Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 12, 1977 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1977
Page 14
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»«-Tne Pherns-Trtbum. bogansport. indT WedMeday. October u. itT7 Silent By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPli Amos Seersocket 'and 1 were walking along Pennsylvania Avenue about a half-block from Ihc While House. Suddenly ho grabbed my arm. • "Looky mere!" he cried. "Can you believe thai? There's some kook in front o( the White House wearing a T-shirt with no lettering or pictures on the chesi." At first I couldn't believe it. "1 didn't know they made anything like that."" 1 exclaimed. "Where do you suppose he got it?" "He must have had it custom-made," Amos speculated. "Let's stop and ask him." The guy told us about a trendy little place he had run across in Georgetown "You buy a conventional T» isrrs -sfi ss^sssftss obscenity stencited on it. Then sociological rebellions, you take it to this place and re)i ^ xhi £ jdeo)oglca , hey have a special process strufig|cs ph jj osophica | movt , that removes the graphics. ments-md the like "It's expensive, but worth it mems ' ma lnc " Kc ' for the sensation it causes. This is the third time I've been stopped this morning." I wouldn't wanna be out" in public with everyone staring at me." . Later on, I mentioned what we had seen to . Mable ; Uppcrfloss, a local fashion coordinator, and she told mo ; blank T-shirts already were a ; big fad on the West Coast. \ "I understand it originated in , England," she said. "You can jj order T-shirts from London * ; without any inscriptions or ', illustrations whatsoever. That 5 saves you the trouble of'having f. the graffiti obliterated." J 1 said. "What's behind it? >, What's the point of wearing a *; T-shirt that doesn't advertise, * promote, praisu or protest # anything?" j "The point is that there's a .' growing tendency toward non- '• involvement." Mable explained, fj "However, many people feel 40«-4Uf.SROADWAY SHOP—TUK.-SAT.»: JO to t FRIDAY 9i304iOO " **.£ th Group of Leather GOATS & JACKETS Sizes 6- 18 "Blank T-shirts provide them with a way to express noninvolvement without hurting anyone. It's simply a harmless Seersocket shook his head - wonderingly. "Blank T-shirts," manifestation of passivity.' he mused. "What will they Maybe so, but I fear the drift away from T-shirl activism may load to other displays of think of next?" "It's a novelty all right," 1 replied, "but 1 would think you apathy. Can you, for example, would have to be sort of an picture a world without bumper extrovert to wear one on the stickers? street. Sounds unreal, sure, Yel if "I mean, I can see getting the blank T-shirt fad catches on one to wear to kicky little -nationally, who is to say blank parties or places where you're bumpers won't become the next among avant-garde friends. But big craze? ^ .';" - H8 •v HUH L.M.BOYD Revolution's last veteran Appropriate, is it not, (hat the last surviving veteran of the American Revolutionary War is buried in a Now York town called Freedom? Daniel Frederick Bakeman was the fellow. He died at the age of 109 on April S, 1869, having stuck it out long enough to see the Civil War, too, and its end. Nobody in the Western World knew anything about making quilts until the knights of old returned from the Crusade.*,. They'd teamed in the middle east how quilted underwear not only kept them warm but padded (hem from their armor. That did it. Just about everybody (hen started quilling. What do you regard as the necessities of mankind? SiRmund.. Freud thought he knew: "Lieben und arbeiten"— to love and to work. In that order, clearly. What, you can't stand the smell of mothballs? Sprinkle black pepper on those wool clothes then. That works, too. FLEXTIME Q, "What's'flextime'?" , A. That new employment notion that lets workers show up and go home whenever they fee), like it, putting in only as much lime on the job as they want whc'never they"want. It mighf sound a little daffy to oldlimcrs. But the bosses who run such operations say it works in a dandy manner. The really good help make more money while the not-so-'good tend lo weed themselves out just by not reporting in. With n little patience, say Ihesc bosses, they wind up with fulltime crackerjack workers who need hardly any supervision. Q. "Mow do you account for the fact that a- California study in 1917 indicates school children then slept an average of two hours a night longer than do schoolchildren today?" A. Most kids then were flitout tired when they hit the hay. After-school chores. Cars were for grownups. And (here was no TV. Q. "How much fuel did CHarlcs Lindbergh's The Spirit of St. Louis' carry? How much was left when he landed in Paris?" A. Capacity, 450 gallons. Left, 85 gallons. SEX TABOOS No doubt every society has its sex taboos. And Margaret Mead, that authority on these matters, believes one such taboo, which is common in other countries, should be emphasized in the United States much more than it .is. Namely; "Never make panel st the people you work with." Our Love snd War man concurs. However, he doesn't think intraoffice • romance is as popular as la widely believed. That stereotype of the steno on the boss's lap U overplayed, he avers. Sears makes more money on the intcrest.it collects than on the profits from Mies, bear in mind. Please do not think of an elephant as you read the rest of this column. Do not let the word elephant occur to you. Do not picture sn elephant in your mind. You can prove your : mental strength by following these instructions exactly. Others may weaken, snd think elephant, elephant, elephant. Bui not you. Resist. Out of the American College of Allergists once came the sad report that seven out of every 10 asthmatic children stop wheezing within one wetk sfter they've been moved awsy from their parent* Into new surroundings. You've read that the word "lord" comes from the Anglo- Saxon for "loaf keeper," but were you aware that the word ; "lady" out of the same language once meant "dough knead er?" In France, whistling a tune on the street is ill-mannered, but • humming isn't. . \ They'll Do It Every time 20% Off ' Now you con save on that g*nuln* Cabretta leather coot or jack** you- 'v* been wanting. Coiual elegance that feature* Maturing shaping tailored by ma*f*r craftsmen In *x- citing sllhou*tt*s. Warm, superior, Golden Rule quality, wlndproof, wrinkle r*slitant/,colors: rust, mahogany, rouge, sand, pecan, British tan,- terracotta, butterscotch. ••«, 135.00-200,00. ... ' - -Junior Wool Coats & Jackets 20% Off Regular 54.00-100.00, warm, winter pant and regular-length coats of wool In iolid colon and blanket fleece*. Th* latest, most distinctly* stylos you'll adore. Many hove hoods and th* popular, full back. Sav* Thursday, Friday, Saturday! SECOND FLOOR Vested 3-Pc. Pant Suit •••' Regular 30.00. missy and half sizes In attractive styles of polyester double knit with brown or black pants. Ivory, long-sleeve blouses, and (lip- over or bolted vests of colorful stripes, or trimmed splld colors, A terrific buy I. ,1, SECOND FLOOR „ , > - 1 Ladies'Cozy-Warm Robe & Gown Sets o" Regular 13.00, long styles In pink, blue, or yellow of brushed acetate; and nylon trimmed with lac* and embroidery. Th* gown has a round neckline and short sleeves. Sli*»: Sm., Mod., Largo. Bali Bras Regular 8.00-9.50 99 No. 620 Cotton bra/ llmlt*d tupply. Save nowl SECOND FLOOR Blanket Sleepers ... 4 59 Infant to Toddler 4 Sizes Kegular S.79, e blank»t and sleeper all In on* of worm, modacryllc and poly*st*r that Is flam*- retardant. Crow-bag and po|ama styles In pink, blue, yelloW'Cnd red. _ . ^ Cuddly Toys. 20 % Off Thursday, Friday. Saturday Reg. 3.00-9.00 plush toys In many slz*s and colors. - ' lovable dogs, cats, been, monkeys, giraffes, tigers, elephants, pandas, racoons, ducks, ond donkey*. THtKTAiL CiOSET-SIZEP OfF/CE stftfossomo JCJSTMtXtSA evew wee* ORSO-&TA LOOKATNtS • LAVOUT- Girls' Knit Tops, sizes 7.14 " Regular 10.00-14.50 20% off ' s Famous-mak*s In adofabU. silp-ovor stylos with crow nocfcllnos and long sl««v«s. Sorn* hove hoods. Solid colors with delightful trims and strlpos. FIRST FLOOR Lightweight Luggage) Group of Fall SPORTSWEAR Sixes>18 20%off Kegutor i8.00-53.00, selected group of jackets, pants, , gouchos, blouses, 'sweaters, and skirts In solid color* and plaidi. Norn* brands of Golden Rut* quality and easy-ear* pely*tt*r fabrics. Sav* now! Polyester Knit Jumpers 11" • Regular to 13.99 e Missy eY Half Sizes Faihlonable, changeable, colorful lumpers In tlpp*r end buttoned front style* with «*lf, tl* belts. Wear without or with a chang* of bloui*t and sweaters. MEZZANINE VIP Cuffed Knit Caps - Acrylic knit In whit* and many d**p colors. They stretch to lit boys, girls, and adults. So warm and fashionable. FIRST FLOOR Raincoats •eg. 2,rt, clear vinyl with polka dots of white, red, Mil* or black. Has hood and bolt, comes In vinyl tola bag. Slies: S, M, t, XL. . " ""WRST FLOOR Puff-Quilted Bedspreads Twin'or Full R»0. 16.99... QuMiiSiz* R.g. 22.99 King Six* Reg. 23.99 Waftiablt solid colors and floral prints In throw styles. FIRST FLOOR Bath Towels of Qualify, Reg. 3:49....... Hand Size 169 Wash Cloth Regular 1.99 I Regular 1.99 Whit*, fluffy tarry with wld* stripes of blu*, fold, cognac, pink, or froan. Stainless Steel Flatware .. 27" SO at. S»t,r»o. 99.95, streamlln* d*stgn, • knlv*s, forks, spoons, salad forks, t butterkoH*, 1 sugar spoon, d*eor*tlv* and so practical, tava nowl FIRST FLOOR Telephone Amplifier for Horn*) or Offlc«) 11.95 .. ..now 7 Now yov e«»», carry wi a tolophoito eonvor- sotlon from 'cnywhoro In III* room. A housowtfo cm cofttlnuo wHfi tor work, and • bvslnoM eanfmnco can bo hold TwNfi avoryono taking part, lorrory ap>ro1»d. FIRST ROOK Collag« Picture From* 1 '/ 2 Off •" '® WfT H>M§ tor „ BtetWM ; aj Coritmontol »ty»o Jn ovr- I family, Irlondt, vacation eblo vinyl ;Wlth • stool I photos, ote. Croata.a f roof .. Iramo. DoVio strap and §l»t.ilisa 14" x. 19*. fog. x b«4Mo. * UM'fumtM. ,,H*«vyduty jlpper-labHcllnlngs: eirtre high « wide, regular 11.0*45.00 1 f " •" . , .>.)•"->/.. .- 'i- " , AJ MtSTei.001 OQ O

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