Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 30, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1897
Page 23
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California Limited. AiTtngemcnts have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Loui« and Lo s Angeles, •al,, running through wi thout change. Tkese care will leave St. Louis every Ifednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 p. a., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without ckange. Only three days from Logans* port to Los Angeles", viti this line. For berth reservations etc.,call on or address C.B.MEwell,Agt. WABASHR.R, Loganeporl, Ind. MILEAGE BOOKS. Modified Features of The New Interchangeable Mileage Ticket. DMr. E.A. Ford, General Passenger Afrent of the Pennsylvania and Vandali* Lines, penda out the foilowlni? Information regarding t^e modified features of the Central Passenger Association's interchangeable one thousanfl mile ticket: The most important modifications are in th'5 rule as to Binning: the mileage at'lo aad issu ing the exchange ticket. Under the new rule, the owner of an interchangeable mileag-o THE LATEST STYLES. NEW COLOR LIKE THAT OF RAW MOCHA COFFEE. Ball Govrtu «nd Their JfoTel Trimming For Dance or Op^r» Costume* — >~eck- wear Fancier — I*on? Circular Cape** Material* Coatnmeg. Do Yon Love Jf so, «e«ure o»e of the latest and prettiest ^•wo-Steps or ti o day. by mailing Ten Cents (•liver or stamps) to cover mailing- and post- ajre, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.) We ars giving! his tnualc, which is regular •Ity-cont shfi -t music, at this exceedingly low nte, for tta purpose of advertising, nnd test- la* tie Talue of the different papers as adver- tialag mediums. E. O. McCormlck, Passenger Tnfflc Manager, "Big Four Route." Cmoln- utl, O. Mention this paper when you write. All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the Wabash Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having leased the tracks of tne Gran- Trunk Railway between Detroit and Suspen- •ion Bridge and those of the Brie R. K, from Suspension BHdge to Buffalo, 'ho Wubash H H will run Us own trains Horn Kancae Cits Omaha. Dea Moine«, St. Louis, Quincy, Hanni tel, KookuS and Cnlcajo to Buffalo, beinR tbe Only road frsir Missouri and Mississippi Hlvor points baring Its own line and trains runninu nio Buffalo. Through cars from KaneasOlty, St, louls and Chicago to Buffa.o wlthoui change ticket mar, at his convenience and leisure, sign his nume upon the back of the widen!: part of the mileage strip cloae to the last preceding detatchcuent. (but it must be siifneil witu an indelible pencil ( r witb ink, or It will not he honored), and can leave his ticket thuil sis-Tied with the Agent upon hie arrival ut it station, or send It to bim by a messenger or by the hotel porter, or in some other way, and upon his return to the station find his exchange ticket rearty and hia bags-axe checked : provided he has made such an advance arrangement- Therefore there need be no more delay at the station or on the train !n tae usu of the now thai there was in using'tne old form of mileage t eket, which latter form was good only over the s:> stem of roads, whi:e the "interchangeable" it good over forty The old form of ejclmnge ticket is valid for conlinuoUB passage only on a certain train and daW', while the new or modified form vrl'l he good on any train, (except the "Limited"!, on either the date of issue or the day following:. This new form has been s!m piffled to render It easy of Issue and to better accommodate travelers, and the hindrances wbich accompanied the old form will therefore be, la the early future, entirely obliberated. Interline tickets from points on one Railway to points on aoother, via turougrb car lines and via junctions where connections are close and there are no transfers, are being prepared as fast aB nueilblu. These t.iok»ts will be issued In exchange for coupons from the interchangeable mileage ticket,aod baggage will be checked through, it convenience which could not be enjoyed by tho use of the old form of mileage ticket The modifications above alljded to have been approved by the Mileage Ticket Bureau of the Central Passenger Association, and will be In effect on or before December 1st. or lust as soon us the new forms of exchange and interline tickeis can te printed and distributed among tho thousands of agencies of the forty different railway companies over whose linns the tickets are honored, and some Agents of the Pennsylvania Lints have been already supplied with them. It Is believed thai ihese amendments to a plun which Is ready successful and popular, will place the new interchangeable mileage ticket beyond the reach of reasonable criticism. 1897,1898. " IMUr. ' rJ»Ur,«nc«p; B.in.iM. »»O*< XA»ftA~4VnRT TO Ui>VB Oli(3 ( '» CHIOXOO DIV1BIOS DAILY. Leave for CtilCBsro'S-.OS a Bi;'U:00 a m;*l :25 p m *2:00 p m; "4:30 p m. Arrive from Chicago *!2:39 a m;*12:30 pm ;*1:00 p m: *1:40 > m; *8:15 p m. BRADFORD ANC OOU7MBD8. LMTO for Bradford *1:10 a m;t7:40am; *1:45 pEi't4:SOp m. Arrive from Bradford 4 2:45am: tlO:20 am; •1:30 pm; t4:15 p m. KFFNER DIVISION. Le«v« for Kffncr +8:15 a m; »8:08 a m- r2:05 p m 5pm Sunday only, Arrive from Effner<7:85»m; +12:50 p m; 12:45 p m; 8:30a ro Sundav only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. I,Mre lor Hlohmond t32.55 am; t5:30 a m; "] ;OTi pra;t2:20pm. Arrive from Richmond »3:SO a m; t.U :00 a m *l:50pm;tlO:50pm. I1TWAMAPOLI8 AND LOHIBVIKJ. Leave for Loalgvllle 12:45 am: "1:10 p m. Arrive from Umiiville *2:40 a m; *1:56 p m. J. A. MOCULLOUQH, Agent, Lopuiaport, Ind. LOOAKBFOBT NO. mi RT BOUXD, 2 Xastern Express daily 8:83 a m « Mail and Express daily »:*s * n , 4 Atlantic Express daily 4:18o m 11 Fort Wayne A ceo K.x Sunday.,.. G::t2 p tn 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday...". 4:18 p in wmsi HOUND. Western Express dally _ 10;S4 p m Fast Mall Daily S:1S p m Mail and KxpressdnUr „... 2:40 p m Pacific Express dally 11:SS a m Dccatur Acco E.T-Sundav ~iSa a m Local Freight Kx-Sunday - 7:35 a m HO.W.-.. Ho. 87 Ho.) For the Christmas and New Tear Holidays, the Wabash K. K. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip ut greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good going on date of sale otly, good returning up to. and including January 4th. 1SOS. Tickets can be purchased December 24th, 25th, and 31st. 1SH7, and January 1st; 1898. For further particulars, call on or address. C. O. NEWELL, Agt. Wabash K. R. Co. Holiday Excursions Yandalia Line. •p\OR the Holidays the Vandalia Line will fell Excursion Tickets at.'redu<.ed rates Irom all atrttloiiB. to local points on its own line, and also to points on connecting lines. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalia Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. FORD, Gen'l Passenger Agt, St. Louis, Mo. EXCURSION CHILI. WIST SOUKD. irrlveg ---— Arrives •A«T BOr/ItD ....... _ 8:80 R. n .3:80 p. ir ..._.. . J:05 a. n »:« p. jr VANDALIA LINE. Ilmo T«blo, In effect Dec 5,1897. FOR THE NORTH No. 8 — 10:85 a. m. Ho. 8 — S:oS p. m. FOR THE SOOTH. Wo. SI „ .7:05 a. a. No. S i:lS p. m. for complete Time Card, Klrtng all tratnj and ctatlona, and for full Information a« to raw*, through oar*, etc., addreai /. a KMUVORTH, agent, Lopansport, or • 4. row). General Pauengor Agent, *t. Lou.'J. Mo. EL & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Solid tralni between Peoria and Sanduslrr and Indiana-poll* and Michigan. Direct oon- annloni to and from all point* in the CTnlted Itate* and Canada. AHHI>1 SOUTH BOr/NlJ DIPAST No & Indiana polls Krp dailj 7:10 » m U:*aaiNoSS " Mall *KijUl:3S a m <da)'.y eioept Sunday) Noi5 Indpl'i Bxp ex Sun.™ 3:36 p n» »:!• 191 No n PaMeuger nxeept ban Ho tU BoobMter local antre :45 p m except Sunday, KORTH BOtTWD. ».-«••»Ho»Mail*XxpKx3un, ~H:Uam iJOpm No M Michigan City dallr', 4:SOpm MO pm No M Detroit Xzp to8n» Mo 140 Acooa except Son... «;45 a m •DOM aot ran north »f Peru OB Ban day. DM (detot ratw and f irmral Information oall , ttoket »|«nt, L. B. * W. Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines For Christmas and New Year. Following the annual custom. Ticfcet Apo of the FcHrsyl vania Linos will sell excursion tickets Dec, 24th, 2oth and 81st. 1S97, and Jan, 1st, 189S, tor tae Christmas and New Vear Holidays. Tickets will not be sold to adirts for less than 25 cents, nor to children for less than 15 cents. Ileturn limit of excusion will Include Jan. 4th. 1S9S. For rates tame of trains and further Information, please apaly to nearest licket Jpent of the Pennsylvania Lines. MANHOOD _The world admires th«> perfect Man! JTot taurape, dlcnlty, or muscular development alone, but t bat »ub tie and n-ondcrf <U farce known as SEXUAL VITALITY which is the slory of manhood—the pride of hoth old and younp,hntthereare thousands of men suffering the rncncal corcarrs of A ireaJ<rnr4i manhood, shattered nerves, and falling aexnal power who can be cored by 0'ir Magical Treatment which may be takon at ftnmo nnder our direction* orwewIllpayR. R. fare and hotel bills for those- who wish to ccroe here. If wo fall to care. We hav« oo free prescriptions, free cure or C.Oa). fate- Ws have $250.000 capital and frusrantee to cure -svery case -B-C treat or refund every dollar vou pay us, op tee may be deposited In any benfc to be paid M when a cure Is effected. Write for full panlca'.ara. STJ.TJE XE.D1C4X. CO., [Copyright. 1S9T, by the Author.] One of the prettiest colors that have ever been evolved is that found in the raw mocha coffee berry. It is dnll and indistinct in itself; but, no matter what other color is laid beside it, it at once takes on a new beauty, and one seems to understand it all for the first time. With green, pink, scarlet, blue, brown, heliotrope or black it always looks as if that one was the only proper color to set it off until it is seen with another. Just how it happened that so many different fabrics were simultaneously produced in exactly the same shade of color 1 cannot tell, but it is found in everything. Cloth, when of good qnal- ity, is exceptionally handsome in this color. Silk net for a ball gown in this tint—for it is really more of a tint than a decided color—over a faint whitish green taffeta was very refined and delicate. Around the bottom of the skirt was a double bias ruffle, with a trailing wreath of blood red roses along the center, and this extended quite around tho ekirt. The waist was gathered with a very slight blouse effect in front 'and » draped belt of the taffeta. There was a bertha of silk mull with three lines of the red roses across the front and running up to the shoulders and ending among the silk mull puffed bows. Berthas and fine bnt shcwy foot trimmiug are seen on nearly fill dano.ng gowns, particularly those made of light stuff. Much ingenuity is expended upon them. Crape wrought iato cockleshell pattern is put on some and ruffles caught up on others into little puffs like the bubbles on a basin of soapsuds. Others are showa where pink silk mull is made into little rosettes, which look like a continuous wreath of roses. Pinked out rose plaitings are also seen. Some of the rose plaitings are cut on the bias and the edges fringed out. They are made very full and are lighs as thistle down. This kind of trimming is made of vory thin, stiff silk. Surah twill works better: It is cut in the proper width on the truo bias. A sewing machine needle is broken off at the eye, and the raw edge of the silk is sewed along about half or a third of au inch from the edge. This makes the silbfray out into a fringe, and when it is plaited up into tho rose plaiting it is very pretty indeed. Both edges, are done. One novelty in the trimming of ball gowns is where a dress of white crepe lisse was sewed with pink pearl beads all over. Tho trimming in question was around the bottom in a festoon made of pink silk mull. The upper line was a gauffered puff less than an inch wide, with a doubled bias raffle of the KUHH beneath. This was pinched at irregular intervals, giving it a crumpled look that was exceedingly pretty. The wide sash belt was of rich pink moire ribbon, whose ends reached nearly to the bottom aud ended in a fringe of pearl beads. The sleeves to this pretty dancing frock were elaborate! affairs, made of pink mull, moire ribbon and pearl heads. The bertha had a bib front worked with pink pearls and gold thread. A new fancy for the adornment of tho neck for those who are in full evening toilet is tbe black velvet dog collar. These aro very becoming alike to the , young girl's slender neck and the elderly lady with three chins. Some are made plain and stiffened. Others aro sewed upon stretched elastic, and when this is allov/cd to take its natural dimensions after it is finished it looks like shirring with the edges ruffled. Handsome gold, silver or jeweled buckles fasten them. "Wristlets," as those made for the wrists are called, are equally becoming where the arm is exposed, the black velvet making the skin, appear pure nnd pearly. Evening gloves are long as ever. Some have no stitching at all on the back of the hand, others are stitched in heavy cords, aud others rr-nin are beaded. There are many novt_.;i-sin evening gloves, but somehow noue pleases as well as do the mous- In the neck on the bias edge. The mid dl-i point is hemmed and plaited a littl at the top under a bow of ribbon tc match. The two points are turned bac to form loops, and bows of ribbon art sewed in front of them to tie. The whol is light- and very dainty. Some o the zephtT fascinators have a donbl knitted row of scallops, each edged wit a row of crystal or was pearl beads. I notice a. growing preference for th long circular capes lined witb Siberian t^nirrel or other inexpensive fur. They nre rich and look most comfortable. They are usually made of fine cloth tibet, whipcord, coating serge, velours ottoman silk, reps or in a few cases o velvet itself. They are garnished ac cording to tbe taste or purse of the wearer, but the preference jnst now i, for skunk borrierines. The blouse stree costume i; still a favorite, but it is no longer possible to evolve anything uev for these suits, for many minds aud hands iiav« exhausted the list. On new one came as near being novel a» one could be now. Tins gown and blouse were smoke sr:iy whipcord, trimme( •with black titan braid and fur border MICWIXT>:R COSTUMES. ings; also one rever of for and a lafa- yette collar. Fur blouses are quite popular with tho smart set, but so are those of heavy wool braided in all sorts of ways, most often in half inch widths. There are few new goods or designs in the old ones to chronicle, but still there are some. Mohair matelasse is ':. handsome new stuff. Matelasse means quilted, and the distinguishing mark of this material is that i;be pattern is raised above the body of the goods. It conies in several different colors. Sometimes the raised design is one color and the rest another, but most often it is all alike. This is a very rich material aud makes handsome street costumes. There is a new satin faced diagonal, also shown in all tbo popular colors of the season. Prunella—the prunella of our great-grandmothtirs—is offered now as a novelty. Some of it is plain, others in two tones, and more still woven with satin bayadere stripes. Arniure with figures and in two tones is a new stuff. So is mohair cbeviot velours, which combines the excellencies of all the three goods iu one. This has heavy crinkled cords and conies iu all tho colors. Some new uatte or basket weave mixtures are shown. Timy combine the newest colors and 3ave unusually wide threads. There is novelty of siJk boucle over wool, and | this is very attractive, but I think not durable. HF.XRIETTE EOUSSKAU. WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WNO NltP* A GENERAL. BRACING UP. It Brings Perftct iaihod to AIL The Greatest Discovery of the Famous PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY GLADLY SENT to all men who need It and who will write for It. A large percentap! of the men of today are sadly in ne*d of the right kind of medical treatment for weakness peculiar to men. Many cases are due to early vices, others to excesses, while many of the CRsea are due to overwork, worry and general nervous debility. It matters not, however, what the cause may have been, the fact siill remains that they all require pro.per medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us &t once, giving a description of your case, and we will prepare you n course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, ond ««•< ft to you JIBSOLUTELY FREE, in plain sealed package- IVe can give full strength, development and tone to every portion and urgan of the body, stop all drains and losses, and resrore you to PERFECT MANHOOD, Failure is Impossible with our method. We Have thousands of testimonials from all over the world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY: ticitnuf i*stin<a, cwrojo.- BLAXcaASC, WASH., March 25,1896 DEAR SIRS.—I hav» nearly finished my coarse of treutaiest, nnd find my- sell a different mail. I cannot find words enough to praise and expn..** the deep Knuitude 1 feel towards you. Your treatment is simply wondsriul, lumper- 'ectiy cured, and thank you a hundred cimtfs a^id will help you ull I powiibJy Mm. May God hies* yoa and your work. Yours truly, C. £.P. } "ir>a«.t /«tift<«, CSiajJo: LOTEX. Li.. June 19,1891 MY DEAD FurEKDB,—Fl^am accept mr thanks for th» kindness you h»™ done me. Losses have entiMly stqpiyid and rigor hat* returned. I am all 0. K. I UM totter tlwn I have been lor Itf yeaiy. I do not feel like the same man. All my friends when ibey nr^tit me, suy, " What have you botm dointf t Noversaw a — 1 come oat liko you." Ever your friend, it. K a ..™a»^ Insiirut,.- HiViSi. K. lj.. Jan. 23.1896. GENTLEMEN,—I wi»h to exprewi my h«arcf«lt thanks for the n-mlt of my reatpienc. Dur-tnc tlie lade »»o n-aekd that I ti>ok your treanoent tha improve- aont \T:IS reinurkable. T havo had no emissions or other symptom* Hinoe taking r oar medicine. My friends arn nil tmrprised at the improvement in my general ^ppearanca. Hoping that you ina? ever prosper, J remain, YOUTH ' ttf Ptipinefa* Hundreds of similar letters are now. on flle in our business office, and all arc expressions of permanently cured a—i. Do not delay -writing to us, and remember that i not only a responsible institution in ;v=ry way, but ours is tbe larcest medical Institute in unericu. that makes a specially of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 8 cents lor pontage n medicine, which fs always plainl,, sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL HARPER'S MAGAZINE will enter the coming year prepared! topve to the re.idlnir public thai which lias rnadc it famous for the past quarter of a century—contributions from the pens of tin; sreat literary men and women oi the world, illustrated by leading artists. A brief glance over its prospectus announces such rciding as F>ACIFIC PROSPECT TJit COXMEBCIAL JSPORTAXCE 0V AS ISTI1XU.V CA.VAL iV IFOSniIXGTOX C. F011D OUR rnOJECTS FOR A .vrrtu.tfirA.s CA.VAI By Urn. DAVID TCRFIE EASTERN SIBEKIA A>D THE PACIFIC •• THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR PACIFIC KOXAIN £l STEPHHy BOXSAL By CHARLES F. LL'SllIS 3| RODEN'S CORNER—THE NOVEL OF THE YEAR by HENRY SKTON MERRIMAS', author of "The Sowers." Striking novelties in short fiction will be contribured by such authors as W. D. Howells, Richard HardinR Dax-is, lirandcr Matihews, Frederic Remington, Ruth McEncry Stuart, and others. There will be a aeries of articles on THE PROGRESS OF SCIENCE EUROPE. POLITICAL AND-JOCIAL ART AND THE DRAM* ARMIES AND NAVIES STUDIES IN AMERICAN SOCIETY AMERICAN CHARACTER SKETCHES Postage frft to all ndscrtacrs in the Unitfd SiaifS* Canada, and Mexico. Sub. $4 a year. Address HARPER & BROTHERS. Pub's, N. Y. City. Send for free prof pectut HOME DECORATIONS. LDDD POISON A SPECIAtTY^S tiary BLOOD POISON perajnenSr [cured In 15 to S5 daj-3. Toucan be trootcdai nomeiorsaao price nodersoaie jruaran- T- If you prefer to come here we willcoa- tract to pay rai Iroad f areand ho tel bi 1 !s,*od if we fail to cure- If youhave taken mer- tury, Iodide potash, nnd »«U have aches and P«in»,Mucoi«tatchesin mouth. Sore Throw, Pimples, Copper Colored Spot.*, ClceriiS -~ J - •*— •- — K - ^ <s -?- ua — - , -.— • ----- .MairorEyebro'trs falflnz Ont, it ll thi» Secondary BtOOD POISON wa truranteo to cnre. We BolKMtOie most obsti- te fiutit and cuaUenira the world for a se we cannot cure. Thi» d ed th« skUlof the toort . KKW.OOO capital Ikmal trarxotT. Ah»olnte m COO mple, CflJCAOfc onr KKW.OOO capital »olntejproof» »eot sealed on COO^REMED FOP. DAXCE OF. OPERA. qcetaires. Tie jetveled and miniature trattons ;ue considered more in the light of pretty curiosities tbaii real gloves intended to be -worn The true gentle-woman does not -wear pronounced gloves. For sortie du bal or opera there is » new design in wraps, which are nearly all short, though some are long and ample, bet the smartest of them all ara short. A pretty design is a moire, satin or velours in some very light shade and ornamented with ribbon, featier trimming, light for or pearl beading with lace jabots. There is a wide latitude, the only requirement being that the cape be short and iu military shape. Fascinators, kepis rajd dainty hoods are all seen. So are lace mantillas. One pretty hood can easily be made. It con- (isti of a.tziangie of liberty silk, shirred How to Paint and Paper a Honne— Handsome Combinations. New unprduted wood cau be stained oak, walnut or the fashionable green, but it should be recollected that paint covers a multitude of sins, and that a door that will have quite a highly finished appearance when thickly coated with paint and highly varnished will look sadly rough when merely stained. Given tolerably good workmanship and decently seasoned timber, aud the latter treatment is decidedly preferable to the former. The following colors and tints will be found to match: First. — Woodwork stained walnut brown; paper, with large formal design in shades of light yellow; freize of au- aglypta painted (for drawing room) cream; curtains, etc., turquoise blue and brown. Second.—Woodword stained green; striped paper in two shades of pink; frieze rose garland paper in pink and green; rose patterned cretonne curtains lined green. For bedroom or small drawing room. Third. — Woodwork painted ivory white; paper with jaanve irises on ivory ground ; curtains of plain green corded velveteen. For drawing room. Fourth.—Hi^h wooden dad; -J^jnted ivory wnite; paper with bright red poppies on ivory ground; curtains of red brocade or damask. For small drawing room. Fifth.—Woodwork painted deep iu- dian red; conventional peony paper in shades of rt-d; deep frieze of red and gold leather paper; curtains of gold colored plusbette. For dining room. Sixth. — Woodwork painted teapot brown; paper'.with formal design in shades of turquoise blue; frieze of blue walpicti distemper, with stencil pattern in brown ; curtains of brown, and blue velveteen.. For dining room. Seventh. — Woodwork painted white; plain pale green paper or distemper; deep fritze of paper with pink poppies on pale green ground; curtains of poppy patterned chintz. For bedroom or small drawing room. Eighth. — Woodwork painted dark red; d;>do of gold leatherette; green and red bold patterned paper; curtains of tapestry iu green, gold and red shades. For dining room or library. iViutb.—Woodwork painted turquoise blue; paper witb pattern of pink ou blue ground; turquoise blue curtains. For a bedroom. MAIUOX Hints In CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cored by these lattle FiTiIs. TVy also rdicTtt l>istrcss from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Dromi. Bad Tastcin tie Month, Coated Ton^ne TORPID IJVER. Tixf Pterfy Vegetable. Small Plfl. •mad Lady Rose .Molyoenx. TLe latest outcry in English society against American habits is that yonng aud pretry Araerican girls do not hesitate to live by tJjezuselves, with ueces- saTSf servants, whenever they feel inclined arid can afford it. They give dinner parties and balJt:. supper and theater parties, as if they -were married women. The worst of it, -writes a correspondent of Vogue, is that English society acknowledges teat there is a tendency to follow that lead, that some smart English gir!s have started establishments of their own, and that, strange to tell, they have not teen frowned down upos by "certain aristocratic, old fashioned and conservative families," as it was expected they wonJd be. An instance is given in Lady fiose .Molynenx, who gave a house party at Abbeysread, including- the usual shooting party. Lady Rose being her father's favorite daughter (tie late Lord Sefton), »t .bis death she inherited an estate in Lancashire wjth $30,000 to keep it Tip, besides f .10,000 a year. Her hon» party turned ont a perfect sncceae, and in* mother, Lady Sefton, was present u her daughter's gnest and nothing Have the goods to advertise. Tell yonr story plainly in the newspaper that the people read, and in language they wiU easily understand, and among others prserve the following Advertising Points: Profitable advertising results from good .goods 'being offered well. Give your rival's advertising^ attention, but give yonr rival m'lad- vertisiag. Advertising prestige 5 is hard to win, but not bard to lo«e. It is easiest sustained. The add should be so plain that it will be understood by a reader of little understanding. Yonr advertising should be complete iu itself. To secure the best results, use the DAILY and WEEKLY PHAEOS. with its large circulation in both city and county. Eczema in any part of the bodr !• instantly relieved and permanently cared bj Doan'u Ointment, the IOT- ereigu remedy for all JtchloeM of the tkin. ..*..?Ai^'M<,B(

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