The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY $, 1934 •LYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SECTION- £1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION lly rate per J" e tor cmaeo Insertions: line) 190 08C 0«c o*c (Five average n-oifli to One' lime per lino Two times fee line per day Three time* per lln« per d»y K-lx time* per line per d»y Vonth r»t« per Un* We Ulnlmum cbtrge 600 Ads onicred :o' tnreo or s» nines and sioypcd before cxplra- Ton will be chturgno lor the number of Umej the »d appeared aoa adjustment ol bill made. All ciaaincd Advertising copy •••ibmlttcd by person* residing out ijdc ol tlie city irust be accom ptnled by cash. Rates may be cully computed Iroru above Uble. t4o responsibility wni bo taxen 'iv more than one incorrect In- lertlou of any classified ad. - Advertlsinij ordeita lor trregu- xr Insertions tako li»* one time rate. PHILLIPS' USED CARS Visit Our U«il Car Lot ard See Some of Our Values. RE- MEHBKR, YOU CAN BUY ONE- HALF YEAR LICENSE NOW! Heal fife HMM UMK E*U«u((« Roofing, Fainting, Rep* 1 "THE ARK MO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-l-lO I fhumkei- lini>iv»iom IdnrliU! llu> nip, :il lie Kiilhrial coast. hmcheon. rilli-s mi oh I ;: nt wiiy. ' u iiutnbcr o( FOB KKN1 FOR RENT—3 room Furnished House, 60S N. Fifth SI. rth American Tells K _ v _ Londoners About NRA TIU- mil- in- \-^\\- «> ins six™ I wns "Some SUIfllBlils oil the Nltj 1 LONDON iUP)—Fnincls E. Pow-1 The |:riiu-l|ul oujirl ol Powell's, | ell, of Cincinnati, Ohio, iiresldonl | visit \ lo iittoiul (hi- nii'fllux ofillu- nvrion'ol matcdiih svlthlii an ol the Americiin Chomlii-r 01 the U. S. Ch-uiibi'i ut Cummt'ic.'l ntoin, m :ulP by use ot mi X-ray, Atom Mali-rials Studied ATHKNM. O. l UP) —A sillily Of 4 room Furnished Apartment, private bath. Mrs. Raymond Slates, lias given Coinmcrcr here, who returned on May 15 nfter u month's coaM-lo- c&asl trip lliroiiKli Sclnniick, 214 Dougan. 6c kit Hi; UnlU-il ot Drouth May Aid Indians on Reservation FONT DKI.KNAP HISKHVA- flON, Mont. tUPI—Disaster to riit- In Wii.shingtun as a ili-truiilc IIIMII is Ivnin e.irui'd un In Ohio Unl- thf Ixinilon chJiukcr. AlU'i- U'.u-! M-i^ily laboraicilix here liy l)r li Inn Wiisliliv;ton Powoll travel, d; M. Hell nnd J. K.' Ulwnrds, of (lie ucrois l!:e cuuulry to tile PatilicUU'|MiU\wnl ol Koon With Bath, *.50, f.74, »t.uu. Or It.SO up la »3.5» a wrek. Fu- tiy Hotel »vrr tltn Franklin Storr, Main and Broadway, ' ni-rns nmy IJI-IIIK niui on tlil.s u't It l):is been le lite KOvcinniciit has promised to lilvc Indians us ninny, of (he cattle purchased In drouth districts us llu> Hcdsklns ciin euro for. Urn Horerniai), k'adlng tilljcs- .... .limn, I'Mlniates the Inilllins will be ".'.!!!!" , W .!'. S !. 1 !!" d ' ol ,' lll U')]o to iiciiulro Irelifcon H.OOO nnd "'"" |S.OOO entile l!iraiij(li yoverniiienl In the IJakoLiis, nnd ljfiiollt» In stctr.i will further the cattlc-growiiiB program : gre»(lj; : . GERVAIS, Ore. (UP)— Lost .... four years. R prized Bible, belief stolen from ll.c automobile -of ncv. H. turned. Qrnntous, has been book *?,-, prgctlcihW worn out, as If it had been ru h:it polntcil out. Hint ncqulslllou of thcUiid studied intensely. NICELY luruklied 2 room ap;irt- mcnt. 62i W. Main, call 627-W. 5-ck-tf APARTMENTS: FURNISHED 3 room upstairs; UNFURNISHED 4 room downstairs. 1013 W. Walnut. Phone 303. 6-30-tt MODERN 3 loom furnlslied or uu- furnished apartment over Klrby rug Store. F. Simon. Call 764. 30-clt-tf 79 KOKI) TIIUOR. A Good Buy S 93 '29 •20 FORK PIIAKTOS. Motor A-l. (Jood Tires S CIIRVSI.EK Runs Good I'lA'MOUTH. S93 •33 CHEVROLET COACH. Rubber anil Motor A-l $*55 •32 FOlllI A Bar DELUXE TUDOK. 5343 •3» FOni) DELUXE COUPE. Blctor A-l, New Tires .. 5365 •30 •3Z TRUCKS TRUCK. CMC 2-TON Real Buy '31 •31) FOKD I','. TON TRUCK. Runs Gncd 5' FOKD CLOSED CAB PICK-UI'. «-rly "res •• $ FOR!) STATION WAGON. Nrw 6-plv Tires 513 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY USF,» CAR LOT Corner 1st * Walnut Sts. Phone 811) - 811 BUSINESS JilUECTORY Icely Furnished BED ROOM Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30-ck-7-30 urnislied BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardin, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ic kit CLEANERS, TAILORS <inen suits, hand frorwd and Uitor- L ed shaprd are nlre and cool tbnc : ot days. Phone 171. Unique Clranlnf Scnk« !j»ve Time and nsinf crar complete stock Auto Replacement Farts Hubbird Hardwair Co. Automotive Dept. - - Phone 47G 6c k8-6 ROOM & BOAKD GOOD Meals anil Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. R. Watson. 12 East Chen?, Phone 602. 20C k7-20 FURNITURE Lawn Chain Unpainted $1.85 THE ARK-NfO LUMBER CO. 25c k7-25 WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO RENT- Furnished house or 3 or 4 room apartment. Modern. Reasonable. Write "H". Care Courier News. 3p kl AUTO ACCESSORIES Gel ready lor summer driving at bargain prices you probably will never sec again. Come in. Compare our prices on auto parts, tires, tubes, motor oH, 5 gal $1.50. WOLF AR1AN We Sell Wholesale and Retail Phone 116 - - 138 E. Main CALL 127 A home owned Vnisinsss. for l"? 11 - cst quality Kentucky, aonllirrn Illinois and Red Ash coal. Lowest Ash Content. Good dry cook and heating wood and kindling. Corn. hay. mixed feed, lariu seed, tablo and stock salt. Home ol liieh quality inoducts and low cash prices. FARMER'S CASH FEED AND SEED CO. Wholesale and Retail TOR SALE OR TRADE 2 story brick building, 1 rooms and elostl unsUlrs; 20 by 40 downstairs betwwn Main and Ash. sell or trade for residence or farm See ABRAHAM, Ash & Broadway. Electric Keep Rool with Hunter FANS. Unconditionally Rimra HUBBAKD 11DW. CO. 6-ck-8-6 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC I nm now operating the Blyllie- villc llnlc :ni[l .Junk (Jo., at real ot -Joe leases' store. MEYER BARTN1CK lormerly opposi'ie Frisco Station Good CUT-OVER LAND in southeast Missouri, about 7 miles from Blylhevillc. Will sell cheap or swap 'or good second hand car. O. E 'razer Filling Station, due north lf 61 at Yarbro or Box OEP. Care Courier News. 3p k I.OST WAI,LET containins some mones nnd cards. Substantial REWARD Lletnrn to Courier News. 6p k! LEGAL NOTICES FOR SALE Wonderful barjaius in food electrir refrigerators and ire boxes. Used and new electric, 'ana CHEAP. Also fan repairing. Bargains in used Dclco lUht plant and batteries. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Miin St. WARNING ORDER Merchants Grocer Co., of vilU, Rlaintifl, vs. Mars. Incorporated. Defendants. The defendant. Mars Incorporated, is war.nod lo iippcar in tlv. Municipal Court for the City ol Blylheville. Arkansas, within thirl* (J:!.vs and answer the complaint ol the plaintiff. Merchants Grocci Company, of Biythcvillc. Dated'this 7th day o[ July. 1D34. KHANK WHITWORTH. Clerk Reid. Evrard & Henderson. Ally.s for Plaintiff 9-16-23-30 Second Hand LUMBER. At, old Creamers' Package Co. Oat. Gum, Pine flooring: brick; tin roofing. See J. Mell Brooks. C. M. Baxter, or City Engineer L. ' E. Toll. 12o k7-12 REPAIRING I'urnihite iciMired. rcfinishcd, np- holslrrtil. 1'atrfek at Parkhnrst'5. Call 57. »-ck-8-S Factory anlhorNeil FRIGIHAIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics nay 67—Phont— Nighl 38Z E. H. (iEE SALES CO. 407 Slain St. KEEP YOUR HOME IN GOOD KEPA1R When It needs a prescription Phone E. D. Fwguson, -The House Doctor.'' Phone 100. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Pursuant to a accn-e of the Chancery Court of this county, rendered in the case of St. Ixjius Union Trust Company vs. W. L Brown, ct al.. I will, within lawful hours on July 24. 1934. sell at the Iront door of the court house at Biytheville. Arkansas, to the highest bidder, upon a credit of thr« montlvs. the following described properly, lo-wit: Lots 1 and 2. in Southwest Quarter of Section 30, Township 15 North. Range 8 East, containing 80 acres, more or less, The purchaser at said sale will be required to give bond with approved security to secure payment of his bid. and a Her. will also be retained upon the property therefor. Dated this 2nd day of July. 1934. R. L. OA1NES. Commissioner In Chancery Reid. Lvrard & Henderson, Altys. lor Plainlifl. 2-9 Read Courier TTanl Ads. OUR BOARDING HOUSE MASTER MIND! Grirroozv- I'M CIAD VOU'RF. VOUR A G™N.' I'w sunt BEEN KECOIN? EVCWTHIMG IS IN A MESS- AN' ' S'ML BECAUSE OF PRINCESS KING GUZZLE HAS IT ML COPED OUT TllfiT I GOTTA HER - AN' VOU'VE .mf- -THACS A GOTTA THINK UP / CAOE THAT'LL TAKE WllH FEVER, AN OLD I RtPRESENT AN EASIEP-N frMNIN<£> SYNCrtCWE -WE BOUGHT THE SCANLON MINE,ON THE WESTERN Slt>E OF THE MOUNTA\N, OPPOSITE YOUR PROPERTY/—OUR "DESIRE 16 TO AGGOJIR& ALL Of- THfe AND 1 AM AUTHORIZED TO OFFER YOU •$ )5,OOO FOR YOUR MINE/'THE LITTLE YOU ARE INl&T^tSlED YOU CAN SET IN TOUCH s WITH ME ?\ PALACE HOTEL WltASSft G'WftN, S\N\\ Itt 1 CHM1ER- .J —«- '^ - J ~'*~^ OOtN'.' WHAT ELSE S-\QCnc\V\ STEVJIN'P THE PALACE HOTEL IS (SUITE A trtSTANCE —\S1 MY CONDITION—TO TRAVEL—-SO I rV\EAN-^COULt>NT WE WtLL, SOKEBOOV SWACKtO WOOT1E wmi A MeiON 50 TIICV SENT (AC TO WHEN SW) fcEY 1U SAW TlV VJHOLE THIMu! HEWALKEO <" TROUBLC YOI3 DO IT OFf WITH OOOLf\,AN' THpfATENCD) RIGHT BOT ^ ^ ^ ; BECAUSE VER NOT rOUNO 0001.f\'5 POOTPRINTS, ' — 10 SQUAWK TO Trt' QUCEN ftBOU'V VJKOLE VJODKS.IF I ^^^D^ ^ P^s w -iw r WHAT AM I GOIH'r OO?5? SO I RUBBTO CXJT AN' TOLD 111 QUEUN I WON'T FIND . flNVllllMG.' GRAND WOW-Pl BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES IT LOOKS MOHK IJK10 WAU! VA-b OWKi ,TOO — Mvi' OV= 'VVi '. MOW CAR UP W AW' V.M.-SUT.V CKOGVXV j 60MW(\ r>0 A.W TOW MV Ohi '. ROVA\_ U\-' OAMCt.OP. \b V-CTOt OR. WE\.\_ , vt BE WWZONG '.V. VMS UTTV.E 6K> ACCOOVST WASH TURBS By Cr« 1 J? /^OET UADBOWfTA X r 1 " I rtPT i ftORnwi I I A, WOMAN LIES IM A «X>L OF &LOOD. ICJCISAEieTS AR£ ^TILt BURNII06 IkJ ASH TRAYS. VeuT "IriERE IS NO SK5N OP LAPROM". IREN<3 SCREAM. POLICE CARS SKID TO A STOP IM PROMT OF'THE OLICE SMASH IXX5RS AMP IN A CLASS HY HIMSELF! S_AI_,K_SMAN SAIH so VER PAY CHECK. ) THASS HEY? WHftTTH' HECK DO VA THINK I AM OF COURSE Vfl UNDERSrflMD, HOWJDV, THAT) OKAV BV Ml:, Pi FIKST CL«SS DET5X-TWE GETS So / CHIEFV' MUCH —A SEtONO CLASS SLEUTH XTHASS NOT SO MUCH, AN' 1 A THIRD CLftSS TH 1 WAV IT HUH? WELL, HOL.OTGR TEMPER, BKb B '(Tfluse t 60T IT RIGHT HEPE! PICK LESS THAN THAT ' FRECKLES __ANp Hl!^ FRIENDS USE TAXIS'Q MATtHlia ALOUG I WE'LL BE PEAL WOOCSMEI.!.... I LEAWED H3W TO MAKE PIKE, AT BOY SCOUT CAMP...BY RUBBISH TWO STICXS TOGETHER, I CAN DO IT EVERY TIME ''

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