The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1941
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1941 Humorist George Ade Finds * 75th Birthday Is No Joke COURIER NEWS HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis CO*. 1841 •¥ NU SllVlCt, »KC. T. M. tic. U. I. W. Off ''Tin almost afraid to whistle • while 1 svork for fear of - getting in trouble with ASCAP!" Adt- at 15: "Even- if I am no t hi Uie lifriure. 1 am keeping store." By GEORGE ADE. j f>nr! paid two.visits to Europe and (Famed American Humorist) U.sf.'l U\r> sweet* of uo'toHf!.-- Written for NEA Service v/Mrh cJo.selv rambled fame. Eiir- MfAMI BEACH, Pla.—When theljy »„ the present century I began young newspaper man asked me i to syndicate my output, and tackled "Ko\v does it seem to be 75 years old?" he accompanied the question with a beaming .smile which de- vflopt'd into a gurgling laugh. -1 c'irl not laueh back .af him. . The topic he had .suggested did not st'ike me as being anything to irke aboul. Being 75 years old -\s .-.*•• ric us business. The dreaded an- rlverwry f.-vrivod Sunc'ay, Feb. 9. I \\ish I could have . erased that dace from the calendar, or side- .'teppecl it. T nm not ringing any l-eljs cr hanging out , any flags. Rather, I am in a mood to recite thai poem beginning:. "Backward, turn backward, O Time in your flight. 1 ; . . r have made the mistake of over- advertHng. my ^birthday. I have \u-:ttsn about it for the public the dangerous job of writing for tha stase. The musical and comedy-dramas I turned cut are no"/ mr;*eum pis<:os. V.ut they were ae- c.-epipd bv the public, to my financial from 1902 to 1914. tl'if- 1 elder rendsrs may re. "Th* Sultan of Sulu."" i'rem Paris." " ''The County "The College Widow" '•Fattier and ths^oys/' "The Sho- Giui." ---rhP Fpir Co-?d." and "The CM Tov.-n." 4> 'Pc!?2y Personals ' Iai ^. l ,f• A " a " ILoiU ^- illul Miss ~ ?s tdith and EtaJae Daniel recent,-, .1 • ,-x " i . i , :v vlsiied Mr. and Mrs Jae> Me- Dyftvs Home Demonstration club ,, nH =., MtM .,-/>ri -TY.V ' " vn.- 9 will- meet at Mrs. Ku^ll' ' n ' tj Jil .!?!^. !^'_ nift oil's Tuesday afternoon for; : .. «£s u'cf^Gra:^ Girls Emulate »^r^5ci?r . w dS; m ^y *&«* Cadets SALEMBURG. N. C. (UP)—WO- <.m j n 'Students at Pineland College, a Uvo-year institution here, ; follow .extensive R.O.T.C. training and ' wear military uniforms, just, as do {male students at adjoining Ed• wards Military Institute, n prep for boys. i The ivvo institutions are operat- ; inf>- jointly under' the .same ottl- «cials. PAGE THKKB Demonstration Club News Notes Are U«st*'s.s(\s To (Jluh Mrs. K. M. Woodarcl and Mrs. W. E. Poiter \ver«; hoslessos t,o eight members of the Dell Home Dcmonstirttlon chib Frirtny nftor- noon iu (!u» community hotisu. Teli eight present included Uiree new nuMnbor.s, Mrs. J. L. Lewis. Mrs. M. P. iirownlpp mid Mrs Paul* Binilmul. Tho uu'etlny wns opened \vlt)i tho sinulng of "God Bless Anuiriwi. 1 ' 1 Roll cuH war, answered with eneh member's tr-lllna of plans to beuu- tify Jifit- yard. Mrs. U. A. Oroenway lh\d dilute 01 Use ])]-ognnu oil which Mrs. J. M'. Slevnns talked on flowers Lollini? how 10 prune them, whine and when to phuit them and whtMi <o roplnnt.bulbs. Mrs. W. M\ Lewis presided over the business session nr which ihne It \vi\s decided Lo do sewln» for iho Reil Cross. T)U' hostess serv<xl heurt sluipnd s, cooklpj? and hot i-offce. Hhiok M;iriiv Is Uluc HARRLSBURO, P;i. «UP)— 'Mnyor Howard E, MilJii-on "just wanted iv ' WiH'.on will bi. dark biuo'liv stt'iul of the comvntional bhick. The round-up patrol' rcplnciiiij HIP 10-yoar-olct -jjiaok Maria" will probably be I«lonf!fic<i (h,- sumn wi\v bpcnuw thero will not bomiu'li tltfffrencp in r!o)o}'--<«xo^pl to those who ,scc i!. every duy. OF SIWUJMENT ()l r i Ounrcliini for -Willie -Mne/ Let-, fuid .Mnry Wolverton." Anntml 'Account, Mns. -LHUnni Camp, Adjn! for Wm, R. | , . .Annual Account, Alice Bonoy. Cni.'ircliun for Molyin c, Liiwrmce. l : iiinl Re)3orl, Woodi'ow l\. l-'ishcr, Curator for M'rx, Gertrude Fisher Esluto. Annual Account, Carey Woodburn. Oiumlifln for Walter TOBs'. ClUAimiANS AND UV- \ IIATORS. Notice is hereby given that si-U' dements huvn been filed and will I b." subject to conflrmiukm iu the February 24, 1941 term of the Cluwoery Conn ror the Chicknsnw- bii nistrlti. of Mtestsalupi County J, ' In the following matters to-wit; Wiinl fjei.t lemon!, Mrs. s. E. «rown ami J. w. Muloni-y, Cunr- fJhms Tor Jolin M. Rruiey, Annmil Account. Lillhin Ci-osno Piei'ce. Giiflrdinu Tor Jesse Newton Pierce. ' Pinul Report, Mivs. O, w, Dillix- huniy. AfJmlnlsti'iUrlx lor O. W. ' Karate. Account, Neill Heed, fof Charles Russell Pow- Annum Ar.eoum. 'j Mnal Account, iv'rs. Helen UnelU. ExwulTix i'or H. J, M'urU- JHHti Jismu*. Annual Account, a. G. Hubbnrd, Administrator For Mrs. Lou Eckols lEstate. Finn) Reports Mrs. Ruth 'Camp- Ijc.U, Administratrix for F{. B. Ctmipbell lisi.^'. All iwrtie.s mtcru-slecl lit 'the ubuve iniitiv.M'.s will Ju?W!by take 110- Mce Unit rettk'incnts are on Mle In (he CoiHiiy und Probute. Olork's ifl'ik'o luid sire, subject •!() in.spiMitlou by any Jntcrc.sted purtlejj. Doled this the 6th/day-6C FeV mi. . T. W. POTTEH, County andPi-obnl/eCterk. By Bryant Stewart . Deputy Clerk, , ,, jittery, ei't relief tjuickly , .with CupiuHJw. Acts APPROVED •Alfalfa Seed Lespedeza Seed Oat* Seed Corn All Kinds of Field Seeds Kef/stone Bulk Garden Seeds BABY CHICKS PURINA FEED Fresh Dremed Poultry LML Ashcraft& Co. n;j K. Main . phoni! 154 W« «uy Poultrv Phone 414 Phone 23 Phone 789 KIRBY'S Main & 2nd Main & Broadway Main & Division FOULED A LET-IT Why did ' °;iv« ua writing for 'he sta-re? Brc^u^. in 1914, when r weishe'd 130 ' r"!i:r.d.s and »:?.s v^o ...vii>n:j. r: R. l .,i.cad t rf a nervous my doctor suggested onnts. -tvar after vear. trying- tc Ill8t * could not collect .royalties make light of my approaching-"sen- j while reposing in a cemetery." For Ui!y. Now we have come to a mile- a stcne which cannot be .saluted with aii7 persiflage.. If I \vere-a '.'ord Har T woul'd say that' I feel iust. as young; :r:'s' I 'did some '35 years apo. .when; .1. v/rote , "The College Widow.' 1 However, .when I look at a recent: photograph -or sun-'ev mvi'el.? in-a mirror, or'move r.v.cui on jay" rickety legs 'I -am forced to admit that I.'am-no long- ff.\v ' many years after taking •eil T r-'ifi c<;c.R5;ional pieces for !na?r//in^i, and turned out a v.ok-v and .screen j.'lays,-bu'. I mo?', concerned \vith uiider- -.s' ^-hich did not keeo me -in ; he. sporlteliL.; I. laid out a., golf on my bom-:' estate. in Indian.'t and promoted the Ha'vlequin Country Club, v:hi;;h i.s tl \]} soin?-: " strong. I helped the Harlequin Club at ..Purdue the fir-al green. Iviy most exciting diversions sre ridin« in a motor cat- or watching the Hollywood stars do r-heir stufl' on the screen. Between times I check up on the' rhe past and recall the . most • Interesting chapters of R fairly 'long and mere or lee;; checkered career. One consolation T. have . •. . the w d old bean continues co fune- ( ,M!cn. I know what Is going on in ^ >}^- wrr'd and 7 fim keenly inter-j «'> in World \Vpr No. 2. the do-! ings at Washin»toii. .sport events. new plays and -new pictures. s:\scciaiion .with On->e Ross r pro" ' ' mcieri I he ' Poss-A'de. stadium at Fiu-ri>t\ Also.- : I did n Jot of travel- v. I have been in ever^ .state in around the . worlrl twice. 10 times in ' Europe. 11 ' ; ir,ftx to the West Indies and to Plcrki;> so often that I have worn j 'i ivai! all the- way from Brook. to Miami Ewich. OF WE rOMlVIITTEE utnaziog development of the Miami erea and the crop yields in Indiana. Ex-en if j am not in the pio- KEPT OUT OF 'SJ'OTMGHT —.-?N» CEMETERY T f r el thoi I havp been fortun- r in arriving: o»> p^rth just when hn~innin'? tc happen. Ju-U think! As :j member of the ;o commitrr-? I have preet- ifle^licne. the electric"lieht. .'. motor cr.r. c . niovin'-r radic. ccncrsfce highway'-,. .. ,. . EcJctric refri-eraiion. pir conclition- Mv r?crl).ecnpns date back to thej in s . woman su/Trn-e. television and Toni .Brqn.sford of Lonoke, spent *•-.<-, v^,-k fir*' liere wi/h Mi> % . .i'j.','«ii.s school. Mr. ; Mi>. A. P. Parker of Morse, vi 1 err • recent guests of her sinter, Mr^. Russell Clifton. Mr. ai-d Mrs. J. E. Miller. Mr. ^j/d Mr.s. Howard Phillips and :>"!)Lighter, Ann Piiillips of Horners*L-!e.'- Mo., visited with MVi>. Mil- f-'r'.s brothei-, M. M. Hinesley and .i'liiiiy ever the week end. Mr. and Mr.s. Dev.'itt Hale rc- Uirue^ home Sunday from Mem- ,vhi.s, where they had been visiting illative:- the past two weeks. Mr. and MTS. Clyde Daniel and children, and Miss Edith Daniel «tent...:he west; end .in Holly Springs, Miss., with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. James Aushum. also visited her srrandparents, 'Mr. and Mr.s. J. M. Welch at Hickory Flat. Miss. The Baptist W. M. U. met Monday "night'at the home of Mrs. Joe Fay'. Moore. Miss Irene Barmvell \vas in charge of the devotional and- leader of The Royal-Service Study. After a brief business meeting the group adjourned for a soda 5 ' hour and refreshments. Dyess Central P. T.' A. met Monday' afternoon -at the High School Auditorium for their, regular moht-hly mc-stmg. The program-on Founder's Day was hr -charge 01 MLs -Irene Barn well; .-".:£-.. • Mr. and Mrs. R. W. 'She!ton and Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you snffcr from t-houni.-ulr. anh'rijj.* or neuritis pain, try this simple inP.V- ponMivn -Konio recipe tlmr thpusnncls nru nsinp. Qci. n jmckngc- of Rn-Ex Com- pouhcr today. Mi?; ' it.. with a qunrl of wator. ncM die juici- of -i lemons. It's easy. Ko tronlik at all and piprtsnni. You neort only 2 tnblospnonsful two- times n day. Oft<-u within 4.3 nour.s— sometimes»rnigln-—splendid r<?KiilU ftre ohtainod. If t.ho pains dci not. quick!j J leave and if yon do i Kj( f,-, f .| het'tnr, ! Rit-Kx will you nuthuip to try as i it. is *ok( fiy your dnijcgist under nn i hbsolnie money-bark pnarantep. R:i-Kx i Conr.|»oiind i« for .mile and r«commended Ri-;ir) Courier ^ews want, WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY LOOK! 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