Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 11, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1942
Page 3
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PAILY.:NEWa; .TgtTBSDAYi JTJNE 11, 1942 ies Evelyn Feeley Is Honored At Miscellaneous Shower •™" - • - - -. j^ _ . • » Mrs. , ls i-YHny oC Ward St.. .,,,,,_ at a Hhowor, liolcl.'ro- waH ,iH honor ofMlsH Kvolyn Keo- n>nl h svllb.' marrlurl In St., ; Fran- |l>yS > , h nNUunluy ( ,Umo .20. The l ' ls ?! 1 U-H li«'ld «l Hio ooltoKO; of o a t. v iri lakl 'i Mlso-'tliuKuniH glt'tfl were luv l^.l in tin- mioHl-oMionoi'. |ll>ll 'l ltHt ' who iilliuiilod wtn-o Mrs. '" .v.-l.-V Mrs. P. Kloly, Mrs.. Mr«. 0. Wooloy, ,l mil"''. A»'-H. I1 " Kdward Nbldo, Mrs, Mrs. Sarah nnvcns- -Ciii'tlii, and Elixabeth Kiely of Naugatuck. Also Mrs, -OniTott Joyce, Missc^ Helen JInnloy, ,Joan Horan, Ho'toO Joyce,-Mrs. John Q'Rourke. and Mrs. Thomas Dolan of Waterbury, : _; , ,» « + ,..,...—;-. .._•;.< Miss McCollum On Honoi" Roll Miss Doroth'y MoCollum,.-daug-ii- tor 'or Mr. and Mrs. Donald .L. MO-T Oolluin of, Summit road, attalno^ l;ho I'roHhman honor roll a't Brady ford Junior college, Bradford*••Mass,-, It wan announced at the 139In com-, monoemonl exorcises held at the school recently. FATHER'S DAY • CARDS * '•'• SUNDAY, JUNE 21st; .IB FATHER'S DAY Send-Dad a Card Give Him a Gift You 'Can Buy Both Here SWEENEY'S * * * * A«T AND 8TATIONEHV Life-saving 'Suits are giving torpedoed' sailors another chance. SAVE A LIFE —• CONSERVE RUBBER United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Division-, KENNEDY CIRCLE MEETING TONIGHT MINNIE T. AHEEN, EDITOR Miss Sweeney Given Shower ^_ i ' Mrs, Adrian» Ol^on" 'ahcl Mrs. l E, .Iohi\ 'P'igaty were hostesses at a linen shovver igiven-, .in. honor > of IjflisB Gertrqde •gweeneys l . li of,',NeyV •''••'•-' Li ' last n''lght 1 ;^ii.-tl>Q.-; K ' 4na "- t "' Ten Club FetedMrs. Shea On Wedding Anniversary ' * 0 ' ' tm „ «, , „ ui i AT .Donnelly, Rttiel Sullivan and .lean of The "Ten" , club, of which Mrs. I sulli , var i O f Naugatuck . >w Michael.P, Shea, of iBeebevStr.ect,^ ,&uMiyan.oi. fsaugaiuoK. of 'been a^rrjember for several years; y ;j ' ; u^- ,;•; • .•'• ii .. i „',!,. ~ .^ Hir oWnrMjtori'ri ' < • Viniv. <o I '*. 'lifll* • • rr-i ' t~v . f*4 "T. Mrs. Robert HQ^sokMcht -in ,'MiUt pleasantly surprised ,/.•hpiVfja.k hec vlilo. Miss Swcjenay will be Carried .hppie last .evening. It \yas the ^otb Saturday, Ju^e<*13.rir - -r ^ ; ' ' ":'• • • wedding^ anniversary-' -oi / Fire" -Mar;: -About 25 gues ts'Vere ^present in- shal and ™™ :-sh ««..-•• AVdren of Wa- iploma and \vard Sheeny "of Waterbury,.' MTS . take, part; In the graduation exer- Sheeby of. Wa.ierbury, Mrs cises Oh Monday, June ,. . (in Andrew, Mn,s. iRober.V, Fenn,. and; Mrs. Elmer • Fry.-ioC^ew vYork, Mrs. Elmer • Fry,'?oiU4Seyv vYork,. , . \villfam B'aukftt -of, JBeacbn Falls, Also, .Misses'..Jfjo: pence.;. Sweeney, ^ - .jphn"aM)urston, '.Mrs. Jerry Ruth 'Anderson, 01g.a\Anderson, Mrs. j) u '.fpy ( '..Mr-a. , F.rances Shahria.han, Mrs, Foster - S'nyder, Mi'So.--;G. Mai'pelleSi u 0 V P Vftk .Mnkfion ' Mrs. John <iar- Fdster Snyder, MrsV 1 .-;G.-.Mftpqcliesi ..Patrick .Mckeqn ^rs. Axel Carlson, and,, ; Mi,'8. ;Louis land, .Mrs.-,-Dan i Clark of Bqacon vFalls; , . . , . Attended Ctillege Mr, kon, Ihelr son, .Douglas, and daugh ter, Jane Marle,\ of- •Pajrlawn;, street, Mrs. Lawrence ., D u n.n of , ; ..Q,uJyer street, Mrs. Franc^^U'lMvftri.-of. -Jllll Street, Mrs. William Oarfiejd ; -of lloadley street, Mrs. Jqhn .Thurston .of Toll es Sq u t* re, oVf rs . Ja mes /Th, u r r si on of Hiffb street, -ana Mps.^ 0 ^ fis Leary p[ Q^rpoll ^oprt-'have returned .fno.iTi • New VQi'k . w,h ero , : th ejy attended 'the com-menccmenivexerf pises at ,Fflr-(|ham university 1'uesr (Jay.- .•'•• :•,-.- , .,-':;, ii-;;V >•••>-•- ,i' • • ••• , /.....', .••v\;,. -.••*«» — ; - • ; Francis Kosowicz Mrs. Catherine Kososyfcz *of en Hill street has received an interesting letter from her son, 'Private Francis Kosowicz, wbo is now spiwjng some\vlieiie in the -Pacnc, slating, that .he-had been introduced tp., ;J,he fampuB , Ameripan. • JIQPO, Lioyt. .•John.S/Bulk/ely. HerQnclo^ed an-AmerJcan Uollap blll-,v/it}i.;the autographs of^r-Lleut, pAUHQly^.^en. Yan-vOyen -and severaliiptUerh prominent ^officers of tho- : fUy,« -S. ^rmy t'qrfles, iQti)er'«ur.rency 'used in: the Pacific isiancls was also enclosed in the .letter. . . , . \VPPP1NO Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan of Barnum court .will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow. CLASS OUTING Members of the graduating class of St. Francis' school are enjoying an outing at Lake Quassapaup today. " ' • BREEN'S OFFERS SeORES ^ <: i, GIFT ID JEWELRY— A beautiful selection of necklaces, pins and i i i . ' •.... lets, plus tax .. ...... •• — ,....,..,.,,,,.... - ; t,v ; •::, •O ^XT 11* < . .$1,00- tO, $5:00 Pearl Necklaces , , . , , .,, ......... • ..... i ....... ....... * Stirling Silver Bracelets, Pins ............ ......•-- • - : *'*** • -^^ !U P Whiting & Davis Mesh Bags, white gold . .-.,../. ..... . , . . . : ;$2'/00 up COSMETICS— Vanities , . ........ . * • • "•• '- - • • • • • PERFUME'S— Colognes— Powders'— by Elizabeth Gray, Ear Jy American, Friendship <|iu^ others. • -..,••..., ..= ., . ' " ; " : • iv T> r* « A .... . Revlon Sets ...................... • • • •.- ---- • •••••:' ' • 1 ,. v ' PAJAMAS—Tailored Broadcloth , v , . , . . . .., ,- • .- .- • • .-.-> • •••.•• • * Slips, -tailored or 4vijHi with'laces. Crepe or wyon satm tailored ..... ...... ...... ...... . .^. • •>.-,• »-c« ' • • • • • ••••*,• ,: ....,.j 1 ' '••' ' ' " ' ' ' - • ',•.''• -."• •','-. •" " ' ' -.'• • ".. • . .-•-' .• % - - . .- '• ' , •- ^ Umbrellas; new hand painted styles ... ..'••;... .... . ...s ••.••••• Handkerchief g'^r Handbags — Gloves —Hosiery ........ 85c ,to ,.'/••,•.•• f • • ". . .1.".- Utl ort Neary Building' <5onn v Shea/ A beautiful ; -bouque.t .with silver streamers 'attached, each one '' Mrs. .John ,land, Mrs.-,-Daniel Sliannalm'n, J^Irs?. Vera Gullivan, the ' Misses, .'Ruby Freeman, BRen .puffy, Ellzabetli Van Delft,; Madeline . ,-Benz,. ...Mary "Shij> or Shore" Play -:vi,\":v Set' ''•'.- : '. ; o o Attention lassies 1 Here's -.your favorite sailor style ' in a three- piece play set', ideal for land or sea duty! With Pattern NO. 1623-B and a few yards o'f-stout poplin or denim at hand you can easily m&ke 'this simple outfit at borne. ' • The two- button blouse with the breezy 'sailor collar, may 'be worn with either the slacks .or the •-now straight' cut shorts—according to the weather! 'You'll wear shorts for boating .tennis arid all .active sports —the slacks are grand'for ; bicycling, oamp life or lounging. Ifpr, aU..your ; summer vacation activities' you'll look ibetter and. feel better- 'in slacks OP shorts. Here's the set which gives : you just what you want at minimum cost. •Barbara-Bell Pattern No. 1623rB Is designed.for si'/es 8, 10, d2, 14 and• 1C• years. Size 10 years blouse.with short sleeves' requires 1 /M,'yards, slacks i 3-4 yards,', 1 a-8 yards braid for blouse. ' . . .:' Why : 'seieot pattern at'"a crowded. pattern counter. Stay at home and choose, leisurely from; the faghf tlon 13ook, our helpful olitaloguev of pattern styles. Order your copy to-- day,-15c each. Or a copy may be ordered with a IGc pattern fqr:,'25cDlus Ic postage. • V- ' . • • ' -. For this attractive ' pattern pend, 16o, .plus Ic for postage, in, coins, with .your name, 'addpass, ^pattern; number-and size wapte'd' to Barbara B^ll, ;Naugatuek ; ',ODai)y News,, Post dlf ice Bo^-75, Station 0, New 'York, N.:Y;'-.• ^, ; : -r' •'•'! - : ". v ••!'. To Be Graduated ^Monday, June 15 Walter' Corcoran, a student at An important meeting of Kennedy Circle, Daughters of Isabella, \vlll be hcM in Hibernian hall this evening at, 8 o'clock. Business of urgent, attentipn is lo be transacted and every membu' is requested to attend. o ^Happiness/' Panel PATTEHN NO. 1578 A farmer and his family in Jiappy surroundings is a cheerful picture together With- a bit of philosophy we all may well, follow the group make'a simple and charming picture for uie wall. Hang this panel wherever you have need f-or a pic- itifre-ri'n" the kitchen, so that >you pan 'read. Its message ,vvhile you 'work—-or'..- iu. 'the' .clii.ldren's room, where-'th'e children wil be : fascinated by, ihe 11 I/tie, embroidered figures. Pattern envelope contains ' hot- iron transfer for. design, 11 by' Ifi inches,;; color . chart, stitch illustrations and full directions. : Send.die. .(coin) for above pattend .number to,Naugatuck Daily News, Needle Arts Dep't, P. 0. Box 172, .Station D, New York, N. Y. Jr. Choir School This Summer A Junior> choir school will be ield one week, this summer for the joys and girls of the Congregational 'chur«&h. There will lie courses Jn voice training, rhythm, shiging, hymn study, worship and Bible study, xind there- will Vbe time for handiwork and games. Parents interested in liav.Sng their children take, the course are asked to contact Miss Mary Gilkeson, organist and c-holr director of the ihui^ch. PROMOTED TO CAPTAIN 'Word Jiras been received hero that Lieut. Arthur B. Melbourne of the 'irmy air force of Washington, D. G 'has been promoted to the rank of captain. Captain Melbourne is the. son of Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Melbourne, of Nettle ton. avenue. • Miss Luoy Gumbo, daughter of Mrs. Katie Gumbo of Scott' street and lohn Amaral, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amaral of Ward street will be married in St./ Francis' church, Saturday, .lun'e 13, at 9 a. m... RKTDKNS TO FORT DEVENS Private..Edward-Hoey.who is stationed at Fort'Dcvens, Ayer, Mass., is visiting his father, John Hoey, of Walnut street for a few days. GUESTS FROM OHIO Mr." and Mrs. .lohn McDonough and daughter, Mollie, of Blyria, Ohio, are the guests of Judge John. P. McDonough and family of Mili- ville .avenue. MRS. CARLSON, HOSTESS •Mrs. Joseph Carlson will be hostess at 8 o'clock this evening at her home, 195 Millville avenue to the Ladies' Aid society of the Salem Lutheran church. HOME FOR SUMMER Miss Dorothy Randall, a student a-t Edgcwood Junior college, Briarcliff, N. Y., is spending the eum- mer . ., -with 'her father, Chester P. Cliff st«*.. I.M rolumcd.from Bryn.llOMK FKOH Mawr coHege, where sho was oenUy graduated. RETURNS HOME Judge John K. McDonough has^ returned to his home on Miiivine avenuo, after visiting his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs, John McDonough of Blyria; Ohi.o. RESUMES STUDIES '* * Edwin Johnson,-son of Mr. ana Mrs. Kenneth Johnso<n of New street, has resumed his-studies at tlie University of-North. Carolina after spending .1 short vacation with: lax collector J ,hi« nnranis. - H ia11 Building., Miss Phyllis' CUrk; ( , Northfield seminary, ( is «pendlni? the summer Vacation with her mother, Mr*; P. Scott Clark of Hillside avenue. - A1TKNIMNG CONVENTION Peter J. Ford of Parkpjace, president of the Naligaluck Muslcteiw' u-nion, is altending UMS nalion«l eonveation of musicians in Dallas, Texas. RESIGNED POSITION ' Miss $oj)tiie M. Kolakowskl of 320 North Main tftroel, Union City, hk» l resigned iher position as assistant IQX collector and clerk <in the to\yn. his paronis. NOW--A "HIAHH HOUDAY" Guard your health for the Vi sunrw health resort. Rclwt in TomL* and luxuries. 250 rooms, •<* W.m marvelovis food, from $32.50 per perfon double. Booklet WCKK-KND OFFER AS lOW M HI per person, II Double room, • lb*th.»lloM*U Fri. to Sun.; or Sat. to Moo. NCWCtT _. f AUl AUCW Randall of George street. ATTENDING SESSION IN N. Y. Rev. William R. Frendberg n-nd ?g;i Mr. an,.d Mrs. Jolin Gisslander are * "•' representing the Salem' Lutheran church at the" annual session of the Angus-tana Synod now being- held In Jamestown, N, Y. |N AT I ON A SMART CQOL INDISPENSABLE , FOB BUSINESS 2-Pc; \yoven Plaid Seersucker Suits' Sketched from , $lock I, | Big pockets, short sleeves, u n p r e^s-s e d-1 pleats, Some with : ^vhtte pique dickeys over cp,r- self-collar.: All sizes; STRAW BERRY SUPPER A strawberry supper, under 1-he auspices of the Lad-les' Aid society of the Naugvituck Methodistcliurch, wi'H be held ibis evening from 5 to 7 in, the church-toall. The committee in charge of the affair consists of Mrs. 'Herbert Johnson, Mrs. Harold Gibbud flnd Mrs. Harry Rogers. RETURNS HOME Miss Nancy Norton, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Walter H. Norton of I We Still HuViis Elecfric Toastoi's - Irons •- Wnltlc; Irons. M»y Before I'li^y'i-e All CJohc.;> CAEOfT JEWELERS Io2 Souih Main S». — ««220A <;\ •'•'-> . v tlpttpii!3 : in alt; "% " Slyleis IQ choose "from If.-" Easy Crc<iji. Tcnna '^ 'lien's CUT-RATE 90 BANK ST. ALSO — •25 E. MAIN ST WITH AMY* $ 2iOO PIIUCIIASEIF DAGGETT t RAMSOEU BEAUTY MM FOI MOHTK OFJVMI Hurry in for this handy littlo irwre* or desk kit containing cleftoung cioam, skin Jotipn, band lotion, foundation cream, and face powder. Remember — it'» yours absolutely' Irec' with any* $2,00 purcfcas* ol fine Daggett & Ramadell cosinetics or ba|h accossoriea. *TU, «a*r do** »^» 5.98 HUNDREDS OF OTHER PRETTY, GAY DRESSES Priced from $3,98 to $14,98, in all sizes. PUN FOR BATHING- BEAUTIES ^ Make a big splash in one of jif these Swim Suits. Dress- H maker, Two-piece Lastex, S^'v^ B Silk Jersey. ^•5* * 1 2.98 to. 7.98 • Play Suits $2.98 to $10,98 • Slacks 1.98 to 7.98 • Stock Sets 14.98 to 19,98 • Culottes 3,98 CHARGE OR BUDGET NATIONAL 7Q2^W^j/ft^ OUR ONLY STORE IN^WATERBURY GRADUATES Learn BEAUTY CULTURE Learn This Fascinating: Profession at Royal v Academy of Hairdressing With unsurpassed faculty—individual instruction — modern equipment. Work on live *m^elsV r ';lPre^enrdll«ieiit-pIan.>. Budget terms .. Call or writer MAIL THIS COUPON FOR FULL INFORMATION COUPON S I STRATTON'S; RESTAURANT 18.PABK STEAKS — SEAFOOD 'COCKTAIL B,AR ,» • • *.» • », • « • • • • >••*•••••• ^NAMB- .•. ADDRESS AQIE . ROYAL ACADEMY OP HAIRDRESSING 73 EAST MAIN ST. TEL- 3-1674 i Murphy's Paints Enamels for exterior and interior purposes »_ •? MAPLE STREBT t « , i

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