The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1936 IS OEM) BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Early Rising Ramblers Will • Play at Fair Next Tuesday' Injuries Suffered in Collision Near Holland Prove Fatal to Melvin Kennedy The death lust nlglii at the Blylhevil'e hospital of Melvin Kennedy, 34. cf mleysvllle, Alu., trcueht to two the number of \vhite persons fatally injured In t><.2ltten|£ «i I.lglnvav Cl in so:it:i- ciiEt Mlssouii over the week-end. TUT liemlci-soii, vvhc like •• v,'ns a cctlon picker from another state, Tt mice see, wr.s falully 11- Jlircil In fii ac'lil"!,' rear P v la^evllle, Mo., aixl died at til"* lic-:.:llul lierj. A 11021-0 was :i.,jj i-fprited ftitally injured c a ; IP week-end. Kennedy Injured v.-lirn a Cur flfiifcil Into Ihe rc;M- i:f a truck, cccisplod ly Kenned/ « Hi ethers, prkcd en llu> hi;li',Miy near Holland. A skull fmetiuo caused his death. 'Hie body nill lit 1 removed (•> Hacklebnra. Ala., where interment, will bi' made. The Cobl, FUIKTJI Heine Is In charge cf fmi>r;il a'.- Mr. Kennedy is survived by hi:> wife. Mrs. Edna Mue Kennedy, his mother. Mrs. Elizabeth Knn- . nedy. fi"o sans, two daughters, Ihree In I iicrs and elglil sisteri Loachville Society — Personal >oi- mid J. C. Oibblns liave d their store In their new PAGE THREE Uy 1. S. Klein !>:-. am! Mrs. Mnydeld. accom- |i:ii!l»d by Virginia, Hob and ler Mayileld. atteiuk'd Hie fair at M'--i|>lii: Fridny. Mis-, lx>IHi Mac Ulxon of Cnr- nviiy I; here vlslilni! her iinrenls. Mr uiul Mrs. Urooks Dlxon. MlJ.s Allnc Cii'jblns of Little Hi k I-, here for a short vacation "•''('• hi"- MiiiviUs. Mv, and Mrs. •I. C. Olbblus. M'-i Mclba flodt'e of Caraway cpcnl Hie week end with her lathM', Marvin Hedge, at I'ftw- ' I'CI'll. J'jfk Cli';b!in has retiirned to /'•krp r;ti-! fiiit: college, Jones'joro, fir Hs :e-fnd year us a pre- i!"'"ir>.l 'Uiilent. Mr. and Mr. 1 !. E. 15. Slioemake r::-| utniiiv huve niwi'd from l':i\v- iii'tii In I)'-. NViyftplil's pli\ce Just . !i.w Li'achville. Lii\or;i S"cif'y — Personal Mrs. May Bow»n Tiiompson, of Memphis, was the guest of friends Monday while In Lnxora attending 17,611 Bales Received at Compress Last Week The Blytheville plants of Ihe Federal Ccur re.ti nnd \Varehous2 company rccelvJd 17.G11 bales uf 'eel ton In tiie seven-day period ending last Friday, bringing fho Irlal for Hie ciincnl season to 41.112 tales, nearly tlcuble the quantity which has been received at any other compress ]iol:ib in tlie state. Ilie lilythevilb ware- Iiciisos hud ilO.aOS bales on hand a.-, of bsl Fridnv. Second among Arkansas com- iioinLs in vohnne of recent last week was Little Hock, witn 11,8(9 bales fur a season's total of 22.619. West Memphis rwi>>«- ed 10,142 holes.fcr ft season's n,Lal of in/150 and Pine Biiilf received 7,531 for a season's total of 19.475. The Wilson compress received 5.4-14 bales last week lor a season's tclal of 11.820 bales and the compress at Leachville received 1,103 bales for n season's total of 1,945. of the Mississippi Colin- Aicnijon would s(c|> u]>—a liaiul- Ctnsnrvaliou .of Million's Water Resources Advocated by College Head. WASHINGTON. Sept. 22 (UP) -Aimlien's failure to save and '-'H/:' It.-: water resources has doni 1 more aettnil damage to the cumii-y than war, laihli llow- ui'Mi. president of Johns Hopkins univoi.-ity, said Unluy at tile <>_'..'rhiK session of the Up-Stream KiiKliieerliig Conference, '1 he conclave, the first of i'.s w:is cilled by Morrh I,, drouth aih-lser • to 1'iesl- llco cvelt. IMegntes will sd'dy new meun.'i of eonservliiB ft-au-r by L'liildliij; simill dams 'i'l-i'jim sources. liowinuii declared that if Hie Hi l'i-d S'ntes will Hive Us (arm lands from billions of dollars hi ''- maw 1111:11 dust slorms and i'i-<is!i.;i there must be an "inlelll- g- in Irindlini; of Ihe imiblem." "When the drouth uml diisl -sltnitis eome," he Mild, "we hear piiiycr.s for ruin by families or wliulc communities. It would bo fa'- more sensible Io pray for in- telliijeiire enough to lake proper cure nf (lie soil and Its cover when there is no drouth." Reiser News For many months the boys have and a ju»; and yodels, too. been rising around 4 a. m. in . They've never failed to please Mrs. Biu-Us Bridges. Ronds, Double older to be ready for their Smile- an audience, (hew Impiiv bovs ,¥' M Eugenia I itlman, of Mema-While proBnini, broadcast six from Kentucky's mounlalns, and '.',' w ? s n gl '" sL '" " 10 llolnc ° r nioinlngs a week at S n. in. from their Montana girl companion. . "'. ima Mrs - W. L Clark Sunday. .Station WLS. Chicago. Breakfast ii ccokcd for them riglu in the studio and much of the food is'SkulI Fraclure 'Victim sent to them by ardent listeners among tlie mid-west farmers who tune in regularly on their early morniiiB breakfast programs. These Prairie Ramblers, Mrs. Sue Brown and Mrs. Jack ' Brown went io Memphis Satimlnv. j Mrs. Jack Brown met her mother. Mrs. J. T. Rallies, of vlcksburg, Improving at Hospital hor^o/n'visTloVMVcnilTla 0 ™ Mrs : .rihur 1.0,^53. 2,8 Wrsl ^°«l^'^i^^\j? „ , wilh Krnlucky avenue, who was found jiav, Oowan 'inri f'lmii!.' ' ' " I'nL',y Montana, are leading stars unconscious (.n the Risco rail-> -- • J -- the National Barn Dance each i< ><| lisjlit-ot-wav a short di.i-' ^Ico. Their playiii; tancc from his home early S'.it'""" and unlay niornin-,' by a li-nln crew. iimi« and of mountain Evelyn MeDaniol had ills mis- corded there. •There are 30,000 '.street traders. • or. peddlers,; in London. Of this niiniber, 700 are siindwiclimen.'" London had a fog which was LOWOOV songs is perhaps unexccll- k ""fmiii-oviiiii'''nl' i the "nivihev'ine I lrilcl!cilll 5' continuous from Noe.'l by rmy in raino In Mien- sw.-e! rosi-n-.i | vcinter. 1B70, to February. 1B80, act they have Moveltfes galore' ' lHttstm ,, lls(afllcd a fncimea ''I 16 . 1 ""?? 51 l'-™ (i « f °S "er re- whieh seldom fail to stop the rkllll bllt (|le ,„,,„„„ ,„.,,,„,„ i' i he received the blow is not Pictured above are the Ramb- known. Otlicials arc inclined to I lers. If you'd meet, taee 'v scout the theory thai he was hit ! face you'd first shake hands with by a (rain. . Jack Taylor, whose [juitar and , bass fiddle playing nre exception- Canada is the most Important j al. Perhaps Chick Hurl would platinum producing country in Ihe j • s " ll . le 'I 1 S'ou next. Ho really cs»ii world, wilh Uussia rankin» second make a mandolin talk,.Then Tex in this respect,. M.mrlcj I,!ltlc left last week to fiirull at Southwestern In Memphis. Mis S. D. Ilcdenbaiiah visited I'er; Ihc past week. She was on her wnv to M'sssiirl, wli^re her husband is employed. Mrs. ,1. A. Fisher, mother of Mrs. W. W. Watsan, Is spending several weeks here. Mr. and Mrs. diaries Williamson of card.ieit. .Mo., w;re "Iso visitors of Mr. and ; Mrs. w. W. Watson sr. the past, . week. | Mb's Kathrlnc Watts, n graduate i o! Diaushon's liusliicss college, has j accepted a position at the Kelser j Supply company. Mn. Ansll Monlsomei'y and ba- cy nra visiting Mrs. • Montgomery's | |:iient.s, Mr. nnd Mrs. K, It. Ma- jcr.i. of I.nxora. j Among those who attended the | Trl-Stnt« I'MIr In Memphis were ; Harry Ummvant, Winfred Wilsm I Iviith Chlkls, Helen Moore,, chrls- Qy the 100 or more requests for special commemorative '.I received by the U S,.Fo\' l.'epaitmenl, one It /i>r < inarkini! the TStli i^nV.'jrsary of Ihe liatlle of Oeltysbnrd. Such nil Issue would be made in 1038. 'here Is hardly :i iirobnblUly that nny more new stamps will be issued this year, except the llrat of Ihe lonn-awiiitcd Army i...J Navy series. Cannda is well ahead with plans for a series of King Hdward VIII slumps, and Is expected Io produce Ihcse by (he flrsl of Ihe year. Following rolcusc of the liteal rainmenwi'iilive stamps, thu Philippines arc prepariiiK a series of fix stamps marking the Kueharls- lic Coniiress Io be held In Manila curly next year. These stamps however, will be ready for sale Oct. 15. VollowiiiK this set. the Islands will Issue a scries or three flamps Nov. 15, commemorating Ihe first nnniversai-y of the com- non wcallli. * * • A record snlc of 30,000,000 of Iho new King Kdwnrd VIII s|pmps was made on (he first day of is- 'ue. Most of these probnbly wcro lakcu up by speculators wjio flg- urccl on withdrawal of (he deslun ifler the Ove days' Irliii. * * • Mccthif of the Spanish-American Poslal Congress in Panama -ily during October Is occasion or Panama's issue of a new scries 'A stamps commemorating Hie event. There will be 10 values tor ordinary postage, nnd six for ill-mail. pyrlKlil. me. M;A Service. Inc.) Deaf Man Slain When He Fails to Hear Query BKN'l'ONVIl.UR, Ark. — Officers snlil or John nisliou., 3'J years old, Oklahoma fumicr, n>- M.liul lii Ills drain Monday til (lie hands of Howard McLemore. fniiiK'r, living near Ocnlry, Ark. Constable A. llrcgdon, ui (.,-.t\- try, said Mcl.emore sliol Jilsliop, n deaf mute, when HIL> latter Quick Relief for Chills and Fever and Other Effects of Malarial Hon't pul lip with (lie !u9ftlnj of Mabilit — Hie Irclli-clmUciinu chills and llio buinliiB fever, liet rill n[ Malarli by ^cllii^ the infctitloti out oi yiMir syslccu. 'J'li:U'« wliil (inivc'jTnslcI.'JS Clilll Tonic does—dcilroys and drives out (Ke infection. A( Lhe t:ttLtc time, it builds up your syslemneatost fnrllicr attack. drove's Tailcli'u Cliill 'I'onlc contain* tasU'jrtt rjuinlnu which kills Hit Infcdlon In Ilic lilonil. ll :i);o cblllidns iron wlilcli liiiilili up [lie lilnail nnil helps It overcome Ilir cfd'cls of Mahti.i ns well as fortify ogn'iisl te-liifccllon. 'I'he.te nre the ffled» you want fur COMI'I.KTK rollol. Grove's '1'iislctoM Clilll Tonic Is pleasant to luka liiul absolutely site, oven for cllildrc'n. No liillfr Inslc of C|ulninr. Get a bolllo loday anil be forranucd asalnst Malaria. Tor sale at all ilrii|> stores. Now l»-o sljfi —50c and $l. Thu 51 5 i/ L . contains 2'/, llraea n3 nincli as Ihc 5Ct sUe and jlvn m 25% more for your uocey. knocked on his door at' 3 o'clock In the morning, and failed to rc'.sjifltid to McLcmort's queries for Ills Identity. , Brogdon quoted Mcl.cmore as saying Bishop knocked repeatedly at cue door and • then another tcforc McI-Cinoro'.'got ,otil of bed ami et-nl n shtgui) clinrgc througti Hie tlqcr, killing Bishop InstarJ- ly. Sheilll Eail Austin said In- '.[Sligntlm; officers absolved Mc- Lemoie. Mile Jsiin liarkcr, John 1'lckctt, Webb Anderson, Hurry u. Anderson, Alvn Workmnn, Mr. mid Mrs. Barker, Mrs. n. II. Kobhison. Pals) and Charles Koblnson, Luclle Molt, I.. I., dates, Nettle Bush' Adams ElteiucUi Isoin and Rutli Taylor ORDERS TAKEN KlH "nEilNAT" YARH INSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. O. Haley 1109 Phone 7B2 JACK JACKSON Aris(0(rals of Rylhiu.' M f'ictc Colored • Orchestra Now Pliiyiiijc at (he ,* SILVER MOON NITE CLUB Will hroudcast every Friday from 2 to 3 P. M. over Station KBTM< Jontsboro. ATTENTION In Drainage District Number Seventeen Drainage District No. 17 and the. Bondholders'. Proledivc Committee nave readied an agreement for the setllemoil. of the bonded indebtedness of the District on the following- ],;i:;i.s. Finance Corporation hns apurovp.d a loan of 51,669,500.00 for the purpose of refinandng the outstanding Ijonrtcd indebtedness of S3,70<1,500.00 whicli is 'lie on l.h» dollar Tin- Uistric.'l is siipplemeiilniB this amount wilh ten points out nf I he money in the bands of the Receiver and to he collietrd from ddiiunit-nl taxes winch inakcs a gross payment of lifiy-!! vu cents on the dollar, out. of which an expense fund is set up to 1 JC paid to the KondhoMci's' Protective CommiUee of 2i/.c, which is to pay all (he cxpi'nst-s in comieetjon will, Ihe refinancinsr, leavin;; a net of 52"/-c on (lie dollar or Sa2a.OO lor esieli §1,000.00 bond. Our prcsenl debt, including acctimtilaled iiiteresl, runs apm'oxi- niatcly §4 869 000.00. The new debt Io Ihe K. V. C. will be SI.COO 500, cr .lo/< of the iircsenl milsliindiiif; bondod indehledncss The nprinrl for retirement of Ibis loan will be 3!! year, will," .|',J inU-resI vbicb nieans lhal our iinmi»] inlerest will he only ?RH,780.00 acainsi S'3|1- 000.00 on the present bonded indebtedness. Our presoni ri-lc'' nnis i> 1111(1 (j ,-•( . i,Jif° n' F i' C ' 1)osil!vcl - v wi " llot llf)l(I th cso funds irnlefiniteh- bttl ns.sts the loan must be closed immediately. We, in t,,rn, if wo .'.ro io lake a:lvanlage of lliis tremendous saving must have full and oroninl co-optralion of every taxpayer in Ihe District. ' ' •ill en- 1 ' ?" r( h " s " ls(nlrt « (1 thc KwiM ''l "cccivor to impose i "c«f ro ± °" *?*?* " Ol ! ' ai(1 willlhl " roils "»»W« lc«Elh of I me, olfi o of !h° \r" fl - l ? Cllcol "'">' c .«» ! t' J P«.v -vour taxes now at tin ouic(. oi the District in order to avoid penalties and -it the -UUP t"'.e,st lls in closing the settlement with the bondholder.s BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS % B. A. I,ynch, Secrcfary-Trensurcr. CLIFTON H. SCOTT Federal Receiver. Roxy Theatre SHOW EVERY NIGHT Regular Time !—Krldny, Saturday, 'Sunday Only .^"•Sfi „-; ;< i A A ri! S:^X^ -Ifta Liqht Smoke Pl^ii?cfv>, T .V ' '••".:' "f-.iS-^^K^'H*^.. >,?-;• f - •' *' < ?\ : f f: : -;.!.:•» ..' / V*. /^^"f 1 .'^i^.^VaL i • A smoke that treats you right! You who go in for sports .... and you who don't... you lx>th have reason to treat yourselves well... to reach for a light smoke.'.. 3 Lucky. For n light smoke is gentle with you. Easy on you when you inhale. Kind to your throat. And since your Lucky . . . ^ light, smoke... is made from the choicest center-leaf tobacco, it tastes good, too, even when you smoke all clay long. So, for a smoke that treats you right it's wise to reach for a Lucky. And remember, the protection of the famous "Toasting" process is enjoyed only by those who smoke Luckies. SWEEPSTAKES" FUSH! //^p. Over 1760 tons of paper bought so far! FRESH AIR-EXERCISE ' -SUNSHINE — and a light smokel Youwholiketolakecore of yourselves, but who love life's pleasures, loo — there's a ciga- rolle just made for you. A smoke of fine rich- tasting tobacco —but gentle with you, loo. A light smoke. A Lucky! Since the start of Your Lucky Strike "Swcupsukej" more than 1760 lonjof paper hive been purchiscd to print "Swecpstakej" cntiy cards. Ju»t think of it! That's enough paper to fill about 88 freight cars. Have you entered yet? Have you won your delicious Lucky Strikes? Tune in "Your Hit Parade"—Wednesday anJ Saturday evenings. Listen, judge, and comparctlietuncs—then tryYoutLuckjr Strikc"Swccpstakcs." And if you're not already smoking Luckies, buya pack today and irythem.too. Maybe you've btea misiing something. You'll appreciate the advantages of Luckies—* Light Smoke of rich, ripe-bodied lobicco. OF RICH, RIPE-BODIED'TOBACCO-"IT'S TOASTED"

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