The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1945
Page 8
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Fraternity Ban On in Florida Gainesville Students Suspended To Enforce Florida State Law GAINESVILLE, Ma., March 1 tU.P.)—Fifty-two high school fra terniiy members in Gainesville an. debuting what to do about llioii future. • They have liecn suspended' fron school hi n move lo enforce n state law. prohibiting high schoo fraternities and social clubs, so they Jriust deiiite whether" to renounce their Greek letter memberships or remain out of school. Forty of the bO3 f s are student* a I- Gainesville high cchool and the other'- 12 are attending the p. K Yonge high • school. The boys nre believed to be the full membership of Delta Phi Chi and Arnn Akbar, the two clubs involved. The principal of Gainesville high school, P. W. Buckholz, says Ihc boys and their parents must give positive , assurance that the two fraternities will remain Inactive, or, otherwise, the 52 .students must stay out of public school in Gainesville. Buckliolz says an investigation of girls social clubs also has been started. The Florida law barring- high school fraternities rco.iitly was upheld by the Dade Ccuniy circuit Court, but a Miami Beach high hns appealed the decision to the Slate' Supreme Court. Pic. Thomas Gitchell Fighting In Germany Pfc. Thonias Wesley Gitchel), former Courier News pressman antl stereotype!', is in the thick of the fighting -pn the Western Front where ;.Iic.; Is ; serving with one of the American Infantry mils driving deeper into Germany. The 19-ycar-okl Blythevllle soldier mentioned the intense righting in no nncrlaln lerms in a leltcr to Bert Lamb, shop foreman wllli whom he worked before going into ' the army lust April. _ "Here I am right up on Ihc front line, and man, they sure do look good dead," he said, referring to the 1 enemy. Private Gitchell, son of Mrs Johnny Williams of Yarbro, ntso has served in England, Franco and' Belgium Since going oversells. Marriage Licenses In the past two weeks, licenses to marry have been sold to the following couples through the local office of the county court clerk: Walter Pilaml and Mrs. Bessie Jones, both of Manila; Cressle Hancock of Harrisbm-g, in., nml Mrs. Altha Prowell of Murphysboro, 111.; Roland Warren Davis and Miss JImmie Cleo Millhcmi, both of Bly- thevillc; Harvey Warren and jilss iula, Webb, both of Tiplonvlllc, Tcnn. , George W. CnUioun of Montgomery, La., and Miss Evelyn Ruth Stafford of Oxford, Miss,;"Bill Abraham Rifiey of Stcelc and Miss Imagenc • Proctor of Cooler, Mo • Herbert Hume of East St. Louis', 111., and Muss Lorraine Harrcll of St. Louis; Arthur Brides and Mrs Thelma Tiipp, both of Cape Girnr- deau, Mo.; John T. Carlton of Cairo 111., and Miss Julia Sherwood Dodge' of Commerce, Mo. .Alton Lewis Lindsey and Mrs Lena Bell Kceton, uolh of cooler Mo.;. Edgnr s. Jaco of. Homers-' ™ ?;- Mo " and Miss M| "T Maxinc Walker of Marked Tree, Art- • Fl- vin R. Davis of Eiisl Prairie,'MO and -Miss Margaret M. Maslerson of New Madrid, Mo.; James Me- .Lookin Heres the lalest photo of Lt- ,h en m acob U Devers - lak «n on the Weslern Front as his Sixth Army Group, holding Ihe southern flank of Ihe Weslern Fronl was cleaning Germans out of Alsace. Sixth Army Group includes U. S. Ill, Army, 1st French Army and numerous separate units. "A Better Place To Eat" The New PALACE CAFE —SUaks, Chops, Seafood, Chicken. Vegetables cooked just like home. Rescue Was 'Beautiful' To American Woman BEHIND AMERICAN LINES, Luzon. March 1. (.UP)— "Today Is Ihe most exciting, most wonderful day of my life." This is the message which 29- year-old Doris Hubcns Johnston cabled from Luzon. And slie used tlir words "wonderful" nnil "exciting" simply because there are no other words lo fit the story she had lo tell. As a United Press 'stall correspondent, Mrs. Johnston has undergone experiences wbk-h few American women could endure. She and lier husband were on Limw when [he Japs camp in 19-12. They escaped to the mountains and lived with guerrillas for months before they were ruptured. Finally the Japs found them, and they were mprisoned for two months, nnd then placed hi an internment camji it I/).s Banos for two years of lii- erminablc waiting. This story was written Immediately niter Mrs. Johnston's Illxra- ion by American troops. She ttTllr.s ihnl the* 48 hours be- ore the Americans came were among the worst of the whole three yenrs of hell. Tile Japs had slopped issuing vcn the dally .ration of rice, which wis flavored by such delicacies as ilgweccl, slugs and worms. And the Internees had been told hat no more food was lo be ex- icctecl. Mrs. Johnston says: "A fooling of panic was in the olr. People had actually been fain- shed. Mothers had given up their TO-n miserable rations for weeks so hat the children might eat. Two of our number already ^ind been Murdered by the Japs for trying to bring In food from the outside. As we waited desperately, all of us asked the same unspoken question. Would our boys come In limy?" Their fnicsllon was answered sooner than most expected. Mrs. Johnston says: ' "Our boys cnnic wllli (he dawn. In beaiitllul planes they came. There was somclliinf! different about that group of twin-engined monsters. In a moment we knew why, paratroops hcgan lioatint; down. There was n spontaneous wave of laughter and tears. All the Ingenuity of Hollywood couldn't put this show on Ihe screen. The full impact of our deliverance from tin; luuids of the enemy hit us with the «|)|icaranee of those swIiiKlni; umbrellas of silk against the n/.iirc sky. But Hie climax cnine when one of the C-47's swooped down almost to barracks lop height, and we nil coukl read the dramatic wonderful word pnlntcrt on the fuselage — rescue." Then, as Ihc Internees walched with breathless suspense the battle begun. And slowly but surely, American soldiers pushed towards the bur- racks to free the pri.soncr.s-. The UP correspondent writes: "Every woman there lelt as If It were her own brother or lover who hn<l come to save her iicrsontilly. They caitie toward us dust-stained and sweating from Ihe struggle and Ihe heavy uincliliiceuiis (hey -were carrying. Spontaneously we cried mil warnings lor we knew where the Jnps were hiding. For the moment we forgot the rescue. Above all we wanted Hint none of them ho hurt It was nil over in about a half mi hour. Suddenly someone shouted— leai s of Dycrsburg, Tcnn., and Itowenn French of Friendship, I'cnn.; Newton B. Fisher nnd Miss /Irglnln O. Hill, both of Blythc- •ille; Lynclnll K. Loughary and Miss Jessie Mac Perkins, both of St.! jouis; Johnny Wheeler and Mrs. Miecca Davidson, bolh of Monicrs- 'ille. Mo. KJcll ft. Nilsson of Miami Ueach. •'la., and Mrs. Lillian JUm-l of C.i- iitlieisville; Charles Edward Denny and Miss Minnie Bcquette, both of Cape Glrardciui. Mo,; Charles "!wcn nnd Mrs. Allhiu Lingle, bolh if Marion, 111.; Edward Lester Henson and Mrs. ncrnicc Daniel, both ol St. Louis; Troy Elmo Kcnnon will Mrs. Mildred Elaine Moll, both of St. Ix>lii.s; Cliartes Patrick White nnd Miss Charlcie Bnker, bolh of SI. Louis; Rubin Thomas Klllings- vorth niitl Miss Peggy Gcrnldlne MRrlcn. uolli ot Blythevllle. Stuart J. Carroll and Miss Betty lot Vaughn, both of Blytlieville; Slmer Dunn and Miss Helen Pniitt, )0lb of Blylheville; Jiime.i llnrshel linklm and Miss Opal Juanita Colins, both of Cooler, Mo.; Liuv- encc Halley of Dell, nnd Miss Lttie Mae Gray of Kolscr, Mo.; James 1. Newton and Mrs. Iva Morris both of Marston, Mo,; Virgil Tor- nee Ross of Clinton, Ky., iiml Miss Mary Ellen Wren of Columbus, Ky • .uthcr DuMoul Pottler Jr., nnd iliss Joyce Jenn Hatneld, botli ol arton-Hie, III.; George William vTumllngcr and Miss Janice Burns )0th of St. Louis. Dan Ledbellcr nnd Mrs. Angle loward, both of Caruthersville; Ro- nlnc Esles Henley uiul Miss Paula Sue Wilson, both of Mnyflcld, Ky • James. E. Doolin of Pontiac. Mich.', Hid Miss Lavcrne Farmer of Har- isburg. 111.; Pcan E . Ferguson of Flora, 111., and Miss Amanda Mae Vest of Bicese, III.; Clifford Jeferson Cooley and Miss Clara Eve- yne Serrntt. botli of Dyersbnrg remi.; Ray Mntsscr nnd Mrs. Cliar- ty Brown, both of St. Louis; Jeff IcCollum of Bragg city, Mo., and iliss Pansy Mac Clark of Pascola rfo.; James Thomas linrnliill nnd liss Hilda Ruth Parmlcy, both ol forchouse, Mo. Louis Samuel Carroll mid Mrs Stcllene Downcu. both of Sikeston lo.; \f. H. Baskclt of Evansviltc' Tiul, and Mrs. Carrie Green of Simmer, 111.; Charles Cross of Pa- jducah, Ky., nnd Miss Peggy Trcccc ; of Louisville, Ky.; Charles G. Wright nnd Mis. Dixie Durham, bolh of I Johnson City. 111.; Harry Maschlno ' and Miss Belle Ncwlln, both of Per, kins, Mo.; W. J.-Brume and Mrs. Iva Brame, both of Hai'nsbiirg, III.; Cletcs Rlvln Clontinjer and Miss Mildred Ruth Fisher, both of Cape Ghnrdeau, Mo, E. B. Choate ami Mrs. Ueo Young, bolh of PiKlucuh, Ky.; Irotha Dry- nnt and Miss Delia Mae Miller, both of Sikeston, Mo.; Franklin d. Shcl- ton of Taimns, 111., ami Mrs. Clara A. Shirkcy of Henderson, Ky.; Charlie Winfrey Ratlifr and Miss Robbie Lcc Scott, botli of Blytheville; Williams Oncy Wllloughby and Miss Natalie Bnrnett, bolh of McClme. III.; Waller nines and Miss Gladys Chapman, both of Cnrlnl, 1)).; George U. Kccfcr of Sunbury, Pa., and Mrs. Ann Kccfcr of Culver City. Calif.; William Arthur Kent of Blythevllle, and Mrs. ICdrn L. Gifison of Joncsboro, Ark. ,,. . SALE '-';.- :- ' ;/:•; ^-- ; CONCRETE'.v .4^ STORM 'SEWER ' ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Brtd E e Lnmber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Osceola, Ark. Fhone 691 I will pay you TOP CEILING PRICES for late model, clean cars. See a man who has given you fair dealings for 18 years. • . • . Chamblin We have a complete REPAIR SHOP staffed by competent mechanics . . . Also good stocks of parts and accessories. Bring y s your repair work. ... Gene Osborne Service Manager. \Ve have several late model cars in good condition on our used car lot. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ash & Railroad Sts. Ph. 2195 CAHI) OF THANKS We wish to thank our ninny friends for their kindness and llornl offerings during the sudden rtcalh of my. dear husband who passed away the 29lh of January. We llmiik Rev. Thompson and Hie funeral home for their kindness; i also. Rev. Flowers for conductins the funeral services, and the McCnrniick family for their nice songs and music. Mrs. Fannie Milcy nnd family. Here, here, American soldiers here Suddenly (hey were among us, tall bronzed smiling Ind.s — smiling through Ihc sweat of bnllle, famll- iai filers, smiling faces, those we knew .so well from Brooklyn, from Oallfornlii, from Arkansas — any- wlicrc thai bvounhl America to us They walked by the barracks nt a fiiife distance, not wishing to attract enemy fire at us, and they were nil .s!»l)|j>«. They lind time to smile—these men who lived so close to ilenth." Tliwe years wax a !onn time to wait. But In one single ilay, Mrs Johnston sny.s, "those horrors sceni- cd lo molt nnd become nothing. AS 1 watched the determined faces of our Wildiors stiirlng over the barrels of their macliluegnns a wave of fectirlty swept over me. Suddenly i foiircd nothlni!." WAKN'IS'O OUDER In Ilic Clianeery Court, Chlcka- sawlw Oislrli-t, iMisslsslppi Coun- ly. Arlcidsit. 1 ;. Ruby Lnngston, Plnlnllfr, vs. No. 0018 Tnluiuiie I.ane.ston, Defendant. The ilefcndant, Talmaee Lnnf.;- slon, Is hereby (Warned lo appear wllhln Ihirty <iays In the court nnmod in tins caption hereof and answer Ihc complaint of the plaln- IIH Ruby I,nngslon. Ualcd Ihis 20 day of February, • HARVEY MORRTS, Clerk By D. Mtilr, D. C. Percy A. Wrlghl, Ally, for PUT Claude F. Cooper, Ally, ad Lllcm 2122-3)1-8-15 Expert Auto Body Repair Henry Kbodcs, whom we consider nnc of Hie best workmen In Ihls area, is now in charge of our I'aliH A Body repair shop . . . CAM, US FOR ESTIMATES. Lee Motor Sales 305 E. Main Ph. 519 ! Now Open In OSCEOLA! (Just Noi-lh of Courllioiisc On Old Biillgrounil) WILSON TIRE SHOP Guaranteed RECAPPING & VULCANIZING. of Passenger Car,' Truck and Traclor Tires. GHADF. TII11EK TIKES, TUBES and KELINERS (No Certificates Itcqulred) Service S. Division & City Limits — Phone We Call For and Deliver Cars! Specialists In— Greasing - Tire Repairs - Washing We've a few sets of seal covers lell W. K. "Uill" Crawford ' j. \ lm ., Joe ,, Don't Waif Until Spring To Have Your Tractor Repaired Avoid delays and save valuable farming hours by having us chcrk nnd repair your fr;trlor now. We nlso spcciali/c in steam cleaning anil painting machinery JUST ARRIVEDI NEW CROP SPRING GARDEN SEED PAUL BYRUM AHis-Chalmers Dealer 11 '1-122 E, Main I'hone 401 If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. '25 Years' Continuous Service" FRITZIUS, THURSDAY, MARCH I, ATTENTION PLEASE . ,,l cheek l "•. f 0 '?«PI >| y i> 9 1»» »'«!> » the following carefully and make !•»«!• unobtainable el»wher«_.on'l you of ever, si of how FRITZIUS SATURDAY SPECIALS 1. One lot cotton prints, 2 grades. 2. One lot chambray. 3. One lot 81x99 Forrest City Sheets. \ ,4. One lot Turkish towels. 5. One lot oil cloth. 6. One lot shelf oil cloth. 7. Men's Pfi/NCf TON broadcloth shorts, f las- tic in sides. Alt sizes. 8. Men's HAYNES knit shorts with elastic. All sizes. 9. Fine quality men's undershirts. 70. Boys' good grade undershirts. J L One tot snow white cotton twill. 12. Large assortment luncheon cloths. DRY GOODS -Blue Denim Hcil ticking Drapery — heavy 54" for beu- sjireads, drapes, upholstery, etc. Washcloths 'Kiinn Itiiynn "\VJiilc or lilack Jersey \Vookn Suilin>r Ladles' and Cliililren's CoUon Frncks Hotter Dresses Hlnclfs Skirts 'Girls' and Ladies' Panties wilh claslic bands Lailics* anil Children's Slips Brassieres Ladies' ISelter Purses Bed Jackets Blouses Collar Scls 'Table Cloths Dickies "Napkins Dresser Scarfs Mlish Towels 'Ihimlkcrcliicrs— lOc lo SI (.allies' Heller Housecoats Lndlcs' Sweaters "Chcnllln anil J{:ig Kugs Cotlon Butts ' i! BI;inkcls and Quills 'Keallier Pilloivs ROYS' THINGS Broadcloth slinrLs (Jond innlcrsliirts Boys suspenders nnd bells "Slacks Snils, :ill sires- 'Boys' 1'anls °Lilllc Buys Overalls and Corduroy Overalls -Lous; Sleeve Sport Shirts. Blue and Brcm-n. Med. Large 'Slinrls anil Uiulcrsliirts .'Brown English KibtKd Anklets Dress Sochs, like Dad's Kockfortl Work Socks Oooil Kniiicoiils rilch's and nines' £ifl boxes, - .suitable for nulling. 'Safely Razors "Ua-ior lihulos, goort ones, Gem, l*crsonn:i, etc. Hair Tonic — Fileh's Quinine, ,:. Vaseline, Kreml, etc. -Ilair Oils-iKyiknubi etc. Pells atiii .Suspenilcis Men's Tald -i-i Fili-h's, McnnenV, clc. Shavirig Cream, soaps, clc. After Shave Lotion 1'ipcs— cob niul hickories — famous "Ken" briars llancs Winter Umlcrtroir, all sizes 'Shirls anil sliorts, with elastic 'Men's dress or ivorli shirts •Ali-n's Khaki Pants .lien's Sport Shirts .Men's slacks sllils 'Men's tips, hankies, clc. Shop Caps Corduroy ami Hunting c . ap s Sweaters Lcallicr Jackets Mackinau's B.-vtti Hobcs liAHY THINGS f'aslilp. soap, French milled Baby toys Johnson's Baby Fowdcr, Baby Oil, Baby Cream, etc. 'Olive Oil 'Fine Combs Haliles Nipples and Hollies •Baby Drp.sses— lawn, Nainsook Satin Bath Kobe* 'Online Conns •Oulinc Kimonas Blankets, all kimls Bootcc.s •Hublx-riJcrl Vanls and Bibs Caps unit ToboRRans Chamber Chairs • Hich Chairs »n,ibj- Chenille Stircads Baby llamcss Traininj; Commorlc Seals Coiiiinoilc Scat Cushions A CASE OF COKES AT ANY TIME ONE 25c PACKAGE OF CLEANSING TISSUES TO EACH CUSTOSmR ITEMS MARKED BELOW BY ASTERISK» ARE SCARCE OR SEMI-SCARCE THREADS- TRIMMINGS, ETC. Coals Sewlne Threail—all sizes and colors Coats Embroidery Floss, all colors ' "llic-rac and Bias Tape *Searn Binding ^Bellini; 'Shoulder Simps 'MliWy Btald :1 Kibb«ns 'Lace und Ruffles MEDICAI- SUNDRIES Hydrogen ptroxlile Lysol Toothache drops Antiseptics: Listerine, Dobel's So- lulion, Pepsoilenl, etc. Cough Drops, all kinds Vicks Vaporub or Vatronol Penetro Nose Drops St. Joseph Aspirin l-Way Cold Tablels Turpentine Castor Oil Cough Syrup Bluck Draught Ex-Lax Argotane Alka Selher Sal Hepatica Tunis B-C or Stanback Mcntholatum UiiRuenline • Grove's Chill Tonic GRI; Quinine Cardui Nervine Adhesive Tape Gauze Bamlage Band-aids Absorbent Cotton Iodine Mcrcurochrome Alcohol Compound Mineral Oil Coil Liver Oil Flowers of Sulphur Epsom Salts Milk of MaBiicsia Camphorated Oil Camphor Camphor Ice Sloan's Liniment Glycerine KITCHEN NEEDS Waxed paper Shelf paptr Shelf oil cloth Window shades V/imlow brackets Fixall cement Fixall Liquid Solder Bruce floor cleaner •Metal Funnels 'McLil and Glass Skillets -'Foot Operated Kitchen Garbage Tails Oil Stove Wicks, all typ«s Johnson's Polish and Wax Cedar Polish Stove Polish Oil Mops Ras .Mops Brooms '.Steel Wool 'I'ot Cleaners Dish Mops Scrub Brushes Sink Stoppers Rolling Pins LADIES', MEN'S & CHILDREN'S HOSE 'Famous Chlpman Super Sheer Ladies Hosiery Cotton and Mercerized Ladies Hose Fine Mcsli Hose Anklets, all sizes anrl colors including white Mcns Work Sox, all kinds Men's Dress Socks, large selection • Bool ,t[oeraslns •Men's wool work or boot sox Children's hose in V, lengths SHELF HARDWARE, ELECTRICAL ITEMS Spirit level* Claw hammers Pump leathers a Ariii Core Solder Plastic Wood Friction Tape 'Phonograph Needles 'Stove Pipes Fruil Jar Lids, caps, rubbers, elc. 'Oil Lamps, burners, wicks, chlra- 'Gasoline lamp mantles °Flue Stops Metal Lock Boxes -Metal Dust Pans 'Paint Brushes Knajnel and Varnishes 'Metal Coffee Makers Flashlight Bulbs "Kerosene Lanterns Shelf Angles Door Hooks and Eyes Screen Door Springs Hinges and Hasps Slove Bolls anil Wood Screws Carriage Bolts "Electrical Plugs : Plug Puses Carpet Tacks 'Shoe Nails "Screen Door Hinges 'Guitar Strings Hatchets and Handles 'Utility Knives Fishing lines, hooks, elc. »BB Shol Screw Drivers Files '.Mouse Traps Ugh I Bulbs Leather Half Soles COSMETICS AND TOILET NEEDS Hair dressings; Polly Peachlrec, La Parrott, Breezy, etc. Koyal down with olive oil Toilet soaps Wave set Culex emery boards Eyebrow hveezers. All nationally known brands makeup, including I>jer Kiss i Pond's, Lady Esther, Jergen's* - Wooilbury's, Tangce, Blacft ami While, Laymons, Philippl etc. Perfumes, Toilet Waters, Colognes, clc. All Nationally Known Dentifrices Toolhbrushes—Tcck, Pepsodent, Nylon, clc. Arrid, Mum, Zip, Taylons, and other deodorants. Toilcl Soaps Combs, all kinds Shampoo, Pilches, Drenc, Co- co.iiml Oil, Kreml, etc Wave Sel Kyehrok Tweezers Hair Nets SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Boxed Slallonery Loose Stationery Envelopes 'Airmail Envelopes V-mail Stationery Airmail Slalionery Stationery Kits Ink fen Points Pencils •Fountain Pens 'China Marking Pencils 'Carpenter's Pencils Inclellible Pencils Typing Paper Carbon Paper Stenographer's Notebooks Paper Clips 'Crepe Paper .Memo Books Ledgers Day Books Receipt Books Pen Tablets "Cellulose Tape Adding Machine Paper Sales Pails Water Colors Paint Brushes 'Colored Crayons Chalk Note Book Backs 'Construction 1'aper Composition Books Spelling Books f Compasses School Tablels Glue Pasle Mucilage i ro ,i Glue American Flags, all sizes A Good Assortment of Toys Pencil Leads Clark Erasers Pencil Erasers DISHES Salt and peppers Icebox water botllcs Icebox covered dishrs 'Large Buttermilk Tumblers Water and Iced Tea Glasses "Water Pitcher Sels 1 Bowls, all sizes Platters, all sizes * 'Percolator lops Syrup Pitchers Cream Pitchers Sugar Bowls Dinner Sels Fire King Oven Wear SANITARY NEEDS Meds, Kcds, Fibs, elc. Corn Remedies Kolex • Modess Toilet Tissue 'Paper Cups "Paper Napkins Ant. ami Boach Killer Rat Killer Commode Rubber Suction Clean- DR. SCROLL'S FOOT REMEDIES Foot powder Liciuid fool balm Cream foot balm Corn remedy Arch supports Felt or cork Insoles All types corn or bunion plasters MISCELLANEOUS NOTIONS, ETC. Lavatory Kubber Suclion Cleaner Bed Pans, Enamel 'Hoi Water Bottles "Syringes GIFT (JOODS A nice line for all occasions— items loo numerous lo mcnlion Shoe brushes Wax camllc.s 'Soft Drinks English Walnuts or Pecans Cakes, Fried Pies, Potato Chips, Candies, elc. Ice Cream, any amount Tobaccos, all kinds Birthday Candles, Holders, etc. •Ladies Elastic Garters '•Hair Pins, Bobby Pins, Straight Pins, Safety Pins, Sewing Needles. Machine Needles, Dress Snaps, Hooks and Eyts, Celluloid Hairpins. *Hair Hollers Bcrcls, clc. 'Picture Frames, Luclle, lealh- cr, elc. Key Rings Creeling Cards Dyes, Putnam's and Kit Hair Bows, Flowers, clc. Shoe Laces, all kinds Cloth Bool Laces Shoe Polishes and llycs Pictures and Plaque;; Press-on Mending Tape Photo Corners Tay.san Costume Jewelry Military Jewelry Boudoir Lamp Shades. Dry Goo'ds, Notions and Gifts 2020 W. Main Phone 949

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