Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 10, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1942
Page 5
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Pa«r« Eight NAITOATUOK; DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1Q, 1942 JAPS TELL ONLY PART OF STORY OF SEA BATTLE (}iy Unlh'fl Pross) Tho jHpufK'Hn have lsHtn«<| l.hHr ftl'Ht ITipOrl. 011 ItH' I'iU'lOc NI'M MlUl air flKlitlnK— l>ut. llicy only it'll part of (he nlory. Jfipun aclmllN •wirrlw. It waft three suri'vlvorH Pat-Klo port. » huvo landod al .a Tho HlnklnK ooourrod Sunday aft- erno(»n-- ( lust six months after the. Pearl llarhor attauk. Acoordln'g 'It Se.nator Hone, of WaslilMKlon, M> (1 utlaok. was made off' Noah Bay— IIin northwest lip of the ulalu M Washlnxlon, i- mirrlrr losing (>iw nlrr.rafl f-M 'l.hul a M.MMJIKI heavily ilamai^'il. a ''!, tuu.t M planes Insf, No mention Is made of Hie oilier II Jo If) Japanese Hhljm Mint woiv Him), or (lamaKed In the KnvU battle. Tho .Japanese admission o;' IOSWM IH ('.UHhlWH-d wllh elulms of Ami" 1 !can losses and ol' oontlmi"<l uttuoka on the Aleutian Islands, Tokyo asser/H (hat two American aircraft earrlern were Hunk and 4i!0 American pianos shot down In the Midway (IghtlnK- Japan (dalniM U rnoro Aine.rloan •planes were down and a ?,U'Ke Iran* 'port sunk at hulnh Harhur, There an 1 ronMlollntf Axis versions of Ihn aollon In th»» Aleutian Isl- .'ands, off Alaska, (ieniian l-enorls nay the .lapanesu havo oeouphul HOV- .fral points tiiere. Mill- the nlllelal coiiiiwinhi'io olalniH only Ihaf, Arnw- jran posltioiiH In (.he AlotilUuiM have lieen dnMtrrjyed hy Japanese army and navy I'orocs. '. All Iho Axis roport.H a«rne that operations In the Aleutians are c.on- ,'UnnliiK, KOP the (h'Ht Mme In throo months t\ Huhmarlne- preHumalily Japanese —has sunk an American inorohaitl off the \vust e.oasl. l-Ml'ty Five Men Indicted on Conspiracy Charges (Continued from Pago One) Hw. aro Iho names ot the otho 1 . 1 dut'oiiUnnls: .Orhurdt Wllholm K'uii'/n, Iwulor of tin? Gorman huud, who IIUH floo thti country, hr, SYolfniiK W>«ll. ot ' Kl 1>JXS0 ' TnxaH, now litlorniHt IIH an unomy alien. The Hov. Kurt H. Mnlxnhn, pastor of a Philadelphia Lutheran ohuroh. And Mr, i.HIo NVillumoll, ol 1 r.lil UUKO, mid-we.Hlorn leader of (Uu'uiun luiiul. The (Ict'uuilantH, It Is oha MohrnuMl to W't milllnry and wmU InfoniwUon ahoul. Ihe United SUildp and Miiwl It to tho nnemy, Kun/ii, uncording l-o tho hullot- menl, was to deliver Lhu In forma* tlon and Vonslul.Mky suppoModly gave, him *2,H(X) wllh whloh to mak« lh»- trip. Plann for tho oniiBpiruoi' wore made at various• -tlmen In Wn.HlnglOM, Chicago, 1-11 Pfl.HfV, Philip delphlu, Moxlr.o. (llty, nnd San KraiP olsoo, ...... •-, ••'•••'•••'•• • V ' At Work Conference 1110 Seaman McNamara Urges U.S.O. Support (Continual from Pago Ono) FLAG DAY PARADE WILL CO THROUGH UNION tit? DIST. R.A.Fr Ferry Chie? the to- Wow York City's Mayor Fiorello LaGuardi* (right) and Gov, Herbert Lohman are shown at the first city unemployment conference dis- cussinfT ways and means of getting more contracts for New York plants, After the meeting, Lehman •aid: "TbflNs IB * reservoir of 1 surplus unemployed labor in New York City and * large aupply of unused production facilities We intend to lay tho facts before the responsible •fficials," (Central Pre*») your tooth ln»ur- paste, other pay, JEI0HT POINTS TO CONSIDER IN selecting a funeral cor, cor»i<l«r tho tlflhc points on which Wt have to qualify to hok our fflcfflbtuhlp In NAT/ONAl miCTKD. MORTICIANS! (/) a t<n»phli, modern establishment with (2) quality merchandise (3) plainly priced; (4) a reputation lor honesty «nd integrity; (J) moral character; (<5) n.cap?Ble jcaff #lv- 1«X (7) prompt, reliable 3ervice; (8) financial rpjponijbillty, When you call us—day or night —you have theie eight Assurances, AID EH SO N FUMItAL HOMI, INC. 170 Cotrftl Avt, 201 St, know J lift I. 'What we think of tho < men In who Hurt' And He can you Ih*' lion. A follow Hhipmnle of mln* (Minion- from •Ihir.tlYn-d, and ,1 lalklUK crie day lifter we h.JUl vlfl j Jlril one of '.he, lhre«- U. ^. U. honuw In Wnukunmm, III. (We unders'tnnd .lack Hcnny IH on vauallnn hul. svo did nut rti-o h'hn.) M,V shipmate said : "1 thmiKhl tliat I'ho U. S, if. JUMl, another 'racket 1 but wo would ho lost without thorn." l>h a I. Is Just as I see It too. re's how Ihey treal us. \V»! sloop hi a V. S. O. homo for ?uls whksh Im'liidfH our hreak- (lie next morulnK. Thorn aro' nlee hooka llifi'i'—ping pong! pool, radios, envelope* am! stationery and vor.q with nlc.u hot water,' "all for t'roo" and (hey also have iliun!-" hiK and entorlainment for us. Th^, rooms are very clean and alcoholic drinks of any kind aro not allowed on I'he preinlses. The persoiuiet of; (he IT.'. S. (i. also contact private famllloH \vlio wish to Invlto us to' dinner,' elo,, oh .Suiulnys- and, all-' In-all, as I said het'ore, we would he losl without them. NS'hen yon IMMM-IVII #2l.u month A^AREHOU'SE FUENITURE O r ;. You Can Still Buy on Easy , . \ Payments!! Modern Bedroom Suite »99 It* wide exp*n*« ol pencil atrlpc walnut veneers give un- uXual boauty to thl« .vmart «ta-oamllno<l closign. Includes Ud, che*t «n<l vanity or dresser, in a light walnut finish, Otyervo tho n\ft«slve plate glnsa mirrors, Here's style you'U •njoy /or years, ttOIA ONLY »94.50 $48.50 MADE BY KROEHLER Here's your opportunity to own an authentic Duncan Phyfe reproduction at «n exoeptlonftlly low coAt, Tho sofa Is tftjl- orecl In b«autlfiU tapestry fabric with compftnton harmori- l7»lng covers for the chairs, , FURNITURE CO LOCATION SAVES YOU MONEY" and Iho nxponsV, for anna, sohool hooks, shaving croarn and many thing's Js lakon out of your you haven't.'much loft. \Vli«ro wo goY What would wo do without Iho U. S. O.V I entornd aclivn sorvloo in Navy on April 0. My first payda; was on May 20l-h. Wo all rocelvet •f.'J and Mio chief potly ol'flcor askot us if anyone wanted to buy clo- I'cnso s.tampH ^vlth that. Of course, I have no Idea hosv much inonoy is co Hoc tod for the LI. S. 0. or 'how much of II. Is used for which if. Is Intcridmi Inil from what I have.sour of It I wish '.you would tell my frlonds In Naugatuck ,HiaL', If they wish' to Imlp the Hurviccmen mako Lliolr load lighter they can do no ibcLtci 1 lhan to con tribute to Iho U. S. 0. ly Yours, Ooorgo McNnmara Louis Triano, /.chairman ofv Elks' . Flag Day cohnmitteo stated day . l,h 9 1, >o wiiig .^tb /th e J arge her . of , fraternal,, civic . and patriotic^ organisations that bave , sighlfled; tbrei Intentions to/ /participate, in' the j parade bore ; ,on. tiie afternoon ( of June 14 his com'mitToe,. at.'a; moet L ' ing last evening, vdeoideci that ^ the < procession Svill ;: bo ':• of sucb lengtli j that'll will .bo necessary to marcb; through Union,; City to roach the j Tuttlo bigli .SQhopl, , vyhere the 'ox-* orclsos will' be held, to disperse tho/ many marchcrst \yltbout •• confusion, f Consequeritly tlie riiai-chers will form on Division, /Meadow and Church,' slrouts ar)d r ',win proceed from this pohit.Ofist'on Maple street to North Main, north' on North Main to Bridge street, * west on Bridge proceeding to Nortlr'Ghurcb street and 'thence -to-tlio 1 Tuttlc school. •• This will -'be the, first tlnic Jn several years that a parade has covered tho Union -Qity district. The- plan \yas abandoned several years ago dub to heavy, traffic conditions on';- the .main 1 .thprbii&hfrire. through NftUgatuok' but: i't' Is believed that It can bo easily accomplished this year as a result 'of the small number of cars on the -hJghways on Sunday .at the present/ time. YOUNGG.O.P. ENJOYS AN OUTDOOR MEETING Plan County Gathering- at 'iSchildgen's Grove on July 14, T i 'orty galuck elglit. momhcr? of the Nau- oung .Uepublican ciiih at-' l-ho June of the Kroup al So'liHctgcn's' Drove on the lOast Wat(>.rbury road last evening for ono of l.ho most suoonKst'ul and oirjoyablo gatherings held Hi several months. l«Mvo new members' \vorc acoepled In tho club. Partial returns worn • rnadn on tho sale of bqoklots for the ^'ar Savings bond l.o, bo awarded- by -I he" club and President Al Mai requested all members to nwl<o complete returns on t'he sales on, or July .J.{i. Plans wore made for, an outing' to bo. held at Schlldgon's Grove on .Inly iVth to which all clubs of-the New Haven County groirp will bo l.nvll- od. Henry Schlldgon, 3rd, was namofl ohalrnum of the comrnlltoo of arrangements for tho gathering and ho will be assisted by Henry X,wi(5k, William Painter, Andy Anderson, John Flnsol, lUidolph Anderson and Lester Selpel. Miss Draco WoodUold will head Iho refreshment committee with I'Morouuo Palnlor, llolon Mai, Wanda Anderson, Mary Plosk! and Agnes I'Mnsol assisting. Hot dogs and hamburger sandwiches will be sorvod at the conclusion of the business meeting. , WOMEN ASKED IN MELBOURNE . Melbourne,' • Jiine ' 10~(UI^)— The Lord .Mayor of Melbourne thinks woman's place •Is/ln'i.ho-'.. homo-~nt least 'after Mnid.tii'ght'., Lo.rd Mayor Prancis . B. Beaurepoirc^ is nlarnied by tho .flight, of women -talking to soldloi's nnW ._saj)9i;.s x on. the slree-t at, .nig!itv ;< So hd. \yants''a midnight ourfuw ,.1'br : wonienV .'But the Loi-d Mayor 'is ..sgcUIng plenty v of opposf- Li : on. , More ' than Tone •'. Mtilbournltc agrees'" .wi,£h the cihief-, police corn- in issi oner, Alexander who, says 1 : . ' " You can't go clown resting everyone ypli cause .'they're .alive. 11 ' Sir F. Bowhill Playing an unsung role in the air offensive again»«; Hitler is Marshal Sir Frederick Bowhill, pictured in his ;office in .Montreal, where he runs the R. A. F. Ferry Command that has flown many American- built planes to England. A good number of those ships are now dropping, their bomb cargoes on cities deep in Germany. ; (Central Prets) •between' Albany and are to New York. 13uffal'0 as they SUB CAMPAIGN FORCED FARTHER OUT TO THE SEA Hitler Has Had His Head Measured (Continued frqm Pago One)^ Press, .knows that the •members of the: commission pi^vately regarded tho \yhble'thing as a farce. Nevertheless the proceedings .were conducted in .all solemnity. For more^ than an^ hour, the experts measured the dictator's- head. •-A t'-every th ing they remarked, H i tier —delighted—vyould say :.- "Yets, yes. Write it all down.' 1 "The finished, report' covered J30 pages. Oechsner says that's only part of Hitler's efforts to make the German race a master people—"Ein Herren- volk" they call it. in German. Jn his library he has many volumes on phrenology and cranlology. He searches through them in a never- ending quest for the perfect physiognomy.. According to Oechsner, Hitler has ordered that his brain he'dissected after he dies. But he Jsn't waiting for his own death to go ahead with his- experiments. The brains of many people are dissected, at .a special laboratory in a Berlin suburb. And Oechsner says it is genuinely .believed that Hitler /has caused the deaths of some prisoners in occupation camps so their brains can be examined. - Anp.lher -.phase of'his race purifl- 'cation program Js the Euthanasia commission; Up to June, 1941, the commission had put-to'death 37,000 persons. In Germany—people physically or -hie'ntaHy 'deficient in one way or another. HED 188J Alterations on our Second Floor rr means Prep Shop bargains you'll long remember young men s ! M. Duncan, ' the street ar- BOO just be- KINC GEORGE OF Washington;.. June 40U(UP)—King George, of; Greece, arrives in Washington-, 'this* afternoon, to discuss Icnchleaso ';alcl -for- his heroic countrymen. During' Ills six-day visit, the king probably, will, sign the so- called;' master. Icnd-lease agreement providing.'- for posl/-war ;,cconomic collaboration, But there also is a gay side to; the refugee monarch'R Visit, Wvashington society • regards his arrival, as (he 'most' .important social event since the King and Queen oi' England were there Jri 1939. . --,... \Vashington, June 10— (UP)—The axis'-; subnmrlne campaign against American coastal shipping has been forc'ed farther out to sea—but that dbcsn 1 I/mean the menace is over. Members of a special senate committee investigating the war program, say anti-submarine tactics io,ye forced them to operate about 50, miles out. They made this re- pdi'.t .after a secret session .with Ndvy, Secretary Knox. But, as the secretary "-himself said: . ^JDon't-/quote me. as saying,.that th.evsiibmarine menace .is over." •Khpx 'dQclincd ,-tb reveal • "what Jie had .told, the committee. But Senator Kilgoce of'-West Virginia pointed oiit: that there .haven't been any sub- riifirine sinkings, within 50-.' miles of the : coast" for; v tyvo Aveeks, ' /\Vhen asked 3f there was any pro-- 'gress against tlic' submarine menace Sunator Kilgore re plied :• .V ''-'The ^situation will- improve as naval facnilies/improve. 11 ' FIIES PETITION INBANKRUPTCY Hollywood, June. 10— (UP)— Producer George. White . is down to his lasf Rolls-Hoyce. And I/hat's in storage. The man \vho ..produced the famous "George White's Scandals" has filed a, .voiujTtary bankruptcy petition. White says be owes more than -$100,000— and has about $500. That doesn't include the Rolls- Royce, which is stored in New York. White says he doesn't, know what ihat's w.ortb. Sizes to 40 men's — and boy's from size 8 to 16 — there's suits, topcoats, overcoats for next winter — ski clothes for next season, raincoats, sports coats, slacks and' lounge robes. There's felt hats and boys' Eton caps and some furnishings at half price — if you're wisely thrifty buy for next season. FEDERAL SALES TAX IS OPPOSED OLD MARSHAL BOSS OF FRANCE ENEMY ATTACK Syracuse, June. iO>-(UP)— The ,di- ector of New York state's, civilian irotectlon warns that the threat of Bnerny,attack is'n.ot limited to coas- ,al areas. Major General Haskcll reports .hat some persons., feel, and with •oason, that, upstate areas, arc un- lor a gi-oater threat. He pointed jut that enemy bases. arc as close to important manufacturing plants , Wn s h.i n g to n, J u n e i 0—(U P)—P i e r r o Tvayal 'niay be a, Naxi puppet—bul old ifarshal ! PC tain is boss of Prancfi; Antl-ihe's -playing a risky— b.u t. ; so fa r. s u ccess f u I—gn me of sta v- ihg .'off the German conquerors,-.because, he, now bolJo'Vcs-Germany- will be - ; defori.ted. That's l.lic picture;of prance given by n man who'Should know .exactly what is going on OF raRSTINTHE ARIZONA DESERT Kin.gman, Ariz.-, June 10— (UP)— A former niul-ti~mllliona!re and Bos^ tdn yachtsman has died of thirst in tbe desert south of Kiiigman. He is Benjamin Pl-erce Cheney who inherited railroad and mining *or- tuncs . on' the death of his father. Cheney died after l&aving Ills stalled , automobile and set-ting out on foot in the lonely desert, apparently In search of water. A Harvard college graduate, the 7C-y ear-old/ man was the .husband of J-ulfa Arthur, formerly a famous actress. ' .. • :&ut;' A PLEDGE FOR AMERICANS ] «m • citizen of the oldest republic in existence, I »m proud - * ... •. . f 'i I tike prkie in being a free citizen in a free society, t>ui 1 knojv chat the priceless l)lessin>i of liberty is not « heritage, but is won afresh or lost bv each generation. J (hcreforc pledge myself, to ail those Americans who have gone before me ana to all those who will come after me to do my pan* and to pass on this freedom. 1 will listen to no idle rumors. I will repeat no destructive I will support loyally and in friendship all the United Nation! who lire -1011100 with us in (his righteous compact to defeat the Axis powers. ; I know my country must win this war, and I will _ conduct myself aj n I alone bore the responsibility for the victory of Democracy,. In 'the words of • soldier of other dayt, "I will . work, 1 >,will save,,I, will sacrifice, 1 will endure, 1 will fight cheerfully ,and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone." , t I dedicate my seit to this cause. I swear ."that to win it, I will make any sacrifice, however great, and perform any task, however humble, ' ' So help me, Gcd! / Spon»ored by ^ v \ • BundJei for America* lnc< •.authoritative informant says could fire '-Laval at any time thai, he-prefers fto let Laval oii ; t' -ITJs ••; own. thi'oa t : by fai I ing to glVo.'the Nazis the. collaboration •thfiy^bxpcot. '•i'l^J says Petain is holding, o.ut nga'fnst-(;hreals of Nazi reprisals which' -even Include hints -of'sUirva- tibn' :v .for Franco's ono and a half million vyar prisoners. This source also says that (ho French;'-'fleet never will foil into Ax-is bands. Its officers'have orders fo' scuttle the fleet if any outside power tries to talce'It-over, tVEAHSIGHTEDNESS • '-' • ' • Atlantic City, June 10—(UP)-~The American Medical association' was told today that nearsighted persons should-' not- marry, each otKer. Doctor Lawrence T. Post, of Sainl Louis, said nearsightodncss is hereditary. It. can't be cured, be declared. but judicious mating can 'stamp 1.1 out. Another paper presented to the association's annual 'convention said that whooping cough may retard 1 intellectual growth. FLSm;RMEi\ MISSING Framins'ham, Mass., June 10 — (UP)—Police are dragging Lake Wauslyakum irj Framingliam in the belief that two fishermen may have drowned.. An overturned boat ii'scd by -the men —George Beaton and Paul Murphy—has led to the search. Naugatuck Defense Council OFFICE HOURS—MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 2 to 5 p. m. • Telephone, 5304 Notices for this Calendar must be at Defense Headquarters or Red •Cross House-by-5 p, m. Friday each week. Week Beginning- June 8, 1942 WEDNESDAY, June 10—FIHST AID CJLASSES ' J :30 p. m. 2:30p in. 7:30, p.m. 7:30p m, 7/1(5 p. m. 7<30'p. m, 7'30,p/ri). *\ "' m. An- Peter Paul, Inc.—Miss .Joanna Pannono, U. S. Rubber Co.—IVfrs. Linton B. Renfroe. Fire House—Merrill B.:Potter. l^ S. Rubber Co.~(Advanced Course)—Noil McMillan. High School, Gymnasium (Advanced Course) —Scrgt thony Farrnr and Gharlce Clark. Grange Hall, N. H Road—(Advanced Course)—Henry Erk. 4 Ma^onio Hall—(Advanced Course)—Robert M. Shepherd,-Miss Bertha E. Schill-cr; 'HOME IVURSIiVG Red Gross House—Americanization .Group—Miss Catherine A •Brooks. '• .' ... AUXILIARY FIRFMEN'S; TRAINING COUHSK Tire Hpuse—Section G—Harris Racke. TftlUHSDAY, J|ine 11—FIHST AID CLASSES l,^30,p. m.' Pof^r Paul, Inc.—Mis.s Joanna• Panrione'. " V. Evangoline Circle of Salem Lutheran Church—Charles'Clark Sfirgt. Anthony Parrap. . , .' i, St. Michael's Choir Room—(Advanced Course)— Miss Bertha B. Schiller. .-:,, ... ..., l. Bethany School House—Mrs. HjIda M. Podoloff. i. Elks Hall—Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Koonz. if/. ,f>.30 12—HOME NURSING CLASS -Red Cross House—Americanization Group—Miss Catherine A Brooks ' FIHST AID CLASSES ' Peter Paul, Ino—Miss Joanna Pannone. \ St. Brands School—Mrs. Edw. A. Hermonot, f AUXILIARY FIREMEN'S TRAINING COURSE 6:30p. nV ^J rp House—Section D-rStephon Sweeney, v -, INSIGNIA CORPS—ISSUANCE OF ARMBANDS 7 ;00-9:00 p A m> Defense Ildqrs.—Helen L., McDbnough; • ' Chicago, June 10 —(UP)—Retail grocers .have turned their, thumbs down on a j proposal to endorase federal sales tax. And the vote was so overwhelming that leaders predict the question, will not come up again at the grocers' convention. T,he 3,000 delegates did support resolutions . calling on dealers not io permit la'rger buyers to obtain monopoly 07.1 scarce commodities, \nd they condemned government moves to freeze i-heir markup of prices, ; «»*».... ~.—. WILL REWARD CAPTAIN San Jose, Costa Itlca, June iO— (UP)—The people ofiCosta Hica are going to reward a ship's captain, who got a cargo through despiU Axis subnia'rines. Ho is llic skipper of the. United Pruit b'out, Menus The vessel reportedly sank, one Axis submarine and cfrove off another when they a I.lacked her in Ihe^tSulf of Mexico. So the .Costa Ricans are raising money to buy him a gift. TWO FREIGHT TRAINS COLLIDEI ARGENTINA PROTESTS Buenos Aires, June 10—(UP)—Ar- geivtina has protested tho Axis attack on the Argentine tanker Victoria, labelling it a ruthless aggression against a neutral. "WAR IN EUROPE' A YEAR AGO, (JUNE 10,1941 O T —— (By United Press)Mussolini declares United States is already In the war u de I'ucjo" if not "de .jure." Vice-Premier Darlan, in speech 1o Franclr^ inferred _ confidence in a Nazi victory; Dmitri Ustinov succeeds B. I,.. Vannlkov as Soviet commissar foi armaments. Hartford, June 10—(UP)— No c\l dense of sabotage has been foun] in the derailments of two freigtl trains, at Berlin and New London The Ber-Jfn derailment threw 12 off the tracks and blocked main line for about seven hour Only one car l<jft the rails at Iv London. The Occident occurred an over-pass nnd Iho car fell i tho street, narrowly' missing automobile and two occupants. a slid LowoJJ, Mass., June ThiM^e Lowell -aUor,neys have Governor Saltonstall and his cil to invesligalc the bo,ird .of tm tees of Lowell Textile instltule. lawyers charge .thai two Icachcn were,.tHse,harg ! ed fi'oi^ the •\vlllionl. notice and with out b» I old Mie reason. Is what our boys have given up their homes, their jobs and the comforts of livino to no (o the front and flohi for. We must help them. BUY WAH SAVINGS UONUS Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time "Mutual 1 ' ' INREASING PRODUCTION For-t Velvolr, Virginia, Juno 10 (•UP)—General Motors is l.nrnftij out--.five million dollars wor'li war material <»vcry day. And chairman, Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., sa production still isMncrensing. Slos in a" message road to the army c glneers at Port elvoir, says: "Ti war production news is good. Eve. nontb, evei'y \w»ek, every day, d livery totals increase. 11 Fruit, Cherry nnd Marble I»oun<l (''nko.s Princess Layer- dikes in Strawberry, Raspberry, Mnple Ohocolafe, ' Vanilln and Toasted ('oconnut Homc-intulc Itye Hread |: Kuhn's City Bakery! MAPLE ST. TEL. — FOR SALE - Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business f * • Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 GOVERNMENT ADVICE "CONVERT OIL BURNERS TO COAL" "Oil May Be Denied Any One Who Can Burn Coal' Oil dealers arc nnd will be carefully scriiUiiixrd nn<I controlled by Uie government, in .delivery of any oil ih«l. may be nvnilalilc. We have on hand a few•-Fairbanks-Morse Stokers—these w jlivo you economical automatic heat—with Rice or Kuckwhcnt ^ direct from your bin. Ash is• removed autom«0cal!y. A survey of your hcalinn plant and an cs(ima(e"of cost" will made without cost (o von. Agents and Distributors 87 Church St; - : 1 i r 1 win lick r uel to. Fairbanks Morse Stokers, ^^ ::;; . Phone 5236| Ol). is b • V

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