-n building is, a great : apron 400 feet vide and C'OO feel long tthere I? planes can loid at one time There tire four take-off runnais the largest 6000 feet lon» by 26!) feet \ucle The other three are 5000 4500 uiul Sail feet ioiw The^e are connected with the 1 ad- ing apron bv 100-foot ii\i run ways Take-off and tti\i ha\e a combined length of three and Uo-tlilrds pules At night thcv Till be illuminated b\ the enmva- lent of 700 miles of street Itahtfnir Tc keen spactators from Intel fer ing with op"ralions the administration building hns a pionien.ule deck- where ns mans as 5000 people can wait The maiine terminal is located on the western side of the airport on the East Ruer peninsula tin 1 separates B^\\ei> and llushln* Bays Incoming scaolanc'; will laii^l on water ' runways and be hauled up to their hangars on a raliroir! track that runs flown into the water North Beach's seaplane bise \w)l be a little 'seaport" by Itself for it will have all the official adjuncts of a seaport inMudlng customs and immigration offices Mystery Attack Victim Recovers BLiTHKVlLLB, CARR) COURIER NEWS Scenes At New York's New Airport The' countij s largest aviation heacSh with i beam of u 500000 eindle-nouei—will sliltic at night from this control lower atop the North Beach airport's ndminlstrdllbri building. Hartslll Banks and family IvJrJ, Sanrteison is one of a family of ten •WOK, ihd brothers living i» MV- eicl -slates nnil Canada .She/is on n dip to include a visit with each brother nna sister wlilcli will lake her from the West, coast to the east Into Cnnnclt mid hack to Montana. Leaving home six weeks ago she ill si v,ent to the ban Fianclsco Worlds Fail, south to Los Angeles, aero«s the s-iHhcjii loutc la Osce- ph to see Mis Bout's Fiom here she goes to visit a brother In Pennsylvania, another In Hartford, Conii., thi'e, brothers'aiu| sisters in Montreal Canada tv,o bisttrs and brothers in St. Catherine, Ontarld, then to the pld hcme of their child: hood. In Ville.sco, In., for a visit with a ••Lstei, bcfoie ittxlinlng to Bilimgs : •COURTS JPRIDAY,' OCTOBER; Doe kuns Wild fttit Conies Home to Eat YAKfMA, Wash. (UP)-A doe (leer raised by the A. H. Kcllcgg rwnlly on their ranch near Nile is so tame it enters the Kellogg house. The deer, named nabe, was found three .years ago 'by Kellojg's chil- dvcu when it was a law. It appar- ently had been abandoned by its mother and--was near •• starvation, Tlie children took it'homo and nursed It with cow milk until it became strong again. When it became older the.Kcl- l.oggs turned il loose in the hills. But although ft ranges miles Into Uie limber, Hie deer usually appears at the ranch house in the | evening, at milking time, seeking some fresh milk. Every hour, each one of iis breathes out enough calbcn to make a diamond of 100 car-ats. J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optomc- trtet in BlythevUle. Gteuet Fitted Correctly New Yoiks new North fteacl •? t •}**&> anpoit ha"-; six glint hangais like those above Madison Square Garden Fach is laieer than Osceola Society — Personal Progressive Club:Meets Tall baskets cf Mesican Daisies n each side of the altar, other nses of lows and Fall floweis on lano and tables marte an attrac- ive Autumn setting foi the (list leetlni; of the OscooUi Piogiesslvo Jub in the chapel of the Melhpd 1st clnlrch oft Tuesday afternoon spoke at the Baptist church Sim- clay morning and night In the absence of the pistol, the Rev. Harold D. Tillnian. margaret Burton, a student In Ouachita College, accompanied Br. Graiit nnd spent the . lime with hei parents, Mr. Mrs. I. B. Burton. and Mrs, H. L. Ware of Hixora, who formerly lived here, spent Tuesday night with Mis W p.'-.Kelly. Mrs. Mary Green of St. Louis has bone, (he-guest of Mrs. John White for several days. She also spent last week with the family, of-hcv son, Robert Green nt Kblser. Mis Giecn fcrmcily lived in Osceola v,Ucie \vas aclivc in civic Mis D n Vfcrl/ president, e\- nml lellgimis cucles She was also ended giectlngs, and outlined plans PH'Sidenl of the Osceola Progressive or the jenr, Intioduclng Mia C C1 »1J I Harwell chairman of the \eai- Mrs . . Sdwnul Tcaford Jr has Diove to Memphis ompanj her here. — ,,*... „,,.,,,,,,,i,, u t ^,,1; \ ctl i- ivus au\v[iui rcaioro Jr lias flok committee who distributed the gone to Tort Smith foi n' visit with ools calling attention to some her mother, Mis Douglas Ci Rogers dditlons and changes The icviscd and familj oil includes si\tj-three active Mrs Aimus MeEachran and baby lembers and -six lionoinrv mem- ion of Memphis aie heie for a ers Among the department icpsits ;re those of Mis J B Bunn, ""'' so ", halrman of the LUeiaUirc Dep-nt' 'iuesday to ment -vvho announced the fiist leeting next Tuesday in the home f Mrs C M Hanvell The jeai- ooks for Ibis .department arc eady.nnd .will include n niiscel- aneous program 'of book reviews, ravel tours, culture and music ircemrns, drama, architecture and Belter English Mis W E Hunt, -liairnmn of International Rela- lons asked the club to •nibscilbc o the -course of lessons in international iclatlons put out by the Pan Amciinn Union corrshUng of in Imaginary tour of.'the South America republics studying their iiilturc, gecgraphy, history, music, ndust.ries, nnd Irade possibilities vitli the view of creating better understanding and cementing the relationship between the two con - inents. The club voted to enroll or the .course. Mrs. Hunt will use fifteen minutes of each monthly meeting for this presentation. In .a program on Legislation arranged and led by Mrs. R. II. Jones, . the members enjoyed a forum consisting of questions and answers on recent laws passed in the Arkansas Legislature and! changes to the existing ones. She also gai-p highlights of the ensuing year in , federated club work son, spent Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in Martin, Tennessee, as guests of her aunt, Mrs Howard Stobaugh and family Llt- Ite John E Drain, Ji, remained with ins giandpaients, Mi ami Mrs. D. A.'siler. Mr. and Mrs. E. S Driver and daughter, Plavia, will go to Memphis tomorrow to spend '•'. the- remainder cf the week with.Mr. hiid Mrs. Van Polk. Mr. Driver'and Mrs Polk arc brother '.ami sister. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Driver had as their guests this week, Mr. .and Mrs. Douglas Chism of Memphis. Mr.... Driver' and Mrs. Chism arc cousins. . , ---'-a Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Chilesirwere business visitors at Dycss Colony Tuesday. Ned Ayres, who' has been con- wltli the Hen Butler ini- t Company i foi left this week : for Fin.,' to accept -a similiir H. B. Sanderson of has left3 for -her continued the United States following the , and plans. Other features o[ program were t\vo trios sung 1! . Police seek attacker of Charlen» Omholser, 15-year-old West Middlefon, Ind , high school girl, Icund , semi-conscious m < home • V.ith two fingers of ngnl hand "it off, throat slashed, icalp twice. J , >v Mrs. G. Hartsill Banks, Mrs. E. W. Packard and Mrs. M. E. Mc- Dcarman, accompanied bv Mrs. D R. Wcrtz. Out cf town guests were Mrs. Mary Green of St. Louis, and Mrs. R. B. Sanderson of Billings, Montana. Osccola guests were Mrs. Coy E. Scifres and Mrs. B. E. Moore Hostesses were Mrs. Roy E. Dawson. Mrs. A. F. Barh'am, Mrs, „-.. H. Bhckwood. Mrs. George Cone, Mrs. Bruce Colbert, Mrs. B W. Bragg. Mrs. Russell Crcckett Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ivy arc in Hot Springs, for ten days where Mr. Ivy will convalesce after several vveeks Illness at his home here They arc al the Majestic Hotel. ' Dr. J. K. Qrant of ArkadelphW, president of Ouachita College was guest of Mr, and Mrs E A Teaford Saturday and Sunday. ii c \va< luncheon guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McCanU Sunday. Ur. Grant TERMINIX Ml and Mis Nathan Welnberg- L, • , »i , and son, Waiien .Wcinberg : will • i° l "','° f lle Ulll . tctl atttte * following spend Sunday in Memphis with ' - llcrc WI ^' ller sistcr - Mrs hei sistci, Mrs Irving Kalz mid Mr. Kalz, and her" brother, Martin Stein. Mrs. Weinberg and Warreen will... remain in Memphis .longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mclner Kemiett Mo, visited her si Mrs. P. O. Gvvyn-nnd family week. Miss Mary Ellis Miller, vvho works in Keiinett, Mo., spent with her parents, Mr Harry Miller. Myron Nnllllng and Miss Josephine Montague, attended court in Hairisburg this week. Mr. Nnllllng: left yesterday for, n business trip to Lexington, Va. He will return Monday. Osceola visitors In Memphis this week have been Mrs. Earl Quhm and daughters, Mrs. Melvin Speck and Dixie Lcc Qulun, Mrs. Nora Borum and Mrs, T. P. Florida, Mrs. A. P. Spiesc, Mrs. Bob Cromer, Mrs. J. W. Driver and Mrs. L. T. Lawrence. Mrs. T. E. Tate of Armorel vlsit- •d the Baptist Missionary Society •md Mrs. Harokt B. Tillman Monday. Mrs. John E. Craln nnd daughters, Mary Ann and Nancy, of WU- Cases of Al Oardnei and Jack Thornton charged v,Hh disturbing the pence, were continued until Tuesday v,|ien cillcd In muniupat court today. They were the occu- I pinte of nn airplane which crashed' at the fairgrounds here during the Mississippi County Pail William F irwin ins filed suit in chancery court here agilnst Emnn McKnight Inun for i divorce on a charge of indignities Percy A Wiight is attorney for the plaintiff Mis Veibal Blown has filed suit in chinccry court here seeking a divorce from Floyd Brown on the ground of Indignities. Mrs. Edna' Turinan alleges desertion in a suit against Herbert Txirman. Guy Walls' -of Manila is attorney' for both plaintiffs. Mrs Livelle Dcitte Hihell has been granted a divorce from H L Halsell Jr Read Courier Neus TOnt ads PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main Pint Phone 141 REAL COFFEE — — ALWAYS FRESH BUY A P-KG. TODAY TERMITES BRUCE- MEMPHIS FOR SALE! 51 HEAD 2 Yr. Old Steers READY FOR FEED W. H. Minyard HOLLAND, MO. Metal shades get the style headlines-in Stetson Hats They're live, new; smart . . . copper brown ... iron gray . . . steel blue . - . quartz green-.. . . and vrilli Stetson quality and style lines they're the fashion favorite for fall. Here by the hundreds in every head size. Other Stetsons $7.50} MEAD'S S THE HOUSE OF,MEAD: HOME 0_F HART SCHAFFNFR & MARX CLOTHES It's important that I dress well. I must have clothes of dis- Unction, the typo associated wifh success.- They must hold their shape und jircss . . . give a good account of themselves long; after I've bought them. I want to i>ny a moderate' price. Where can I po for such clothes? Mead's have the answer in . . . HART SCHAFFNER & MARX They're styled with, smartness, and good taste in a manner: that. helps you look "success." And watch how your pressing bills drop, for'Triple .Tests arc tailored from the finest.of lively, resilient worsteds that snap hack into shape after a few hours of rest. 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