The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
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V Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMTNAMT NKWEPAPER OP NORTHK4WP inir»»io.o Axrr, ^ 1 ••—• T T K—/ THE DOMINANT NKWBPAPER OP NORTH*4BT AHKANBAB AND BOimiEABT 1I18BO0RI HOME EDITION Blythevlllc D»lly Newa BlythevUle CciirlM Mississippi Valley tender Blythevllle Herald ni.YTllRVll.l.K. ARKANSAS. Tl'RSnAY, JULY 10, I9:M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Machine Gunners A mfnish Missouri Politician Bumf i Aflcr 95 KvcnI fuI Years LIEUTERIHT DF Desperale Fight for Life| of .Victim of Kansas.City; Gangsters Lost j KANSAS C1TV, July 111 Illl'l John 112U, whi) rose ftnm :i lowly stnlion ill (lie nocllisiile Italian {•ninny (u become a JIIMV- er in Kansa*- (;i(>V- Demo'-rullc imlllfral inLti'hiii!', illrd Icdfly, the vidini of uini-bii-' 1 pun Jjui- lets titftl at bltn frntn iln'.inish | by (HO ganystPrs. KANSAS. CITY. M"o.. .Inly in' lUP)—John l.a?.ii!. a nnrthsid:- | iwtitical chiefiain and power in! tlie undenvorld. 'was shot, down l>y gangsters early t(xlay as he stepped doiri an automobile in front of the Park Cc-mial hotel. Seriously wounded by eight machine gun and shotgun slues, Lnzia was taken lo a hospital. A blood transfusion was made in a desperate effort, lo saw his life. Laiiia, under a federal conviclion for failing lo file Incomo tax return, his wife, and Uvo friend.s, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carolla. had Just stopped their car in front of the hotel when t'-vo gangsters arose from behind an ambush of shrubbery, lawn chiilrs, and a wall. As the Democratic leader, reput- ,e£ lieutenant of Tom Pemiergabt. Mi'ssoiirl political boss,- stepped to the driveway, a blast of gunfire roam!;-Two score shots followed, the rat-tai-tat of Jlie machine is shown in a on t!ie nil hlr, aged fealiires, ,Iohn D. Rockefeller new stuiiv i«5;'d «i>rrlglly in lils Lakewood, N. J, home ° f n?cailsc 0( necessity of Missouri Charges, Hosv- ever, Are Bar .to Liberty for J. B. Richardson A Cooler, Mo., bank rnbbei'y charge stood between 'J. B. Richardson. alleged leader of a Hly- llievlllc bundlt rang, and frcpclnni loday. Richardson, through his altoi'- ley. Claude P. Cooper, successfully pleaded with Governor Maron Futrell yesterday for n fur- ough that, would release him from Tucker Prison farm. Arkansas' penal institution, bill freedom VIM denied landing a hearing on an elfori by Mistourl oflicials ko extradite him io face the Cooler bnnk robbery charge. Cooper said loday. Jurors Sljnfd Fetillon The jx)ker-faced Richardson, regarded by officers here as the brains of a local bandit gang, gpii vtrlorious from a series of sctapes wiili Arkansas aullior- ilics when Governor Kutrell indi- calcd Ihal his furlough would b? grained. Richardson lias been serving a five year term, imposed here for robbery, al Intervals. The nrsi. "installment" was served by Richardson for a few months after S, jury found him guilty In short order for lobbing Charley flarrls, aged property owner. A petition, circulated by Richard-, non's- prelty ' wife, won lib fir3(. furlough. Signed by the jurors. it staled his conviction was a cas? Lazia, wltireiglil bullets in his! l1: e ni "'"B s-on* of Ilii: energy sapped during the heat wave, the ven- body, sank to the pavement. Car- i ''''•' l)lf - indi..-,im]hi was lo have no celebration, no birthday program .olla, who was driving the mo-i_ and no birthday "Maiemem." chine, pushed Mrs, Lrvzla-rirullflfsTj' Carolla lo tlic floor. Then-hp-shar the cur out of Ihe driveway and ! cut back lo ihe on the boule- j van!, He rettn-ncd a few minutes j later. Mr-aiisrlillc- Lazla, whose name often had been mentioned iu gangland shootings, was lying | Gin Code Effort at End 1 Cully Cobh Announces W.-uiiiiNdTON. July II) (UP) — .•Hii'mpi'. In tirllii; (he- I'lillcm Kini:lm; indiisiri mid., n nuirketliM ii^Ti-ini'iii ttcrr I'lillrely al):imloui'd l)n> AAA loriiiy. Official.', Mild Dinners refused [o I'Cl'p'. any I'SriM'tni'iil wjthuut n msicin million/mi; nili- ilxinij. 'Tin' a'jiiviiiem wii.s progioscd l>.v c niimer.s in nil I'arnc.M effort to ro:r.'i'i MIMIP of tin- Ills of the in." Cully A. Cobb. chief or the AAA onion .sccllnn. MM. "Tin; nilriilnisiruilon finds Itself unable In stinciiim and enforce lixed rii lor pliinliLi; u'rviccs. niul us Ihe Industry fi'li iliis wiis 11 primary ieqiilwi:em for 111,' i,uca-:..sful up- F-;'«ilion »( ihi> iiBnr.'tiii;m. \\ c have but i.riv iillf'miuivc-ilmt Is, lo discontinue our present efforts lo cffpcl an agreement." of "mistaken identity". Shields Numid Klehardson The .Cooler bink robbery, which $3,400 In token, occurred IT IS1SO.OO FOflBIG ] last foil. Richardson and his gang ttTrCr-Mispecteil ImL officers couldn't make a case against tiiein. In February the Kensetl, Ark., bank was robbed, and less than five days ''' ' . later I^-.sler "Shields, member of I |the reputed.Richardson gang, con L fesssd lo participation In the robbery and involved seven others, Including Richardson and two of prostrate on tho pavement, calling "Help me." he cripd, "help m<>.jFormer Third Ward Alder-'War Department Grants ardson and mr;n An-eslrd Following i Additional Money for toTemi^-s^shie'd" Raid liy Poliro : Levee Repair Work l«i guiiiy bm iiis.seiuenei oh Gotl. help me.' Dr. Charles F. I.owry, a resident of (lie hotel, living on the strand floor, war. awakened by Hie Una blasi of ihe machine sun. Tic thrust Ills head oui of the window and nsked: "What's wrong?" "Help me," \A?.\R called, "tor Qod's sake help me." Several hours after the shooting police detained Jim and Jr.p I.usco. norihside underworld characters, for questioning. Lazla told auihorlile:i lie didn't kr.(.\v Kho shot him Com and,Oats Prodtictioi This Year Will Also Be Sharply Reduced WASHINGTON, July ID (UP) — Wheat fanners of the nation Ihelr crops blighted by unpreced ented dioulh, will harvest onl 483.002.000 bushels Ibis year, Ol department of agriculture predict cd today. • Last year's crop totaled 527, '413.000 bushels und was the email est since 1894. The IU34 corn crop will aportrx mnt" 2.113.137,000 hiisliels, compr.r ed lo 2.330,237,000 bushels las year and an average prbductloi 1927-SI, of 2.51G.OOO.COO bushels, tl: department repoilcil. An oats iiarvest of 6S7.839.000 bi shels was indicated by Die July condition of ihn crop ft won be the smallest since I8SW ar compares wilii a 1B33 prodiictto nf 7^2,485,0(10 busl'.els and an avr age crop, 192^-31. u! 1.228.057.CC bushel.-,. IT! LEIERS S II1SFECT siock markel swung -from Us nar- Datnon McLeod. lornier Third j An additional $150,000, to carry ward alderman and fine-lime po- to completion levee repairs and lllical l.w.s nf tho av.=i i lid. w.v. re-enforcemenl nork siaried l:y f.i'i-estfl li.v police ilil-. inoiiiins the tj. fi. emjimvrs on Drainage (n n charge nf illegal |:uvO.^Uvn DIMric'. IT.s m* Lake levoe two of intoxiealinj liquor. | y?ars ago. has been approved by McLcod's arrest followed dis- ! Harry II. Woodring. acting secre"- covery of 2ii gallons of liijuor in tnry of war. according lo a dis- mf'iv:iiiii]t> r.lnri\ Muln | patch from Washington tcxlay. Hitls aiv noiv being asked oil thf -york by the engineers nfli.v v.l Memphis, and muiraci will I'tofcalily be let shortly. Difficulties which have teen encountered in blinding a subslan- lial levee on the. nn.siable foimda- ticn which exists a number of hi:. U.-IK-I lilUl "Jh,l .stlLYi^. Th A lUinor vva.s i cuntainn-l in ilnvr iO-^allon kes;-- U.riiil. riecoidin:j tn i'olk^ Phie! I'M We.-.: nnrt'-r ;• tarpaulin in tlii 1 i't\,r of the slori- iMiildmi;. An- r.lher 10-yalion !:i'y. empiy. a:ul NEW YORK, July lo (UPI—The; v.ore found, thr- cliirf 'said. When r.oiioe removed Ihe liquor. miles r.ortli was up- llielct iwndini! tiial of J. B. Richardson, whom Isj allegedly had accused of planning the robbery. At Richardson's trial Shields re- pudlaie.-i his enllre confession and Richaidfon was (reed. Shields was then sentenced to 21 years. 'The second "installment" of Riclurd- son's (crni had begun after tin; Kfnsett charge was filed. The Center bank robbery was cj-ifr.'sed by Shields en February ?•!. ,xi the sam? lime he confess"! row rut of trading today as prices to heaile.iiarter.s Iliey carried atoiv automatic of the Highway 13 tronglu Its cost far above original r.dvnnced and trading volume Im proved. 'It was not enthusiastic flxotRun. atitciinatic pirwl and re- esflmatps"."" fis"nur'i»«c"is i'oTlve dcmonstralion, but coming -after volver. kept in the flore by McLeotl. i some 133000 acres In Ihe I.iltle yestredny's 320,nco share day-llxci Clifct Rive said the •- -— ....... -- '-- bridge has delayed the work and l.-.e Kensett robtery. bei:i» a girlnclpnl He admilted ii bnlh a-id smallest in in years — - in which j laken a.s a prccni prices were Indefinite, lodav's mar- ' beciiust of Mcl-eod's known pro- Irel was cheerini Volume went he xvonpoin were River basin udcqiinte protection I "/> cnarg? inci itionary nxcasiii-p agiiiiiM floods. Inilatrlnt resulted<l J. B. Richardson as lt:e ;n;ni who planned each robr.e:y. Kc saitl Richnrdson was the "finger man- «-ho iwintcd out Mr. wl .Mr;. Abe Rushing, Cooler bfl'ik cashier and wife, before the. Coo:-?i robtery. Richardson still has another rob- charg? facing him here. A ^commendation of $2.50 a .Day (or Common Labor Is Expected I1YESS. Ark.. July 10.-A lilulur me scale for employees on the ?llel colony here looms as a nossl- !e oulcome of Ihe recent Inquliy Ho FERA uclivllles In Mississippi oiinly by Oo. I), llabcock and '[••Is Anderson. Wlille Ihe wage scale on Hie ilonv docs nol have (o conform o FERA regulations and was lelt Ihe iKstrellon of W. Ii. Dyess. lull 1 admlnlslrator, it Is understood that at least one of the In- cstlgators Indicated Ihe scale was oo low and thai recommendations o:- Hie adoption of u higher scale iiobably would be made lo the ulhortlles al Washington. Mrans Increased Cost If the recommendations are ac ccptcd tho wages paid ordinary ator on the colony will be ap- noxlmalcly doubled, It was Icarn- cii. While (he wage scale varies with the class of work, a 10-hour lay is observed on practically all the colony projects, with n day paid for common labor. Aji 8- Jiour day at 52.50 will probably be recommended. While local . administrative employees would not discuss Ihe situation, the proposed increase- In uwges.nnd (ho efferL,..ll.._wQuW have on labor employed by private Industry in the vicinity of the colony, and also the Increased cost It will add to the homestead sites, were freely discussed by persons familiar with the plan of the colony. While the hours arc longer and '.lie waqc scale lower than lb,at adopted by the CWA for similar work. II was pointed out that coth compare favorably wllh those prevailing for private farm and r.ther labor of a limllar class. TO increase (he scale mlglil result in ilcniarnlhiallan of labor employed by private industries in the nelch- bm-hcod of the -colony: and since labor is the blftgest factor in the P. W. Holt, Prominent Joiner Resident, Dies! J01NKU. Ark, July 1U--I'. W. Holt, ntii- of Die oldwl citizen.-, of this part of [ho couiily nnil long 11 prominent llaiirc In Ion.I Hlfalrs. died to<lny nl the age ol 79. lie had lived here ncinly nil of Ills llfp. Mr. Holt, ii Jihllcc. of thi! p;>nr:- l.ii 1 20 yours anil lor 13 years iu:i>- or of Joiner, died of u heart ul- l.ick. complicated by u kidney aliment. Me MilUTPd n sli-oki"', ' from which lie was uiu'onsciou.s for W hours preceding Ills de.Uli. Mr. Holt Is survived by his widow, whom lie married 49 yours ago. untl by n number of children. Including Mrs. It. H. Dow-den ol Joiner. Arranijciiieiil.s for the funeral have nol been announced. National League /Fearn Or Losing End of 9 to 'i Score NEW YORK - The American League All-Stars dcfealed the National Leagtie All-Stars B to 7 In Ihe annual clastic The National lierc toriay. t n am off to an early lend but the American lensuers turned the tlau in (in eventful fifth inning rally when Earl Averl)!, Cleveland outfielder, touched offline spark with a triple. Friscli an>i MBlwtkli of Ihe 'St. "" Believes Colonies Like. That In This County Will-Play Big Part LITTLB ROOK, July 1(1 (DPI — \iiolhcr federal iirogram, similar o [lie Civil Works Administration, .linl will put 3.000,000 men to worst jy November, wus inedScLcd at he uik'ning of a t\vo-duy state >hinnlLi^ conference by W. R. Oye.x.s. stale feclernl relief administrator, toddy. Such n program will >)r nec?s- iiuy and forlhcomine, In his opinion, io carp for the me: 1 , bvln? leleatrcl froni olli;r fedeiTl pro- Jccls. ftehribiiUatlon colonies, like now being built by (he government near Wilson, Ark., will piny a major part In permanent relief, lie intimated. Although making no reference to Ihe federal colonization exiurl- mem, Earl O. Mill, fcderr.l planning consultant for Arkansas on:l Oklahoma, 'snld that removal of Inmlltes from sub-marginal lands to colonies on more nrod'.icrlvc EoH wouM be one of Ilia principal considerations In Hie 10- year plan. More than GO renreftnSatives from the sltuo attended the morn- ins session of the conference, Iruin which is cxpeclinl to coaie Arkansas' recommendation tr development during the next 10 years. Governor IMtrell and U. S. Sen- in DID t'iiuii' to put the National team uivny ID a gocxl start. They failed to hold it however when the line-up of American league sluggers found the range. An assortment of stor pllchers of the two leagues paraded across (he mound during the b'amc with Hubboll, Olanl ace, and Gomez, Yankee star, opening 'the game. alor Joe T. Robinson will b2 among the speakers at a dinner here, tonight. Robsevcit "ure'et g |"| h developmeni of the homestead II P tracts, nn increase In the wagejr i Ui I i! fto 'i'J ureally increase the cost of '' I'31C Colombian President CARTAGENA, Colombia, July 10 (UP) — President Roosevelt .and President Herrora of Colombia ex- -hangcd warm and fricnclH greetings today as Mr. Roosevelt visited the first foreign country, of liio vacation trip. Twenty-one gun salutes were exchanged as the .president's cniiter, Houston, entered the harbor. "Political Fodder" Says Farley of Dictatorship Bugaboo WASHINGTON. July The adniinUslrulIo: three man squad into Ihe controversy opened by Republican critfcs v-'lm charged lhal the recovery jlhe homesteads to the ultimate piirchnscrs. W. H. Dyess. on an Inspection lrl|i here two weeks ago, estimated thf cost, to the homesteaders, on the old svnge basis, would nol exceed S20 per acre. Dyess was given a free hand to July 10 (UP)—i lesulatc Ihe entire colony develop- in lodny swung a . ment. with Ihe Idea that economy economy v.ould lie practiced In every detail in order lo put the homesteads In Hie hands of purchasers at the irogram was verging on dictator-'. lotvp&i |X)<,5lbie cost. ship and unconstltiulonallty. Atorney Opnrral Homer S. Cum- \Vliiie eo\erninen[. money Is be- in?? used in development of the imngs. Pastmaster General James • project it is 1101 first A. T. and T Anaconda Copper . Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Sri vice Coca Cola Oen. Am. Tank ... Gen. Eleclric Oen. Motors Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward K. Y. Prakoid Phillips Pet Radio Simmons Beds .. SI. S.-S. F Standard of N. j. Texas Co V. S. Steel '. rlns lo Wall street clivlty for going on a spree whin r>j .• t . .. above GOO.OOO shares.! upset, I LQUCatiOB Association UC 5-8 14 7-8 M 1-8 •11 1-2 2 1-8. I HP 1 McLeod will be arraigned tomorrow in municipal court on inn misdemeanor cluiige. for vvhioh the minimum penalty i", a $M) flue. Mcl.ccd has been In and out of Trustees Meet This Week he faced a jury on the charge. LITTLK ROCK. July 10 (UP) — ! The board of (ruslees of the Ar- Labor Board May Review Mediators Decision WASHINGTON, July 10 (UP)— new national labor relations 3 1-2 11 7-3 C 7-8 IS 7-8 2 1-2 i 44 3-3 24 1-4 40 1-2 Council Meets Tonight Chicago Wheat suy i,;id it was Indicated thf ci'.ivd'x cdlcEr.- will reialn lhe;i Only routine business is anil- i Pinions. cipaled when the ciiy council | Csnvford Oreene, of Blylhevllle. merts Iciiishi. Mover Cecil Shane; '"> PI'' of the nine members of the said llih moiT.ini. | t;l a ™. No proposed ord'nai'iC? or reso- \ • — "atZ .4° £ rr RnoS Nea > ° r *™™ C ° tt0n " le n>Byor " M - «EW ORLEANS. July 10 (UP) I —The colton market felt the in- V/ivi- I UI t\ . — -. _ direclly a gov- t\. Farley, and Recovery Coordin- einiiicnt project, but Is handled ator Donald Richberg made sep-. by a subisidary corporalion, known arate answers lo charges voiced .1; the Rural Rehabilitation Corby National Republican Chairman poralion, organized under the laws Henry Fletcher. ,<! Delaware. ) "To these reactionaries to whom! On the first weekly pay day af- every new step appears a ghastly • te: the colony bepan operation peril." said Cmiiinlirss. "each do- • there was general "dissatisfaction nurture from (lie course to which amoi:? practically all classes of Ihcy have been ac-^'.omcd seems (mplnyee.s over the low rale of a fatal step." , waces. They had expected to be Cummings said that! paid on the CWA scale. However declarallons that the nation practically all of the crew return- was headed for dictatorship were, id to work on Monday morning fantastic and ridiculous but a;.ii:d local administrators say they natural oirtjrowth of the political.<Jr.i]y luin away numbers of ap- campalgn. • pllcants for whom there are no Farley charactered Ihe Repub-, ;0 t)s. lican statements fodder." [ France and German)' Nearer Agreement According to London Report LONDON, England, July 10 (UP) —France has Indicated hsr readiness to yranl important arms concessions to Germany and legalize reasonable German rcarmat^Vnt, informed observers said loday at the conclusion of two days ol Anglo-French conversations on European problems. The conversations were regard' cd a.s having achieved a vital step In the consolidation of European peace. Reliable quarters said Ihe following results had bten attained: as "campaign | The morale, of tha workers, they ^av. has been splendid. Between open high low close Jill '0) 86 5-8 «8 R(j 5-8 87 3-4 VI ,.. r .,„.,.. , . ,. Jill (n) 81 1-4 87 7-8 87 l-l 87 1-2 I „ NBW YOTK ' Jul i' 10 Ec-p 'O) 87 3-4 8* 1-8 87 5-8 88 1-2 I Cr ' llon closc '' 1 ver >' stcad i'- Sin -n> 87 5-8 80 87 5-8 83 1-2! , , "I*" hl «' 1 low clos<1 . •Jill U>3f, 1^8 1235 124i5 ! Jill I Get 1219 12G! 1247 Dec 126! 127fl 1262 Jan 12G9 12B5 12C3 Mar 1219 129-1 1210 May 1287 1302 1284 \ n ' 101!fo nf new buying today, based Edwin s. cislons. Oarrlson added thai would be by his body if there were a difference of opinion among members of th? mediation boards or "if we felt that a icvlew was necessary in the public Interc-sl." The new boaid took the place of Ihe old Wagner labor relations board. Its other members are Harry A. Mints. Illinois, and Smith, Massachusetts, industrial IT 1.—Britain agreed lo assume a tcr.evolently neutral attitude lo- ward the Franco-Soviet aim for an eastern European pad of mutual assistance, io include Germany. 2.—Britain was tniderslood to have consented lo the French proposal to bring Russia into the League of Nations. 3.—France Intimated she might make arms concessions to O?r- many If thai government Joinei Ihe eastern European pact. The developments were regarded as lending new Impetus to the dying arms conferencs and as im- Taxpayers Will Act On Salary Bill Monday OSCEOLA, Ark., July 10.—The picpssed county salary bill will bs presented in Us final form to a meeting of the Taxpayers association here Monday. Clias. E. Sulleniief and J. T. Cosion, members of n eTn-nitlej •ir.mod by the association to red-aft. Ihe bill, said It would be readv for the organization's vote Monday. Milligan Comin? to Caruthersville Thursday CAHUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—-J. T. "Tuck" Milligan. ?;mdld,itc for Ddnocrallc nomination for United Stales Senator, will speak on the ccurt house la'.vn here Thursday nlelil. July 12. at eight o'clock. % Milligan has a truck equipped with a loud speaker. Governor Park Paroles Pemiscot County Slayer Jesse Jackson, sentenced from Pemiscot couixtr November 27, 1933. to servo 25 years In prison for murder, was among H Missouri convicts paroled ve.sterday bv Governor Park, according to a dl ™ n '<* JcfTerson Citv. , University of Virginia, also dc-Utnff. arc al work on the colony i':™ j fended the constitutionality of the! row. with romcihlng less than half i _ i(]ji , mmb(! .. || V | n g on Ule g romicis they arc provided bunks and Chicago Corn Sop r.pon high 56 1-8 46 7-8 57 58 3-8 low S3 SI close 56 3-4 57 7-S'20. on crop damage in the west. bst-jThey faced & tide of , ter foreign markets and bullish- unrest as they swung (UP) —; ness over (he small government 11 Ion. i ai.rea?e estimate. open high low close 1226 1240 1220 12M 1247 1260 1214 I2,i3 1263 127.i 1259 1274 12C8 1276 1268 1219 1275 1287 1275 1287 1287 1296 1287 1296 1263 12"8 1234 1293 1300 Dot Dec jon Msr | May Spots closed quiet at 1270, up: Spots cloacdy steady at 1260, up 22. recovers' program. He said Ihe administration was seeking to follow: . a middle ground between revolu-. three meals for 50c per day. tlonarles and reactionaries. Wilson Bank Opens Window at Keiser The first of the homesteads will ;lic built next week. Howard Elch- proving the prospect of a general | otl ' pr southeast Missouri par- Earl Jackson. Butler countv. sentenced at the a?e of 14 to ECTVR a life term for Ihe murder of his step-mother. He had S2ive& seven years. A. E. Lumerl. New Madrid co'm- ly. serving four years from May 22. 1033, for embezzlement. Farmers of County Will Meet at Luxora July 18 OSCEOLA, Ark., July 10.—Rcp- rfsentsUlve farmers and their wives . _____ ........... _ ............. r::baun, state FERA architect, Is I will attend an all day Home and ; Ralnh Schoolfleld. New ?.f->rt»!a [•xp;clod here Hie lalter part of, Farm Fonnn meellng at the 'county, serving tor v?ors from Cotton Hits Three Year High on Houston Market HOUSTON. Texas. July 10 (UP) —Middling spot cotton on till' Houston market touched a new „... „„. „.„„,„, „„. three-year hi«h of 12.55 at the posits and cash checks at the tell- KEISER, Ark.. July 10. — ML« Gladys Barton, of Wilson. Is in charge of the teller's window which tl;e Bank of Wilson is m>"iiliK: here today In the o!d Bank of Kclser building. The Bank of Keiser became-the Little River Bank, of Lepanto, Saturday, when the bank cmiip- ir.cnt and business was moved to Ihe Polnsclt county town. The Bank of Wilson will accept de- of tridinf er's window here. '.his week to supervise the beginning of the three different type cnttaefs. These will be pushed to cr.innXton. and it ts anticipated tin' first of the homesteads will be ready for the purchaser by August 1. Tuo Women In F»mll)r of 12 ST. LOUIS, Mo. (UP) — In a family of 12 here, there are only two women, the niolhrr and one oa-:sliier, youngest of the loi. The 'athi-r Is Ernst A. Winkelmann, a druggist. The bovs ran™ "• — from 34 to 16, while the ddugh- ler is 15. Mississippi county farm, near Lxix-1 J^™ 5. 1933. tor burilary rnd era, July 18. when provisions of grand larceny. the Bankhead bill as It will npnlyl to Mississippi county will be dis- «.f*timnn ciiSMri In detail and talks will be WEATHER. made on other subjects of interesl to farmers and homemakers. Arkanms-Pnrtlv cloudy to xin- The meeting will begin at 10 , cttlc d R ,,d continued warm to- oclock in the mornlnj. Dr. C. O. „[„,,(. B1 , d Wednesday. Brannon, actln ? dean and director I Nf cmp hi s and viclnitv-Oer.era'iy of the Arkansas University school' (0 | r t onlgnt ond Wednesday. Little ol agriculture, will speak, and chnnge ln temperature. others on the program arc Miss Connie J. Bonslagclj state home The maximum temperature here demonstration agent and J. W. yesterday was M. minimum Sargent, county agent for Pulaskl clear, according (o Samuel P. Nor County, rlj, official weather observer.

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