Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 31, 1971 · 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1971
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4-E 0akknb2i(Trlbttn( Sat, Jufy31, 1971 Welfare Crisis Study Leaked fi By CLYDE HERRING " of Ihe CTA staff compiling the Trlboae Staff Writer report, said he was shocked to A California Tu Payers Asso learn that the report had been elation committee will pin- leaked In some way. He point poor management as the?ald the first draft of the re-cause of the continuing crisis port has not yet been sp in the Alameda County Welfare Department, according to officials of the Social Services Union. The union claims to have obtained a copy of the study committees 300-page report, which was not scheduled to be released to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors until the middle of next month. . ' Richard Simpson, member proved by the committee commissioned by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to make the study. David Aroner, union field representative, said his organ- ' enough lzatlon Is releasing the report at this time because It Is a thorough study and a fine report Paradoxically the onion finds Itself In major agreement with the CTA, supported for the most part by corporate taxpayers. The commission report, says, according to Aroner, Clearly, the welfare admlnls-t r a t o r i have demonstrated that they are totally Incompetent to the task of Intelligently running their department. But, Aroner continued, the report does not go far la assessing the res ponsibility far this mess. The Board of Supervisors and the connty administrator, Earl Strathman, must share the blame. It must be noted that the welfare management request- Reagan, Legislators Hew Compromise Welfare Plan ed planning staff for the last two years and has been refused by the Board of Supervisors esch time. The elimination of clerical back-up for eligibility workers and the arbitrary Increase of their caseloads to 129 was done at the urging of the county administrators office. W'e are now paying the price for this coQossal error," Aroner declared. Aroner said the union Is releasing the report In advance because we want to Insure that sufficient attention is paid, to this report so that it will not go the way of dozens of other attempts at welfare reform studies. And the union feels that It has something to contribute In this area. This report calls for a major housecleaning," Aroner declared. We have seen It for several years. .Now the CTA say it." The Introduction p f the report displayed bfroner declared: After ij ijionths of study, we believe it-ta fair to say that this department has operated In a sUtf.cf cri-iaia for the last yeK.gnd a half. - . Furthermore, ww believe that It will continue, to, dq so .unless it Is staffed by.g much stronger Internal resejrch and advance planning capability which can exert great: Influence on management; decisions. ?r ' The union makeeeveral recommendations whereby the situation could be co erected. This Includes placing the planning function under tho-direc- tlon of a new positiah.of assistant director forimimage-meoL-wlth five additional positions to provide the core staff for the new departmeHfT? LT. ROYAL E. TOWNS (CENTER) HELPED OTHERS BECOME FIREMEN Capt. Spm Golden (left) and Lt. Milo Gaskin congratulate' colleague Equal Chances for Blacks Seen in Fire Department wasnt paid for it, nor did he want, to be paid. One of them, Hoseman Eugene Jones, now on the disabled list, drew attention to the unpublicized dinner for Towns. People need to know that black people care for their community, he said. Interviewed Lkter, Towns said black young men have a lot better chance now in winning civil service Jobs. They have the same opportunity today as anyone else, he said, if .they prepare themselves. ' Towns suggested they keep taking civil service tests, some blacks to get on the de- catching the hang of them, un-partment," Towns says today, "til they pass one. hood movement. Towns is far from being retired. He is now an accountant, a profession he studied at night school and university extension courses while he was a fireman. SACRAMENTO (UP I) -Gov. Ronald Reagan and legislative leaders tentatively agreed last night on a compromise plan to reform Californias welfare system. I think you have a puff of white smoke, Assembly Speaker Bob Moretti, D-Van Nuys, told newsmen as he emerged with Reagan from long negotiations. We have agreed in concept on i total welfare reform package." Reagan and Moretti both declined to give details of the compromise, explaining technicians first must write the verbal agreement into legal language which still has to be approved by both eidel The compromise' was expected to save between $60 million and $70 million In state funds. Reagan, Moretti and legislative leaders had negotiated for five straight days across the Governors private conference table In an effort to re-, solve the legislatures No. 1 is-' sue. Moretti said despite long negotiations, this is the first agreement on a full package." He added, These were very tough negotiations. The plan was to print the final compromise, approve it, and have the assembly vote on the measure next week. The compromise will be amended Into a Senate-passed bill by Sen. Anthony C. Beilen-son, D-Beverly Hills. Bellenson, Assembly Welfare Committee Chairman William T. Bagley, R-San Rafael, and Assemblyman John L Burton, D-San Francisco, also participated in the final negotiations, presided over by Reagan. (E 0103 CD CEE V (RAVAZZA'S SWEET BREADS FETTUCCINE . HZLUXKttAtU Dallvtnr Soviet 014-2334, 41 if i table Emeryville Our decorotino expert will ba delighted ta bFffffe large selections of the lot ait end lovaliait fqbf help you chooio thoio. bolt luitad to your decanr FRE DECORATING ESTIMATE 533-5565 !Sf Limited time I Limited quantities! Hurry In for ''star" appliance buys... Look for the Start and Save! 3 Limited time! Limited quantities! Hurry In for star" appliance buys. Look for the Stars and Savel But I helped prepare some whites, too. About 70 black and white firemen from Oakland and surrounding communities gave Towns a testimonial dinner at Francescos the other night. A glossier testimonial occurred the year he retired, when the state assembly adopted a resolution praising his service. For years Towns held classes in the North Oakland YMCA and at station houses to instruct young men black and white on how to go about preparing themselves to become firemen. He The tests intimidate many because they appear scholarly, he said. But they really are at the 6th grade level." He also suggested that young blacks take preparatory fire fighting courses at the various junior colleges. Towns inspiration didnt work on his . son, Royal. I tried to get him interested in becoming a fireman but he became a merchant marine man, instead. His son was seriously injured in an explosion aboard a merchant ship during the Ko-rean War. Mr. and Mrs. Towns two daughters are active in the planned parent- FHgidaire appliances r Frigidaire appliances Limited time! Limited quinUtleel Hurry In for "star" appliance buys. Look for the Stare and 8avel Frigidaire . appliances Keithley Fires Black Patrolman 'liVT FPC0-166TNR Donald Knox, a young black policeman who has previously been the subject of controversy in the Oakland Police Department, was fired from -the force yesterday by City Manager Jerome Keithley on the recommendation of Police Chief Charles Gain. Many details of five charges against Knox were vague, but clarification was promised when the city attorneys office prepares a list of. specific accusations for the Civil Service Commision. Knox was charged with having been absent from duty without leave since July 21. Chief Gain said he had a telephone conversation with Knox on Tuesday and ordered the officer to report to him, but he failed to do so. He also was accused of dis- Court Order Reversed in The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco yesterday reversed itself and rescinded an order - which excluded Chinese students from plans to integrate the citys elementary schools. On Monday the court had granted a temporary stay to a group of Chinese parents to an order by U.S. District Court Judge Stanley Weigel that the schools integrate this fall through busing. The Chinese contended that including them in the busing plan went beyond the judges order. Yesterdays action removed the stay but still allows Weigel to modify the busing order as requested by the Chinese parents. . ' The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People had asked the appelate court to reverse its order. turbing the peace and unofficer like conduct in connection with an altercation he allegedly had with his wife, of giving untruthful answers when questioned about the incident by police officers, and failing to report in court in connection with the same incident. Knox also- is accused of non-compliance with the court in failing to make child support payments and again of being untruthful when questioned. A final charge alleges that he made an arrest, said to involve a misdmeanor, without proper legal foundation. The fringiiotice was served at the officers home late yesterday. Last November Knox and a fellow black officer, Henry W. Myers, filed suit in Federal Court a gainst Chief Gain, challenging a departmental order prohibiting policemen from .making public statements about the department without prior approval. They were subesquently granted a temporary restraining order prohibiting the department from carrying out the regulation. When Knox joined the force in 1966, he was one of 18 blacks in the 709-man department. 3 Deny Plot to Steal $1 Million LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) Three men pleaded innocent yesterday in U.S. District court to charges that they conspired to sell a stolen $1 million bank note. The pleas were entered before Judge Reger Foley by Jo-, seph McKemie, 54; Harold Gates, 45, and Lloyd Percell, 40. . , . . Bench warrants were issued for two persons charged with conspiracy in the case. They were identified as . Nancy Gryn of Long Beach and Sam Parks of Ortoda. . 16.6 Cu. Ft. Frost-Proof eemtt!3 Fully adjuitabl refrigerator shelves, 100 frost-proof mean no messy defrosting ever, Giont-sized freezer holds up to 154 lbs of food, flip quick ice elector, 5-year nationwide warranty, and lots more exciting features. Frigidaire SKINNY MINI Fits almost anywhere 2-FT. WIDE Installs almost anywhere, kitchen, bath, nursory, garage. Washer & dryer each do a family-size load at tha same time independently. 2-speed washer (regular plus delicate eettings). Permanent press care both washer and dryer. 1972 MODEL a" FRIGIDAIRE H I 17 cu. ft. REFRIGERATOR -ONLY 30" WIDE- Nowl A huge refrigerator in 30" cabinet. 17.0 cu. ft. with a 4.75 cu. ft. freezer that stores up to 166 lbs. 100 Frost-Proof. Add-On Automat-; ic lea Maker may be installed now or later. Reversa-doors hinge for right-or left-hand opening. 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