Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 31, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1896
Page 5
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James Beehoor has purchased the Pelton meat.market. He now occupies the MW room just erected to the west of tie oM stauid, and It ts his Intention to run a flrstnclftss shop and handle a full line of fresh and salt meats. DAILY JOURNAL - FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1800.- Born i to Mr. and Mrs: Ed Ca~mpbell ot ,6ttowa street,, a young son. The last concert of thc.Hcrbs of Life ' compariy was given In the city ATednes- 'Oa'y night. We caa move money easier than goods, 'henco we slaughter them off at half-price.—Harry Frank. Disease attack* the -weak and debilitated. Keep, .yourself .healthy .and strong,-by taking Hood's Sarsaparllla. Bound trip rate to St. Joaepa, 12; to Lake Maxlnkuckee, $1. Train leavei Vandalia itatlon every Snuday «t 7 a. ro. . You need Hood's Sarsaparilla to. enrich and purify your blood, create an •ppetlte and give sweet; refreshing deep. Corsets, corsets, corset*. Odd numbers In corsets'ranging in .prices from $1 to ?4 each,' all to go at this sale tor •50c.—Trade Palace. Awarded Highest Honor*—World'* Fair. •DR; . How Billy Bry^n Carried Water in Patrick's hayfield. "Yw, I paid Billy Bryan tho tlvst money he every earned," said a gray luiiixHl man as lie looked up from n pile ot freight bills 1 ho was auditing. Tlie speaker was .lolm W. Patrick, a freight ylerk In the ollice at Front and Wood .•strouts. Cindniintl. Patrick was working away lit Ills iiccoimrs wlieu a reporter found .him, but he took ilme flucpugh to tell an Interesting story. "I used to live hi Salem,. III-;.," !io o.-.hl, ''and I was well acquainted with tlie Bryans. Billy Bryan's farlicv was a country Jndgo, Ho had a pretty good sized farm near.town, and as he did not have time'to'attend to it lie put it down I,n grass. "I wwi? iiu Hie hay bus'.uess then and handled tlie crop two se.-.sons. It was in lST2.,ludge Bryan bought Billy Bryan out and asked me to put him to_work i« tlio whejit harvest field. I mad* liim the water boy, and he rods Old Mike, a broken down family horse, all over tlie field, with two water jugs. "When lhQ,oa.ts.were ready to harvest Billy hired another lx>y and put np all the shocks. He saved h:s wages unti $100'was duo. Even then Ihe boy dis- 1'cnsscd politics at noon."—New York Recorder, POWDFR MOST PERFECT MADE. iie'Crape Cream of Tartir Powder. Free Ammnfi'3. Alum or »ny other adulUrant- 40 Y«afs fat Standwd. THE BARGAIN COMPLETED. In pursuance of the bargain made Chicago, says the Chicago -Chronic! (Dcm.) tlie Populist national convention nominated W. .T. Bryan for president 'By a trick In reversing the order of 'nominations TJiornas L..Watson Georgia had been previously nominated for v[JC« president By this plan of the Populist politic laiis Watson became In fact, though not nominally, the he.vl man on the ticket He was nominated fli-st on the Populls platform, that had been adopted before tlie convention voted for candidates. After the adoption of the platform and (lie nomination of Hio Populist and the nomination of tlie Populist candidate for vice president the convention nominated Bryan for president. It did not "Indorse" the Democrat candidate. It made a new nomination, whioli ir claimed as Its own, • If Bryan accepts this nomination, under the circumstances he absolves from their allegiance all Democrats who had not before repudiated him as a candidate and the platform on which lie stands. He separates'himself from the mere form.iand name of a Democrat candidate. It Lu very; nppi'oprlate that Bryan should have a 'Populist candidate asso- ciated.wltii him icy vJce president on tlio ticket. -Wltii, a 'repullst .candidate, for.vice president on a Populist .platform, he is still more signally separated from the regular Democrat party. Each development in the progress of •vents shows the wise policy of a nf-w candidate nnd n platform. The ncccssi- les of the case are greater now than bo- .forc. Tho path of Dtaiocrat duty Is plain. • Tlie. St. Louis convention madfiip of many Incongrous elements njid controlled from the outside, as the Chicago convention was, by the agents of. the silver mining trust, lias been an object, lesson which-.has not been lost upon Democrats. Mr. Bryan was forced upon the wenk- kneed Democrats and Populists of Ihe Chicago eonyeiitlon because he U In fact a Populist and because it.was known that he would be indorsed at St. Louis. He whs nominated at St. Louis in spite of Ills Democrat" Indorsement at Chicago, because he Is known to be a'Populist. The .appearance of,a., genuine Democrat candidate In September will leave thc : presidential-wee to the Republicans tho Democrats and the Populists, as usual, with the-PopulIsts in third place, no'doubt. M.r. Charles Glllhain, formerly of the Terre.Haute house, has accepted a situation at the Barnetf If the T n.-m.-traln Is'too early-for you to start to Lake Maxlnknckee n.?xt Sunday, you cnn goon the "Lake Special," which leaves.tlie Vnndalla *tatl(jn. at b-.lO a. m. Fare for the round trlpi SI. TOOK IpTEEN And Seville Pitched for th Logansport Club. ' — ELWOOD IS SULKY Refuses to Play the Games Sched uled This Week. Kokomo, July 30.—Special,—The l j.p gansport and Koko.iiiif tt.'anis.phiy.ed a.i exhibition gamv th'ls afternoon,'.miiilic team having a game sClHxluU'd for till. date. .It proved to be oue.»f'the. mos liotly contested KKmw- - 'of' : the- season Seville, the catcher-[for 1 i'iie' visitors pithed 'tlie game for.t'fiKn^'aml Lyer their, crack pitcher, 'wept, jb^hind . .thi bat. Brandenburg, : K<ikou)o;s ; third baseman, was in theiljux^'oi'.'tliat clul and Kimmin c-aught/'M,og:ins-poh made one scorn iu the second-'iiiij'tos: liud-i'onr In Ilie slxtl;. Kokonio ! p!'ck'od'.i;r/'&n<? lu the first, one in the. Ijowjt'Ji^oue. in the seventh, mid knocked'dtjyn tw.6 iuore.lu tlie eighth, rieing i)ie,M:oi'i!,-:;ThejJ'for live more innings tlie-J-JOkoioo* played without a score and Kept'MieiV 1 opponents • from inaklii(c"rnVelr'eiilf 1 tit the bases until in the last h'alrol' fjie' thlr- oouth inning, when, 'with the-bases I'ull, a long liit braiiglir in trie iviui.ilng run. Scon:: .• .- :>-•••>,:.• ..•"•" Logon ..(110004 .t>.0.'0 0 O-.O'l-t Kokomo 10010 0 1"2 0 0 0-0"0~; Bat tei-ies—Bra i:d"iibiii;g- irtui' K'lpim i n for Kokomo. Seville and .'Lycii. fOr'.Lo- gausppi't; hl.is—Kokcnpojl.. Logauppbrt 13; e.n'Ot'.?—Kokomo,,i-So Lugunspoi't fi. Time o-f giiim- i;:!.". Urop;ru'.G:in-oy. If Elwood played at'.R'ushvllle yesier- day the scorer failed'rti''fl6 L'ls iln'ty, foi: tlio report of tlie 'game 'wa.« riot sehV''f,li(i Toiu-nal as had been arranged'f.or, TliS Logansiiort c-Hib was.to.ljavo played a£ Elwood today and tninoia'.ow... but a telegram was received liy-thf-manager of tlie team shortly -.liter •: night, signed "ni'anager. EIAvopil base ball club," wl;lfli said: '•po'.n.bf'.como; no game here tomorrow." , An • effort was made to set tlieEhvflod.iuiinnger.b.v telephone last night but tho.operator at Elwood was eltlHT-asle'ejvor'-liaa an gagement out In town, 'fo"' j'riio 1 -' office could not be roused. ,T,iist'^'li'at the^Elwood management means by refusing to play the games scheduled.;there, for today and tomorrow Isi-hanJotO.-figure out. It left tlie Logansp(irt--olub but one thing to do, and that was tg come home, which they did at ;li':20 las.t night. The clnb conseaiient]y_ has two off days .and "there is. h'o'ganie' scheduled for them '.intii Sunday, wheiiJRTOjhvillff plays her(;. • " ' • ' • THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. : Cleveland and Baltimore'won.' 'and Cincinnati lost in yesterday's games. 'Tlie mighty Reds arc.th.e're/oj^ln a tali- way to come down.out of.the.clouds an<l mingle once ag.iln wltlt.'tljeij-.fellowS'In the .league. Followlhg^afe-'ilio score's of the games yesterday? '-' '-' : : '' ' ' \ . At Cincinnati—PimVu'rg iSj' Cincinnati -i- • •'.- .-;•..„ A-'-n--w-r: ' : At St. Lou!e-CIc.veIarKy, L f{t, ^ Olllii i & At Boston—BalthMOEeilft-JHoston.5. . At Philadelphia—Xew3?o'rfr3, Plilla delphia 11. y • 1 *-r-w ' , At Brooklyn—Wasii.Jngtplr'4, .Broblf- lyn 4, .(Called on account/of anrtaiesdj). WERE TREED'BT^LOOriftOliNDS Lafayette Call: Dr. ."flolM'.V-iKtlttell. and Otto G. Zorse are: 1 ** a"'company which, recently Imported^ IW6 bloodhounds from Texas, ''\5iWeli as.'regular "man enters.", Tlwwe twA v geu,tleme:i. tlie other day made a'teijy'f t ,yia.liftnnds' training qualities, an(J;(j.u t.hcr.exhibl- ilon a.t-e reported t-wo^eXv narrtfWi'iCB- capes for both Dr. L. amT'Mr.'K-. gave a dual demonstration of; tr»(f"'eftrahlu(j agility worthy of the TOHsjPesp.ej't^df professional aerial jpcjfqrniejSj.,. 'li', Zerso first set n tTalll.ng. ; p.iil;e, a,n.d.,waa followed by the hounds In full--pj\r.-nt a- galt too fast for human •••Min-bs.'- Mr. Zersc sought refuge In'ri'TreoyTil* P^al extremeties none too quTcwy'eTeTa'fcd, nnii vicwMl the bavln'g'a'iTtmnls''below. and viewed the bayln'g'mTtSittls with breathless atlmlraj^pii.^l^./logs had fulfilled, every Kijarj)njge,of;.ch'ii*- Ing ability, and further flshlWfCil a tenacity of purpose 'quift^ceriimemlablP. in Die eyes of the bl<jodB^uiia; r faficlcr»: Tbe man In the tree gtajeh'-'ttere untJT. Dr.' LWtell 'st»rted' a "ft^.'^nt, galloped over two. mile&.'Of-'niea'dqw and- climbed an oak tree llke,.a squirrel Just, saving.his right leg from liberation. CHEAP" EXCCBSIOSS' TO. TH,p. WEST .AND iNORTHWEST; * '.,,. On August.4. is/Sepfe"m'i)er"'l.ll)..2p;'. October fl'and ^jysOG.^The.' North-; JPcstern Line (fChlca'gq~ij: ; Xcirtlj-West- ern' R'y) .will fell Hom.ef'8eekers' i; escii'r- slon tickets at very low/rafefitp. a la'r'je/ number of points ln' : thS'we*t ! and-nrtrtJK west. i'!o'r full 'Infoi-mtfUo-n'/flpply. to. ticket agents 'of waiiffit'jjnS'.itffMjW '»'* SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS, JQS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOP LESSMONEY SHAN ANY OTHEP CLOTHIER tlS'.V. JN LOGANSPORT. LINE COHPLETE. Buy alougley Hat and be up to Date ; 426 Broadway. : .', ,'.'..', .": -1' f ^^^^ fufm ^^*.^^*^^*^^^mffii^^^^^^*^^^^^— : I>; S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- get my:\j^eot the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing REPUBLICAN .DAY. HonL James. AjJijitiuiit,' WiH Speak - M to : Citizens August 7th. ' Fri'diiy, 'AiiBiwt'!7.tij;''a r ('i''p. m., at tin rink, tljer.e •vvi'll.,bo. : ^in;. Address to tu< citizens' of-easS !: COT.n J ty'l)y"tlie Hou Ta'jnes A, Mount, ; bhtid'Vdkirte"on the Re ptibiicaii ticket for GoTernoi-; The -tveV :no.\\in a.lililtj' as "a. speaker of. 'he enri ooslef siouM be isufllcleut to - bis turnout, of. , those.. lntcrei?te n'lthe vital issues of -the day. ''There will'be othir' 'prominent men iresBM, among them being the Hon, Je^.TV. . Siteele, Dicmncf of. Congress, 4n^,'canilldateiin 'tills district for .re- olfleVion. Tliers will be good music and ple"nt.v of it, ajid a good old Republican Iroe. --..Every cltlifrnT-ls- deeply Inter- fSa-ltf the ^settlement 'of flic financial iHew,' and'tlie'^'O.'i'tcrs' Friday will i'c'Syell equipped ,lo 'give an honest ex- '' > '''' 1 .,.' BOLTING PAPERS. Montporoery.'sV-ilvcrtteer.: One of oni irate contemporartaH-Tpmai-ks that ."The \dvcrtl ser"'1« a.r)tiul sj 'flie only sound noiioy paper in 1'he ^lare • tliat hasn't ' '"" "' hjne pii, ,-iio '.'The. of ' er. announced . lint it would takw atdvanta'se of the lilTt.v-d'ay limit to^'Uetlde. • • "Tlio •D'ccritur : Ncw^ | lia'sn'fcorae out c'l-'lt,. ani] 1<5 prl'litlri);', a good deal of '"' ' ' 1 ';^lle.b\'C!Vtu.r^I|pil^Vo'i''(;.eclal•es that ir •111 wait and see. Tlie 'Liifrcfno-rJotinHi)" is sawing •o'od, • liiit ; :-'t^l«jt ^on.etlilng that n7:ieiis"ofi'<.^Wr i5 ' r ' - : "irhe. B^mcr'jpui'nal 1 ', Is waiting or something ,bnttc,t'. ; ,s,.._ ••The -Vshville.iAegis''.,won't toiu:h It all. '-Tlie' dress . -T, A.. ! 111.. .Members of the Brotb*rtioo.4 flf Lfl „ motive Firemen -will attendJthe.'-fBnerhl" *f tlm Infn'Trtll'n'TTohP^I'W^A^^PyW'U'TnPfT' in the'wreck-"on" ;,ili¥ ( '5 J tea|i,Ta;...!. :nle ?'f Jraw'fo'rdsvllle. • " :" »^V"" •illr'iuir"!is kkkrng vigor- nWy'and !s-fc* : a-y'-Xo i 'sii]»port a stralglit. ''i - ; ;'.:i.«l) lom/d; pla'tf ottn; if "ft 11 cket. •The SliefficlS 15 Reaper" hn,« gone qua rely over, w^ihe P.rp'ftlbMlon 'ticket. .",The .Huii'tsyill^TKUiuije.'' iins'floppctl > 'McKliiIey,".bur;lf .n-bout to halt, ue- iuse !ts-pef:<vC'r»I(ttiJ3Scnator Hundley. ot ahead of"lf.' :- - ^"•"•' - ' • '•'"th'c BV'undliTsc 1 ; News" Iras made a Hpi.ce for the:p;'re,=Cnt; i ai-.T.v, nnd isn't i'toopiJjg .!t..«p. at.-,^!},.,;,. .. j^ml"tliei-e ai'f'.dozjins'of . the State apers- that are-icpwllsninB the platform'. Now. whcim.icjr-'learn.that the S'fl'lbnW'-T'npT!- have nominated Brya.u '•a'AV-fe'trylnR'W-'I'Scro'npre'; Sewall off 'ilie* f1(-het''wIf-11 Tom'Watsoii, of Geor- gliX':"th'aiiKolb. iV^o'lje P. 0 ^ tt;e National Executive Coiniii'lttcrthiiMie and Bow- )ia«)i'-Me--to- be leading .-.lig!its"in' the Srtfe'partj'Uieraftci-i'iwd' that- fhey .will liavc a>' jnu'cli-et •riiOr.e.-lhfi'uence with '-tlili'"Boy''Orafpi" 1 'wh(Si'lie reaches the "u3?tiis .ill],' t]iis^f.^f^-'s. r we predict Vi'ia't a coMlderaule'Vnbai«r..or tliem •witl-.eowe;05it"fS'fcthe' i ?W 1 "/P CI . nool ' nTlc Ticket .<rn.-tte-tJine-hiSnpred'''D.emocratic. pl:i'tfoi 1 iu' : oa T S6p'(ernl.Vef 2. And we prt- .ifftft also thaV¥rti/?f tfcT« l ;.;'h'as.;o.n:,it tlie name of Ihe ga^ari.tGQrdeh of Georgia, it is likely to push the Bryan-Watson ticket pretry close throughout the \\-liolo Soutliland. The Democracy i.s not swallowed by the Populist whale. It !s very uiuch alive a-od kicking-. It L? going 10 lie felt this campaign, too. ELOCUTIONARY ENTERTAINMENT. Miss C. Zaring Barnes, daughter of T. C. Barnes of Hie WestolCIi', Is preparing an entertainment in the way of .iu. elocutionary recital, to be given at the Whoatland street XI. E. churcli next Tuesday eveing. Tlio program will also provide a number of musical selections, both 1 vocal and instrumental. Miss Barnes has elocutionary power of a hlffli order. At the annual elocutionary contest in the American Temperance university at\IIarrim,an, Tenn.,' she carried off the highest honors in : cla.ss of olKlitc6n, liotli ladles and gon tlemfin, and was awarded a handsome gold medal. The net proceeds ot the entertain ment will be applied to the church debt which the members of she congregation are endeavoring to wipe out. The ful" program will be printed later. CALLS IT SLOBBER. Lafayette Call: Th| Chicago Chronicle is Indignant because-of the general disposition to omit harsh terms from a :llsciiss'.on of national issues. It regards thi,= sort of courtesy In the light of "slobber" to employ Us own dignv llod term. Tlie Chicago paper Is very much hi eiirnost :md allows its sober plexus to dominate its cerebrum when it nssw:,-: tbat men should ."call a spade a spade." There is no possible objection to such a vivid realistic dc-sigua- rion of the Implement, but there i.s decided objection to calling tile witlder of a spade a fla:l>bcr-gasted scala.wag mei'oly because his spade 3s not of the variety you employ. J^>t us reason witli the man as to how lie should do his spading. TENSIONS ALLOWED. M, M. Gordon, pension claim .igent, report's tlw 1 following allowances: Mi-s, Barbara n.-uuel of tins city, widow 6f Bernard MameJ, hite a private Co. D Twelfth Ind. Inf. Vols, $S |ior inontfi.from March I, 1803,. Dr. Asa Colemau. Iate'A«ft. Surgeon Forty-six.:!' Ind., lias been granted a pension. Henry Sands, of Burnett. 6 'Crock, Ind.. Into a private Co. A Twenty-first IntL EIravy Ariillcry. $1T per month from. May 27, ISfid. ' . , Samuel Miller, late .private' Go. TV Flt'rh Ind. Vols. 'Inf.; Increased to'$17 JOT month from May 27,1S90. William'Wharton.. Rocklield, Ind.. ate a private Co, G Thirtieth lud. Vols. nf,, Increased to; $10 per month from vprii n. isnt;. Kokomo Dispatch: .Eiglitccn-vWtors 'rom I-ORansport were entertained last niglit by the Pocahantas lodge.' The guests were highly pleased ivltli 1 - tlrerr entertainment. A banquet.was served' it the lodge hall at miduignt. Ihe visit- -^ irs returning home on the' Bret' rain af- er that hour. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Subscribe for Th* Journal. Hammocks at your own price it <l«c, Harrison's. Miss Helen Browne cf Hig^ street'fc sick. Miss Ida Covault of North street, fe sick. G. D. Ouster, sr., fe recovering from a sickness. Wanted—A good, strong scrub-woman at the Burnett. Ciieck Kraut Is spending a week dowt the W;iba«h with .i party of fisher.n)en. Albert Scott of Galvcslon, a salooaist, lias been slated for a violation of lie liquor laws, and took a chance of vcnn* from Deer Creek township. Scott 'In proprietor of the quart si;op at <3alve»- toii. Those who enjoy a day's outlnR .should not fail to take advantage of tibe exceedingly low rate to St. Joseph vie 'the VaiMl.ilf.l Line. TiTiin leaves tie station every Sunday :it 7 a. in. Fare for the round trip, $1. Three men have bcon arrested by PaTi- liandle Detective Matt Moore, on suspicion of connection with the burglaw. at yi : :ilton of the Panhandle station. The men are held as their stories did not seem to agree. Detective Moore fe looking into the robbery. CIGARS IN ENGLAND. Th* bwellm In the IiUod of Pan Llk* Their Weed* Drj. "Englishmen and Americans differ in many things," eaid the obwrvant tobacconist, as he handed over six war-' ranted Havnnas to his customer. ""H don't refer to tJieir.idens-on democnwy or monarchy; it's tihc little thing* I notice, nnd particularly those connect-, ed with my o^yn business. Dldyouever notice an Ens-iishtnnn choosing a cigarf lie always puts it up to his ew,u»n4 uquetwes it between his foreflng-offanil' thumb. He docs tbnt to see if it wtH, crackle. If it docs ho will more ttatn- likely tekt it. An Englishman HkraiB. dry cigar, the drier the better, white the Americna prefers his 'lamp. If yon risked for a damp ciffar in London ili» storekeeper would think either tlirt •von were joking—a thinp to which he h.-is a rooted objection—or Ihnt -it war. your first smoke, in which case lie prdb- nbly w-ould try to palm off a two-penny cabbag-c as a straig-ht Haran*. Tbowj tricks arc not confined to this .side fl! the ocean. "Here we keep ourViigii™ In a damp place. Over .there, where about everything is soaking, they keep them m.tbn dryest spot they can find. They eve* BO' far as to say that no mon wlm live* by the scu con hnve decenKlgan- Isupposeit'snatural. When n nun'sdrjr heulwa.ys wants soniet.hingwet.aml vice versa. Fcrhapfe if 1 hn<? the misfortune to live on n foggy island I'd want osf cisars like tinder."—X. Y. Sun. ' , J IModprn N "We tj&'d to determine by bnllot whc tl)/most ]X3pular girl at Mic hotel. -\vos to count, as ft vote, yOB. :ow did it work?" 'Not at all. The gMn rnn ID repe«k- :rs."—Truth. rieunrci of tb« H • She—I hove often .wowlerpd.'wtatthf wild wavcu.are sayiofr. . Jndpinp f ro m t lie ir roar IshouK ay they were joining the frenecnl kick ii(irfilT«"t-higb price* it thin report— Philn-lt-lphiii .Vorib AtnTicnn

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