The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1941
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ABK.) COURIER KBWS Social Calendar New..Headgear-Froni The Headlines . : Mrs.-is.; bid .entertaining Wed- -iiesday /: Bridge " : He^aibn .parliojj . enter taining Cftap- .ter $> jpf ithe' P. ^ O. Sisterhood for. /luncheon, 1:00 o'clpcjj. : Charles L. -Wlie' r <entertain- ' ciub niee.ting with Mrs.,E. : p. Rose. : $. William Ypjing Jtiaving ADC club; . ' '• , ' ':. EVENTS chapter, 'United 'pf thp 'Confederacy, p ..o'clock witjti Mis. ' " . "prawford entertaining .having 'Mrs. ,. "•Thursday ^Luncheon club. jc .Bridge club 'Cecjl \ghuneV R. •• A." .KeLsoji Afternopri - cjulx ' Thursday :;tract .'clu ' "•Thursday ; 'Dessert-"club meeting jvlth Mrs. ,0, P. 3arber, Ray.niond Schrnuck enter. Thursday "Bridge cl.up'. Bridge \ciub. . Wom&y.M-ei^ ;^ssionar\' Soc^ je'ty,' Cfiiirclr prfhejisfezar ene," ^g l^'o^iock; at'chiirch' Members Of Alliance cuss Plans For Activities In Community _ Th? ,!31ylbevi}le Ministerial Asso- -cia!ion h;ut Its Jargnyl attendance TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1941 Steele Senior Wins Oratorical Contest STEEJjE, Mo., Feb. ll.-James Alton Vickery, i;enior student of aeele ;high school, was awarded first place in the oratorical contest sponsored <by post ;88, -Perni- sect .County American Legion a.t CarutbersviUc ;!ast week as ,part t of their national activities. The subject oT the orations dealt ,vvith Americanism ; and ,t,he const i^ tution aod were all original. The winner gave, 'his under the HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis of 'Tlie Last Stronghold of De mocracy." Second place Carrie ;;.nes5 • tfcjbcMwith- ; Mi-s.' : Myrl Payne. ( ipmpadour \Mrs.< ;Eltori -\Fpster : entertaining, - - .T- ~"- spring collec- f Ine one at left is inspired by the quaint uniform of the . S TPflilV a iintMr e4i*ntti> n«llltn<i. U~_j-j -ii i>- ••,... M&i^ary Society;-Pilgrim Holi- Svzones famous Greek mounlain fieh ^ ih f quaint uni ^rm of the &«&»&,- ssis.'«iayjsJS£Bs2 Bachelors' dub :having party, 8:00 o'clock ^at'American'.Legion Hut. ; Literary' •-. .department!, ' Woman's' :club, meeting' 1 3;GO o'clock at club- . ; , x 'l«u : s v J.> J. Ewing entertaining ;^day.: .Contrsci; .Club.- ••"'.' /- Cup-^uad ' Bridge 1 'club meeting . : -with : - : MrsV -T. L.~ Heatb'n. '''." ' ' - : Mrs.; i Cha.Hes : ; Perry ' entertaining pirMdnnhly>Luncheon 'club. ' :;'; Mrs. ' C. ' J. tittle 'entertaining ,C. •,-B.;. : :p. . : ciub. ^v;vv;v; :.••••.;. • _ .••..• .Kiwanis —club :V having Ladies' night, ;; 7:30 o'clock/ at Hotel -Noblp, ' '' .'E VENTS B. .'Jones'; and Mrs entertaining Chsp- . : E.-C0;--:sistsrhood home; 1:00 o'clock. • •• l^anterest.'liere ;is the :A?ice- .Wiley tjt.z, A«rt • "Blytheyilie'.;' visitor, to |«r .Howard Foray son QI Mr. ':Mrs:;.Samuel Taylor. Ford, lot been ., -her ;.aun^ Jylrs. Patti Calhoim . Knight, also 'of .Nashville. place ^in '' •;.>; :iiss'pt?.'i5'- : the .daughter of pr • Ie IJt2 - '' -,oj;. E^'arj'jvane and the :J^s. &fe.:. She is a niece of Phillips and is . having the younger, set ''of ' " d in the . -.; FhUlips; hoipe -,on .--jniumerpus pcca- --" '''•'•'•- '"' : '" ' ' tt'c r>f ,.,u;« A »„ -VL—L?—: T . .. * •*&«»»•> « « smuuuw iis.iininer 10 wear A benmd a Its of white straw with «t black cnnolme frill under the little upturned brim The hat ^ cms which hold it on have crinoline balls for heads. r - .since j'-s organization at the break- fa's i mpfiting t-his morning at the hrnio of Geortjo W.'Patterson, min-i TI/T,.- T ^ Ul ,. -.-.—....- - ister of -the First Christian ^ t hS f 1 ° f4 'Caruth^svnic, Ohun-h - and third place lo Biliiq Wood' , ward of Ccoter. .Mr*. Patterson, assisted by Mr. PatU'r-son's niece, ,Mr,s. Norwood ,HRdj.:e. served breakfast to 11 members. In the devotional and business ' meeiina which followed, earnest! • ccmirJoraUon was given to a nuiri- her of matin's related to the cora- •' mgji C'nrisUan interest of the ccrn- jnuniiy-respeciaJly plans for bringing about a larger degree of active unity en the part of the va- -rioas congregations in making this .ccmmunity more thoroughly Chris- .tinn. Ways .of making n general appeal 10 the church people and to all riiizenw to lake a ' stand together on behalf of Church loyalty mid .Christian living were dis- Tlio next meeting will be on the first Tuesday in March- \vhen the members of the group will be the guests of the president, the Rev. E. B. Williams, pastor of the First Methodist church, -for a breakfast at the parsonage. the devotional .from the 15th chap- i p. Barber. Mrs. E. A Rice acted ter.of Psalms and Mrs.' E. L.j as chairman. The devotional was Hale taught the mission study, j presented by Mrs.. R. c. Allen and Mrs. Bert Lamb and Mrs. "Walter .the program by Mrs Barber 'as- Bishop offered prayers. Mrs. Ney Hunt was hostess .to j Mrs. Dillahunty. sisled by Mrs. jloy Walton .and 13 members of Circle Two. Mrs. C. | W. Afllick gave and Mrs. W. J. Rodgers and r Robert Grimes led in prayers. Mrs. J. P. Friend, Mrs. mission study .and :rayer by Mrs. E. Waldon apd'Mrs. Price were guests of Mrs. Arch Lindsey 'when she had the meeting of Circle Three at her hcme. • Twelve members beard 'Mrs. Kendall Berry give the were led In B. Woodson ..%ncl Mrs. Alfred Carpenter. The .devotional was the answering of roll call with a favorite Bible verse. Airs. M. C. Outlaw gave the de- .•ptional and mission study at the ruEeling- of 16 members of Circle ,'cur at the home of Mrs. Jesse; £ecman. Opening prayer was giv-i :-n by Mrs. E. F. 2loslng prayer by Brcoks. Blonicyei' and " ' Mrs. H. .The devotional from the First Psalm Hvas"Given by''Mrs/ R. L. Wade Sr.; and .the mission study oy Mrs. Shelburne Brewer at the of Circle Four two visitors. Mrs. .Ross Slavens ,and Miss Jane Me Adams, had fi chop .suey supper "last night at the ciiurch. Mrs. John how.orrt Bits of News Mostly Personals «. v ... »„>,. uv/iui ; iiv yv.ii.t.u. , Mrs - Vernou Thomasspn, of Cen- White is a new member of this! tralifl> U1 - 5 s visiting her parents circle. Mrs. Ste-vens gave Lbe Bible j M . r - and 'Mrs. W. E. Gillespie. .She «tucly and Mrs. Jesse M. White, i wil1 £° Lo Sikeston, Mp., Friday, the program.- to spend .the-night .witli'-'Mr'-and ^ • * * * ' • Mrs - Claude King, before return- Attend At The Hospitals Blytheyjile Hospital Mrs. W. D. Blaylock, city, admitted. Mrs. James Stevens, city, dismissed. Mi r s Eva Cheatchem, city, dismissed. James Carruthers. Steele, dis- ,missed. "Mrs. Stitt, city.-dismissed. WalLs HosjHal Mrs. Fannie Welch. • Hickman. Ark., admitted. Born to ^ r - and Irs - w - s - j ing home. Seventy five people ,aitencied .the Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Cadwallader book review and .silver'tea gvien'jof Cape .Girardeau -have by the Wesleyim Service. -:Guil'd of ' the First Muthadist Mon,aay .night at ihe church. Mi-s". R. I'. Kii-shner reviewed Ernest Hqminlay's best, sellei', "For Whom the-BeJl Tolls." Musical numbers were given by Jane Castiio, :Sylvia Reiciman. j"o3 Ev- rarci-and Mr. and Mrs. Don\Sutherland. Mrs. B. A. Lynch, president of the WomaiV.s,Society of Christian -Service, ' presided over rJie tea' table which had a centerpiece of a silver ffead. Prayers were offered by Mrs. Wade and Mrs.".W. A. Grimmett. Fourteen .m.embers of Circls sis .net witlv-Mrs.-b. C. Hawks. Mrs. J. R. Webster gave the mission :tudy and Mrs. J. W. Auten and ......... . .holds -a -coirmiiiss'.bn as \ ers. -second lieiitEnant .in the 'Engineer-' T. R. Shepherd led in pray- - mg Reserye .Corps.'He is now cpn- -;.,-;a.ected yvlth the' .Comiuei-ce Union - B,ank in .Nashville. ' ' Church covered : dish supper to be /Thursday .night' at the .Kail -, ' _. ,. .. afcernpon at a meeting of. .the Woman's •.'' 'Council . of - '..' • the . First . CiViitian ichurch ' at j-he"'.liome of 'Mr$. .J. p. Smith. " '• " which ''-is to be at to be for all churca jnEinbers. and friends .of the church. ' " appointed to .ba in of :an-angeruento : is made up : of Mrs. W. ;.6. Gcurin. Mrs •S5.orfio.n- E^ar.d, Mrs- John Bur- B.ett, and airs. John C. McHancy Norwood Hedge was devo- leader . and 'Mrs. M. Firz- s, : program leader. , iMrs. ge took -her scripture reading : from_the IGth chapter of Luke and qlpssd her devotional vdth a prayer The subject of Mr 5 . Fita5inim9ns ; program was , "_Gppd Neighbors." " Also on the program . were the ^. speakers' who .discussed thje -subjects listed- Flan .Spaghetti Supper Plans for a spaghetti supper to be giv,?n this rnonth were made at a meeting of-the BlyLheville Delta Eelta Delta Club .Monday night at j;hc home of Miss Virginia Little. Thirteen -members were present lor the tyislne-ss session .which was followed by a social hour. Refreshments were served. * B » " Make Plans fcr Binge. Flans for a bingo party to -bs .gsven -Thursday, Feb. 20 were dis- c-UMed Monday afternoon at a meeting of ten members of the •Altar. Scciety of the .Church oi s the. Immaculate Conception'at the Rectory. She was Mr* Fred a.ssiKtrri in serving by Fle.eman. Mr.<?. .O. E. QueUmal?, ^r-s, E. B. Williams and Miss Mary Hubler. Mrs. Ralph, pianist. played throughout the tea." Uuring ; the tievot-iortal period, thf members heard Father .13. P.'w?.- Devitt's radio address on "The Truth About the .Catholic Church." Father J. J. Thompson, pastor, presided over the meeting at which it was announced thai" tho recently complied quLU would be given away at. the next bingo party. Have Circle Four.. circles' of the Woman* Privpr'-. -vr^r. T% • „ •?"->"'-•' 'U - — .. v« V i^ vt uit vvomaO* ,^yer , Fn-s. R UsseU Barhani. "A Auxiliary of the First Prp.sovteran ; "§owe ^r SSfi ' >Mrp: J-' Cecil 1 church met Monday afternoon end : - j-JVWC. -• J_iH(. iMAV. V v\ii>- T_r«.« w.*. v-; . f, t -. »\i c^« »»^. — _ . .. _. night for programs on "Building th« Chmtian Community." The Lowe -"Lvt Not Your Heart 3r ^Troubled;'; + Mrs. Edwin Robinson; ::,-une Tenth'; Mrs. George \v. Bible .study was based on "The n ^Character Can Be Cash": i Fruit of the Spirit is Li*ht v ^.^ Mcxlaney. -The Boy whoj Eleven 'members of CnV One •^Wteda-SQholarthip-George-W.lmct at -the horn, of Mrs J J •.•••..•ircxLtcrSQn. K\n iJio.^;--!'. ^.» i D;^-- -\.-_^ -, - . . ^atterson, "BUI Higgins": ;:.jEidith-. McCool, "Aunt " Fickrcn. IVIrs. , Martha", i &•? P'-'« Miss Sebaugli Singing With College Glee Club Miss Jcannette Sebaugh, .daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. C. v". Sebaugh of BlyrheviDe, and ,a junior student at ••William Woods .College in F ; ul- ton, Mo., is a member c^f the College Glee Club which is presenting a series of. programs in St. Louis, Feb. ;10, la and 12. During their stay in St. Louis the group .will appear in 11 of the city and sii- ;bm-can high schools. The .Glee Club will present concert programs in , Missouri cities during the •Winter and Spring- seasons. Marriage Licenses Are Issued To Five Couples Five licenses .to wed have bcun iKsiieri during thp past week from .the B'ythr-ville office of the county court clerk. Names of the co.U- plop -and officers or ministers per- terming Oic ceremonies, if listed •follow: Thomas Rugpnr \vrig)i( nnc ) ^]^ Helen Geneva Knrjjp.r. both of Leachville. by Magistrate Cassidy: ncy Klmer Rnrnhi'.I. of Blytheville. s»nd "Miss Doro Mae Torid. of ParagouJd. by Magistrate Cassidv; Sam SignJofT. of Liitle Rock. N and Mrs. Lnla AHpn. of Si, Louis by Magistrate Cassidy: Dr. Malcolm G. Taylor nnd Mi.s.s Jovce Cox both of Osceoto. by thp .Rev. S. A! Merrill: Karmil Southern »nd Miss here .to reside. Mr. .Cadwallader is with the . Frisco railroad- •Ervinc 'Friend has gone to Dallas, Texas, .to attend to business for two weeks. Ke will aiso -visit in Shreyepori, La., while away. ". Mrs. Rodney L. Banister \vilV go to Memphis this afternoon'to see :the .play, "The Man Who CameHo Dinner." She will spend the re-' m,ainder of : the week \vith Mrs. Pred • Smith arid .family in that city. Mrs. j. Applebaum left-Saturday for St. Louis to do spring marketing for her store. She is expected to return -the-middle of the week. Miss.. Flossie Belle Alley .of San Francisco, .Calif., has ibeen-"called to the ;hed side of her father, Jake Alley. Mr. Alley, who was stricken •with-a -jheart-Attack, is .slightly improved. .'.';• Mrs. -.George \y. Rofch will leave •Friday for New York - where she will spend two weeks in training :priqr to accepting the position of hostess with the welcome wagon project .in .'this city. ' '".'... Mrs. J. W. Wright has been admitted to Memphis Baptist hospital for treatment.' Mrs. .Berriard >Gooch is resting very weU 'following an opera Uon performed Monday at Memphis] Baptist hospital. 'Mr. and Mrs. j .Charles Crigger Jr., ai'e spending today iu. Memphis .\vit ; h her. Enlists In Navy - An Osceola farm youth was one of .several A.rkansans who enlisted •in the u» S. Navy last week in Memphis. He was William L. Barnes. IS a farm worker. .Gilliam, .Caruthersville,' .a son, weighing seven pounds, seven ounces. Mrs. J. J. Smith. Tomato, dismissed. • '. Clarence Cummings. city, dismissed. ..;••'. ' H. D i: Jumper, city, dismissed. Memphis Baptist Hospital R. M. Pierce Will Talk To Mississippi Officials County R. M. Pierce, superintendent of schools .at Garuthersville, will be the principal speaker Thursday night when the superintendents, principals and coaches of "Mississippi county 'meet at Osceola His subject will bs "The Superintendent Looks-at the Whole School."' The local .problem of practices! of Mississippi county schools in at- [ tending Arkansas Education Asso-'i ciation meetings will be discussed- by F- L. McConnell, superintendent oi Leachville school. i The group .will meet at the' Court House Cafe for dinner after; which they will go to the -high! scnool for the program, p/ -for*' the county basketball tournament' will be presented and bids will be' let to decide where the tournament' will be held. corg. mi CT NtA SERVICE, isc. T, u. «& u $ J. iB. . ,-Blaylcck, admitted. •-.•'• Caj'uthersville, /Mrs. •Bernard Gooch, Blyth.evil.le. 'admitted.' -:• James -Daniel, -Manila, admitted. rMr$..-J-, W. Wright, Blytheville, admitted.- tWmphis St.. 'Joseph's Hospital J. -T/'Holt, Cariithersvilie.. admit - ted ;.'•-.' •- . Will Sets Aside Sum For Orphans In England! PHILADELPHIA. ( UP)— Neediest' cases of British orphan children; will .benefit.from a will"written on : an illustrated page of -a Bible, ; .which was filed at the register oi .wills office .here. . i The Bible, printed in the middle' of .the last century, -.was owned by- Mrs. Anna Laura Preston. On a' faded colored page depictiue -the meeting- of David. and Solomon, Mrs. Preston had written her will,' bequeathing one-third of a $4.7ou estate to orphan children in Ene- land. .-••.. ~ Read Courier News t want ads. 'They're holding an election to see \vho's going lo b.c • general/ 1 Friday Is The Day To TOO LATE TO Ci.ASSIFV -- . | .MM? Help ^'aiite.d Get Birth Certificates i Man with car - Experience .not necessary. Apply 400 Is T . Broart- wa . y - U-pk-15 Do you have ?« birth certificate? •If not, and .you arc planning to go to the county health office at the courthouse 'hereto apply for your certificate, you're out of luck uuless you apply .on Friday. The health .office announced -today that no applications for delayed birth certificates would betaken except on each "Friday. More than 25 persons have been" apply- in? each day for the past several weeks, it was said, and seekers of certificates were taking up toe; much of the office employes' time and interfering with clinics. So, if you wish to bring information t fco the health office and apply for a bii-th certificate— cio it on -Friday. FREE! Switzerland railways. has 3633 miles of To ,r^iicve Misery : COLDS Liquid '-Tablets Salvo Nose Drops Cough ; Drops-• In /building the San Francisco- Oakland Bay bridge, and the Golden Gate bridge, 300,000 tons'of steel were''consumed. TUESBAY BARGAIN Mat. lOc & 15c; Nig-ht Ipc & 20c V ' _ _— ^ • •• i*.*.^ Read Courier,News want ads DANCE EVERY SAT. NIGHT Blue Room HOTEL NOBLE CESAR ROMERO -VIKCINIA .CILMO'RE.. MILTON .BERLE CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD SHELTXO.N LEONARD - STANLEY £ LEHENJS ' FRANK JE.iSKS • BARiS'ETt PARKKK ' ;Mch CE.VTUR.Y.FO.V PICTHRK Afec Selected "Short?" WEDNESDAY ! - THURSDAY TO. -tors. H. Minton pre&cnted J? ernll: K?r ^il Southrm wnd Mis tosram ?nd Mrs.-Doyle Tnrn- EarIe; ' J1 <?"'!ct!, both of Manila. 'Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES ; EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 ij,-.- - ;r.— .-3 •*">- f»v5iet.iu, m^'T 1 - j ^ E-^ers •contiimea to sp?? ipf the Rbc! I c [^ ej-pss, . ; and exchanged'^Valentines ^ M.K. i^ [^attached, to cash .gifts'for -the or- ^ rs - Leslie '••-—fund.. , " Nic.wc« A. Ov ^nostesj can-Jed out the Yol- ! P : '°?'"ym. P ; Ariotherr chapter, ' Trail of j °/ ...»....... ,,....,....,...,-,--.—idy: boot [g on;c 'Kome •>; ilissions -was • -presented l|p^ tlle vineetJngs' of:'t*he/six';.circles )^c^ the • Worn an *s. Mission ary,; -t/nion f -$^t&c ^irst: £^£ist-;chiu-ch I'Mbn-. l/ld^^afte^pciv'^n'i^tlie JibmefT p'f-yo- 1 |^^^rae]nb?r^- : ':^cial : ; : hours • ; f cl- ;RVC riie .d io Alien a^i.'.tcri bv Hooper and Mri;. Vllf !-" I t"i" : *JlvO IJiC '»rs. H. H. Houchuu; ri 1 .- •thr r)i;mo at- Oio Colu>n for which t.)^v )•>;»(( linancinl responsibility. ]3aU! for. re- O. W. DUiahnntv. prr.skici^ t-ne *JxU5pry. \v«;, s jj UPiSl . ^j". •meeting .of 11 inemborsT'of Cir- Throc at the home of MI-S. O. lribovS;"of,>Circle • 'Qfto- ""- e.'"<E;. sEvSHSSSHdJPl' ISON'SAOTO 8 PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE -STATION fftra^titc.Battery Rcchar^'jr Kepairiiig, Red PIC SARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Coorad VEIOT NAZI MOV A ONE POUND DURKEE'S MARGARINE Distributed by ' NUNN ^PROVISION CO. .Cherry and RR Phone, 613 -. Blytheville, Ai-k. >' : ""''• Tops in Preference, Because it's Tops ''to-ffrtorrtoun* 6-Foot Box FKEE PHONE MS:; iii8. Vegetables. l ( 'i*h imd Shell Fish GET YOUR EXTRA SAVINGS IN M ew I4STEN TO KLCN 10:00 ajn.—12:j5 p.m.—4:30 You can .save at the store — save in the kitchen— save they the yea« with a hig new G-.F.. Provides proper. storage conditions for every type and kind of food, operates . on u invtmimin O f current, and has an unsurpassed long-life performance record. Come in Tocay! See the New 1941 General Electric Refrigerators! Beautiful } 0 Look At! Thrifty to Use/ Easy (o Buy! A new giant sized G-JE "7" at .the former price pf a G-E ' T 6"! All modern conveniences and advanced food preservation features plus proved lo>i%- I'fe performance. Come in and see \ today. "IT'S G-£ FOR M!" surveys show aiore poopl* prefer o General Siscfric «hon any olher rsfrigerofor. There's o Genera) Electric built Jo yowr incoms.

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