Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 30, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1897
Page 24
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OAILYPHAEOS THURSDAY, DEC. 30, 1897. OITY NRWS. Fresb tub casters— Rothermel. Boys' packet knives 5c eacn, Traut. J. J. R: brand coffee.—Rotbermel. Fancf belleflower apples—Traut. John Ludwlg is visiting relatives at Frankfort. Jerome Herfl, of Peru, is in the city on business. Evergreen wreathing, holly and mistletoe—Traut. , J. C. Phillips, of Elwood was in the city yesterday. Master William danger is at Peru visiting Miss Husk. Plenty ducks, chickens, turkeys, geese aud rabbits—Traut. Mrs. C. M. Cordell has returned from a visit at Pontiac, Ills. The cost of one visit from the doctor, the New Otto reefera. Homer Winklebleck and wife, of Chicago, are visiting In the city. Fancy mired nuta 10c Ib; mixed candy and stick candy lie—Traut. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Me- Keever, of the Westside, a nice pound i?irt- 4 Mrs. L. L. Dale, of Frankfort, is in the city for a short visit with relatives . Fornoff's orchestra will furnish music for a dance at Marion tomor- . row night. Tomorrow we will sell jumbo cup and saucers 15c eacla; regular prlc 25c—Traut. Try McHale's for a pure drink McBrayer, seven years old, 106 pe cent proof. The new machinery for the city electric light plant will arrive abou January 15th. Workmen were engaged today in placing flre escape ladders on the New Murdock. Miss Lula Sherman entertained company of friends last evening at her home on the Westslde. 0. M. Cordell and wife have moved into the property at 1813 Broadway recently purchased by Mr. C. Prof. H. Wlllenslck, who has been the guest of Prof. Renn.of the West side, went to Fort Wayne todav. Miss Anna Harrington, of 617 Ottowa street, entertained the mem bers of the N. M. G-. club last evening. Miss Minnie SUrr gave a 6 o'clock dinner Tuesday, at her home on the Wastslde, In honor of Miss Addle Ellis. A member of the Kalamazoo.Mlch., city council was here yesterday inspecting the city's electric light plant. City Clerk aud Mrs. J, B. Winters will go to Richmond in the morning to spend a few days with the latter's parents. Sidney Rauffman returned from Chicago yesterday morning with tho usual quota of shoe bargains for the New Otto. A handsomci big sign, the largest In the city, was erected in front of J. T. Elliott's wholesale grocery, on Broadway, this afternoon. Cooley, proprietor of the opera honse saloon, plead guilty in the mayor's court this morning to the charge of violating the Nicholson law and paid the usual fine. John Bozer atd daughter, fathe tuft sister of Dr. F. M. Bozer, whor have been visiting here for several days, departed this afternoon for their home at Lagrange. Begin the New Year by going to Dolan's opera housejand see "Kidnapped" and enjoy a good laugh at Its great comedy element and b; •thrilled by its sensational effects. ' William Mitchell, a farmer nea:r Flora, threw his arms over his head and dislocated both shoulders. Thi) pain and shock were so great as to render him uncodscious for a lonj; •time. A party of young people wero handsomely entertained last evening; by Miss Thnsle Elliott at her homt om North street, in honor of hei guest, Miss Klyde Winklebleck, ol Chicago. Isaac Weaver wants it understood that his step-daughter, who was arrested the other night while intoxicated, did wrong to give her name as Lfzzte Weaver. Instead •he should have given her own name, Lizzie Hultzman. Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Fenton and daughter left this morning for Florida. Mr. Fenton will remain a month and Mr*. Fentoc and daughter all winter. During Mr. Fenton's absence, the Times will be run by W. S. Rosier, but Dr. D. L. Over- Uolser will write the Prohibition editorials. The fourth annual statement of the Farmers' Insurance company of Kokomo, Ind., shows that during the year the total assessments amounted to but $20.30. This is gratifying to the awmbers, when It is taken into consideration that there are 747 policies In foroo, und property is insured to the amount of more than bait a nllllon dollars. A GEEiT SUCCESS the Charity Ball by the Kindergarten Association, Fre WAS It the Masonic Temple Last Eighty Coapieg Participated. The Masonic temple was th scene of great enjoyment last night the occasion being the second aunua ball given under the auspices of th ladles of the Free Kindergarten as soclation. The affair was not onl a great social success, for it i estimated that the net proceeds wil be something over $100, and grea credit is due Mesdames B. C Stevens, J. B.Shuluz, A.G Jenklnes C. G. Newell, E. F. Keller, Robt Humphreys, Q. A. Mjera, who ha charge of the ball. The little people, numbering thirt or more, danced from 8 to 9:30, whe they were taken to luncheon. Then after a brief Intermission, the adul guests, eighty couples, took possus sion of the hall and danced unti after midnight. A standing lunch was served in th dining room all through the evening Officers Elected. The Cumberland Presbyterian Sun day school elected the following of ficers for next year: Superintendent—J. C. Austin. Assistant Superintendent—George W. Cann. Treasurer—J. H. Bolbruner. Secretary—Frances Bowman. Assistant secretary—Miss Wilma Behmer. Librarian—Fred Miller. Assistant librarian—Miss Anna Dykeman. Organist—Miss Nora Gates. Assistant organist—Miss Hattle M u r. Tha officers-elect and all the teachers are requested to be present next Sunday morning. of fol- ftoedmen of the World. Maple Camp No. 2, Woodmen the World, recently elected the lowing officers: Past Consul Commander—Lewis Porter. Consul Commander — George B. Warner. Ad visor Lieutenant—G.C. Eikle- burner. Banker—Jordan Hecht. Clerk—N. A. Irvine. Escort—J. C. Doyle. Watchman—John Sutter. Sentry—J. T. Davis. Physician—Dr. J. A. Downey. Managers—George Barnes, James Troutman, Elmer Wagner. Tlrzah Court Officers. Tirza Court No. 11, T. of B. elected the following officers night: Past Chief—Will S. Rosier. Chief—Scott Wirick. Judge—Mrs. W. St. Glair. Teacher—Harvey Needham. Scribe—Mrs. Eva Wilson. K. of T.—Jordan Hecht. Captain—E. P. Sando. Guide—Ed Boy Ian. Inner Gate—John Gangloft, Outer Gate—E. L. Gibson, H., last Bumped Against the Armj. Richard Helvie, a young man employed in the city water works department, was found dead drunk last night in front of the Volunteers' armory, and was locked up. It is understood that he was thrown bodily from the armory for disorderly conduct. When arraigned before the mayor thlB morning bis case was continued. Helvie is from North Manchester. An Annual Banquet. Mrs. Henry Tucker entertained the members of her Sunday school class ast evening In a very delightful mar.ner at her home on Market treet. The class Is composed of a arge number of boys and young men. The members of the class were accompanied by their wives, slstsrs and riends. A. very pleasant evening was spent. Invoice Books, Ledgers, QJournals, Cash, day, copying books and all tationer's supplies.—Longwell & Cummlngs, Masonic temple. RAILROAD BHEFITIES. Short Items of Interest Gathered From Many Source*. This passenger agents of the western roads report the holiday travel 60 to To per cent heavier than a year ago. The net earnings of the Pennsyl vania lines east of Plttsburg for the year 1897, are nearly $21,000,000, & total not reached since 1891. The east-bound Waoash passenger train Tuesday afternoon had a coach filled with prisoners—Tndlans,negroes and cowboys—golug from Antler, lo dian territory, to the federal prison in Detroit. Moat of the railroads have discarded yellow in painting cars. Toe Lake Shore, Burlington, Big Four and the Northwestern are still running cars of that hue, but the latter is changing the color. Master Mechanic Sanderson, of the Norfolk & Western, read a paper De- fora the New York railroad club In which he opposed the use of electric Headlights for locomotives because the brilliancy overshadows the switch lights and makes them all look white. The president of the Lake- Shore advances the theory that the reason why passenger business iii languishing, while other traffic has Increased, Is because so many people use the long distance telephone In transacting business, thus avoiding trips over the rallroadsi. At Crawfordsville, the motion ol the Vandalia for the new trial In the suit brought by the estate of Robert P. Fowler, was overruled Tuesday and the compiny ordered GO pay the P5,000 verdict which a jury recently returned. Fowler was the Terre Haute to Logansport conductor killed n the wreck at Walnut Forks in June, 1896. CHICAGO MARKETS ALL REMAINING -HOLIDAY GOODS- To be Sold Regardless of Cost. THE GOLDEN RULE. ANOTHER SURVIVOR. Samuel Hnntslnger Went West With the PoUowattomlea. Another old settler of this county hat! been found who was a participant in ':he removal of the Pottowattomie Indians from their old hunting grounds, in thia region, In 1838. Samuel Huntsinger, of Harrison township, who lives on tne Royal Center pike, Is the man. He was 78 years old last Sunday. At the date of the removal of the Indians he ws,8 19 years old and a resident of Clinton township. He accompanied the party as a guard as far as at Received Daily by W. W. miner, 9; A. R. Building. Chicago, Dec.-30, 1897. Wheat-rFor May opened. 92|-Jc; high, 92$c; low, 9ljc; closed, 92Hc. Wheat—Dec. opened,, 96c: closed, *c. Com—For May, opened, [29£(o!fc; high,29f-c; low, 29Ho; closed, 29|c. Oats—May opened, 23fr-Jc: high, :3fiow, 23Jc; cloned, 23|c. Pork—May opened, 19.00; high, 9.02; low, $8.95; closed, 8S.97. Hogs—Market opened steady; losed shade higher. Receipts of cogs, 3,000; estimated tomorrow, 32,000 ead. Mixed, *3.35@3.50; heavy, 3.35@I3.50; rough, $3.25@330; ght, «3.30@»3.47. Calls, 93$-93J-93}-Je; puts, G?li- lc*c; curb, 92|c. Danville", Ills., where all footmen were discharged. He knows of no others In this county now living except Isaac N. Clary and himself, who assisted la the removal of the Indiana. I """ **~T BOS CHOLERA DECREASING. fear Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER armers Will Lose Less This Than Ihey Did Last. E. B. Martindale, of Indianapolis, who for several years has been Emak- njj a special study 01! hog cholera, ays the loss to the farmers of In- lana within the last year by the Iseaae is smaller than for several ears. The information be baa gathered convinces him that last ear the loss In the southern half of he state was '50 percent of the pro- iuct, and in the northern halt of he state 40 per cent of the product. Mr. Martindale agrees with the state tatistician and Mr. Bitting, of urdue university, that the total ess to the farmers of the state in 896 aggregated 11,500,000. Col. Pollock's Misfortune. Col. Wm. D. Pollock, an eccentrli haracller, well known to the news aper fraternity of Logansport, is ow an Inmate of the Carroll count 1 oor house. Pollock Is a farm laborer nd a man of less than ordinary blllty. After yearn of "single lessedness" he married a widow 1th a family of children, but month later she quit him smd nd obtained a divorce. He hac ade his home for. several years L a little one-room cabin Deer Creek, In Carroll county ome enterprising correspondent for metropolitan dally has creditec Pollock with being "an eccentric but versatile writer," a distinction that was never claimed.evea by the colonel himself. The colonel. always had Qa stock of "Items" Tor the papers when he came tu town arid sometimes "writ" a few and seat them In from. Deer Creek. He is harmless, good natured man, and it is too bad that he should be compelled to seek refuge In a poor honse. He was born and raised in E'osey coanty, Indiana, and has been In the habit of making annual pilgrimages, on :foot, from Deer Creek to the scenes of his childhood. GEE=WHIZ! That's what the man said when his laundry came home yellow, orn and faded. Then he concluded to try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned as white as snow and without being torn in the least. Call up phone 110 and have our wagon ^stop for your work. ZIH Can THR TAILOR. Suit You in Style and Prices. The Weather. Unsettled, but generally fair tonight and Friday; probably colder Friday afternoon and night. WORLD'S FAN,CHICAGO, 1893 No. !«",, I. 0. 0. F. All members are requested to meet at armory at 7:30 sharp this evening. If You, Want lobe in the Swim You had better le HOOLEY —Make Tour— Fall Suit Or Overcoat 4 He will Fit You When all others HOLIDAY FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John K. Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, Annual Gas Rates RTIFICIAI, and Natural Gas Bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail themselTes of the Annual. Rate, commencing- December 1st ,can do so by calling at the office and arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. Talley Gas Co. Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the city. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green, red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. • See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & Klinsick, 403 Broadway. j i'i [ ••"; ft /.£ } iS THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ... FOR... Dygp.psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick HetdaoilM, LOSE of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum. Eczema, "We*\ Back, Fever Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of &• Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. ,' ^ *

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