The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 6
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I' 1 '"*, PAGfc J THE BLYTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. HADCOCK, Editor H. \V. HAIN'ES, Advertising Manager Sole: National'. AdrcrltsLug Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit. SI Louis, Stallis. Kansas City, Memphis Published Zvcry Aflernoon Except. Sunday Entered as second class manor at Hie post oflice nt Blythcvillc, Arkansas, under act ot Congress. October 9, 1311, SciTcd ay the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of niylhevllle, IDc per week, or $0.50 per year, in advance. By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.CO per year, Jl.50 for six months, 75c for three months; by limll In irastal zones two to six. Inclusive, $S.50 per year; in zones seven nnd eight, $10.00' per year, payable in advance. 27(6 Capitol Sofip Bill Governor Ftitrcll, who ,-i few weeks ago was doing his power lo make Sccrehu-y of Stale I'M K. JMi'Ooimld governor of Arliiuisas, is placed in a' Kuniewluit einlwrrassiiiy position by Uie slate comptroller's report of an audit of the sccrolnry of slate's expenditures for mainlemmco of the capitol. To his credit it is to be said that thu govcnior has linn; far indicated no (li.spo.sition to dodge his responsibilities. Tlio audit figures reveal that for reasons asr yet unexplained Mr. McDonald was seized in the last fiscal year with a sudden and expensive passion for cleanliness. His expenditures for soap, cleaning .preparations and other janitors' supplies for the fiscal year ended last June yo amounted to .?l!),2S<i.;i;i, compared (o an averujjc' of §0,928.75 for the three years preceding. And on top of this an inventory ' showed ?1 <),005.20' worth of soap and cleaning preparations in storage in the capitol, for $10,000 worth of which no vouchers have yet been issued. In explanation. of the large stock on liand, Mr. McDonald said that'he did not order tlutl par! of it for winch vouchers ha\e not been issued and that he did not propose to pay for it. His contention, it appears, is that the manufacturers or their agents just clc- liYcred it in thu hope that they might icccivu nay for it. Still unexplained is last yeai's 200 ; -per cciit 'increase •.in soap purchases.-' •' .->.-;--:.T J'• Whatever further investigation may develop, it seems evident at least that Mr: McDonald's management of. the business allairs of his office, as was indiraled in thu capitol rool'mg alfair of several years back, has been soina- thing less than air-tight. Perhaps even Governor Futrell will agree that under all (he circumstances it is just as well that McDonald ran second rather than first in lust August's primary. • - Craighead's Finances County Judge Spurgeon Clark of Craighend county warned taxpayers of the county Saturday that unless they come to the rescue it will ba necessary to abandon'the county farm, dose the jail, and limit expenses of ' the count.\ to keeping, the courthouse open and paying the salaries of coun- OUTOURWAY ~ BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ty oll'icers. Salaries of Die county agents, ho explained, are three months in arrears, there are no funds on hand to pay for food, clothing and medicine for inmates of the poor farm, and the .sheriff has been buying food for jail prisoners on his personal credit. This .situation it ( a fj mc! w | iun the collection of l!),'i r > general property taxes, payable this year, i.s, or at least should be, nearly complete. Instead of being broke Craighead ought to have money in the county treasury to carry on for the seven months or so dial nuiiU elapse before any considerable amount of new tax revenue can be expected. In view of flic with which Judge Clark outlines the situation to the taxpayers of his county it seems unlikely I hat extravagance on his part is responsible-for it. Wo recall seeing recently, however, a report by the assessor of Craighead county which •siioived a' county valuation for lax pin-pases in (he neighborhood of §(i- 000,000. That would seem to be sufficient explanaliim O f (he- coimtv's financial difficulties. The ligure ' i.s ridiculously low for a county of Craig- hoatl's wealth and population. It is not necessarily greatly out of line with the valuations of many other Arkansas counties but it is an example of (he sort'Of thing that must be corrected before schools and local units of government throughout the slate can function as they .should. A'e/i; Sign of Pro.ywriiy Just when a' few members of the electorate were hoping that the nation's polilicos had exhausted their. supply of omens, that the citizenry might be allowed 'to speculate unmolested oii whether recovery realty had arrived, a Philadelphia astronomer, of »H People, disrupts this Utopian desire. , • • The astronomers at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute arc having trouble with one of their telescopes. The silver coating on the rcllecting mirror is tarnishing n[M \ y Uu , sc Mays-much more rapidly, than* in ,-19a;j. A \ j[,. •lames Slokely, associate direcior in charge of astronomy, attributes this tarnishii:g to increased factory activity. Now here is scientific tragedy that politicians may, and undoubtedly will, twist around to mean almost an.vthing. Hut campaign iriaslormimlers must proceed cautiously. There is always the astronomical vote to be considered. I'll save my ammunition (or n lilllo Inter. -Former ,President. Herbert Hoover, dccliuiua n ccimncnt . on ])ofilicul situation. The motion picture is the coming evangelist of thu world. —i?cv. James Tookcr Ford, Hollywood, rcllrcl minister. We veterans regard ourselves ns Hie number one pacifists or the world because we are ready (o fight, if necessary, lo convince oilier nations cur demands for pence must be respected. —J. E. Van Zaudt, national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, mf) SIDE GLANCES By George Clark I \ ,, ^(fpllpl^p WJ6 OYflFASEnViCC, I!:C. T, ;•. ',-f .• - - •,.--. " I THIS CURIOUS WORLD I m.v.i.v li.\\ IHi.VV, |i tl .|l, ymiriic I« liln-il a ..... cw:irilF»n on lilnd .UrivtiyN -"id, (In- Main mi'ciH TI:D" v Mliil uliu Illfs ihu IruiiK.l - In fiN«li;ur it II,,. tllci- ii'lol, ntlunit. H.I ltlBB Mr lilm. hn vr ,||,ii,|. r THERE ARE ABOUT SEVENTY- By Williams CANT YOU S\!E THAI A SPIDER/WAV BE A POISOM OME 1 GOOD GOSH,YOU'RE SO SLOW \VITTED.IFA •5V1IP WAS ON FIRE. YOU'D it-C TOO STUPID TO DIVE OVERBOARD. WELL, IT ML-y-IT SAVE MIT FI49M LANDIN' ON MY MEAD ON' TH ICE. ABOUT 400 F£ET A -,_^,«^ /, BUT IN LOWER. ANIMALS SUCH AS THE O<ZTdPUS THE.Y ' TRAVEL ONLY ABOUT Qo - •'•• -A SECOND. PLANTS OF THE ASTO3. FAMILY HAVE STAR-SHAPED BLOSSOMS... HENCE THE NAME "ASTER." FROM THE LATIN "ASTRA'; MEANING STAK/ '"J* .Meteorites arc divided inlo three main classes; str.ny mct-o c- aerolites, iron mctrarltes, or sidcr^es. f?.d stonv-irc-fi sldcrolilcs. Each of tlie.'c classes is livided and sub-divided ' smaller gmups. N'KXT: Why ilcn't sriilprs gci cauglil' i,, their welts. l:?, or i-to Precaiilions Will Prevent Falls And Olhrr Accidents Li lhe Home llj| 11K I,, II,,. cnntiril ljc;u,! KOW t:o ax WITH THE STOHY CHAPTER XI ''[•'ED'S courtship—if such it could A he called—was the strangest Kay had ever known.- He made it quile plain lhat he wasn't interested in matrimony. Nevertheless, .she was attracted by his air of ciuiet resolution; even when she rebelled against it, she could not resist this attraction. She admired him, loved hire. One seemed inseparable from the other. Monte Blaine was always about and tried to see her whenever she had a fiee moment. She -refused his invitations steadily, but if Ted had any plans lhat included her, she always acceplcd. He had come back Jrom his last trip to the Orient with a new, inspired look in his eyes. Kay ob- se:-"cd it as soon as the ship came in. She had bcc-n wailing at the fliiay to see him, ( 0 tell him lhat she couldn't get leave for Dickie from military school this time. "Sorry the liltle shaver couldn't conic down to see us make p?rt," Ted said. "But I'm glad of one thing—I'll be'able to see you alone tonight. You look simply swell." "Thank you!" "Whal time will you he free to go to dinner?" Kay hesitated. It was Doris Left's last night in Oakland for a long while, and Kuy had ;.&>wcd Doris to prepare dinner for the pair of them. "I don't know, Ted," die said. "I promised ."*n-is— !> "On, Doris is a yood gal!" he caid, laughing. "She has a heart of gold, but I can't let her get in my \vay." Kay laughed. "Doris is the best ;'dcntl I have. Lots of people don't appreciate her. She's grown i. shell about her, like a turtle. Back cast she Ie?i in love with one of your apprentice pilots,..Ralph Bangs-, but she doesn't (rust dim rpI.D chuckled "I'll tell you - 1 - what I'll do! I'll call up Ralph, tell him to report to your apartment at dinner time, and DorLs will have lo entertain him. Then you call Doris and say you won't be home lor dinner. That leaves a dinner for two and she wjll have to ask Ralph to stay. Perhaps it will lead to a reconciliation." "H may mean murder," Kay warned, "but I'll take the chance. They tell ire Ralph's a model lad now." * "I'm glad lo hear that—from you," Ted said seriously. "We need serious-minded pilots for Trans-Pacific Airways." "Where are wo going for dinner?" Kay said. "We'll dine out and then go bade to my place. I want to talk to you." ,Ile added, hastily, "I want , lo tell you about last trip when Dickie isn't around to ask a lot of questions." They dined in a little Ship Grill overlooking the lights of the bay. Later they slopped at the little house on the beach and Sato served them coffee. About the room were many of the trophies of Ted's tlyiiig^carcer. From a window Kay could see the transpacific air liners at anchor in the harbor, bobbing up and down like surface ships. Ted brought out a giant map and showed her tlie four-day course across the Pacific ocean, via Honolulu, Midway, Wake, Guam and Manila. He told her about the quiet achievement of the trans-Pacific flight. It had meant live years of steady planning, but Ted had learned patience early in bis career. He had been a pioneer in establishing air service to the tropics. * * s J-TE showed her, loo, a map of - the world flight, called "Around the World in Twenty Days." It included a regular commercial timc-lable flight around the world, in which the Trans-Pacific Airways was to play a major part. Ted didn't talk much about his own part in all this achievement. He talked a lot about the engineers, the .new direction finders, the designers and mechanics. He went on, speaking of his ideals and aspirations in life. There had been a time, he explained, when he had been impulsive-, reckless in (he air. That was when his young wife had died, ye . irs ago sjnce that time a life of dai>gcrhad left its mark on him. It wasn't just maturity. Scientific planning 'for anymore. Says he has a girl in t real progress in the air had every port." j chanced his nature. BY DECK MORGAN ©1936, NEA Service, Inc. Kay sat listening, her hands folded neatly in her lap. She couldn't lake her eyes from his face. . He was so earnest, so fervently sincere. Everything that he had done was part and parcel of his admirable character. When he told her about f|i 0 jade market at Macao his voice seemed to carry her across the ocean, so that she walked along the Bund, admiring the pieces of. jewelry. There were amusing stories, too incidents involving members ot the crews on the four-day flights across the Pacific. 4 * * JJE told her about (lie wild birds on Midway Wand, the albatrosses. He made her see clearly the liny (ufls ot green that, were (he islands, encircled by coral reefs in the middle r>/ the blue ocean. The ocean swells rolled across the harriers o£ coral in waves sometimes 50 feet high, but inside the lagoon where the Mariners came to rest alt was as quiet ns in a pond. Ho told her about the cosmopolitan amusements under Diamond Head in Hawaii, of surf-'" riding on the beach at Waikiki. In that evening she came to love the trans-Pacific flight, as Ted loved it. He teak out some articles of jade he had bought at Macao, and laid them before her on the table. "I bought the ring for you," he said. "But you may have anything else you wani—" S'.niling, she tried on Ihc ring. H was on/; of the most beautiful she had ever seen. Ted said, laughing, "It matches your eyes." "My eyes!" she said a little rue- lully. "Ted, this is too lovely for words. I adore it. You have such excellent taste. I should like to have it, but—just because I've tried to do things for Dickie when you're away—" "Oh, Dickie!" Ted said. "For the moment I had forgotten about him." He looked at her intently for a few seconds, then went on. "I was thinking of you when I bought that rinr;. I thought about you a lot on (his last trip. Up there in the clouds you sec-things pretty clearly." "Thank you!" she said prettily. "Then of course I shall wear it." Ted went on. "In these modern times people seem to have lost their njjyete about such things. They JKTi't even ask the question. They just scern to'grow into it! But, Kay, I want you. to marry me." (To Be Continued) * chased ones. The most common accidents on ladders result in injuries to ihc chin, broken tenth, and bitten tongues. Prongs or spikes on the lo'.vci ends of (he ladder will prei-wu slipping. Chairs, boxes, nnd tables not safe substitutes for ladders. Every porch should have a Hat' flcor. a gocU foundation, and a suitable railing at least -12 hiL-Iics linh. If railings arc lower, an' adult, leaning over, may lose his! balance. Railings should be made' that children cannot climb them, and the slats should be clcse cnciigli together to kesp' children from forcing their bodisi i Mnny ncciueni'5 cecur vrom lira-,? l bricks, flower pots, milk and beer ', tattles left 0:1 window sills. Dead I limbs on trees occasionally break] off and injure people standing be-j inklcd \vith ashes. I CHURCH EXCUSE :lly G. W. Barhani; Dear Aunt: It's like you say, it f , be s ^ miss ^H IST c!™ Merc ptir.sci-.:. arc hurt piayius golf tliKn in any other sport. help but irorry for we iv him EO much. It almost makes me .sick, when I think about it nnd Archibald is worse than I am. He simply won't talk about it. Of course, neither of us have been to college, but we hear and read so much about the times they have, and they treat the: wcirlrt kill me, if they should' make Junior lick the bottom of; scmccnc's foot, or maybe make him lead a goat or something ' etcwn the street, and to think .thai cr less, with beys nnd maybe girls who arc not. anything nrar j his equal. Well, it won't be 10115 ' unlil Junior's birthday. We have j cute little cake all lixetl up and we Intend to put it in the win"o\v for t\vo or Ihrce days no all , , , ., !,'% C *' bv" W P " m ?h r - P , , ' ; } V ?, " "'£ '!' P ^ n f? ,? , " C if h ™ £ ^" V i Oi - lo Me "• it, ask ci> iibit- rtic ;undl, has ordered Out -'mckimv and ami-calm;; laws 1:1 Ptiping be arrested. Read Courier News Want Ads. OUK HOARDING HOUSJ5 With Major Hooplc KV im. MOKUIS FlSiiwcw , the tissues are soft aud the l.'lilor. .Iniirn,il of (he Amrriron! ger, therefore, less. Medical Aw:nt:lullr.n, ,nul O f I - - - Hycria, the ilraliu SI;, S ;vrinc I It is Inlcresllnu (o learn (halt Ten million people are injured I " lc mos ' dam;orous rco:n in the! in accidents each year in this! house for aa-Mcuts is (lie bed-1 country. A hundred thousand jivel'-oom. Thirty-nine prr .cent oil killed, ami 370,000 pcrnuuontly i 'he severe cases developed from crippled. Most of Ihc scrlnn . <ac-! fnlli > which happened in the bcd- cidents occur on the highways, I room: 21 per cent in the living but many happen also in" homes' nnd workshops. Of accidents that emir in (he home. -10 per cent arc falls then come burns, scalds and o\pl<> ions. Others are d«c to asphyxwtj,,,, or ' ,.,»„:„„, , ; ,, 15 , strangulation; nnd finally, there' illl( ' should always be lighted arc all the cuts, scratch^ and' Sm!l11 n '8s should" not be pul -it I bruises with which moai <,;• ,« .the head of Ihc ilairs or on' loom; 11 per cent In lhe Kitchen, and only 4 per cent in ih c bathroom. In preventing falls. t)i c . slalra at home should ahvajs be provided with securely fastened raits, arc fnmiliar. landings. The cost of these .iccWorts. most If n! S s <<•»<! to skirt or •slide on of which are preventable, i. trc- i Wshed floors, a fruit jar rubber incurious. Indeed, the wapc loss ! SCW(!tl lo <he bottom of the ru-> expense, and overhead in-' "''" P rcre "' Ihc stidrlin- Torii surance due to Injuries i,, 1934' carpets on stairs arc a clrrtveiw. are estimated <i(. more than two ll!)a »' d - Toys, brooms; and flnvcr stands should .no:, be' laid on the stairs. one-halt billion dollars - Of cotiMc. prevention K"much tc tl n r revont'ed C "'T M "" y iMi m!>y ! ,°,?1 6r Wlltpf °" "" "<»••' ~ofcaWVarc r rrS- ° mCiln "" "™ fK ricus to older, people. For example. 77 per com „•- ti,,. In the bathroom liicre should be hand-holds wilhm reach 'latal SC On| v0f 35 a % r: " Ui OVCV ' * lltnvcl '- A " ll)i: <'r mat on > to G5 years of age and onivj " PI'^'B- _ FMl°'ot children tro to 14 ,. e ,J t'Zl" ,^l ^ r f? *"* c ^- >tl! '"'" 1 ' "I? 8 !,*"' f -! tal '" "^ « Peritifinl Hom.-mrrte^bdders^a-ei ! '\ children much more dangerous than pur- [ T5OKVT TAKE H1MPOWK1 WAI-NUT HE'LL TRY TO CLlrVB EVERY "TREE-—HE'S PROBABLY TjrS 6ETTIM' •FITTED "FORA, MAPOLEOKi / A BOXES, MfcrnGkW- ^ HE MI6WT THlNjiX HE'S A MCAMK56 WKM WV-ttLE I WAS A "ROMAM MATO HEM , AKSD SHE OiD KEPPOBA-7E i-K-K E6PM?, THE AUTHORITIES SV-1/NLLHEAR L . OF THlSfS?(jT-T/ H\VE BEEki WELL Q\LEI),TO 3 6O OKI ,\ TOUR THAT ,-U; T. M. err.. »._ft. PVT. o?f. v J PiVtl

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