The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 7
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MONDAY, SKPTKMiHOK 2l, 1D3G ULYTHKV1LM2 (AUK.) COUU1KU NEWS 111 COLLECTOR Mystery Slu'outls Disappearance of About $4,000,000 in Bonds H.v NBA Service DCS MOINES, la. — " bo] jcu'vc been pretty sore at one lime cr ancther when you drop- l>c(t a quarter and it roiled out r,f siulit where yen just couldn't find "it. II so, you can imagine how James B. Hyan mid a lot nf ether lawyers and their clients ' fel. They're (coking for St.- OOC.CC3 that just drcpjied out of •isht. They're ]>r»lty sure it cx- iits, I:lit they can't find it. Hyan is special assistant attorney [icncral of Iowa. He w:>nts lo nnd the S4.0CO.OCD so the slat? can collect soaie SSOC.OOQ in inheritance tnxes. 'ihe clients of the ether In'vycrs hope lo shiu-e in what's leit. as ticks of two very unusual people. Some ?455,(.00 hit 1 ; been fcund, and the heirs are already engaged in a tattle for dial. 'Ihe story of those two people! and Ihc $t,CCa.UOO they arc sni)-| |-c-;cd lo have left bcliind them, btit which has disappeared, runs iike fiction. Had Fcnr Husbands Sirs. Sarah A. Smlth-Scollnrd v.ti^hcd more than '200 pounds, aseS Do Piles Cause? i;r. A. J. Mar! 1 ;, chief of staif i;f the world famous Thcrnlon & Miner Clini" saysi "Piles are the direst cause of thousands of easy;] rf funclicnal troubles of .stoiuuc. Hver, kkincys and heart. Chronic tr,n?lriuUcn, colitis, neuritis, IOSK of memory, lo:is of vigor and ;i ^cnctnl tirctl feeling aic often ic- Jicvcd wJicn rccla! IrQiiolcs arc cured." If joii have i-ilcs or cthsr rectal liircrclcrr. do not fcol yourself, lo- calise serious cornplicaticns, in- rliidiiir; cancer, develop from what may appear today as a minor af- flicticn. Write totlay to Thornton & Miner Clinic. Suite 2019, 920 Ai-.Ccc Street, Kansas City. Mo., •for a free copy of a new ilhis- tralcil bc-;k which explains piles :'.ml other rccinl diseases ami which tciis about the successful mcll-.ctlr, used by the world's oldest rectal institution, \vhcre more than «,CCO men and women have secured permanent relief from ihcir rectal troubles without needless surgery, dangerous anaestte- (KS or Iiospttnriznllon. Corrcsirond- rnce Is confidential and literature is mailed under plain wrapper. -Adv. 003 nnd had hud four husbands. But she also Inid n definite knack for innklng money. She inherited ECinc from her first Imsbnnd, J, II. Smith. But she made It grow. 1 She acquired an Interest In a' Ncvnda gold mine, and. operating' it Ihroiipli a manager, she netted | huge yields. j She traveled about Die country with a trunk in (he top trays i>f> which were packets of currency weighted down with gold bars! About' 1922, when the slock • market was depressed, she Is bj-| licred to have cleaned up hand-! tciviely, and to have amassed thus' a huge fortune. , Her heirs, two] .'-Islcrs from California, are seok- ins a share of (he fortiui?. Some time abcut 1930. when she \vns nearins 70, she met Uccce B. Erowa. In some manner lie became her traveling com- pKnicn and. business agent. And inunci'uitcly after that Brown, who not only had never been a financial big shot, but had certain unsalisflc'd court judgments ftandhi" against him in the stale of Washington, began to Hash money about. ' Drown, who was about 10. tall and gccd-lcoklng, began buying expensive blooded horses, and fhowinc them at slat; fairs in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Oregon. Uc was a "brj-limer," and] was known to go abcul with] SI,C3G bills carelessly tucked into! the pages of a current magazine.. He opened nnd . closed bank ac-1 ccimls, rented lock-boxes, wra? : fabulous checks, tcnaht secuj-ities.' But tcth he and Mrs. Smith-, ecrlhrd were always scoiewhat inysteriou= people whcsu fmanchl aifr.irs ncbcdv knew nn:ch abcut. nri.tsilcd $1,590,000 In the runnier of 1B30 the two lo DCS Mottles. i n a bank acecimt opened by Brown at that time, he deposited about $1.500.- GCO during the next lour years, inertly in cciipans from Liberty iind mnnicipa! and Federal Lnnil Bank bcnids. Then the income tax people b2- fcnu preBiJng Mrs. Siultli-Scollant, and rhe mcvcd to Canada. Incoms lax investigators traced anproxi- malcly S5.COC.OCO, mostly thro'.nsli tend rcgislrutions. lo the absi-nt wciran. In 1933, Mrs. Sniilti- Srctllnrd died in Montreal, and her bcdy was cremated. Brown carried the ashes about with him in a small silver casket. During (lie days of Mrs. Smith- Ecollard's c.xitc, however, Drown war, active in DCS Molnes. He would visit his bank, arrange to sell $10.c;o worth of bends, and tan-c. Within a half hour he wculd return with the bonds. In January of 193-1. Brown went en an auto (liy lo (he north west. apparently lo visit a ranch lit; oivncd near Vnklma, Wash. He met with a fatal accident, apparently having driven into a truck- lead of logs. There was some talk cf murder. But as some $6.1)00 was icmid on' his person, if there I had been murder it was not apparently for money. Heirs Dispute. Fivlimc Between tlic two dend people, (he fortune cf $5,000,000 was in a disputed position. Many cf the bonds cashed by Brown wero identified by their numbers as having teen part of the estate of Mrs. Emith-Scollard. Brown's widow came into p:s- scssicn of a tunch of lock-box keys, but no clew as to where they filled. Lawyers searched, and found tlic S4JC,00(j that has b:en recovered in Icck-boxes in St. Paul, Denver and Vancouver. And over this find, the heirs of Brown and Mrs. Sniith-Scollarcl began their legal battle. But Mrs. Brown has other keys net yet identified, and so have ihe Eislere of the dead woman. Lawyers and officials here have rumngcd through all unclaimed trunks and suitcases at the hotels where Brown stayed. They have canvassed former associates of Brown, and bank officials, believing that his cache of bonds must to nenr the bank where he cashed them with such facility. Because of Brown's erratic Hunt Missing Fortune PAGE FIVJ» jMimiJu • Society — Personal Mrs. W. l>. llnlclilns anil daughters, snvi. U'llllani /Umslrotii: of Hlytheylllc and Miss Orlno Hut' hi us rf Manila, Imve hem visiting fricnls In Little Hotk anil Hot Spriniis. • Mr. and AIM, n. L. King nncl funiily atlcmted the Memphis fnirl wodnesdny. I Allen and Jerry, yoims sum] ff Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Berryj rf Bl.vltxn ille. visited (heir ainil,' M'-. Myrtle Pcnrson. this week. ; 'Ihc filcnds unil rebllves yr Mr;i. Cum D:\lton surprised IHM- with n birthday .supper ut Ilin' linnc </f Mr. n ,iil .Mrs. Alln-'t, Rarc-.i. Aljonl 75 were: present.' Mrs. Dulion recclml inunv lovely Klfts. Mrs. Vincent Lay spent Tnes- iliiy nncl Wndnesrhy In Memphis, •vlicrc she received nicilienl Ireut. nient. ' . Miss Alice Colcman of Texas. Mho has been visiting her bra- tlw, Rev, John ffiirrlMXi. hus 'itHe lo Memphis to visit friends t?U.rc i,hc returns to her !ir,nic>. Mrs. Earl Kmlijcrs and tlmisli- Ic-rs, Jewel, of Texas, ure sp?iul- it lev clays svilh Mr. ami Mrs. Albert StM. Mrs. Uo:lgcr.i Is en route lo Slkeston, Mo.. where Mr. Hodgers will be employed. Mr, and Mrs. Scoll have also liud us guests this wcc:< Owen Montgomery and sou of West Plains, Mo. The t-ophomore class of Manila high school attended the Memphis full- Tlilrsdny. They W<MO i acicmpaidcd by tlielr class sponsor, '.email Holt, science teacher. 'Mr. aiid Mrs. Kip Moore Imve relumed frcm a visit wllh Mr. , Metre's i£lntives at Little Rock. 1 U ». Diircrilft of Mcm))lils Is vlfltiiiB-hls brother, Jim Darcroft. Woodrow Hiillon left Thursday 1 lev FiiyeHovlllc! to enter the University of Arkansas, most every day lo sec boats • go . Ihroujjh. 1 only wish I could ; lell yon everything I would like, jbul I could never wrlto It nil on I Paper. j So If there Is anything that [you would like lo know. About tho ' Cannl Zone or the Hcpubllo ot Paiuima, Jiisl drop n cnrd or Idler to Private Tommy Frascr' Co. A, Hth Infantry l-'ort Davis, Panama Ciirmj Zoiie. The Editor's Box Slacks Irk Diner LONDON, Out. (UP)—Declaring that the right of n woman's "iwie' back tnkes away lib appetite, a LciHlon man demanded that rat!| way commission ulflclnls here for- I bid women attired In slacks nnd I linltcrs from entering tho London! iV Porl Stiinley cnteicrln, - I I.Ikes Truiilcs ITo tlic editor t) Just wanted to drop n line back home lo let my friends know what Ihe Iropicnl ramlry is (he most beautiful place In the world. I am u dally reader of the Courier News. 1 lu^t been reading about the hot weather yon have been having. Well, believe' It or not, I have been In the tiopics six months • and it has never been any holler thnn 80. The most benullful plnce of nil}! Is Clatun Locks. I go down nl-'l Old Bullet Fatal i SUIIRBY, Eng. (UP) - WhiL John Makliuran, a Jiotel keeper was allowing his wife the placS where he received a bullet In liis heart while taking part In tlw' jandlng at Galllpoll, he. fell'deal;-. BAD FOOT ODOR Hug caused many a man to lose » good wife because she could not' stick with-him; until,he-found £ remedy that would keep his feet from smelling liko "somelhinr; tlif cat drug in". UROWN'S LOTIQ1$< will positively stop BAD-FOO'S ODORS ami SWEATY CONDI-" TIONS OF THE FEET with four npplieationu or your money back? Applied only at n!(*1it. A positive* euro for only sixty cents. At 'A Kiroy Bros. Drug Co, S NOTICE Any arllflo l,oii s l,t ofBUKKE HAKIHVARK CO., n«l saillsfiu'lory In every w;,y ,, c w m rf . runi! your mamy witluiiit question, provldfil you reinm' it In Ihe same wnllllon ,n n-t-chTi) ami I,, » -irsiwiiablc 'itnctj, ' of line, say a vm-k »r ten days. Our first price h our Have One Price TO AI.U best Burke Hardware Co. I2 \\>. JL-iin Wyfheville, Ark. tacks of currency welslicl down ty gold bare were packed carefully into the trunks of Mrs. girah A. Smilh-Scollard, upaer letl wlicn she traveled. Now lawyers and detectives are rummagiu; Dircugh old lninl:s and iock-l;oxi.v; in the heps at /Inrilnj S[,o:;-.OCl left behind when she and Kcccc B. Brown, lower right, her trav-'l- ing companion and business representative, lolli died without, loav- ing a clew lo the whereabouts of the var.t fortune. •.'.''; lialits. they feel it would' nol be surprising lo find Ihe va?l fortune stulVed into n .shoe-box cc men here. Once Brown exhibited a club ba^ to cue of his lauycio and told him it. contained more than a million dollars in securities. Much of the missing $4,000,000 if, in gilt-edged bonds,' the numbers of which are known. Tliey have not appeared on the market since the death of the two strange financiers. ; '• "I hat is why heirs, lawyers, ruid government odicinls have never relaxed their search for what they} believe is a richer cache than| any treasure over which ercd pirates slit each other'; throats. ttie "leopards" fled lo the of the interior, taking'with IruMt two small children as their iiaiil tell cf human life. This terrible cull WHS once powerful tliruiiyhoul Africa, but is said lo exist only in Liberia i»:.v. Clad in leopard skills.^ the killers became so bcld (hat they recently crept cut of the tushes ami killed a boy en a go\erniuent school compound. r Scad Courier. News Classiiied Ads Troops Drive 'Leopard Men' From Liberia i CAPE MOUNT, Llfciria iUP> — Liberia'.-. "Human Leopards," dreaded srcrcl sccicty of Hie African bush, have been scattered by soldiers sent by the Libcrinn government. Murders ami attacks 0:1 liuniim tsings had been reported from: the Grand Cape Mount district. I and the militia at Monrovia \vcre sent to the bush to disperse the attackers. The government at first was skeptical cf repcrts that these occurrences were the work of ••Human leopards," but finally was forced to tnlrc action when several paramount chiefs went to th 1 . 1 canital and demanded help. On arrival of the militia and government olficials in the dislriei. FARM LOANS In Drainage District No. 17 We arc now in position to consider loans tin well improved farms in Drainage District No. 17, us ivell as in other sections of the county. Long Terms Low Annual Interest Liberal Repayment Privileges Wilson and Worthington Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitor KIHKT NATIONAL HANK JJUXJ. UI.YTHKVIMJ':, AKK. CLAUE.NCK M. 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