The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 4
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"' PAGfe FOlJt? THE.'BIA'TIIRVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. K. 1SA13COCK, Edlior H. W. HAINES, Advertising Sole National Advertising Euprosenlallves: Arkn'nsas • Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit.- S^. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Zvcry Afternoon Kxccpt Sunday Entertd 'as second class mailer at Hie post office at BIylhcvillc, Arkansas, under act or Congress, October 9, 1917. Served uy the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in Hie city of Blj'lhcvllle, I5c per week, or $0.50 per -year, In advance. By mail, irlUilii a radius of 60 miles, $3.CO per year, 51.50 (or six months, 75c for three months; by mail In iwstal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The Qipiloi Soup Bill Governor Futrol), who a fuw weeks ago was-doing everything, in liis power to make Secretary of Stale Kd I 1 '. JMcDonnltl governor of Arkansas, is placed in a somewhat t'mbiiiT;]iK position by the slate comp;<roller',s report of an audit of Ihe secrelary of slate's expenditures for maintenance of the capitol. To his credit it is lo Ije said Unit the governor lias Huns far indicated. iio disposition to ilodgc his responsibilities. The audit figures reveal that for reasons iis' yet unexplained Mr. McDonald-" was seized in thu lasl fiscal year wilh a sudden and expensive passion for cleanliness. His exiicnililnrcs for soap, : cleaning .preparations and other janitors' supplies for the fiscal year ended lust June 30 amoimlcd lo $l'.),2S'1.3;i, compared to an average of $0,928.75 for the three years preceding. And on lop of this an in- vcnlory showed ? I !),OQ5.2()'' \yorth of soap and cleaning preparations in slor- age in Hie capilol, for $.115,000 worth of which no vouchers have yet been issued, Iir explanation. of the large stock on hand, Jlr. McDonald said that he did not order that part of it for which Vouchers have not been issued and dial-lie did not propone to pay for it. His conlcnlion, it appears, is that the manufacturers or their agents just <le- Irvcral it in the hope that they might receive nay for it. Slill unexplained is last year's 200 per cent increase in soap -purchases. Whatever further investigation may develop, it sccms^evidciH at least that Mr: McDonald's management of, the .business affairs of his office, iis was .indicated in the cupilol roofing affair of several years back, lias been soma- thing Jess than air-tight. 1'erhaps even Governor Futrell will agree that under ail the circumstances it is j^ist as well that McDonald ran second rather -llian first' in last August's .primary. - ? Cmighead's Finances County Judge Spurgeon Clark of Craighead county warned taxpayers of the county Saturday that unless they conic to the rescue it will bs necessary to abandon Ihe comity farm, close the jail, and limit expenses of the county to keeping' the courthouse open and paying the salaries of cotin- BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY ly officers. Salaries of the county agents, he explained, are -three months in arrears, I here are no funds on hand to pay for food, clothing and medicine for inmates of lite poor farm, and the sheriff has been buying food for jail prisoners on his personal credit. This situation exisls at a lime when the collection of HWIJ general properly taxes, payable this year, is, or at least should be, nearly complete. Instead of being | )ro | ;c C'raigliead ought to have money in (he county treasury to carry on for the seven months or so that tniittl elapse before any considerable amount, of new tax revenue will be expected. In view of Hie frankness wilh which Judge Clark outlines Ihe silualion to the taxpayers of his county il seems unlikely Ihat eslravagmieo on his part is iwmoJisiblo-for il. Wu recall seeing recently, however, a report by the assessor of Craigltead county which siiowed a' county valuation for tax purposes in the neighborhood of $(!,000,000. That would seem lo be sufficient explanation of the county's financial difficulties. The figure ' is ridiculously low for a county of Craighead's wealth and population. H is not necessarily greatly out of line with the valuations of many other Arkansas counties but it is an example of tile sort of tiling lliat must, be corrected before schools and local units of government .throughout • the slate can function as they should. New Sign of Prosperity Just when a few members of the electorate were hoping that Ihe nation's politicos had exhausted their- supply of omens, that the cilinanry might be allowed to speculate unmolested on whether recovery really had arrived, a Philadelphia astronomer, of all people, disrupts this Utopian desire. , The astronomers at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute are having trouble wilh one of their telescopes. The silver coating on the reflecting mirror is tarnishing rapidly (hose days—much more rapidly'than' in'-193;). A Mr. James Stokely, associate director in charge of astronomy, attributes this tarnishing to increased factory activ-' ily. Now here is scientific tragedy that politicians may, and undoubtedly will, twist around to mean almost anything. Hut campaign maslcrminders must proceed cautiously. There is always Hie astronomical vole lo be considered. I'll save my ammunition for a little Inter. -Former .President Herbert Hoover, dccliuini; a comment on political situation. The motion picture is the coming evangelist of (Ho world. — Kev. James Tookcr Ford, Hollywood, relircl minister. We veterans regard ourselves as the number one pacifists at the world because we arc ready to fight, if necessary, to convince other nations thai cur clcmiimls for peace must be respected. —J. 15. Van Handt, national commander ot the Veterans of Foreign Wavs. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark By Williams WELL, IT M|£HT SAVE LAND1N' ON My MEAD ON' w ice. \ CANT SOU SUE THAT'S / A SPIDER .'MAY BE A POISON ONE 1 GOOD [ G05H, YOU'RE SO ; SLOW WITTED.IFA SHIP WAS ON \ YOU'!? E-E TOO \ STUPID TO DIVE \ QVtRBOARD. ^^mxi*mm& - THE PAN AND THE FIRE ;---;:c£*<5t:3 :r"' : --; /1ty-- : '- '.-.'•••"• .-. "Very Ijcjintifnl, dear, !,ul you're siH'iulW mv accident insurance f.-iskr than it's comiiif in." * f THIS CURIOUS WORLD M William Ferguson THERE ARE ABOUT SR/eNTV- DIFFERENT TYPES OF METEORITES/ NERVE MESSAGES TRAVEL ABOUT 4OO f£ET A SECOND IN MAN, BUT IN LOWER. ANIMALS SUCH AS THE CXZTOPUS, THE.Y ' TRAVEL ONLY ABOUT SO INCHES • • •'• : A SECOND. ' MONDAY, 21, 103C BY DECK MORGAN ©1936, NEA Service, Inc. iu:ci\ iii-aii: TOIUV KAV lll'.VX, iin-lly J-.MIIIK nurse-, Is lilrul lot 11 3ri-iv:iri]i.ftH OIL Ovi-r- I:itn3 AlnvnyM (IIHI. Mu> HJHIH- ilny. iiti-i-lH Ti:i) <;itAUAn, vi-li-rmi ldli»t ivlku Illvti Iht^ li-tniK-I'lii'lllc K.I)' I.S nSSltfllfll to I lie WCNU dlv/i.f(iH at ttttf M-rcIi'i-. JtoXT ItlullMC, fituirciJElcL- p'liil, |in> IILT nuirki-d tilu-njIoiiK. .llontf darliiK-, riiitiiLjLllL-, l>ul K;i>- In imi llllCTl-SIIMl III 'l\>d. Sll|> ill Dll.'KII-:. n-il'K :n]»iil|.|I ;-)-rnr-« Mem, lM.<'ntiit L rlusf trli'iiils, '!'<-. 1 II-IIVI-K mi :i lll K liI m'rnoi Il I'.-n-lIU-. U'lirii lu- ri;liirj|s Iviiy IIJ Dli-klr nr» ivnllTiiK fur him. 'I tln- . lint i!,i- .!;,[, ;vm . ...... LIlllll/l^ III till! llllll.SO I il f. ..... ml ljc*:inr*. IK.-IJ- l rrx llu- illnner, Is lili-ti KOW GO O.V WITH Till] STOIIY CHAPTER XI HEED'S courtship— il such il could •*• l>e called — was the strangest Kay had ever known. • He made it quite plain that ho wasn't interested in miitnmuny. Nevertheless, she was ntlractud by his nit- of C[ulct resolution; even when she rebelled against it, she could not J-csisl this attraction. She admired him, loved him. One seemed inseparable from the other. Monte Elaine was always about P.nd tried to -see her whenever she had a fiec moment. She refused his invitations steadily, but if Ted had any plans that included her, she always accepted. Hn had come back from his last trip to the Orient with a new, inspired look in his eyes. Kay ob- se:-ueil it as soon as the ship came in. She hud been wailing at Die quay to see him, lo tell him that she couldn't get leave for Dickie from military school this time. "Sorry the little shaver couldn't come down to sec us make prvt," Ted said. "But I'm glad ot one tiling — I'll be' able lo sec you alone tonight. You look simply swell." "Thank you!" "What time will you be free to go lo dinner?" Kiiy hesitated. It was Doris chuckled. "I'll tell you - what I'll do! I'll call up Ralph, tell him to report to your anaii- inent nt dinner time, nnd Doris will have to entertain him. Then you call Doris and say you won't be home for dinner. That leaves a dinner for two and she wjll have to nsk Ralph to stay. Perhaps it will lead lo a reconciliation." "It may mean murder," Kay warned, "but I'll take the chance. They tell ir.e Ralph's a model lad now." * "I'm glad to hear that—from you," Ted said seriously. "We need serious-minded pilots for Trans-Pacific Airways." "Where are wo going for din- nerV" Kay said. "We'll dine out and then go back to my place. I want to talk to you." , He added, hastily, "I want to teli you about the last trip when Dickie isn't around to ask a lot of questions." They dined In a liltlc Ship Grill overlooking the liglils of the hay. Later (hey stopped at the little house on the beach and Sato served them coffee. About the room were many of the trophies of Ted's Hying, career. From a window Kay could see the trans- Pacific air liners at anchor in the harbor, bobbing up and down like surface ships. Ted brought out a giant map and showed her the four-day course across the Pacific ocean, via Honolulu, Midway, Wake, Guam and Manila. lie told her about the quiet achievement of the trans-Pacific flight. It had meant five years of steady planning, but Ted had learned patience early in his career. lie hail been a pioneer in establishing aiv sei-vice to Ihe tropics. 3 i '^ T.TE showed her, loo, a map of ij ~ the world night, called "Around the World in Twenty Days." It included a regular commercial time-table (light aiuund the world, in which the Trans-Pa- J-J Lcft's last night in Oakland for a ] cific Airways was to play a major ' lonjj while, and Kay had .'.£ Doris to prepare dinner for tile pair of them. don't know, Ted," she said. "I promised ."*>ris—" "On, Doris said, laughing, of gold, but I can't let her rny -.vay." part. Ted didn't talk much about his own part in all this achievement. He talked a lot about the cngi- new direction finders, neers, the a good gal!" he! the designers and mechanics. "She has a heart j He went on, speaking of his get in PLANTS Of THE ASTO2. FAMILY HAVE STAR-SHAPED BLOSSOMS... HENCE THE. NAME "ASTER" FROM THE LATIN "ASTRA'; MEANING STAfS./ Kay laughed. "Doris is ihe best i friend 1 have. Lois of people I don't appreciate her. She's grown i. shell about her, like a turtle. Back east she feS in love with one of your apprentice pilots,..Ralph chased ones. The most com in ou nscident.5 on ladders result in in- [ui'ics lo the chin, broken teeth, and bitten tongues. Prong:i or spikes on the lowei ends of the ladder will prevent, Dipping. Chairs, boxes, and tables ire not safe substitutes for hd- :lers. !i\cry porch should have n Hat (tcor. a goc-a foundation, and h suitable niilin< Meteorites are divided into Ihree main classes; stray mctsoril cr aerolites, iron meteorites, or sidor'.'.cs, r/.d s((nr,-irc.'|;, sidcrolitcs. Each of there classes is livided and sub-divided ' isi smaller groups. NEXT: Why dcn'l svidrrs gel c.iiislil in liici r wclis. Prccaulioiis Will .Prevent Falls And Other Accidents In the Home ideals and aspiralions in life. There had been a lime, he explained, \vlien he had been impulsive-, reckless in the air. That was when his young wife had died, 15 years ago. , Since that time a life of danger'had left its mark mi him. It wasn't just rna- Bangs, but she doesn't trust him titrily. Scientific planning "for any more. Says he has a giii in! real urogress in the air had every port." | changed his nature. Kay sat listening, her hands folded neally in her lap. She couldn't take her eyes from his face. He was so earnest, so fervently sincere. Everything that he had done was pail and parcel of his admirable character. When he told her about the jade market at Macao his voice seemed lo carry her across the ocean, so that she walked along Hie Bund, admiring the pieces oj jewelry. There were amusing stories, loo incidents involving members ot the crews on the four-day flights across the Pacific. o * * -JE told her about the wild birds on Midway Uand, ihe alba- li'osscs. He made her sec clearly Ihe liny lufls of green Ihat were the islands, encircled by coral reefs in the middle of the blue ocean. The ocean swells rolled across Ihe barriers of coral in waves sometimes 50 feel high, but inside the lagoon where the Mariners came to rest all was as quiet as in a pond. He told her about the cosmopolitan amusements under Diamond Head in Hawaii, of sur£-~ riding on the beach at Waikikl In that evening she came lo love Ihe trans-Pacific flight, as Ted loved it. He took out some arlicles of jade ho had bought at Macao, and laid them before her on the lable. "I bought the ring for you," he said. "But you may have anything else you want — " Siniliug, she tried on the ring. It was on.-: of the most beautiful she had ever seen. Ted said, laughing, "It matches your eyes." "My eyes!" she said a little ruefully. "Ted, this is too lovely for words. I adore it. You have such excellent taste. 1 should like to have it, but — just because I've tried to do things for Dickie when you're away — " "Oh, Dickie!" Ted said. "For the moment I had forgotten about him." He looked at her intenlly for a few seconds, then went on. "I was thinking of you when I bought that ring. I thought about you a lot on this last trip. Up there in the clouds you settlings pretty clearly." "Thank you!" she said prettily. "Then ot course 1 shall wear it." Ted went on. "In these modern times people seem to have lost their n>yete about such things. Thcy.jf?;!'! even ask the question. They just seem to' grow into it! But, Kay, I want you to marry me," (To Be Continued} CHURCH EXCUSES G. W. Barharn- Dear Aunt: It's like you say, it will lie many years before we send Junior to college, but I just can't help but worry for we will miss at least 42 Indies | him co much. It almost makes If railings are lower, an' me sick, when I think about it adult, leaning over, may lose his! nnd Archibald is worse than I balance. Railings should be made' am. He simply won't, talk about ;:o that children cannot climb it Of course, neither of us have them, and the .slais should lie been to collcye, but we hear and schro'l clcEC enough together to keep' read so much about the times iilcJreis from forcing their boc-tej j they have, and they treat the! 'rough, j new ones so badly. I believe it I Many a:cmcnw cc-ur ii'om k-.o.v i would kill me, if they should bricks, flower pots, milk and beer j " laSe •»™°r "<* the bottom of j ,, 1C st . ceiK (i Pcini is ,, 0 ^ KL .. ooltlcs left on window sills. Dead i Eoniccue s foot, or maybe make „,. Gcn . s . ci'ieh-yuan, chair- limbs on tree.-, occasionally tasah j """ l™cl a goal or something, man of (he Hnpel and Chahar off and injure people standing be-i down (he street, and to think .Ihat i rclitiral Council, lias ordered loiv. Icy sidewalks should lie. he will have to associate, more'oil persons viclnli-i" the nnti- spriukted with ashes. j cr less, wilh boys and maybe' rmckins and anti-calm; lav.'s m i Sir's who arc not. anything; near j I'ciping be arrested More irei-sons arc hurt playing his cquiil. Well, il won't be Ion?' golf than in any other sport. . uulil Junior's birthday. We Have j Head Courier News Want Ads. 'already made plans and have two of Ihe most precious little candles and we will have such n cute little cake alt fixed up ami intend to put it in the window lor two or three days so all the little children cnn see it as they pass by. We may ask the superintendent of the Stnulay school to bring all the Sunday bv to SCR it. Street Smr.fcin; Kunnrd SHANGHAI (OP)'—Smoking cigarettes or eating while walking on OUR BOARDING HOUSE Willi Major Hooplc BY 1)1!. MORRIS FISIIIHIIN' . the li«ucs are soft and the dan- l-.ihlor, Joiinial of the .Anuriran ycr, therefore, less. Medical Awnriuticn, ami n f I ... Hygcia. MIC Ilc;ilui Jliignzinc j It is inlrrcslini; to learn Mint | Trn million people IIM; injured i 'he most dangcroin- roo:n in the in accidenls r-ach your in tor accidents is the bcd- TOimtry. A hundred thou.<ar.d arc! 1 ' 00 "'. Tliirty-nine PIT .emit of killed, and 370,000 ]icnn;m,-ntly! Mio severe cases developed from crippled. Host, of the scricAi.-,ac-! fil " s which hiipiiencd in the ucd- cidcnts occur on (he hish-vays.! ro °m; 21 per cent in Ihe living bill many happen also in !: mics I'oom; 11 per cenl in Ihc Hitchcn, nnd workshops. [and only -1 per cent In the bath- Of accidents that occur in (hej room - iiomc, 40 per cent arc falls; then! '" PveventiiiB lalls. the. stairs come burns, scalds and cxpln ions I at llonlc should always be pro- Others arc due lo asphyxiation or viriel! vvil1 ' -wnircly f.-islened r.-itls. strangulation; and finally, '.Mere: alui should always be lighted, arc all the culs. scratchc.-. aud! s '" il11 n 'S s sliould not be put i\t bruises wilh which most i,; iis' llle hcAcl 0( !| ic ttairs or on are familiar. | landings. The cost of these accident;, most! !f n!8s tel1(1 lo s kld or -slide on of which are preventable. U tve-' P° lis hcd tloois, a fruit jar rubber mcndoiis. Indeed, the wn so i oss ] sewed to the bottom of the nig medical expense, and overhead tn-' win l"' cvc >it the skidding. Torn surance due to injuries In 1034' car nels on stairs arc n dangerous are estimaled al more than two i ' iszar<1 - Toys, broom?, and flower and cne-lwlf billion dollars. stands should .1101. be laid on (tie Of course, prevention is "much st «'is- belter than cure. Many falls may Grease or water on the floors tc prevented by a rciifoimblc should be mopped immediately. ver, shower. A 8l - boWom ot < ' TAKE HMPOWM WALNUT STREET HE'LL TRY TO CLIMB ' ME'S F-KOM IH P 'oUA.r- -^ THE ^ T50V.ES, MWT16AK1- HE MISMT TWMK HE'S f\ "v 1MTO A WHILE 1 WAS ASLT.EP FITTED FORK EGfND, TI4E AUTHOR- ) MAPOLEOKi T5.OW1MQ "ROBES, AMD MAKE f\ \T1ES :.OP THISfSPaT-T/

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