The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on April 22, 1954 · Page 23
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 23

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 23
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THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 22, 1954 THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT TWENTY-THREE Other Classified On Preceding Page Houses for Sale--33 Poultry, Livestock Suppl.--43 KABY CHICKS--puiicts or cock- rrols; also s t r a i g h t - r u n ; chick supplies; now a v a i l a b l e a t Checkerboard Feed Store, Quincy St., N o r t h Atlanis. 1 __ __ BABY CHICKS -- Rhode Island Reds, $18 per 100. DuekP.ngs, 49c each. J. J. Nett'berry's, M a i n St. ~~ -51 Good Things to Eat--54 Articles for Sal MWURE~Toriawns~~orgardens.! FREE---One pint Sherbert with Dial 3-3049. I half gallon of quality ice cream, NEW~FOWER MOWERS--Briggs-1 ^j?,^. f£J jn|' and Su'mmer *Sts.', Specials at Stores--58 Wearing Apparel--63 Automobiles for Sale--66 I Bicycles, Motorcycles--67 S t r a t t o n engine. S79.95, this w e e k . 4 ( jams only. Christensen's - Hardware.!-- -Tel Williamstown 542. TENDER CH Dogs, Cats, Pets- Estate, W i l l i f i m s t o w r i . Phoiu- H48.. j ,7 :S WEST E N D T E F ) R A C E 1 Six moms--Porch, ln-atccl sai'aur-. i n s u l a t e d . New r o o f ; new "11 steam hrat. Full foiith w i t h show-! n u p s t a i r s . H a l t b a t h d o w n - . Mail's. Two nreplncns. Two lots. Price $15.500. W i l l reclpcorat,".! Tt\. D-70TJ only if intrresU'cl in j this price | Mobile Homes: Saie, Rent-33.5; HOUsirfn/CfLER-':! 1 .! t i e t aliclcr. One year old: all conveniences ot home'- 11 cubic foot i-rlrigerntor. I n i i u i r c 1 A l u r r St., Adams. SEE the "NEW MOON" LOUR. I..OIIK Trailer ·M A N D Y ' S T R A I L E R H A L E S ritlsfleld-Leno:; Road, Lenox efll_ T R A I L E R -,,.. ,,.."tin-re, d i n e t t e , uas l i r a t . "IK stove, ir-r- box, cupboards, ms n i i i t e d , r n d l n . $."00 c o m p l e t e . Dial 3-H417. Lots and Acreage--36 Six weeks P a r e n t s e x c e l l e n t rabbit D i a l li-8744. old-. I WILLIAMSTOWN | Modern lour room house w i t h c x - i pansion a t t i c ; g a r a g e ; f o i - c - e d j u o U N D -PUPPIES -- W a l k e r - B l a c k warm air w i t h oil. Well l i t n c l s c a p - j ;( ncl Tan cross ed l o t . On bu-- line, near school a n d stores. Flora Sibley, R " ' °' """ j P A L O N t I N O i M'.re. V e r y a f i r r f p. n SADDLE HORSE-- Kcp.tle. Dial 3-8550; PINTO M A R E w i t h c o m p l e t e w e s t - ern o u t f i t . R e a s o n n b l e . Tel. Aci- PARLOR STOVE w i t h nine inch Florence burner, white Gold Meel- al Glenwood oil and gas kitchen range- Perfection oil hot water healer. Tel. Adams 1439-M or in- q u i r e 118 Howlancl Ave., Adams, clogs. S PLASTIC PIPE--Flexible, perma- i nent, lightweight. , Low cost. Quickly installed. Diameters from h a l f inch to six inch. Used for homes, farms, irrigation, summer camps, pump installa- t i o n . Supplied in coil form. James E. Cashin, Inc, Tel. Adams 203. CHUCK POT ROAST, 39c Ib. Boneless Veal Roast, 39c Ib. N a t i v e Fowl, 45c Ib. Native Roasting Chickens, 45c Ib. Frying Chicken Legs, 69c Ib. Frying Chicken Breasts, 79c Ib. Frozen French Fried Potatoes. 6 pkgs.. $1, Frozen Leaf Spinash. 6 pkgs., SI. Frozen Peas, 6 pkgs.. $1. Frozen Wax Beans, 4 pkgs., $1. Delivery Service. Open Thursdays til 9 p. m. Batsman's City Market. 94 Main St. Dial 3-3271. Home Furnishings--55 ATTENTION -- Headquarters for,TUXEDOS FOR RENT--Fo;- wed-1DON'T BUY A CAR until you see!MOTORCYCLE Thor washers; dryers, Gladironsj and kitchen ranges. Economy Ap-! pliance. 7 Holden St. Tony Pol-i lone. Manager. Dial 3-7956. j Musical Instruments--59 | dings,- lormals, etc. Single or double-breasted, $5. Also white coats. Sabin's, Corner. Holden and Center St. Dial 3-5290. Wanted to Buy--64 me. If you do we both lose. Leo' Bedard. Bedard Bros., 26 Maple- St., Adams. Tel. 1257-M. · I 1948 Harley- Davidson. 74 o. w. h.; good condi- t i o n : lot of accessories. $295. Inq u i r e 11 Depot St., Cheshire. BICYCLES foA wheel cycle. Dial 3-7604. UPRIGHT PIANO -- Good c o n d i - | A CALL PAYS CASH -- All kinds! HUDSON 1946 -- Four-door. N e w ] tion. Reasonable price. Tel. Ad- of iunk. Call Mo'rris Alpert North! tires; motor overhauled; new seat ams 1347-R. Radio and TV--60 Adams Junk. Dial 3-3185. GOOD SELECTION trade-in covers. May be seen a f t e r 5 p. m.! I CALL MAX JACOBS--To sell all j------?-- b ----·-·- j I kinds of junk, iron, rags, metals.!MERCURY 1950--Convertible. Ra! Dial 3-8525 · | dio. heater; overdrive. One o w n - ' TV; . Pr Reasonable. Tel. A d a m s ; sets--RCA, Victor, Fada, Emerson.! SCRAP IRON--All- kinds. We also Philco, Motorola. Easy terms. The; sell all kinds of new steel. A. Sha- Music House, 34 Bank St. piro Scrap Iron Corp. Dial 3-5337. G.E. TELEVISION -- R a d i o - p h o n o - i WOODEN LAWN SWING or glid- graph combination. Inquire 18 j er wanted. Dial 2-2036. . _1155-R. OLDSMOBILE 1937--With new 1948 i motor; good tires; good running i condition. Dial 3-6J58. j . . . . _ . .... -PUPPIES-- Six weeks old. Black! iind w h i t e . T e r r i e r - P o m e r a n i a n ) breed. Dial 3-0129. rubber balloon tires. Tel. Wil- [jamstown 677-M a f t e r 5 p. m. " DINING electric 1799-M. ROOM SET and Thor washer. Tel. Adams Williamstown. or Tel.' -- RECORD PLAYER -- Automatic. Livestock and Poultry --45 i Good condition. 78 r.p.m. Dial . ! 3-9819 a f t e r 5.30 p. m. EASY MAN--EASY Yes, REMODEL OR REPAIR Arnold St., 843. TV BOOSTER for sale. Cost S30!^ when new. Will sell for $15. Dial 3-5015. ttCLSER'S VALLEY FARM HOL- i H F -pR T rVfrRVTOR^' --~I aree s. f^-fA^r v"^ Al Mpi ?TM Z UTMC S?0 RS 11P. War t C J H A G H I I G O K K - \ . \ At. ; e nmn ing condition. G. NOW on ARNOLD'S EASY BUD- selec-IGET PLAN i Nothing Down) IN- ranteed ! CLUDES LABOR AND MATER top running condition. G. E-.jIALS. Call ARNOLD'S for free Philco Kelvinator, Hotpoint,! help. Sl.OO in remodeling- brings Croslry Easy terms Central Ra-! you S3.00. Call ARNOLD'S, Adams dio ·' Electric, 39 Center S t . , ' 2 2 . N o r t h Adams. Dial 4-9685. I RetinselafT G'ouiUv Fail- G r o u n d s r t Schrtghticoke. 20 miles north of Trov N. Y. at j u n c t i o n of Routes' 40 and fi7. 40 REGISTER- F I ) HOI.STEINS. B a u d ' s C e r l i - . lied, T.B. Ae.creditnd. Band's Vac- SEE THE TORO power lawn m o w - | FIVE ROOMS FURNITURE--Rea-1 c i l i a t e d Eligible lo "o a n v w h e r e . er al Albert's H a r d w a r e , S u m m e r , sonably priced. Dial 4-0641 after - - - ' - · - -.-.--: · S( Adams. We have a complete! 5 p. m. TV SETS, USED --Excellent running condition. Money back guarantee on Philco. RCA. G.E., Dumont and Zenith, S25 up. Central Radio Electric, 39 Center St., North Adams. Dial 4-9685. Appliances--61 LOT in Wells Ave D i a l 4-0131 or in- q u i r e 93 Glen A v e . L'\N[-Enoush 1.0 c-onslruct a b o u t 20 houses. Tel. 1188-J or i n q u i r e 21 Manners Ave., Adams. Mass._ ~~ WanFed^-RecifEsrafe.--39 CASt-filUYERS tor your veal estate. W h a t h a v e you to sell. Call Gruovese Agency. _Aclam.s_128I. F1VK~SIX ROOM r a n c h style house or e o l t a u c in W i l l i a m s t o w n or N o r t h Adams: p r e f e r a b l y S t a t e Ro,id. Write Transcript Box 236. HOMES^ARE "SELLING f a s t . For a, s a t i s f a c t o r y t r a n s a c t i o n and quick t u r n o v e r of y o u r real estate, call Walter LaPalin. "Your Real Estate Brokpr/[_D_ial_3-pB67. __ ri^KED~MORi; Listings of Farms and Homes. Customers w a i t i n g . Call Flora W. Sibley. Real Estate, Williamstown K48._ IT WAS LIGHT u n t i l 6:30 this e v e n i n g and t h a t means that more people t h a n e v e r w i l l be looking tor homes. More d a y l i g h t means more t i m e to sec mv sifin on your property, so c a l l SAWYER BOISVERT REAL ESTATE AGENCY. ADAMS 38 or 34 -M for a sale handled to your .satisfaction. SELL OR T R A D E for Massachu- s e t t s p r o p e r t y , 21 acre f a r m i New York slate i near P i t t s l i e l d . . GREATEST C O N C E N T R A T I O N OF' BURKE AND ORMSBY B R E E D I N G EVER OFFERED IN ANY ? A L E A N Y W H E R E . SELLING IN THIS SALE-5 D a u g h - t e r s of A m c a n a D i c t a t o r Mode! (Son of S4400 M a y t a g cow by t h e C l a r k d a l e Gloria T r a n s m i t lei- sire } 3 D a u g h t e r s and I son of PA GST R E G A L (Gold Medal I EI HEAT*ER a m l o v p n units in all makes of stalldard electric ranges and Auto Service, Supplies -- 65 BRAKES RELINETJ and ADJUSTED-- Regardless of make Positive efficient brakes never let you down. Drive in or telephone. George's Tire, Radiator Body Ashland St. Dial PACKARD 1947 -- Four-door se-| clan: c;ood condition. Radio, h e a t - er. $200. : OLDSMOBILE 1948--Club sedan. : Deluxe '76.' Radio, healer: a l l j accessories. Verv good car. Real | buy. $595. Dial" 2-2048. | PLYMOUTH 1947-- Four-door se- j clean, j WoiLs, -,-,2 TM.,^ u o,. -- | d a n Rac| . 0 h e a ( e r . v e r y _£;.!.?_: . Dial 4-0821 a f t e r 5 p. m. ' FAMOUS TUNE-UPS by Bill Chittenden, $4.50 and parts. Drive in today and put your car on an I economical running basis. VIC | PAUL'S, State Road. Dial 3-7746.! 1946 -- Late mode!,; club coujx 1 . Practically new m o - j tor. Best offer t a k e s it. Tel. W i l - ' liamMowr. 289-W. Bicycles, Motorcycles--67 GLENWOOD GAS RANGE--Good t condition. Dial 3-9869. I your lawn find garden. T-IAYER^CARRIACTE""and"~pacr. ! OLENWOOD New model, $30. Maple dinette; and gas combination. Tel. Adams I set- drop leaf table, [our chairs.i KWn-W. j Llk'f new, S65. Tel. Adams 1395-R, i GLENWOOD STOVE--White, oil a n y t i m e . i a n d gas, excellent condition; rea- LET US PULL A WHEEL--Free ] brake inspection. MEL'S SERVI-; , CENTER, Dean St., Adams. Tel.jwE KEEP 'EM ROLLING--All E.'Cshin, Inc. i _ 4 9 3 - ' m a k e bikes repaired. D U N E L T ; _ _ ! T O W N ' S ~ B I G G E S T B L A T T E R Y ' RANGE--White oiiiGLENWOOD^ RANGE -- Combina^ g ARG 4 IN :77 Stal l S n al c/ ? ?' 95 '-n S °, C KANUtt, vuuie. o i t ; ( . o n mal wow( a n d y H y s (n 179 state R o a d _ good condition « Call at 16 Hard- North Adams. iim- Ave.. Adams.- . . ... » ~ . /, Automobiles «Vr Sale--66 and Excellent s i r e ) . 2 Daughters;TWO-INCH PIPE--Long length, and 1 son of WEBER HAZEL- 1 G a l v a n i z e d and black. Inquire 23 WOOD B U R K E RAVEN i Now i Center St... A p t . 1. Dial 3-7767. in .service at Pabst F a r m s ) , l i ' _"_ Daughter of wis LEADER i Gold ; Coal, Coke, Fuel and Wood--53 M e d a l , E x c e l l e n t . $13,000 s i r e i . 1 | pausluers of PABST r;OAMER.^- LED H A Y f o r sale . wifliam A".' D E A N WALKER LAD j A l l - Venn, W p s t Boad] A d a m s , T el. 44. sellable. Tel. Adams 1074-W. MATTRESS for roll-away bed. Slept on once. Cost $21. Will sell for $15. Dial 3-5746 or inquire 26 West Main St. REFRIGERATOR""--"kitchen seJ; A m e r i c a n show son ,,f Pabst ;£'""' Wpa R o a m e r i . 2 S E N S A T I O N A L H E R D ! __'*· SIRES SELLING. Both from the . D R Y MIXED SLABS -- Stove E x c e l l e n t Los Roble -Get-ben' lengths. S10 a cord. H. Raymond. Lyons Princess cou- w i t h 732 Ibs. j Dial 3-81G5. _ _ fat on 2x m i l k i n g . One is by a i ^ n ^--so¥T~~AND~HARD~ WOOD I ^ J h r l b v " n u Cold° n Mecl'u '\\r SLABS - White birch fireplace - t h e i ov t h e Gold Medal and a n d hard c h unk wood. Dial 3-9833! half bed: rugs. Red Mills. Inquire Haley's, "Burk Gold E x c e l l e n t S e n s a t i o n Lad. Be sure you a n d t h e ' Medal a n d ! M a r a t h o n ' these great or Williamstown 994-RK. E. Bur- sues. A n i m a l s s e l l i n g , all ages. ,,'. icpresnit a good cross section of the e n t i r e Holser h e r d . The v e r y ; best in t v p e and i n h e r i t a n c e f o r ! f o u n d a t i o n stock will bo offered. MILK FED CAPONS -- Tender, =7TWo o ^ . W E CAN HELP YOU sell your home. furnishings, attic and closet throw-aways for as little as $1.44 for t h r e e consecutive nights in a 15 word "WANT AD." Dial 3-3741 for a friendly, helpful a d - t a k e r , tomorrow morning. Good Things to Eat--54 BE SURE YOU ATTEND THIS OUTSTANDING SALE OF QUALITY HOLSTEINS. R. A u s t i n ! Backus Inc., Sale Managers and Auctioneers. Mexico. N. Y. John H. Holser O w n e r . Troy, N. Y.. i R.D. No. 4. Sale s t a r t s 12:00 Noon. L u n c h a v a i l a b l e . Flowers, Plants, Supplies--48 ; delicious. Fancy Fowl for roasting or fricassee. Strictly Fresh Eggs, I'iean, candled and graded, delivered to your door weekly. Adams deliveries daily. North Adams del i v e r y Saturday. P. M. Browns' Poultry. 32 Notch Road. Tel. Adams 1047-W. DEW FRESH lady, b i r t h d a y s , sickrooms, fresh f r o m our greenhouses. Deliveries made t o W i l l i a m s t o w n , North A d - ams -Xclams, Cheshire. P i t t s l i e l d . 1 10: DENNIS FLOWERS. Tel. Adams rooms, b a t h , barns; .state road.! 495-W. _ _ W r i t e Winters. Stephentown Ceil- : Ri, ;c f RASPBERRY BUSHES--Two, i f f . N. Y. y o a r p old. sj.25 per dozen. $2.001 per two dozen. $3.50 per 50 Tel. W i l l i a m s t o w n 231. SOLD YOUR REAL ESTATE YET? Luis o£ customers w a i t i n g . We guarantee action. Tel. T. !·'. Roche Agency. Dial North Adams 3-55!5 or 3-8868. _ Business Opportunities--~40~ Articles for Sale -- 51 BLACKTOP ROLLER w i t h t r a i l e r wheels, and Dodge t r u c k w i t h snowplow. Tel. Pitlsfleld 2-5179 TOURIST HOUSES--One w i t h 14 or i n q u i r e 115 Cheshire Road. rooms in N o r t h . Adams, one w i t h l P u t s t i e l c i . seven rooms in W i l l i a m s t o w n . A j §QAT AND TRAILER -- T r a i l e r , 15 room i n n w i t h liquor license i optional Write Transcript Box and 20 acres ot l a n d located o n j .1^4 Main h i g h w a v in S t o c k b r i d g c . j . . - " -· - - - · Established r e s t a u r a n t s in N o r t h BOY'S BICYCLE-2ti-inch Schwinn. Adams and Williamstown. L a t i n - ; 2 4 - i n c h Samsco girl's bicycle. der M a r t doing good business j $15 each. Also outdoor children s with low overhead. Eight cabins double swing. $8. Automatic t i e - , in good location, ready to open! froster. $5. Dial 3^-3143. ; any time. If y.-.i are looking t"i'JBREE'DING"~CAGE--Large, double a business of any kind call us ; f0l . caniu ie.s or finchs. Dial 3-5572. we may h a v e w h a t you w a n t . Call .......'_.. ._ -- _ Rogers R e a l t y , ' W i l l i a m s t o w n CAR TRAILER--Good condition.; 736-M or 221. " I Price $45. Tel. Adams 1261-M. ! CASH REGISTERS and a d d i n g ; f machines, new and used. Henry Kass. Inc., 130-134 Quail St. Tel. t AlbEtny, N. Y. 5-7366. Poultry, Livestock Suppl.--43 ·V;ED~HO~!-STEIN HEIFER--Very reasonable. Dial 3-6274. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY III Vniliamso\vu Live ( l l i i ' k t ' i i I'ai'iii ( · ' u l l y K i | u i | i | i c i l '! A c r e s { Land 900 C h i c k e n s ( l o o p 100 led loui; « i i h ccmcnl f l o o r , c l r i ' l r i c i t y , c i t y uiiU'r. i n s u l a t e d . A l l c ( | u i [ ) i i i c n l liors w i l d tlii.s property. Six Itooiu House aliincl Kitchen Large Li\ ing Room Steam t l c i i l W i t h C.oiil ( l e n i e n t d r l l a i ' Three H e d i - o o n i s \\ i l h Closet* ( l o i n p l e l e l i i i t i i K n e h i H c d I'orcli F o r l i i l ( r n u i l i i i i ( l a l l 31. 4 . II11 OH X H e a l I'lsliile - I n s i i r a t i e e Tel. \ \ i I l i a i n s U n s n 8 W CHILDREN'S CLOTHES--Infants' to ' t e e n - a y e si/es, girls and boys. t Also kitchen set. stove, r e f r i g - erator. Dial 3-3407. CHILDREN'S SLIDE--Metal. Good condition. Also t w o - w h e e l hook o n , t r a i l e r . Reasonably priced, Tel. ; i Williamslown 829-R. i j CLEAN " UP--PA INT UP--Fix" UP j ! --See us for gas fired and f u e l - j incinerators; oil burner and j stoker sales and service: f u r n a c e I c l e a n i n g ; stove and boiler parts. 1 GAG LIAR DI FUEL CO., 11 Union £t. Dial X-3746. COW M A N U R E for lawns and gar-, dens. Burnett's Farm. Tel. 17"6-R or 176-J. _ _ FOR SALE--28" x 40" windows, j ] s u i t a b l e lor cold f r a m e s ; .seven! sets ot V e n e t i a n blinds; loud-! ! .speaker system with eight s l a - 1 lions; offke desk and chairs: miscellaneous tables and shelving. Model Laundering Co., 46 Lincoln Si. FOR SALE--This space of 15 words to r e n t , sell, trade, swap, 3 inscr- i lions, $1.44. j i GIRL'S BICYCLE--24-im-h. Elec! t r i e s h a v v r ; p i a n o ; lock t r u n k s . I W i l l sell ui- t r a d e . Dial 3-3581. | NEWSPAPER MATS--Ideal for in-| sulation on a t t i c floors, cellar ceil- \ ings, garages, chicken c-oops, etc.! See Mr. Russell at Transcript! Office. I OAK FENCE POSTS--Also well! rotted cow immure, Tel. 3-9833: or W i l l i a m s t o w n 904-R, OUR CUSTOMERS R A V E about/ our b o t t k c l gas. Why shouldn't t you! Try a lankt'ul. Your locally | owned bottle gas company gives ! you f a n . c o u v t e o u s service in t h e ; | N o r l h c i n Berkshires. H. A. i i GEORGE BOTTLED GAS. Dial ;i-GG,~2. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY JACK'S Army Navy 49 Eagle St. YOU GET MORE AT JACK'S FOR LESS Men's Lightweight Fishing Boots 'Sizes 6-13 $8.95 up Men's Black Surplus Fishing Boots $6.95 Ladies' and Buys' Fishing Boots $5.98 Surplus Fishing Vests 15 Pockets $3.98 Cost Government S15 500 Pairs Men's Dress Shoes $5.98 Res. S8.95 100 phs. Men's Loafers $4.98 Value $7.98 Men's and Boys' Spring Jackets $2,98 up Sleeping Bags S15 Value $7.95 Men's and Bovs' Basketball Shoes 3-PIECE PARLOR SUITES (Floor- Samples! Red and Green Boucle. Modern Styling $298 ( W i l h Your Old Set) Reg. $349.50 UNION ST. WAREHOUSE OUTLET. Dial 3-7140 CLASSIl-i£D oiSPLAY BIG SELECTION · LURES · TACKLE BOXES · BOOTS AM) WADERS AA'D by EVINRUDE it's the new, quiet, vibrationless outboard motor! -··' Place; (hem on lay away Save finance charges. BILL'S SPOKTIiNG GOODS 40 Marshall SI. Dial 3-7645 USED RANGES--Coal and gas, oil and gas, electric ranges, parlor CADILLAC 1941--Convertible. Radio, heater. Dial 4-1394. heaters; oil and coal. Easy terms. te^St". North AdamTM. 'Dial' 4-9685". j CHEVROLET 1951 -- Convertible. i $1,165. Very clean. Perfect condition. Can be seen at 15 W a l n u t St. Sporting Goods--62 BOAT MOTOR and trailer. Tel.! CHEVROLET 1950--Sin tion Wagon. A d a m s 1198-J. I n q u i r e 23 Center St., Apt. 1. FISHING BAslcETS, $T~2~9 up"; Dial 3-7767. metal minnow buckets, 69c; worm i CHEVROLET 1946--Radio, heater, cans, 30c up; portable typewriter,! Excellent mechanical condition. S39.95; leader material, 3c a coil:! Call Dick Whitehead, Williams- t r o u t flies. 5c up; trombone. $25; town 476, evenings, hip boots, $6.95 up. CENTER SPORTS, 3-9956. 15 up. Center St. Dial MERCURY OUTBOARDS. Mast o r c r a f t Trailers, Troian Boats, Roberts Kit, Boats. Pettit Marine Paints and accessories. Good used motors. Marshall D. Briggs, North_^Eagle St. Dial 3-7954. MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS Pabst and King Craft boats. Chris-Craft trailers and accessories. John Sobon. East Hoosac St.. Adams. Tel. 1282-M. CHEVROLET 1941--Four-door sedan. Radio and heater. $100. Dial 1829 Adams. CHEVROLET 1939 -- Radio and heater: good r u n n i n g condition. Inquire 17 Enterprise St., Adams. OUTBOARD MOTORS 12) --1953 models Merewy Mark 20 and 3 h.p. Johnson, both excellent condition. RicHard Tatlersall. 40 Notch Road. Adams. Tel. Adams 143-J after 6 p. m. Wearing Apparel--63 CURRAN HIGHWAY LOT NOW OPEN NASH NORTH ADAMS 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Dial 3-5704 or 3-7406 I MEN'S SLIGHTLY used suits, $15. | Brand new slacks. $5. Sabin's,j corner Hc-ldon and Center Sts. ! Sowing; Time Is Here! 1'lant a Transcript Classified Now Renp Bumper Results'. DODGE 1951--Coronet club coupe. 17,000 miles. Radio, heater. Reasonable. Tel. A d a m s 198-M4. FORD 1950--Tudor. Outside visor; excellent rubber; snow tires, back-UD light, map light, directional lights, radio, heater: undercoated, helper springs, trailer hitch, nylon seat covers. Motor rated by local agency better t h a n most new motors. Car has been excellently serviced. One owner- teacher driven. Asking S850. Tel. 3-9530. i English lightweight! and COLUMBIA steel-red. "We Service: What We Sell." KNEIPFER'S TIRE SHOP.-11 Spring St. Tel. Adams 104. ! sale. A - l condition. From S10-S30. Bike's repaired, parts for sale, prepared for registration and registration papers made out. D. G. Batchelor. Luce Road. Wil- _hamsto\vn. Tel. 1003-M. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY WITH US BEFORE YOU B U Y . . . . 1949 HUDSON Super 'IV. T\vo-door sorlan. Radio, hpator. Car in per- foci c o n d i t i o n . 1951 CHEVROLET F l p p t l i n p . Kquipppd w i t h l i p a t p r . Power G l i d p t r a n s mission. Color: Green 1951 CHEVROLET S t y l e l i n e dclu.\p. Two-floor sedan. Equipped w i t h h p a t p r . CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Isn't ft W ond or ful To Own A s4d Car! 1950 BUICK Two l o o r 1952 BUICK Two lo Redan Riviera CLASSIFIED DISPLAY SLEEPING BA(iS SS8.95 SUNSHINE SPECIALS Slop, Sec, Try and Buy One of These Dream Boats 1951 CHEVROLET o o n v v r t i l i l c d u l l coupe 1950 BLK'K. convertible c l u b coups 1950 CHEVROLET convertible coupe 1952 BLICK. Special four door xcdan 1951 CHRYSLER Saratoga four door sedan 1950 CHRYSLER Windsor four door sedan 1950 MASH Statesman four door sedan 1949 CHRYSLER W i n d s o r four door sedan 1949 PLYMOUTH Deluxe four door sedan 1946 OLDSMOBILE '66' two door sedan 1936 STUDEBAKER four door sedan Open Thursday and Friday Evenings U n t i l 9. Saturdays Until 4 P. M. MONTAGNA MOTORS 136 RIVER STREET DIAL 3-0535 1947 B U I C K Convertible 1949 B L I C K Four door sedan 1948 BLICK Four door sedan 1949 CHEVROLET Tjvo door sedan 1948 POMTAC Two door sedsui 1950 OLDSMOBILE Four door sedan 1917 K A I S E R Four door sedan CLASSIFIED DISPLAY $1.98 up Men's CLASSIFIED DISPLAY IHM si; i»itu i:i» TO si;i i IN ADAMS This home, l i k e some people, muUos f r i e n d s w h e t h e r it's he- cHiise ol t h e eheeriness of t h e rooms on a d u l l day or for some o t h e r reason, t h e casual v i s i t o r says, ( h i s is really home. The master bedroom has separate c l o t h e s closets for t h e Mr. and the Mrs. The larsje l i v i n i f room w i t h a larire p i c t u r e window is j u s t the place to spend u q u i e t e v e n i n g in real comfort. A n o t h e r t w o h e d n m t u s on the second f l o o r . A one car KHriixc in liasemi'tit. A large backyard makes t h i s home an ideal spot for t h e c l i i l i l r e n . This home is economically heated, t a s t e f u l l y decorated -- and a r r a n g e d for c o m f o r t . We have h i l on just a few p o i n t s t h i l l we k n e w would i n t e r est you . . . TliiJ; is a six room honif -- to see t h i s home j u s t c a l l t h e I H A N K .1. I.AI I S/.KA A t i K M Y IN ADAMS LOCATED AT 57 SUMMER STREET. TEL. ADAMS 1391 Fatigue Pants Jackets $2,98 ea. Full Line of Western Sucdc Men's and Children's Jackets at Reasonable Prices, And Plenty of Hie Good Old LEE and LEVI'S Western Dungarees For Men, \Vomcn and Children $3.98 LEE'S for Boys $2.59 JACK'S Army Navy 49 Eagle St. W i l l ) Canopy, W a t e r Kt'iieilcnl OUTBOARD Trawling- Molor §79.50 ¥!».") Down on Our Budget, Plan -MARTIN ( S h i f t ) O u t b o a r d Motor S I 89.50 GAS ( ANS 89c up W i t h Spout AIR EX Spinning- O u l l i t W i t J i Glass Spinning Hod and 100 Yds. of Sofl Monofiliinenl Spinning Line 815.95 FOOT LOCKER TRUNKS S10.95 and $12.95 SPECIAL OX GLASS FLY RODS S6.95 Bamboo 81.98 N I G H T CRAWLERS For Sole. Luscious, .luicy and Voluptuous CJeliter Sports 15 Cenlfii- Si reel Dial 3-9956 SPRING USED CAR REDUCTION SALE To reduce our stock of used cars all makes and models have been reduced in price, some as much as $300.00. 1953 W I L L Y S Station Wagon Low M i l e a g e Like New Was $1375 Now $1075 1950 C H E V R O L E T Convertible New Paint Job Was $975 Now S795 TRUCKS 1951 C H E V R O L E T ^2-Ton Panel 1950 C H E V R O L E T Sedan D e l i v e r y 1947 C H E V R O L E T !/ 2 -Ton Panel RIVER STREET 1953 CHEVROLET Two door sedan. Power Glide 1951 CHEVROLET Two door sedan 1950 CHEVROLET Two door sedan 1950 PONTIAC Two door sedan 1949 CHEVROLET Four door sedan 1948 CHEVROLET Pour door sedan 1951 FORD Two Door Sedan Fordamatic Drive Clean Car Was $1095 Now $875 1952 C H E V R O L E T Four Door Sedan Power Glide Trans. A Real Buy Was $1395 Now SI 175 S A L E S D E P A R T M E N T OPEN WEEK DAY E V E N I N G S U N T I L 8 P. M. SPOFFORD MOTORS, INC. 3-5371 1950 CHEVROLET Club coupe. S t y l e l i n p Deluxe. Radio, healer. Power G l i d e transmission. W h i t e w a l l tires. Color: Black. Very good in and out. 1949 CHRYSLER New Yorker. Four-door sedan. Radio, heater, dir e c t i o n a l l i g h t s . C o l o r : Black. MOHAWK GARAGE 1 M a i n St. Dial 3-3729 OPKN DAY AND NIGHT 1947 BUICK Four l o » r sedan 1919 PONTIAC. Four rloor sedan 1946 CHEVROLET Four door sedan 1948 OLIJSiMOBILE Two door sedan 1949 OLDSMOBILE Four door sod an 1947 OLDSMOBJLE Four door sedan 1950 FORD Cluli (Miune 1949 NASH Four door sedan 1949 GMC 1/ ton pick-up F I E R I MOTOR SALES, INC. BUICK SALES SERVICE 222 COLUMBIA ST., ADAMS TEL. 42-M WHY Give Your Car A w a y ? Trade With Vic Paul For That New Used Car. 1948 BUICK Special. Two door. 1948 BUICK Supey. Two door. 1947 BUICK Convertible Coupe. 1952 CHEVROLET Belair, Power Glide. 1931 CHEVROLET Two Door. 1950 CHEVROLET Two door. Power Glide. 1946 CHEVROLET Two door. 1949 DODGE Two door. 1949 FORD Cluh Coupe. Six cylinder. 1948 FORD Four Door, 1947 FORD V8 . Four door. 1941 FORD Convertible 1931 M E R C U R Y Convertible. Hot Rod Engine. C o n t i n e n t a l Rear. Mercomatic Transmission. 1931 OLDSMOBILE Two Door. Radio, Heater, Hydramatic. 1950 PACKARD Super 8 Four Door Sedan. 1954 PLYMOUTH Hardtop BELVIDERE. Fully equipped. 1953 PLYMOUTH Four door. 1949 PONTIAC Two door. Radio, heater, Hydramatic. 1948 PONTIAC Station wagon. 1947 PONTIAC Four Door. 1931 STUDE BAKER Four door, Landcruiser, Radio. H e a t e r . Hydra- malic. 1950 STUDKBAKER Four Door. 1949 WILLYS J popster. Most ot the above cars can be purchased for .$95 down. P.S. We Arc Franchised Deal- ?rs (or S p o i l s Car, Morris Minor and Rilev. VIC and PAUL'S MOTOR SALES Vic Lampiasi, Paul IJcaucliamp, Owners Charles \V. Collins, Sales Mgr. State Road ' Dial 3-7746 Open 7:30 A. M. to 8:30 P. M. THE HOME YOU HAVE DREAMED OF .Can be yours this SPRING! - READ the WANT-ADS - for home values.

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