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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts • Page 15

The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts • Page 15

North Adams, Massachusetts
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MONDAY AFTERNOON, MAY'5, 1958 THE NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS, TRANSCRIPT FIFTEEN Center St. Bridge Approaches Being Built by State i New approaches to the north south sides of the Center Street Bridge were being built to Members of the Adams Sports- by employes of the State Pub-j Adams Sportsmen Vote to Purchase Fish for Stocking Driver Is injured, Auto Demolished Sunday Mishap Adrian A. White of 509 Main Year's Officers For Notre Dame Group Elected George.E. McConnell was elected president of the Notre Dame Parent-Teacher Group at a meet- jing last night in Notre Dame Hall. ftttium J. Gor4on BulJett Tel. 1142 Williams Man Dazed Hour in Car After Uprooting Trees A Williams College senior ap- Much Excitement At Lighthouse Pond There is much excitement these days at the Lighthouse pond at the Spruces, where a nest has been made by a pair of swans in which a large egg has been laid. Both swans take turns sitting on the egg. men's Club at a meeting in the! Summer Street Hall last night Works DeDartment The bridge, st North Adams received back, Mr Mc 0 nnell, who is' proprietor iparently sat dazed in his car for, The ros pect of becoming Little League will be held at the! The aciults had as much ihome last night about 7.30 o'clock --i i-- Stetson Rd. this! 35 the boys as they participated after a weekend trip to Foxboro, I I fc 1 111 i i i i. 1 new tments were built car was demolished in an acci- voted for purchase of fish. art of our th-phase flood con-. Most of the fish will be used inl i wa opened fully to dent on the East Road north of stocking Anthony's Pond for an tra fic ast nual fishing derby and the remainder will be placed in local streams. Fish for the derby will arrive Mayj 19. The derby is to be held May! 91 smH of the Gem Electric Shop, hour early yesterday morning; a father, the male swan has Cub Pack 59 Penny Carniva Enjoyed by IOO More than 100 persons attended the penny carnival held by Cubi Scout Pack 59 Saturda afternoon! The 55 members of the Williams- five teams in the Williamstown the Mitchell School gymnasium. High Schoo i band returned Practice to Open For Littleteague Teams This Evening The first practice session for the High School Band Returns Home From Trip to ceeds Wilfrid J. DeBlois. after it had gone off Simonds Road, Other officers were chosen as barbed wire fence the former town infirmary early Mlows vice president, Jerome A. three trees then hi yesterday morning He was a LaRoche; secretary Mr s. Michael nd uprooted two other trees wnich President Stanley Zieba ey sided last night as Assessor Stanley V. Bednarz has resigned as president because of business Five new directors were They are: Past President William J. Knechtei, Past President Ed- 1 ward Johndrow, Nelson H. Bond Ralph a Schwartzer. Mr. Knechtel, Henry Zieba and Robert Schaffer were appointed to meet with Adams Park Com- Todav's work included top grad- an uprooted two otnei and application of black tended Dr. Arthur 0 Rosenthal Forth) and treasurer, Donald Jfe li partly on the car. was then rolled. of North Adams at tne latter Tanguay Jo A Boyd of Essex olfice. Reports of progress were pre-j was ta en to the North Mr. White was traveling sented by committees in Hospital with severe head when his car struck a fence on LF the May 18 breakfast for cuts anc possible other injuries 1 nft- rl Irnrvrvtr nrniPrt i r- i i btaniey 3 SjDepart Tomorrow For and ght registrants the Adams! the left side, knocked down three bers of the fj rst communion class i after he had stumbled to the home 'of Notre Dame Parish and for the Ernest Thompson of Simonds guard rail posts and went across the road to climb a steep embankment and hit a stone wall. Damage to the car was. estimated at $500. The accident was investigated by Patrolmen Harold L. Jones and Draft District will leave tomorrow P. Fihon. morning for physical examinations! that will determine whether mission to complete plans will be eligible for inclusion in an stocking of trout with a $500 appro priation voted, at Adams' annual town meeting last March. Jerry for induction quota at a later date. They will report to Mrs. Sabina of the local at 'headquarters in the Will Entertain dana, Walter Alibozek, Henry Zieba, Stanley Zieba, Ralph Armstrong, George Seidel, Robert Godek, Mr. Bond, James Nimmons William Schenk, Lawrence Bishop, Henry Harrington, Isidore Kordana, and John Sobon. The cluo ravored a legislative bill that would permit carrying of rifles for raccoons from Oct. 1 The next meeting of the club wall be held in June. Breaking, Entering i Cases Continued Until August 4 Continuance until Aug. 4 was granted by Special Justice Henry in Adams District Court this morning in cases of seven boys ranging in age from 14 to 16 years and one 17-year-old youth. The-seven'boys were in juvenile court' as delinquents through breaking and entering in the nighttime. The 17-year-old, Claude 17; of 16 Howland Ave. was- arraigned in open court on a cHarge of breaking and entering in the nighttime with, intent to commit a misdemeanor. He entered a plea of innocent. Chief of Police Edward Reid represented the commonwealth. Juvenile Probation Officer Walter Primmer of Williamstown was "present. All eight are alleged to have broken-into the concession stand Theater on Howland Avenue. Candy and "gum 'were' taken from a display stand. Patrolman -John A. Soderstrom Charles E. Schofield investi- 'gated. Rainfall of Weekend .53 of Inch. O'Keefe, was appointed to a am dan Free-Library Building in! world folk music by the Allegro serve, a chairman fishing derby. He will be assisted by Mr. Schaffer, Mr. Knechtel, -Ronald Mr. Johndrow, Mr. Farnum, Max Donald Kor- as Adams. a bus leaving Adams singers Williamstown will be at 7:15 o'clock for the entertainment feature at a where the examinations will be joint meeting of the Woman's So- held. The bus will be a specially iety of Christian Service of Trinity chartered one with and Stamford, Meth- from other communities as well odist Churches tomorrow evening at Trinity Church-here. The business session of Trinity WSCS members will open promptly at 7.30 o'clock. Plans will be completed for a public supper Saturday evening at the church. A devotional -program 'with Mrs. Burt Grew as leader will At 8.30 the program by the Allegro group will start. The Allegro Singers with Mrs. Five Adams High Cheer Leaders Attend Clinic Five. Adams Memorial High School sprin cheerleaders attended cheerleaders clinic Springfield College Field House Saturday. The group was accompanied by Mrs. Agnes Thompson, faculty adviser': were Marilyn joari Brodalski, Joyce Gazzaniga, Susan Gelinas and Frances Wojcik. clinic was directed by Lawrence R. Herkimer, executive secretary of the National Cheerleaders, Assn. He has trained over 80.000 high school and college yell leaders during the past nine years. 'Mr. Herkimer spoke on cheer leading techniques and demonstrated the different types of effective routines. Next' the program was a demonstration yells by the members of the clinic, with evaluation and suggestions by Mr: Herkimer. After a pause for lunch, the cheerleaders returned to the. Field House for a short talk on pep Tallies, songs Notre Dame Parochial School at 5.15 a.m. and asked for graduation dinner June 1. aid. Patrolman Donald J. Boyer The Rev. Laurier L. him to, the hospital in 'the curate, spoke on the work of police cruiser and he was attend- Parent-Teacher groups, by. Dr. George T. Mullen ing their importance and helpful- of North Adams. X-rays were to ness to both the teachers and the be taken today to determine wheth- turned quite ugly and patrols the fence to see that no one enters to disturb the nest. Albert Bachand, developer of the Spruces, has warned persons who stop to watch the swans to stay back from the fence and under no condition to put their hands through the fence. Yesterday, when feeding the swans. Mr. Bachand was attacked by the male, which struck him with its wings. The two swans have lived at the Spruces for three years and this is the first egg that has been laid. evening at 6 o'clock. All boys are games of to report to their team In case of rain this evening the pupils. A social hour with refreshments closed the evening. Mothers of the first-grade pupils were hostesses with Mrs. Forth and Mrs. Galipeau as co-chairmen. Begins This Week At Local Theaters er Boyd has injuries beyond thei. serious cuts. Police place the time of the ac- Cj-i irtenf about. 4 o'clock as former J1.UUU 1 1 0 cident about 4 o'clock as former Selectman Frank F. Mason who lives nearby said he heard a loud crash about that looked out his window but was unable to see anything. The car left the highway near Broad Brook Bridge. Police said there were no skid marks on the pavement where'the car crossed the highway and went about 78 Inauguration of a new summerjfeet before tearing down the fence week at the Adams andjthen glanced off three trees andj Cheer, Jeer Firemen; Cost to Town, S100 practice will be held The boys who are to report are: Rotary, Peter P. Welanetz, man-; ager; Franklin Axt and Jose 1 1 anf A i Altott, coaches; Lawrence a I I 0111 Ml I ItlCo mpnd, Peter Welanetz Estes, John Barrett, Alfred Nagy, T-. Glen Ortman, David Flaherty, Ernest Langlois, Jerry Field, Stephen Foehl, Allen Field, Dean Millman, Shawn Walsh, William Madden, Andrew Hunter, Craig Teeple, Bruce Bombardier, Dale Bombardier, Richard Sweet, Jeffrey Kocsis, John Evans, Eugene Couture, John MacFadyen and Stephen Lasson. Lions, Arthur Langlois, manager, Fayne Seney, coach; Ronald Shepard, Loren Stokes, Eugene Kemp, William Smith, John Archambault, Donald McLain, Geoffrey Waite, Bruce Hosley, Paul Langlois, Robert Field, Allen made by the ere Friday night they presented a concert at the high school. The group got home several ment booth where soft drinks andj bours ear ij er than had been ex- 'homemade candy and cookies werej pected as the mem bers decided to enW call off attendance at the baseball game in Boston yesterday because of weather condi- While in Foxboro the young peo- iple were guests in homes of stu- i dents of Foxboro High School and on Saturday were given a daylong outing by the Music Activities Club, made up of parents of the One of the most hectic John Segar, Gilbert Devey, houseparty weekends of Daniel Brown, Lewis Bosquet, years came to a climax about 1 Pellerin, John Hays. An- 5:30 o'clock last evening whenjthony Ruscito, Russell Blake. celebrating freshman turned over'Evan Cook, Ronald Lefaive, Wal- Al- Hoosac Drive-In Theaters was an-M and uprooted two others. Thejan old car in the middle of thejter Schroeder, Harvey Hill, Al- nn.m^H a George White! car was demolished. quadrangle and set itibert Martell and Stephen Goodell. hv George White car uy manager of both places. 'At the Adams Theater there will be shows only Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons and nights, with picture changes on Friday and Sunday. For this week'only there will be shows to- Newell E. Davis of Williamstown, night and tomorrow night as well wife of the pastor of the Williams-'as Friday and Saturday. town Methodist Church, as director, were formed about a year ago and have been popularly received. -Refreshments will be served with Mrs. George E. LaMore Mrs. Percival E. Sherman. Mrs Irene Logan and Mrs. Bertram James as hostesses. All women of the church have been invited as we Police had not been able to question Boyd this morning because of his condition. Lions and Church Women Will Hold Sale for Blind Plans have been made by the Wednesday and Sundays. So far ams town Lions Club in con- this season this theater has been; unc ti on the women of the open only Friday, Saturday and sever al churches of Williamstow'n, Sunday nights. The Hoosac Drive-in Theater will be open every night starting Wednesday, with picture changes as rch have been invited as wen those of the Stamford KeSIuenT Change Program Because of Rain by Grand Knight Joseph S. George and James L. Rowley, of activities, a Escapes Injury When Bus Is Hit to hold a sale of articles made Saturday's activities. Agency, James O'Neil, manager, Calvin King, coach; by the blind. Dr. Donald R. Provencher, is'! representing the Lions-Club as yet been estimated, is being assisted by Richard C. Newman, the club president. Mrs. Daniel J. GalusHa is gpneral chairman for the sale. The Lions Club is underwriting Ovila of 51 Northj a expenses in connection with The fire brought out the Gale i Robert Axt. Brenton Walden, Ken- Hose Company which made short Ineth Millman, David Peck, Curtis work of the blaze, putting it out Poirot, Arthur LaCosse, Steven with lines from the booster tanks. lacuessa, Neil Hanlon, Paul Fon- Some 20 fire-fighters under Chiefjteyn, Steven Wicksman, Lawrence Edward H. McGowan, responded Walsh, Wayne King, Burt Ware, to the call which Chief McGowan Keith Martel, Patrick King, Ray- estimates cost the fire district well ond Hartman, Michael Lambert, over $100. The hael Wilbur, Alvin Guid, Phillip good naturedly the cheers and i Ronald Stone, Stephen Willette, Mi- jeers of the students and cries of; hael Wilbur, Alvin Guild, Phillip "Go home go home." Russett, David Lafave and Wil- During the weekend Field Parksi iarn Darling, suffered considerable damage fromj Howard Johnson Restaurant, cars being driven across it. The I Robert Steuerwald, manager, Summer Adams, driver for the Berkshire Street Railway escaped injury but the bus he was group of 35 of i a damaged when-it Cp'oncil, Knights of re- hifc run driver cited the Rosary and attended Benediction.yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Thomas' Church, and" still More than 100 other parishioners OliU i Tha rvnf- other types of yells. This was followed by a mass teaching of outstanding yell routines. Mr. Herki- of the material covered the day. Saturday's clinic, one of 75 conducted, by Mr. Herkimer in 42 stateslhis year, was attended by some 400 cheerleaders. It was cosponsored by the college and the National Cheerleaders Assn. of Dallas. Tex. Rainfall in Adams over the weekend-totaled .53 of an inch as at" the Zylonite station of the New England Power Co. Of this .06 of an inch was this morning for a 24-hour period ending at 8 and .47 of an inch" was registered yesterday. The'24-hour maximum temper- Stephen 'Allen Nowak Stephen Allen Nawak, thres-day- old son of. Mr. arid Mrs. Joseph J. Nowak of East Hoosac died Friday night at-the W. B. Piunkett Memorial Hospital, where he and a twin sister, dead at birth, were born last Tuesday morning. Burial took place Saturday in ature was 56 and thej Soutnv i ew Cemetery, North Ad here the sister, Kathryn Ellen Nowak, 'buried last -minimum for the same period was this morning at 6, It was 45 two hours later. Approaches to Bridge Are Reported Rough George R. Little reported yesterday" that approaches Wednesday. The Bloniarz Funeral Service was in charge. Besides their parents, the twins are survived by two sisters, Janet M. and Dorothy a brother, Joseph J. their maternal grandmother, Mrs. Nettie "Mackto Center Street Bridge were; se of North Adams; their pain rough condition. Engineer James Whalen of Massachusetts Northern Construction Corp. was notified and said it would be looked after. Police Are Informed Colt Bitten by Dog Mrs. Flora Alderman of the riding stables at' 201 Howland Ave, reported to the police yesterday afternoon at 5:37 o'clock that a colt had been bitten oh the legs by: a dog. Patrolman Allan F. Bates investigated. Rehearsals Listed For Communion Class Rehearsals for members of St. Thomas' first communion class are' to be hold tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, imme diately after school. They are to receive their first holy communion May 18. Births Twins, a son Gary Louis, and a daughter, Gail Ellen, were born to Mr-, and Mrs. Louis Zieminski of Sand Mill Road, East Cheshire. Saturday at Piunkett Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Ziemin ski is Theresa Bednarz. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bourdeau Jr. of 47 Harvard Pittsfield are born Saturday at St. Luke's Hospital in Mrs. Bourdeau is the former Lausier of Pittsfield. Paternal grandparents are Mr, and Mrs. Bourdeau of 1 Temple St, Adams. ternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John' Nowak'of. Adams, and several aunts, uncles and'cousins. Euclid Plianeuf Euclid Phaneui, 65, a former resident of North Adams, died yesterday morning at the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Bergeron, with whom he lived the last years at 193 Summer St. in Adams. Mr. Hianeuf was born in Gilbertville and came to North Adams 23 ago. For 17 years he was an employe of the North Adams Public Works Department and was at one time also employed at the former Norad Mill in Eraytonvllle. His wife, the former Victoria. Plante, died 10 years ago. He was a veteran of World War I. having served in England with the Air Corps. He was a mem- colored 'outboard motor cover, ber of Notre Dame Church in Adams, Adams American Legion, and Les Artisans Society. Survivors, besides his daughter, Mrs. Bergeron, are three brothers, Philias Phaneuf of Gilberfc- ville, Francis Phaneuf of Wheelwright and Arthur Phaneuf of North Adams; one sister, Mrs. Ora Duboia of Warren, R.I.; one granddaughter, Annemarie Bergeron of Adams; several nieces and nephews and grandnieces and grandnephews. Funeral services will be held at 9,30 Wednesday morning in Notre and friends participated. The out- doo" cererr.ony planned was canceled because of rain. The group formed in procession outside the church, marched in and occupied "reserved pews in the front. The Rev. Leonard B. Burke, curate and chaplain of the council. led Rosary and officiated at Benediction. Next Sunday the council members will go to St. Stanislaus Kostka Church Rosary and Benediction at 3 o'clock. Failing to Stop Results in Fine Evelyn M. 37, of Sloansville, N. was assessed in Adams District Court this morning for failing to stop for a pedestrian stop light on Park Street. An authorized guilty plea was entered for her by Chief of Police Edward W. Reidr was struck by a hit-and Saturday afternoon in Lenox. According to a report by State Police of barracks, Mr. Barber, with two passengers, was driving in Lenox when the bus was hit afc the intersection of Walker'and'Crystal "Streets by a car operated by Kenneth W. Sour; 45, of Reservoir Lee. Mr. Sour is said to have admitted to the sale, including the advertising, in order that the entire proceeds may be turned ever to the blind. The sale will be held at the. Williams Inn June 17 and 18. At the meeting at which preliminary plans were made, Mrs, Merrill A. V. Maynard, accompanied by her traveling companion, Mrs. Rosalie her seeing eye dog, Hildy, -displayed sample articles made by the blind. These articles included towels, aprons, dusters, knitted and crocheted articles, hand weaving, bas- cost of repairing this damage nar es Wagner, coach; William Flaherty, Louis Larsen, Richard McCarthy, James Wagner, Robert C. Sprague III, Harold Field, Dennis Bisson, Robert Buck, Charles Douglas, S. Faison, Lawrence Folino, Carl Libardi, William Falvey, James Morrison, Charles Morse Gerald Willette Michael Dennett, William Bla'ndy, Robert Hill, Dennis Park, Wayne Goodell, Ward Morrison, Wayne Miles, Dennis Lane and John Cook Jr. Holy James Chesbro, manager, a Canales, coach; Stephen Durant, Donald admission and the public has William Leete, Timothy the police that he hit the bus, then it copperware and other drove away. He was found at his items. Mrs. Maynard, who is di- home after the accident. No- personal injuries were reported for anyone but both vehicles were The accident' is still being investigated by Troopers Theodore Topolus and Edward Jurzyck. Two Men Are Released By Probation Officer Two men, one from Adams and the other from East Haven, arrested at different times by the Adams Police over the weekend for 1 drunkenness, were released by the probation officer without court She was halted by Patrolman Percival E. Sherman last night at 8.15 o'clock. Howland Avenue P-T Will. Meet Tomorrow Members of the Howland Ave- arraignment. Local and Personal Christian doctrine classes for high school pupils of St. Thomas' Parish will be held this evening at 6.30 at St. Thomas' Parish Center. Prizes at a whist party Satur- Holiday Editor Speaks at Jesup Hall on May 14 Ted Patrick, editor of Holiday Magazine, will speak at Williams College Wednesday, May 14, at 8 p.m., in Jesup Hall, under sponsorship of the Williams- Lecture Committee. There is no charge for rector of sales for the Department of Education, Division of the Blind, for the state, explained that all articles that are to be offered for sale are by the blind in their own homes and that the entire proceeds of the sale are returned to the individual making the article. The of the several churches are: First Baptist Church, Mrs. Betty Hosley and MIJ. John Lee; First Congregational Church, Mrs. Sidney Foster and Mrs. William Foehl; Second Congregational ghurch, Mrs. Henry Young and Mrs. Leonard God-j War II. He was invited. His talk, will'be on magazine publishing. As editor of Holiday since June, 1946, Mr. Patrick has been responsible for producing one of the great successes in the magazine world. He has brought together some of the finest writers to pro- Walsh, "Harry Harwood, Thomas King, Brian Pizzano, James Dickie, John Skorupski, Kiraberly Chapman, John Therrien, Ronald Atchison, Richard Dean, James Therrien, Joseph Kocsis; Cary Hill, Richard Beverly, William Brown, Robert Roy, James Hunt-- i students. They first visited Cape Articles in the warrant for the Cod canal, being special town meeting to be held(provided by the. Foxboro School May 12 relative to schools, will and following a box.lunch discussed at a meeting of the Wil-1 a visit was made to -Plymoutn. The liamstown Community Assn. people were also given rides nesday night at 8 o'clock in the on the Edaville Railroad. A bar- music room of the Grant School, becue chicken dinner was served by the music group and the mgnt Members of the Williamstown School Building Committee and the School Committee will be on hand festivities ended with a dance. Sunday after attendance at to explain why these com church and dinner at the homes of their hosts the young people started the return trip. A stop.was made for Senior Accepted By Royal Academy Wins Drama Award Robert F. Vail of. Canton, Ohio, a senior at lege, has been given the annual $100 Gilbert W. Gabriel Memorial Award in Drama. The presentation was made Saturday night by President James P. Baxter 3d of Wil- liaras, following the final perform- Williamstown District Court i a three-night morning when they pleaded guilty of operating uninspected motor vehicles. All were stopped by local police. Those in court were Charles A. Foehl of Bulkley stopped on May and John E. Morton, of East Main and three Williams College students; Stephen B. Frost of Arlington, Stephen T. Saunders of Bloomfield Hills, and Francis C. Welch of Manchester, all of were stopped on May 2., William E. Bushey of Elmhurst, 111., also a Williams student, was defaulted when he failed to appear in court to answer to a charge, of driving an mittees asked that a special town meeting be called to see whether or not the voters will authorize the moderator to appoint a com-, mittee of three to investigate the! formation of a regional school district. A second articles asks that one person be appointed to represent the town on a regional group for a vocational school. 5 Persons Fined $5 Apiece For Lacking Stickers Five persons were fined $5 each vide an intelligent audience with er John Cantoni, Kirt George, a fresh insight into the world about) John Welch, Jonathan Reder and of "Ballyhoo," an priginal student musical. The prize is awarded annually to that senior who, during his four years, has made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement of theater at Williams. The award was established in 1953 fay a group of friends in memory of Mr, Gabriel, a well-known drama critic, and a 1912 alumnus of Williams. Last year it was won by Patrick B. McGinnis 3d of Staten Island, N.Y. Vail recently was accepted by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England, and will start classes" has of and Bells IncV's tud ent dramatic" or- ganization, since his sophomore year, and has appeared in dozen plays here. Some of the featured roles he has had include Hugo in "Dirty Hands," Gregers in "The Wild Duck," and Bentley Summerhayes in "Misalliance." The only directing Vail has at Williams is for "Ballyhoo." He. them. Considered one of the advertising world's top creative men, Mr. Patrick was with cam for 16 years, and finally be- CEine a member of the firm. Later he. was vice president of Compton Advertising where he was director of the copy and art departments. Mr. Patrick was chief of the graphics section of. the Office of War Information, in charge of all printed material, during World Gary Pelletier. men, ivir. I i Young Cars Said Missing Found-Later in Day Williamstown Police received two reports of missingj an( as transferred yesterday to cars but later in the day both were the Bond Funeral Home in Sche- found. At 11.35 o'clock yesterday morn- (Pirituanj Miss Gertrude E. Robinson Miss Gertrude E. Robinson, 70, of Bee Hill a native of ton, N. and a resident the past 14 years in Williamstown. where she had been employed as wrote the book for the original domestic, died Saturday at; musical. Special extra perform- the North Adams.Hospital,'wherejances will be given next Friday she had been admitted March 14. and Saturday evenings during Survivors include a brother in Parents' Weekend because the seethe state of a niece, in ond and third performances last Schenectady, N. were sell-outs. The body was taken first to.the| In addition to his experience San Soucie Funeral. Home here with Cap and Bells, Vail has been nectady, where will be held at 2 o'clock Wednes- active with the Canton (Ohio) Players' Guild. He "is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Vail of 117 17th Street, N.B., Canton, Ohio. ing Sam C. Smart of 35 Park afternoon. The Rev. Robert reported to Patrolman Donald Carmichael, cannon of Huh i i i sent to -England Boyer that his car left front of Cnurcn Cathedral in Sprin nue iParent-Teacher Group will ay nigll( in the summer Street nrvmvi-mir pupninc? pt. i -i i frey; White Oaks Congregational Church, Mrs. Cora Lindley and Mrs. Wallace Murphy; First Methodist Church, Mrs. James White and Mrs. Newell Davis; St. John's Church. Mrs. Clarence C. Chaffee and Mrs. Lillian Thorn; St. Patrick's Church, Miss Marie Stackpool and Mrs. John Connors; and St. Raphael's Church, John Royal and Mrs. Carlton to study its propaganda organization in order to help set up psychological warfare schools for training American personnel who join- the ignitipn. v-i A i i his home overnight, was missing. Mr. Smart could not say whether David A. Frank of Spring is in Boston where he is Burial be in Viewland Ceme- St, is in Boston where ne is ai- ta terv hi Rotterdam, N. Y. Calling tending the annual educational terjr in ruutxiuaju, n. o. i i I A 4 i i ed in the invasion of the Continent. At .4.45 clock yesterday atter- tomorrow morning. He holds France's highest civilian noon Officer Boyer saw the car in award, the Legion of Honor, and the driveway of the Sigma Phi has received the Order to the house, Main St. There were no Merit of the Italian Republic. keys in the car. LCI 111 iVAJLtVl i i i hours at funeral home are the jtal Society. He will return to his office Thursday. also has consider- James Burnett Funeral services for James Bur-i meet at 8 tomorrow evening at the Howland Avenue School. Mrs, Ippol F. Bongiolatti will be hostess chairman for -a social to follow. Unused Poles Down Patrolman Allan F. Bates reported yesterday afternoon at 5:15 o'clock that five poles were down Hall sponsored by St. Society were awarded to: Stanley Zieba, Mrs. Josephine Reed, Mrs. Sophie Ziomek, T. J. Harvey, Mrs. 'Reana Boreezzi, Mrs. Dziok, Joseph Maluda, Mrs. Mary Mahar, Mrs. 'Evelyn Johnson, Frank Kut, Marguerite Beauchemin, Mrs. Delia Sommer, Mrs. or. of the Shea Chemical Joseph Bania, Mrs. Peter Kur" paska, Mrs. Stanley Czubryt, Mrs. Linda Burnette and Mrs. Francis Duda. Another whist party will be held this Saturday. Prizes will be displayed at the Summer Street Hall. Co. It was stated today that the poles have not been in use for some time and that they were blown down by wind last week. The company has no immediate plans for replacing them. Motor Cover Lost Ralph England of 31. Taft i gil "Basses rat Notre Dame North Adams, reported to the; lurcll tomorrow morning will-be police Saturday the loss of a green ou ows: At 6:45 for Mrs. Amelia Baker, at 7:30 for Mrs. Rosanna Lapiante, and at 8:15 for Arthur Student Fined $10 ForWrong-Way Driving Suydam V. Scheiber of Mt. Kisco, N. a student at Wil- At 2.20 o'clock George A. Royal, i-uuiju of the Williams College Po-j ne 70, of" Walden for was a semi-pro baseball player, a lice, reported that a 1958 pas 28 years owner and operator newsDaDennan aiu has; written with dealers'plates on it, had beenrf the Williamstown Food- Sluon, a tides editorials and taken from the Theta Delta Chi Spring were held Satardayj StOlieS, aitlClC5, eununais of rtVlnrk at the humor for many magazines. Adams Woman Fined rviatu, M. -L a. otviuv-Mi. I I Uams College, was fined $10 by For PdSSing bCnOO) Judge Samuel E. Levine, in Williamstown District Court this morning when he pleaded guilty of driving the wrong way around Field Park. He was stopped by local police on May 2. Annua! White Oaks Altar flowers at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, yesterday June 22 in memory of Mrs. Frank Eichorn.j prelimina the annual TM Jpicnic of School of the Finds Rosary Beads Patrolman Fred Major turned in at the Police Station yesterday rosary beads found on Summer Street. Health Board Meets A meeting of the Adams Board of Health will be held this evening at 6.30 at the board office. Girls Club to Meet Adams Girls' Club members will Dame Church in Adams with mee a 8 tomorrow evening in Solemn High Mass of Requiem. Burial will be in Southview Cemetery in North Adams. 'Calling hours at the San Soucie Funeral Home in North Adams are 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 today and tomorrow. the club rooms. Turner Officers Meet Officers of the Adams Turners will meet this evening at 8 o'clock at Turn Hall, J. Giroux. This morning Masses were for deceased members of the Girard family, and for Joseph Clairmont. Gustave Neumann of 19 Burt has been hospitalized for the past 10 weeks at the W. B. Piun- kett Memorial Hospital 'with a fracture of the left hip, was discharged Saturday and is now convalescing at. the home of a son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cook of G7 Summit North Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Clio- quette and their son, Donald, moved yesterday into a three-room cottage at 3. Garfield Ave. They returned two weeks ago from Glendale, where they spent the past several months after selling their home'at 3 Wilfred Ave, here. Congregational and the White Oaks community have been made with June 22 having been selected for the date. The place will be announced. Williams Man Engaged Dr. and Mrs. E. Earl Reeves of 205 Dawes Pittsfield, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Marsha Manley Reeves, to Charles Edward Snyder. son of Mr. and Mrs, Henry L. Snyder of Flemington, N. J. A June wedding is being planned. Miss Reeves attended Miss Hall's Pittsfield, and is a graduate of Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School, Greenfield. She attended the Garland School, Boston, and is now with Editions Limited. Mr. Snyder is a graduate of Mt. Herman School and is a senior at Williams College where he is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraterufry. parking lot. The car had been! at bought, by William H. Harter of First Congregational Church, The Lancaster, N. and was in were conducted by the process of transferred to Rev. Robert N. Foster, pastor. Or- him. gan. selections were played by At 3 o'clock Mr. Royal informed Mrs. Robert G. Barrow. Burial took place in the family lot in Eastlawn Cemetery. Bear- Hot It had been borrowed by a ers were Charles Howard, Edgar friend of Mr. Harter without Mr. Lewis, John Duncan, Tallie Lew- Harter's knowledge. by Judge Samuel E. Levine in Williamstown District Court this morning on a charge of passing a school bus stopped to take on passengers. Mrs. Gangemi was stopped by local police on Adams Road May 2. The court accepted a nolo plea. Local and Personal I High School Principal John B. Neighbors 1 night will be ob- Clark attended the annual meeting served. The speaker will be Miss of the Council of the New England' is, Edgar Walden and Philip Cook. Mr. Burnett died at his home late Friday afternoon following a i ate ray a Grange Neighbor illness A native Aberdeen, Scheduled Wednesday The Williamstown Grange will Scotland he came to this country in 1906 and for 20 years operated! a bake shop in Cambridge before hold its regular business meeting coming to Williamstown in 1930. Wednesday night at 8 o'clock atj the Grange Hall, Water St. Training Neighbors 1 night Secondary School Principals' Associations held Friday and Saturday at Boston. Friday he attended meetings of both the executive committee and the athletics' benefit fund committee. The May meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Richard A. Ruether Post, American Legion, lias been canceled. The next meeting of the Auxiliary will be the first Tuesday in June. The Education Study Group, sponsored by the Williamstown League of Women Voters, will meet tomorrow night at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Ralph Renzi, Grace Court. The Needle Club of the White Oaks Congregational Church will meet Thursday night at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. George Lfod- ley, Simonds Rd, i Elizabeth Walter, state nutritionist of the public health service. Makes Ring UeDUt i Mrs. Richard M. Wagenknecht olj a member of North and Mrs. Reginald Galvin. CD Whistles to Blow Tomorrow During Alert Rudman, local director of Civil Defense, announced today lliat the civil defense whistles will blow sometime tomorrow morning between 5) o'clock and noon. This will be the extent of the town's participation in the federal alert. Fined in Pittsfield George E. Fen-en of Williamstown was fined $3 for a parking violation in Pittsfield District Com Saturday. I obt got a first leg toward a companion dog degree for her miniature poodle in the show held at Rutland, yesterday under the auspices of the Otter Valley Obedience Club. It was the first time for both Mrs. Wagenknecht and her dog, Beau Jeste, in the show ring. The dog scored 180 out of 200 points. Mrs. Wagenknecht has' hpd her dog enrolled in the obedience classes for less than J2 weeks. The Palace of Governors in Santa Fe, N. is the oldest public building in the United Slates. In 1680 it was the headquarters of rebel Pueblo Indians rebels against the then Spanish rule. 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