Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 4, 1971 · 26
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 26

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 4, 1971
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Private Services For Mrs. Mugler 26-E AkhnbA&lTrlbune Sat.,Spt. 4, 1971 Funeral Notices I t r BAIL, wmiaiN toitoom, m Urmtf, afi Of ta Uto Opal Choairt. A mtmhgr of tt CfwiatMiA Church. A futlv of Nbr fcq; 93 76 yoori. Fgdwat oorvicOt Will bo hotd W Bv, p9m6or 7 at Cawry FunrJ homo Auburn, Moroka. Arrtn-mm by MtNAAY A MORGAN CHAPEU iorUiay. COftft. Andrew T of Son Leandro. Sew tember 1, 1071, boiovod eon of Loram end VNNof Cobb i brofhor of Donald CN end brothor-Jn-Uw of tenno Cono; onclo of Joaephin and Mh4 Com. aH of San Leandro A memoar of Aroadmoor Conoreoahonal Chorcn of San Leandro, Lambda Chi Aloha Fra-tarnitv A predwaia of San Leandro High School and Son Joeo State Coneot, former teacher at Wilton Elementary School of San laendro, on omoioyeo of C'DWMcformtrfc ftroHeraoe Co of San rrafxitco. A native of California, ood 37 yao re. Friend or Invited to attend tarvri pm. el -Saturday. September 0 it I , . .. A road moor Conor eeational Church.! .. Doaitnf Atvd, Sen Leandro, with Key SIANTOOTM, Mao, Caoroe Lacy otticiatino Frlendt may J97L w1, of call at tha Samoa Room ton Mortuary. 10 Eituciua Ave . San Leandro until If a m Saturday Inurnmant private Contribution to Broadmoor Conoreoation Church or your favorite charity preferred. For Information 463-0)21 CURRUT1. Therou, Ih Son Lenadro. Seo- Km Tember I. 1?1, of San Leandr o. dearly MUOLIP beloved wit of lenadettp Cerruti, iov ioe mother nf John N end Nick J. Carrvh of San Leandro, Oeorpo tnd Sen A. Cerruti of Sen Meteo, lovlnt prand mother of Terry Anpeii. Serna dmt Zuntno, John Cemtl, Euoono Cer ruti, Michael Cerruti. Sue Mane Oeorplann Cerruti and Kelly Crlthna Cerruti, otto survived bv teven treat r endchlidren; devoted mofherirvlar of ena. Eleanor. Ann end Janice Cerruti. A native of Aiomeda; oped 7? year. Friend ore Invited to attend the tv ewrol T treed ev, Srmtmfcwr F it- IM am. from the POSE GARDEN CHAP EL, Of th Guerre end Seromur Mortuary, 007 Eitudiiie Ave, San Leandro; thence to Church of the Aomptinn where Peouim Mat will bo cekbraled commonctno if t im. Pecitntion of the Poeary Monday l I pm Entombment Holy Sepulchre Mautoieum. Hayward For further Information pleaa call 443-5300. EDWARDS, Theme B., tn Berkeley. Sept 2, 1971, beloved husband ot Lilian VOKAC 6. Edward, loving tether of Frederick 2, 1971, P. Edward of Lolayott and Mr Joyce W. McLean of Victoria, A C brother of Mr. Mary Evan of Catlro Valley, prandtether of three grondcMl-dren. A member of All Soul episcopal Church of Berkeley, Plymouth Lodpc No StC. F A AJA end th Royal Cana dian Lepion No ID Friend or Invited to offend service ot the BERKELEY HILLS CHAPEL. 100 Shaftuck Ave, at Cedar, Berkeley, Saturday, September 4. at 3 00 pm Plymouth Lodoe No. 50 F 1 AM ML clattno Contribution In hi memory may bo mode to the American Cancer Society. BERKELEY HILLS CHAPEL GULtANKIAN. term. In OnMand. Swnmw , ,91, beloved huuxnd of ALAMEOA C-unty Hurt Attn. gr.Wully Ann. GuilMnklwi; lovino f.lhyr o Snd, ,cknowlcdo nwmorl.l glftl. M,H to HWdkynno W,Edwd O h,n' oMic, 4171 MKArthur Blvd, 0k. 530-prondfathtf of Lisa and Barry Gabon M .1 Crrmr imk uyt and Brat HoHfk an. A native of Rus- J400 rfrl L CrocMf ,00 ia; aoed la year Broadway, Oakland. Friends are Invited fo attend service tn. TELEGRAPH AVE CHAPEL. CATHOLIC CHARITIES gratefully c-Sunday. September 5 of 3 pm Service knowledge memorial gifts, 433 Jefferson to bo completed at the Mortuory Chapel. Street, Oakland 134-5654. GRANT MILLER MORTUARIES 2S50 Teleoraoh Ave., Oakland 451-6434 Vital Statistics Alameda County MARRIAGE LICENSES MANRY-RITTS Eddi, A Mwtrv. 22, rid Rit. P1tt, 15, both of Pittsburg RUDY-OEUTSCHER Timothy E Rudy. 37, W.lnut Crmk, nd K.thy Dwrtsctwr, 33. L.t.ygtte JOHNSON-TAIHER Clifford 0 Johnson, 19, and Drtor.h T.iner, II, both of Concord . BALTAZOR ENSMINGER Ronald L . Baltaior, 31, Concord, and Donna En-smlnoer, H, Antioch LIEBSCHER-RATLIFF ChnrlM G. Urbschw, 43. and Nancy RatllN, 33. both of Martinet SPRAGUE-STEVENS Monro W Soraoua. 34, Dayton, N J and Carol Styns, 34, Walnut Crae. FENALL-BAKER Calvin L. FenaH. 31. and Willi Baltar, 16, both of Rich- KHAFER-BROOKS - Edward H Schafer, 5, and Phylls Brooks, 3S, both of Berkeley. ..... ISLAND-BURNETT Gary N Island, 23, Dkiah, and Virginia Burnell, 20, Orlncto SHINDELUS-STRATTON Lawrence F Shlndeht, 34, and Katherine S, ration, 22. both of Concord AVILLA-ARRUDA Ellery K Avllla. 44, and Nancy Arruda. 39, both ol Pleesoof HHI , HAWKINS-GUEVARA John E Hawking, 21, M. Herman, and Louel-len Guevara, 20, Concord CONHAIN-MAYER Bruce H Con-haln, 27, Walnut Creek, and Barbara Mayer, 22, Bellmore, N Y BROSTROM-ROSE Adofoh Brosfrom Jr 49, Oakland, and Marlda Rose, 29, Dublin . , CRAMER-LUNA William M Cramer, 23, Knoxville, Tenn., and Aleda Luna, 23. Lafayette DE VR ELL-TA YLOR Thomas J De- vreH, 4); Walnut Creek, and Dolores Taylor. 35, Concord McCULLOUGH-SANGUINAZZI Stuart J Me Cullough, 23, Martinez, and Maria Sanguinazzl, 22, Walnut Creek VALORY-BERK Lance R Valory, 25, and Bonnie Berk, both of Shasta HOLLANO-COON Jerry L. Holland. 21, Sonoma, and Deborah Coon, It, Oakley. , IVANS-LAAAMER Steven D Ivans, 21, San Jose, and Laura Lammer, 21, MEYEr'-LARSON Chrtstooher Meyer, 20, Concord, and Lind Larson, 21, Pleasant Hill. DIVORCES FILED CLIFFORD, Robert K and Carmen ELROD, Annamae and Leslie FERRIS, James D. and Toni MEILLER, Ronald and Patricia PATE, Kathleen and Jack S - RIB El RO, Thomas E and Virginia RODGERS, Jeffrey J and Sharon STAHL, Carolyn and Thobom R. TURLEY, Shirley and Roy L. WHITE, Jean and Timothy P HENSON, Denise end Robert D BURRIU , David V. and Charlene ALCOCER, Ralph and Mona L. FRASER, Susan and Rodney F. SWEENEt, Dolores and Michael R REDFIELD, Melvin F. and WHmetta MERCURIO, Ellen and Frank $ UNT, Sarles B. and Delores SETTERICH, Annett and William (legal separation) DYKES, Larry D and Mary SILVA, Carolyn and Frank A FERGUSON, Eileen and Darnel HEATH, Donald W. and Mary BARRIGHER, George D and Carolyn NELSON, Charfean and John L MALONE, Evelyn and Charles E NALLEY, Shirley and Charles M. BRIGHAM, Verdia and Bert WATKINS, Mary and Michael D STAUDE, Beverly and Donald F DUPLESSIS, Roland A and Sharon BELLOWS, Richard J and Karen G NORIEGA, Jess and Janet ANDREWS, Norma and Dawson D, RUBIN, Marguerite and Irving JOHNSON, Patrida and Harold J DAVIS, Patrida and John D. ,C.& NAT (&, With sympathetic 'Capability-Mountain View provides ground burial, cremation, "3 indoor and outdoor crypts and three chapels for services in conformity with your belief. ws. V. j - h MDUHTAIH VIEW CEMETERY Association A COMMUNITY NON-PROFIT CORPORATION 5000 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland 658-2588 HARTWClL J. Mama Id Baktltv, Saof A It 1, hwibaral of Mr Clara Hrtv4 of fcarkaivy la(tar of Mca. 0 T, At ticca, Jr of ta'aytU. an Mr. T. M. Hartwall of Onnda. brotrwf of Mr. ieo Hartwall of Mill VaUay and Mr Lout V 1 1 ton of San Franotco alto tufvivod by Hvg trontkMWrtn. A naiivo of California , . Pftvtto family aarvlcot waro field Saturday. $el A from the CAIN CL CtHHilO CmaPEL. HOTCHKISS, Aottf I temher 1 ... In Fremont, Sew 91, wife ot the let Ooupiaa K Hotchfcltt, loving mother ot Mr. Ethel H. Suencer or Fremont, grow-mother ot Aiono K Soentor, Jr end Deborah Rogor and treat trend mot har Of Donald L, Popart, Jr , Micnouo O Pope' ond Uo A Spencer. A native of California; aped 10 year. Formally a member of the Order of the (attorn Star. Funeral tervket on Sunday Septenv bar S at 1 JO p m at the FREMONT MEMORIAL CHAFlC MORTUARY, Peralta Blvd. (nr Frtmont Bivd ) everend Arthur Freeman ottkiatmp For further information, ftltei (ail. F9JI900, tn Fremont, Auout th la'e Harry Man tooth, mother of Mr Marparvt Garrison of Stamon. Oregon, Cvril E Nem of Fremont and alto of Memohl, Tenn A native of Henrietta, Oklahoma; eeod Funeral service war hed Thursday, September 2 Ft the CHAPEL OF PALMS. Marparof Brown, In AtaKad . ero, California Dormer hr of Oakland) on Aupust 29, 1971, beloved wile of Frederick P Mugler, Sr. MD tow( mother of Frederick R Mugler, Jr , M 0 of San Luii Obi ipo and Mr Muriel Mugler Jemevon of Berkeley, -ter ot Mr Matilda F Werner of Mb dm to. Marian 0 Brown end Walter A. Brown, both of Oakland Family manorial ervtce wort held Friday. September 2 at Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church with Reverend James Clark officiating - dh STEINSAPlR. Either. In San Bernardino September V 1971. beloved wife of Samuel W, Steinsaolr; lovinp mother of Joan Edith Rubei; oo survived by three orandchttdren A resident of Oak larW for 24 year, and member of Tern pie Smai For the past five month residmo at 271 North Golden Ave , San Bernedino. A Service were held Friday, September 3 197) a tthe Homo ot Etarnlty, San Bernardino. Rudolf, of Hayward, September , husband of the late Marie Vok ac. a member of MHimen S Cabinetmaker Union No. 550 of Oakland, m Western Bohemian Fraternal Association of Cadar Rapid. Iowa. A 50 vaar resident of Hayward A native of Czechoslovakia, ape 1 year Friend are Invited to attend the funeral from the Sorensen Bros Chanel. 1)40 "B" St, Hayward, Tuesday, September 7 at 9 15 am; thence to St John Church, LeweiMna Blvd , San Lorenzo, where a Requiem Mass will bo offered tor the repose of hi soul, commencing at 10 a m Friend may call at Sorensen Bros , commencing Sunday morning Entombment Holy Sepulchre Mausoleum, Hayward. Card of Thanks CITY OF HOPE oratefully acknowledges contribution 7876 Bronkdait Ave , Oakland Davs. 43-9440 Nights, KE 34442. NASH, CynttW end Jofm W VACcDO, Cfnest J and Arscetl BROWN Gertrude and David Jr GUTIERREZ, Gilbert J and Judy COOPER, Robert and Martha GiORDANELLA, Deborah and M'cMef S GONSALVEsTRoderick J. and Darlene MNOES, Arleen and Ronald J CUMMINGS, Margaret and oJhn F. ROBINSON, Robert L. and Kyesen SHOWERS, Brenda and John SANTiSTEBAN, Margaret and Sebastian (separate maintenance) DUCAT, Virginia and PMtlio E. LAMONT, Ferrefl and William C. FASHINELL, Doriha and Robert J PEREZ, Evelyn and Robert L. -RITTER, Sherry and Robert TL PHILLIPS. Joy and Frank E ORTIZ, Kathy and Albert D. BAGWELL, Kathleen and Daibert W Jr. GARCIA, Seba and Alonso M. OTIZ, Kathy and Albert D PEOPLES, Kenneth L and Shirley VAUGHN, Henry and Wagner JONES, Anne end Albert VERNER, Violetta and Calvin MURRAY, Burnell R. and Len ANNULMENTS HOLZER, Joan and David INTERLOCUTORY SCHOBER, Werner and SalHe BAHL, Dorit and James SHANDERA, Margaret and Peter SORENSON, William and Gloria WEAVER, Ann and WHIie MONTE, Mary and John SWEET, Jushn and Miriam BOGGON, PhylUs and Jame SETTLE, Andrea and Clarence CARNAHAN Edward and Irene HOLSHOUSER, Lorraine and Jerry PARSONS, Clristine and Stephen CARROLL, Alice and Jame NICOLL, Marscha and Alan GOB SON, Jonathan and Gloria HARRIS, Aaron and Cora BRYANT, Bobbia and George GAYLORD, Jan and Jerry RHOADES, Martha and Robert SMIHT, Daisy and Robert SEWELL, Shirley and David MORTENSEN, Nyda and Carl WIEBE, Dorothy and Gordon l FINAL DECREES GORDONennlfer and Terry McCORMlCK, Delphlne and Daniel PARKER, Sylvia and David DL BIANCO Deanna and Mario SANDERS, Theresa and Willie GANT, Mary and William WARD, Jimmie and Joanna -SUTTON, Laura and Royal ROSE Dixie and Cov FOSTER, Lee and Rubve OVERMAN Georgia and Danny BOSSON, Phyllis and Jame MARTIN, Sara and Paul SANDERS, Elizabeth and John WILLIAMS, Roy and Harriet Shipping News SCHEDULED ARRIVALS Subiect lo change without nolle. TODAY CATAWBA FORD, Portland, Martinez EAGLE LEADER, Los Angeles, Oleum MILL SPRING, Port San Luis, Ship-yard ORIENTAL ARROW, Kobe, Anchor No 9 (Goes Idle) PACEAGLE, Ensenada, Redwood City SUNSHINE STATE, Hongkong, Beth- le sch tdule'd DEPARTURE Subiect to change without noice. TODAY GREENLAND SEA, Trinidad, Red-wood DCll0LLERi verflura, RLW MONTEREY, Honolulu, 35-S (Undocks 9pm) president TYLER, Yokohama,' 80-83 SEATRAIN MARYLAND, Aberdeen, Wash., OAT J) ii j ill Culture Glowing Deep South Area Again Nation Murder Capital By ED ROWLAND CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -This is a city with a bustling image of industry, progressive growth, enlightened Southern traditions, and more murders per capita than any other in the nation. An FBI report on crime iif the nation shows that Char-lotte, surrounding Mecklenburg County and adjacent Union County had 24.7 murders per 100,000 residents in 1970. The area also held the dubious title in 1969 and in 1965 with a slightly lower rate. The FBI figures are for areas with more than 100,000 population. The report says that during 1970, 101 men, women and children were shot, stabbed or beaten to death in the counties, which lj4d a total population of 409,370. Police say most of the victims were black and knew their assailants. Adjacent Union County had only nine of the murder or nonnegligent manslaughter cases. Charlotte alone accounted for 79, and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County per capita murder rate was 27.3 for its 350,000 population. Of the 79 cases, police say 78 arrests were made. There were at least three weekends in which three persons were slain in separate incidents. Two policemen were killed, two service station attendants died in a robbery and a 14-year-old boy who didnt want to be sent back to an orphanage was accused of slaying his foster mother. Ken L. Miller, assistant I Prehistoric Pupfish Now Safe WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Government has reached agreement with a private farming corporation to halt the pumping of water from Devils Hole in Nevada, a pool that is home to the last of the Ice Age. James T. McBroom, chair-' man of an Interior Department task force on the problem, said yesterday the agreement was reached Aug. 31 among Interior, the Justice Department, and Spring Meadows Inc. of Lathrop Wells, Nev. The government filed suit last Aug. 18 seeking a temporary restraining order to enjoin Spring Meadows from pumping three wells in the Ash Meadows area of Nevada. The government feared the pumping would lower The water level in a series of springs and pools throughout the region and make it impossible for the endangered pupfish to survive. McBroom said yesterday the governments law suit is continuing. Meanwhile, however, agreement was readied that there would be no pumping from the three wells after Sept. 9, and no pumping in 1972 except with the consent of the Justice Department. Six species of the pupfish, no bigger than a little finger," inhabit glacial springs and pools in desert areas. Only one spedes cyprino-don diabolis exists in Dev-ils Hole, at the bottom of a-limestone cavern 50 feet be- low ground water level. r1 Rossi flowers 1531 Broadway Down-tawa Oakland 451-0234 . v The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is all aglow during this light test on the Potomac River. The Washington, D.C. center, authorized by Congress as the national cultural center, will open next Wednesday. But Jacqueline Onassis, citing personal and private reasons, says she won't attend the opening. (AP) Charlotte police chief, said, There is very little we can do to prevent murders. They re crimes of passion which usually are committed in the homes by friends, relatives or acquaintances. A1 Pruitt of the chamber of commerce said Indications are the average man or woman murdered had a low income and was outside the Influence of church or community standards. Weve got to get better jobs and living conditions, he said. The chamber does not ignore these crimes m literature about Charlotte but Pruit said it points out that organized crime and general lawlessness is not prevalent. Dr. S. W. Byuarm, chairman of the sociology department at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, says the citys murder rate is a TQj-wo' High Tmtporotvroi ivpoctod For Doyfimo VHuidoy Showers Over the Rockies Fair skies and warmer temperatures prevailed over most of the nation yesterday but cool, moist air over the Rocky Mountain states is expected to produce showers in that area today. Showers also are plprj Jail expected in the lower Great Lakes region and the Gulf Coast. (AP) Weather Summaries Bay Area Fair thru tomorrow ex ceot tow clouds along the coast tomorrow morning. Warmer today but cooler tomorrow. Low tonight 55 to 60. High today In the 80s to low 90s. High tomorrow low 20s to low 80s except upper 60s near the coast. Norhwest wind 10 to 20 m p h Northern and Central California Fair through tomorrow except low clouds or fog along north coast tonight and tomorrow mornln; Cootefalong the Northwestern l through tomorrow except fog along coast tonight and tomorrow morning. Warmer t4)dav Cooler along coast tomorrow. Lows and highs today and tomorrow at Fort Bragg 50 78 46 65, Ukiah 50 97 55 94. Mount Shasta-Siskiyou Area Fair through tomorrow. Warmer today Lows and highs today and tomorrow at Shasta Dam 60 95 64 93. Sierra Nevaca Fair through tomorrow. Warmer today. San Joaquin valley Fair through tomorrow. Warmer today. High today and tomorrow in the 90s Low tonight 55 to 65. Light northwesterly wind. Monterey Bay Area Fair through tomorrow A little warmer today but slightly cooler tomorrow Low tonight In the 50s. High today In the 70s along the coast and the 80s inland High tomorrow In the 70s except in the high 60s along the coast Northwest wind 10 to 20 m p h afternoons Santa Clara valley Fair through tomorrow. Warmer today but cooler tomorrow. High today 85 to 95 and tomorrow 80 to 90 Low tonight In the 50s to low 60s. Northwest wind 10 to 20 m p h. afternoons High today low tonight .at San Jose 92 60, Hollister 88 59. CALIFORNIA Bakersfield Eureka Fresno Los Angeles Monterey Needles Oakland Paso Robles Red Bluff 86 64 Sacramento 63 51 San Diego 88 55 Sn Frnclsco 83 57 San Jose 70 51 Santa Barbr 102 80 Santa Maria 88 60 Santa Rosa 89 50 Stockton 90 63 Thermal 91 61 75 70 78 60 87 53 75 61 79 48 94 50 90 59 102 66 Psychiatrist Says Watson 'Psychotic' - LOS ANGELES (AP)-A psychiatrist testified yesterday that Charles (Tex) Wat-son,T charged with the deaths of Sharon Tate and six others, was probably psychotic at the time of the slayings. Called by the defense, Dr. Ira Frank of the University of California atLosAngeles Neuro-psychiatric ' Institute said that based on examinations last March and April he found Watson, 25, to be psychotic and schizophrenic. statistical freak and does not indicate problems different from other newly urban areas. There Is a high degree of disillusionment, disappointment, frustration in the black community in Charlotte, he said. Byuarm, who is black, said the city has the kind of reputation that is lulling on the surface when in reality it isnt. There is increasing anonymity and an impersonal attitude, he said. People who are angry cant get to the persons they are angry at, but they can get to them wives or sweethearts and take out their frustrations on them, he sail The sociologist said the city has an underground stream of hostility and frustration that is likely, to emerge and express itself at the least provocation and the most inopportune time. VjItfromNAIIONAl WIA1HLR MRVICt, HOAA, V S DvfM. of Commerce 5K...,.Mn NATIONAL Albny, N Y. Albuciuftttgt Amarillo Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Billings Birmingham Bismarck 81 5t Juneau 90 62 Kansas City 89 68 Las Vegas 56 44 Littla Rock 68 62 Louisville 84 68 Marquette 52 50 Memphis 83 70 Miami Bech 60 51 92 73 94 71 90 71 82 72 91 74 18 72 87 78 'Buffalo Burlington Casper Chrlstn, S C. Chrlstn, w v. Chrlott, N C. Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Clumbus, O Dl -Ft Worth Denver Des Moines, Detroit Duluth El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Great Falls Green Bay Helena Houston Indianapolis Jckson, Mss. Jacksonville CANADA Calgary Edmonton Wichita Montreal 80 68 New York 82 64 North Platte 61 49 Oklhom City 85 74 Omaha 75 67 Orlando 82 64 Philadelphia 89 73 Phoenix 76 72 Pittsburgh 83 68 Portind Me. 73 67 Portind, Or. 92 74 Raleigh 88 56 Rapid City 91 71 Reno 80 66 Richmond 85 68 St. Louis 91 70 S Pbg.-Tmp 45 40 Sit Lke City 93 74 San Antonio 68 50 St Ste. Mrie 87 69 Seattle 61 43 Shreveport 88 78 Spokane 1 82 72 Tucson 93 69 Washington 80 68 95 68 93 70 92 68 9) 76 82 65 101 78 83 66 83 54 72 55 n 65 77 60 72 31 83 63 90 73 87 73 65 48 96 78 82 60 67 56 90 84 66 49 91 71 84 64 74 Wichita 9672 69 72 96 82 37 Ottawa 39 Regina 72 Toronto 62 Winnipeg INTERNATIONAL Aberdeen, 59; Ams?erdam, 68; Ankara, 75, Athens, 84, Auckland, 48, Berlin, 63, Brussels, 64; Cairo, 104, Casablanca, 79, Copenhagen, 63; Hong Kong, 84, Libson, 77, London, 64; Madrid, 88; Malta, 77; Manila, 82; Moscow, 57; New Delhi, 86; Oslo, 66; Paris, 70; Saigon, 86; Sofia, 70; Stockholm, 64; Sydney, 63; Tokyo, 63; Tunis, 81; Vienna, 72. SOUTH AMERICA Asuncion, 72; Buenos Aires, 52; Lima, 57; Montevideo, 57, Rio Do Janeiro, 68, ANGLERS' TIDE TABLE PACIFIC DAYLIGHT September Low High 6:14 High 12:28 1:22. 2:22 3:22 4:34 5:46 Low 12:14 1:36 -0.6 6.7 12:58 Law 6:50-7:26 8:08 8:44 ' 9:26 10:20 High 7:26 8:40 6 7 - 8 9 10 11 12 6.1 5.6 5.2 4.9 -0.2 -0.1 Denotes p.m. Saot. Jim risaa a m. So tala 0.04 am Full moon 4.04 o.m. - Saot. Sim ritos 0:41 a.m. Sun ( mis 7:20 am 2 SLAYINGS Young Pair Held, Face Extradition U.S. Magistrate Owen Woodruff Jr. ordered yesterday that a young couple held in connection with two Missouri slayings and an Ohio kidnapping be turned over to San Francisco police to await extradition proceeding to Missouri. Kenneth Parnell Rose, 25, of Eureka, Mo., and Wendy Lo-reen Holzwarth, 22, of San Francisco, were arrested in suburban Palo Alto last weekend. Woodruff said one complaint lodged in Philadelphia charged the couple with violating the federal kidnaping law. The other, filed in St. Louis, alleged unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for murder in Missouri. The magistrate said the U.S. attorneys office agreed to defer the federal complaint so state authorities could proceed on their charge. Bail on the kidnaping charge had been set in the complaint at $100,000 and bail for unlawful flight at $5,000. The charges stem from the Aug. 8 kidnaping of David John Rowlands Jr. of Tama-qua, Pa., who was later released near Toledo, Ohio, according to the FBI. The FBI said the couple also had been sought in the fatal shootings of W i 1 1 i a m Tex Reddens and his wife, Joyce, whose bodies were found Aug. 8 in their home near Dittmer, Mo. Mistrial for Suspect Who REDWOOD CITY (AP) -The case of Josephs Bernard Mora, a jail escapee charged with kidnap and murder in the death of a 17-year-oid girl hitchhiker, was dedared o mistrial yesterday. San Mateo Superior Court Judge Robert Miller noted . that Mora and five others still . are at large from an Aug. 23 escapees were armed with four guns and had outside help in cutting their way through a ceiling on the fourth floor of the Hall of Justice, Sheriff Earl Whitmore said. ' Sheriffs Capt. Donald Hartnett told tle court that investigators had searched the state and portions of Mexico searching for Mora. The effort was centered in Sacramento, M o r a s home-! town', he said. ... Sea Search For Youth Ends MONTEREY (UPI) - The Coast Guard suspended indefinitely pending new developments yesterday a search for an uiiidentified young man washed overboard in heavy seas from a fishing vessel 115 miles west of Point Pino?, ' ' SAVING TIM Low High 6.0 0.3 0.2 0.9 1.5 2.2 2.8 4.7 48 6:14 1.5 High 1:28 6.3 1:58 6.6 2:34- 6.7 3:10 6.8 3:52 4:46 Law 11:20 12:50 U 7:M .m. Maaa rha 7:1 a.m. Moo 7:14 am. Moon rim 7:4 p.m. Moon Private memorial services for Mrs. Margaret Mugler, the sister of Walter A. Brown, assistant to the president of The Tribune, were held yesterday at the Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church with the Rev. James Clark officiating. Mrs. Mugler, the wife of a retired physician, died Aug. 29 at Atascadero, where the family resided. She graduated from nurses training at Samuel Merntt Hospital and remained at the Oakland hospital as a surgical assistant until accepting a position as nursing superintendent of Enloe Hospital in Chico. After a number of years at Chico, she became superintendent of San Luis Sanitarium in San Luis Obispo, where the sanitariums training school for nurses was also under her Jurisdiction. Mrs. Mugler was a member Epilepsy Victim Dies in Plunge A partially crippled epileptic phinged 22 stories to his death y e s t e r d a y-from bis apartment in the Fox Plaza in downtown San Francisco. The coroners office called it an apparent suicide. The victim was 47-year-old Sidney G. Klein, a patent' agent. His pajama-clad body was found at about 8:30 a.m. on the driveway of a loading dock on the Polk Street side of the building. Police reported that L. V. Haynes, chief engineer of the building, said Klein suffered two epileptic attacks Thursday and had said, I wish I were dead. Victim of Auto Accident Dies A 66-year-old Piedmont man who was Injured in an auto accident near Santa Rosa last month died yesterday at Peralta Hospital. The man, Edward A. Howard Jr. of 121 Sea View Ave., was driving north on Highway 101 just north of Santa Rosa when his auto struck the rear of another northbound car, careened into a redwood tree and then into a chain link fence, the California Highway Patrol reported. No one else wa hurt. Howard was taken to Sonoma County Community Hospital in Santa Rosa and was transferred Tuesday to Peralta Hospital The coroners office reported no cause of death pending an autopsy., TODAY'S CROSSWORD ACROSS - ACROSS 1 Strongbox. 23 River thru 5 Circus ring. Florence. 10 Perform . 24 Gut of meat, again. 26 Score units. 14 Claim. 29 Highway fee 15 Shoestrings.' payment. 16 Roman poet 32 Land 17 Novel by Margaret Mitchell. 20 Football player. - 21 Premium. 22 Thaws. measure. 33 Tatar people. 34 Halls of 36 Fantasy by Percy Shelley. 40 Chicken. DOWN DOWN 1 Woody mint. 7 Litle Sir 2 Stratford on . 3 Affecionate. 4 Lambs - mother. 5 Brings into line. i - 6 Proportion. 8 profit 9 Timber tree, 10 Ward of Cedric in Ivanhoe. 11 Pernicious. Solntion of Yesterdays Pnzzle of the Presbyterian Church of San Luis Obispo, the Order ot Eastern Star, Graduate Nurses Association and the Sorop-; timist Club. , Surviving are her husband. Dr. Frederick R. Mugler; a stepson, Dr. Frederick R Mugler, Jr., of San Luis Obis--po; stepdaughter, Mrs. Mu-.l rid Mugler Jameyson of Berk- ' eley; sisters, Mn. Matilda F., Warner of Modesto, and Marian D. Brown of Oakland, and a brother, Walter A. Brown of Oakland. Rites for Minister Tomorrow Memorial services for the Rev. P.- Malcolm Hammond will be tomorrow at 3 p.m. at Grace United Methodist Church, 2368 103rd Ave.,.' where he was pastor for near-ly two years. Dr. Hammond, died Wednesday in Berkeley. A resident of the Bay Area for the past three years, he ' came here after serving a. church in Portland, Ore., for 42 years. He also served churches in Washington, Idaho and Massachusetts. . A graduate of the Boston University School of Theology, he earned his doctor of philos " ophy degree at Boston Univer- sity. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hildred Hammond of Ak bany; a daughter, Mrs. Patty Jo Oliver of San Rafael; a son, Phillip E. Hammond of v Tucson, Anz., and five grandchildren. R-l Mrs. Minnie A. Knight RICHMOND Funeral services are scheduled Monday for Mrs. Minnie Anita Knight, 69, who died Wednesday of injuries suffered when she was strode by a car while walking through the intersection of 23rd Street and Lincoln Avenue. : A native of Petaluma, Mrs. Knight was a widow and a teller at the Ninth Street and MacDonald Avenue branch, of the Mechanics Bank for 41-years before retiring last year. The Rosary will be recited tomorrow at 8 p.m. in the . chapel of Schmidt & Dixon, -MacDonald Avenue and 38th Street. A Requiem Mass will be cel- ' ebrated Monday at 9 a.m. in ; St. Marks Catholic Churchy 10th and Bissell treet. The", family prefers memorial con-. . tributions to a favorite charity. ACROSS 41 Thrushes. 42 Advise: dial, 43 Repudiates formally. 45 Cafe attendant. 47 Sanction. 48 Soothing influence. 49 Astronauts domain. 52 Earthy deoosit. 53 SchiDDerke. ACROSS 56 Mark . Twains masterpiece. 60 Seed covering. 61 Home on the. 62 Peruvian Indian. 63 Ancient Persian. 64 District of Central England. , Co Sugar root. 47! DOWN DOWN 12 Hit with a hammer. 13 Advantage. 18 Knot on a toad. - 19 Genus of tassel flowers. 23 Again. 24 Divine wisdom. 25 King of Norway. 26 Down the primrose . 27 Earthy iron ore as pigment 28 Ryan of Beverly Hillbillies. 29 Himalayan wild goats. 30 Womang dickey. 31 Circumvent 33 Author of Ivanhoe. 35 River in France. 37 Mount in Wyoming. - 38 Musical sound. 39 Decorate. - 44 Egg-laying - hens cry, 45 Former Chief Justice, 46 Confederate. 48 River boat 49 Hoax. 50 Clean. 51 Sour substance. 52 Repair. 53 Eat at a banquet 54 upon a time. 55 Small fly. 57 Stage of history, - 58 Food counter. 59 White lie.

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