Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 12, 1977 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1977
Page 21
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Wednesday, October 12, «T7 The Pharos-Tribune, Logansport. Ind.—21 Jogging Dogs Need Conditioning Oppose Change In Name Of Deadly Disease DETK01T iL'Pl! ~ If you've decided Rover needs more exercise, don't just dash off with him on your daily joy around the block. More and more dogs are accompanying their masters jogging, ar.d a Detroit veterinarian cautions that man's besl friend needs conditioning just like his master before getting involved in vigorous activities. "The first s!cp ...is ;i thorough Association and operator of an animal hospital here, said dogs should be checked for heartworm and internal parasites, Booster vaccinations may be- required if they arc noi up to dale, he said, and the rabies immunization should be current. "Vour doc should IIP i-xpr- physical examination." said Dr.WJ.Weslcoll. Westcott. past-president of the American Animal Hospital cised throughout the year." Wcstcolt said, "but a gradual increase in* conditioning exercises is essential if strenuous jogging, hiking, hunting: field trials or obedience training is planned." He said a regular con- ditioning and exercise program strengthens a pet's foot pads, muscles and cardiovascular system. . .'• ' ^ Dog owners also should- rtiscwss flTeir-net's diefwilh a. veterinarian. ..•'"If'your dog is going,to be very active." Wesleott said, "your veterinarian may suggest you increase his food intake somcwhal a.< vou ac- celerate- the.', training and exerclse.prbgram.' "When active throughout the entire day, your dog niay need or might enjoy a midday snack. "And always be sure to have plenty of drinking '-water available." • He said pel owners should make sure their dogs are under control ai all times and filled with proper identification tags. "You might even consider having your dog tattooed." he said. "Make it easy for a lost clog to be found. "But the besl advice is to keep your dog undcr-control." Dogs taken on hikes and walks through fields or woods may he exposed to many types of parasites and ear. eye or skin irritants. SAVE 1.27 INDIANAPOLIS • Despite RrumblinR in Ihe ranks, '. the American Legion is opposed to a change in the name of the deadly Legionnaire's disease. • "Everybody knows you don't ,have to be a Legionnaire to •contract the disease." insists •Eddie Hoak. adjutant for 'Pennsylvania where the illness swept through a veterans" •convention and into medical .•recognition. •'. "I think to change the name .'would be a disservice to those who suffered and brought this to the attention of the medical profession and the general public." The disease, caused by recently identified bacteria, was given its name after 29 persons died and 180 were ,hospitalized following the Pennsylvania American Legion convention at Philadelphia in July, 197(1. Hoak said some problems • occurred at first because people associated the disease with the Legion. • "In the early days, there was some belief that it might be i contagious, but once the fact that it is not a communicable .disease was known we didn't • have any problems." ' In a. visit to national 'headquarters at Indianapolis, ;Hoak said the Legion's efforts ' ' to provide information lo health '. officials played a major role in •discovering the cause and ! identity of the disease. "My belief is that if the ; disease had broken out at a convention of shoe salesmen, .'they wouldn't have had Ihe • communication we had. and the ,'disease may never have been • discovered. Maybe it happened many times before and was • never put together.'' ' Hoak headed a special • committee lo study Ihe disease. Ml recommended at this year's ''national .convention that the ) illness be known as Legion- ')iaire-McDade disease. "Bui ,'lhe 'McDadc' part got dropped •by the media," Hoak said. ',. Dr. Joseph McDade is the ; researcher at the Center for /Disease Control in Atlanta who .•first discovered the bacteria, '- Hoak admitted some Legion ;Ypembers want Ihe name changed.' inducting'the'state'". " •adjutant in Maine who made a • public plea for a new label. But ;Hoak said the majority of •Legionnaires want it to stay the same. • •'_ "Even if you change the name, you'll never kill the • slory," he said. "If it's given ; another name, the news media will refer to the disease and say /formerly known as Legionnaire's disease.' It's known as that and it will be known as that •from here on." As top - Legion official in Pennsylvania, Hoak began receiving reports of members being sick about a week after the 1976 state convention. "At first they thought it was just four cases of typhoid fever ,m Bioomsburg (Pa.). We knew some people were sick right ;away, but we didn't put it together until about 30 were -. .reported sick." Follo.wing the outbreak, 'Legion officials worked closely with researchers al the Center for Disease Control and with state and local health officials to track down information .about those suffering from the r ailment — which has a 15 per 'cent fatality rate. Since then, confirmed cases of the disease have been reported in almost every state. LEGAL NOTICE ' Nolle* >i haraby (Han Itval on OctoMt 7, nn. Nontwrn Indiana Public Swvka Company, an Indiana corpontton. HIM > MW rale ttnmttiM win Hw Public Swvfca. Commission of Indian* «nicn, II ipprend. •ouW dtcraaM ral«< and chanjM kx gal aenlca randarad By It Inroutfieul In*. Mntiory Mrxd o» h In lha Slat* ol Indiana. Tna tiling i> In acoxdanca with In* onjar ol ma Public Sarvict Commrtaton of Indiana aperovaa Dacatnear 11,1970, in Gauta No. inm and, upon appnMi ol MM Public tame* Commune* ol Indian, aucri nta laovkt ranacinM '•'end* Iron tfptllna t oINortnam Indiana PuWcSaroc* R»g. 99' LEGS SHEER-TO WAIST PANfY HOSE R*>g. 1.52 Each BANDAID BRAND BANDAGES sheer pliiil strip •tic-' 1 Choice of Sheer 50's, Allwide 30's, Plastic Allwide 30's or Plastic 50's Choice of beige, svnton, coffee or cinnamon. ' Sizes A &B. - Rag. 25'Each VICKS COUGH DROPS Rag. 39' Each VICKS VICTORS COUGH DROPS Bag of 30. Regular or cherry: Choice of Victors or Cherry. FOR Rag. 4? Each LUDEN'S COUGH DROPS FOR R«g. 20' Each LUDEN'S COUGH DROPS Menthol or Eucalypti) Rag. 99' PLANTERS DRY ROASTED PEANUTS 8-oz. vacuum jar. Bog of 35,. Choice of Menthol or Eucalypyus SAVE 51< £2 Reg. 1.64 PAMPERS TODDLER DIAPERS Disposable. Box of 12 Pompon Daytime, 30s . . . .Z.M ONLY! 77 C KITCHEN GADGET RIOT! Mix or Match! Jor wrench, beoter tongs, broiler rock, pot drainer, spoon resCcoke coolers, plus many more. HOOKS (SALE Special Prices Good Thru October 16, 1977 We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities FORM if Rag. W SALLY HANSEN NAIL POLISH REMOVER Regular or strawberry. •^•ounces. SAVE 40' Reg. 2.75 L'OREAL PREFERENCE HAIR COLOR Choice of shades.. SAVE 33' \ SAVJ4H' ajRj 1 77'^,! 77 Rag. 1.17 SUMMER'S EVE ^DISPOSABLE DOUCHE Twin pack, regular or herbal. Rag. 2.10 NEW FREEDOM MAXI-PADS SANITARY NAPKINS Box of 30. sAvnr 77 R«g. 1.15 A MIRACLE FORMULA 409 SPRAY CLEANER 22-ouncei. Fits most faucets. Ideal for shower ~ shampooing. Model 49 ^§| Rag. 3.97 A YDS REDUCING PLAN CANDY I'/i-lb. box. Choice of vanilla, chocolate, chocolate mint or butterscotch. SAVE 2*' 77 Rag.99< MOTH BALLS One pound. Kills moths, eggs, larvae. SAVE 4.23 19 Rag. 23.99 MaterPik Oral Hf/tiene Instrument Modern way for , deoner teeth, . healthier gums. Plus/ manufacturers $2.00r«bat». COTTONELLE BATHROOM TISSUE Super absorbent, 'eels almost like cotton GEM Stainless Steel RAZOR BLADES Single edge. ' Package of 7. SAVE22- _ ^H Rag.99< ACRYLIC SCARVES Soft, wool-like, assorted colors ' and plaids. DEODORANT Keeps toilet •bowl fresh. SAVE4T 77* Rag. 1.25 BLOW-WAVE BRUSH Mokes blow dryingeosy. visomat horn* blood prM»ur» • No need »o trust your hooring • Give* cosy to reed r HGGCJS HO - * S'mp'eono bond operatic • Complete instruction;, and daily jj btood pressure log Company which ara rasuUlad by in* fxlxal p<m*f coiMiiwlan. Nontiam Indiana PjWc Swvtc« Co, STATE OF INDIANA) »SS: COONTYOFCA8S I MOCEHt E. HOW and FMNCCS MOSS am) ! ' OCHTRUD^M-MELVIE VS ' THE CITY OF LOOANSfORT. INDIANA . IN THE c*ss CIDCUIT COURT ttr? TERM NO C T7-S1* NOTKCOFHiAHlNO Rag. 1.4* 7-UP , 6-packcons. The Un-colo. SAVEM' 99* Rag. 1.M FROZEN YOGURT '^3 6-pack, 3 pineapple- peoch and 3 rotpbefry- itrowberry. • • : HOOK'S OWN BRAND SAVES YOU MORE! 'THE PRESCRIPTION PEOPLE' See your friendly Pharmacist- In-Green" for Convalescent Aids tern i -or* for jote. ond'mony of ih* conva/eicenf oidi.l are oho available on a i-enfof 6cm.' We will tpetiol order | Ihos* i ferns 'not slocked , , anything from 'Safe')- Kdili Is; etc. - „ '- • Rag. 99' .. PRINGLES POTATO CHIPS Twin-pack. ' TS CIGARS 8-pock. Rum Hovored. Canon of10 . VACATION Of STDKTS Notka l*iiwt*0y a***" fwi Hi* abov* naimd (wMIuwra lw» HMO In ID* Can Clrcgli Coun. tl»a data. Mr mtmn nnnxi pMinon to neaM * imai locale* M *>a otir ol LogaiupwvCaas Coumy. Indiana, wnlcli atrMt la aa*ertex)aa towm. Iwrlt: A iiraaf'se w*i in widm wining Norm ant) South dangflatad u KIIMIUW Sinwi Item ina Norn lint ol lin SlnMi nonri IZ9 htM. TKat ina Cm Circuit Court haa lino DM data ol No». II. U77, tar Baaflng on lak) PMIKM, and that any party InNnttod m aak) pftxaadlnga mual ftH tMr <mtl*n OttKhonj, or tnman m*raK> •Wi Ina C*aa Ocull Cowl on V oafot. in» 11 On ol NO...IWT. 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