Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1957 · Page 41
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 41

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 41
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"Wednesday Evening, May 22, 1957. Today's Sport Parade FOUR FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL By OSCAR FRALEY United Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (UP)—Herb Score is fighting for his sight and the Mille Miglia is fighting 'or its life today and, in defense of sports, you have to hope that the Indian fireballer wins and the Italian fireball loses. There is a tremendous difference here. In one case, that of Score, lie narrowly escaped a fatal injury which comes under the heading of an occupational hazard he faced alone. In the Italian road race, the race driving Marquis de Portago died but took 11 spectators with him. The difference is that a man should be entitled to his destiny as long as it doesn't affect the innocent bystander. Baseball Is a game played on a policed area. Score took a line drive in the race and, conceivab-1 ly, could suficr the loss of the sight of one eye. This is a rare case. Yet, it must be admitted, that potential is covered in an annual salary estimated at from $18,000 to $20,000. Not Unsympathetic Don't feel that this is an unsympathetic outlook. It is. merely the recognition, despite a feeling for his pain, that Score had to be prepared for such an eventuality. The Marquis de Portago, too. thought often of the hazards of driving a race car. Had he gone alone you could fight it off with a dull ache. But the tragedy o/ it was those he took along—li'.e reason that road races which can't be properly controlled from a j spectator standpoint should be j banned. But don't say that auto racing as a whole should be banned. In the United States they arc operated on a safety-first standard. At Indianapolis, ic'ts say, death is not too infrequent a visitor. But usually it is among the competitors and you can't stop men from racing. They say that boxing is a brutal sport antl some contend it should be outlawed. True, a dozen mon were killed In boxing bouts last year. I!ut boxing—or fighting—is a primeval instinct. Controlled properly it i.s' no more dangerous than most. How About lloc:ki\y? Some 20,000 people were killed in falls lust year. Hut should, we stop trying to sciilu tlic heights? The goalie in a hockey game faciss a fatal thrust from a puck in every game and injuries arc HO frequent, ami so disregarded, that the men of Llm rink glory in being the "toughest rniTi in sports." The little infn who no fn>m rags to riches us jockoyM dcspito their luck of Mature fare death cnnh moment they thunder down the track. Hut why should anyone legislate them out of buslm.'SKV ' Almost !X)0 people died in ship sinkings last year. But when: would wo have been •without Mric the Red, the dauntless pilgrims unrl others of their ilk? So while I'll back anybody who hopes I hey kill UK; murderous Mllli! Mijtlili, I've got to i!n for wporlK where a guy faces hia fain alone. his current .340 batting average. Plans T» Produce "As long as I can play well and as long as I get a good contract, that's how long I plan to be around," Wertz analyzes. "But once I can't produce, you can bet I'm not going to stretch it out silting on the bench." Yet even then Vic won't turn Itis back on the game. "I wouldn't want to coach," he •says. "But L would like to main,lain my interest in the game and •slay in touch as a part-lime scout or something along those lines. "After all," he adds slowly, "baseball has been good to me." And he, it might be added.' has been good to and for basoball. Inspirational figures such as Vic Wcrtz don't come along very often in any sport. Gambler Costello Released on Bail NEW YOUK (UP)—Gambler Frank Costello, in and out of jail the past few years, gels out on bail today pending an appeal of his conviction for contempt of a grand jury. Justice Edgar J. Nathan Jr., ruled Tuesday lhat the gambler was entitled to bond until the appellate division rules on his conviction. Coslyllo, Gfi, was sentenced May 7 after he refused to answer ques- lions by the grand jury concerning a recent atlom.pt to kill the underworld lord. CoHtcllo was slightly wounded in the head when he entered the vestibule of his apartment house on May 'I. He has served 14 days of the 30 day contempt conviction. NKW YORK UII'i_Vic Wort/ admitted today lhat he still fuels the paralysing fini:ers of polio bill lite man who m;id<' it back far- tiier than inosl mnkc it forward Kiill plun.i on "at l«;i';l two more yertrs" of bm p .(ib;i!l. The burly first baseman of Hie Cleveland Indiami was nU'lcken with I lie dlscajii- in August, Hir/i and for 11 friciili'iiliu; week coulil move only hlM huad. Yet Wcrltf balllcid baek ln»t. ywir for ono of Ins finest sea.'ions. Hill, his comcbjick, and Ills fasl puce Uihi your, lire evun more remarkable when you wn.'iidi'r lluil. oven now lie lives In the nhadow of the niidiUii'iro. "It'll all right ,-m long as the weather IK Iml," he mlinllii, "Then I don't feel iiny Inn-en of II. Hut In cold wciilluM I notice II. In my l:wk. When It'll cool, the back mlffens up." Km>UK>i To Flulnli The fuel Dial. In- in :n doemi'l worry Werly.. II. In. you Jecl n.'i you mill to him. Hie miimiidcrn- )>!<•« -. .'inch H, UK- /(Udell ivdlcd Inid him low two yenrs ni>o. It win (inoUKli to flnhli the cai'eor <jf inoiil. And h(> played ;ii(;iln, Vic had hl.i bc.'il year in home ruim ln.il. Kvnwn wi!h 82 while luiorldnj; In JOll runs. Only a kidney Inferiion Iain in Ihe yeiir whittled down his (MI)(Ing ;iviTiif;e to ,'M\. Tllifl sjirlllj' UllTC W ;| B „„„.,, trouble, lie wa.| liedilcil ,,, W eek In llii' spring wlUi liiflui!ir/,;i. ltl«hl now he in niir,;lng „ M .[ ,,f ,„„.,, rili.i bemuse he 'picked up a Isiiee" wlillu sliding i»(o nccond 1>HM! lit Kmi'itM CHy u week nj<«. Di-Kjilln ihe iiehcii nnd piilriM imi | cold woiillier' •il.irfiicss. Vic IN imppy. Me l» doliiK what In, Ilke-i anil tliere I.H mklfil ;:ail«faclloii In u-r '!'.','.'.'.'''• *"" '»»MIM»THATIO,\ K'l ATI.; life I,VI U ANA | COI'NTV (H. 1 I'AHH ' fll ' l: IN Til 10 I'AMH nUiMMT rnruT JW'HII. ri'IH.M, Mil.v Nnlli.n I,, ln.ri-liy l: lv..,, Ihril 1 i-lii.,-. If. il,,, ||,,,, ,.„,, j,,,,,, 1 w ll'irniillllci wri., nil Xlnl liny ,if MIIV, Ml.,7. 1,|,|,,,l,il,.,| I'n.AilmlH- Ulniliirn ur tin, KMiiln ,,r Mury ICIIxillllHIl (Inmclllii., ,|,,,., .„ nnil All |i»riiiiiin IIIIVIIIK Hiilnm UK'illinl iiul'l i'.,|nl«. wlmlhiM' ur III,I now id,i.. muni rlli< MM, mini" In • Kill I'Olirl wlllllll nU (III MinnlllH fruiii HIII rlnii. r,r llm firm piilill- rnllull ill' Ihln uulli'ii ur nillil rl;ilmn Will IMI nirnvi'i' lilirri.il. liiili-il MI l.dKiiimiMit'l. Inilhinii, tlllll Slllt llHV nf ,M|IV, IllfiV. lOI.IXAIII'ITII IIIUK'KU I'll.rli or Hi" Clnnill I'niirl. for Curiii I'liiiiily, liulliinu MOHMA.M I,. KIIIMI.INII Atitirnvy (<u' JCfitaiu Kendallvilie Votes To Sell Light Plant KIiNDAI>LVIM,K. Ind. (LT)— Citizens of Kendallvilie Tuesday voted I,ozi) to KM lo discontinue operation of the city electric generating plant and sell ils distribution facilities to Indiana & Michigan Kleclric Co. Indiana & Michigan, which services 1GI communilies in northern and central liuliana and southwestern Michigan, will p.-iy the city $l.llil,noo for ils dislnbiilloii facilities. A spokesman for the electric utility said the company will begin Immedialoly Its plans to tie Kendallvilie in with ils electric syfilom. FOOTLOOSE AND FANCY FREE, that's the idea the Daytona Beach, Fla., people wont you to get from this. Daytona Beach la tl 1 " - '-—\ whpre the oceansiclo sand is packed like concrete. (International) One Driver At 140 MPH INDIANAPOLIS (UP!—Eighteen drivers braved 30-mile-an-hour winds and a damp track Tuesday to take practice laps at Ihe Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but only Billy Garrett of Los Angeles nudged into Ihe 100 mph bracket. Don Frceland was just a motor's roar behind at 139 and Paul Russo did 1311 in his Novi. All of the drivers who tried the track complained of the ' high winds which manhandled the light cars, especially in lhc turns. Meanwhile, United States Auto Club officials ruled thai loday is the deadline for all drivers' lesls. They said any rookie who did nol pass his lesl loday would not have had time enough lo gel familiar with tlic track at high speeds bo- I'orc rjiuilificalions Saturday and .Sunday. The yellow caution light was flashed on briefly shortly al'lur Ihe track ripened at noon when vel- eran Kreddie Agabashian's car be- can leaking water on the Iruck. Agalin.ihlan was one of nine drivers who qualified for l.hc May 110 noil-mile race during riiin-Hlinrt- ered time trials last wec'kend. The wrecked car owned by for- mer world champion Nino Farina of Turin, Italy, was pul up for sale Tuesday by the insurance company which covered the loss. The cur was wrecked last Wednesday .in a crash whidi look the life of driver Kcilh Andrews. Two sealed bids were submitted shortly afler announcement of the sale of the cur was made. More were expected loday. The body of HIE car is a lolal loss, bul the .powerful engine may have escaped damage since the car nil Ihe re- laining wall lail first. Fourth Place Tribe Outslugs Omaha, 10-6 OMAHA, Neb. (UP)—The Indianapolis Indians used every scoring tactic In the book lo down Omaha 10-0 Monday night- John Romano hit a two-run homer. Kor. Jackson hit Iwu doubles and drove in Iwo runs. Jim Delsing got four of Ihu Tribe's j;> nils. Otna'hn boolod three plays In the second inning us tho Indians scored four runs and wenl ahead to stay. Ted Beard stole two bases In- eluding home plate. Tony Ponce went nil Hie way for Hie Tribe to pick up his fnurtli win. He WHS rocked for II) lilts but weathered the storm. Two of the Omaha hits went out of the park. The win put the Indians firmly in first division for tjhe first lime lliis season. The Trifbe leads Charleston and Omaha, tied for fifth place,, by a game and a half. The Indians play at Omaha again tonight. SCHEDULE PRACTICE . A practice session of R-B-M Shamrock Little Leaguers hns been scheduled by Manager Jim Smith for Thursday evening al (i:.'l() o'clock a!, the Tower park diamond. All new and former players are urged to report. Read the Classified Ads BUY HIM CUFF LINKS Value, to $3.50 Yanks See Siebern as Future Star Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Seventeen batting style, has the mental at- j sat in the press section of Nicosia titude to go with, his exceptional playing talents. "I have no resentment against the Yankees for sending me back to Denver," he said. "I'm just concentrating on playing good ball 11 get the Siebern, who hit only .204 in a Yankee uniform last season, is to-.day the brightest star in the world champion's far-flung farm system. The 23-year-old Denver Bears slugger may not be far from a second chance at the big lime since he is off to a great start this season. He currently is batting a stout .376—near the lop of the American Association. Yankee fans' who saw Siebern have a miserable season a year ago in 54 games with New York may question his ability to hit major league pitching. They would have a point too, because that's something the 6-3, 200 - pounder still must prove. But Siebern was crippled every minute of every game he played for both Denver and New York last season. He compiled a .300 average before joining the Yankees '.ate in the season. H« cracked his left knee cap during the 1956 spring training when he crashed into a wall in Florida. At the end of the World Series, in which Siebern appeared once as a pinoh batter, he underwent surgery and is fit again. Early, this spring, he suffered a shoulder injury. But that is gone now too. "Last year at this time I was not playing," Siobern said. Siobern, a left-handed swinger opportunity." Central Court Tuesday covering the murder trial of newsman N'icos Sampson. Lemoniatis escaped only last week from Paphos jail where he was being held on a forgery charge. Home Runs On Decline NEW YORK (UP)—the spitball nobody throws., .a new "dea.d; ball" in play. . .or perhaps the hitters are tired. . .whatever the reason, big league pitchers have cut down sharply on homer production this year. A United Press survey of the first 225 games' played this season and last reveals an overall 18.7 per cent decrease. The drop is 21 per cent in the National League and 15.2 in the American with only four of the IB teams showing a ; rise in production from 1956. The Kansas City Athletics show the biggest rise, 34.7 per cent, followed by the Baltimore Orioles' 30.7, the Chicago White Sox 1 28.6 and the New York Giants' 11.1. The Cincinnati Ucdlegs, Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs have suffered the biggest drops in ttie NL, while the Washington Senators, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees show the sharpest decreases in the AL. COPS, NEWSMEN AGREE NICOSIA (UP) —Greek Cypriote newsman John Lcmonialis, 22, agreed today the police were cor-1 who resembles Ted Williams in I reel when they arrested him as he v V •^ SMARTLY STYLED SUMMER HATS FOR THE HOLIDAY 2 iac« ^.99 Piquos Shantungs 99* : AT | Brumbaugh's • 15-Month Nationwide Guarantee ALLSTATE COMPANIONS I Improved cut-skid donif/n givot grantor traction I X-4T dugroo* Cold Rubbor Conitructlon for longor tiro llfn I Full 15-Month Nationwide Sorvlcu Card Guarantoo • Nooprone whit* fldowalla ciro nailer to k««p clean » Companion* are triple tottod . .. (insuring you of outstanding quality antl onginoorlna.. ONLY 10% DOWN ON SEARS EASY PAYMENT PLAN FREE INSTALLATION FREE TIRE ROTATION EVERY 5000 MILES COMPANION TUIteLISS BLACK W ALL J size i.70x15 MOxlS ^.60x15 R*f|ulfiF No frtttlr-ln I'rlcn litich, flu* lux 19.95 21,75 23.75 TrMtln»h> , Prlt>, B,Kh I'lui ItiK 15. 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