Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 9, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1942
Page 5
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Announcements ' .MONUMENTS . . PIMOOH ON A!( Memorials W, HIQHAJ1D?* '2M So. M«ln SI, '' A full linn, town, iTfui Hacllo Shop, , 180 Orun.a Ht,,,.Wulorbury. lUKf ~>;:'.- Bo Patriotic t ~~ Fill your coal bin NOW. RELIABLE : 0KAIN AND FUEL CO, Coal — Coko— Fuel Oils — 1 ' .Grains 6-7 Church St, .Tol, .3070 Merchandise ,10 )loiiJ<olH>lii Article,* Heal ^Estate For Sale Forms 'For Stale ,...., . . . tlon.In seryJpo^p-inootitlie ijy llxcd priuc. .Second, tho yblurir' Itu'y' ]iosi>Jtal'sysl,cni -V, 1 :.' 'vWoulti-.;}%-: discouraged. In -'rille '.. long run, 'thc\ plan would -open Uno way i'or 'a tlonal government . encroachment Into all' brnnoh'es 'oi' 'medlclne^and' .onoo that .happened, 'socialized' 'medicine ' : ; Wo' think ,„ , ; ,,..^—„. .'jiEV^iyiJEs^ \-.-'« f ' \' ••'"--'• .'•''.-. -;'' : ' '•'-'; : : J. . . I : .-S if$, ( Bri dgepjbr t ! :Telegram)" ;vTire ratibning, gaspline ration: irig, and the restriction of now oar sales. is going to raise bob with tire sta'-tc. highway . department , pro- 'i'-.xi -:;- '^i'v-ij ••• ••' ' • " , - " - M$pSf of^lJip funds, of the Jil^i to^^^.vi.uv:-^,. -—" ' ' Orld Kitchen DlnlhKi'oonV Sulton lil'ylngt'boin Sul'tcH Odd MvliiKi'o.oni Chairs Studio ( C'.onsolu RADIO. S •'••— t)ONK BY ; AU< WOHK OIJARANTWKD LOV1NH KLEJOTRIC CO, 8 Ohru'ch Street 'Dial 5024 '-For 'Prompt Sdrvlue THBIFT VALUES COTTAGE SPECIALS Oil Cookers : * 4,W Oaa .1)8 2i>,y:> »9,0T> io!or> '/».% J4.PD 8,0"> Wlokor Gai'i'lag/sH ........ 4,05 SPKGIAI/I Only y<» I'Jnd TabloH ....Mo oaoli (Onu to a customer, Want, -your Cloinc oui'ly!) ^ ANNEX 103 Muadow Stroql Watoi'bury 0-9- If liroakl'aHt SotH Trtt)lo« rpn SALE—An il-rpom two-family •tfouso, one-car ^iragb, 6'xtra lar^p Jot, -A-l oondUibn, ; located in Union City. 1 Prlco $0,000. Also 'a •beautiful building lot 'with. a]i ; and Dollar already dug. h 'bar'griln at .$700. . Locatctl ' 1 '.-;_ oxpe- ' ' ;I)'^G I: ; :tl : iiin: ' on North lloadley' street. If. you ; t rib7iirdsenf*vii^ want to J)UY or soil or build, doc ^onuvsagb.viat/ilio Chaotic L 'and.'- P(il,sy iLabrlola, .'Realtor,-"Phono •8458-01' 5834, FOU SALK—8 room 3 family lioiise, all'Improvements, 2 bar garage, largo lot, Priuo ?4,8QO. Beacon Kalis, d2 room 2 'family house, all Improvements, steajn ;.heut,.-3 oar •gurago, oontrally •lo'oatcd. .For a quick salo, prioo only $3,000, A. Shoploy, -Tel, 2433. 4-23-t.f. Business Service Metal Outtorfl, .Isadora, Tinning, '.Hoofing ami Fwnumj NVcu 4 k JAMES BAKER *0 'Uradloy 91, 'Nniwnluok, Conn, •Mini i i' ( I i i nQiiTrn— r ---- r-r-r^ ----- rri 9 Auliwi ami Truck* -For Hnle x — _ ...... ...,,,. i ., i . i r - ... . ii ••• * lb39 Chrysler Royal Sedan Clonn throughout, Moolianlcnll'y •orfcflHont. NojU-To-Now /rul>b6t'. Hoyal .fillip, Htrlpocl In Silver ,,..,,,.,, ........ •'.''—. Open Kvonlngn — '; Packarcl-Wn torbui% Inc. "A'SAKK PI/ACJR'TO IUJY" 48?, Wtttcrlown Avoniio Dial 4-0100 , it>30 'Stftlo Volluo Car, TudOr ,, J9U Ford DcMlXo Goupo, .1S.OOO -mlfOH »7ifi,00 JOiO Lincoln Xnpliyr -Snclftn ,., MOB-DO. i9>y> Studoimkor Sudan,, .#875.00 40H Ford Plnkup ,,,,,,,-W7IMX) -Ko«l 1-Ton Kxpro.M» $57^.00 >Kord 1-Ton Stake,,, ,ijK>i(),00 .Many .olhor KjjortpMoluul.. Low 1 'ppjnert .Oa rfl, i THE NAUttATUCK FIJKt (10, «7 Church St, 1 Phono WHO 45 Wnnlcd to .l(dni|ot*.. Survloe'. NOW Is the limn'to. 1 slow, yom' fur cmil. I^luk -up and dollvory servlco, Also for the) iH.vsl flvy phono 2 ^OIV ^Af^^Wnnpolow of 5 rooms, Yll '•ImprovomOntsV Inoludlng 'hot •' Ava'tbr. h6'oT and''oak trim.' fV.500. Now 4-rb'bm n'loclprn 'bungalow, spfr.OOO! Urapd new :inodorii 4-room : .hoVifiel v Syith 2''ox-tra ..rooiVis '. ».un- ./IniH'lied! : i?i},000. 'Flve-room 'modern oao-ram'iiy iipusti t ;2'jiD.ts, $0,500. LKT Us Tut Your Lnwn Mowor in Hhupo for the .nenHon. Mowora! Hharpoiuul, rbpalro'd, oto. Gall 'for; .and delivery service. Service Station, Hubbor avonuo. Telephone 3V20, 4-7-tf wio UUY otD SWAN KLK 1'jlootrlolanH 15 ahuroh Street CIO. Tol. -tate . 72 nnd FOH SAtliJT-HMMJ KOMI) ooupe. Oood condition, e.xcellnnt tires, Tnlophone Naugaluek 4500. TO HUNT—l>n.slntl)lo rent for wmnll family of ,adulU. West side loea- tlon, all'conveniences. Address Box •"H" In care of Nowa Office. 6-8-(13, „ -,. A?l ! con- MCTcateVi, -$9,500. A. . Sli0ploy.Telophone.U433. ! : r> 7 ";=4>i5 frit IX'l 1 ;' , Legal Notice ,.,•(.( .,, • '•'•'••• •-• "• •fystiHfit' of;^iiug-atuck, ss. pro- buto''Clq'urtV •'uije '<*•' 1^-..''.,".' , - : 'Kalrtftb -'of •••Maflflo' tt;'' ObVcv tolu ; exponsIvo .ays : lom ' of ra11;. co'u Id ' b e avo i d del' by th e s i m pj o • C$4;; /pediunt of ':'• ail plca : $ui(ev'j driving on Sundays;; 'and' al'tcr^'a ^certain .hour In lh.o/;evorijng/v\^TIm : t1 : plan worked in tho HisV'Wau . an^j; :lt would save, a vast, amount'ot'.-i'viel:, for /military use jn' 1 - l.hls one. i is "very sl.mplicl ty' seemed ' to doomed It'"with .those who <.- r ._,.... ipuahing the public around ahcl->wjip> now .allocated by ^a^Xtljc•;dirt road \appro- '""" ' 'li^equh'o.'.'tiro cilsslpa- 'V'the:Jjjghway. mipney ..„-- .. ,. .'tibtlon Qf cpw. pasture Iroads.' Alreacly the shrrnk'uge ;prel'er a program hired hands. that 'requires;;;; , Classified Ads ilcsulls :g'asoljne' rcyenuo has begun' to J3e Apparent. March of this year, pro- /ducing $20,000 less tban March .of ;last year., A . mubli .grbaVeiVshrlnk- , y age is an.ticJpnted'Jn later 'months. ^;^Lfcihristian Science'MonltorX '•' ;t ^"~ "^''^vhasrquiet settled down H3rigliind. Almost illke ^lie^boi'se-aiTfd-buggy days, as slt- jtl.ngVon the' porch of, (jouiitry stores, ^NiBw Englanders iook up and down Uhe ,s,i Jen t, ;'street.; and say, < l We iiwould never Jiave belitjved it." No ppngcr the diversion pi' .counting U : he/number of bars per-jipui' or en'luinleratlng: the number, of out-o'f- vstate .'H cerises .seen"' .wl th in the 'day. -..^Tlrnc: .lias/Toiled back, 'bringing ith 'It once' again 'the peace and ;<j,uiet of 3S T ew '•. 'England's village. ;Caiile-forbssJ^ ' ••- •"."- : ' • • ' •'•;••*. 'W. : i cr/-vrr .wj.tli^no 'vurgo. 1 of ''honking. ••'•Jiornsl; ; .^n • w >*.>*<• I ,1'-^ vV«l>^r i ;p\»'\w'rv ' • D/ • IV, J, ^^^j jf ,. .Ule jof •' the -road with ' sirddie'n ' spirit ' ,ol' .reji4ycnatfl,d pride.,,An occasional ; lonV-car' ! hioving' slbjwiy/:\\yUbout I need ''of/ warning. '"Schjool : ahead.;' The i yillage store .aivd p'QSt office •.talte .'"pnf-"n f ew^li'fo'^.^as'. ;periestriajis on reeze in> \vith \ market ij tlieir'arms." : .'•-'". :/. '. . ; Sunday once • more a day of rest a n U" ,-, gl ad n 9 ss . ,,\y i t h ho \ r,o a ri n.g m 'b - 'tors' 'riVaking *the v up-.grades', : ' frtlk- hoai\ the •church heHs ring. Time to.! dtteiid sei:yic'e and in .the afternoon tiilie tp 'read tbe pap'w ; if .we Jiavpi gas oiiougli. ,t.o get one or enjoy f\,\ book long "put .-aside ' for unintcrl.i 1 rupted leisure. "Tjmo for witch ing]; the Dirds splashing'- in the bird'; bath. Time to-.rediscover selves and families. h ^ ; •-. ''.'.' • '; "''Sure/' said a 'Ts'ew England" woman walking for tlie' lirst time in years-from her house tbc short, dis-.'. LanceVto •tlie-'Church, . "vye.can ,/t gOv, jDla'ccsv. But, isn't /the/'quiet' of our village v street: 7; $'iis; m'orriingi..really \v o n d er f u 1 ?' •' Mafyb e ,. j ga.s ,-'. iva t i o n I n g '' win yoHis^good;'^;'';;^;;G ;;' '•'•'••/' i A n d v j} or ii a p s, i t; '"•"•"' I n'. con veiiitl on a 1 ^'.;ii6;i)ie; ,c Q n s tr u c- ': ion,' the' most; .rl;gid/^y,al|st are at-! .ainod ':.b"y gluing- r p.lyw-dod' to studs Hb face--sTaiji of.;the p.anels, aci'oss, .'lie studs. : ' v '• . rtVo UPPERS BY'SUCCEED i K<^ SILVER »VKt> BJUUE. IK UPPE.R. COWiE-R., TRY A CLASSIFIED AD IN THE DAHL| M5WS .I, .RESULTS ARE CERTAINI ETTA KETT By PAUL ROBINSON ^u^a'tuok, In .said Disli-lct^ cl(T- ' ' Tl.i b ' (ioU r f p T' t> njJbn,tQ 'T n r^! t lj o • fD I s- •tr(cL of iSaugatiidk''IvaflVillnvited -and all'owcrl six m onth s -from date hereof for. Hie creditors of said estate .to exhibit their cluhm for settlement- Those wh/o neglect to pre- sn'iil. I'hch 1 accounts, properly attested, 'within -snkl -time, will bu il't'.li/i'rrcil rt recovery. • 'All parsons In: dcl>tcM to mild 'Estate; are reqticsted to make Inlmodlnto payment to" M U L1 GIOiVP•'' D. SAN FORD, J2 Short Street, Seymour, Conn. ' Administratrix. From Other Newspapers u-yrs SOCIAL hospitals eould care 'for patients at three dollars a day and long ro- maln .In, operation— -the rate Is completely inadequate. The .inevitable result would bo. forced dotcriora- It' You ,Aro IntoroBtod In a 3-.Room Fumituro Be Sure to Bead Thin I Tliorc aru ouUUH Hhovvri on our flocn'H ufl look brand HUT ihoro are -\ which are not Htrlotly NKW, , 'Outfit 1, 3 roonm In inaplo glvon up by a young oouplo fjil^ri Outn.lH 2 and 3, uaricollotf: Mod- 'ern J/lvIng Hooin, Mudrooui und Kitchen ,..-,, ,t,,,,«',,({ roomn, 1175, .•put/It' 4, a' roonm 'Ih 18th tlnn- 'tur'y .,..,..,,;,,,,',,..,,', .only $210 Ttiko W WuokH to Pay 'Open Wed/and Sat.'f'lvnH.'ttHD p. tir. ALBERT'S, 208 So, Main Wnlnrhury Phono 4-<'ll4-i , Train or car oxpdnHOH'wIlt ho on pui'oliflHu of <ihovo nior- 0-8 -W (Mont.) Why riol.froo'Xn social uxperlmont, whom U IH? Suruly, ul u tlino Hko^ this, o.oiitrovorHlal Isauns Hhould bo! yhiHvod and, an well, progrumH that; «ro oortaJn lo cost great sums,' while giving only dubious gunran-i of valuo and yiicciiHs, should bo, Gleaner. Service a'nd repairs. Called for ' and delivered. Phone i. Nlssen, 4822, G-9-lmo.x rlroppud. . l NOSVM novlow rpoontly onn of Ihoan social pro- Joels, long llio HUbJoct of dispute,, which IH Hftld to IK; oonlomplatcd during IhlN crlslH. Tho project is thn project Is tlin Hoolali'/atlon of niodlolno. Says UK; Hovlow: Whllo war JIDWM Ki'lps llio headlines 'and tho attention nf tho pooplo a movninont Is undoi'way that would rutflniuul Hit! practice of medlclrui In this country. It IH no\v that tliu social .sncurlty bo per cent. Tho additional ovnnuo ralHod would he used, In part, lo guaranton nvtu-y Insurud syorkor and his doponrlnnU hos- J also ^11 streets soul/h of Highland pllall'/allon bonulUs to the extent of i Avenue except .Galpin and Hoadloy hrcu doliai'H pnr day during Illness. Strnol.s. . Tho effect of this on hospitals i TUB NAUOATUGK WATRR CO. NOTIOE The walor .mains of -the Low Service System wlll'bo -flushed Thursday, June 4,'1942, between' :li ;00 p.. m. and '3:00 a.-"m. on 'Friday, June :5Ui. Tlio water will he'entirely offj for short'itforiods during Wils time.' The ' flushing 1 of 'hydrants wlHMDCi oontlnuocl on Friday, June 5th,. Sal-; urflay, Juno (H-h, Tuesday, June Oth, und 'Wednesday, Juno .10th. The flus'hing operation Avlll discolor tho water and it would be advisable to draw sufficient watei for drinking purposes before tlic flushing operation begins. The part of the town serv'lccd by 'tills' syHlem 'comprises all the streets bo low Johnson St. on tho oast sl'dc of tho town. On tho west side it will affect Hillside Avenue and all streets east o'f this thoroughfare, A Wl/2e- 70 TMAT . 'H/M ' PECSON'AL .things . SECRET AGENT X9 By ROBERT STORM • SENATOR, I'D A PH5S TO YOU DON'T , I'LL THAT you GET A GOOD :8RIOK BRADFORD By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRAY would 1)0 obvious. First, few If any ohandLso. PARTS & SERVICE FOR ALO MAKKSf- '6K Washing Machines -DOMKSTIG APPf-tANUK (.\Ql\l\ P, 9. DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1, Decayed 8, Lino of bold dllffs * Even 0, Mandate 7 Erase 8. Persian elf 9. Resonant 10, Cover 2i, Feelers 26, Anoient 27, Demand payment 29, Bog \St,, WrUwbury. Dial (DtJT— n Urn ,«it(*.k of iow riulo radl&rl "A '})ar- i Sims, 2glft North Afaln , Hbti'ocn, \Vatorbury, Tolo- phono ;3^,%6, --' .Or34;f. 4,1 For wind, fjruvel' nnd fill. Irnmtfdlato «orvloo. Tdldphono 3-i,'JJ8, Watcrbury, • .. . fj*il-dl mo.x "IVANTKO—To buy or rent a now 01 •"mofiwrn ^room •Hi'nA'lo hotitfo. Gal scyMp'or, (507, ovonlnKH, or W«toi btiry, 5-Q.lbJ, .dayw, ,' . G-UlG U. Fodder v*t§ 12. Pivtslon of 13. Mftnaclea a fugue %33, To accent 14,Smoll 16. Enclosure 35. Walked 15, Earth lt>. Seaman 37. Cans 16< Kottle 20, jSphero 38,;Sum up 17, CJonjunctton 21. PAvlrig''•' ^.^eative 18, Locai u/ ' stibsttfnce positions 22,Icoboat* 20, Metallic 41. Competent ,' 46, 'Pair (abbr.) FIR5T W1TNES5-' * 1N6QT/TME GUARDSMAN/ VENERABLE SIRS, A FELLOW GUARDSMAN AND 1 WERE PASSING TME TOWER,] -WWEN SUDDENLY A MAN CAME PLUNGING FROM ITS PINNACLE -ITWAS FAFNER; ""' THE5EER/ P 1 LOOKED UP AND 5AW TME M1551NG SUSPECT/BRAOFORD/STARINS DOWN FROM THE PINNACLE -WE DASHED: INTO THE TOWER TO PLACE HIM UNDER ARREST, / ^i> VENERABLE SIR-YOU c BARNEY GOO'GLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By BIJLLYDE BECK Antwer 'FOH ,8trcot. Coleuuin <»nrl norv Apply 175 Prloo Mtnidow 0-0-d3x. FOR 8A|LIC-~ 8lHnrtlnu priMM HIM! rye. Olaf SsvanHon, Maplo JHIl road. :TiUophono VftCK, 0-8-d3 frlguratora, Oravowon A-SlrriH, if8(l North Mal-n St, Din I- Jl-«5<JO, Wulor- vbury. ' o-D-ir SERVICE On .all niakcH of rofrlgoratorn ' rnodorato prlooa. WN(UAND MUSIC Dfal rook 'W.' Jog ' 25, Scrub 28,Plrt'or. , 20^ Merriment 31, Coal« cult lo -34 r Cloao to 3U Wheaten flour 30. Authorized 41, Tart 43,' Mix 44, Having: no ' re*t, 46, A Itoture DOWN 2! Ampl« 3, Lubricates 4, BIG SISTER DIVJTO'S Ml/yiO -A' HEaonDINQ STUDIOS".. ^11 /InHtrumortts Taught, Booorda Made AH Low Aii, 50o, If7 jo< Main .Si; Tol. 4- upright piano, /n n'ondlllon'. Twin»177, ovonlriKH nft-nr 7 -- •-•*•'•'-**«- ,.-«'-.-..I..,-.r 6-9 cryptofraro quotation ,, ; (< C a.A. Q P T R-.J P K-Q L M,T, S A, N S P L A O A J U S;Q/L V AT SMTPWMLMPLT — aQJCS AXA K.88,..,:. , ,-../-: :..-.;..,, -A-- -••' . ••• - ••- ,-•- ..v. •- v r,. BjKLES FORGRAVE JEFF;THIS ART SHOP BREAK-IN,WAS A .^ WHY ? : JUST AN ORDJNARV WAS " JU5T TME POINT. MONEY/ JUST A CASE">• ;( lN ; TftE TILL NOT TOt/CHED.-W OF VANDALISM. ;OTMER THINGS OF VALUE ^rifff THE Y TURNBD THE •;LEFT>UNDl6TUReED. ^JT"^ SHOP OPS'lDE DOWN. IT'S IN MV'MlND' THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING BACK-OF THAT BREAK-IN/OT^ER-'TMAN PLAIN RO8BERY f ; ^X YEAH? NOW WHAT CRACK-POT !D£AS ' HAVE YOU 6OT BUZZING IN VOUQ HEAP"? '/' AND SKEETER ^7rypto<juotCJ \^HAT IS CLEAR IS WISE, BUT WHAT 18 NOT OLKAR 18 NOT WJSK—HURIPIDKS. IVVEIU, NC\V TH AT^ ' -roo^lApj THINK OP ASk< IN6 YOU 'FOR AN ADVANCE! VOQST OF BUT IF THERE SPENT ALL OF WAS ANY\VAy WE <30ULE> EARN IT- WE'D BE WlliLlN - ALLCW- ANCG By WALLY BISHOP •.THER&^APe LOTSiOP WAYS >Ou ' ~ . " • MON^V FOR A NEW BALI- MOMN6.-T1HE LAVV'N/FOR . INSTANCE. ANOTl-IER VOUR KNOW SHE BRK5HT i. THAT BAGK.FIRED

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