The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press EMtifli THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Ol f .NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVI11—NO. ; Mythcvlile Courier, Blylhevilie Herald. Dlylheville Daily Ness. ii Valley Leader. Mo, ARKANSAS, SATUIWAY, JUNK 27, 1!)31 SINGLJE .COPIES FIVE 'CENTS Will Invoke Srnoot-Ha\v- lev Law !o Ran Products of Soviet Labor. Attempt Is rostral WASHINGTON. Junp 27 'UP) — T!i/> U. fi. trensuj";' is olnnnhij,- in reck an iron-clad embargo n^ainsl nil Import"; from Soviet IMssi liio United Press learned today. The action, if successful v:o'jlt] be the most <lra«iic of iU kind in recent history. T!ie plan now Is to put the embargo Into effect- next Jan«mv ] wh?n nrnvisions of the Ilawley-Smnol tariff law foihidillii? imnoititinn of anv nroducts of forred o: 1 indentured labor I'pponie effective. Olsiiii AM l.nliot Fcirecil The lrea cl ".v exoccts to take t!i" Tiosiiion nil lahor in Ru^ia Is forrert or inrlniltivwl. Its inier- "iTrlniion is bafd on (he fact, that Purlin mrf'towpr i-: drnflPd to work uoder the fU'o yppr nlon ind i<r curi'ort lo ivnniM«.<i if 11'" Pnv- IP!'S itidnr.lri^l 0'-d n rs nvo disolvov- ed. IF '" ^sn>n>p,-| Puptjq win con- KNCXVILI.E. Tcnn., June 27 • UP)—A plan to kidnap nr. H Grady Ashley, young eye. ear and Muse .s|;rciah:i!. lor ;: iz'ia ran- icti; wns fiii'iiMU-d heir KKJay when police- ^ut-d a .susp.Tt b?- fc;r c . ii hail ke.:n curried on'.. The man arnsted was i-hari;t:l wilh attei!ip:eil f:uoitin:i! tf a kite: 1 to the doctor's wife fCllhU in Us ])Jv:O;.s!oll. HP "a\'C Ills Hansc Muk'ulm Fiyrd of Cin- Hvr-.l confr-ssrd lo attempted ki<i- Gienna Collctt a Bride Icsl vi"ni tntion of In v <innii nn internvp- Hnu'iny-Smoot nm- ii'Ul li^.vp i>jp vinlit torc Trad'n^ "ni^^^nv. So'- hiP e .s ficcnt': in Ui's rininir Und n r present l^sv onlv foods wod'jTd hv ai-ii'al cntivict In'-or But Trip May Have Connection \-,'iiii \V?r D,-bt; To Confer wilh Mellon, NEW YORK. June-51 i(JPi—Sec- [•clary of ?5lat? Ilr-tuy L. . l ;Um.<-un t : pil-::l tf.d-iy fnr Km-oiK 1 on n tri]) which oiir.iuilly was pbniv.d. as :i vacation, luisr. but whh'h ma- nap pin;? in a slati-menl made lo turn o;it to be ;>. iliplcmatsr n:i^- \:cl:co and ucAvspapi'micn. t tiun in TOiineetlnii wil'.i I'lei-MinA's. Ilowei-'s debt proposal. Tie ^iTttr.ry fr.iled .u noon 0:1 Hi!- Crr.lo Orr.nde for Icily and Irom liiero h" v.ill KO to Fr.llici 1 . Oil many '.ml Ensi.iiut. J! !s miltu rnn nnnTnrnnr! mri "- '••'" rnufi: wah f:r ''-" Mm PimilllUI L. "'ii^tcv:, on the debt>> ll» lllll I ill! lirn 111 >™>' "'*>' wlll » evcivtavy PI luuiuiiiuu . 1 , | . r!1Miry Mcl i on vll( , is ,, ov . ,,, Treasury and Poslofficc Af'ents View Nine Sites Offered for New Buildin Paris. S'.::nson wr:it imincdintc'lv (o his .^tatfrcoTi: when he Lc-ard»?d ll'.'> Contc Onintle tcday nr.d made- no ccmmcnt to newspapermen. linr. of tills cilv. nfffrrd to ior tl-f ncv,- Wvlhrvi'le prK'o:ric.->. inuwfort loriiv hv n"-,totfice and treas- toluol United from (lie Im t(!wnoTi"'ll» r hold nn Russian shipments, unrtici'lnrly lumber, for; nrfl j inviwijcatinn 1:1 this score. A car- en of pulnwco:! is now detained] c j at Nf-w York nendlne a vulin? by Aclim: STrnlarv of Ihe Treasury Ogd.-?!i .Mills. No such shiuments Charles awit. c' menf. nnd 1 thp trcnsury liinn! antl site iii£i:pctors. were l-?-p yes- en:ny nnd todiv. 1 Tim fpcl- (Tni^uv n-irh Pml- jiiwsipr .1. H. Ejkinti viewed thp nii)e •=i(r': \vbirli havo hpeil offered by! Ilnit.vl local rili»»ns nt n-ircs ranging j \vnv wi Ro<-k. ^"""of! " oovev Scheme De.sipned fo Aid Rondhciders, Senator Declares. in mm Storms Moving: OnTexbs ILstimated Value of Market Advances on World Wave of Optimism. WKW YORK.. June' 21 (UP)— Advunces In thu cotton market In I he past two weeks have added more Ilinn two hundred million dollars to the vnlii? of the width's present anil Immediate iirnspccllve supply "I cotton, otdclnls here cs- liniated tixlay. Thn supply of American colloix has be,ni estimated al 20,000,000 bales. Fi'Way's market advance whlc-h carried prices up approximately $^50 ii bale made the total Increase since the \a\\ at Juno I) more than $10 ft bale. Optimism over the Intel national debt plan which Is believed to have nvarlcd a financial cxlsls In urojic, was credited for most of ic naln. "i CORPUS CHRIST], Tex., June 2V (L'P>—llesldcnls along the coast of the- Gulf of Mexico anxlouslj luviillrd toduy n tropical disturb- mice which wns due lo sl'rlkc Mi: Texas const sometime tlii> alter noun. ' Kind velocity hero lind reachcc. 30 miles |>cr hour and was the only indication of the coining storm. Al Snu BcnHo n light rain was Inlllng. - Went her .observers predicted Hie wind would reach . velocity or nround GO miles poi lioiir as 11 atvuck ami pnssrd In- TMSDFPK Shortly before this picture was taken at a country estate near Green wich, Conn., the name of thj folf clmnplon of the Unlicn CAMDEN. Ark., June 27 (UP) - Slates v/as Glriiiia Collelt. But now it's M;s. Edwin H- Vnre, Jr., an< Stales Spnatn,- T, H. Cara- as on rrcord todnv as an on- si.rxn to MSWIO. lucnenl of ' I!IP Hoover fedc'il ncenis did not com-l n i-;n which he der-hrcrt war debt plin to h?re yon see her with her husband, son of the late senator aw Republican leader of Philadelphia, .folio'wing the wedding ceremony For five srncciisive seasons she. has won the women's links title. significance tint atiaicntly wns noi realized by confess. Exp crt Is Examining Starr FaifliSull d the renubll- gin within a vear. | cnn admlnlstratlr.n. sayine that cf- Thp qovprninent ha<i alloltcd ; - Cr( , 0 | ti, P M era i f nrm board to I 50S.COO fnr the ruirchasc of the- rr ^, 1r , p. ? ricult-,iral amass would i siie an;! consirurtion of the pot-1 nirow 12.CM.CK) persons out of office buiiding. Erection of the i ^- or > : . -^tended over a| "\Vhen Wilson was president 1 Dell Girl Takes First Place in Popularity Race .- - f | • --------- ; Kt'W Y017K. Jinic 27 '"%'-" n;il.O,;i. v -A, res t e J Nassau county authorities today , njti r-anev nrresiea On Charge Ol Eli/.abelh Martin, daughter .ol Tom Martin. j-lan';r nt nell, has Eslahlishmcnt of 30 Plants Said lo Be Under Con; sideratioii. . D. CamnbeM. 60. Bound Over mi Shootm? Chaise, Man Slightlv Wounded. L. n. Campbell, (SO year old Tinrfield fisherman, was iHiitnd over to awplt the action of tlio grand lurv hv Jusllre Osnar Alexander tangible'fornT C. Ornnl Chase, said lo renre- sent a Baltimore concern Intor- c'tcd In the establishment of can ntnfj factories to suniilv a bl rhnln store orfiiinl74illon. has bcei InleivlewhiK farmers and busings men of numerous northeast Ark nnsns nnd southeast Missouri com miinlUcs. So f'ir as can be learned he ha. offered no contracLs nr othcrwlf undertaken anv definite rommttt nients, but lie Is. arranplnp n scr tes of incetlno.s for tlie flarlv par of Julv at which It exiimlcd he will nlnce his proposition in more No Damaned Reported and Flyers Hope lo.Take Off /J Again Tonight/ . VLADIVOSTOK. Sli»rifl, June 1 (UP)—The Winnie Ma; wllli Vlley Post and Harold Clnlly ar- Ived at DlaBovestsehank this ove- hip en roule from Irkutsk. The line sank Into n miidhole. as they nmc dowi to the field.. DcsuiU nai-row escnivs from accident he flyers snld they Intended lo re- lime their fllxht' toward Khnbnr- list about 8 p. in. Far ahead of their.time sched- lie, Post and Oatlv were cer aln. barring accidents, of amv IIR bacX at New-York wllWn"Uio :cn days set for lliclr world gird- ilmr tour. '.''.- ' > Their nie)it from Irkutsk whlcli Ihcv left at 1:10 A. M...eastern; 'inndard lime, wns maintained at ^ he nvernTe Fnp.ptl r*t -vhlch tl ev •rorsed (!>•> Ur«l«. ' ,Af|er. nrrlv- iv! al Kh«hiro".sit It Is h"l[evpd MM>V will e"t- fllrceli" .ner fur fast to Nome. Alaska. the ni-- Irkutsk . ail>e'-ln. .tu'n»')7,fni'> —WHov Post <it"l. H»rol<l 'Guttv. Ani-rir->ii world flwfs.'lnnrled 1 ere a I. ')n:.v< n. m. 10:Sij r..'vr, "enilrrrt nlondar'i UWP list ,ntohO todnv fi-oni Nivoslhlrsfc'. Til'"' refiiMrd their s'vlft mononlnne wiimlc.Map and took off n ffn ln for iniabarov*k In li'e Amur val'ev rear tl 1 ^ border of Nfanchurla, at. 1:10 'n. m. or 1 10 uij eastern standard limp.. farm." the senator Flirt in j tnken the lead in Ihe ' were awaiting the decision of a hanuwritin^ extiort \vho is- exarn- inin? the !?tlere brought to this couniry bv Dr. G. Jameson Carr. shin's dortor. before ipsuhri an ol- ficial vPr^iet "i the drowning of Starr Failhfull. DUlrict Altornev Eldon N. Edwards said he 'and Injector! : HeroM R. KiiiB were inclined to M" one «noe officers said. Ihen ht- beheve the three missive'; which prorcedrd to beat Newman, ac- trip conclusion, '-when wn's ! j«>,yrlarily contest winrr? 'i er'd'Jp Ip'resl'denl I nu-neri an pmilty in H. j of :or?l iiKrclinnW are sponsor- lv ., |pn Coo)i ,| F/ , (OTk nl , nl .^ ,,„ T ! i: , r , 'liid was an echo, nnd now. under i r Tvventy-Five Injured as Police. DisDcrse Crowd in Ohio Town. Mils mnrnliiK on a chnrsc of shool- !n« wllli intent to kill. He was nlso eonvlrtTl' on n mlaleninnnor •hnr"C nf distiirbtn? the peace ani ni'"d sin. Camphell shot another river .fisherman known ns "Blocklo" diirinK n brawl at nnrdeld earlv last.-nlcht, nccordlnn to officers. Eric Ilollnrd, :lenutv sheriff, who «'as rllotlns <-"rl Ixnl hi the Mississippi at Parfleld was summoned . to the nnd placed Campbell under Kliahnrovsk Is 'oughlv mile 1 ; Whttworth. Mnrgorff Mil- Bill Bailey \vns arrest r d by den- utv sheriffs ll>is morning on a cbarcn of robbery. He is alleged to have forced John Nr-wmnn !o; remove his shoes nnd ?ive B?i!"v; Pi2 which Newman liad s memory. cording ti ofT;cers. The rnliti'rv is said to have oc- Dr. Can- sa:d were written lc him bv Starr were authentic. Tn ,,„.,., the Mlcrs the writer said she \"'"^ "' B ^*V^ ^™- ithin I Os-1 born, will eivo his decision on | thfir autl'.pnticity before the grant! i CnUVch Mprp;er jurv Tucsda'-. T T • . /-i ,I by Jomt tonvenSion .vithi'n h?in ? l '"' 1 ' 1 ""^f 1 " Sl.Ofn baid ne;-S-! Levied Tn . n- l In* preliminary hrariirr Monday.] " ' ,. p sievs or !Ylam' otales; Wns Rig Time Banker. . o., June 27 mri —Tventv-fivp. iicr.^ons wPre treated tndav for inlmies received in n Hni n-hic-h, resulted • when iiollce evnlrd^ri (enr e,i? hnnihs in '.lie ; erto have beer, the Ice.riers, f^l- • low in second, third «nrt nf'h ! place. resp:rlive!y. Ro?a Lou Cooke of inyora k now in fourth niece. * . >, 1- ! -1 ft nil HI'""' "I J.'.U" l-lHllllll'lu-"> •> U^.'.l-lllll- Miss Marlm vvhc- the first «erlr • c-r hvo of Hi? contest wi: l ni 'l(. m M down tlie list, lias imde rapid p v c- press Ihe r.a^l two v. ; epks ndvar.c- ^''^ ^ombs were s^t off whe 1 ! 'from alxiuL eighth phce (o -'cnnv Cooner. clevchnd. n cm- p r ^^ "' ' ' munl c l or^^nb^r. nros? to address About- 35.IXK1.MO votes have b;-en • l)l<: '"'""H'lv. Clouds o f tho sMflinw c?si un lo dat Q \w* fillFfl LGke Anna Park. Armrd Tiip \\-innpr of tlie conlesl. wlilch [' r i'b ("'"bs ,ind bl^.ckiacks pn-'ce v-i)i ins! thrcu^h Hie Cm! week! ''r"'''v drov« the pomnumisls from siistnlned flesh ri. h'il n f. othe.^wlw tn- 7n conversation wilh Dlytheville ivnn ^fr. chase outlined a number of tentative nlnlis. ranulni from outrlqht purchase of land In 1.500 tracts for a numhpr M cannlni fnctorles. to contracllnz wltli formers for 500 acres of truck c.«in.s for of as ninny ' ns thirty small factories. Rcnarts from oilier communities Indicate that It Is the. latter plan on which he Is now working. Mr. Chase IndicMcd .'Uwit he would return to BWievllle 8 fnr a meelinp dl<lnnt along the trans-Siberian. Uired It l r «= t nt p d. T brawl 'could not be learned. Roh Wisconsin Bank SEATFLE. Jtmc ac GENOA. Italy, Jure 27 (UP) — l-'our bombs exploded in various, parts of the cilv early totiav. inn heavy t'ainare near the r palnce. N'o casuallics were, revtorl- ed. Tl'.p bombs were attributed U anarchists. Anarchists Am Blamerl r n T- T Ti 1 I Con<!refta!K>nah'ft and the Christen Tor DOmbing In ItalyirlnirchfS. i::ider a new constitution ap r 'rov?tl bv a iojut- convention vestrrdav. mrr?ed to form a omb^ed membership of morp than w million pj-rjnns. Tile cc-]istUutio:i \vas approved bv : 'r:irr.te arscmblie.s of tin two churches. If nrovides tint Ihe t'vci deiiominalirins will be covcrn- ed [iy a ccinmiltee mnde .no or of- i f rials from e.icli church until NPW Yor!; Cof/O;? i'"i u-hc-n a Fiii"b m-™n of di- i rc-ir.r.s will Thr nierp-pr nfTects G.n70 churches in Ihe United -Stales xvith a total membership ol 1.C50.00Q n?rso:is. In votinir the nierser church of- frcinls .-^nEd (h^v brlicv.yi their move i-enr"senfs ll-e. lic^intiiiif of a Inrqcr move toward a combuu- tion of all Christian denominations. nf August vil! r rccive a two weeks vscMinn et Rancho Rea. Ne\v ?,ic-x- icn nioiintDin resori. with all e.\- CH1CAGO, June 27 (UP)—Scar- »;i!«rs raid for herself niv.l a ll1Pir NEV/ YORK. June 27 (UP)— Cotton closed easy. oprn hiph low close inn 11)31 IPOS in:n 10:i^ 1070 10-10 10^2 1074 1TO4 IOGG 107S 1C83 1100 1078 1103 1120 10iW 1117 1HO 1114 jiilv Oct ' Dec Jan March May 1092 1117 1137 Spots steady, S up. >it 1040. fncc Al Caponp. recognized and convicted undrnorld ruler of Chicago, was revealed loday as banker and ruler of cowcrful san^sj which levied tribute from whole I states instead of cities. I With indictment by the federal j government of Cl men on charscs l of nperatine a hutre midwe.slern nl-1 cchol riim. more details ol Ihej true e\lent of Caponc's power bc-| come known. Thp scnrfaced Tanrsler is uwait- jn:; s?nt?ncc next week on cliarprs nf d~fraiu!i!:ii the government and j oueralin? a beer syndicate. Not only! did CiifK-'ne run a 520.000.000 b?cr I business here, it was rp.vfinlcd. bir i he was so jx>w!>rful that gangsl?rs in four 'states pnid tribiue lo him. companion of her own self PrPrfnt F'-iiidlnss of the feMfmls follow: t''l:.-nb>ih Martin. Dell R'ith Whitivn;-th MKraar^t Milner TJr*;" i.ou Cocke. Luxora Al'hea ErTwnrds JiJarearct Cross rarolyti Pride ^f!•l•v DrtVriw. Hayli Kvolvn Harwell Ruth Biiil y>''l:—tp FMinU ^T•\rif^n TMrns ?' T prt'ia Pohinson Dorothy Gideon. V/:U-n. nlnce. A spjcial "h^ck^fck sound pharecd throutli !}T* mnb swin^intr their clubs. Two Ir-ii^rr: w'-r 1 * nrre'tp-i nnd others fell Kforp lhi> police nltack. RJoMn^ broke out rr.^in \vhpn 11-e nmmnnist« ntieii"-'pd to hol1 n FPrond meeEhic.. Police huilcd nie'iM"-'. Tlie cnmm'imHs then ivvcrt fn the i-ouritv lail threat- pnin? vini'jr-c if Hicir lenders wcr 1 ? nc! released . Wls.. .Tiini^ 17 (TIP) — ^Tl^rc" nr four nvn h"ld in> Hie First jiniimml tank of Baldwin Inilav. lockrd four cmotec* and rustmncr In n vault, and cs rnncd with M.W<> in cuTcncy under a fnstlndc. of Bun fire. railroad. ri>n Onl't Week End COPKNHAOEN. Denmark. 1 )V .Tune, 27 IUP')—nfto Hinitr from Cat- manv and Uhcrlv. .N. Y., and Hoe- gar Holrlls soUfiht qule.t .and rn* over Hie week e'^d today .afte their strenumis air Journey over tlm Atlantic. . . Tlie enthusiasm of 'lh<f Populace annarcntlv remained uridlmlnlsbert nnd the fivers were thn hercas of t*ie. hour In the Dnnlsh : capital. Hilllr?, who backed .ttin'jfflleht inrt Holri Is,': .wlio,. piloted., t lanca monoplane Tjit Ihe Atlantic, said they had 10 plpn.i In particular. ",-'- .' Holrlis said lie would fly Hilll? to the latfer's liirth f place in Germany and after that he would "just look around for awhile. Id HK! PI,,ff . .. faTivip.js 1 who Interested la hl&.,nronbsli Hon. He Is nlso known .to have mndr nrclipitnirv nrrnneenipnt'; for similar meetlnqs at Leachvllle, T*b* Oltv, ,Iop,'slx)ro r Black Oak. Marked Tree nnd presumably at other paints. His nlan. Mr. Chase has explained, calls for the handling of n var- "ctv of crops nt cncli factory, to keen enulnment occupied durln? as large n -part of eich year as possible and t" enable farmers to nbtiln more 'ban one crop from their land. He has mentioned neas, lima beans, spinach, kale, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and numpklns ns truck crr-os In which he would be inlcreslcd. Iff. nlsns i" which they arc produced. Nothing has been learned here T J,,,^'^ d 'eciare The" J nct'"uncons"ti- rnnccrnliiB tho organization Mr.] i (|tionn , or tllal petitions submit- Chase represents. It is pointed outi [cd be nl)rrt m , M that to carry out his program tor ^ itltlons ; 5iirni of W orn 11 " U. S, (Vein Cotton Have New WorWns Home NEW ORLEANS. Jllr.e 27 (UP)— Colton closed w?ak. oprn hlsh low close July Oct 1>ec March May 1013 104S 1030 1121 1030 1070 1143 1013 1040 1078 iOM nn 1024 IOGO 1080 1C95 11W 1134V- DENVER. Colo.. (UP)—Approximately 8TO United S!M.".s government cnmlovoo are housed in a new federal buildine: which wns re- First Cotton Blossom • Is Brought to Manila M'ANILA. Ark.. Jure 27—The first cotton blcssum In Bi^ T-ike township was broi:rjht into Maniin Fri<lav ofterncon by G. E. Snider. local merchant. This Wos--oni was picked fi-OMi Flnlks en the Snider Farm, re.uh if this city. Th? farm Holds Eight University Degrees f Wflplc-F.nd is Prnsneri for Middle West and South CHTCAOO. June 27 fUpi—The mid-west nnd south* todny faced a week ^"d of swelferlnsr. burninct Supreme Court to_ Rule On Divorce Act Petition MTTLE ROCK,. June 57 (.UP)— Whr.lher Ihj Arkansas CO-day dl- vcrco act will become a law or not will ,bc decided ut»n by ,the rknnsaG siiorci ' oino Protective ly after noon today asklmr the Fell from Officn Window "'ME ni"FP Ark.. Jim" 57 mpl_ 0 K-. Tlarvpw. r>rnml""." f i" coi in p^f' n n T-i"> Hi' 1 d°.Tib of Mrs. Moar Pwlth u-i>n tumblPd oi't of ^[^ nffirp windmv shnrtlv "ftpr inltlnlflit w^-; .ihsolv. fl d of all blame fnr iipr death by a coroner's Ji 1r " here todnv. Tb<- .iurv found that Mrs. Kmit'i been ririnkine nnd became 111. thirty factories would rcrmlre an inltlnl Investment of between Sl.- OCO.OOO nnd SVSOO.OOO. for bulld- liws nnd machinery, and a larw additional capital. amount of workln? PORTLANTI. Me.. (IJPi—Roy L. hundred prostrations. Mnine lesWator .is only 30. hul he holds eipht college dc- grrcs. TT? rerMvcrt Ws' A. B. frnm the TTuiversilv of Miine In 1023: his cenflv ererted hore at- a ,j hns been citilha'.rd this seasnn 0 1 by G E. Acbtn*. o:her blo-so'.ns ar: A. from fr.^m M-^inp niul nn 1-oston University In 1!127; heat wilh tcmneralures hovering | When she 'vent to the wlrrinw she lost her Inlnncp «n<\ fell from the D tiorv office building. TInrvev said he wns in the next w>i\ when he heard temams and looked out. seelne the bodv of Ihe woman on the roof below. Tie cpH"d police. Mre. Smith hud br^n married tbrep limes, oollcc said. Her nres- enl husband Is a marine stationed nt Paris Island. aro'ind ICO decrees. U. S. weather forecasters an- nr:iiiir^d It was Improbable tiierc would he a VI up tn the severe licit wave fhat for Ihrec days has cripped the country, causing more Ittnn Iwo score ninths and over a Mangled Bodv of Yonfh Is Found Near Railroad fct>ral srrvEce in Den^r tl other city in United states j 1'.; \v«H the «xrcntta\ of \V»shtn«ton. | Spots steady ar.d unchanged at The new biiildins wns construct-j 1021. ed of Colorado white marbl? nndl Is locatel in the down tov.-n busl-i SIftcft Prices np -" Action. ™" C ' L ' ;ICLr> Before the construction of the i new building, the federal offices '"' fere were scattered throughout the, town. A mimber of them wcre> located in the old customs house: '•' ibuildins wlilch i? to lie sold. 'I ?"'I V.'illi (he exception of the post; I office, the reclamation bureau is A. T. & T. 184 Anaconda Copper 31 7-t Auburn 103 Caterplller Tractor .. Chrysler Cities Service 13 Cera Cola 147 -the largest federal branch In Den-. Continental Riking .... 11 1-: U-er. The office here hns cliarce of I General Eleclric <0 1-ijall rcc^nmation activil!M west of General Motors Monlpfmeiy \Vnrd New Vory Central Packard R.idio Corp Siiiiinons Standard of N. J. .. Tr-<r.s C.'crp TJ. S. Steel 39 l-< the Mississippi riyer. The. forestry 21 S-! service also maintains n Inrge staff 38 3--: i here. 8 !-•! .. 21 3-: .. 10 1... 41 1-4 ... 24 1-! ... 101 3-1 OliKKN miMROSKS C1KO1VN LONDON. <UP) — A Yorkshire (tarclcncr. A. Ifcnnnoiiri. of Kirhy- nioorsid?. has grov.-n green p'.'lm- Stink Bombs Fail to P.out Tennessee Solons NASHVILLE. Tenn.. June 27 (UP)—S'.lnk bombs and sneezing pc-.vdcr failed to daunt tlie Ttnncrw honso of representatives this mp.rnint*. Small con- lainers of !he materiais were broken amid the Shelby county delegation and spread I'nroujh- oiit th:i center of tlie floor. A R'.otlnn by. Rcprc?p:ila!ivc Gilbert of Davlrlsor. county to adicurn until Mor.dav be.c.iiife of the cdor fniled. however amid msny s:icr.'C5. ! pn I", M. from Boston University I in IflJR: an M. Ed. from Baston Uii!ver:=ilv in 11M: a P..S. in Edu- irntion frcn: Hos?on Univcrsily and |M.A. fro'-.i Hirvard lar.t year, and I recently a Ph.D. from Boston University. Besides beinn a legislator. Fcr- naH is an attorney and a fiill- ranklng professor. SEARCY. Ark.. June 27 (UPi— The manelcd bodv of an unirlentl- icd youth nboi't li ycnrs old WR; found b^ide the rnilrojcl track; here vcslerday. II i^ believed ht had fallen from a irain. Manila Hot Friday . MANILA, Ark.. June 27—Yesterday was tho holiest day of the present summer. Thermometers Indicated 98 in the shnrte. Tlie, day wes remindful of last summer. lia hot days ot | COW H.VS "JAKE LEG" i BASTJAN, Va.. (UP) — Robert ! Dunn iias a cow suffering from j "Jake leg," caused by her having ; oaten a large quantity of mash i found near n moonshine still. Bcs: sy <vas .ibj-oiil for several days, nnd j sources, nnd now deslrc.> to cor.i- jwheu sh; reUnnttl she wns drmik,' plcie. the work here. Rhodes Scholar Enrolls In Chinese University. PE1PING. China. (UP) — An American Rhodes scholar, John King Fairbanks, has been grnnlec permission to enroll ns a special student at Tslng Una Universiti. here for research work In China's International relations, under Prof-j T. F. Tslaiig of the history de- j parlment. Fairbanks Is a gradiiale of Harvard, where ha Eilidied uncter Prof. C. K. Webster, who encour-l aged him to study Chinese forelsn, relations. He continued his studies at Oxford, hn-rstizalin? Prison Societv LLists Causes of Juvenile Crime ned by 12,000 Arknnsns voter.;, submitted by the' nssocinflon preyonting the net r«- romlnn n low Junp 10 and later itcclnrp'l InsulTiclent by Attorney Cp.nernl Hal L. Norwood. imVcd that Hie act be submitted to the peo- at the 1332 election. n Visitor* W^ Bridge Partv Last Night MANILA. Ark.. June 27—Mrs. Frod Roth "nd Mrs. Georsc Poth entertained their visitors trom New Memphis. 111.. Miss Ixiuella Roth and Miss Violet Shoemaker, last evening with two tables of brldse. Others present were Miss Frances Fendler, Nflss CiarlM Kennedy. Mrs. Claude Grain, and Mrs. Luke O. Stimrt. Delicious refreshments were served late In the evening. alysls of the causes of Juvenile crime listing six factors has been mads here by the Prisoners' Relief Society, a philanthropic reform association. The society listed improper home training as tlie first reason for youthful crime, and said no great relief can be exctjctcd in that sector until the public ceases criticism of old-tin 1 /; corrective methods and; Its nmntenr attempts nt child psychology. Juvenile courts nnd re-: form schools were listed as the, second factor in youthful crime. The society cited Juvenile use of automobiles, newspaper delail of crime reports, modern methods of charity administration, both public and private, nnd Idleness. , Willie liv Reform Society mnde no attempt lo place n greater blame on any one factor than on the others, it suggested constructive reforms to alleviate existing conditions, Including reforms 'In Juvenile courts and creative schools. Bugler : Ionics General Grant Fought on Liquor BINfiMAMTON. N. Y.. (UPI— Tile oft rem>atcd story Hint O«n- eral U. S. Grant '/foiieht Cii'l 2 ' nn liauor" is scoffed at by' S. M. Flint, who served as bugler cs- cort for him. "Absolutely a fake." Flfnt paid. "I was rtsht bv his side . for 15 months and I ought to know." Flint was only 15 when he enlisted in 1802 at Albany. Drops Dead As Fire Alarm Proves False ARKADELPHIA. Ark., June 27 (UP)—Morris Copeiand. 25 mechanic who started the fir. (ruck here when an alarm came in, drooped dead In the driver'? seat when it turned out to bi a false alarm. Two Million Britishers Take Up Hiking 1 LONDON, (UP)-Hikers In Bng- iland now number more than 2,000,- uOO, according to a recent estimate by J.. E, Walsh, editor of "The Hiker and Camper." The steady increase in the number, of hikers is seen by Walsh as a revolt against modern industrial conditions, the workers fleeing to the country during the week-end to escape the noise ot the city. The popularity of hiking, is Is said, also has brought a bcller un- Secret Chinese Society Seeks Return of Manchns rnr-ING. China. (UP) — . A secret sccletv formed with ll>e purpose of restoring the Monciiu dvnasly in China his appeared nt Linhsion, in northern Hunan province. Mrmbcrs of th? society hold similar views to the Boxers, who attempted to tirivc foreigners from China in 1900, and besieged the legations in oid Peking. Thev believe that bullets • cannot kill them, and use onlv long swords as weapons. Like Samson, thev think that long hair is the secret of their strength, and that If their hair fs cut ofT they become ir.ortal again, so they suard their hair wliii earnestness. derstanrting between and tilt! city worker. the villager WEATHER : ARKANS^S-Fair tonight, Sim- day Increasing cloudiness. According to Charlss Phillips, ' official weather observer, the max- •' Imiim icmperatiirc heje yesterday wns 97 decrees and lh« mini- . mnm 77 tifatfi-ii

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