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The Brattleboro Reformer from Brattleboro, Vermont • 3

Brattleboro, Vermont
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THE BRATTLEBORO DAILY REFORMER, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1922. 8 NEGROES LOOKED UP. it- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS mats line first Insertion; fift line each subsequent Hull tn AItum. Mininram Charge, 20 cento. McKay Hardware Co.

Formerly Teller McKay FOR SALE. WANTED. Gang of Eight front Wthningtsn Held Over Night in Greenfield. A gang of eight Negroes who bad been employed at Wilmington, arrived in Greenfield Sunday night. They claimed that they -had lmd some trouble in receiving their pay and had left their jobs and were going South.

They were taken in. charge by the police department and detained in the lockup but were released and ordered out of town next tnorning. Among the fisher folk of Cornwall no woman is allow-ed to whistle or bad uck will sorely follow. ANTED Yellow-eye beans. Grocery Co.

188-tf FOR SALE One horse, weight LJOO. EJ. Fairbanks. 244-tf FOR SALE Six geese. Emil Schatz-mann, Ames- Hill, 247-249 FOR SALE Second hand riage.

Tel. 287-R. baby car- 244-tf FOR SALE Hard mixed wood. F. E.

Gammeli, 'Phone 211-12. 203-tf FOR SALE Good working driving horse. 1100lbs. 'Phone 294-Y. 247-250 FOR SALE Soft wood slabs, $4.50 a load.

Holden ft Martin Lumber Co. 19-tf WANTED I. a undress at the Melrose Hospital. TeL 201. WAITED An experienced cook and woman to assist in kitchen.

44 High St. 247-tf WANTS! Competent woman for general housework. Mrs. J. R.

Ryder, phone 190. 247-249 WANTED Man to take care of sidewalk on Canal street. Address Box 804, Brattleboro. 247-249 ANTED Practically all kindB of tft and hard wood logs. Holden Martin Lumber Company.

205-tf $1-25 per for work. Dix 170-tf WANTED Brick masons, $125 i ready dd, Vt. Ji ft Staples, iring -tools Springfle Special for Christmas FOR SALE A nice driving horse. Inquire 46 Maple St. Tel.

446-W. 233-tf FOR SALE Pie apples, 75c. per bu. or $2 per bbl. Order by 'phone 213-22.

242-247 FOR SALE Furniture and ranges, new and second-hand, at J. B. Dunton's, 162-tf Christmas Gift Suggestions Tools of Quality- wiii Please the Boy Who Is Meclianically Inclined. Hammers, Saws, Chisels, Wrenches, Hand Drills, Hatchets Sleds, Skates, Air Rifles, Flashlights, Lunch Kits Vacuum Bottles Knives, Scissors, Safety Razors, Watches Alarm Clocks, Family Scales FOR SALE Hard dry wood, $12 a cord. H.

N. Newcomb, Guilford, Vt. Tel. 17-16. 215-tf WANTED Cylinder press feeder, experienced, $15 to start, opportunity to advance.

Vermont Ptg. Co. 421-tf WANTED Stenographic position by young lady. Graduate of Brattleboro Business Institute. Tel.

349-R. 245-249 exchange A 150-acre dairy and apple farm for Vermont farm W. P. Carter, Buckland, 246-251 with timber. (Mass.

FOR SALE Montreal racer sleigh, newly painted, also Stevens shot gun. Tel, 807-11. 241-247 FOR SALE Dodge touring car, railroad watch, wrist watches. C. L.

Howe. 117 Main St. 240-tt FOR SALE One pair work horses, weight 2800. Frank Underwood. Ches- terfield, N.

H. 247-253 FOR SALE Kitchen range, sewing machine and hall stand. Inquire during day at 22 Grove St. 188-tf FOR SALE Five-weeks-old thoroughbred Chester White pigs, $4 each. L.

O. Bogle, Tel. 319-5. 245-250 FOR SALE Bard wood and timber on the stump, one cord or more. F.

E. Ga mmell, 'Phonfr 211-12. 236- tf Beginning Monday, Dec. 18th, and until Christmas, we will sell for cash at our store or delivered anywhere in town sack of John Alden (bread flout) sack of Cutters Best (pastry flour) BOTH FOR $2.00 OR barrel, cotton, Larabees Best (bread flour) barrel, cotton, Cutters Best 25 pounds Sugar THIS ASSORTMENT $10.00 We have a full line of feed, hay and grain, including the Milk Grains, also the Wirthmore and the Park and Pollard Poultry feeds. Ask for a copy of the Park and Pollard 1923 Poultry Year Book.

Brattl Crain Co. 125 Elliot Street Phone 927 110 MAIN STREET NORTHFIELD, MASS. Death of E. S. Putnam.

Emerson S. Putnam, 77, died at the home of T. A. Clark, where he boarded, Monday. He was a native of Cambridge.

and lived there until ,15 years ago, when he moved to Willianisville and later, to this town. His wife, who was Annie I Huntley of Cambridge, a few years! ago. He leaves one brother, Fred W. l'utnnm of Willifttoh, also three daughters. Mrs.

G. N. Kidder and Mrs. Alvin George of this town, and Mrs. F.

B. Washer of Greenfield. The funeral will lie held at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Kidder, Wednesday at 2 pi Rev. F.

W. Pnttison offi- cinting. Burial will take place in the Centre cemetery. Mr. Putnnui was a traveling salesman and an auctioneer all his active life.

He held nn honorable war record. He enlisted in 1864 with Company First-Vermont cavalry, serving until the close of the war. He was engaged in the battle of Cedar Creek and with Gen. Custer1 and Gen. Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley campaign.

The las! engagement in which he served was at Appomattox, where 'Gen. Lee surrendered. Mrs. A. G.

Moody spent the first of the week in Boston. Miss Violet Kelley, who has been convalescing all the fall at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair Sutherland, went to her home in Watertown Saturday. Mrs.

Fred C. Merrifield went last week tV Providence to visit her son. Paul William, a student at Brown university, and Miss Phoebe. Williams. She will then go to Philadelphia to visit her son.

Miss Ma.ud Hamilton, who has been in charge of the collection of the ('dollar contributions for the' Seven Womens Colleges of the Orient, announces the receipt of $140. A separate contribution is being gathered at Northfield seminary. The Mothers' society met at the home of Mrs. W. It.

Moody Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 13, with 14 present. Mrs. Mary Spencer led the devotions. Christmas stories were told by Mrs.

Ellis Genevieve Alexander recited, Mrs. Moody sang Christmas songs, and refreshments were served. Winslow Black, 83, died at the hospital in Leominster Saturday- For 25 years Mr. Black conducted a thriving shoe repairing business in this town and much of the time lived at G. N.

Kid-ylers. He gave faithful and genial service. Three years ago he went to live with his niece, Mrs. H. E.

Bass, in Leominster. The annual meeting of the Woman's Relief corps was held Friday at Alexander Memorial hall. A diuner was served at noon to 20. including the H. II.

Johnson post, G. A. R. The following officers of the corps were elected Mrs. H.

M. Bristol; 8. V. Mrs. II.

H. Chamberlain J. V. Mrs. E.

51. Lazelle chaplain, Mrs. 51ar Doolittle treasurer. Mrs. J.

A. Steb-bins conductress, Mrs. J. E. Nye guard, Mrs.

J. R. Hamilton delegates to the state contention, 5Irs. Bessie Mrs. E.

M. Lazelle. The iost elected their officers also though only three members were able to be Their officers are; Commander. J. R.

Hamilton; S. V. Isaac L. Thomas; J. V.

Alonzo W. Wheeler: adjutant, F. H. Buffum quartermaster. It.

H. Hamilton; chaplain, patriotic instructor and delegate to the department encampment, F. H. Buffum alternate delegate. E.

S. Putnam. The two orders will hold a joint installation the third Friday in Jiuuuury. WANTED Right away, neat appearing men in a well-known business where pay is good, advancement rapid. Must furbish good reference.

Call for Mr. Meader, 80 Clark St. 24T253 WANTED Good, all around married man to work on tobacco farm and in warehouse. Work year around. Apply at once, Thomas A.

Nolan, Hatfield. Mass. Tel. Hatfield 65. 247-249 WANTED All kinds of live poultry.

Will pay top-notch prices. Let us know and well send our truck. J. Small Sons. 90 Cochran Chicopee Falls, Mass.

Tel. Chicopee 293-M. 227-tf CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LECTURE. (Continued from Page One.) real man, is not subject to chance nor change. He is as changeless as his eternal Principle.

He is not the victim of lack nor of limitation. He reflects the infinite abundance of Spirit or God. He is not Roomed to decrepitude and dissolution. He exists forever at the eternal noontide of being. He is always at the standpoint qf limitless opportunity, activity, and supply.

Material Misconceptions. From) the material point of view man seems to be nothing bdt an organism, with a onkid inside of ij. a mere machine controlled by a supposed Intelligence, which is -invisible and which has never satisfactorily explained bv human philosophy. may be thinking, Why, thp Explanation very simple. The brain seat of the mans intelligence, and k.

-through tjhe' nervous system, controls and regulates the functions and faculties, the movements and actions of the human body. But what made the brain intelligent? What gave it the power to think and to direct activity? Who has ever seen the intelligence that is supposed to be In the brain, und how do we know that it is Many people in the Orient believe the seat of. intelligence to be in the stomach and it might just as well be there as the brain, for there is no essential difference between the kind of stuff that constitutes the stomach and that which constitutes the, bVain. Under chemical analysis they would both yield exactly the same product. The difference, then, is one of belief only and the fact is that neither the brain nor the stomach can originate the least bit of real intelligence.

Even slight recognition of the unreality of matter is of great practical value in everyday, human experience. Take, for example, the question of disease which occupies the attention of so many people so much of the time. In the treatment of disease, knowledge of the unreal nature of matter helps, one to see that pain and suffering are not Condition of matter, but of thought. To know this is to take the first step in the direction of the permanent eradication of disease. If, ns Mrs.

Eddy says, there is no sensation nctr intelligence in matter, it is obvious (hat matter cannot be sick or in pain, nad that if there seems to be a sense of pain or illness, it must be in thought, and not in the body. This fact having been discerned, the futility of treating thought conditions, or mental states, with material remedies becomes evident. How impossible it would be to remove an erroneous mental condition by the use of drugs, mineral water, mud baths, or even by means of a surgical operation. every day adds to the list of mental causes for disease admitted by physicians. Among the mental causes for sickness that have been recognized by physicians are fear, worry, hatred, and anger.

To these Christian Scientists would add envy, jealousy, greed, dishonesty, and all flagrant and subtle phases of sin. Mrs. Eddys Leadership. After Mrs. Eddy discovered this Science of Christian healing, she demonstrated its truth in many wonderful instances of healing through spiritual power alone.

She then wrote and published the great text-book of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and other books on the same subject. She later established the system of spiritual teaching and healing which is rapidly extending into all parts of the world. She founded the Mother church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, which includes all the activitieo of Shis worldwide movement, and of which all other Christian Science churches are branches. She provided this church with a Manual of by-laws, which, she says, if followed in letter and spirit, will prove adequate to guide this great movement throughout all time. Hie wisdom, courage.

faithfulness, consecration, and inspiration of Mrs. Eddy's leadership nre daily becoming more apparent and better appreciated. If SPECIAL NOTICES. FOR SALE To settle an estate, three building lots in Oak Grove section. price $400 each.

Edgett Co. 247-251 FOR SALE-2-Second-hand buffalo coat two second-hand dress suits, size about 40. Carl F. Cain, Tailor. 240-tf FOR SALE Rochester Oak heating stove.

Burns all kinds- coal. Dandy heater. Used two seasons. Tel. 434-X.

242-247 FOR SALE Lumber, dimension timber, board and shingles. Sawing and planing. B. L. Perry, R.

8, Brattleboro. 64-tf DRESSMAKING. 62 Birge St. Tel. 1038-M.

DR. BAILEY, Chiro it 208 ber Bloek. Tel. 10 NEGLECT is responsible for more than 50 per cent of your motor trouble. i Mr.

Electro-serve HAVE YOUR MOTORS and equipment inspected and repaired. We buy and sell new and used motors and transformers. INFANTS LAYETTES, children' fine sewing, knitting and embroidery. Tel. B78-M.

183-tf I AM PREPARED to saw wood of any kind with gasoline engine. J. B. Bolster, Tel. 164-Y.

233-250 SANDERS BBAUTT SHOP. Room 16, Crosby Block. Swedish scalp and Violet Ray treatments. Tel. 809-1 140-tf CALL UP 446-W for your painting1 and papering; all work guaranteed.

Wall paper. William Shaw, 46 Maple St. 58-tf "MASON WORK, building and cleaning chimneys a specialty. I do out-of-town work. E.

Cavanaugh, 188 Elliot St. 'Phone 209-J. 95-tf BARGAINS IN MAGAZINES Most favorable terms on single subscriptions or on reduced club rates. Send for booklet. Brattleboro News Co.

1-tf AMERICAN BOY ATHLETIC OUTFITS Practical and attractive gift sets for red-blooded America(n boys, consisting of aseball sets, Football sets. Boxing Gloves and Playground sets and Golf sets for children from three to ten years OTHER GIFTS Stainless Steel Jackknives Stainless Steel Carving Sts Stainless Steel Table Knives Stainless Steel Table Forks Stainless Steel Table Cutlery Empire Jackknives Wiss Shears and Scissors Universal Vacuum Bottles Universal Lunch Kits Universal Percolators Universal Tea Ball Tea Pots Universal Toasters Universal Electric Irons Universal Electric Heaters Universal Curling Irons Pyrex Ware and Holders Eveready Flashlights the complete line, including the long-lived Eveready batteries Winslow Skates Spalding Skates Shoe Skates for men and women the finest line ever shown in Brattleboro. Hockey Sticks, Spalding make Hanson Scales buy her one for Christmas, they are good ones Autostrop Fafety Razors the best shaving instrument I know of priced from $1 to $17.50 Gillette Razors, Gem Razors, Eveready Razors, Penn Razors, Durham Duplex Razors, Straight Razors and razor accessories Twinplex Razor Stroppers Good Fishing Tackle always acceptable Carpenters Tools, Machinists Tools, Automobile Tools all standard lines and every one fully warranted. Genuine Stillson Pipe Wrenches, G. T.

D. New Model Pipe Wrench, CoeS Wrenches, P. S. W. Wrenches Yankee Screwdrivers, Good-ell-P a 1 1 Screwdrivers, Stanley and others Tools for nearly every purpose, including one of the most necessary but seldom used snow shovels.

The above are suggestions for Christmas Gifts there are others in this little store that may interest you call and look em over. CHAS. F. MANN $8 Main TEL. S8 S8 Main FOR SALE Ford touring car or will exchange for good horse weighing 1100 or 1200.

'Phone 222 or 131-J. Hugh Agnew. 237-tf FOR SALE Bed, cot, table, stand, chairs; hardwood tool cabinet or good kitchen cabinet. G. W.

Cushman, 70 Flat St 246-251 FOR SALE An ideal Christmas gift, Scotch Collie puppies, at special Christmas prices. D. W. Allen, Newfane. Tel.

24-13. 244-tf FOR SALE Fowls and chickens dressed and delivered also a quantity of No. 1 maple syrup. H. L.

Millington. West Brattleboro. 21 9-tf The Smell of Smoke always acts as a warning that there is a fire somewhere. But it comes too late for the man without insurance. Dont wait until y.ou smell smoke.

Insure now! The Geo. M. Clay Agency General Insurance IS AT YOUR SERVICE Tel. 580-W FOR SALE Fifty cords good green wood, sawed any length, $12j s' cords of dry No. 1 wood, $15.

also 40 G. T. PLEASANT, PROFITABLE, perma nent business chance offered reliable representatives. Write The Knight, P. O.

Box 85, Rutland, Vt. 243-250 son, 'phone 314-25. AUTOMOBILE STORAGE. Automo-biles plaeed in dry storehouse and cared for during winter. $1 per week, dead storage: 'JoKff' g.gthlth Co.

246-260 DOLLS, new dolls, wigs, and shoes essed. Bring your doll problems to Mrs. Rodney Wheeler, 60 Central 8 to 12 a. m. Tel.

195-W. 227-tf HONEY Buckwheat and Clover in 5-pound pails $1 a pail postpaid a sensible Christmas gift, guaranteed absolutely pure and satisfactory. Also bee keeper supplies. Riverside Bee Yards, Scotia, N. Y.

244-262 MAGAZINES AT LOWEST PRICES Write me about what magazines you want for the coming year. I can get them for you at money saving prices. Mrs. G. M.

Love, Magazine Specialist, South Newfane, Vt. Utf MEN AND WOMEN attendants wanted for State Hospital service $44 per month and maintenance to start, with regular increase. If interested, write for application form to Dr. R. H.

Hutchings, Superintendent Utica State Hospital, Utica, N. Y. 245-247 FOR SALE -8 to 10 weeks pigs, $4.50 each. These are all large growthy pigs, weaned and eating. C.

M. Tubbs, Putney road. Tel. 311-4. 240-250 FOR SALE Work, mare, good one, weight 1100, 8 years old.

For further information see D. Jacobs, West Brattleboro. 'Phone 13-31. 243- tf FOR SALE Small white bed with mattress and springe, been used less than a year also a ladys black fur coat in good condition. Tel.

S2S-J. 246-249 FOR SALE One two-yeaY-old registered Berkshire boar? extra nice individual, to go at a sacrifice; also 25 White Wyandotte pullets. $1.25 each. D. H.

Wright, Tel. 13-2. 243-tf FOR SALE Ayrshire milk from state and federally tested herd specialized for babies and sick (free samples for babies). Delivery daily. F.

E. Oam-rnell. Phone 211-12. 203-tf PRIVATE SALE of household goods at 5 Myrtle including 3 chamber sets, complete with bedding 5 carpets. 2 stoves, chairs, mirrors, dishes and a quantity of other things.

Albert A. Keyes. 246-251 FOR SALE One pair driving harness, one express harness, one 8 H. P. steam engine, one express sleigh, a good one 3 parlor stoves, a lot of doors, two mahogany parlor sets.

Tel. 617-M. 246-tf FOR SALE Fifty cords 4-ft. green hardwood, 75 per cent rock maple, 8 miles Brattleboro, 3 miles Putney, nice place, near main road, $6 per cord whole lot, $7 less amounts in the woods. Cash.

C. H. Shepardson, Bellows Falls, Vt. Tel. 313-51.

243-247 jfr? I LOST. LOST Sunday, on Main between High and Grove streets, Hudson automobile crank. Paul Jlstey. 247-tf LOST In Guilford or Vernon, two fox hounds a male and a female black and tan. Collars marked H.

A. Reed. Reward. H. A.

Reed, East Northfield. Tel. 6-2. 247-251 NOTICE. I hereby give notice that any person or persons trusting or harboring my wife, Mrs.

Gelena E. Chamberlain, do so at their risk. R. G. Chamberlain.

Brattleboro, Dec. 19. 1922. 247-249 Card of Thanks. We wish to thank the friends and neighbors for their thoughtful expressions and kindneps, also for the beautiful flowers sent at the time of the funeral of our husband and father.

Mrs. Carlos K. Jones, Sirs. Aimee Ilenkel, Guy C. Jones.

Brattleboro, Dee. 18, 1922. Card. We wish to express our sincere thanks to our friends and kind neighbors for the help and kindness shown us in our bereavement, and for the many beautiful flowers, and also to the Holden Martin and employes, for their kindness shown us at this time, in the loss of our dear wife and mother. C.

W. Brooks, May I. Brooks. Brattleboro, Dec. 19, 1922.

The cart is before the horse when you say save and insure. Insurance is saving as well as protection. The protection cost spread through the years is very low. Let us demonstrate. National Life Ins.

of Vt. (Mutual.) F. C. DINES, Special Agent. Brattleboro Vt.

TO RENT. Robert Mitchell PICTURE FRAMING 87 Williams Street. Phone 1101-M Will call with samples. TO RENT Rooms at 10 Linden St. Tel.

1037. 217-tf TO RENT Room, 4 Union street. Tfel. 1107-X. 237-tf TO RENT Four rooms, third floor.

230 Elliot street. 247-tf TO RENT Furniture Storage. Call DeWitt Grocery Co. 175-tf TO RENT Four-room tenement. Modern improvements.

Adults only. Call 666-R. 246-tf TO RENT One 4-room apartment, not furnished one apartment 617-M 246-tf FOR RENT A four-room tenement furnished. Rent reasonable to right party. On car line and only a few min-j utes walk to Main St.

Write K. E. I Reformer Office. 247-253 Do you realize how closely furniture is associated with your home life? Two hours daily, at least, you spend in your dining room. What greater pride and satisfaction than having that room reflect a real homey, atmosphere, supported by furniture of Quality and distinction, such as we can show you Carl A.

Mitchell UNDERTAKER Lady. Assistant AUTO SERVICE 180 MAIN STREET Telephone 834-W or 8S4-R used tn Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts LUMBER WANTED We shall buy practically all kinds of soft and hard wood logs this winter and pay good prices. Holden Martin Lumber Co. Splendid Business Opportunity FOR A MAN WITH $3,000. Excellent Opening In high-grade meehanical and miles business for Gentile man with $3,000 cash must take active executive interest at once; work is interesting, progressive and pays attractive returns; splendid opportunity for ambitious man who means business and can fulfill above requirements; state age, occupation and phone number in first letter.

ADDRESS 0-53. Reformer Office-. FOR COUNTRY REAL. ESTATE of every description see Lelands Weekly Bargain Bulletin. Copy free.

A limited amount of territory open for local agents upon a commission basis. Write for application blank. Our selling agent for this section is D. W. Allen, Newfane.

Tel. 24-13. Dept. 21. P.

F. LELAND, Established 1892. Broker in Country Real Estate, Old South Boston', Mass. CARL F. CAIN MERCHANT TAILOR 159 Main St.

Husband and Wif Furnished Rooms Some For Light Housekeeping J. E. BUSHNELL I G. W. Cushman Second-Hand Goods 70 Flat Street Phone 394 BRATTLEBORO "vnBRJvioisrr I 94 Elliot Street -L James W.

Izard CUSTOM TAILOR Room 8 Crosby Block MAOAM i Brattleboro-Springfield Daily, except Saturday H. A. BURRINGTON, Tel. 137-Y 111 Main Street Tel. 400 Street Tel.

775 Perry G. Dawley, Jr. Public Stenographer and Bookkeeper. Extra Time Room 7 American Bldg. Tel.

580 When In Need of a Taxi CALL CARNEYS AUTO SERVICE Phone 681-R. PIANO TUNING J. M. Perry, 92 So. Main St Td.

1118-W or 400 My wife always lets the Aieighbors dogs come into the kitchen. A. C. S. What Does Your Wife Do? TRY THE REFORMER'S CLASSIFIED COLUMNS Copyright, 1921, George Matthew Adam.

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