Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 9, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1942
Page 6
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NAUOATUOK CORUM by BILL n Dusty Softball • uifcjii*** t^™-"*""'-"**^ St, Bank on Cards for Draw, Powers Rivals' But Precedent Shows Paps Want Home 0* ***** NO GATE APPEAL IN PROFITABLE TRADE® NEW MARK By Jack Sords .New York Innings)-,-'.;,::... .••. (Only, games scheduled.), --Koi' years, the IMMMI complain- a had baseball seem to bo fi fur II, and tho were and aro sharply •ill, baseball oxporl- rlsrwhere. i- ilii-y l' ;iV(< |,,iVM ll:'d '''III should .went 1 ! 1 ; A sound Colorful Ihat an- ITS. And ii s wliu •owd. in. "i i and M things hern, a IO.TK t.ino, ;le baseball on- baseball organ- and aggressive) annual pennant HUMOUS I on ol 1 Hug ballplayers Ui fxello and ••i.tey 11 Ooan, ,|ppy" Durooher, a down others, n has never ronlly popular Imagination ,, HK> rnad, at tho and In lObhets Field, M. iif'd Hints tiro tho ij t»i i c 11 i,i j i • i >ii" ' ' iir's slroMKi'st hoXolTloe. attrae- ) ill hurt 1 III St. l»OUlS tllO (HI .1 ' IH'i i in • ' • ' .I,,; h ,, V e remained strangely ()lt .j ( . ||- s very IHIH/HMK. |uit ,,;.,,,, xvith H"' Plants this . , ,, llnU t | l!lV e obtained a Hort r i ( ,n.-humi.'il InslKlil Into whats wi'uii* I fame upon a uouplo vni'tlHf'miMilM InU'iuli.Ml to publiol/e In. Canliiu.l Kami's at Sporlsmans fVirk, Hud s;iM 'M'ile a bit morn than'thi'ir jirinled words. The lli'sl, In Ihe morning Invited Ihe fans lo ooiue ilifM-KiliiMil*. < 1 l»olu (lr<»ui»K papers, out to Giants l.lK .loliiiny Mlxi.-," Tim othor, „ ,,,,,. poshM 1 In the IMIH, atlvlsed all \vlm read Ihat "dem Mums and Joo Mi'ihvlr.k" would ho at the ball park ion Tui-sduy I'or u night game. STMIS .NOT AU.OWKI) nl'TSIHNK HUDCiKT I'D net lo lln» point (juickly, what [I'm Irylnii. lo suy Is Hint, when hll/c uwl Mi'dwldk wore with .tho [Ciii'illmils 1 , Ihn team's star • conmujlod with |ho .spritI n (linns or .snld n word [ID cmiilmsivw their plnylnfj fjualitlo.s ID i- box-oll'ln- per.somilllles, On tho II wn.H a fltudtofl policy [wllli Mir rhih to piny them down, I'fliili' their Imporlnnoe and npjiunl, They mill tin- other (jront players of HIT Ihnrn WIMMJ in'vcr »I lowed I o I'nw to uppiMii 1 , Imporlunl., Tho ;/rc.s.s hits ulwuys hi-iMi on the Unini, Illir, oi'imnl/uUoiu. the, numerlcnl Ulh or Us nlnylnii Inlmil. The kimncN In llu« hox score don't count, Correction W. C. Kaus Shows] OPENS FRL, June 12th to 20th,, instead of d'ate advertised — 8 days. Bridge St. Lot,! Naugatuck. only tho rotjds nl (ho hottopii' As n policy H must Justify itself lo Messrs, f I readon -and Iliokoy. Sam, In faol, sa.YN h« has u,o ajlorn- nllvc. % il« noiiits out that tho rov- tniuo at Hportsinans Park is U in limit and i}iat thu payroll is an nniuifil prohlem, Profits havo nover IMJOII Ini'OO, and (horo hhvt 1 - I men some y oars wlmn ho round It a real joh lo hi'e.iilv r.von. To niviV any indivhl- ual playor an inl'laleil importance, lio SWJIIKS to think, would, create salary 'problems and. throw, his hmlfiol out % of whack. Contract sqnahhles are an annual hoatlaehe wllh liim as it is. CUT IMfiRFKCT ILLUSTRATION OF -FANS'- IDOL Tho Cardinal ads, calling attention to Mlsso' and Mcdwlok, rooog- nlxn this thoory. liut -tho application Is still, wrong, 'J'lic Giants and Dodgers, Mlxo find iMedwioU, aro horo for only a -oouplo of days at p. tlmo. Tho Cardinals aro tho players who must draw in l-ho oustom- ors through the run of the season. Again, mid perhaps' it Is the sum of'the whole discussion, thn Cardinal polloy Ignores' completely the sentimentality that sugfircoats the attitude of the average. That's a mistake, and a bad one. Baseball's appeal can be explained In many ways. The game itself, the skill it reveals and the excitement It develops. Civic pr-kleMs fin- other definite contributing factor. But a bigger appeal than'either, the thing .that brings out the J'an day after day, Is his regard and 'affection for the players who play the game. The personalities involved. We see it all the'time;: Our own Mel Ott Is the perfect Illustration. True, the Giants ore hot-tor, stronger this year than last, but It vyas Mel, the clients' fervid desire to see him do well that packed.tho crowds Into the Polo Grounds through 'the early season. A winning Giants team will,give them double pleasure :thls year because success will rebound to Ott's credit. ". A Hero In St. Douls the' customers have never boon permitted to develop that personal feeling toward the Ggrdjnal piayers. .Whenever they've tried to aclop't a .hero, clajnr tills, or that player, as -'their own, 'the Cardinal master minds knocked him down. fn. most cases traded him away. Perhaps that's smart baseball: To use a player's best years, and then get cash I'or .what's left of him. Ce.rtainly, it has 'Identified Branch Rickey as tho game's master trader, and It Is a fact he'has never failed' to come up with a-replacement for the department star. But It does reflect a cold "nttl'tutle,- pointed upon a'game that thrives on warm en- l.ltiislos'm. To-this observer, at leas I'Uexplnlns tho ah-llly attitude of tti St. Louis Fans, why they can't o won'! warm up to the Cardinals. : ^VM»— • Standing -.•>"••" vty.' ;..;;> 37 ;...,:,30, .....'./26 <.... 27 28 .....21 .,...19 L !2G 23 25. 31 35 New York .,<..,;. Detrol-b .......... Boston Cleveland ......<. St. Louis ........... AVnsh'lnffton ..... Chicago .......... Philadelphia ...... Today's Game*,; Pitchers Detrolt at Nevy, York—Tno'ut vs; Boi;owy (3-f)), ''; - • Cleveland at; W*ishIn-gton>,' (night) —IDmbroo- (i^'-).vs. Newso.m (5-8),' Gliicago at Philadelphia (ni'ght); —3m I tii (0-9) vs. Christopher (2-2) or S'hirley, (0-i).v:vi v.' . . ? • •• '• St.,,Lpii'i'a' at Bostons—Hoiliiig^- i wortii .4-2)-' VB. Judd' (8-4 j. ; '•• NATIONAL LEAGUK Cincinnati (Only 3, Results pioston i. sohed.uled.) The St,ft,n<lliifl "Brooklyn ., St. Louis .,, Cincinnati . New York . Boston Pittsburgh Chicago .. Philadelphia 37 20 . -26. 23, ; -23 16 L. i/i 20 24 2(J 3028 30 30 LKNEVICHTO AGAIrWBROWN Pittsburgh, June 0— (UP)— neporls from Pi'ttsburg'h say thai, Lighl Heavyweight Chnmpio.n Gus Lesne- vlcii will ./defend his crown against Mose'Hrown in the Smoky City on June 20th. : • ' Arrangemen ts fpr the bout were made after telephone conversation's- Jjctwoon Jake Mjntxj Pittsburgh prompter, and Mike • Jacobs the top man in the New York boxing sot-up Lou Diamond, l^osri.ovjch's manngor acted for the .champion while Brown signed for himself, , : Today's Games, Pitchers 'Brooklyn -at St. L.ou-ls (night)— Head (5-2) vs.'- Lanier' (-3-3). New York at Cinolnnaitl—Koslo (34) vs. Thompson (2-3). Boston at Pl-tisburgh.— Tost (G-.2) vs. Helntzelman (5-5). (Only gftiri.Gs -scheduled.) Dodgers Play Cardinals In WILL BEOME PILOTS Boston, June 9— (UP)— Two hundred Greater. Boston army aviation cadots .entrain •tomorrow for Maxwell Field, • Alabama. 'It's the • largest contingent ever to leave the city. The men will be trained as pilots, navigators or bombardiers; and .qt- .ter .they finish training they'll be commissioned as second lieutenants. ' . ; It Is Only City Where They ; Been Doing- So : Naugratiicfc Fire Alarm Boxes Ave. •ftaok—My doctor' advised mo to go on a diot. Fred—Did you do it? Jack—After I paid his to. bid I hac THURS - FBI On Stag* - IN PERSOH and his ORCHESTRA Featuring JiBiiEti PAUL REG AH LANi A WARD & Other Acts — ON SCREEN -T BOMBAY CLIPPER ou HOTEL GREAT NORTHERN to }four faking! ^^ $fj75 ROOM * BATH from $3.85 for TUK> SPECIAL RATE5 FOR GROUPS AHroeHvt logng«i — lar«», airy, comfortably furnlih«d roomi and iult«i— popularly prlc»d Rtilaurant and Cockioll •ar-^-«xc«H«nt food. Centrally located on faihionabU 57th' Street cloie to city's imart«it ihopi... theatres/ brood- caitfng studios and 'Radio City. Transportation facilities at door, Write for d«Kr|pt!ve folder. lit WE$T 57th ST. v N E W YORK, N; Y. Ginge Adjoins 111 W. 56th St. Entrance N 7 o. .Location 12 Rubber Regenerating- ,Go, J3 Scott Street, qorner Lewis 15 G;M.n. Shoe Co., Rubber and Watur Street. dG Rubber Avenue an.d Cherry. St. 17 Tovyh Farm, Rubber Avenue 18 Rlsdqn Mfg. Co., .Andrew Ave. 21 Chiirch Street at Park; Place 23 G.I. R.. Glove Co., Maple Street 24 'Town Hall, corner Maple and Church Streets 25 Meadow Street 20 Salem School 28 High School 31 Johnson Street 1 32 May Street, at Phoenix Avo. 34 Main Street, corner Maple St. 35 Main Street, corner Hotohklss 30 Nqw Haven -,Rpa<l, corner HJg Street 37 Carroll Street ' ' 38 High Street at Hill St. 39 Corner Hfgn. arid May Streets 41 HJgnland Ave., corner Galpin St 42 Hoadley Street, corner Aetna 43 Aetna Street, corner Cliff St. ,45 Walnut Street, corner ClltT St. 4G Mlllville Ave,', corner Park Avo 47 Cliff Street, corner Pleasant 48 Grove Street, corner May Ave, 49 Goodyear Avenue ,. 51 Hiffb Street,' corner Orchard St. 3 Main Sereet, 'corner Linden St. 54 Goen Street 50 High Street, corner pale 'St. 01 Bridge Street near Lumber Yard 02 School Street, corner Anderson Street 03 Malleable Iron Works 04 Spring Street, corner Brennar: - Street , V 71 Prospect Street, corner LFnes Hill • / 72 North Main St., pbrn'er Bridge street . 73 Locust Street . ,1 74 Woodbine Street, corner Colder- Hill Street 75 North Muln Street and Golden Court .'..-•; . ! 112 Foot of Ward Street ; 113 Olive Street, corner of Gho.rrj : 114 Spencer ^t-i'eet, corner of Chert? 110 Dunham Mills . . 117 Melbourne Court ; 115 G. M.R. Shoe Go : ., Rubber Ave., 121 Corner Andrew Ave. A- Soott St 151 G. M.R. Shoe Co., South Wate.. Street ,' •-• .',•'• ^12 May Street near Ice House • -. 412 Hjilside Avenue: and Millville Avenue ; 4^3 New Street ' : " . • 414 Rockwell Avenue at Salem street <il5 North Church street. • Signals -• . :• Blasts at 8 p. m. Test alarm. Blasts at 3 a. m.-12;3Q p. rn. No school, grades. 1 -to 5. Blasts at 8 a. rn.-12.:30 p. m. No school, grades ,1 to 8, 10 Blasts at 7:45 a. m. No school in any department. • The Dodgers are ; the' rollicking kings of the .National4league—in seven cities. . '.'•:'. •';,;;" -^,••-,-».;.-,;. • ; . In tbe 'eighth,, they're-bums. ., ; -. And .they're, in that.;eighth city tod ay—S a i n t L o u I s, 'where t'h e 1 o cojjs point out.thai, the' Dddgei's jiaveiift been doing'so well again,s> tlie honlc team, .-'• , ; : -. •-.•-. : .:•" ...: '.;..''. Experts are calling -thci-'Dodgcrs the best National. league--learn 'in-10 years. They must.;]iave ID pen] t^ lean .years, the -people say .'JIT Saint LouiSj'-because. ..the • Caa'clB have knocked "off .the Dodgers- in throe out , of the . fouiv games' - they.'vc played. ; ''• ; y f ;v. .; The'seoiidt'6f ..the .Ca;;d(nai' success against- the' champlo'i'is' ; "migli't' be" i'n this liM,le bj.t.'b-fvadvfce' J3,etiig passed around (he-league:' ./' '. , Tf yoir want to bcat-^he'Bum.s— 'eni, .6 u trough;''.em, and . out- si u g 'em. A n y tea rn t h a t : s h o w s ;.a.n y 1 timidity against the Dodgers doesn't, have a chance. . ; ' ; ';- v " • Well, nobody over called' .0;-'the. Cardinals timid. ....'. . ; .:v. The only game played in thpVAm- erican . league yesterday ,was: one which iiei'ther team .. deservotf to win. The Yanks and Cleveland plated an 11-innJng contest; During the course of-the battle, New .York; bte\v; eight to six, and';ten to -eight leads and Cleveland went, to pieces twice, once with a six to two lead and •again when they had Wic Yanks tied it ten-alt in the 11th, ' Big Paul Derringer bad a no-hit jame until; the ninth inning against, Boston in the only National' league. ?ame. Then three 'Boston singles Bracked out - and Derringer -didn't -wen get-a shut out. Final score— Three to one,' : Inexpensive . un pain ted plywood orner cup'boa-rds for .ci'iiiva now ;ai^ old toy lunTbor ;dealcrs ,and ; d6p'n.rt'7- nent Rtores; 'They; can be r painted are. > LIFE AVITIIOUT AUTOS • ' (Springfield llopublicnii) •It is. generally, assumed that the one; effect ^qf-.rthd 'ration] rig-' of gasoline and tires,, together '^with^ the -.gradual' exhaustion : -of' •r-uber' for nonosseli'tial • civilian . uses,- should be to lay tiio '••- groundwork for a' bdp'nv-, in 'all branches 'of->tbc .auto-' mobile' • -business after tbe war.' Yet anotlter-eJTfect, may be" to ac-; ciis torn; , many". ; ' f aiii ll I e's, --especi a r l ly 'the- "'.a'ciuU. ''momlDers,^ to a -Jack of inidtor ' cars'' : -) without • ex-porlenoing; 'any serl ous ' sensed of } oss. :; Tii ey may - ev : ffn : -- : lea-rn.i-'tp •*,-:. live '.'•]• without. carsjind like Jt:.' • \ " : ; -; ',..-. "'•'•:' ; This : portent'' af.; A timc^- vs'hcn . m an.y. - f ol k's -. i iri gli t ' , c d m e>; .to .' ... em .brace \yith; pkvasurpblBv'. : relaxation a situation JJrey ; rip \v-i- dislike js in'-d i rectl.y -.; h i n toil ; i n'-' the , Gal : lup. ' survey. This. ,sani,pjing; ,of putolicvsen- timcnl -" slTpwS'Ti-li'ai:',/-' .AVMrie 1 68 ; per cent .of •• tii e :'f a rii" i 1 1 ps i n> fa r m v. cpni- muni ties -,.deoln.pft'.\'th'ey ' pius't have cars' .In '•' ; 6r.ciftr"tb v carry" on- 'their w o rjk,-, 55 •; jjieii • oaq t o f- '-tJie •: f ani i 1 i es in towns. 1 .'pnile,! 1 'TO^OO-'. and "' fi3 per oonll. in- i.ovvns -and -cities of --more than lO.fKK)., agree. • .that they,, for 'the' . time - bfiiirg, at least, could. got: alojVg.--wi.thoiit them.' / . •'This.- yii;' resignation to ' returning' to 'older- forms of locomo- •tid'n, 'cxiiressed" b> .so large a : proportion of tb'e- poiHilation; does' nol necessarily rftveal 'a general senti- ment-thai,. 'will continue.' indejln^, ftolyj.yat Torvmany, it. miglii. mean exactly .'that: "•H.bwever : .that . may beS, lhe : prosi'je'pts.'foiv a revival, of automobile r.fnanuiViotiu'ing: j after thn ,wa'r need' 110.1;". be dimmed 1 . Another' youn-gor. -gGneraiion. will bo stopping' • into', line as eager as 1 its predecessors 1.6 V- farc« v forth and "burn up the rgad." .. ' noniiv ,IONKS Washington,. .June 0— (UP)— Bobly '<T6^es, the famous golfer, ha.K buon. ordered to active: duty as a captain in 'the army, air corps, and be will, bo stati'oned in New York. A War Department announcement says Jones will, take up his at Mitchell Held on June 20th. BASEBALL CAME FOR GEHRIG FUND Mayor Frank Stack, of Norwalk, will throw out, the lira I. ball next Saturday afternoon (June i3tb) when Norwalk high 'meets. Staples •high-school, of West-port, at Staples field,-.for the benefit of the Lou Gebrig Memorial Fund. The contest between the traditional rivals, is a post-season game, arranged following approval of tb.e respective B p apds o f Bdu'ea I j on, . to b el p t,h e campaign' for ambulances, in tribute to the late Yankee first baseman. Representing >Vestport officially at the game wi)l be First Selectman King Mansfield. Each .of the ambulances purchased through the benefits and donations will bear Lou Gehrig\s name and the numeral "-V be carried to fame on the diamond. They will 'be used wherever needed in this country during' the present emergency, and thereafter dedicated to the relief and service of infantile paralysis sufferers.". Donations- can be sent to the Lou Gebrig Memorial Fund, 420 Lexington avelue, New York. . ' ' MONOPOLY OF METAL TUBING IS CHARGED PRINCETON BEATS YAIE TEAM, 2-1, IN Now Haven, Jim e9—(UP)— Ya-lc's baseball .nine has bowed- to Prince- Ion 2, I.Q 1 in an il inning gxime. ;H I be university's. Commencement day celebration late yesterday. Hoy Talcotl,, .Princeton's burling; ace, held Yale to seven hits, while Yalo's Ted IJnrr'ivS.on confined Uie'Tigers !,o six. r rji o g>am c wa s Mi o lasf. a I., Ya 1 e for Conch "Smokey" .loo Wood, who lias been let out. an or nearly 20 years of directing the fills' baseball destinies. CHARGED WITH VIOLATING THE ESPIONAGE ACT TEAM COPS FIRST HALF IN DUSTY LEAGUE Make It 5 Straight by Defeating Bristol Co. 3-0 at Softball ,. . .....-. ....•.. • Modern warfare is everyone's warfare — men, women., and children. Your .-future''. 1 ., security may depend on the regular -monthly 'Jnvostrnenf, in War, ( Bpnd$, by you- and your neighbors.' - v . ... .. ... -. . • •:-,... -. ' '" _^_^ Thnt?pdd pfecb .or to * nvUich^otbei^«^i-firtd:;a : "l)uyer if you iiso-; 1 the ..• mlfllit Classl- New York, June 9~(UP)—Seven corporations and 10 individuals are accused of impeding war production through a monopoly of metal tubing. Sealed indictments were opened today, naming the American Brass comp'any as'one- of the-defendants. JURtoc department officials say July. -General Eriftkson was named IMY products were vit^J to planes 'adjutant general in 193 and beforo - that be bad served in the state son- Hartford, Juno 9— (UP) —Charged with violating the espionage act, Sount Anastosc Vonsiatsky of rhompspn, is being held at Ilarl- ord county jail in default of a $25,- f)00 ball bond. Vonsiatsky Is being held on a fed- ral warrant accusing him of conspiring with former .(lermnn-Amerl- n bund leader Wilbelm Kunxe. to transmit, military secrets to Ger- nnny and Japan. .The former Russian refugee was arrested lasl. Saturday at Provl- lencc, Rhode Island and returned to lartfordi Meantime, a federal grand jury is Considering secret testimony in his ;ase. The. grand jury has been at work foiMiearly a month, reviewing vldencc which F. B. 1. agents seized at Vonsiatsky^ Thompson estate when- they raided tho place. 11 is reported the jury may return 3ts recommendations to the court later this week. ' Tho United Slates Rubber Co.'s softball team made, Jt. live straight and maintained Uiolr lead in' tho 'Industrial' league In; the- borough by defeating- thft Bristol :; Cx)., 3-0 at Recreation" Ki\?ld> The game»< played last evening wountr up the flr'st half of the league 'schedule. . / , In Uie'ntJi or games the' Ghcniical Go. "ton'' defeated the Malleable Iron, 7-V and Risdon won ifrpnv the Glass company, by an .8-3 -score. ' ' FIKK lCverell, : MJUss., June -0— (UP)— Production of sulphuric acid in the Merrimac division of the Xjiisanlo Gnomical company has been disrupted. Kricl-ion is believed ! lo li;\ve caused a $25,000 - fire last ;.,nl&)i1. which da^ingad mixing machines. H envy snfoke '-. and gas' forced f Iro- men l-o don masks and goggles -before thoy could fight the flames. ' ' DEAD AT 78 Nichols, June 9— (UP)— Former. Stale Representative Edward Nolh- nagle Is dead at, the age of 78 after an illness; Nolhnngle was a R e p u b .1 i ca n a n d sc r vcd f ive tcrni s hi ' the , Mouse of Repr0iieiil*Uyes from the to.wn of Trumbull.,Hewa.s chairman of the House labor committee during the 10<U session. \ BRITISH RAIDS New York, June 0—(UP)—British planes raided Italy's big naval base at Taranlb during Uie night. 'An I'tali.nn high command communique broadcast from Rome says fires were started''-and slighl damage was done to some buildings. The Italians claim two British planes were shot, down b y a n U -a i rcra f t gu n s. WILL SAYT: METAL Boston, ,luno 0—(UP)— Automobile registration plates in Massachusetts will too. two different colors next year. Drivers ..who reglstei cars for IS-io first time will get green and white plates. And (hose renewing their registration will keep th-eir maroon plates but will be givrm a green "Jfl'i.T' l.ab lo attach to them. It's all a part of [ho campaign to save metal. NAMISD COF.ONEL Boston, June 9,—(UP)—Adjutant General Edgar C. ISrickson lias been appointed a colonel in the infantry. He expects to report for active duty tho". army about the first of NEW .STAMP TAX •••'' B oston, .1 imc 9 —(UP— The no: x federal automobile, tax" stamp 'sale: goes on sale tomorrow in : Uie- Boston postal district. Postmaster John W. Oleavy '.says -the stamp costs «5 and covers . the • Hsiml y«ar l)ogln- ning the firs!, -ot July. ' v : ; : Keep bin rolling ; tanks and sbips. ; The other corporati'ons named in the indictment are: Atlantic Metal HOSE,-of New York; Breese corporation, of New Jersey, the Chicago Metal Hps'6- corporation, of Illinois, the Korsythe Metal Goods, of New York, tbe Pennsylvania Flexible Mettalic Tubing company, of Pennsylvania, and the United Metallic Hose company, of New York. , ate. MAY NOT USE CARS Your homp front i» tho ^pledge front" U 1 yo.u're a 1 housewife. Ten per cent of your household budget, should-' bo. -earmarked for War Savings Stamps. V Vide— But for one thing. I'd go homo and stay with mother. Husband— What's that qnu, 'thing? Bride— Mother's '>amin£ Jherc to live with us. She's left fatnei 1 . PRIVATE BUCK By Clyde Lewis PRODUCTION INCREASE!) Columbia, Missouri 1 , June 0—(UP) -We're going; over the top'on war production. •- • W. P. B. Chief Nelson says the jation's war output is higher than- he government" had.'-.any reason to- suppose it would be. He told the University of Missouri graduating class that- i-ndustrial expansion will create a belter post-war world, STIIJL CAHI1YINC, ON Boston, June 9.—(UPf—Five Connecticut missionaries nl, Madura-, India, have cabled the board of Jor- eign Missions they are carrying on and expect a normal year. The ,niis- sionarles are Miss Katie' B. Wilcox of Chester; the Rev, and Mrs. flay- morid A, Dudley, of Ouilford, and the Rev. and,Mi% Emmpns B. wnjte. of Say brook. ____ EXAMINA'IHONS PLANNED Hartford, June 9MUP)^An. exam-, ation to select a new state personnel director will be held at Hartford on the 18th of.June. Nine quali- lied applications Wvc Hied intentions to take the examiivatjon, ana one of them "is .a woman. Acting- Director "Glenspn A. Scoboria ol Cromwell js believed to be among the appl,icatipns—most of whom are from outside the state. Havana, June 9— (UP)—Cuba" soon may be like the 'British island of Bermuda where, -the -horseless carriage is taboo. The newspaper Al- erla warns that unless Ihe United Stales sends Cuba tires, motors, parks and gasoline — and pronto,.— Cuban motor traffic will be'sus- pended by October. GEM TONiOHT HAS •New Haven, June 0— (UP)— The retirement of George P. Hay as treasurer: of ; Yale universH.y is announced by Presldnt Charles Seymour. ]^)ay Jias J)ot?n associated wkh the university for more thtin 30 years, and will be succeeded )) 1,,-i.urence O. TIgne, who has associate treasurer since April J)ccn a fly-swatter, Buck. Now you ran gee rid of r SESSION"South lindley, Mass., June 0—(UP) —A ne\y French (university — the Free 1 School of Hi-gher Learning — wWl hold a summer session at Mount Holyoke college-.from August i7t,h to September 12th. And on ,-ttic faculty will be Paul Van Zceland — former premier of Bel-glum, and Henry E. A,..BpJln, prpsj- dent -of Belgium's --supreme, court. Personal'.la|ate dlctateiB the- wall- color, in 1 individual, 'homes, but materials like ply wood,; whieh Is susceptible to a ; ny finish, are becoming more popular. ALCAZAR- ' TONIGHT Bette Davis, Olivia De : Havilland, George, Brent,; Denis Morgan ii\ "InTTiis Our Life" Wed, .• Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. "BIO-EITA" DUFFY'S Restaurant Water Stre«t DAILY DINNERS and „ I.UNCHK3 SANDWIOHKS OF ALL JCIND& A SPECIALTY Full Liquor License , .. . .. AISO "TTT., /, • . ' • ':- \-, "Mr. Huff fiofts <r> Town^' Defense Short," "Synthetic- Rubber," j: Nftws nncl Cartoon. ,' —Wednesday— 'Marry the Boss's' Daujgrh, ter'' aiid ' 'Eidera of thev Northed" J on All Other Makes of Outboard Motors ICSTIM ATKS-' PWBB' B Y TRAINED-OUTBOARD WE I S S HEN mANKMN STOKE 152 CHURCH STREET m

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