Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 11, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1942
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The JVeather Continued- Warmer Tonight Beacon Falls Bethany Bristol Terrace —— Cotton Holjo^ -y^- JMiddleb>ury Millville NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 1942 ft&Z^— ' * • U. S. And \ pirculating In "'*? '"—*--- If It's News You Can Find It In The NEWS Platts Mills Straitsville Union City Price Three OenU Front In ST. FRANCIS PAROCHIAL SCHOOL TO GRADUATE 35 Exorcises Will Be Held in St, Francis' Church Sunday at 3 p. ™> , r , llr lv-Mvi' ' ,, '' ' ( at llio St. school will re- '''Srt'liHrVlli.'lomas at the annual tcl rm.'iil I'xorulsos of tho „ I,,- held Sunday nflornoon ., nviooK In St. I'VancIs 1 church, v ,Iv of t!" 1 yomitfMUM'S will enter in,, NuiwaliM'k hlKh Huhool or some ['[her iMstlhillon °r utlvnnoocl uclu- U TIP' diploma* will ho awarded by 1,/v MiH'i't Taylor, usskstanl pastor V J;t' Krunds 1 ' oliuroh and .special I! ,,sir will b' 1 midm'd by thu choir nuil Ui" UH'iiilH'rH of tho graduating uluss. •I'lii. rnmiiH'm'.rmt'Ml sermon will hi- cMlvuml by lU-v. .Jamos Lambert of N.H'wnlk, son of Mr, and Mrs. t!».nrm', UinlMM'l of (loldon Hill Hti'iH-l I'nlnn I'-lly. Kalhor Lamborl, Is ii x'radimti! of SI, 1'Yancls' HOhool. and rfl. Tlioimi.s' .seminary, Tli<> iwmlMTs of llio clasH of Hh'-i of ih'- parorlihil school are: Hay- mind ./, Arnold, Harry K. Urnndlon, Jfwp'i A. fnipl"'^. Ilaymond A. Gur- i'liv, llayiiionil K. lUiwlliiK, William I' 1 , KllxKi'i'ald- Kino J. (.lalJanl, llob- r.i't A. Viawl'-M", Mwight .1, llravcl- Inc, J.'iini's I 1 ' .llanley, (leorge A. Knlly, Charles ,1. Klnnook, .lames I 1 ', KI.H.HIIMI*,'l S. Lynn, Andrew K. MclK't'Miolt. li'Uils K, Musooln, iJtuiiUH I-', Nolan, Donald \\. IViytkwleh, Franklin M. Shiinnalian, Hob- crl A. StHii, Clifford A. Tooplo, William K. SVulUi-r, Robert .1. Wltcox, l-'nmi'i's A. Marlow, Annu hi. Byrnu, (ConUnm-d oi|H*Pago Klght) RICHARD COBB, ARMY PILOT, IS REPORTED KILLED Mass,, June 11—(UP)—A ruinous army pilot and pioneer rs'ow ICnshwd aviator Is reported killed In n-ot-lon In the Far' Bast. Me Is Lieutenant Colonel Richard E. Gobi), former commander of an army air corps un.ll at Bos'ton. Word of Ills death was received In Heading by friends. Cobb was a nallvo of Newport, R. I,, and served In the? n-uvy during the World war bofore Joining the army in 1025. Tea years after enlisting as a private, he was commanding officer at Boston. Cobb had' 'held various spend records and he was tho first flyer -l-o roach Montpoller, Vormont, with (ypho-ld serum during the 1D27 flood. lie was assigned, .to Hawaii In Ifl.'iO and was there when Japan attacked Pearl liar- bor. No details of his death were given In the War department announcement to 'his wifo in San Anlun'lo, Texas. DESIGNS AS PASTOH S.lalYord, ^une .U—(UP)—The Rev. Clifford i:>. Newton has resigned as |)astor of the Stafford Univcrsalisl churoh. He has accepted 'a call ag pnstor-'aL Uonimunlty ohurch in Stowe, Vermont, effective the first of July. The Rev. Newton recently was elected president of the Con- necllcut Unlversallst convention. Late News Bulletins READY FOR PRESIDENT'S SIGNATURE Washington, iluiio 11-—(UP)— Tho Senate- tlris'al'ter- c.oniplolod CoiiM't'ossional action cm legislation to raiso lliu i>aso pay ol 1 buck privates and .-apprentice sea- mon io $50 a nioutli, All it needs now is'the President's signature, HITLER READY FOR OFFENSIVE Xo\v York, Juno 11—(UP)—Tho German radio has just liooii hoard hruwleasthig' that Adolf Hitler is ready to slarl his Joiitf-dolHV'od great offensive on the Russian t'mnl, ft said tho preliminary battles nojv are under way ! around Kharkov and the Crimean stronghold of Sevastopol, Amji'dhitf to the Nazi News Agency, heavy fighting is in progress on what was called the eve of the new PUNISHMENT FOR CHEATER'S 'Washington, Juno 1.1.— (UP)—The Senate has voted Io deal harshly with those who defraud tho govorn- |mon( on war contracts, It has approved a bill revoking llio cilitfonsliip of contractors found guilty of cheating. SECY, PATTERSON'S BELIEF 'Washington, June 11—(OT)-r-Umlcrsoc rotary of | War Patterson believes the army and navy may be short: |ol' nibk'i 1 l>y 1943, Patterson appeared before the Senaid hanking committee today to urge nation-wide gasoline nd ion ing (u conserve rubber, 4 .» ' KING OF GREECE IN WASHINGTON Washington, June 11— (UP)— King George of Greece k^in his six-day visit to the capital today by.placiiig a Iwrcalh on tho tomb of the unknown soldier, The Greek monarch received full military honors, including the 21 pin salute, ay ho arrived arid left Arlington National t'umeterv, CIGARETTE TAX .INCREASED Washington, June 11— (UP)— The House Ways and committee voted today, to increase the federal ex" 'ax on cigarettes by one-half cent a package, This [would make a seven-cent tax on each package. • CONSERVATIVE WINS loii, Juno ll--(UP)--The British government's f by-election defeats was snapped today when a pnscrvativo candidate, C, A. Lakin, defeated Ronald iMackay, a laborite, Lakin, who is literally editor of the Sunday Times, termed his victory a triumph for iia- Hial unity, HOPE FOR EIGHT MEN ABANDONED Ukohui-Ht, Now Jersey, June 11—(UP)—Hope has ''I'on abandoned for eight navy moil and civilians aboard (}l " navy biimp G-one',. The airship fell into the ocean »nday night after colliding with another blimp, the ['4\vo, Only one man survived -the crash '-which took » f°H of 12 lives, A. search for the wreckage of the G-one is being continued, The bodies of four victims on,the oth- <M' blimp have boon 1 recovered, American Tanks Now in Action Against Nazis They Have Given Pledge To J •- •• '-•'• • ' ' ' • " Foreign Soviet Commissar Molotov, Statement Says GERMANS AND ALLIES ARE FIGHTING HARD Rondv Io move inlo Imlllu in the wcstwvir^dc^ "(Sonera! Ci'iinl 1 '' nuMliuni-typc 'tanks.- 'The sturdy 'hnttlown/joiis on wlieotevhave donti-ihuliid-qi'catly to Mic recent..scl- Imck of ricncnU Hoininel's pan/er iot'ces iii Africa Ivy hard-liit|inn Ifriiisii nicclinriizcd units. These; tanks uwe.round pnrUciMni'ly useful in the battle of KniOhtslii-iUffcl : - v \ ^ (Central Ircss) WILL BE Every Scrap Collected May Benefit Motorists Later; Oil Pipe Line Planned, • Washington, June 11—(UP)—Get out your old galoshes and hot water bottles. President Roosevelt gives the signal today for. the star,t of a nationwide 1 treasure hunt. The-treasure is rubber, •,. • '. . He's, all. set to''announce plans --for a .scrap-..rubber salvage^ campaign that wl 11 clean' out- the.dark, corners of "the nation's attics. , . • If you and your neighbor find enough- scrap rubber, '.government officials. probably >. won't. Jlnd . it necessary to slap ga'soline rationing on the whole nation' as a tire saving measure. It's ..ail.'.-up to' you. The way it loolcs 'now, those 12- thousand salvage .committees that already have been set up will ad- .ministor the program. And ''you (Continued on Page Eight) FLAGDAYTOBE OBSERVED AT THE PAROCHIAL SCHOOL MARE BARfiET BY London/ .iLinc: .-1J-4-CUP)— Star .Merle Obcron now ;is Jvorrla. •. - . •. •' / • ' /•'• Her Mungarlan,-boi;n . Jiuslmnq Alexander 'Kbi'du, ;tlievprddiicer, 'has boea ->inade ,'a . baronci ; .by Kijig .('.eorge. He is oner of'-six' new bar., onets announecd.'in. the King's .brothel ay honors lint. Tbe honqr, which 'carries wil.h if the Knighthood title of Sir,-is- hereditary .In that it passes on to Mi6 eldest son.- -. . The King also• created one. new -p ( ., Gl ._,jolin Maynard, Keynes; the well-known economist' /whose pimp-priming' .theories s \ypre-.-. used .by the New Deal during the depression. '• : "'.•-- : ••:,' .:.<••".'• '' British -airmen-were •recognr/cd •for' their service Io lOngland. Robert Watt, inventor oL" the radio locator used in ai'r dcrcnse, was made a bai-onet. Air -Marshal A. T. Harris, aiul Air Chief Marshall Sir Charles. Portal 'were made- knight command- -ci- and KnighI Grand Gross, respectively, of the Order of the Bath. Gov.lJiii" Appropriate Exercises Will Be Held Fri^y in Golum- but Hall at 2 p. m, Flag Day will -J>e observed 'with appropi-iate exorclBCs tomorrow al'Lernoon at 2 o'cjock in Columbus ball by the acveruj grades oi 1 Sl t Francis' parochial school. * The address of . UVo. Uuy will lie delivered by Hov, Albert Tuylor,. assistant pastor oi' SL' Francis 1 cbuiM'h. The program To, I lows : Kor Christ the King—Grade 3 to 8, Salute to the Flag^-Gradc, 1. Song—KlyIng Flag. A Vision—Grade 2,. ji oom ._^| ic American Flag—Grade o. S OIlfc r_(_} OC | Bless America; Poem—Our Flag—Grade h, Song—Come Raise, Our Flag, Poeni—-Catechism of the Clock. Hymn of Praise. America tho Beautiful—Grade ,J Io 8, The Cross and the-Flag—Grade 5 to 8. . . , ' A ' .. ,, Adtli-ess—Talk to. the Parents—Rev. Al-bert -Tayloiv. , ' Tho SLar-Spanglecl'Banner—All v , TO REGl!?rER FOR DRAFT; EXPtAINS " Hartford, June li-(UP)-Wlicn 38-yoar-old Dy.onlslos Bebelos was presented in Federal court on a charge of failing to register lor selective Sorvloe last ..February he frankly explained he had overslept. Bebelos Is a waiter,'and on registration day he didn't get -homo from work until -Gift. m.,Hc wns so tired, he said, that he-slept through the iudgo .7 Joseph Smith, dodder! He- bolos'had no indention of .evading the law,' but imposed a' suspended 90-days Jail sen toner-, nrtd -placcri, hirn' on probnl-ionV'J'or• two yoana., Hartford, "June oriior Hurley, has been invited to attend .the gra.luatjon e.xerclscH at Mio Quartermasters ••school, at Uiimp fi, Virginia, July 23. Seven Connecticut men will be• as first lieutenants at that time. But the governor, unable to attend, s«ys HP will send the men personal letters of congratulations. The new .-officers will -include .Pi 1- vate Goylord P. Lincoln'and Her- geant Henry L, Ockert. of jNcw Haven. IHlENTER ANTI- Fbrdham Graduate of ' 42 Leaves June 16 for Camp - /William F: Tliurston, son of Mr. and'-' Mrs, William Thurston of -Ji Fairlnwn street,' who. received his Bachelor of''Arls degree at. the 07th commencement exercises •at-; Fordham .University in /••New .Vork -oily lasli- Tuescjay, will li'aye Cshort stay " willi 'his 1 parents' this siimnier. Ho will'- enter the anti-aircraft , traln- -ing schQor-at Camp' Davis, N, G.v'on .June-'KithWhere he will, be a ipcm- ber. ofV.tHe-. cadet corps for three moiiths;-'•:' Upon .the comp]-etion\of MifB'' : .eom ; se--Mr! Thurston .\vjll be commissioned a second lieutenant. VVILUAiU F. TIIUHSTON "Bill'-' was president of the class of J938 of Naugatuclc high school and was elected president of ,the debating class at Fordham in his Former Wants to Start Summer Offensive; Latter Seeks to Stop Drive, (By United Press) The Germans are t'ig-hting hard to get their summer offensive started—and the allies iare fighting just as hard to stop the drive while it still is in the making. In Russia and Li'bya -both, big and important 'battles are raging-battles . lhii£ -may-, decide whether and when t'bc I\\v/,is <xm break through to -the oil of the Midttlc East. . ' -..'"On tbe southern Russian front, the German army has opened a new drive , around Kharkov.. And it still is pounding 'against the strong Defenses of, Sevastopol, ia the Crimea. , The Russians claim .-the Germans are n-ot miaking -any •headway. But the sirengtlV.of ,l ; hc assault is evident. Fighting again Jias. flared 1 on the Kalinin 1'ronl, northwest of Moscow, .where-' the Russians claim to have entered an important -town. In Libya, the Germans may : rmve c Mm ilia ted'. : their niiain stumbling- block to da'te — the bitterly resisting garrison :-of Bir Ihi'C'heini. Berlin, claims that Bir Hachchn, •'18-miles southwest of Tobruk, fell this -morning. . ... ' This-is : not confirmed by today's British coinmuniq'Ue ; f r'O'iiv Cairo, which says' tliaf OVe 'Free 'French . (Continued on Pago' Eight) WOOD FUEL CHAIRMEN TO BE APPOINTED VIOLATION OF TIRE LAWS HAS BEEN CHARGED Hartford, June li—(UP)—Governor Hurley Jlas endorsed a plan of State Forester I-Jawes 1;o appoint wood fuel chairmen in every town of the state. . .; ••-• Hawes believes there; might be a. shortage of coal and fuel oil next winter, and suggests^ that householders start laying in supplies of wood. The governor agrees, and suggests that factory workers and others might turn to wood chopping in their spare time to avert any such emergency. NEW ORDER ON DELIVERIES OF MILK ISSUED (ConLinucd. on Page Sight) UJ.O. $2,017.91 'Citizens Urged, to fl Make Contribution ;as Early as Possible. Raymond W. Paul, treasurer of the Nausatuelv'commit tee for tlio USD reported today ,that t,ho ci.'mpaign'jn 'the »orougli :Juisj re^ suited Mi tho * amount ot *f. M | J J holng subscribed to date Jn Uie .shorl Hmc since the drive started ''bocal rtsidonls ilrc, well acquainted wll/h'thc activilies oi'-thq U. S. 0 in-behalf oi' our men. and women In-the service of our government 'to -furnish 'them wlWi -cIoiUK NNholesome onierlftlnmcnt, moals and rooms a«t a price with-in, the means of all who are bn 'S™™? j-pduced income since entering tho sorvlce <md wi-th companlonsliliT ihat cannot be questioned under any circumstances. fJiflxons of Naugatuck oi'e receiy- •Ing oVcry,day letters from their lovod ones' in the service and fr,om yoms and daughters , of • Wicir. ra> e- LJvbb <wicl neighbors' who fjaiiji.^QM&toly express Mieli. appreciation and gnatitude to the U.iS. 0. ^' 'he iminy. rayors extended to them when they visit the organisation centers In all parts 01 the-nation and its possessions. '» It is -not a mailer, of- being convinced tlvat you'should -contribute your proportlonale share t,o .-th-i Support of .the U. S.:0. it is jus ,tho .sai'isfacLlon of- knowing,- that you have -not failed' your Uncle Sam in every drive, that -has.-been conducted in Naugatuckjn the past and thai you avo still.-« patriot, an' American citizen, a Naugaluck- idn and that you are an all-out soklter .on -the home, front to do and -ovqrao your'bit to .convince .the Axis' powcr-s'aml the millions who arc forced, \v«.U the threat oi death if they ,1-cfuse, Hial their unholy and iundomociuite ambitions -to control the world' wilh,..tlie lust, of poSVcr, greed and dictatorsmp,, • is a fhing -ofl -the past—onc.c : a-nd for° V niVR.NO\V AND filVB'TO-THE THI1U. S; 0. , Hartford, June U 1 —^UP)— Leading markets in the state will be allowed 'to make only one milk delivery every -ii hours. , This order of State Milk Adminis- trator-HanTmerborg goes into elTcct in 87 communities,, including allof the large cities, 'The new program, is in tender! to conserve on tires, gasoline and; trucks, and protect milk dealers from unfair competition. Hammerberg says .his office has mado. a survey . of ' the industry, which slibws that milk.-dealers have about six more months to go before their tires give out,, June • 11—(UP)—Stale OPA Director 'Chester Bowles says Mi a t man y au to i n ob i 1 e • d ea 1 crs are violating the tire regulations concerning the maximum prices for used tires. Unless this comilMon-is corrected . immediately, the dealers will be arrested, he says. Inspectors have been checking up on tire dealers i'n all parts of. the state. They have found many failed to keep proper'records and inventories, neglected to post a list of prices, and to submit a written statement to the OPA as to sales Milton Nahum, chief counsel for the OPA/ says he is prepared -to instiluto legal aotiton" against the dealers unless they Immediately comply with the law. VANDALS DAMAGE HOP BROOK SCHOOL Window Panes Broken Slate Shingles and Bricks Have Been Removed, Supt. of Schools Harold 13. Chltten- dcn stated today that local ..police are investigating leads to the arrest of tbe vandals who have been causing considerable damage to the Hop Brook school building and that .arrests"may follow soon. The school, which was presented to the borough of Naugatuck through the generosity of a public- spirited citizen, is one of the llncsl in the locai school system. It consists of the school building proper and the kindergarten which adjoins it. . Mr. Gbiltenden reported that approximately forty panes of glass have been broken in the building, slate- shingles have been removed from the roof of the kindergarten and bricks have been removed-from the wall connecting the two buildings. In addition to this damage a considerable mess results each Sunday from the card and crap games played on the front porch of the school building Mr. Chittendcn stated. Unlss the perpetrators of the damage transfer their activities to some other location they arc liable to Jlnd their "pleasures" costly. AGENT WILL BE NAMED IN BORO Will Assist in Locating and Disposing of Unexploded Bombs. SCOniSHRITE, CONCLAVE BEING BED TODAY Several ; members of Naugatuck Masonry who arc members of the 32nd and 33i?d. degrees 6f the.order are attending (he 63rd annual 1 session of the Council of ^Deliberf- tion of the Ancient; Accepted Scottish Bite WhieH ; will be held in Masonic temple in' Watcrbury this afternoon. ''••'./ ' • • " The conclave will,start at 3 p. ni and Arthur M 1 . Brdwn, deputy for Connecticut 'of Uie" supreme council, will preside as : most illustrious Naugatuck has been selected as one o,C the communities in the state where reconnaissance agents will he located to work with the army ordnance department jn locating and disposing of unexploded bombs —in case'of. air raids it was announced today. The agents will 3)c trained by the army ordnance department. Among other towns and cities selected are Hartf'ord, Bridgeport, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Green• wich, Bristol, Stratford, Ansonia, Middletown and East Hartford. • HOLDINC ELECTION Fail River, Mass., June 11—(UP) —Nearly 3,000'employes of the Firestone Rubber and Latex Products compa'ny are-voting tKKla-y on their collective bargaining agent. The election,was .called-, by the National Labor Relations board, Full Understanding With Regard to Urgent Taska Is Reached. BRITAIN, RUSSIA i SIGN ASSISTANCE, POST-WAR AGREEMENT That Document Is Confined to Europe; Makes No Mention of Japan. ' Washington, June 11— (UP)— The United $J,ales and Great 'Britain have .promised Russia they'll worl; to open up a secpVid front in Ku-. rope thjp.'.ycar. ; President Roosevelt gave /America's pledge to S6vict Foreign Gom- miWar Molotov, -during a secret but momentous visit to Washington The formal announcement says they reached ,a "full understanding with regard to the urgent tasks .' -6C oi-eating a second European -front in 1942. n -. - : ' . :- 1 '/';Molotov gained u similar : -pie«|gb- ? from JJrHain during a wpck.of conferences in London— cnro.ulc, -to Washington. .British . Foreign Secretary' I5den made the* an'npunce- mcnt' to Parliament,: and disclosed that Britain and' Russia have' signed (Continued, on Page Eight) '' STATE '•«.*» V-^. -f*. .,;•'•' IN Owing to i,lu? v restrict tons-on gasoline and rubber the delegation from Naugatuck" Lodge-of Elks to Che annual- convention of Hie Connecli- cut Stale ISlks' 'association to be held in Torringlon Saturday la cic- ppotcil to be smaller 'limn 'usual. Past District Deputy Arthur W. Swan will head the loeo' dclcga;- tion of three members named by the local lodge. • > Frank M. Lynch, of West Haven, president of the association for j(MM2, has declined -to. accept••-the office'.for .another term owing, to pressing business duties. Arthur J. Roy, of NYlllin'iantrc lodge has been endorsed us a • candidate . for , the presidency by his home lodge ami by Norwich lodge. No other m.cni-• ber has announced his candidacy to date and- Mr.. Roy Is the probable successor to Mr. Lynch. I . The delegates and members or me order will cohipctc In gold matches Saturday morning and the business session wi'll be held In. the afternoon followed by a banquet in Uie evening. A . , .,,, % < The State Association of the blka grants three scholarKhips each.-year for deserving students to assist .them in completing, their college careers; one is for ^300, one .for $i'i5 an'J Hits other for $75./ These students will- appear before the convention to reoei-ve their awards. They are: First pri/A Uobert Gole'of N.ew London, a former patient .at bea- side sanitarium, NIantic, and now a Yale-student; second, Miss Margaret Mary Sullivan pf .Norwich, student at the Willinuintic State.Teachers , college, and third, John-H. Burns of Torringlon. •____ .' AMERICA'S AIR FORCE GROWING RAPIDLY NOW Washington, June li-(UP)--The army Airborne Command is p an- nlnga bolt from the blue against the^Axi's one of Miesc ciays. The sky force—simitar to Brit- alns famed commando army—is growing-up rapidly. The War department hos anwmncc-d .that m-, fanlry, Cavalry, and field artillery officers now may apply for assignment-to line -command as para- hute trainees, , •This move follows .the opening argc-soale training' of gl-ider pilots. .".'-•: dlidcrs for the Airborne Command soon'will be rolling in large quantities frorm three -major •air- aft 1'aclxjries. This air army wants only alert; acMve men! capable of hoc'oming ia'gjgrcsslvc individual fighlers, f of

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