The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 3
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jutr 0, 1934 (ARE.)' Picket Off Duty in Coast Riot Up Hill and Down iTn ihr editor:) 1 sec by your paper llml Ilio Klntj of France marched up HIP lilll and mruched rleltl down aguln. After tlie government has given Ailunvjs ninny nillUons or ilolliirs relief work. CWA ami oilwr- . and iiu> money has been n, we? yei a couple of Investl- mois to fjieuei a few days will) ami wlmi do lliey Hud? 1.-AI1 the irrci>iilLiiIlles Uial lliey fnimri v.cre minor ones taken iviarenliy in [lie naline. of sliorl PIUS to facllllule the proiiram. Yi'ali. llipy were short cut--: alrlfibl (ir.d no doubt f:ioilil:ilpd the pio- ""rani. a.—They (Mild llnd no evidence can't convince the folXs of Mississippi county that Ihe whole tritnjt is not putrid. Did you ever try lo burn a pile ol straw \\VI1, you know yon start the fire and k'Gln piling on si raw. All you gel Ls lots nf sinoke. Ynu put nn mure straw ami It'.; Mill lots of smoke. You i;et all Die- straw piled ui> ami U .smokes like nobody's business, ilwn all of n sudden "blooey" ami (here Is your lire. Thai's the way this thing will gn sooner or later. More nowcr lo federal invefll- salons and Investigations. CUvc us lots of them. Hyess won't niinil jnsl fa low. UK lliey don't displace him from tln> high anil iiiiljlily itosltlon Dial lie lias as- r,umcd as dispenser of Hie uravs i'nd keeper of ihe keys lo the \m- lltical house in Arkansas. fiannmi was right. A CITIZEN Of-' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. of ubiis-e of the relief program ioi iTo Ihe Editor :j political piir|KMs. Well. Ii WHS not] m Saliirday's Cini experted that ihey would. Any-1 (orm-y M.ix n He vs. IUI.I expected that Ivdy wllli nm ihey would. Any-1 rye nnd half s Ai- kr.ows ilmt Frank liarliam and Dill Dye?* wouldn't tj-ll them uljout. nroinlslii|> gravel roails In return (or \n'iv Ixiaril volr-s. Wonder II tliey talked to mr-inbcitt of UK- if'MS- Ijounl from .this (-ml of the ioim:y? Woneli-r if they inlked In Hii' lv;o former mt'mbors of Hie election eonii)ib:slnn who rrstaird wlH-n they wr-i-p told tlmt their section of lite enmity Mho Mnnlln orwy Mnx luxsnll tiled .nier Kew.i Held allili'ked a inc on l>p]iii)f ol Otinlirp clubs botli struc;-. this man In the marilihie Mrike riots at Sun Francisco. Kllwrt Moody, five-year-old youth, suing Klrhy nroth.-rs lor allege niiikiny nil eiror in delivery ol medicine r.\uilllir? In liLs.paitlnl |iuiatj'si:i. us a "Ixild iitleinpl (o Bet snniellilnij for notlilng." I :un not In tin- habit »l Iry- inii my hiw.siiits in the press b'.il .since Mi. Held elects to follov. such LI ooiirsp and tin-hides std inenls lliiil -.soi;ld never lie ulluv;- es Imd begun crecllnc n stfillnii 3ii Hie Arkansas slci?. They must iinvp litui HIP assurance that Ai- kansns would jxiss a zone measure "ml reile lo adjoining stairs llirre Arkansas len-l- lmvi> uilmltHo hmiilml foul lory. Surely an niii- liiiioianee m coui- lax. It. modliy the jiroplc ol Ail a reiliiclluii In tl done by n 4-i m n K ,. in our or Inick palches here (o eat days from now, except for Just a few families. I do nol bellev** llieie was n alible In milord here who was nol nlail lo furnish i;rounil for gardens. Some cropper:; i-onKI not gel seed for our- iii-iis. .'tome ilitl and for wiine rea- Is now lime luriMin lliey did nol plain, rfcniisus lo demand! Su 1 elas-s iu enj)|X'is hi Iwo ielr I-ILS tax. which classes. One Is a shine cropper. can loveriiineiil admlnlsiiallmi on Au- :usi n. We I bank you for your mlnum willed Klve.s i)., , U1 i,|)]V]|-|nniiy nl Xplvsf.1111- unrr.eKe.-. on |;.iiu,.|:. ,,[ linjMrtuiiu-. K. N. F,nr:ir. >]>|>C: mi- miser Is u shear crop|ier. Arthur KMilibs Mlekiiiiin, Ark. Cn.nrc-1 Iniilin, nf i'1'o ihe I'.'illior:) ; ! C'un you or sniuAmi. n-.,, ,ei| i me how w<> ciin nc6 mil ol Iliis : rut? One lunidiejl I'llltun uml (i,u-<len> lull till- 'yolk of' lore' 'lu the editor) lieen reading Mr. < The Liberty lle.ll h:id<l tinkers aillrtc on keculni: ration'to rlni; when selflslmKs uml freed oiy iliirinu ihe glnnlne, tieasrai. wcie snwn on the Milne Mill ' 1 Nat s all rlKlii. but we have talk- Ihul duy nnlil Ihe pi,..,,.,)! "I t-mion, rntion f a lonn ihal Ii , loo years UKO fit) per eent of (he jus! become n:Hmn! for us to people owneii (ill per cent (1 f (he "'"' 6 IU V Ixiiilrtl. ,\veallli; M yem.s .,•(» y, |K ,, nl|11 . do nol eaie nny moiv for l(» years ago in pi-r K-HL nf tin'' 'n. Of course we have in |ieo|)le owned mi |,. r ' Nime. Ix-inr we ii-niini.'. ,sllli ttc-nlth. mul imv.- '., 1 HIP nils and nul. nnd life a.iulei mil. liiMi-d lliey ruillilii'i MILS dill. ,\s fin- 1-. i-nncc-riii-d. he- will .sell as In- i'Vi did. As yeciion) would not net nny CWA cd In :i Jury In 1111 nil nil roads or anvlliini; elso until ihcy to Influence Hie public, I lliinl: resigned and lot men friendly to j his hand .>-hoiiM be called. Dyoss mid Ills muni lie appolnU-d? j Mr. Reid, as ailoiney for pub- Wondcr if llii-y tnlkfd In ;i cer-illi: liability lirsiiruiK-e com|>anle.',, diiji Mlytlievllle lawyer who claimed 10 have ••]mll 11 with Hie. administration and who was soul to t!c Hock on lan'oral effusions whli In the liabll til looking on Mills ayutiisl iiisinaiii'e companies in the manner in which ile.vrllvd Mor.cly's case, ns a expense, jnlil lo gel certain: "bold altemiv, to Ret something lor Two Riols roads (none of were bnillj-? courier if lliey talke.d to the tfcola merchants who are said have received large orders aft- thcy hail raised money to liny fill ta.y.f-A with? Wnndc-r If lliey ot the. story about liow certain o!ks hnuleil uliigrr voiejs lo Hie. lo b(-m Uravel roads •iillt to their places a^ tlielr pay or itoliiK ' - - - Here are two victims of.bullets as they lay on a sidewalk at San.Fran- clieo while rioting rased between police and .strlkliii; maritime workers One ol these men died shortly after the picture was taken. Hindenburg and Hitler The destiny of a republic resting on their shoulders, dcnnany's agec Prcildent Paul von Hindenburg rleft) nnd Chancellor Adolf Iliile pos? solemnly side by side after the Nazi dictator had flown to Hin denburg's summer home at Ncudeck to deliberate on the crisis pre cipitated by the "Roehm revolution". This historic picture of thci meothiff. the first since Illllcr'i bloody purging, was flown lo Ixmdo and thence radioed to the United Slales. vre board election Villlarns. and had e noU-.s who nvelved nien i seeds uml v.ho did failh 1 / iiii-n-liuniK Miy (hull lleie Is Ihe way Ihe lev. i;e[ (he! ciiiined I'.mxis! weallli: MiM. In n-, hiirruliii>i< ihe Ihe mereliiiiil bankers' sv.orn Mali-nietii a-, rr- •-" n.s iiinch l>oi led by a.0711 liunics to Hie eiitnp- ns tiar- trtilh-r nf eini'enev l)ece;nlier I IDIIl). win ennsimial aheaily. Home Ciipltul .Slot-h paid i h $:t.Hil!M|l)0(K) w hine splendlil iiiirdens, but Sur|iliis and Undlvlilnl ' ' I inn l-lml of folks always have PriiflLs "*l iMiilens. Our wm-sl trouble Loans Hi:;', we iln H,,I ],j 1( ,,|. enridsh Ue)X)sii.-, J!i!,l!)ri.l)iin <<iu- l.iml. .siuli ;1S potatoes, to- CILS|I On unions ami beans. No lliinil Wifi,97U.OOi) iiim-lnuit need nothing." Of course, ihe fad that Kirby Brothers company Is protected by liisnrnncc Ls nol to reach a Jury anymore lhan Mr. field's slatement'alKiui nn atteinpl lo eonipromlse the ease. Dill since lift alarmed. We Total siocl: of Money If we ninke any In I lie U. H $n.:il(i.!ii!t <KI4 ^Y., ••• • If-fOStTAT-toRENO HAS s=AOiHC«i*rC3- ROSES c/ffiCD OJT a-- u'lll imv.- :, p. i i-eni. of ilu- wealth, llrnle a- plainly as U thai In Mine nnly one ; - fr.rnlly <illl ov.n (lie | the case In the mlillc mlglit he wants lo try ne.',vspn|KTs ihe woll know that ton nnd nKr> ihe reasonable Inference that ihp drug company, knowlh;; thai it eould make mlilake::, tonkin, proircilon againsL tht-m. Naturally, in nhnobt every suit against mi insurance company, cf- forts lire made 1 . Tills lo reach a com- Iwcnuse. or annw all lie:ir-.iay. bin- it's i)i c kind of iear-say (bat is eoini: all over ltelfslppi County and Arkansas t this time, :t— They found CWA r-xpendl- tires about etinally dlstrlbnteil l>c- ween the noun and south ends 'I the county. Naturally lln: ree- irds would show that. But cv'cni°i' let HIP insurance company hold he most iMnorant person would '• Hie club of long-drawn out. liti- now that, yon raiinot build Rrav- 1 gation over tils head, nrnl bccau I roads on >ip.;ir!y every .section ' le luaially has no mousy lo hire rule ihp averaiie pcison linnned needs the money immediately and 11 is either lake lass nl Ihe lime and rebuild extensive gravel systems, build S20.000 eom- nunily honsej:. pave nil the strceis a city like Osccolr., develop high-pay exjx-rLs io support Ills side., MiL-h as En.surance C-ompanle. 1 : retain. However, In (his cnse. Mr. Reid doe, 1 ; nol know that i ever :onummUy centers, and do so talked to anyone about settling nany things of that kind on the • tllp case who lias any authority ;amo amount of money that It Io wille It. I di.scn.ssL-d different akes lo renovalc a few school | Phases o! tlie suit with Mr. Reid Milldinss. city halls and court I 1 " 11 al "'C time he did not repre- liouses. clean mil a few miles of Ie "l tile iiu-nriiiip.1- ciimpany or J)p id lei ire:i,.|inii; wet nj diy fiirinlnii. We cent. Interest cninpuuiulril. «ay I;PI dry or wel weather when : Oh tnty, where do we i'o fiom '.e iiird It. nnd may not. Wlint. heiev A fiec ]n ople In a rree i'e «:mt. Is a Inline of our own, land, think II over and over! V/IK-IV «r- can iniiid up D,P soil :inil (linn lo suli om.-x'h-es. Seven o:it ol len eoul[| make (jood willl- ivmnds clean picked eolion/teir pe."Veni. Sriho.lnli";^"'1 wS'TonsTo! »i ISI) |«unds out of every ir,on' ration see.l II u - ' ' pounds of feed enurm. This Mississippi urn n Iw.s. 'Jin work nr K«i lxi;.>. if.- a i;< (•(iiuin dry liil ouier Inree could Idea lo keep Klition I 1 . Dlyllieville. Aik. ciri in <;IMS i'1'u the editor:! In my litsl letter I shown! how mir ninim dry ii,i, lull, for when Mississippi comity runners iw vc to poi nd" o -I - to Hey ,, ul t culiin,; us on (he pro- M,e K \,K is-lt) tons of six. | n.s „ "| ," w L Lj w i duction we Mill will be al,] c lo Liiacln,,., gift, nm fKll ,., ,, ol , a i. ns n , , , blng in ,;nrden Is worse .still. ,,nd 1 >racl!tL ' "" nm nol. 3S5 )(l' Ihe [inimmt of seed In lie for. Now 11 Innil of clean plekrd rat- Ion wouldn't have more lhan len ixmnds at wuslc In U. i have drinimMraled liy acliial counl and welRhl nf all the burs In ISM I Iinil that Ixill with every Inn- pulled wllli the cotton, lhat ~:l | W ,n,d.s, So I he cotton s farmers ot , Hive the ftln- ner.s due io the guf-.«lni; proec.w. riDOO IOILS of union feed is n prntly bit; idfi |OSM:C| Into ihe. laps "I the ginnei.v ami oil mills us Uraeious and free R |f(. n n won . der .in many bin new yins Ijchiu built. H pays, ami ihe farmer pays II all. More in nly next le.lter. Ht-x Uaker niylhcvllle. Ark. ditches and build six or seven nf road. Ask Hie. people, west* Late what (hey ihlnk of lhat. Ask the people in ihr: Ar- norel, HIckman and Huffman neighborhoods if they think it was equally divided. . Ask the. folks down Clear Lake. Bunlelle and Lu\ora way what Diey think of i cmml division of funds, and n lark lo the hundreds of unemployed in the city of Blythe- "ille and .see what they have to ay about it. I wonder If they look the trouble to BO to the railroad eompanie-s to check the number of cars of gravel that were, shipped inlo the norlh end of the county against the number lhat f/ciit into the south end. It wouldn't lake long lo do lhat. ant! yon know cravel and freight was aboiu the bigficst prut or li;re in thLs county. •I—Of course thp.v the expend i- found muli- lo support the suspicion that ar. or5!ini7pd effort was belnp carried on lo discredit the state relief administration. There i-; no :ch effort. Folks are jnsl sick and- dls B ns(cd with the .situation unrt arc probably B clliiir: it off ineir chests and leaving it np to the federal authorities (o do as they see fit. nbont ,it. 5.— Tlie Dycss rehabilitation colony. Well it must be. a grand lo have nce.cs* 10 all ihe money in the United Stales Iress^•y and to spend as yon .ncc fit H must be grand to be able to My Benny send down a couple or cars of tools for (he colony, the urice don't make much difference. It must be grand to be able to ?o out and buy several humlfd im JlL<;t pri( ,(. of ,r , in Uncle Sam and don't wor- y about r'l , r l>C r ss"n federal funds belonsed to the people hnt It seems not In this '•oiony proposition. C.— No prcnpeci of revision up- •vard of work relief budgets. Well thot wasn't unexpected, as prac- * : r-»lli f nil *u- ___ ,. r. . ^ . (ha I de.ftndenls. did withhold fuinp, Reid's .i-c<|! :.ilii nt Mr. from tiie asked me he could adjuster could confer with mu. No word .was ever heard adjuster alter he had not to file suit until ... advise with his company. Finully after. Held and Hie adjuster liail "stalled" the case past Hi? June term of court I decided to briny the action. Mayte it it were Mr. Reid's own child who was partially paralyzed because he was sent Ihe wrong medicine he would see it in a different light. Maybe if n delivery boy racert three miles out Inlo ihe country to (ell hi to give his child. in nny of not the ready slightly aggrieved. medicine after IL was al- .loo late, JR. \iouM be Possibly, if after his child was .stricken he attempted to find what, the wrong medicine, taken back, really wiw and was told by the druggist.-, that they didn't know, he would feel n lltilfi worse. I'm afraid he would. In fact, T expect, thot had Mr. Reid brought the .suit he would have been asking $50000 instead, of $25,000. Mr. Reid, lets leave our inn-suits for Ihe court to try. Claude P. Cooper. Morp on Itip Cias Tav (To the Editor:) I" my last arllcle on the slut; zone eas tax, I received .several letters from all over vour fl'ld of circulation, icmie.sting me say something special bill, r LOOK AT RAKES AND BODIES. NOW THAT PRICES ARE ALL THE SAME to more about this do nol want ;c> I cast any reflections upon nnv of (.•iir representatives for vollii'-' this niwclal rone bill, but nm at. a iics to understand why this act v::is cvpr Introduced at a special vision called by ihe governor when i 1 . was nm even mentioned in ins call. I want to say that Major Liirle, our present representative, voted ag[li!m lhis bil1 - a "il I am in- all the work has been done ( lormc<l cvc " tol(l the- governor of the. lower end of this county! tlle S''" 1 *»»cer (hrd would arif.o 'hai. conirl be fifiiired otil and the '" '> H »'«lal lo.ivs to all who do colony is not ou a budget basis. AH in all it was a crnnd mvcs- tigaiicm. Mr. Dycss will probably be given a clean lull of health and continue incrrlly on his way buildlne up hLi organi- :.'.tlon, nslns relief funds for this purpose, and rloliiR about as he •:ers fit. Maybe ho will even make 'nine more speeches about stayino HI of iwlltks. Frank Barhain, as personal representative of Hie Governor and Mr. Dyess In Mississippi county will conllnue to saw wood, handle the coll taxes and Iry to make himself political boss of Mississippi eovmly. Benny Buller, Charlie Cofcman and Q few others will continue eelting the gravy, and the records will «•£- linue to lndlc»t« an en\ial distribution of lh« funds. But you nol reside in this special awe. We recall Ijfloiv thij art r.a.s paired one of Ihe major compnn- FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. . INSURANCE DEPT.. Y, NTOST PF.OPLE KNOW that the pricei of "All I Three" low-priced tpn are pretty much ulik*. Models may differ u t*v dollar*.. .but it's ufo to nay thai a Plymouth Special Six, delivered at your door, coets about the same a* the comparable modal of either of Plymouth's two competitor*. So when you look at "All Three" today... then'* only ono thing to think^bout.. .WHICH IS THE BEST CAR-WHICH GIVES YOU THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEYf We'll admit "All Three''are good automobile*. But before you buy any, consider these thingn When you step on the brake, will that car atop dead in it« tracks? When your wife and children drive away, will you know they we safe, in a body of sleel reinforced with steel? Even if Plymouth COST MORE, which it probably doesn't, it would be worth it. The Special Six hat Hydraulic Brakes, Safety-Steel Body, and the tame Individual Wheel Springing that is used on the tao*t expensive cars for a more comfortable back-Mat ride. It has Floating Power lo end vibration. It has the luxuries that make youproiu/fooun k car. Yet its price is right in line with comparable models of its two biggest competitor*. Look at the prices on the right. See the car at any Dodge, DeSoto or Chrysler dealer. Then decid*. PRICES AND FEATURES OF THE NEW PLYMOUTH SPECIAL SIX 4-Door Sedan $620 2-Door Sedan $530 Town Sedan $655 Buiiness Coupe $560 Rumble S*at Coupe $590 HYDRAULIC BRAKES. Alw.y, «,u.liMj. <Uii(«roui twtniaf. S*T* fmgiunt rch'ninfi. SAFETY-STEEL BODY. B«»t i.fclriniur.iH-eyo.icjin b>T> on lo<l*)r't buigr bifhwtyi. FLOATING POWER EMI'K Mounting!. K««p vihra- tioi »w»y f nxn jran. You rWo r.Uxed. INDIVIDUAL WHEEL SPRINGING. H-.l nf .o-c.lled "knM-lTP*" "pring*, •• uwJ on Ihe mo.l « M ici^ii« c.irj. Four |>»to* ringi iutMd of lh« utuil Ihrcc. Four. iMUiof CrmnUoft—V*lre-»Mt InMrls — Oil fitte.'- Stctl AitiOuyWlMcU—DM! Trumpet Kami. Pric« M few M »4&5 f«r Somkrd Plymoulh. All prlc.-. l.o.k. fl^lorj, D*(rott l Milij<ct to change without noiici. ThM pcjniKRU to fit your budfcl. A.k your dealer for |K« CHfitUI Chryilcr Motow Coromercial Credit Pl*n. MOTOR CORPORATION DIVISION OP CHRYSLER MOTORS

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