The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, SKPTKMNKU 2i, 1036 ra ultra Mystery Shrouds Disappearance of About $4,000,000 in Bonds liy NBA Service DES MOINES, la. —~ Mayb; >cu've been pretty rore at one lime cr anclher when yon dropped 11 (|iiavhr niul it rolled oui r,( sight where ycu just couldn't nncl "it. ff so, you can imagine i'.o'v Jiuni's I!, riyan and a lot of ether lawyers and their clients ' fc-L-l. They're looking for Sl.- OOfi.CCa that just dropped out of •isht. They're pretty smv It exists, l:ut they can't fmcl It. Hyjin is special .i.<»isl«iit attorney general of Iowa. He wants to find the $-l.l)CO.OCO so the slate can collect £o:ue SJiOC.ODO in l:i- hcrilance (tiM 1 :;. The clients of the ether }n v .vyers b.ope to share in what's left, as heirs of two very unusual people. Some $450,(.00 IIB.S been found, and the heir:; lire already enyayed in a tattle for thai. Tile siory nf these tivo people and Ihu $4,CCa.OOO Ihcy arc sup-! p.r-'iccl to have left behind (hem, but which has disappeared, runs like fiction. Hart Foil Husbands Mis. Sarah A. Smilli-Scollard v.iislud more than 200 pounds. What Diseases Do Piles Cause? i;r. A. J. Mali';, cbiet of staff of the world fiunous Thornton & Mine:- Clini; pays: "Piles nru tlio ciirctt cause of thousands of casr; rf fiuicliciial troubles of slomucli. ilvcr, kidneys ami heart. Chronic ccn?ti';:Uicn. colitis, neuritis, loss of mcn:ovy, loss of visor and :i rccnoial tire:) feeling are often relieved when rectal (roubles arc cured." If -yon have Files or ether rcclsl ill.'trclcir, do not fcol yourself, b:- causc serious co:rpjicaticns, in- cmclini; cancer, develop from what may npwar to:Iay a s a minor nf- li'cticn. Write today to Thornton .t Miner Clinic. Suite 20!9, 825 M'-Gcc Street, Kansas City, Mo., for ;i free copy of a new illus- Iralcd bc;k which explains 1'ile, and other rectnl diseases and Khirh tells about the successful methods used by the worlds oldest rectal institution, where more than 47.CCO men nncl women have secured permanent relief from llicir rectal troubles without, needless surgery, dangerous anaesthe- tics or liospltnllzalion. Correspond- fiicc.' is confidential and literature is mailed under plain wrapper. —Adv. BOD and luHl had four husbands. But she nlso liad n definite knack for making money, She Inherited Ecme from licr first husband, J. n. Smith. But she made It grow. 1 She Required un Interest, In a' Nevada gold mine, and, operating 1 II throuph a manager, she jiettedj huge yields. j She traveled about, the country with n trunk in the top trays of which were packets of currency weighted down with cold bars! About 1922, when the stock market was dcprcawrl, she Is believed to have cleaned up linnd- .'ruicly, and to have amassed Ilius B lingo fortune. , Her heirs, two filters from California, arc a'ek- iiiK a sliiu-o of the fortuns, Pome lime abcut 1930, wlien she ivns nrarinj! 70, she met licccc n. Brown. 1 In some manner he became her traveling com-, panlcn and. business agent. And j imiiictiinlcly nltti' Hint Brown, who net only had never been a financial big shot, but had certain unsatisfied court judgments slamllns against him in the stale ot Washington, began to flash money about. ' Brown, who wa:> nbout -II). tall and Rccd-tcoldng, began buying expensive blooded horses, and showing them at stal: fairs in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Ore- act). Me was a "bij-limer," andi was known to go ateut with] SI.C-30 bills carelessly tucked into the pages of n current nmsn.-rinc-. He cpsncd and . closed bank ac-1 counts, rented lock-boxes, viral?'fabulous checks, tcuehl securities.' But rcUi lie nnd Mrs. Smith-. Fcrllard were always Eoiiesvhal mysterious people whose finariciil affairs ncfoodv knew much abcut Dri.o-ilert $1,5,10.500 In the si-mmer of 1UM (he two i-r.iKC (o DCS Moines. In a bank account opened by Brown at that lime, he deposited about $1,500 CCO during the ne.xt four years, mostly In coiipaiiB from Liberty and municipal and Federal Ij'.nd Dank bands. Then the income tnx people b;- tan pressing Mrs. Smith-Scollard. and t-lie moved to Canada. Income lax investigators traced aupioxi- maicly S5.COO.OCO, mostly through lend registrations, tn the absent ivar.nn. i n ig.-|.-|, Mrs. Sciiith- Eccllard died in Montreal, and her bcdy was cremated. Brown carried the ashes about with him In a small silver casket. During the days of Mrs. Smith- Ecoliard'.s exile, however. Drown was active in Des Moines. He would visit his bank, arrange to tell S10.CO worth of binds, and leave. Within a half hour he v.culd return with (he bonds. In January of 1934. Brown went on an auto trip' to the northwest, apparently (o visit a ranch he owned nrar Yakima. Wash. He met ivilh a fatal accident, apparently having driven into a truckload ot loss. There was some talk cf murder. But as some SG,o«0 was found on" his person, if there had been murder it was not apparently for money. Kcirs Dispute Ftylunc Eetv;een the two dead people. (lie fortune cf $5,000,000 was in a disputed position. Many nf the bonds cashed by Brown were identified by their numbers as having been part of the estate of Mrs. Emith-Scollard. Brcwn's widow came into possession of a tuneh of lock-box keys, but no clew as to where they fitted, lawyers searched, and found tlie $450,000 that has been' recovered in lock-boxes in St. Paul. Denver and Vancouver. And over Ihfs find, the heirs of Brown and Mrs. Smlth-Scollard began their legal battle. But Mrs. Brown has other keys not yet identified, and so havs Ihe sisters of the dead woman. Lawyers and officials here have rumagcd through all unclaimed Irunks and suitcases at the hotels where Drown stayed. They have canvassed former associates of Brown, and tank official.!, believing that his cache of bonds must te nenr the bank where lie cashed them with such facility. Because of Brown's erratic (AUK.) COUUlUU NEWS Hunt Missing Fortune Mnniln Society — Personal Mrs. W. t>. lluichim and daiigli- Irrs. Mrs. William ArmslroiiK nf Dlythovlllc and Miss Grille Hul- ililm rf Manila, have been vl;>- Itlnif frlviils In Little lioi-k and Hot Springs. Mr. amt Mrs. n. L. Klnir and fomlly iiuciKlecl the Memphis fair Wi'cltu'Mlny. Alh'M and .lorry, yamis sons rf Mr. Riid Mrs. Kendall Brrry cf niylhevllle, visited Ihelr mint, Mr-. Myrtle reiirann, this we;'k. 'I he fill-mis and relatives of Mr.i. Ccru Oaltoii surprised lu-r i a birthday supper at llu- he me c,f MI-, nn ,| Mrs Alfred l!ucc:i. About 75 wi-w pre^m. Airs. Uiilton recciiert muny lovely Kifts, Mrs. Vincent lay spent Tuesday nnd Wednesday In Memphis, 'vl'fi-e slit- received medical treatment. ' Miss Alice Colemati of Tr;:as. ulio hns been visiting her liro- tln'r. Ksv, John Itari-lsoii, has •Kiie to Memphis to visit friend.; Wore r.hc returns to ln-r hrou-. Mrs. Earl Hotlijm and daughters, Jewel, of Texas, are sp?nd- in« u few days with Mr. :-,iici Mrs. Albert Scan. Mra. Ho:lxcrj Is en route to Slkcston. Mo.. where Mr. Kodsers will be employed. Mr. nnd Mrs. Scott have also had as unrels Ilil.-j H-CC.'C Owen Montgomery and son of West Plains, Mo. The .sophomore class of Manila, litqh .sclicol attended (lie Memphis fair Thlrsday. They were iicccnipiinlctl by their class spouse:-, I.enun Holt, science ieaehtr. Mr. mid Mrs. Kip Moore have returned frcin a visit with Mr. Mccre's cplullves at Little Rock, I-. n. finrcroU of Memphis is visiting his brother, Jltu liarcrolt. Woodrow Iliilton left •nmrsdiiy (cr Fayeltovllle to enter tlie Unl- vcrslly of Arknnsns, most every dny lo see boals go through. I only wish I could Ml you everything i would like, but I could never mile it nil on piper. So If there Is anything that you would Ilko (o know nbout Uia Canal Zone or tlie Ucpubllc of Piinamn, jiut drop a card or Idler to Prlvalo Tommy Froser' Co. A, 14th Infantry Fort Davis, Panama Cniml Zone. The Editor's Letter 1 Box Stacks Irk Dhifr LONDON, Onl. (UP)— Ibnt tlie ^l^llt at n woman's back lakes away his appetite, a I-cndon nron dciunnded that railway commission oftlclals here forbid wo:ncu altirccl In slnck.i and. halters from entering the London! & fort Stanley catclcrln. • I V I PAGE FIVJ" 1 Old Bullet Fatal X SURREY, Eng. CUP) _ Wlili John Mnkliran, a hotel keeper was showing his wife the plaol whcio he received a bullet in his ie,iit while taking part In tl ie Kindlng at Galllpoll, he fell dead, ;} BAD FOOT ODOR! Hug caused maoy a man to 'lose a? good wife because slie could not' stick with him- until ,he found % remedy that would keep his feejf from smelling like "something th* cat drug in". BUOWN'S LOTION' will positively stop BAD.'FOO'iy ODOliS and SWEATY CONDI-' TIONS OF THE FEKT with fouf iipplicaliona or your money back"? Applied only at nig^it. A positive' euro for only sixty cents. At a KIrby Bros. Drug Co {{ Mkes Trupk-s (To the rditori) Just wnnled to drop « HDD back home lo let my friends know what the tropical country is the most beautiful place In the world. 1 inn a daily render of the Courier News. I hijAt! been reading about the hot weivlber yon have been having. Well, believe. K or not, I have been In the Uoplc.s six months • and It has never been any liotler than BO. The most beiuittfnl place of nil Is Oatuii Locks. I go down al- NOTICE Any article bou s nt of BUKKE HARDWARE CO., not sa srartiry In cvcrj- way we will refuml your momr wHIimit vnrstlon, prov-Wf.l ynu relurii it In the same fjinilllliin as n-cc-ivcrt and [,i a le.usonable l l*nelh of line, say a week or (en lUys. Our nrst price is our best prici^, nnd We Ilavi- One Trite TO ALL. Burke Hardware Co. ' JJlylheviUe, Ark. ii£i:'.. Hacks of currency wck'hel doirn fiilly ty gold bare were packed car,-into the trunks of MR. Earah A. Smllh-Scollanl, upaer lefi . . -, whrn she traveled. No',v lav.-ycvs and detectives arc IhrciiBh old Hunl:,-, and lock-L-oxcs in tlis lifju of finding SI.O-JUW left behind when she and Recce B. Hrown, lower rlslit, her trau-1- fnt' coinnuiiou and business representalive, totli died without leaving a clew to the ivlici-eaboiujs of the vast fortune. Imlits. they feel it would not be surprising to find the v:..-t fcrtune stulled into a shos-tox scniCRlierc. Once Drown exhibited the missint; 54,000,01)0 in gill-edged bonds, the numbers cf which arc known. They have not appeared on the market since the. death of the two strange financiers. • That is why heirs, lawyers. n:id government oilicials have never, relaxed their search lor what they! believe is a richer cache lhan| any treasure over which bewhisk-l erect pirates slit each other's! throats. the "leopards" fled to the iuiHcs of (he inferior, Inking- with (h°-n two small children as then- final ' tell cf human 'life Clad In leopard skins, the killers became so bold that tiic.v rcesntlv crept cut of the tushes and kilied a boy en a goi eminent school coniiwund. .. ftead courier News Ciassltted^cls Troops Drive 'Leopard Men' From Liberia CAPI5 MOUNT. Liberia (UP) — Liberia'.-, "Human L-opards," ilrradcd secret scciety of the African bush, have been scattered by soldiers sent by llic Libcrini! government. Muidcrs and attacks on human t?inss had been reported from the Cratirt Cape Mount district, and the militia at Monrovia were sent lo the bunh to disperse tlis a (lackers. The government at first was skeptical cf repcrls that these occurrences were the work of "Human Leonards," but finally wns forced to action when sev- - eral paramount chiefs went to th-. 1 capital and demanded help. On arrival of the militia ami government officials in the district, FARM LOANS In Drainage District No. 17 We are now in position to consider Ii>,- t ns on well improved farms in Drainage Oislricl No. 17, as well ;tg in other sections of (he conntv. Long Terms Low Annual Interest Liberal Repayment Privileges Wilson and Worthington Authorized Morlyac/c Loan Solicitor I'lHST NATIONAL HANK »..»«. IH/miBVIU.E, AKK. CLARHNCB II. WILSON - HAKVliY JIOHIUS - KAY \VOKTUINWTON WHY YOU SHOULD SEE F. S.WOLCOTT'S are easier after SOUND SLEEP Famous Float ing--Action— 837 separately pocketed coils — sag-proof ccljjo.s — science nays it's the kind of conslriiction host suited to human .needs. Genuine Simmons • 193.6 East Main St. Opposite Lcc (Jin One Performance TONIGHT ONLY Adnlls ; JOc - Children 2,Jc Special" Urservatiims For AVhile To Be Sold On Easy Terms Liberal Allowance For Your Old Mattress Hou can we Keep .vomit? minds alert? Young bodies glowing with 'health? One 'important •'thinu is .to sec that they i;cl plenty of sound sleep. And to do that flicy need a sooii mattress. We olTcr you the World's JMIH'S(— a Simmons Hcaitl.vrost— on terms as lil.ienil as you'd, want, * >~ you'd, Choice of 5 colors in new panel danmsk covers. If you want to give a child belter sleep, come in and select your Itauilyrcsl now. This olTcr is for a limited lime. ard Furniture Co, Blytheville, Ark. i

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