Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 10, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1942
Page 4
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NAUOATUOK pAILY.NEWS,/ WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10," 1942 mj . I IT* 1 Naugatuck High \. Season That at Ran Trainer Gaver an a Pve.yiovv of Belmont. :L COR UM i; The Widener, the Derby, And the Belmont; Not A Bad .Spring For John, ,»•*»* JOHN PITCHES SHUT OUT AGAIN QUIET JOHN FITUJifiS SttUT UUT AWAIJW ill' || |( . „,• UH wi'-ro whooping It rnrl . of Un\ dining room i cltilitifHisf "I PlmlU-'o j'l-tl r.iri 1 "ii PronkiH'aH , .,4 yuit know, had wop. ,J,.i,i in r.onvlnr.lntf stylo. ...... .lolin (lavcr, who iVul .Inlin," wo MS Itu paw- InviU 1 lU'Xl- will i Is a.-} your I.T I "Any Inquire! \VJIV* ill in ni" a pi; * you' I'x on I'm- v rlKlil o drown I find, null-lit' -ll-OllSC," Ill' llOI'tfOH?" , who is al- thfil If.mor- whlcli also have, nn ox- ropllud favor, Ming KcUlloAr- iif> thorn wllli .aml -Mai |K,MU| tir "vll, •1"l» l n«llnK o IK ;,I,,I of vl-w. K.-HIU« "f lh<> hvii DodiCfrs, ilrll'ti'd past, ' ' .,„ t )( , ; ,,|ln.u Cnr tin- farm my AlMal. wlnnliiKs in your Uroolc- lo Ina new trouble," 1m implied, "Hut I didn't waul to .(»rr«i- any alibis, lie can I'lni hotter llinn he ran today." "Thou you still think \\n can beat Als-iib In tin* -llelinonl..?" "\V«II, I flif<ww>p'u fcnow the Hel- moil I IH Ilio I'tifa) we've IMMMI point- ln(l him for, It's tho raoo we'd like to s«.'(', him .win on account of Mrs. \Vliiliiity, and • Equipoise, ami other owlns' ii '.S'ivn ynur ul y 'a- 1 * Macl'l Itlirnuv/li Hi" do«»r. lyonr day IV-r you Iwrlti'i 1 ." annuuncfid f,o- ," mlvlsocl somo- ail dlsa|ipi-aroa "I'.'irUoi- will cut wllli his typc- UK CONVKHS.VriON |.'|,()WKI>" ON: Tlio fonvciMillon o I) h c d nml hoivi'd, mostly I'lowrd, with tho Al- rooti'i'.s loudest and most , That lirlnil lliu way of U'ln- 4 .since I line licfjan. Thorc-'s noth- pui like wlnnliiji <>» » horsu raco iu convince it follow of Ills own Hlniu-c. I know thai, huvlnn won In occasional hot mysolf. f/nvlfu| fhilshwl lil.H drink, CJuvcr )| up mid (li'iiiii'lcil, Hut i\ HI lie lei 1 when I Irft tho room ho still Iviit sliuulliui lit thi» oiit.fllcto <loor- |niy, wulHim for somebody. "Von didn't mmitlon him in llit'i'o," I sail! to him. "What do )ou think of Shut (Mil's ntcoV" "1 thouulil ho had (M) 2MlDHffEStaO'$HQW$FRU$UIU 1 iTATE JUNE HARTFORD ONE DAY ONLY BIG BANDS ,4 M .mm. f f^*- -*• i^*-i^f MITCHELL AYRES LOUWIUIAMS >JUNK RIOH/MONP T *YTAUfNT» JOHNNY MIONITE SHOW SUNDAY 110A.M. "I don't .know, imioli nbont tho other fellow's hoi'sos. It keeps me training my own. lint it's niy jniDss that today's race, the fust j»aee, speed horse.s Htopninu in front of him, and all, was made to order t'or ,'Vlsul). |r.'iiotliiMf||)|)«iis tund wo meet him in the Helmont, we'll move when he does and try to run with, him in the stretehand.. .yes, he I ween you and me and the door- jiimh, I think It may he n cllffer- iMtl story, ... "Yon know Kquipolse could ruh i,n the stretch and, even if In- had lived, he prohahly never \\4milti have produced another eolt that was more like him than this one.". A LONG SPHEf.ll KOK .IOIIN: \V'hlc:h WHH a long spr.OL'li for (Uivor and, as If roallv.lng it, .ho nodded, said "good-night," and cllatip- pcarccl into '{.ho dnrkncss, Thosn of you who saw or rend about, Lite Uulmont Stakes last Saturday Know how Ai'oui-o and .Shut Out followed Alsal) 11 ko a fahion in Ihul rtiot 1 , nailod him while hug- King Ihu rail on 1.1 in turn to mako him laUn L'he ovorlund, and Mien heal, him at his own game In in a run for tho wire. An noarly us I can make out from Hie stories, the pictures, and Lho oharls, 'tho 1'lnlsh of Lho - Holmont was tlif! finish of tho Derby all over again. Save l.hat In the Derby, llio lefl-handod Way no Wrl-ght, whipping on Mm In.slclG, or pcrehanco the I'iict Dial. Shut, Out was Jus! a mile "short" for a mile and a quarter at that stage of..his training, caused SlHit Out-to'boar out a trifle in I ho i'lnal fifty yards at Churchill Downs. One other tiling .1 have rcarl .several times a 1 !)out Major Loulsjinanl, l.lie Whltiiny -major-domo, lining tho only one in Hio Qroontrcc cstab- llslimont who was stuck on Shut Out. hofore he won the Dqrby. That sn't true. For ItJ was Gaver, who said lo me In f/oulsvlllo, whon I w;ts whooping, IT up for Dovl! 'Diver: "I wonder why '[ can't get. anybody to go with me' on tho chestnut (moaning Shut .Out}. 1 ' Anyhow, It scorns., to--me thai Ir the doliyli.t over another vlctor.s for Mrs. Whllnny, the first lady of Lho l-ui'l', and the pannns of prals for Krldlo Arcaro's riding, sornc- hody should slip a word In edgewise for (inlet,,John, the old Princeton boy. NATlOlVAt:..'LEAGUE! Yesterday's Results New York M, Cincinnati 1. Pittsburgh 10, ..Boston 2. . Br.ooklyn-SL Louis, postponed. Other to'nms il.ot.schcdulocl. Brooklyn . SI. Louis .. Uine-lnnal.i . New York . Pittsburgh Host-on ...,'.. Oil roug'o ... Philadelphia .Today's fjlames, Pitehers Brooklyn at St. r.ouls—Wyal :l) or Kronen ((»-0) vs. W-lil-to (2-2). New York at Cincinnati (night)— Re'lrumuchcr (2-) vs. Vander. Moer (fi-3),' - . • Boston at Pittsburgh (night) Tobln (58) vs. Kllnger .(2-1). Philadelphia at, Chicago—Pod- Jagny'(2r4)..vs, 1 .Lpo-.: i (7»4}. EAGLE EYE -; !; - - ^ By Jack Sords >w*:'X*:*:*:*:*x*:**x*ttx*#>w>fr ''•'• i %&'&'$i'''&'&'tffi A MIC HIC AN -, Yesterijuy'fl Results New York /i, Detroit 1.'.' Boston 7, St., Louis 4. Philadelphia 2, Chicago 0. Cleveland 7, .Washington The New York Bosl.on .... Dntrnlt Cleveland St. Louis .. Washington Philnikilphia Chicago .... Standing ,'• '- W. .. . .".-' : 38 27 30 i>8 . 28 2J L. 12 2327 25 27 32 35 32 Pot. .760 .540 ..526 .5.28 .509 .396 ,38(5 .373 Today's Games;' Pi tellers Dolrol-t a't New York—Beiilon. (2- vs. Breuor (2-4). St. Louis at Boston—Niggoling (5-3) vs. Hughson (3-2). Cleveland at Washington (nighI,) —Dean (4-2) vs. Newsom ; (5-8), Chicago at Philadelphia—'Rosa. (02) vs.' Christopher (2-2). SUCESSFiJL' HMCKOUT Old Man Hard Luck Sticks Chicag-o White Sost Twirler Lost Two-Hitter to '•" - • •' • . , - .• > '"•'••""•••-.;' " letica; Score r ,2-0l ' ' Providence. H. I.,. Juno -JO^(UP)- (B.v United Press) , ^ ; ^' ; ' r.ovornor",!. Howard MdGralh says' Pitcher Ed; Smit;!V, ,or the Ch.i|ago; Bhodo Isla-nd's first surprise slate-I White Sox, mids old man JiardMtuok. wide blackout 'has boon a success, j S || ol( j ng c]oscr thajo'the" Jibrseli'lcieT T-ho 20-mlmiln- test r.was bold last night and 20,000 air, .raid wardens and auxiliary policemen answered the alarm. •- ' V . .. AND A SHUT OUT: After all, ho won the \Vidonei with a neaffie bird named The Hhymer, n horse that nobody ex oept he, Arearo, and Starter _f»eov(je (lu.ssldy know was in tho race, Not even Mrs. Whitney, lislenimj on the radio to see how son .lock's CJramps Fared, knew it until Hryim Field called The Hhymer the winner, lie, meaninn fiaver hfinin, won (he Hun for the Hoses nnd now the Helnrfonl, A rif/ht fat Sprinu for any trainer. The Now York Glnnls, fit least, .should root For .lohimy. Ho certain-- TOiNNMOW & FRKMY IN PERSON-On Stage I - * M,s low—' slicldng closer on a baseball. , The portly southpaw .11 as couple of one- : to-n6thing; a pair of he reached a now high—or last night.- ; . •' -'. '-•'. Smith pitched, a .two-bitf;er....;.,biit, lost to the 'humble' Ph'iladelphla' AthleticsH^moyJng- ' 'the ; 'A-!s>. into •sovonLli i?J'a'co and. dropiping;' the White Sox into t'hc'cellar. TlVe scpre v. r as t\vo-to-nol/;.-. •> .^ : ;'-V...' Tt was SmI l.)i!s: JOtli •sl.iMight : " i ]oss against: not a single win.' ^ .'.;; | X 1 Smith gave Bob Johnson 'a,.'double ing him'the ;Am erican leagdte .lead over ,loe Gordon.' _ ^'•TH'e Now Y/brk ; Giants baited Cin- .icinnati's, G T g"ame Winning . p streak •three-to-ohe. Th>/ Giants sc'oVed all •of their runs-in'-Lhc llrst inning. i. PiLtsburglr scoVed/ its nfth>straight v win over, the 1 ,Boston Brave. 1 ?, dO-to-2. .The vlclory 'moves the Pi rates Jni.o (flfblx -place' i.n- ih'e JNa^iphal : league rand,sends''tli.e"; Bnives.down into; the FttR >•< K : : For Women on the Job v Something ne.w^on the fashion front ... a utility version of America's famous "Douftll/ 1 It's the "action" suit for American "-women oh the Job." Nelly Don's one-piece, cot-, ion overall -is smobib-fitting—from its roomy sleeves to Ite adjustable "safety" ankle cuffs, ORCHESTRA Iwttw* PAUU with BIG REVUE KERWIN SOMERVILLE DONALD BROWN 3 VOICtS AC» OH BCRCKN BOMBAY CLIPPER MWJtem OARGAN-IHINC HtHYtY ly roots for them, and there isn't ii hotter hull run anywhere. Nor a nieei- 'follow in-liis quiet, tcndiiifj- to-liI.s-owii-I)iisiiiQS.s, way. . Our < NAUGATUCK Opens Fri. June 8 Big Nights W, C. KAUS Shows and Johnson advanced to third'on a fielder's choice. He scored 'while flic White 1 Sox' were making a' double- play. ' ' " ' ' •• : • ,:•'..- ; 'In tbe.llftb, Pete • .'SudoV ^walked, advanced on nn ."Infield-out',1-moved to third on a scratch \single • and. scored on a wild throw! .. : ' , : The Cleveland Indians Bfepped .up; into third-place by '"< nosiiig, v.-pu't,- Washington, seven-to-slx.-. '.Ciiiiblry-." Dean, C1 ev e 1 a n d '^ i'o u r tJU . i) i tc'li or-,- soorcd the winning run. 1 in thej'lptll inning. , The New York:, \ 7 ahkees' ( "'p'o3isliccl off the Detroit Tigers, i'our-to'-one. The "win increased New .rYork,'S;jl.ead in the American 11 games. ;Hank Borpwy, of the Yahks.'Svas credited with a four-hitter.: Jpis^Gor- don, ran his consecutive-game niK- ting streak to 26 games, but;J?,u'ddy Ilassett's 2Q-gumc batting • .^rcj^k was eiuled. The loss dropped pe.troit. from second to fourth,;'.-v , .The Boston Red Sox movod-,, the runner-up • spot; Bobby / po;er,i;'s' i homer, double and' two. '.singles sparked . the ''Beantownors ''Mo-. a. sevcn-to-four triumph over: Uie. Louis i Browns.- The . baiting;' spree boosted Doerr's ayerogo' 16.390, giv- Chicago.' JU.ITO:' ^0—(UP)-^;;p|an ,.j .make gasbIJhC|!pPOl'S.,-for H.he .cbl- i lection of scrap rtobett'is all set,M,o go—all it; jie : e«s^ls fcv O|ticial approval. The o i 1. ••} n du's tr y -?'"Q d v an ced'' tlte proposal- t'o-'Vse th'o : "'nation's -250,000 .gasoline filling .stations for thc:.c61- loction drive.', Sbnie estimates ..are thai* there arc '.some flVd' million tons .of scrap rubber '/in mats, old bathing caps, inner\tubes and such, 1^ : - 'ing'a,ro'und; l The T pil'.Industry is willing to pay bnc ce^nt a-pound for H. ' Bernard ' L.' Ma j owski, irmrkofing 'lie«d oi 1 the American petroleum industry's war'council wants to. get the. pi an under way Immediately. He says it, can lie started on Monday, i_f ..Interior Secretary. Ickes approves the plan by tonight;. •-.'.So. pretty, soon, you may 'be driving up to a pump—and instead of saying' "fill 'er" up," you'll' .say "empty ; the-back, seat." j SPOIUS CANCELLED W i-n-d sor;- -.) u ne : -1(M-|U P) —Beca u se of : the gasoliiie ..and; tire situations, Lo.o.mis InstiCujje.Vbas /cancelled all of'its inter.sclVolastlc sports -program for. tile,-;next yeinv.^A.irHei.le, competUiori^:'. -at, •'••'•t.^'c' '•: preparatory^ scliool will b.o Hmited 'to -intramurfiIi FORMER CARDS The SI I.OUis Cardbials are doing more, than their share to help keep ..llV-c 'New. York .Giants battling for,, a,- spot, .in the' \NaUonal league York seem Poi/i; :.players.;• whom-the Cards unloaded/.-.on the Giants ihl's. year are; proving -to be. key men in the ,upswing of the Ne\v,York-ers. Fii-st- Baseman Jo-lmny Mi/.e is a valuable man,,it the;.-plate and Ui-e veteran GusMan'OUso is t/lie-sort of a catcher guaranteed to put young tvurl- .ers at their case: And. p Itch ers "Tom Sunkel and Bill Lobrman : are /havr /Ing. onrij of.'thoir.good years.- . :; .lf th.c., Giants- finish, in the first division .this..sea-son—*-they can send a";-hearty, vale,of thanks to the.-'Card-- ,\lnals. : ^,-•'..- ..-.,.' • •••- -.A • ^ :.- ••=' ;• The odd part;.of Uie deal Is that. rboWi Lohrman and Mancuso formerly wore .members of'the Giants. '. Mancuso,,br.oke in with the Cards In ,1030 and was traded to New YorH at, the. end "of'the 1932 season. .He- played with the Gi/ints for six years and, then was peddled off (o i.h(j Chicago. Cubs. After one season .with the Bi-uina, the; veteran- backstop, found -.himself, in Brooklyn .with the.Dodgers. Then t/he^Brooks sent, -him back- to-the Cards i.n exchange for young. Mickey Owen. Now the' canny backstop is Ills old stamping grounds and oper- .at ing .Hist as effectively as ever. Lolirman's case is peculiar. Big BilT broke in .with i.he .New club.-in 1037 but never could .to find -himself. "His biggest year was 1039. when .he won 12 games and lost .13. Last season when he copped 9 and lost 10, t-be Giants sort, of gave up-on-.him.. They traded. Loin-man-.and catcher Ken O'Dea plus a .sizeable-bundle of cash to the Yards last December dHh , for big Johnny Mizc. , But the Cards had too many pitchers—as usual—th'ls spring.'And -th'o St. Louis ma-sterminds finally persuaded' Manager Mel Oil, of the Giants to take Lolirman back. Tho wisdom of that deal, 'has. been proved, already. k When "Big Bill joined the- New Yorkers -he had a record of one victory and one defeat. Now-his record reads four and two. ....."• He -lias pitched -four complete games for the; Oilmen and bis only lick'ing was an. JJ-lnning, 3 lo J, defeat at the hands of i,he Boston Braves. OU--has been him against rig ; bt--b/indod hitting clubs and so .far the plan -has been paying off. Sunkel originally WAS', the property of the Cards who sold him to the. New Yorkers from their Syracuse farm club i<n the .ihterna-tional league. lie-gives promise to becoming a fine pitcher aJUioiugh bis record «o far reads only two victories and, one Joss. • Whenever- one of Miose four Cardinal ;cast-offs come through vvi.Wi a •winning 'cfT-orl— or a ti'mely blow at the .plate—Manager fill c'an'.t'foe blamed for .breathing n fervent prayer of-, thanks to Branoh Bickey Wife Preservers To correctly scale a iish, scrape fish, beginning at the tail and working toward the head, Use buck of a heavy knife and Hold it nearly flat against thf fish. •»'..' . — mr , .j.~ ••iMi'r.^ • ^™~ w/-/^,. i/^W'^ -i* Keep em-^ 20 Big Attractions Bridge Street Recreation 1 Field • ; ;«.:;..;/.;i*'.y-v>;-- • 'Benefit of '-•'/••/American Lego Post 17 PRIVATE BUCK im sm; uso § Chrysler inid Plymouth a,M.G, 'Trucks , C. Rayikwich | Jr - I ACCESSORIES | Repairing f 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. 1 1 Greyhounds •r , „•.- . "V ;v. ,1 on PEUCANSHAVE TIGMTHOLDON Last Thursday's postponed Bocci schedule was played off-last, night in the U. S.- Rubber Co. league. The Planning Pcllcrfns, caplaino.d }vy Ed Pctrucclli. by virtuo or their' \viii over Montone's -Magpies, hold undisputed possession of llrst place. The strong Cutting Canaries were forced into 2nd place by losing' to" the Making Marsh Swallows; while McSherry's Sparrows gave the Molding Meadow L-arKs the same treatment. The 'Molding Mnndow Larks, Cutting Canaries and the Hoot Room Blackbirds are tied for second place. ,,,Tho individual stars of the evening were Tommy Palmier!' of Boot- Room, Lorenzo Agrixa.i .and' Louis Bianca. of McSherry's Sparrows, Gh-arlie Angcllilo of butsole Orioles and, Joe-.ttusso of Molding Meaito.W Larks. ' ' The scores: . N ' W. L. Planning Pelicans '2 i Montone's Magpies i 2 Schlosscr's Sea Gulls ...... Pichulo's Parrotts Cutting Canaries ... Making Marsh Swallows ... McSherry's Sparrows Molding M e a d o w La rks — Boot, Boom Blackbirds Mengacei's Mocking Birds .. Planning Penguins Outsole Orioles Planning Pelicans Molding Meadow Larks — Cutting Canaries Boot Boom Blackbirds Making Marsh Swallows ... McSherry's Sparrows , Montonc's Magpies- Oulsole Orioles Pichulo's Parrotts Planning Penguins Mengacol.'s Mocking Birds . Sciilosser's Sea Gulls 0 . 3 . 2 . 2 SARATOGA TRACK OPENS JULY 27TH New York, Juno,' JO—(UP)—*11. will be'business as usual at the Saratoga race track this summer. Track directors voted unanimous- lytoday to hold the l!Vi2. meeting on schedule. Tho SPA, which has been the mcoca of the turf world for the past 78'years, will open Monday July 27th and run to August '20th. UBERIY LIMERICKS A carpenter named Mr. Jedd Hit the nail on the head when he said "The Bonds I am buying Willie]]) 'em keep flyin' And bomb all the Axis guys dead!" ALCAZAR Today -hursday Friday - Saturday Bud Abbott Lou Costello Rio Ace" Burette Hold* Big ,Red Team to tered Hits. Thc Nrtiigaluck' hIgh Orcyliounds, champions of Uic Volley league for i<Mi>, wound Up anolher eventful season ycHf'erulny oh iheVi* /. home grounds oil Uecreatloii/'Field AvUh a 7-i win over the Big Hcd learn of TorrlnglbiV in a postponed ^, loagiie game. Tin? Poleymen climbed the league tiMo las.t Saturday in their 0-3 dnfool of AnsOnla higli when they registered tJnVfr.^th win out of n I ne -game* played on v'llve league sohtdiile.' Thfclr flnaJ record was 3 \vin>? v aiid"i\vo-defeats; ' ' ."Acc^ pur'elte ft'galn hhotiWcrcd the pll.Qhing burden for the ttarnet nnd alloNved l)Ut 'five ' hits -.white funhlhg- 8(ivon ' of the Red, outrtt. Nnug'aUick touched, up Palker/ of Torrlnglon-for "liJ safe • hlnglesr 1 Naugaluck look the lead in the Jlrst, inning when they scored after shutting out Toi-rlngton In Us half of the .sVanxa. Naugy 1 Hobred again in the .seobnd and the;B«d» scored a .Single'"In b.oni, ||>e .^ccond and third Innings to make it a ^-2 tic at.' the end of the 4th.,^By. timely hitling and a costly error by Tor- ringtoii 'the POleymeh garnered three Jiiore In the Jlfth to .eventuttl> ly win the contest. Torringt^tt scored one in the sixth. The score; Purs ss Uurcttc p .. Kogarty If . Schiller 31) . Gargonia cf Mulesky Ib Massa c — •Kovit rf .... Hohinson 2b Totals .... afo h 6 a 4 1-37:6 5 2 0^1 r 19 , lAft tj fi i i • \i o « •. n f i .o I, \i • o -.''•4'•• --4 3- 2 fO lO'O -1-1' 0 35 1327 ! 10 Tovrhigton Romnnlcllo If.. Carey cf ..... Bonell! c .,.'.. Ponzi Jb Alexander SB .,. Burinskas 3b .. Melo rf-p Chiappi 2b ..,, Palker p , TerJcsco rf Amrich z ..,. Kunklcwics! KJ5 .*,>..,. .k ab 5 4. 4 •,.-•• ;v ho 1 0 i I.--* 1 O '" 1 >.y i i 0 O/ 00: 0 0 0. 0 00? 0 Ov O^otals v......... 34 514^8 x—13 at led for Mole in Oth." " ' zz— Batted for Chiappi In 9th. / Score by innings; Naugatuck J 1 00.;3 6/0 2 x—7 Torrlnglon 0 i JO O'i^O 0 1-nl Buns—Purs 3, Diirettei "Pogar^, GargonJa^ Kevit, Romaniejlo, Bo)i- ctti, Alexander, B'urinskan; .Error,^ Ilomanlollo, Borettl, • - Alcjcandep; Burinskas, Schiller, ^ogarty, Mu)~ csky, Massa. Runs batted in—Fiifii, Durctlc, Fogarty; Schiller, Gargontn, Kevlt, Burfnskas. Two^baiic hits-r Mulesky. -Three : bane'' hits—Fur«. Stolen bases~Bomanlello- f '2/'; Garoy-i Bonettl, Burinskas, Tcdesco, frurh 3; Kogarty, Kevlt'. ;> Sacriflce»'-r>-Schlirer, Mulesky. Double )>liiy«'^ Purs and Mulcsky. Left on Nnugatuck 8; 'Torrington, .;.-> on balls—Off :pureltc 3-{ off Palker i; Hits-^off Palker 8 in 4 2-3 Jnrilng*iV off Mel o 4 In .3 J-3, 'inning Hit by pitcher—by Palkcr (Fur*)^ Slruck. out—by DureUe 1 7; by .-Pklker/ 4; by Mele 3. -Wild pilches—burette v ^, Passed ball—Bonettl. Losing pit'chr er—Palker. Umpire—Slatlpry. Time " i: PEP Hartford, June JO— (UP)— Willie Pep, Hartford's undefeated feathcrr weigh't, has : been matched wilb former champion Joey Arc tt I bal<l if Providence, 1 Rhode , Islam!,' toi*, S 4 bout in Hartford. Juno 2Srd. Tip •match: will be either -ei^ht. 'or: ten rounds. : -;-.-.-. ••.-"-••. .;•- : •.-•.-,•• -.'.*:.•"« •> • v>- Tlmrs. ^Frl:'- ? Sit. and Short* 'Marry tJie ter" and 'iders of Northland^ DUFFY'S ""'• " iRTiter DAILY DINNtRfl and SANDWIOHM OF ALLt KIWBS —^~'^-

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