The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 6
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t.-.?.7;.j NET'S Clubs? Well, Not Bad, In All Star Ball Gam« JUTY 5, IS34 IRI-Slf TIM Slar Heads Impressive l.o- c:il Array in loiinwinionl More July 1.4-15. CiOlfC'i'.S il'Olt! Alh:lllSfi. c , Ml-'.^HIli nnd Tf-mu-xsf-e who r-c,ni|x:-ie in ilie Tri-Sialo i:olt ininnnim-nt :il HIP filyllir-vitii- rail' 1 .'.-'.' rluli .Inly l-l-l"i| will fu'.fl i: [oniiid:ih!f [in::\ of lo-; cal fUini in eh:<l!-.-n;c iln-ir litlei quest. The loiuiy.iniem will in-1 elude 1'i I'.olc'. of u'.rdnl nl:.y uiili 3il of !!.:• mini |ih,v«l ::•• :i <;!l:ill- I (viii'i lOiiiui hui I'l.iniMi,- in Mii- I tiliul :.<"llv Hlf-Vill'-'S ./Au'will h:- W. t\. 'Mll- Jlle 11 Diiwi-ll. -lie,:-nnl:,i,-- i.rl!:,i | v.liu niovfil hi-n- h'liin v/nlniii i Hid&:< 1 liming (!u- v'itih-!. AI-.I, iii-j rlllil'-d III llii ijU'^.MVc- l!l:f--np 01 ICiril ;:<illcis v.'ill III' lull]! C:iu- ciill, Univi-r;.Uy of Mi^onri v;ii *nv slnr. anil I.oo l.iniwnich. yonihriil c-li:iM|)inn nf lln> local dull. l)n\vi-IL on (lame I Di>])iic' il'.e p.-fsenc'- of liijjhly j ir.twl -JOUSTS licin Memurih i-n,! I clhcr |xnn(y ubo :i:c e:-:i;eci;'d lo Ciller llic event yimn:: Dii'-vcll !% almost t.-'-ririiii !o rule a fnv<>r!te to win. In r.-i:liiy nwr-ll would Imvc liec-n drlriiriin.' eli;ini|j:nn hrul nel ihr- loiirnev In en i-nliii'ii'd c-;ist .Mibinuii i-vciii -ii :i Omr- Mnic-3 (iirnlr. llnv.-'ll won HIP ic.s- ter UnniK-y liclii \v-tf lusi your while playlni; under Ihe iMnner ol HIP Jon«.<a)oro counliy chili. Rinn- transfer of lii.s nlioslnnce \i, die, local club Dou'elt h:is proved 1)1:111 lie is il»clilcdly on his e . :um :)I1( ] icndy lo »t n txn ( I!K rr- rcnt showing in Oie Arkansas slnlr- Rolf loiiriianieni. :ii uttl" nock v;iien lip wus rinnipr-ii;! 10 Cin 1 - lii Collier, Pml Kmilli. lir..'. r.^r- tatnly di'irai'inl noiliini- iiniu Uowcll's Rliaiicr-s for c'opplnu lli«' riciH here. Caudill, I.inl7rnlcli nn Il.iml Young Caucill! was ninnoi-np lo Dowf-11 In ihe toiirnainoiu here last .siimnur. Dtm-ell mill C:iudlll tied over HIP regular 72 Imle romp nnd a phyolf was iicrcsfury with Dowell winning. Sluci 1 linti lime CHiiclill hfu 1 ; hail n sea-son of play vvilli llir MI=.wniri university vur- sliy itiDt nmy IIHIT p.lvon him Just Ihe lonrnnmcta r-xix-rlcnu- Hint, he needed to sicp nut in from. • I Inlf.enich. n annilT Memler youlli, Is strictly n Iioine-in.idc pinilnul.j H'j even diet :i lluic cnddyini; at! onr time bill soon became sudi 1 a par-?hatlering ix>rformfi- thai • lie forsook c.lul) tarrying for c-hib- wiclcling. ..rra.-ary is ynnni; zenich's lonq suli. lie smothered Revolt 11. <lw in win the elnlj tliiin^ffin-si'ip Isf.i Mil am) ii;);, co^-ijte^.lo' inied nt-ar [he top in micr-clii!) voiirncy::'. Hh l.ile.'.i tiCllICVPlllGlll A'uS 111 Hull 31, (Hi: heat at SiVc-slon. Mo., wliere he , l et a new course vecortl. ' . . Vclersns In Killer nesVies Ibe trio of yonlliful stars tlie 'Ulyihevillc club Mill lins-e u crark sijiKiil of nldor licuils to Iliriw ngain.U Ihe Invnden:. Any one of tlie. group 'inny Rive Ihe' vUlnrs plenty of tvoublc if on his gnnie. The locnl club tins tioi lest an Intor-club loiiinnmciii, this year. 1 -'Wlillo Ihe approacliinf! Til- j Suite,' tourney h nere'ssarily (in in-| dividual golfer's lest (he Incnl .club I believes il will hnve reprwi-nln- 1 lion al Jlie loji when llic cnrils are in. Trophies will Iw awarded first ai.'J second place winners in e.ich of three flights in Hie loiiiiiamenl f.'_ irophy \vill nl^o ix- mvarded ilu> Uinnint; lenui of u foin-nien ie;nn (-vent. Tlie liimlifyiiii; round may be played mi S.Uimiay. July n il (I(sired. 'llic p.ri':iu»,t. mlleotlrui n[ Aiiierlcnn nnd Nnllon:,! Ifnw playei., of ISIIH v/ill liglil il mil Kiinurrinv lit (In- Polo Crountls, Nev; York, for l):iscl::ill Mi]ireuii,'cy of Hie major.-;. .lin Crunlii. innniiRcr of tin- WasliliiRlon Kennlors. will inlut Hie Aiin'rlrau enlry. mid Jlill Ti-iry, linv; of llic Cilains, will inniiii^c Ihr- Iwy.-. nl ili:> olilei Iwiji. Alxwr I.; Hie |!i-immi(il or Hi:- ivvn ti-a:iis. Oilier players in llic Aini-iican M|iind ure: Al Kiminiins nnd Knl A\v:lll, oiilllcid.rr.s; flill Dlukny mill lllel: Fi-rrell. iruelit-i-:: Monie Weaver. l-'i-l-rh. il Tommy, |.-n lk -, Mailx>rry. Willi.-, Iliidlin uiicl Earl Whltelilll, pitchers, nnd Hill Knickerbocker. Jimmy Foxx and Jimmy Dykes, tnfielrters. Additional National leao.tie players iin< .)oi' Medwicl: and Piiul Waner. niilflelders; Al I/>pez and Jimmy Wil'ion. tatchr-vs; l)i//y Dcnn. l.osi Winnefce. Van Mungo nml Fivil Franklionsp. pitcher.';, and I'ipK-r Mai tin and Travis .lackson. infielriers. Plio Ex.dianip Takrs A. Liulo "Kklding" jBahe Ruth Hits Homer; ; (lards Split, Cults and I Bucs Divide. j The Oloms and | lin Yankees I cnn yesterday and Nev. 1 York, Kllli 1 , l:oth JLn iiinjor loasiuo clulw lead-; ling the way, continued lo si I :v>- ivnely atop Ihe big time circuits. The Yankees defeated the Wash- i;:ylon Senulors C to rj aL N York. Balw Rulh celenralfd his 21sL yenr in baseball by hitting a i' run and double. I>.-fhonfi v.enL ihe roulo for the Ynji'us. Weaver was ilie losing plleher. Tlie Cleveland Indians climbed back Info the Jlr;-.l rilvhlon by rte- fraling Die t;hieago V/hile Sox in I wo gcmer, nt RlAVPland. The scfjivs were f, lo 1 nnd 10 lo 5. Ifudlin and 1'earson were (he. win- ring hurlers. Motion's Red Sox defeated the r)iiladel|ihia Alhlelics In two cnn- , tf-sls nt Boston. Tlie scores were , 7 to 4 and 7 (o 2. Koxx. Mack I nrM baseman, hit his 25th snd Sfllh homers of the season. John sr-n hit his 25th. H. Johnson and O.stermneller were the winning phchers. The Detroit, Tigers trounced the St. Louis BIOWIIS S to 4 at be Iroit. Two errors by Melillo Himui second baseman, proved rosily. Rowe relieved Nfarbcrry and was credited with the tri-' 1 innph. He got two hits and scored otin run himself. The Nnw York ninnts and Brooklyn Dodger/-, broke even in" two games at Brooklyn. The Giants won. 2 to o, with Fr«d Fitz- .simmoiL'i boldlng tlie Dodgers lo Ihree lilts. 7,achary was the losing hnrli-r. Tlie SI. Louk Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds split two games at, St. Louis. The Cards won the first, 0 to 1. with ,)erom Dean In the winning role. In ihe SPC- nnd Ihe ncdlegs arose in the third lo score six runs and knock Paul Ctan off the mound. Frey was ihe winning pitcher of an 8 to 4 Cincinnati triumph, Chlcaso'.i Cubs defeated llio Plllsbiirgli Pirates 13 to 3 nfter Ihe Burs hurt counted Ihe first win In a double bill, II lo 4. Blrkofer ' of the Burs and Weaver nf Ihe Cubs were ihe winning pitchers Hartnett and f'nul Wniier hli limners. Moore, an Didian pitcher, started his first «fimc for the Phillies and lurned back the Boston Braves. r> 10 :i. Moore ullowed 10 nils lie did in)! give up ,, ] KISO O ' u balk. l!r,n,-ii was um i a<; | n? pltchf-r. Ore. (UPj -_ Tlip .'late loday as; licit t>. licensed winery. The new plain, win tiirn onl i.100 gallons daily. Number Eight Defeats Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25e Nile 7:15. in-3!k ' '«&-" "^ -'^ - v'^^T^ - : ' - >u nl - s u iKUiess ^-i, l^^fe^fKft^-^V V-' ' V- i'- nlmo'-t cost, liiin Ihe i;ame. Ili B - ^., • ilon':. homer in Hie . eighth" with! Wnn 2 Hares In Rrrord Hea( 1 „ .- _. , t< „ lv ™ "" s* 1111 " 1 »"! contest. i <5- r , nnio vf n ,T,n, ., ,n I Steele Club, 11 to 7 r ^ ] "^ m •' lllls nn Number HiRhl ball club defeat- i in u rointli of July game'. . S „ l.l::.-fT 01 Niimter -Klilu allow- ; die .Joyce, won a uvo mile race j | ami a mi!o and a half race, boys 1 1 ! marallioii afTalrs, inside of two! r.l only nvc l.ils bul his wlldness Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Tskl.Tsk! Tvra huskies tike Max Ilaer and .lack Dcrapscy indnlgins i in briby -inlk! Jiisi because Jack is to .become a papa soon. Mnxi: lU'fu tries in nil Hi- him by piesenliiiK hi:« wish cifls'for Ihe expected j h-.-li 1 . '1'lus \\:vs !U ;i ij.iby sho\ver .slaved tor tin- foimei 1 ciianip a'.-' New Ynik'B Hiork Club. Champion Claimant and Veteran Match Skill Toiiightll Kelley Loses on Harry Kol ley Dav; Barons, Look. ouls Win Two. kir Pedigo. reputed ;placed him. will mect.nn unknown of juinor mldillevrelgiu j newcomer. Hammei'lock • John is of the world, will njitko ; ihe awe-insntiing naiiic of, Ihe.nn ii^ second appearance in ;i lily-tkr.own. II will probably take- more Seville rill? lonishl when he takes i than a Ions: name to worry Welch, on the veli'i-aii Uay Myers al however, who usually hns the lihb- Ibley Field. .il. here at tost, of Mulshing the Podlsn made His .MMH here last' ^.'- vs ofr " ^ ro "G'> t'e.itment. Mondnv wlicji he tlifposed of Chief ;, hoy : V'°,, " tor two -. .\iriuelic. indinn wrestler, in two !. hl "7 fnlls - wil1 '; :ln hollr ltmtl :.ii-aluln falls, ivrtigo lurnetl the il 1 ""• ' nick -.viih oppaieni eabe. nsini; olytheVllle (TOUtlCCS . .' his kniTOli-di'.e of the uatne ac-"' a \'fnu(\ of H years win The Uttle nock Trnwlers and Memphis Chirks splii uvo n. at Memphis yesterday and Die Chicks continued lo lead Hie second half race In tlie Southern As- socintlon. The Rocks and Vo!s are tied for second plncc. The Chicks lost n 5 to 4 decision lo the Travelers with Kelley in the losing effort and Schuessler ihe winning pitcher. The Chicks won the second game wltli Swayze relieving Bayne to get credit for the victory iind Sharpe the losing hurter. H v:as "Ham- Kelley" day at Memphis. The Volunteers divided Uvo Eames with the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans took the first fiame. 4 lo 0. and the Vols Ihc second, 4 to 2. Tlie Chattanooga Lookouts defeated . the Knoxvllle Smokies in Wo games at ChatUnooga. The scores were 1 to 0 and 6 to 5. Unke was the winning pitcher of the first game hurling duel and Moon was the loser. Moon held the Lookouts to four hits, onlv to lose. The Birmingham Barons won two games from the Atlanta Crackers. The scores were 3 to 1 and 13 to.5. Scott, former Uni-.m „ 111WJ verslty of Alabama star, made his four hits Redmond" Ini for the debut as i Baron hurlcr in the circuit In ihe second game !:.!! lie quickly Oli|iased of th, 'i;ni ench unii\ In Myers the IMACk.-mllh Ue moeliiv,: a valuer v.lio i;: old heart al the game who nmy bo able lo ma'.cli as well as siienr.lli wilh the .«o- culled rhauijiion. They are *-l:u- pd for the % niSuiitc or le.v. l\vo mil of Ihrco foils toutc. i'rdiso " m !: lllsn • anil and Clyde c-tl [in ^tj? mound Lor Lutes Whim,. : ,i,d ThonipMosi dlviil- i i:it«.ii. ; i iiores lor Blylliei A" lux will chare lis own tail and em cm ions capers in 'lie pvcs '• of mblilts. ihat WC m .l-ancert by the comedy imlil un over Myers in '90 mim'iU-, [?,'* ." ll: ' sh by I1ll% ''» fhmiB« their on-| '•' ""I 10 ^i-«iv L " r N' 1 "--. Want Ads. i-fcoul four years aco in ly meeting acco.ding lo Pedl E o. ; ,, CiU| In a preliminary match Ro.v' ----.. Welch, who ralrs as n favorite public enemy of wrestling fans hero niilfci Bill Ilnmiicut hns re- game and outpiichcd Schmidt n mound duel, giving up but EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co'. »>• Horarf WakcllclJ Old Car CFOOC! Enough? Say, just ride, in a '34 YOU'LL change your mind about holding on to.the old car the very first time you get behind the wheel of a Nineteen Thivty r four. Are these new jobs smooth and smart and comfortable? And can they "1 ravel"? I'A'on il' you aren't going to buy at present, you should read the automobile advertisements appearing in this newspaper. It's an excellent way' to keep HI) to date on what: the-spring salons are showing. There are important developments in-styling and engineering—interesting features pictured and described—which contribute to new riding and driving ease, new safety, bca,uty, and ,e-c-o-n-o-m-y. Economy is an important point in these messages from leadnig automobile manufacturers. \ . Exceptional values, long life, unusual freedom:'from repairs, low fuel and oil'.'corisumption! Ecoviomy is'the • reason they advertise in this newspaper, for here they can.reach you and many other logical and intelligent car buyers at a minimum cost per person. Read the advertisements in.this newspaper as an economy 'measure. They save time, energy, money ... and even now are pointing out that owning a luxurious, up-to-the-minute .motor car is often more economical than maintaining an old one. America's R<>s( Mystery Slory! • ParamoiiiH News Broadviiy Hrevity — "Story" Conference" with Lillian Roth Tuesday - Weds, , CANoWOMAlii ' * • '' ' * Tl«t woman 4«i .:/: fvntil the man -she - A FOX PICTURE wit HELEN TWELVETREES ALICE FAYE Produced by WINF.EID SHEEHAN Difected by EDWIN BURKE Paramount News Musical—"(injrij, | 0 Heaven" Willie Hopper Cartoon— "Heducing Crcme"

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