Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 22, 1957 · Page 40
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 40

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 40
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Predict Beck Will Soon Be Out Of Office Embattled President of Teamsters Unitm May Be Asked to Resign Job WASHINGTON (UP)— Informed sources predicted today that Teamster President Dave Beck will be out of a job in a matter of weeks. The sources said the beginning o£ the end for Beck as Teamster president would come today at a meeting of Teamster Secretary- Treasurer John F. English and several Teamster vice presidents. English—naimed Tuesday night to Beck's place on the AFL-CIO Executive Council—said a majority of the Teamsters' 13-man executive board will demand, probably sometime today, that Beck call a board meeting "within a week or 10 days." English said j he "wouldn't be surprised" if Beck were asked to resign at the mooting. Union sources said Beck would be asked to resign from Lhe post he has held since 1952 and that if he refused he would be forced out. They said English and other Teamster leadr?r.<> have decided that for the good of the union "Bock must go" before the union elections in September. The AFL-CIO Executive Council named English to council only a day after tossing Beck off of it for "gross misuse" of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Teamster funds as charged by the Senate Rackets Committee. The move gave English open backing of labor's high command in his efforts to oust Beck. English promptly announced he would support Teamster Vice President Jc/hn T. O'Brien of Chicago for Teamster president in September. O'Brien already has saitl he will run for th« giant union's top post. 36 HOU'RS WITH DEAD HUSBAND Seriously injured, Mrs. Elsa Deamicis, ,16, of Sacramento, Calif., Is removed from a wrecked auto after being trapped for more than 36 hours beside the body of her husband, Tony. _ The car In wlilch they were riding skidded off a highway 33 miles from Orovillc and was found at the bane of a 200-foot embankment. (International.) Masonic Grand Master Purdue Shortstop Declared Ineligible On Big Ten Ruling LAFAYKTTK MJPj—Tom Spear Purdue University baseball st;jr, has been declared ineligible for further lii« Ten-competition. INDIANAPOLIS.—Aufiusl J. Sic-, loff of Jndinnapolis today was in stalled as Grand •Master of Masons in Indiana at the conclusion of tho annual meeting of.the ((rand Lodge F. and A. M., governing body of the Masonic fraternity. Other office™ elected wore: Theo .1. .lonu, South Bend, Deputy Grand Master; .1. Cnrl Humphrey, Mun- The iiimouncoment was madc.cio, Senior Cnind Warden, and after Um Ulg Ton commis.sionc;r'j; j./ohn 11. Jeffurnon, Indianapolis, Junior Grand Warden. Two officers wore re-elected: Oswald A. Tinlow, Indianapolis, Grand TreuK- urcr, and Owight L. Smith, Franklin, Grand Secretary. The now Grand Muster (immune- office told Purdue that Spear signed ;i profosKionnl baseball contract shortly after ho WUH grad- uatwl from UrookMon liitfh School in 1950. .Spear raid he nigned a contract wiUi Moultrie, (Ja., in a Class D league. Hut he said ho was not a week of training, He said lw; did not beliovo thix made liirn a professional, Spear, a senior, played shortstop •for Hip HollunmukflrH. A routine cheek of ba.ioball roHtnra turned up Spear'H professional career. cd the appointment of .lack F. Kvannvlllc, as Junior wasi rele.-t.ieu 1 after only Gl . llnd neacnn. (tlarliiiK point in Delphi Woman's Will Benefits Government DKLP1II, lud. (UPj— TJio fed- criil government b« ,'ievenii Uimi.ir.nd ilollnrn richer, llmnks to ,-i will filed for nrolmtc In Carroll County Court this week. Minn Allii 1'limk died here la'tt week. Her will Htipuliilen lhul the Hwrtrnmcnl be Kivmi the l>nl»m:e the official line. Other nppolnt- iticnlH were: the Rev. 'Robert U. Pierce, Grand Chuplnln; Lenis N. FireHtino, (irund I,,euUir<.T, nnd Ralph T. Simon, Grand Mai'slml, nil of ImlittimpoliK; Harold S. .luck- m>n, Gary, Senior Griunl Deacon, unrl Joseph L. flriilwell, Frnnklln, Grand Steward and Tyler. Will Assist Carroll Agriculture Agent WIU'III, Ind.—Itlclinrd Wlntfard non of Mr. nnd Mm, Hubert Win- Hard will work In the Cwnill (,'min- ty Kxleimion office thin inmnmir n» (ifjonl III training fmtn June I lln'outili .September I5tli. WliiKtirrl ix pimt Carroll County (if .1.1 fund* luft In her entnUt iiller .'"l-ll f-liib nimnliur and prerildunl of attorney fees for "the car, keep mid trefitinent rny r, Archie /'J/ink, who tllwl In Veteran,". Ilonpllal in Indian- AtlurneyN mild Mm amount tlm (Bounty Junior luwliTH In 111,'ia. lie In n student in the iichenl of iiwlciilturv w:tnitnnh:H i'tl I'lirdw, 1 and IH iiilcrcfiUnl In oxtiimilori work In the will \M in excenii of $:i , 00(1. j County A^ent. lie will work with Harold Hurry, League of Women Voters Re-Elect Mrs, J. A. Campbell INDIANAPOMS (UP) — The Indiana League of Women Voters Tuesday re-elected Mrs. John A. Campbell of Indianapolis to her third term as president. Her eluction came during a business sespion as the league opened .•i two-day biennial stale convention here. Other officers elected included Mrs. Ralph J.<ej,'oman, Jivansville, first vice president; Mrs. W. Foster Montgomery, Indianapolis, second vice president; Mrs. 1-lu- bert Kail, Crawforclsvillc, third vice 'president; Mrs. A.J. Ullstrup, West Lafayette, secretary; ami Mrs. W.A. McKinxie, Indianapolis, treasurer. -Directors named weris Mrs. Carl Klcinknochl, Richmond; Mrs. Henry Oliver, IJloomington; Mrs. Jean Pilot, Hammond; Mrs. Leigh Plummer, G«ry; Mrs. Fred Ryn, Fort Wnync, 'and Mrs.' KB. Tucker, Highland. Main business of group today was consideration of several proposals made Tuesday. Mrs. Frank Cox of Indianapolis moved Hint Lhe league recommend revision of the state eonstiljitlon by n cun.illlulional convenlion. She told UK> group the "lungne has not lieun successful in piecemeal constitutional revision" because II. constantly ruiut Into a "eorierclo roadblock." M-r.t. Jean Pilot of Hammond recommended that Llie league »u.p- port "home rule" mcnsurcs piiKsoil by Htivtiite. Previously, the loaguo .tupporl e<i only "home rule" measures which would he amomliTionts U) the slnlo tonsUlu- t.ion. The' Wiird reeommendation to bu considered Uxlny w;w a study of sfaln taxes and flwcal |>ollcl<.'« a« tiiey relate .to finance and admin iHtration of publte Nuhooln, Girl, 10, Who Died Of Leukemia, Leaves Her Eyes to Blind MI'I.WAUICIW;, Wirt, (DP) — Someone now living In dnrknoHH will .see becmmo of Urn dying wlnli of a IIUlo Hill KaUiliion 'I'lieroHii I'niton, 10, who. died of luiikvinln nl Milwaukee Mondciy, told her parenU «liu wniitixl to diiniite her eyoit l« the Wind llor uy(;.i ivoco lukon to (,'W- nn'.'i ('look f.'niirily llonplli.il 'I'uuH- tlay wli(>ri! (.hey will Ixs um'<l to brliif! 11 (in I Inln the llfi! of wnno- > iiOTIi.'ted with l>lln<lnoiiH. RADAR BLIMPS GO ON DUTY JULY 1 -.'...': \.iij!!.ii;::!: ; ; t\''! : i it>' •',-:'.-r ; ;^.• i^jj^i«j., *.*•'. JL,^^ , M Iloro IN tho OonilnnJiinl Air UhfoiiN« <J«i»iimn<l'« m^tup (-it provenl Hurprlwi Jitlfwk. RADAR-EQUIPPID bllmpn llk« thin, oarrylni; the lilgffoKt itntnnnii oviii' flown, will hti put In imn i <iiir|)rlna air ntluolc lj«Klnnln(f July I, Thn imtonnti (tm nhown In out-outj w«« dnmo.'iHlriitml by llm CoutiocntHl Air JDofwuM Oonnuund In Ataron, Q. Scottish Lass Introduces Whiffle Singing to U. S. CHICAGO (UP) — Nancy Whiskey is a skiffle singer. . Miss Whiskey, who doesn't drink very much, was flown here from London at the last minute to attend a juke box operators' convention. A sprightly Scottish lass of 21, she is all the rage in England, and is regarded as the leading female skiffle singer. • "Skiffle is a sort of rhythm," Miss Whiskey explained. "You might call it a cross between western country and rock porter. "Aye, American western country, of course," she said patiently. "American music is all the thing in England, you know." Some misguided soul suggested that England could take rock i and roll and western country and keep them. "We're doing better than that," she said. "We're taking them and giving them back to you." Miss Whiskey has made a recording' for Chic Records of a raucous number called "Freight and roll. Sort of rook-a-billy." j Train." And she was here to plug "Which western country?" sliest, was asked by a dumbfounded re-1 Somebody asked if her name teally is Whiskey, and how she came by it. "Unfortunately," she replied, "IL was my father's name." Her father was a Glasgow truck driver, and Nancy is the youngest of six children. She is "Scottish- Irish." "Not Scotch-Irish," she said. "Scotch is something you drink. Only I don't. I can't stand the stuff." The telephone jangled through- cut the interview, and people from the recoi'd company scurried to answer it. "I could never live here," she said. "Aye, it's too 'hectic." Story of Skiffle She said she has a new record coming out called "Green Back Dollar" written by the famed Car- Wednesday Evening, May 22, 1957. ter family of the hills of Carolina somewhere. A reporter allowed as how he never had heard of the Carters. Miss Whiskey protested that the Carters are famed folk music makers. She said the name "skiffle" was the brainchild of a group of English musicians who u.sed garbage cans for drums and played washboards. This group of serious artists latched onto a lonely American folk tune sung by a man named "Skiffle" many years ago, and used the name to denote the style of music. "I think SkiJfle was from Chicago," Miss Whiskey said hazily. Nobody .here ever heard of Skiffle either. Extinguish Blaze At Yonkers Raceway YOXKERS, N.Y. (UP)—A short circuit Tuesday nigh! caused > small fire in a stall at the Yonkers Raceway. The blaze, which was c.uickiy brought under control by firemen, ignited the blanket covering the 5- year-old trotter Sullivan Hanover. The horse bolted out of its stall with the blanket afire. Private po- 1 i c e m a n James J. McGrath grabbed the horse and removed the burning blanket. McGrath suffered fir.< degree burns of the fingers. The horse suffered slight burns on its hind legs. Read the Classified Ads ".:«l7'i'!-y£\\"i-i.?rK™ ±1J:i.*r;£S^.t^^:;;':_^-iU-i;' : ^_iM*i >;1'^ >*$>~~; • SAVINGS fc4-_i.:'. /jiv. ^..:;.~ ..... -••* — «....i-*- «-'~i.tv LAST 3 DAYS! SALE ENDS SAT. MAY 25TH Cold control mounted on top; cosy to reach and !••. "All'i-well" light indicatot that fr«««r it operating at the proper itro-»af* t«mp»rotur». STORES UP TO Va TON OF FROZEN FOOD! Reg. 319.95 Fail- Freeze Compartment, Adjustable Divider*, Sliding Bailceh OIM! "Ready Rack" Provide for Sasior Storing and Removing of Food»[ $10'Down Wo'ro so proud of Ilio Coldspol FruaiiH- thai wo'vn ouornnteod lli« rn- tire refrigeration unit on all modols For the noxt 5 years. Tlin ilyling it niodom and advanced In boauiy, afficioncy and convanianco. Food i» whoro you nood lit, wlion you nood il . . no morn llion seconds owcry. Coma in today, buy 'with confidonco—H'j a Goldspotl LARGER, 20 CU. FT. COLDSPOT FREEZER Convoniontly froozos and storos 700 Ibt, of food. Rog. 379.95. Guarantood. 339.00 ENMORE 36-in. GAS RANG DOWN r bwMn m*m friclw MM! JUnlim4r k*«j> y»n -iMh o».«, whh gtMt- > ItlKlM COLDSPOT 2-DOOR AUTO. REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER COLDSPOT UPRIGHT FREEZER 10 cu. ft. 13cu. »<• Gro<» Copa lh« d<llir "fci-™! JSEfO Hora it actually 2 appliancaa In 1 . , . « largo fraaior on tho top and o full complptoly uytomahc rnfrig- orator on tho bottom at llm low, Saart prico 1 12 3 not cubic capacity. Color inteno' r $TOpOWN] *5 DOWN USE SEARS EASY TERMS Holds 364 Ibs. Frozen Food Convenient cold control dial You »ov« bo Hi on nS« pr!c» ot fh« fre«x*r and on rtw pric* of food throughowt rit« year "n*w" Hfi, i, r i- 5TH & BROADWAY PHONE 4103

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