Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 12, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1942
Page 1
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•^*^—"—— The Weather Scattered Showers, Thunderstorms Tonight, •Nan •^^r^ ^H <^^ '^r ^^ ^^ ^ <- -^ ,v' ^\ ,- ^. ,'•: Y^r , ^-»—-^f ^ j^r^ , ' ( v , . /> ' Circulating In Bethany —— Bristol Terrace —— Cotton Hollow -—^ Mid<Ilebury If It's News You Can Find It la The NEWS Millviile Platts Mills Straitsville Union City NAITGATUO& DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, JUNE 1% 1942 Price Three Gents Navy Reports FLAG 1)AY WILL HAVE UNUSUAL SIGNIFICANCE s Observance in Naugatuck Sunday Recall* Some Historical Facts,. chairman, of committee, the un-* Trlano, Niks' KIHK Day . noum-H lothiy that ulans Jiavo been |iral ,||«'«Uy oomploted for the uelo- ,, n tlon i>r I'MtiK Day In Naugatuck iii-\i Sunday whon tlio entire eom- nunllv will Join with NnugaUiek i m lK»' of I'M* liKuelubrallng the occasion with a monster street parade , m ,l iinprosslvo exorcises on the lawn of III" Tultlo high school following Ihn parade. ,l,.iv I,. CulUihan, exalted ruler ot NaiiS'aluok lodge will be marshal of (ho parade which will gol under way promptly at !d:HO o'clock. Every imtrlnllc, fraternal, civic arid iiuM-cantlle group In the borough will hu n.'pi'1'.Hentcd In the parade jtiul al Un 1 exercises and the event prunilscs to ix; one of the most sue- ri''ul and patriotic occasions in UK- lilsl.ury of Nnugatuek. flnnx- Josoph 10. Talbot, of Nau- Xidiiriv, N past exalted ruleiv of the local lodge, will bo the" prlnclual spt'akiT, and [)asl and present officers of Ihe lodge will..present the Klks' Flag Day ritual at the exercises. Tim patriots of tho .borough svlll In- welcomed to the nxere-lses by Warden I,no •,/. Rrophy and'the Invocation will bn delivered by Hoy. ,S, Wanat, assistant pastor of St. llcdsvlg's church In Union City. The c.xi'i'olsp.s will close with benedc- ilctnn by IV-v. Arthur K. Lewis rec- lor of St. MiohaoTH • Episcopal (Continued on Pago Eight) PIANO RECITAL THIS EVENING Pupils of Esther Crampton Becker in Fine Program at 226 Meadow Street, The annual pianoforte recital by •the, pupils of .Esther Crampton Booker, a me.inber -of the Associal- otl Master Teachers' Gouncll, will be held this evening' al 1 o'clock at tiro sLudto -at 2'2t» Meadow street, The program follows: The Star-Spangled Banner ,,- John Stafford Smith Ocno Hobble Ur//y Drocx.c .... Mary Ruth Jesse Barbara Luskay Woo ' K-olks March Cora May Haczcr Jane Arnold The Clown Dance . Mntb-lldc Bllbro Kdward llcrmoivvit Soldiers «i. Play ... Louis 13. Stairs Anna Mac Xmyewskl In ft Garden lOli^beth Hopson Phillips On the IClcvulor Hugh Arnold Donna Soil/.er Pilgrims Chorus from Gounod's Faust Robert Jurksaltis March of the Fairy Guardsmen Ada May Pallet Jean 'llonan Off to the Fair Born-Ice \Hoso Copekmd Barbara Tulbol The Silver Nymph - (Continued on-Pago Four) Late News Bulletins JAPS TAKE OHUHSIEN Chuugkins, June 12—•(UP) —The Chinese have abandoned ('liuli.sien, the important railroad city in East China, after a dosperatq .fight, , Japanese ''armies had -bypassed «ui(l virtually encircled the (fity several'dtiys ago, FDR Greets King of Greece at . . , ' * •".' "-'.-•-,.• - £&k Kino ("irornr II of Greece was welcomed- to the White House by President Hooscvelt and "hjflli government (liniiihu'irs ''-They are pictured having a clint at' the 'colorful ceremony staged, on iue Soul h Lawn of the While House. The exiled monarch told reporters that his only mission,in the Uniled^Statcs .was to nmuifli! fm. iHi.oi.1. ijhl'iinittiit'ol' CMiuimncnt to the Greek ,1'orces under'the lease-lend system. . HOME DAY AT Occasion Will Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Building of .Home, - o - on-agan WILL RESUME SHIPMENTS Washington, June 12— (UP)—America's off-again policy of shipments to .Frcno'h North Africa is oil-again, Secretary of State Hull says tlie United States will resume sending food, clothing and fuel—a policy discontinued when Pierre Laval came to power. There is no explanation why it is being resumed, except that Hull said tho question had been studied thoroughly. He added that ovory safeguard will be taken to see that none of the supplies fall into Axis hands. MacARTHUR DAY Washington, June 12—-(UP)^-Presidcnt Kopsevelt lias signed tlie congressional resolution designating tomorrow as Douglas MacArthur day. The Chief Executive (old reporters that it's a goo(l tiling once in. a while to njcogni'/o living heroes. He's going to meet the ones 1 tho country at tho White House tomorrow, ' of music-' arranged VOWS VENGEANCE London, Juno 12—(UP)—The Czech government in t'X'ilt! has vowed vengeance for the Nazi destruction of thu town of Lidice, In a note to all the Allied governments, tho CViOch nationalist government says it will bring to account all those who committed the crimes and who in any way are'responsible for them. The note calls the assassination of Heydrich the hangman a legitimate cle- against his reign of terror. AGREED ON LEGISLATION Washington,' June 12^.( UP)'-—Congressional ' con- tVrocs 1mvo agreed on .legislation giving President Boose- volt tho power to defer men Hvith families—but don't bet papa won't be drafted; Because, says Senator Thomas of '" ' • tho measure does not[ provide for blanket defer- of married men,, However, if you get the call, the oHsrrion today agreed'on- the bill tp help provide for 'in 1 family, Under the bill,, wives get $50 a month; $62 there is one child and $72 if there are two children. I'.vico men pay $22—the government chips in the rest. ARRIVES iH LISBON Juno ; W—(UP)-^The .Swedish liner Drott, returned to LiUiWon today with its cargo of Axir nationals, They'll be swapped for North Americans still in Kurope, ./'•-'• EIGHT KILLED N H I'M HO la,, J]la 1 ,^ J uno'' .fe4- (UP)-—Eight persons were killed today whpn a four-motored army bomber crashed M W tho Sarasota military air 'base. Two others w.cre Ihi'own dour of tU6 \Vre6lcage and escaped. The name? {) l' (ho plane's'occupants arc not available at the mo- IHCIll, M'-'.'Ui'imt.'- _,_ -0 Odd' -Fellows and "Re 7 - bc'lcahT will join : ; wi:tli ^luincll-cds : ; ;b{-. olhdr>menibers\oLthc'. t\vo',.J, ; .0 t ,_'0/. K. organizations.-lib' ait'lqricl. ' Homo' Day, 'also .'ten own .'/as" tooiuilion Day, which "will be field -on.dyne .14; ..a^ 1,11 o Odd Kc 11 o ws J ip'mc on/ th c, oas t~; ; orn ' bank - of th(J'. -T.haihos'.frXver^.ln Grotori. The .hohib;i«' sJ-tusitcfd-.lilgu on tho lil 11 with a, i'iiie view 'ofc thfe •harbor which in. the: past .has :MiL- urcd pa la Hal yachts. Horiie Day thi^ yea! 1 will bo dedicated to.commcin- oniMrig 11 >c anniversary -oT. the existence of the .homo. Thqse at- lomling will vksit with the residents and a 1*1 no program 'and speaking , 'has ' been 1'or thu o-ccasloiv. • . ' •'. \' A goncwil picnic .-day. is , obHerv.ecl as many bring LhcJiv iuiic'hes . %; ancl ea.t beneath the many shade l.i'ceij or buy a lunch W/hioh ds...served by 'the llobekahs. TrhJa also., serves as gift day for the llo'ine it-seli' as blankets, -sheets, to \, dishes, nuiya-zlnes and 'glt'l-s i'pr all resl- dLMits arc don-a'toci- iljy "the inoiiibers. Visitors are -shown • all over .the •house and farm] In order to observe now dcvelbpmenLs and see what tlie members' money i>s 'being spent for. ',., ! '.-... Monilng service, ..11 a. m, Sermon by Will Mum Berriiiia'ri, Grand Ghapr lain. Lynn J. Irwlh, 'Grand Sire, will deliver an address 'at the ui'ter- noon session, beginning at 2 o'clock. (Gonlinued oir Pago Eight) '. BALDWIN MY ANNOUNCE HIS Derby, . June. 12— (UP)—Former Rc'pubMcah .Governor'• Raymond |B Baldwin says he nia'y liave ah ah- nouncemen.t soon as; to jwhether he will be thn\party's; standard-boarer In the fall elections. Baldwin "has. been under strong; pressure ..front various .party. ..organizations- to : try for re-election. And no has nmlle It clear he. will not'waH until ; lho last minute—as he did' in 1038—to deckle on his candidacy. '. \ 1'J cl I !• I \J I M t • _ iy. y« 111^ ' .^T ..%"""••< • • ~i' • Uriil-od 'States r : lj3mploi'.mQrtV.'Servlcp 'reports tliaL;-thousarids nioi-o boys and gi'ris arc nee;dC;d ; -'rbr worlr oh Gonnocticut .farmfj'^l-lils summer Acting Director 'SVIIliarn'G, lEnnis says more than, 7,000 jobs' arc open; and so 1'ar only/ 3,100 i-liave applib'd for worl*. \ThcV;lftUpiv;%.6ririjafo. i: rtpj pears most acuLfx in l.h,o HaKlt'Qj'i iVflflrH-oLown nnfj; Thompson vllli* areas, ' \ Washington,, June • 12—(UP)-^Got out your old./rnuljbers, .;.hot. water bottles and .worn .tiros.:Uncle Sa'm Presiclent HoosevQlt rlias. ordepcd. a : nationwide ficran.riaibbeti.-colLecticJn driVc to s.tart-Moiid'ay,/and; last;;for two 'weeks. T-lie presidenl will explain the details in a five-minute radio l-ailc,at. 0 :/i5-p. m. Eastern. War •Time, this 'evening. . ., .;• Filling • stations • will serve .as scrap •rubber- depots. They'll pay you one -cen a pound, for- your old galoshes, Garden hose .or .worn .out tires. . . Oil company trucks will collect the old ;rubber -(111(1 the government will buy it. • , : i .. ; . In rural areas the trucks will collect, it-directly. , . ; The rubber collected- will be bought by.;. Mic •Rubber .Recovery corpoi-atioiii a new. government unit under Secretary of Commerce'Jesse Jones. . • • The president impressed on -.the country- the need for collecting scrap rubber.'He explained that already the army and navy Ivave been lorced to cut their use of rubber '25 -per cent. :• ; . : H The success of .the 'collection may flotcrm'lnu-'wlie'tliei 1 nation-wide -gasoline rationing will be put into ct 1 - feot. If the. drive' yields a great deal of scrap, the- president said, (here may be enough' to-,take care of both military ari'il 'civilian rubber .requirements. Estimates, of I/he, amourft- of -scrap availablo^ vary a great deal, but. experts- believe'-"it may run as "high as several million tons. •• •.'•,.:-: .;'.'-•." • ' The • president • praised - the' petroleum Industry for furnishing .the collection machinery voluntarily and free of charger' . : •;.,/.- •:•;:! illBOSTON .three- mi Allstoii gi'OXier,y;lstore- and joining iNJstfiui'anf;. ^iolent .hot ..tfi.r: expldsiohs'^accbmpanied the blaze and the ^hliists blew out;6plaf,e .glass wiiKioWs-i^the; front .ofdh&. marlvet : The-street: ; was ilttered^wl'th. canned. ffopds- ; ' ; '(u'idf- !; vegetables: : —; hur-led- l-h roiigfcftli feAyi n dp >ys;;.;Jiy { , ;-; the. ^ Vyas^stima Ucl;:n- ^; i , •uTstfW»rt •h urnj ri g{ ;f^^^|t|^ CIVICS lirJOOD TO ' Salinas, v; GaU- : -l^P)^—^'!i» k Vas^ iro pleadDd girilty ^In'-rjustlce .fiourt;, I o a charge of bll^ahd-ruh' drivingy^ •]iut 0udge-Jam^s ^T v elTrey^su t spe.n^: od' a 30-day ,1all term 'on r ,condition ; the defendant> donaio, a ;pinl of >hl« i Hlood to 'the f\,f i nr <i A ; T An TUP DEFEAT OF THE JBiit Are? More Cautious. tory (JBy'iU jilted. Press) ' ~ , - • optjinisij'cally predicts vic- tlls year..' as- : the result\of, the • agreement si: with and ^riluin.- 1 - r • goyernmen t n.cxyspa- poiV JzypstiHrMyV the. pacts >vi!l in- su i IT/ I li'^cleTeat- oi 1 th e Naxi ' . , . The Mpscow/rettotion; is c-onskler- rc/.ihoACi'ui t-liun; that in Washington" and; London, ,;\vhore in- 7for.njetl quarters are cautious, .' '•. •-'jiiafeye: still ui'uVmany --Dstaclos lo ;tfie .opening- of a second front in in --the -near future. • The t?.; te ; ' the ^hipphii? shortage. But London repbrls ihat 'the, general Staffs of Lhe .United SI, 'Brit- diiV." -'and'' .Russia aro consulting on the' invasion program. Allied forces MIT.' under Intensified pressure in. Libya . e.nd Russia— but the : prospect is 'not allto the bad for our side. i . • - / WAR New Haven, 'June' 12— (UP)—Hundreds .O'f veterans of Wic'l'irstjWorld war iare in New J-faven to atlo-nd th c 21st -annual conven hi on of th e Disabled Aiiierican Veterans. ; The convenMon. comes -. 'to-, a close ,Saturday' night. .Committee Chairman Domfnic Onofr'lb announces that the national -d'epartment lias -awarded a, oerl,'ii:ical,e of .honor to Dempcrat- rcJ-N-ati-OTial Gpm'initteeman David 15. Fitzgerald "..for, 1 tiis assistance to ;d1s- ,.. ajlc, pastor, vvill'dis- ii te-^ i pi oinas' to tli e oh I Id con- -and vdess. ?-, - O.giris in ,,,,.,,j arc;\ys.-:'-v." J ; ' V LolTipept; Bennje iwahkle- Vy-Spbieiy.anski, Joseph : Joseph keVrys,, NValtoiv U ' *>iq,uv ^cjicsiul, Raymond NI-, i; Alfred lionianv Stanley'Zapatka, Htejeii/:"6frabo'wski, Antoinette MSL''- ic Ileien"-J,aceniak; ; Dorothy •t^Hn '^x.qteiu'fts' TlK resa 'Kwas- and Dnnda J\ulftko\v,slvU- Carrier Vessel Blew Up And Sank Some Time After Jap Bombs Hit Her During Battle In Coral Sea FACTS IN GAS, RUBBER CONTROVERSY WANTED Senator Maloney Has Proposed Full Dress Congressional Probe, Washington, Ji$c. J2—(UP)—Con- gressmen apparently intend ' to gel to the bottom ;<jf ilic controversy over'rubber shortages and nationwide gasoline ratipnrn'g, Senators, are pontplaining that' there have beenf so'many conflicting statements'.-': i' government agencies, that -it^ .jj^rd to tell just what the facts are!> v /f ; So Senator Mal.oney-iias, proposed a. full dress congressional investigation, with all the trimming,,to erase the question m^rk.over the rubber situation. > [ .. . Maloney .saysg- there, is an idle committee •hanging'around, slill in good working, order, which could do the job. Its bhe same group that looked into the cast coast, petroleum last fall.. And with $10,000 expense money he thinks they could get at the facts 'about rubber. As for gasoline., there's a new. development. .The OPA 'has postponed the start of a permanent rationing system until" July >J5bh -so thai it can get .new* 1 plans =''Jh-'ordei\ The OPA . also,.Jfas^doubled; the (Continued', on. Page Eight) ' ' PlEADGUItTY TOTIRETHKS Three Naugatuck youths, Henry Ad a m son, ,1 oh n H1 m kus -• an d\ J oh n J. Hanley, who were charged- with three counts of- Jarccny, 'pleaded guilty in the superior court in Waterbury yesterday and were bound over until Tuesday of next week for a hearing at 40 o'clock .when sentence imposed. Rimkus and Hanley were released under bonds of $1,000 each. J'ohn. G. Dobac.k,,an- other Nauiga^tuck you th was, charged with larceny on'qnc count. The : four young men were\| arrested Tuesday on bencli warrarilfe Issued by Judge Edward J. Daly., Adamspn, was returned to New Haven county .jail where he is serving a 30-day sentence imposed upon him by the city court of Derby on June 3. The youths were charged with the theft of automobile tires. WESFOlf E BOYD FOR THE SUMMER Now Attending Accelerated Wartime , Session at Springfield College. (Special''to. The News) Springfield', Mass,, June J2~Wcs- lon M. Boyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart BVy d, 26 North Hoadlcy street, NftugWtuoR, Conn., will serve thils sumincr' as- a lifeguard for Uie Connecticut State parks •'• associations. -Mr Boy-d is one of many Springfield College -stud eft Is who will serve as lifeguards this.sum- mer and 1 in, other recreaUoival areas. At present Mr. Boyd is alterni- i n-g Hi e i'i rst. aece] era ted war t-i m c sunrmer session aV Sprjiigfield col-' lege whic'h, will end June."27. It is the first- pf ? two "special sessions. . Mr. BoV'd, 4: junior, is, a i94Q,«rAdv uate of Naugatuck Higfh school. Ife ha-s; .been ' active,. -In.' f oolbarll : and swhnming, since -entering Spring-, field college' «an"d'.'Is an, officer of' •the Aciualic" Ciuiy. ''He .is 1 a!/-s}.udcnt ia the health and 'physical educ«'i- tion division a| ; Springfield.,, TWO BOYS' DROWNED Boston, Mass.,,.Time 12—(UP)—Two boys^/have drowned :in two of the season's liraty' svy.i him ing: acci den ts. A 14-yoar-bld; youth—believed to "he Joseph Allessan|r6 "of Boston's 'north. end-~perl8hM, invbhe Charles river; Ami in'•-'MJ. ! ddlelibro l \ six-year- old' Bruce CrdliiVrs of v Kingston drowned. COASTOUAMDSMKN TO PARTICIPATK IN IlKUK SUNDAY '31 Tliit-ty-ono United Stales Const.. Guard, who nrc sUtioiioil at the State Police barrack* i» Bethany, will take pni'i in (JIB piinidc in Nnunnluck /8unduy i" observance of l^lnu Day. 'i'hc men will be in cbai'fje of Cbief Pelly OlUecr Abel. The fli-oiip will assemble nt (be Klks' borne on Umrcb street. Louis Triano, chwir- nian of tbe Klks 1 i'Ma«. Day eoinmi(te»*r stated today tbiit residents of Nauflaluck, who wish to cntci'tain the coast- {[uardsmen at snpp'oi 1 "Her the exercises Sunday nrter- noon, arc I'cspecirully >'» 4 - fjucsted to 'pbone the Klks cliib, 410fi,- oivinn (licir »anies and addresses, the .'number ol' men they can take ns'-lh'Mi 1 (juests and if • they «a» furnish trauspoHntion for them. If transportation to tbe home cannot be I'urnisbed tbe host will please state .this fuet a ear will be- available. o BE GIVEN BONUS [N WAR STAMPS Bridgeport, . -luno 12—(l»P)~Km- ployes of the Bullard company arc going Lo get a 10 per cent war stamp bonus for conscientious sf- fprt in war production. Thife bonus will 1 be given to every employe who report., for work .punctually every clay of the week. Additionally, the punctual worker will be eligible'to share in war bond prizes amounting to $050. POSTED IN PL ANTS OF U.S. RUBBER CO. Tlie summer schedule of employment in ihe" local plants o; the Uniled States Rubber Co. -was announced today -))y fcfcjl.ory manager Marry L. Gai'ter 'in a notice posted on t h e factory boards loda.y. The notice follows: Summer Schedule We will continue to -oporale department through .Tune on a 5 day schedule. , Wit-h the Increasing' demand war iordcrs it will be -necessary to operate a number of departments wll'hout interruption during the summer. In departments where we ahead of schedule it may be slblc l/o close for a sliort during th-e summer In whic-li pniploycs will be advised as ahead as possible. Vacation checks will be distributed on .July 1st. This f will' be in additi'on to the regular pay where employes cannot be', granted vacations under present conditions. II, L. CAKTOH, Pale lory Manager. ljullclin all on arc P os- lime case .for ITALY HUNGRY SICK AT HE ART (By Uniled Press) Italy .is starting .tlie third; yoai in a war they didn't want, hungry and-sick at' heart. ..; Private advices ' frpm I'cliahlc sources reaching js r cw S.'orlc say the Italian people foci tlie tide is turn- i'ng against the Axis—despito lh^ distorted news fed to them. Sm&U Hots are reported occurring daily And, the advices say, nothing Ilia I happens in Italy, from now on should he n surprise to the outsde United States Lost Two Other fraval Vessels, Navy Reveals. A THEY WERE TANKER NEOBHO, DESTROYER SIMS Japanese Lost More Than 15 Ships and More Than 100 Aircraft. Washington, D. C., June 12— (UP) —Tbe navy, in a final, accounting of the two months-' Coral sea campaign, revealed today that more than J5 Japanese Whips were sunk, Including an aircraft'carrier. The UniVe'd States lost three naval vessels, Including the big aircraft carrier Lexington. ..-:•. . Besidos the -.Lexington, the United States 'iiavy lost Uie tanker Nco^ho and the destroyer iSims. ; The Japanese casualties, in addition-to i>he ships sunk-, Hiiclucted- a> Joss of more than 100 aircraft, the probable sinking of two other \yar-. ships Included a carrier, three cruisers, two aircraft tenders and three destroyers. , - - ' The navy's summary includes attacks, by our forces on Salamua and La.e on the .island .of New-.Guinea and tlie actual battle of tlie Coral sea.' • •: . '•'•. ..:'-.:; The following Japanese vessels were listed as sunk:V ..-\.\ *' A new .1 apancse aircraft carrier; three heavy cruisers; /one light 'cruiser; : Uv\'0 ; -<icslrayers; several transports and small vessels. The U, S. S, Lexington, old, -but one of tlie wprJcTs largest aircraft carriers, blew Up -and; sank some time after Japanese aircraft had snored torpedo and bomb hits on her. ' ',.... { Nevertheless; 9^ per cent (of the entire ship's company was rescued and reached. porl.'sa'fely. The campaign covered . in the navy's communique began early in March when'the Japanese"wore dts- EMPtOYESOF FULTON MARKET TO HOW ELECTION Marlford, -uno 12—(UP)—Tbe State Hoard of Mediation ttiid Arblti-atjon •has ordered a-collective-bargaining election.,for-,)-une IGWi for Employes of MJG Fulbon Markets ,orWater- bury- The issue i» whether the employes will' be represented by art A F. of J/. union, or no union, «it all. The election will if feet, workers in W-aterbury, Naugaluck, An- sonla, Dorby, BHstol, Tlioiiiaston and' Torrlngton.. ; BRENNANSAID TO HAVE HIS STATE OFHCE H is reported at ihc stale capital that h. Oaynor Drenann,. of Stamford, Tins siibmUled. bis resignation to the governor .as -a member of the state licfuor control commission. 'It is understood N he .retires after Hie. Mon- dav session of 'the board. Brennan will become counsel for t'hc Conneotluut Wholesale Liquor Dealers -association. '. Jo'hn T. Dunn, of Hartfprd, has heen mentioned a« his possible sue- cossor on the Ikiuor control board. DMOCRAKTO HOLD Stamford, June .12.- (UP) -The Young Democrats of Connecticut open theVr 'anmwl convention ^ to- Olffht': In Stamford, and will hold l.hcir principal sessions Saturday. Governor Hurley and other, «hlgn- rankihg «tale officers will attend tibo Saiuixl-ay•.session, and the governor may -indicate; wbeWier he will he ;l Candidate for. re-election. Key no (^ speaker . of the , convention .' ^wlll-ibn Cpngiveswiifl" Leroy. Downs 'b

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