Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 12, 1977 · Page 29
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 29

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1977
Page 29
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Wednesday. October 12,1977 Rochester,Cos ton To Participate In Ball State-Lead Workshops The Pharoa-Tribune. Logansport. Ind.— 15. PersoraUt Await Hearing A long line of people wait to enter the Supreme Court Building in Washington this morning to hear arguments on Allan Bakke's suit against the University of California's special admissions program. Bakke claims the program discriminates against white applicants and denied him a medical education. (UPI) ROCHKSTKn .- The North Central Area Study Council will be adinitmtvred by the Rochester Communily School Corporation, The Rochester school board Ihis week approved a recommendation by Superintendent John Eckerl for the school corporation lo be the Local Educational Agency for the newly-formed council. , Some 15 school corporations, including Rochester and Caston. will participate in the study workshops which will he set up by Dr. Ivan Wagner of Ball-State University with the assistance of a BSU graduate student. Plans are to have' one workshop a month. The workshops will involve all school personnel in in-service training and other educational instruction. Each school corporation will pay a fee of S200 for the firs!' year which will cover the costs of stationary, office supplies, telephone and miscellaneous expenses. ' The local school corporation will handle the funds. • The purchase of at least two new school buses was also approved by the board. Dr. Roger Thornton, assistant superintendent, said the buses are not unsafe bul they are costing more in repairs. There is still $30.000 in the 1977 budget available for new buses and another JKO.OOO was appropriated for this purpose in the 1978 budget. Two of the oldest buses would be traded in. Thornton said, and two others could be used for spares. Following advertisement, bids will be taken on new buses Tuesday, Noy.-i. at noon. Professional leave requesls were granted lo John Roberts. Mrs. Judy Zcnt. Karen Guse and Charles Rathburn to attend the Regional Math Conference Nov. 17, 18 and 19; Rochester High School Principal David Hales and Rochester Middle School Principal John Hill lo attend a principals conference Oct. 11 and 12, and to Wilford Tribb.v anil Russell Walters to attend the Elementary Principals Conference Nov. 8. 9 and lit. All three conferences will be held in Indianapolis. Approval was also- given to any school administrators or board -members to attend the national conventions of school administrators in Anaheim. •Calif., in March and school board members Feb. IB to 21 in Atlanta. Ga. Teachers Diane Skidmore. Maureen Pfeiffer and Judy Zenl will be attending the metric workshop in Plymouth Oct. 27 and 28. These arc school holidays due to teachers institute so there will be no expense to the school. Mrs. Rachel Templcton. one of four persons present at the open meeting, commented on the status of college and secondary school students in reading and math and she wanted to know what the Rochester schools are doing for their students. Eokert said. "We feel good in our test results as compared with others. We're concerned about the basics in reading and . math, We're pulling a lot of emphasis on'it." , Eekert and Thornton concurred that in the in-service programs and math and reading conferences attended by teachers are a forward step to belter learning. The parent-teacher con- Board of Tax Examiners last week. The reduction was made because the school corporation will receive higher, tax distributions than anticipated. The school's general fund rate will be SI. IS. the debt service rate. 96 cents and the CBF (cumulative building fund i. 30 cents. The total school rate would have been seven cents lower than the present rate without the CBF rate which was reinsliluted this year. The fall enrollment for the Rochester community schools. .Eckerl reported, is 2,151, which is seven less than last year. Elementary school enrollments' arc up by 17 but middle school is down by five, kindergarten by 14 and the high school by 2H. Special education classes have 10 fewer students this year. Thornton reported that a new freezer for the cafeteria will be purchased from Edward Don andCompany. North Riverside, Calif., at a quote of $2.066. delivered, including one year's service. • The city of Rochester was granted easement rights for the Minnow Creek project along one city,block of the school property on Pontiac Street. Updating the 1977-78 in- service program. Thornton said a committee has been formed to review and select feasible ideas and formulate the program.". The in-service committee is composed of the following teachers: Linda Sayger, Jim •Barkman. Russell Wallers, of Riddle school: Mrs. Lynetle Happy Wrt»ie>rMIMre4l I appreciate your original pointing! u much I rented you o ttaro room et U-STOK-UM (n»irt to Con Plan). They'll be uvee' lor posterity IniioM ol Viang- Ing around" th« house. Inico 7, Lett one 1 found Losr. Yellow Calico Cal in vicinity ot 16lh ana Hiflh Streets. C»ll 737-7957 a!ler6PM._ Lost Saturday; Children's Blonde Poodle around Hivcrvie* Street. Reward. 743-3116. All real estate advertised in the Pharos-Tribune is subject to me Federal Fair Housing Act ot 1866 which makes it illegal to advertise any prelerence, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin or an Intention lo make such prelerence. limitation or discrimination. The Pharos-Tribune will not knowingly accept any advertising tor real estate which is in violation ol the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellinfjs advertised in lhi» newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. RENTALS 10. ftaomi for Rent Sleeping room. TV. utilities, linens furnished. Phone 722-9746. il.Furniin»d Apartments ferencc for elementary schools . Utter. Mrs, Zanna Daniels, will be Nov. 1; kindergarten. Nov. :i. The parenl-.studeni exchange days at Rochester middle'schoo! will be Nov. 15, iti and 27. A notice will be sent home to parents two weeks in advance, Eckerl reported that 11 cents was cut from the school corporation's 1978 tax rate by the field examiners' ol the State No Pipedretim: Expect 1990s Outer Space Manufacturing Columbia: Karen Guse and John Hill. RMS. and Mrs. Kalhy McCormick. Stan Musgrave and Si Deeb. RHS. Thornion is chairman. Baby Spiders 'Ballooning' Over Bay Partially luinished apartments. 1125 per month plus utilities. 753-3708 before 2:30. All day Sunday and Monday-. __ __ __ ___ Convenient to downtown. Suitable tor one person. Heal and water furnished. Call 753-2334 Monday thru REDONDO BEACH. Calif., turbine'blades. (UPI) — Manufacturing in "Assuming the United States outer space will be a reality by the end of the century, according to two scientists (rom TRW, Inc. Robert L. Hammell and Donald M. Waltz have written a "roadmap" for presentation before the £trd annual meeting of the American Astronaulical Society in San Francisco. The paper details the range of commercial products which could be manufactured to some advantage in zero gravity. They include electronic components, medicines, crystals and better and the international materials processing- in space programs proceed as present planning indicates, we should witness in the last decade of this century, the start of commercial manufacturing conducted aboard Earth-orbiting space, stations," they said. They noted advantages, in .addition to weightlessness, of readily available solar energy and an unlimited vacuum source. They envision space manufacturing in three phases. The first is the flight research phase, from 19tif> to 1984. now- underway. The product and process development phase is from 1982 to 1990 and is to be'directed toward starting some experiments .in space. The industrial use phase, from 1990 to 2000, is lo result in. commercial manufacturing, ••The technology appears feasible, the economics look promising, but many complex issues remain to be resolved." the scientists said. ,,-. .-.- -„• Hammell and Waltz said, the low-gravity environment will benefit processing of some materials in two ways. One is that very small forces would be required to maintain position control of the materials. • • Thus, they said, containers would be unnecessary and that would eliminate impurities from highly reactive materials of high .melting points, and would eliminate -also 'surface irregularities that- result from containers or crucibles. It would have the .greatest benefit, they said, in working with crystal growth ;md ;i ,glass, production, particularly lor :: laser system optics. Discouragingi Words .. a I'M TOO BUSY, YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO COME BACK LATER" If you have ever said Jheie words to your Pharos- Tribune carrier, please, don't say them again! Although you're busy when your carrier stops to collect, PLEASE take a few moments to pay so your carrier won't haye to GOME BACK! Your Pharos-Tribune carrier has a very IMPORTANT JOB to do and deserves to be paid ON TIME for it. Yes, just as you wanf your paper on time every day, likewise your carrier wants and NEEDS your payment on time every two weeks. ' '" > The second major advantage • of low gravity processing would be to eliminate the differences in densities when several materials are mixed, par- .ticularly when working with liquids and gases. " They proposed live basic lypcs of processes for space manufacturing. .They include crystal growth, used in semiconductors and the production ol super-pure materials through extremely high temperatures and ultra ,high. Vacuum as well... .as lowtemperature separations of biological materials such as living cells, serums and vaccines.,'; ':;-,... . Also. : ..they said, mixing of materials that have a tendency to separate would be easier, along with super cooling and /preparation of glasses, and fluid processing. , "The total program will probably require several decades to fully' realize com':; mercial production." they said. it's all possible'because of the Space Shuttle, scheduled to be operational in the early 1980s, | .-and-on-the spacerlab concept. The National Aeronautics and' Space. Administration has already received 117 proposed ..experiments from space• related industries for its early Space Shuttle missions [ - ; The second .phase, beginning in-1982, must deal with limiting the work that can eventually be done in space, Hammell and : Waltz .said, so that the last phase can get down to specifics. , Among the specifics, they said, will be the facilities to be used in space Space labs or space-factories,' must be ^designed to handle individual products. They note also that dominance of space by governments will have-to give way to "an expanded industrialization era." V •"Space processing will ultimately be justified if rt can become a source of materials not obtainable at competitive costs on Earth," they said. One such product would be the enzyme urokinase. Urokinase is used in the treatment-of blood clots and the. scientists said it has the potential of preventing 50,000' deaths per year in, the United. Stales alone; ' ': It is currently in very limited supply and costs about $1.000 per dose. An experiment aboard the Apollo-Soyuz flight was encouraging, showing that one fraction of the cells separated in the''experiment produced six times more of the valuable enzyme than had been possible .in-grbund^iased cultures. ^Similar experiments in ribbon silicon .used,, in integrated circuits and in ultra pure optics also show exceptional costef- fect'iveness. they-said.' A production development laboratory (PDL) will be the first step in space hardware to manufacture products the two scientists said It would be transported to orbit by the Shuttle and.would be limited by the Shuttle's, cargo capability. They envision a 2,6 meter compartment, 'for; controls added to a spacelab length of 5-t meters The diameter would be4.26 meters. They said a crew of three would have to work in the lab for periods of 30 to 90 days, BERKELEY. Calif. Millions of baby spiders went "ballooning" over the San Francisco Bay Area Tuesday, filling the sky with loose-knit cobwebs. Blobs of silky filament drifted together and floated lo earth from as high as 2.000 feel as a result of migrating spiders. Law enforcement authorities said troublesome, sticky strands of the cobwebs were reported clinging to windows, buildings and car windshields in lengths up to six feet. Airline ' pilots also reported streamers. .Deane P. Riirman,- a University ; of California en- tymologist, said spiders are born in great numbers and the migration is nature's,way of keeping them from being destroyed by, cannibalism. / V Woman Plans Political Talk WEST LAFAYETTE - The first womanrto have-her name placed in nomination for vice- president of the Umled States will be at Purdue University. Frances "Sissy"; Farenthold will speak Oct 18 at 8 p n> in Loeb Playhouse on'"Women in Politics "i A Democrat; she was elected in 196S and.again in 1970 to the Texas House of Representatives. In 1972 she ran.,for. governor of Texas Currently, she is prcwdent of Wells College, Aurora, N.Y. Also, she is. the vice-chairperson of the National Coalition for Human Needs and Budget Priorities. ____ One bedroom apartment. Furnish own utilities. Deposit required. 753- aw^ _ ___________ 1 bedroom. Water and sewage furnished. 1120. (100 deposit. References. 739-1067. _____ , Lower 3 rooms. East. Ulililies.'cable. pas furnished. Adults. 735-;785. f room furnished apartment. All utilities furnished, except lights. 7532498. ' _ __ One bedroom upper in Logansport.« Heat and water lurnished. Newly decorated. 1125 per month. Adults only. Deposit, references required. 219-583-8389. _____ _ Small bachelor efficiency. Adult only, deposit, references, utilities furnished. 753-6097. 12. UnfvrnifrMd Apertmanti Lower duplex. 2 bedrooms. No children or pets. References required. Call alter 4PM 753-3846. 13. Homes for Rent 3 bedroom % double. Parents with 2 small children. Water, stove, refrigerator lurnished. Lease, deposit. No pels. 753-3703. 2 story, 4 bedroom house. Large yard and garden area. New -furnace. Deposit required. 753-4614 3pm-Spm. Small furnished house. Older person. Reference, damage deposit, pay own utilities. 1125 per month. Phone JTSJ-5966^ ._ i bedroom house. References and deposit. Inquire 88 Eel River Ave. 14.TroH»r».Uts 2 or 3 bedroom mobile homes for rent. Logan Mobile Homes. U.S. 24 West; or call 753-2558, "f* II. taftrtt-Cottoyi Nice 2 bedroom furnished year-round cottage. Shaler Lake Monticello. Fully, carpeted. -new .furniture, utilities paid; Rent paid weekly or -monthly. No pets or children. 219- JtMBU, _ l9.W«m»s!T«»«i.t ' ~ Need mall house with garage o , carport 7S3-2636 REAL ESTATE 22. HWIMI F erSajli TERRATOFFERS: "A" .Frame with 3 bedrooms, fireplace, family room. 2 full baths, lull basement and garage on 5 wooded acres. In the SB's: Call Terra Really. 753-2284. Keep your carrier in business by paying on time, and you II be kept in papers. . Extra trips ta collect from you means extra work for your; carrier. Please don't ask.your carrier fp "come back later" for any reason. \ f . r , Circulation Department It's Pharos-Tribune COLLECTION WEEK Whs* (str csrrierter «""• «• ««*•«»• tbsse iMkt sura r**' r * r*«i>. *"* ** If yi> BW fVyPIt ™T CsWCat-^wT^BsW eMsW It sersMe ts «esr terrier set fki *kere>- FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR CARRIERS COLLECTIONS. v AIL PHAROS-TRIBUNE CARRIERS ARE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, PAY FOR THEIR PHAROS-TRIBUNE PAPERS EVEN IF THEY HAVE NOT COLLECTED FROM YOU. V ' ' YOU CAN PAY YOUR CARRIER IN „ ADVANCE. . ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW * THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE WILL ACCEPT " OFFICE PAYS FOR 3 MONTHS, 6 ' MONTHS. OR ONE YEAR. * OUR OFFICE 1 ;'Will AUTOMATICAUY '. NOTIFY YOU WHEN YOUR SUB' SCRIPTION IS DUE TO EXPIRE. * YOU SAVE THE CARRIER A COT, OF TIME IF THEY- HAVE YOUR ''COOPERATION.- "-- -rt Air Base Plans Art, Craft Show BUNKER HILL - Grissom Air Farce Base will host it's Second Arts and Crafts Show : and Sale on Nov. 5. The program will be held at the Base Recreation, Center, and area artists and craftsmen arc invited lo participate: There is a fee charged fortne table.or display rack which can be used and advance reservations .are required. Reservations can be made by calling 689-2211. ext, 3030 or 2530. -.,.... 3 tjedrm, home on v acre with nice vie*, am. creek i pond, close lo town. I.R, OR. 2 baths, fully equip, kit., lull Dsmv, O'ge with opener. ,12x12 iJieo: • Total elect.. Carpet throughout No main!/ gutters, down spouts 4 e»««. Plenty ol storage spice. Upper mi's. 732jlg».__ TERRA OFFERS: Reduced Price! Nice quiet residential area, 3 bedroom Ranch. 1% baths, Zinn Kitchen, family'room with fireplace. 2 car garage. Possible VA. Southeastern schools, mid $30's. ' Call Kalhy—826-2417 or Terra Really. 753-22M. Neat 5 room bungalow on about 'A acre tot. Basement, 1 car garage, fenced back yard. Shown by appointment on. Phone 75M331. ANNOUNCEMENTS We are now open for Business and ready lo serve Alt your Real Estate needs. For prompt, courteous, prolesilonal service, call the Can- Sell people at CANDUSH REAL ESTATE-722-40K. Located in the rear ol the Commercial Credit BMg. on U.S. M East. Now accepting applications lor real estate • salespersons. _Neat 2 or 3 bedroom bungalow. Corner lot. gas heat, central air, vinyl siding, new roof, small garaptf. cement patio, back deck, gas grill. Franklin stove,- Near Falrview School. Inquire 518 Culbertson or phone 753-3753. . - StudyGod'sWord Write: Home Bible Study Course Bo«No 415 ••••- logansport, !rte. A BEAUTIFUL REMEMBRANCE Your fresh lutepaake dowers can now be preserved M eJMTsoMd plastic by Ouy KiHOI ftsoX 7»MMt. , .CANS. Farms', home*, business, •Id personal All htqutctes strfctry 13I7-7O17R. - * 602 Kissel Ct.. Walton. Attractive brick ranch, tolal electric. 2-bedroom. living .room.. formal dinir>g> room, kitchen-family room (fO'iSS'); utility room. !4'i24' attached garage with door opener. Large tenced yard in quiet neighborhood. 139.000. «262163. , : . •• Country living at its best. 10 minutes (rom downtown Loganspon. 'k acres lots with sMgte or not/We wide ntobite homes. Take yogr choice of tot and select your home el the same timer Logan MobM-Home* - USJ24 We«torcali7O-»M. . Before You Btjy or Sell GetaHvomeos Point ol VIM : ' AlmaMiB.ReallOrTSMTJO SISSON REALTY , <IIN.Ocott TBMft

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