The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1941
Page 7
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TOESDAT, FEBRUARY 11, 1941 ,, <ARK.) CpUBlER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D.a.ily rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per .line ....lOe T\vo times per line per day 08c Thre.e tunes -per line per dpy, ,USc Six .-tijiies per line per day...!.'ofa'c Month rsite .per -line ,6pc Card .,.. . charge 50c. & 75c Ads ordered for or six times and stopped be/pre expiration will be .charged for th,e Dumber of times' the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be eas - jy computed-from the above table Advertising ordered for irresular jnsernpns takes the one time rate JMo resppu?ibjjjty will be taken lor more tiaan one incorrect insertion .pi' any dassified' ad. For Rent USED CARS AT PRICES! SEE THEM TODAY! $335 $268 ..,., ,$479 $464 ......$545 38 Ford . ''85" .Coupe '87 Ford V-.8 '39 For^l Deluxe Tudor .... '39 Plymouth.' Deluxe Coach '40 ford "85" Tudor '38 Chevrolet Master Del. Coach '40 Ford .Qoiipc ..., •- fiu-uished rooms. -300 South Di- ; vision. l-pic-17 '34 Ford Tudor T,fin:ap!a.ue 3 room furnished apartment. New- 1 i.v .decorated, GOG .;Np. l^ifth StJ Mrs. Elma. C'rp.wder. lO-qk-ti- Single .bsdroom', Private" entrance,..! private" bath. 1103 'pbjly/ phone; Two or three room '-furnished'' apartments. 914 Hcarn. 8pk-3-8 .Convertible Coupe ... PHILLIPS MOTOR CO $125 For Sale 80 acres, ?h,e best of black sandy ; c;iun. Nice 5 rponi .house. New >arn. All fenced. yv%\ make •> bales •jodtou p?r k acre. $j>0 .acre aria" 12 /ears to pay. Notice MOVING^ & DBAYAGE \V<- take furniture lor Chancery Court for the CliJckusavv- District of Mississippi Coun'tv. . within thirty .clays " i . .of black Iqa^i. . 5 rooni house.. Burji, f teji- ai?t. ..houses. .Qoocj .Governnieat al- lotMti.t, Wijj ^nt ; fp;- $12 jj'er' acre :£h or ,co.p j^ei possession., $85 per e,, QUO. half down, balance hi \£ . . and am ww the complaint' , of "the .plftlntitls, Guy Burks,' Eddie Burks, Payne, Annio Lou pnvne . ' and .heirs at i,nv ' ,438 aw,e,s Sandy Ipani, 4 sets nice buil.dmgs. ,$30 per .acre'.' ,$4840 down, balance 15 years. A real .buy. Nice 6 roqin house, extra lot and .a good orchard on It. $350 cash, .$12,?4 .monthly. ' 5 room 'house on Heurn Street. All modern furnished. A real buy. We also ;have .some qf the fa.est lots in city for sale. KOMJSON & CAGJ.E '' 1,11 No. 2nd 1W.8 I 'have torn- registered males and two gins, Dnrocs for sale. Also, j for sewice, Wave Gold, the best male in the South. Major Little, Nor. -H%hwny 61. -IQ-pk-3-10 WE FIX ANVTIUNU <M.l >Vork OuaraiiUcd Jjjyjtheville ^yrailMre ,Co. , . of W. C. Burks and -Cornelia' Burks Help Wanted w »iy. hand us clerk oi' snld imel i.he sinvl UuTepi' on this I he 27th (toy O f Jmuiixry, 19^. »y Elizabeth Blythe, D C 0». W. -Bnrlmm. Ally, for pitf J. Graham £ diverted Into now c,uto;/,s. Several dredges 'were in completing the new cu w . year to wke the dvor sul^r tl , s Uoods. Government, officiate are waiting for n hlghiy- water nmvk to provide ,1'or ;nn\'lg(iUou ,J utilities t>e,- . forc divertln B lh<> nvo turned into now path }\. no loniw AV^I turn .uencl whore Quu, WiUium T. sent' about 45 '.steiynbosits lUoujjiuuJs. -of Union sql- who thpiigU.t they ty. Arkansas. Thomas Utiys, ,P.lalntsn\ vs. NO. 7413' --- , ---- , .., _ _ , 1-black 01t, .i-black white .spot Louise . Hllv «, - - ' . . J-.vvhite -Ho f .pots.| ' The defendant k .and wWU> hog. Owner > W ' \vanu;d to .«aAne ;by .fiay^ for advqrtl^ .clays in th, and feed .bUl. AV-.J. Overall, .1 .c (lp! io>o h<ivo «* IN TH^ CHANCERY .COURT -FOR , °aLed ih|. s t> 0 da 11 .\vj\s up the jSu.unawcr bend that t'ho NsxLc\hc^ and L W m.ude tlveir Inuioas , .in jjiiy, 4 i.87o,-'.U(»- Huvs of OP MISSISSIPPI CPU N-! •••--, 810 .and Desirable downstairs bedroom, private 'iiath, large closet. Couple preferred. Available March 1. Call 538 - 3-ck-tf __ One, 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. 615 Chickasawba. 8-ck-15 •.3 .rcpm furnished .apartment. .Utilities -'furnished. 713 Chickasawba. Phcne 592-W. 8-ck-U _ ELECTRIC & ACETYLENli y ippm furnished' .apartment. All cdnyeniences. .Adults pnly. 819 W. ^: 29-ck-2-28 .3 room furnished apartment ' 1.315 1 Wes,t '.Main. ' 23-ck-tf! Comfpr.table' .bedroom. 'Mrs -Noleix' 310 Walnut. l-ck-ti. ; I 3 room .unfurnished "apartment. Call •Mrs. -Edwin ',Robinson at 274-W. / ' • '• 31-cfc-tf [•.Comfortable bedroom. Phone 627•W. .6.30 -.Walnut. ' .30-ckftf I Available • .spoij.-^'lwo'-rqom"' office s.uite.., Windows .on - 'Main' street, ISiidbury-Bidg. Phone -No." One.""' ' • apartmehl--;' ^Js Two [.sonable, 1601 West Ash'street. __• •-*'' . '. 27-ck-t: Laa-ge.i3edr.oom. ywin beds. Steam f heat. Men preferred/ bprnei j Chickasawba and 10th. Phom j number 1. - 23-ck-ti | Deskable •bedroom, beds!"'Men p.i^ferred. aoiT \Vaiiut. Phcui 02- .' " " -25-ck-tf .Comfortable .bedroom >vitbin block of Rost Office. 301 North Broad*ay. Phone 970. " 24-i;k-tf Bedipoms — Apar.tment^ — %Steain heated, -Very best, .cheap. Pea- I body, ill E. -Main. " 23-ck-2-23 r.QQm iinfumished apartment. Either .upstairs .or dp\\Ti. Private hba.Ui. Lights, -.water, hot -water -fur.'ed, 1129 -W. .Ash, ,or phone : Ha, Hayti. .Missouri, 2pckti heatea bedropnis £eaj,i.tyres,fc Mateesses. Priyau u.i-x^.^ mid ciuse m. Phone 940- .after 5:30. 18-ck-ti for rent. Mrs. McMullin, .622 W. Main. 25-ck-t: Storage Space storage space for rent cheap. Raymond Smith Auto Parts. YOUR FKOM THE JJ&ED CAR DKALJER MISSISSIPPI C 0 U N T Y— YOUR CHBVROLBT OEAL EK. Sedan. -Only 19.37 Speoia 1 $129 .Qhevrclp.l Town Sedan for .... ........ Pqrd y.-8 Tudor. buy ........ Deluxe Qoiipe. -Bargain ....... ?839 Chevrolet Town Sedan ................ 1940 Chevrolet Tqdn S.e.&M). Lnrgt? .radio ____ $ 665 , Chevi-blet. Sport Sedan. ;B!a,ck ri»ii.-h. Driven only .13.000 A be?.'.i ( ,y! . Open Nights and Sundays G.M.A.C. Payment Plan LITTLE 1600 Acres cutoyer land for caab. 4 miles north ,of Arkansas tjtaw line .in Missouri. This deaj will ^iet .seme one .100 thousand dollars. See Rollison and Cagle at once if interested. ' iO-ck-13 HARV^y MORRIS, gicrk Bv — TY, ... ..,.._._. Burks. Eddie fii.u'.ks. Lhuiip i- C)l!Ulcif - p - pooppr. Ally.'for'*Pit! gay;\e. Annie ^ ou \Paj'ne -smd!- Pm '- v A- Wright,, Atty. ud Ltl-mn FTeddie -Koonce, Ueirs at Jaw of, 21-28-4-11 W ;P ; JS.urks ,& Cornelia Biu-fo,! „.._ ~- te - Dt S' N o. M , 8 ; fill Erase FamoiK Bend On Mississippi . E. F. Bogle, Earnesj, .Stcwai-.t. ;Mrs.. Earnest Stewail, .Clara, :P. (3. Worsley, Mrs. -P -O> • Mattie. Ma ' .MEMPHIS. Tenn. <UP)-The his- bend on -Hie Ml- Weldiiig EXPJERT WELOiNG .Large sturdy Dog House, aew paint, . and .sizable .portable dog pen. Cost ,S18 to .builci, both for $7,50 cash. Phone 930. Upright piano in good condition. Reasonable. Call 300. 6-ck-J.3 WANTED 194041 Loan Cotton ioyis APPLEBAUM BLYTHEV-IL-LE, ARK. Phone l{>7—-U) ]9 J07 S<>. 2nd St. P.qUpck, .Defendants. The De.fendants, ,Harj-j- TT—— : —.•; r __ * : MC •x/yijjaumiLiJ, iiarj-j- Stewart, Dry fireplace wood, .cook wo.pd andp 11 '^ Ha.n;y Stewart, Loiuiic Stew-' coal.-Phone 477 or 933. : -3-nk3-S art ' ^ n .e.o : 'Pollock and Mi-s ' Thco 3-pk3-5) art ' •'•rheo'Poiiock and Ali-s. Theo Pollock .and -unknown heirs of J. aud hcaw wpiiii»ir 1 v f.^ a - bl - e ^F- o - c er)e.s--meat?. De- | L, Tillman and "-wife.VA" K ^Tin- 1 SSlMW* \ «*%£**. f ° r '^V^.^I^^^^^J-Wca-r ln T "! c .j I!A ftif^ A^ : '••-•''. '-''". • • . .—±_l_ — \ WASR ' ; rrFppR~ * Vv- DON EDWARDS "Th«p» Typewriter Man" ROYAL. SMITH CORONA, ,\;ND RFJV^INGTON P.OR^MLlS Phone 19 or -1019 Expert Electric and Acelyksne WELDING F.ender and Body >Vprk and Lawn Mower Sharpening: D. W. CRAKFORD Dell, Ark. Repossessed & Tra^e-Ins v All Sizes .25 c up SHOUSE-HENRY HDWE. GLENCQE HOTEI, B.UJLDINO .p UONK . Wl (Every Transaction Mwat Be Satlafaotory) twcen New Orleans .{vncl.^St. Louis. There wece ^msvny >splendid rivca 1 of thy greatest' sldewheelers went In to put off piissR^gcriJ, or take t pn ,. But tjhe jBen.d will a WE 1V1 A K E CONCRETfe: -STOHM SEWER ~ ALL V. ,S, I-aney EU O«c*;ulu, Ark. EVERYTHING FQK YOUR OFFICE PHONK IMIONE Brewer Dentist BJytheville. Arkansas^, Specials! Extraction* - - - . $1,00 .F.ull Upper and Lower Plates $25.00 (Extractions Included) Try pur Barbecue RIBS They're Delicious Cle Hickory inn c on fiAL : m .eyeryiiflfc «f jfuo—Tnnlc cur to your car, JQY;NJSR PJ|/ (ft). 'V- S. HJfUw'tiy «l, North •.2'1-Hour L Scrvice FOK SALE- 6 room cottage, wjth sun parlor and ualh. Beautiful oonie on Ky. i!2750. Tcrini. 'J'JJC.ftlAS JLAND .CO .U. C. Campbell, FISTUJLA ° ne o bed and T of experioncc. our methods of -NUSS & N1FS Personal Arouse .Sluggish. Liver, work off -the ibile .to .rid yourself. ,of .constipa- •tipn, -gas pains, .and .that sour, punk feeling. .Take one box .of KIRB.Y'S ACTIVE LIVER PILL? juoaiis SMALL LQANS -On .Anything .of Value ALSO: Unredeemed merchandise at bargain prices. MAIN LOAN co. 3C6 E. Main St. 9-ck-2-6 Irpning Baby ^Chicks .Custom Hatching Maiilyn Hatcher>' Qurlts or Blankets......... 15c each Maytajr Washer—Dryirigr Room j Vfllic pell Green, behind City ice | Plant, «;W. 61 North. 9-c 1 - in -< Minnows for Sale Phone 742 ^' ^Blytheville^f^^ 8 ^^ i <? _i. n .1«; ! " ' ' ' " ' * • ' - ^^' Py8LIC SERVANT iKOEIZpjviTAL 1 Late jtp.PreTioHS Puzzle ^raba^sador .to ; 10 Meadow. .11 Crystal cavity in. stone. 12 Badly. 13-More crippled. 14-Faith : month. : 15,Containing .selenium- .17 Organ of hearing. 18 Afternoon meal. :19.Sc;entsd, 22 Three. 24 To cut whiskers. 29 Prompt. 30 Simpleton. SILukewcum .^^ , 32 One that totes. 53 His post .was 33'Wherefore. " 15 P_ertaining; to i satyrs. I j.6 j^ur.niture >yheels. . 20Lion. 21Todii\e. 22 Soaring. 'Q ;3fOleoresip. 35 To appear. $379 37Weapon ' $339 $485 25 Steering apparatus. 26 Monkey. 27 Vigor;" 28 He \vas once a journalist _pr — '•-. . -^-.--'---fT- 36 Four plus 11 Grain. loods. 2,Jar. three " " ii Bipod inone3 r . 3 To -depend- 37 Stranger 46vStreet car. '1 Twentjvfour 39 Bear 48 Plant ;hairs. , hours. constellation. 48 Colonist ni 5 One -who ogles 40 Flyin«- ? '" " Africa. . 6 Wiid duck. mammals oO Part of flower. 7 Dwelling.' 42 Ell.' """.* 52 East Indian 8 To become 43 Too. the .same. 44 Hair tool. 9 Eagle's nest. 45 To sway 12 He-was a dizzily.' roost —-T- aid 47 Fabled, fisli. ,5i Irle \xas .an honored, — envoy. . 7- ' ' • * 'T*V»* '* -t <*Ult.U. J to the British 49 Sheep's't government. 5.1 Note (upscale. BY ROY C1L1N 15 YOUR <»OM-'6 - AH - MOlSCRETlpN I' POLmcS.HE HIS MQTHEtl DIE WHEN HE WAS BORW rriJUA«; WOULD NOT SHOOT H^« VT \$ WOT-TRUE! IT CAMT.BETRUE! PROVIDED), you ARE ' IS THERE KJOTH1KS1 CAW DO TO . HIM? /- . GENERAL OOP/ .QUEEN BOY, HAPN . T H EM , vou MOsr VEUCOME TRVIMG <3PQD NJK3MT; ^ GQpO NfQHr, BUD/ ^~ * -— * WE ENJOYED JUST-THIMK IP ID PAID AM/ ... ...,._ THAT NfoTlCE»ASKIN6 ME TC) REFORJ- TO C O M WE' VOJLDfcJT j-i^V£ SEEN ~U^F LAST PICTURE.' PICTURES VERV NOTHING 'Dp, -7WAT oirnp TH 1 DUCHESS "REALLY DEAD —

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