Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 11, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1942
Page 4
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ight NATOATITOK DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 1942 HONORS THREE NATIONAL LEADERS TODAY ,|uno .11—(UP) ..SoerotnritiH of Navy and War called today for fprco and wl«donv to win lh(J--p«loo «H \voii an Iho \Var, . . Scorelarle* Knox and SLimann *poko al 'tho Harvard oowinnneo- rn.ftfU,, WHorn llioy worn nwarrtod honorary <!OKITOM along with War Production (Jhluf Nelson. Knox wild Lhtit.'fVri {ulntjimto International .po- llro fared rruiftt 'bo ntttnbltohod tif- tflr : the war to irmiro us atfalnnt future aK#ro»Hlon. Stlmson due-lured that all tlio svlHdorn <nnd oouragn of.-lFiP nation nro ncujcwwry tohulld a hotter post-war world. Tho war Hoorotary HftUI we must never aim In allow-narrownoHH, slug- klflhncttH, or fmlCIahnoHs throw nsvay fcho frullH of n wont vlol-ory for froo-dom, Sthuson rcporUul that the Unltqd Slates 1 army now In tra'.livlng wljl ho MUpcrl-or to any. Amorlcan army wliloh-lias ovor Icff. our Hhoim 'lie said illiut, -just an -the army reooj n|y,(!H ' that tho Inlornatlonal must 1)0 fbtighl for, tho rdst orthe^ nation must woognlxo 'that-those rlKfi^s have-to ho re-eatablislicclaf-t lor Iho Avar, Knox said that tho tusk of croii.M. Ing a hotter- ooonomlo .sot - uj>! throughout tho world Is even more Important than policing 'the world. Jamon B. Gonant conferred dodoruleH of laww on ttru' three win 1 Idiuloi'H and .similar awards to Oovorijov stall and Frederick P. Koppe rlonl of tho (Jarnuglo/Gorpor. of Now York city. nayrnoridVOnim Swing — radio oomrnonlator— waii another honorary degree recipient— {'(.'colvlng a rnatttor of arts. Nino Harvard soulors received de- ......... grcoH with Surnma dim Laudo-Kon- I'anKCimcuUs for/: -post-war rccon- 01-8 from Proshlont. ,/amos »., Con- ^strucllon, economic - collaboration ant, They wore among 718 sludontM In Huasla. They also, ugrciocl on "fundamental problonjH of cooperation to safeguard ptmoo and -souiuM'ty for free tIom~lovlM£ pcopltis after the war.' The oHiolal White House state hicnl* n'clds: < "Both 1 . ^IdcH 'state with satlsfac tioh.t'iie'imUy of Ih'eli; views on al thdsQ questions," Molotov, who was 'in Washlngtoi from May 20th to June 4th, aa\\ virtually every- key American oflK diri'ji- 1 Chief- bf ' Staff Marshal; Com- "Jri ChieT of the /Fleet Ad- King, Sobre,tary JOl 1 ' Stale Hull, ease Advisor Harry, Hopkins tt'iu ' othci's . talked with • the Soviet foreign commissa ' son says the pipelinQ-' will carry fuel 4 oll to. keep the eaat warm. -, However, it /vvllj funnel' enough -gaaoJino 4o the east coas't^to main- lain the present rationing levels." " ,' Government offioials^had been Ih*- duJging in pipeline dream« for , a long tmc. But it 'wasn't^ until the ,war production board -was assured that there was enough avail steel for its construction thai/ H gave the go aheaid signal. < •••» Germans aiitd Allies' Are Tho ;pact •.'MqlotriV' negotiated wl'tti ' roanirVny • ihe- 'British-Russian allfance of l{isi Vye'ar, It re- n i? \s-s 1 1 Ye I r .. p lodge ivp f? ,t 0. make any flopnrulo j)6.U'co'', .-and doalH. with nr- w ti o VISIBILITY W T«ft gtftttf cUorfy m tht vplv« tfiot INH mod* f bh griot hbttl so popular! MMMt iATH AtfO IA0IO HOTEL AIMIO UWIf, MOH, TAFT »U V * NEW YORK Tlill i|V|N AT MDIO CITY O 4 llWO MAHAOtMINT nmonx wore U'wtirdod degrenn And more than i, 000 additional degrees wore conferred for advanced work. A Oonoprd — tlordo'rr Allen — was oiio of. honor HtudonlH. Naval conunlnHloiiH as also were aU'nrdcd at tho to 42 graduates to .tho Naval Horvo orricei-H Train-Ing corps, Mitt 'H'o- U.S. and Britain To Open Second Front (Continued from Pago Ono), l — • -1 i i n . i . . 'i assistance arid douuniont j.s It makes no a 20-year mutual post-war pact.' Thi) DrlUHh-rttisfllun oontlned to l-furope. iiKHhtlon of Japan. Tho formal British and AmorJ'onn annniuuMunentH give nn oxplanatloti a.s to JiiHt what a second Nuroponu front, \vlll Involvo. Thu duolarallon dons not aLato ly that a land invasion of Europe. svi'll he atlumptod, , ; Molotov'.M conr(.M'onoo8 with Brit-and Amorlcan 'Icadorn -worn sweeping in ncopc. Tliu Wlillo IOUHO nnnouncnmont Hays the Soviet unvoy and ••Arncrloan luado.rH* ook up nicnHtircH to InoroftHo rind- peod-up the Mow of munitions to and mutual -assistance. iSlolotbv'H .historic- visit .to Ltondori and VVaHliinglon was one of the best kept sccrelH - of the war. Only a handful of p.erHdns Tinew of his mls- sl,on, v -and the. annouhcornent of tho .two accords was withhold until afU or• Moldtoy had-left \Vashington and London on bKs way back to Moscow, k ... •••«—.• • '>>..•'» • ' • - Rubbei* Salvage Drive Will Be Nation-Wide (Continued 'from Page One> fttirrf •ucfendcrs of- ; Blr^Hacheirri.- ;tlib enemy probably'VAvril bo turning you scrap in- at the nearest tillln alntlon'.- • • ,••' Washington; ^officials have -gon PV'OII fur Mi or to put. the skids undo our. shortagOH. on'.icial^ are rushing .plans : for-'.the . construction of the world's longest pipeline to purnj oil dh'octly from-tho Texas wells to the thirsty-east coast. Construction's expected to get .started next month And oil should,be gyshihg through the pipe by December int. The oil will travel a long way over 000.. miles,. Prom Longview Texan, toi'Salem',' Illinois, After It comes .out.of the spigot in, Illinois, It will .be rushed by barge, tapk car and other pipelines to places where it's, most .heeded. But this Is no -break for tho pleasure motorist. Production Chief Ncl- if or &'3S/* tineou • c ««f; FO «TA .-j'-y-mr. ft* ^:l ^.VV>H r.^-^vx;* "<<. ^.. >l '; *•••/./* London merely says ••'the^OQrma'n claim is• wHhout oonfirma;tiori.' ; "^d. ';' Bad- we a ther con iiin ues . to'' proven I, the HA-F from.: rosumingVjbig-rscalib raids on Germany. 1 •: But llght;planes throughout, ,the night bomlied aii:- ! fields, ; power ,stations;;:,and railway; centers in I?ranpe r Holland 'arid Belgium. V. "'.:.•-- '•'';.'•• •••':( H .-••• .. ".' : . ' ../ ' '".Today, British planes are carry- Ing on • wi'tli .new'daylight;.raids on .''occupied .France. "';•"". : ' {••The British home; > .fleet is strengthened : by the addition 'of-a- 'large United , Statos ,.riaYai- tank: force, operating Under. British obrri- ;,manfl. Little . has . been ' rovealecl about the duties ;t>f : \ the;:;Anierl(;jin uhi'ts! But .they presumably_:-vvp'ulcj 'help poijc'e . the :: oonvOy ; ^jribs ';to Britain and Russia, and they would 'h a ve an ;l rii por tdn t ; : par t < i n \ ah of- fenylve against Europe. - ,-' ', ;. Tlio American yiotdry. at^Midway grows' in stature as more details.^r iho great Battle are disclosed. • ; The' Japanese fleet', that was;;i smashed, it now is estimated;- rium berccl more than ,50 -vVarsHips- o all kinds. ' - ' 'At least 10,000 Japancse~nnc that's a conservative estimate—los {.heir lives as American 'planes haip mcrcd away at the enemy .vessels As many as 90. per cent of,, tlic Japanese planes tliat took- part ii the attack on Midway are srild to havo been destroyed." ' •: , '; All those ore unpffVclal^ l>ui, re li'able, figures. And> they're easy |;o believe in .the light of stories tojcl ),y army ..fliers v who took part vjin lie batUo. .. • ;.' - , ' •"'- Ghungking--Ghine80 -iroops are attacking along the. entire Ghekiang ront. T(ioy are trying to * dl ve.Vt 1 .hree strong Japanese columns, a^ /cniptlng to sei'Tiefuir control;"of ,an mportant railroad. : ,'.v Naugdtuck Defense Council OFFICE HOURS-MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 2 to 5 p. m. -, "> Telephone 5304 V for nils Calendar must \G at Defence Headquarters or Red Cross House by 5 p. m. Friday eucli week. IITAiLIJHED ISIS Week Beginning June 8, 1942 8; June ii~FI«STVAin CLASSES Peter Paul-, Inc.—Miss '.Ib'ariha'Pa'n'nonq..- . . . . / Evangeline. Gireie of Salem Lutheran,Church—Charics Clark, ,S.ergt'. AnlhoTiy' Farrar. / - -: ; - ^ St. Michael's- Choir noom~-(Advanocd ; Coiii'sd)— Miss Bertha E. SchHJer:•;•'-- '•' '"'"^- : '. •V-,'.';' Bethiiify' 1 School House—Mrs. Hjlda.; ; 'Mv^Po.doloff. Et-ks Hall—Mr. 'and Mrs. J. Daniel' Koonz, FIUDAY, Juno 12—HOME ''NUHS1NG .CLASS r7'"" v ;• . :'V...;:., .. 7:30 p. rn.—Red Cross House—Americanization Gr.bup—Miss Catherine A. '•'••'^ <:. •••••' ' Brooks. '/;;'.-',. • ••. •' ;•. ;; . '• ,-,;.,,••• FinST AID CLASSES , . .'1 ;30 p. m. Peter Paul,' inc.—Miss Joanna Pannone. -,.,.. -3:45p.m St. Prancis School—Mrs. Edw. 1 .A. Hermo/iot AUXILIARY FinEMEN'S THAIN^G COURSE 6:3bp.-m. Fim, House—SqctipD b—Stephen. Sweeney, .. •INSIGNIA CORPSE-ISSUANCE OF ARMBANDS ^7iOO- 9:00 p.m..; Defense Hdqrs.—Helen L. .McDohough. branches of the United States serv : e.'and ail 250 bf-'tijc graduates re- eiving . their A. \ H: degrbc.-.-, \vcre presented with their i'certiilcatcs of appointment to. the training- schools of the U. S,, army/: \ : • '' William F, In Seryfce June 16 (Continued from, Page One) St. Francis'School 1 To Graduate 35 fContlhued from Page OneV the ous "ijpmtih.e' M. 'Gabecelras,', Helena C. Daly; Catherine M. Ganvis, Karyl L. Klonoski; ... Charles -A,.:;.- O'Connor, Bridget M, Owens, Teresa E. Owens, eflSicl6Wi' : T. ; - Pa^rcak, ; Lillian M. QuLrke, Agnes S. 'San Angelo. The program : ,— Hail .i'strlbution Holy Queen. of diplomas. in the .-Miraculous Medal— Rev. Albert Taylor. • '.' Hyi'nri— Thou Power Divine. ! ' Sermon— Rev. .lame's Lambert. );PVnjs Angelicus— Gcsar~ Franok. ;pA ; c.t of -Consecration to the Sacred „ Tan turn Ergo—Traditional. Melody 'lioly God, We^ Praise Thy Nariie, S^a'r /Spangled'.Banner. Recessional. : "' , ; ' ' ''" ' ' ' ' ' You'll Fttl 22% Cool»r*l In a gtnulnt -.j* lo'shman year. Durjng .his'course P. si ii (J y a I t h e: N e \v ' Y 0 rk: i n s t i t u' r ; J.ion of leo.n)ing- he-was..manager, of- tho Fordham/ m.agaxine' and was Juisinoss 'manager,-pj th.e I'Maiioon^ tlie J9/i2:class:" book; , duri'ng 1 his senior year/ ; i : , ;.^ ; .;••_• ,.Tib e - com rnencerr) en t e^erci ses; u'l F.brdham this year, were most; ini- pre.sslvc. with several btV lhav.mem-" burs o/f 1942 a-oceivlng ,their -diplomas \vear)iig uniforms', 6J" ;the . vai'ibiis Lgion Carnival^ ; Opens Here> Friday V Thb W. C. Kau's ~Shows t - Inc..'"open ; Friday' at- tlie- Bridge,,, 'after a' long delayed "open ing "caused by .the '.show' being ,Hold, oyer.-al Miller Stadiurn,, West. Ne\v. n Y : brk,-for fo'ut ; .additional days "due to, sensa'- ti ori ai,' tou * i ness.. . Th n ' W., ,C, .' Ka u s Shows 'will 1 open' Friday,"''JUhe''.i l 2; tit the Bridge 'street' ; lo|; Hn Clly," and run tUl U)°. Jollowi u rd ay,. i h u s gl.y i rig:, thb.9& J i-n ; . tuck' eight days of I ins: rides shows, Featured this year on W. G. Kaiis snows arc the fam- Fivc Firing La'Forms, a sensa- aerialVcasling- act that has thrilled the circus going public for years and an act, .thai, you have paid Ibree times more , to see at local-" celebrations. The La'Fonns will provide .thrills .and.chills- every ,n Iff lib oh; the -midway of Uie show. Another, show .worth special mention is the return of George Bald-' win -and .his swing and sway revue. Baldwin wlll-'beV-remembered as,the maestro of the .Jit-tor Bug Revue, of last year. This year Baldwin pro-, sents his fi latest revue and one Lbal really-kicks •.the. gong around. • Among Hi e ,new features of Hie show is Miss Jeanette and licr 'Hollywood • trained animal sliow, feat- uring'-dumbo,-the. lion killing baboon. Hero's hoping Dumbo does nol decide to take up 'his residence at. the Union City coal yard along with Mickey from the unit that ' p 1 ay ed h ere" 1-ast • fa 11. M i ck ey 's r o o m •mates will bo ,licre with all new Some stunts and'their antics are suroj. t/o please Wednesday night\the W. C. Kaiis Shows will" present Army-Navy Relief Ni^ht wilb.'lO'.pcr cen,t, of the entire' gross on the show going to Uie Relief Assji. ,,'; .tlio benefit' of the boys-whp need it. War stanyps?a ml bonds are sold .'at all •. cash-boxes/ of.\tl\c "show. Buy. yours now.for better entertainment in Alterations on our Second Floor — means Prep Shop bargains you'll long remember Sizes to 40 — young men's — men's — and boy's from size 8 to 16 —- there's suits, topcoats, overcoate for next winter — ski clothes for next season, raincoats, sports coats, slacks and lounge robes. There's felt hats | and boys' Eton caps and some furnishings at half .price — if you're wisely thrifty buy for next season. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY In speaking of a person's faults, Pray don't forgot your own: Remember those \vHli homes ,of glass, , Should seldom throw a stone." ff we have nol,hhifo r else Jo-do Bui tliink of those -\v]io sin, Tis belter we commence at home And from that point bcp'in. We have no right to judge a man Until he's fairly tried; Should we not like his company We know Mm' world- is wide. CANADIAN TROOI MAY SOON BE SE! TO GUARD ALASI may , have faults— and who have not? The old, as.we 11 us young, Perhaps we may for ought we know, Have fifty,'t'6- - -their one. .I'M tell you of a belter plan, You'll find it works full well; To try your own defects to cure - Before of others lelh ' Ottawa, June di—(UP) — Camd lans soon may be helping Unikj States forces guard strategic Al Pnmc Minister King says \m Jiis government is parliculari anxious for power to send Canadii conscripts to posts anywhere in western hemisphere. King dido specify just where—but jt is 1 Moved that he meant Alaska, spoke to the house of commons amendments to the conscription to make it possible to use conscri| ed troops oulside Canada. SUSPICIOUS FIRE New 'Yp.rkrJuhe .11— (UP)— A suspicious fire rs reported to Jiayc been brought' 'under control after blasting V-'noiv',an h o u r aboard • a f rei'gli ter'"..tietl : t up . aV / B rook 1 y n. P p- ice' say . no •one'was injured. But they' vc;i" starterl,';:an.- ; In ves t-igat i on to discover .'.'thei ^-origin . of the fire. ' Palm Beach » & *& .^. No wonder genuine Palm Beach if America's favorite summer suit! Impartial scientific perspi- rtdoa-evipomtion test* show P«lm Bench fabrics aver»f«*22^ cooler than any of 22 other* tested. And, It'i America's *moothly-«tyJed, finely- tailored summer suit you clan send to the laundry. Try on your choice of smart tans—beautiful grays and Muei; and cool dark colors—all in 9iir big selection* >*] \0% Sj. , '% \ffjt And tlio' I.sometimes hope to be No worse than some 'I know, My own short-comings bid me let . The faults of others go. Then let us all when we commence To slander friend or foe Think of Ihe barm one word would do To those we little'know. Remember curses, sometimes like Our chickens, "roost at homo,," Don't speak of others' faults until ' Wo have none of our own, —U. K. D. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nigfi When disorder of kidney function per poisonous znattor to remain in your blood, 1 may cause nagginc backache, rhcumatio p*in leg pain*, IOM of pep and energy, gcuinm eight*, •welling, pufHncM under the eya beadaches and dir.iineis. Frequent or »cj»nlji pAMMtgc* with amarting nnd burning BOI time* ehows thcro ii tomcthing wrong your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Aak your 'druggikt for Dotoi Pills, used aucccMfuUy by rnilliona for •40 years. They give happy relief and wi tho 15 mile* of kidney tub -<«' KOOUftJZffD 7/m* 4 Vlfof Way* »oftn«M. POKOUI,,,Wlth 1600 open window* p«r iquor* NO VXCISf IIH »N01,., tullt fo cool H»mm«r cow loft, WAIHABll , . ; for complete removal of summer •fatal and iweat, M ACCIDFilNTAL SHOOTING Bridgeport, June J1—(U P)—An accidental shooting has taken the life of Gunnar Hummel, a 38-ycar- •old Cement salesman from -White Plains, New York'. Hummell was wounded while a friend—Edwin S. Bartlett—Was firing at a mirror on the wall of his office. Hummel died hefore he could be given medical assistance. Police, held Bartlett on •a technical breach of the . peace charge. * /v •%*: './ Beautiful Cotton Dresses Seersucker, Gingrham, Ghambrays, Piques and Eyelets, one rand two piece styles, sizes 9 to 52. n 4-H* f»M '» >Jt* Prices—- : • 1 $2-99. to $8.99 t ' *• OTHER SUMMER SUITS ...... $32,50 Don't Forget Father's Day, Sunday, June 21 We Feature a Fine Showing of Father's Day Gift Ideas, Freedman Co. Men's Shop) NearyBuilding NaugatUtbk, Conn, I " 1,*' 2 piece Cotton Suits •~ i'- • $3.49 to $g.9? tube* flush CUB waste from your blood. Get Doan'i PilkHl Nu( v Fruit, Cherry Marhle Pound Cakes Pt'incr.sjj .Layer Cakes in SCnnvherry, Rnsplmrry, Mnpltj Nut, Chocolate, Vanilla and Toasted .Cocoanut Hoine-made Hyc Hrcad Kuhn's City Bakerj| HAPLE ST. TKL. Is what our boys have given up their homes, their jobs, and the comforts of living to oo to the front and fifth t for. Wo must help them. BUY AVAR SAVINGS BONUS Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time " Mutual 11 — FOR SALE- Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 The M. ; , I Neary Building iNaugatuck, Conn. GOVERNMENT ADVICE "CONVERT OIL BURNERS TO COAL" "Oil May Be Denied Any One Who Can Burn Coal" Oil dealers arc and will he carefully scrutinized and controlled J>y the ffovcriinieiJt Jn delivery of any oil (hat may he available, • We Imvc ou hand a few Fttirbanks-Morse 'StoVcrs—these will fjlve you ocononiJcal Huioinntic heal—wlflr HJce or lluckwlicm cosl direct from your hit). Ash is removed auJom«(ically. ' A survey of your heatinjj'-jilnnt and an esUmattt'of cosl will made without cost to you. ' The Naugatuck Fuel Co, Agents and Distributors of Fairbanks Morse Stokers, 87 Church St. . . . .' . Phone 5236, o: m

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