The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1934 •LYTHEVILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE €L4§smED SECTION - s Wants -»• CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ror con»«cu- oil. hn wiin lu /ally rate per /ve Insertions: (Five average «f>ioi to m line) One time per llnu .......... '*> Two times per linn per day .. 08c Thrfe tlmeii per Um per d»» .. 06o F,li time* per line per d»jr .. We <* per lln* .......... <00 Minimum eh*rj» BOo Ads orCerifJ so» tlurce or JU nines »nd slopped before explu- f\in will \K cliuffix) lor the num- t*r ol Uine» the ul appeared mo adjustment o! bill nude- All ClaiiUied Advertising copy fliibinltied by person; residing out- t'df ol '.he city a ust be iccom- panled by cash. Rate* may be e*?lly computed (rnm above table. 1 NICELY (urntslwd 2 room ajart- en ejv r..:u me'nt,'632 W, Main. Call 627-W. i «.«*•"' UUIIl 5-ck-ul Massachusetts Judge LOWELL, Mass! (UP) — "Half II not B*' 1 ")'." saitt j pica i-culil" nut Iv lamson, 21-year-old William* pleiidi 1 APARTMENTS: FURNIBHEP 3- room upstair; UNFURNISHED I „ 4 room downstairs. 1013 W. Wai- *" '> and 1alr nut. Phono 303. 6-30-tf Wlllinl " iniMiil llul ~fc not ran- I H......I, i\ • • n • uui to-ii vu-timir.nn lo.-m i w .|»ruiikcn Driving brings .^inshllu,""' 1 " """ ;a '"" : "New' Deal" By Judge ol severe lialllc (H The liimMsc.i will be from clmrlji and tnblcs. lllll'S mill IJ?]Ultlivi .'tiM'.s inviilvli] t : detvriiHued !)>' V^'| Farmer Found "Hard Lump" Was Meteor MODERN '3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Klrby Drug Store. V. Simon. Uall 764. 30-ck-tl Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolcn, 310 West Walnut. SO-ck-7-30 Furnished BEDHOOMS. Mrs. Ed liardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ic kit Will peddler, when the judge asked lu- his plea. By "half uol guilty." be rxiilaln- nccled with a group of pcdilli'rs a $5 liiu-, dVuiLTY and mi'lrtl lillvl1 "! lu > HH.TI-,LSI-I| ilnti! I hi! j ol (iii: yi'.ir innl Judsi- Oliver \u>il-kiimni to Berkeley Patrolman Anthiiiy Uh-tl?i»<, i'pailmi'iit Aljoul 10.000 loir, ol kupok llui'r ClUNKVA. N. Y. lUl'l ~ Fanner Alfred micrlniiloii luis IK-I-II annoy- j al by a haul lump in ilu 1 ground I imlsiiiice this year and loimd that Ihc- liiinii wns a meteor, .weighing approximately 1,800 pounds and Hourly six feet long. . The meteor apparently fell on wi:llu plowlnj ol his Urad Courier News Want mo-.on-.!:, is pUimilut! a "New Deal." ""' ll:ll ' <l n"'»'i'Hy hi iiv.imilaclnri!, durum llu- past lew j.irs. l.ontlon lias so fai cscapcrt Ili'lds letirlh nuakc shocks because It rests |oii u Ix'd of soil day, according to OUR BOARDING MOUSE CLEANEItS, TAILORS Linen sails, band ironed and tailored shaped are nice and cool thtct hot days. Phone 171. Unique Cleaning Service Mo responsibility will bo 'IT more thau one Incorrect In- leitlon o( aiiv classified ad. Advcillsluij orueitrt for irregu- ,»r luseitluiiE tali- the one Um« I Etc. AUTOM011VE of Save Time and Money by uslnj our complete stock Auto KrpUctmtnt rarlt llubbud Hardware Co. Automotive- Dtpt. - - Phone 476 6c k8-B USED CARS KKAI, HAKCIAINS IN Al.l A1AKKS OF USED CARS. \\K TKAOK - - TERMS TO SUIT YOU. •31 TOIiD COU PR. Rum Good, Looks (Jocul $31)5 '33 FOK1) Tl'UOIl. Motor A-l. Kuns Like New, Looks Goad $ni •33 CIIKVKOLLT COACH. It«l JIoliM and '1'iicb $155 '25 GKA1IAM 1'AICiE SEDAN. l.o&k^ Good, Kuns Ouucl. A Heal Buy At 511? "i'i 1'ONTIAC UOACH. Good Motor, Ltoks Good S136 CADILLAC COUPE. New Rubber, .Mulur A-l, Bargain At S" 1 T It li C K S -32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Du.ll Wheels. Cloicd Cab. 6 New Tilts 5289 ^ CHE VKULUT 137 inch Wherlhnsc Truck. Closed Cab, Dual Wheels S3G5 i. •21) UOUOK PAXICI. TBUCK. Uuns Oodl S15S '29 CHtVKOLtrr TRL'CK and TKAILL'K. Good Hubbcr . 5125 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY USED CAR LOT Corner 1st * Walnut Sis. Phote 810 - 811 ROOM & BOARD GOOD Meals and Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. R. Watson, : East Cherry, Phone 602. 20c «• FURNITURE Lawn Chairs Uiipatoted 51.85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c -PUT ON YOUR W LOOMN& TOR JKt? SHOES/J THERt\NW=> A , LOOKING TOR AWl SIZED HIM UP AS A PIECE OF TrV LAW / t)»T5NlT SAX WWO HE A-SKEDTOR YOU,IN THAI OL' COME-ON- ALONS-TO- HE ADCaU A"RTERS \OICE I WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO RENT — Furnished house or a or •! room apartment. Modern, Reasonuble. Write "ti", Care Courier News. 3p k7 AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready for summer driving at bargain prices you probably will never see again. Come in. Compare our prices on auto parls, Hies, tubes, motor oi^. 5 gal si.50. WOLF AK1AS We Sell Wholesale and Retail Choiie 176 - - 128 t. Main FOR SAKE OR TRADE BUSINESS rmiKCTORY I story brick building, 4 rooms and close! upstairs; 20 by 40 down- staM between Main and Ash. VIM ueU or trade for residence or farm. Sec ABRAHAM, Ash & Broadway. S-ck-12 Gcod CUT-OVEB LAND In southeast Missouri, about 1 miles from Blylhevillc. Will sell cheap or swap for tjood second hand car. O. E. Frazcr Filling Station, clue north off 61 at Yarbro or Box OEF, Care Courier News. 3p LOST WALLET containing some monej and. cards. Substantial REWARD Return to Courier News. tip k9 .Keep Kool «ith Hunter Electric FANS. Unconditionally guaranteed. IIUBBARD 1IDW. CO. 6-ck-8-6 NOTJCli TO THE PUBLIC I am now operating the Blytlie- ville ilidc nnd .Iimk Co., al rear of Joo Isaacs' ttorc. MK.YIU1 BARTH1CK lormerly oppObUc Frisco Station FOft SALE \S r onurrful bargains in good used electric refrigerators and ico boxes. Used and new electric fans CHEAP. Also fan repairing. Bargains in used Dclco lislil plant and baUcric.s. K. 15. GKE SALKS CO. 11)7 Stun 'St. Foreign Touring Bulletins To Be Printed in English PHILADELPHIA (UP) —All lour ing bulletins and other official pa pers required ol tourists In Europ* will be printed In English ns wel as i-'rench in the future, accord ins 'o J. Maxwell Smith, genera secretary of the American Auto mobile Touring Alliance and gen cral manager of t'ne Keystone An tomobile Club here. Smith, who recently returnci from London, where he altendei the annual Congress of the Alii anue Internationale de Tourtsme said the new printing rules \vill a boon to foreign travel by auto mobile, eliminating many of th lierplexities which formerly an |noycd American tourists. lie dei'Uk'il In rid Ui L > lli-UI cf thr jbrlicfs. plans to hi:,lllule u new •00/Y GOT WIIAT IT TAKES! YOU UOWf?OWN,OUXTV, AWD WHftt WHEN \ GET HftNDS WE TRIED TO WWY . WAN! ED YOU '/ 'BUT THE 1NVITIN6 A THE EXECUTIVE O A Bllt, TOR A LOW ' HE'S \ CURED 'I! JOOTS AND HER HUDDIES OI'AL CIlll'S IN! N CNUED OMt YO Q\i 9.M. SON 1 WV^T tlACCW E SQUpvWt Wff Ot WASH TUBES LOKIG, A D5ZEN THI= CHIEF OF POLICE, ARRIVE WW LISTCH 7O ME,-v'V WE'RE 'JOliJCi tr> '" A RAID— A DAMC]EROI]S RA'D. TWERE MAV B6S)'OOriWG. IF-" VI F, Rsr r 5HOOT TO KILL* WE'Rt NOr OUT TO GET MERELV T»t OFJ.J. L(XNE. WE'RE ftFTeP. LADRONI — ENTIRE MOB OC HOOOLOMS" LET'S ItR RATS. DKEMI, HONEST TEOPI.E, RAIS HfiVE KILLGP OrVlCEKS Ol^ THE LflW :N COLU BLOOD. THE TABkJM COMPLETELY SURSOUklDED. r-vf Second Hand LUMBER. At old Creamery Package Co. Oak, Gum, Pine flooring; briek; tin roofing. Sf« J. Mcll Brooks, C. M. BaTiter, or City Engineer L. E. Tull. 12c k7-!2 REPAIRING Facloiy authorised FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Faclory Trained Mechanics r>a> G1—Phone—Night 3S2 E. K. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main SI. Free Home Ix>an Estimates Roofmg. pniniing, Repairs. TUB ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-7-10 KEEP YOUR HOME IN GOOD KCI'AIR When It HKils a prwcriplion Phone li. n. Ferguson, •The House Doctor." Phone 100. RKNT 3 rcom Furnished Apartment, garage. Very reasonable. Call 335-W MT.S. Henley. 6c ktf 4 loom Furnished Aparlmenl. prl- i.ilc b.illi. Mis. Ray in o <=(|uni]Ck. 214 Dougan. Gc kit Koinn Willi Italli. $.50, S.75. Sl.OO Or {1.50 <ip to S3.SO a week. Pea- liody Hotel over Ben Franklin fctoto, Main and Droadwajr. Rich Gold Deposits Found in Anatolia ISTANBUL (UP)—Rich gold de posits have been discovered in tl: Karakoese district of Eastern atolla. ' Tre government recently ap pointed a commission of mining ex psrts to investigate the coinmcrci possibilities of the lie-Id. Their n port, which has just been made I the government. Indicates that ric yields may be expected from s plcitation of tnc area. Leaves State for First lime CHAUNCEY, O. (UPI—Althoug IK. has lived his 5 years only miles from West Virginia. Ferand Huff was out of Ohio for tl first time lecently. With rclalivc hr picknickcrl in Wheeling. Don't Forget CaudjH's Agency General Insurance PIMM in SALESMAN SAM i'lUEL,L,FELLA,Vft CERT 0)t> A SWELL PIECE OF WORK. ON AIAYHIO UK'S (iK'ITING s. ' GIMLET KOBUERV CASE.' CONGRATS, KUWDO GO ^ER. VOU, flS A DETECTIVE? r 8Y 3IMKITY JIMKS, I 3ES 1 i HAPPENED Tn THINK OF isOMETHIW'f \ &OTTA GO BACK, TO THE STATrOM I WIIAT UK'S WORTH'. Ey,CHIEF, I ~^iF liy SmU REPORT ] SAKES, PAVROLU /WHERE? UP! A - HERE? I PMN'T 6BEM PAID P, I JOINtD TH 1 FORCE ,' FRECKLES ANT» HIS FRIENDS WE'VE CO\ It) OUTFIT OUf!SELVES COMPLETELY...AUD VJE f^UJSTNT A 1WINC...V;E WONT BE WHERE VrtT CAN CRAB A PHONE AND OROER SOMETHING WE LEFT REWIND J GEE. rr WAS SWELL, OP Y«-« DAD OFFER tb FAY My OM A CAMP.VG TRIP.' FORGET iT, NUTTY...HE COT A KICK OUT OF DOING IT! HAPPlHGSS HAS WHERE ARE WE GOJWC, FIRST VHO WWTS id TAKE A PISH TO BED WITH HIM 7 NEAR STREAMS, MOSTLY, WONT YOU, BOYS? WITH SOMEONE, KICK OUT OF IT. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Phillips Motor Co. Bj- Horice WakefleM 1 t » PtG u s P»T srr . . .-L_«.'!KJV'ii.^vv 4 4^

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