Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 9, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1942
Page 2
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Twd NAimATUOK DAILY. NEWS, TUESDAY,^ JUNE 9, 1942 BEACON FALLS STUDENTS FROM BEACON FALLS TO GRADUATE HERE They Are Members of 1942 Claw of Naugatuck High School, Bonoon Falla, Juno 0—Among tho of -IU1SJ of Nnugatuok . Hohool aro tho following Falla Htudontn; Lydlu Wlktornkl, J.cs.Hlo Xukoskl, Sophlo nohoMss; Kd- ward Hunx, Juok KormiHon,Donald Mitchell, Donald PIOHH, and O!IOH- tor MrosilriHkl. Hung wn» manager of tho baMoball Itmin, and I to Hports- wrltor. FopKiiston wn« also former HporlHwrllor and a mnrnhor of thD oast of tlio Horilor play, Ho wan al- HO an honor .student. Miss \Vlktornki wan crowned ono of tho class hoau-. tios at Iho anual olnsH day oxer- clnnfl hold last wook. Tho Knulua- tion will bo hold Juno It), at the (lorn theater In iS'niiKaUiok, UrloN Miss Marth MdOoovnr vial loci hor brother, Second Meut, John A, Mi»- Ooovor, Jp,, U, S. A., who IH nta- llonnd In North Carolina, last wcok, Staff Sm'gt, Haymortd Plo.«s haw rcturnod to Port Bolvolro, Virginia, aftw onjoylnx ft furlough at bomQ. Private NIohQlan has also returned to l.ho Harno oanip aftoi 1 visit- Ing his paronlH on Highland uvonuo. Miss Mai-gory Mi-onnan linn returned frqrn a woolc-tunl visit Jn Now I (a von, Miss RonlHoo Smith of Now York «pnnt Saturday and Sunday as Iho Kiiwt of hor mother, Mrs, Anna Smith, of noihfiny road, Frederick FoolHh, who Is ntationod Hi tho Panama Canal /.one, wan recently rnftdo a first class private, MAXIMUM PRICES FOR ALCOHOL ANTIFREEZE PLANNED Feature flliyi, today and tonight Is timed tta follows at the following thodtoi'N! A Urn/ a r, Nntu/atiipk ' Gem, Niuifjntuok * ','J:00-fl{ 15-OS2S Loow'n Poll, Wfttorfousy •JiOO-3:5<M):.'iO-f):40 LEADING MASONS OF STATE CONVENE THURSDAY, JUNE 11 Members of 32nd and 33rd Degrees Will 'Gather at Waterbury, ttoston, Juno O-r-Muxlaumi price* for aloohol antl-froexo will bo established by OPA by mid-June at levels 8ub#UmlloIly bojow thofio now oharfWfl-.hy Homo manufacturers, Konnrith ri. Bookman, Now Rng- land Roglonal OPA administrator, 17 Court Htroet, -tian announced. "Alcohol IH: ono of tho critical war materials," Mr, Baekrruin ex- plalnnd, "During the Hprlng thorn was an abnormal ofT-flonaon domand fo rnloohol antl-frooxo. Some rnanu- "To maintain an ordorly market at rosponslblo lovols wo aro pro- paring a pornmruMit maximum prlco regulation which will sft noil Ing prloos In dollars and cents for all aloohol nnfcl-frooHfls solrl by manufacturer and by retailors Kor many. ftolora the eolllngH will roprcsont prloofl In offoot prior to March, AH It )H now contemplated by OPA t ; h.o regulation will hold mamifao- furors' prices to lovols porhaps a« low as r,() cents pop gallon for high- -oost-produotlon aloohol antl-froo/.n dolivorod by tho carload In drums, oontalnop Jnoludnd, This coiling \vould bo approximately if) oonts a gallon under sonio prk;os now ohargod, Tho regulation also will probably flof maximum rntall prloos at ap- proxlma'toly JUi oonts pnr quart for hlgh-oosl-produotlon aloohol antl- f'roo/o anrl about 25 onnts por fpiart for low-oos't- production aloosol antf-groo-xo, Tho sohodulo \vlll ftlno oovnr othylone-glyool antl-fpnexo solutions, prlnos of whloh havo pomalriod relatively stable at wUabllshed levels, (Spoolnl To Tho NPW.S) Watophury, Juivo 9 — Leading Masons of Goanootlbut, nil. mornbers of tho fthul or a,')rd degrees, will oonvenn here Thursday (Juno 'if) at M o'clock for the fiflpcl annual Oouncll of Deliberation of tho An- olorit Aconptod Soattlsh Rite, Northern Masonlo Jurisdiction of tho ^United States, Arthur M. Brown, ,13d, of Norwich, supreme deputy of Connecticut, 1s tho most Illustrious oommander-in-chlef of the council and will preside. He also will be the only speaker at tho annual dinner to bo given at Iho Hotel Elton hursday night at 0:30 o'clock, Oarloton II, Stevens, 33rd, of Now Ha von, who was made an active fKlrrl degree member last September, will become ex-offlclo grand first lieutenant co'nvmandor. Other officers of the council are: 0panel second'lieu- tenant commander, James F. Bur- hoo, 32nd, Waterbury; grand minister of stale, Jainos P. Mustard, 32nd, of NVllllmantlc; grand prior, Rev. Alexander Alison, 32nd, Bridgeport; grand treasurer, John \V, Potter, 33rd, Waterbury; grand secretary, Charles I/. Stewart, 33rd, Norwich; grand chancellor, Clifford B. Wilson, 32nd, Bridgeport; grand master of oopnwftonlotf, Ouy B. Dolbearo, 33d, Norwich; grand hospitaler, Charles \V, Trernper, 33pd, Now Haven; grand seneschal Philip .T, Jones, 33rd, Hartford; grand standard bearer, Arthur G, Bristol, 32nd, Now Haven; grand captain of the guard, Frank K, Kay, 33rd, Morldon; grand sonthfol, John S. P. Castle, 33rd, \Va- torbury. Invited guests of the council Include tho heads of tho grand bodies of the York rlto of Masonry: Most Worshtuful Orand Master Anson K, Kenler, South Norwalk; Grand lodgn of Coiuieotlcnitt Most Wxcol- lont Orand H(gh PHost -Wallop L. Taft of Hartford, Grand chapter; Hoyal Arch Masons; Moat Puissant Grand Master Lawrence 0, Drescher, Haltlc, Grand Council, Royal and Select masters; Mont Krninent Grand Commander Frederick C. Marggrftff, \Vatorbury, Grand oomnmnclcpy, Knights Templar, In addition lo all past officers, tho heads of Connecticut and Lafayette conslstorleH and of the chapters of I\OHO Crolx, Councils of Prlnccq of Jerusalem and Lodges of Perfection, aro slated to attend. Only fJ2n(| or 33rd degree Masons may attend. The Waterbury Scottish Mite bodies will ho' the hosts, Idrls Alderson, 112nd, Is chairman, Harry II, Hoarda- loy, 32nd and William J. Slater, 32nd, aru assisting, THAT "HOP LOW" ENSEMBI DitneyV "Fania.fjat" The smallest, Hop LbW out of Mop, So popular hits this * 4 Dop«y'V character proved to a s«ri«f of •horl itibjeptf, Hop Ix>w has also been ndopledaV^ yhich !»«• put him out In the form of pins and salt and "Fantasia" Hop Low and ' his cre>r perform ; to the . • *»• The directors' statement was the high light, of the* annual meeting of T^ic Mptbe;' Churoji, T he ^ v & Churcji of Christ, Scientist, r in Boston. •; , fTlie directors/ also ^ announced 1 the election 1 of^ Mrs.' Elizabeth -'P, Norwood of Brooklinp, Mass., as prcsi'- dcnt of Tho Mother* Church for the ensuing year.. The chief duty of the president is to preside at the annual meeting. The new president Is the daughter of Isaac Paul- Gragg, who served through' out tho Gh'il War and was given the rank of captain by Brevet for get) Jan I' 1 and mertiorious services.' 'Jljer mother, lyKrs. 'Eldora 0. Gragg, -,G. .$.' p., was one of^2 students ' of Mrs. Eddy's chosen, by her to/orm i The Mother Church. She was also the first woman reader in the church. And Milk Chafe G/oom Riationingr of Gas May Not Be Nation-Wide ^Continued from, Page One) that DJiiiey connidera feulurlng him 'in ^:majicot ;'of the, United China ( Kelief. ^lt'^h ; d.p^|>^.;Wiakers/l^^^f^ "'In ihe ^muj»i<r;.of Jjrachaiiibvity?• ^'Nutcroclcw/Sui.te^.; N . in »1 <• Dryanfilc, Kharkov Wo 11 - Informed Amcrionn offcn- Paciflc Koon in Japanese losses ! Kalinin, «nd Sevastopol. The Russians say they nro reply- Ing with counter-attacks. Moscow boliovcs tho now Nazi activity is an attempt to .find a weak spot in Ui.c Husslttn lines to launch a big ncalo ofl'onslvo, London—Teller's many a pile of rubbish In 'the German Hulir Valley whore ycstordny stood a Nti'/i^war plant. The R'AF was back on the job last night, and returning pilots toll of widespread devastation. .Throe hundred or more bis bombers swurncd over the heart of German war -industry, while qlhor British planes attacked objectives on 'tho invasion coast. Pearl Harbor — Quarters look for slvo action in Lho view of the heavy In the battle off Midway Island. It Is now indicated -that more than the 18 Jap vessels were sunk or damaged. Chungking-- Tho Japanese are making now gains in east China— but at n hoavy cost. Japanese forces now hnvo cnplrolod Chuhslen, and are advancing westward along an important railroad. Another Jap force Is moving east from Nnn- ohang but Is meeting stubborn resistance. Chungking—A Chinese govoj-n- mont spokesman predicts that Japan soon may attack Russian Siberia through Manchuria. The best way to stop .1-1, he says, is to give China nioro' and more planes. Tho situation in -'l,lin Aus-tralinn. theater has settled clown for the moment to a .hunt by ..allied warships'--and planes for tho Japanese submarines thai, shelled Newcastle and Sydney yesterday. Official quarters believe, that the enemy sent a pack of submarines to the ocean off southeast Australia to prey on alicd supply lines. So far, at least seven, and possibly eight oE Iho enemy submarines have been sunk. Allied planes did some' reconnaissance work'over Lac, New Guinea. much about ' ;ihji ; ; ; his j,or^ ' ; ;pr v . Vi Glory" and- .the acji l^Vpment^^of nation wb ich i t rep rtesen ts : -' since : was /irst flung to \the; brce years ago. The rwiarkable . of our nation aii(l . thal-V-untlying 1 spirit ( is .-bred in'; every.p!ib;,-no matter j-whero his anccst,6rs: . wai/t born', has. boon .inspired by llia-s'1'gbl Of t h e A m o r i ca n f ! a g a ii d ' t ! h e • I'o s sons it ha.s taughl-,'tlie, warden said Today we havo-.^-a'-vj'biistltutlon which guarantee's oortain rights including freedom of speech, -froodoiir of tho prossi fvocdom'of rol-igioh . and freedom of assembly, Mr.''''Bi''o- ! phy sai'd, and it is the duty .of evej-y citizen lo pay homage to .his country and its "ilag ' whcrevei;. the opportunity is presented. , •' "Lot • us again rally.- around, .om flag," the warden stressed, "let ; UF make this Flag Day pv.ogram N th( greatest ever lieJd in .Naugatuck ^andfcWith this small town ,of .Naugatuck. as -a starting point, like observances everywhere will create; o great moral force throughout •land, that will kindle anew hopes of free men everywhere ••Boston', ; Mas:s.> June 9.— The grea task ,n Ow : confronting a liberated America, wliicli'' : mpre than .three .c(uaVters. : \of-;^ ago -fough a'' tour-yerti-sV war to^ free IJie -slaves is'io'-'aid. i'n ^voHang; ou I, the f rebel pit) of^ the Awholef ;wQi'Jli3;-'frpm> sJave T}) e\ Chr-)s|ia;n; ^Science ".board); of' '' tian.;-/§oientists. gathered in annual meeting Jii Bos ton,;, ,. .-% Pqpiarl'ng^ that mi's would tyn 1 the sentiment '-expressed 1 by the nation's martyred president, Abraham Lincoln, were he" here- today,-, the the "» • CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS SHOULD NOT BE WASTED old Ghrl8lmn>: they'll have to Great Battle in The Pacific Ends (Continued from Pago Ono) \Vlt1. PHOTK.ST Duonos Alroa, ,funo 0— ((JP— Argentine a-mbassadoix will deliver protests io Oopmany and Italy today OVOP Mio torpedoing ^of iho tanker Victoria, Tho, government also will IBSUO a staternont explaining Its posllton -In . tho (MHO. lyfC JKYK* IONS HU.KD By A. W. WALK1R Oniojncirl/it nt 08 BANK ST. at CENTER piano. And (lay oHrnbocl aboard t'ou n rlnKHldo Hcwl al perhaps the hlg- Kost air and HCU bntllo of tho Paul flu war. 11(5 lolil Ills' «tory from a bod In thn Ponrl Harbor navnl bime, Oay's aooount loaves Ittllo doubt that all throe Jnpnnoso oarrlors sank, Klnmcw woro lluklng across thojr Hupor- Hlruotiii'OH while groat explosi'onH Hhook tholr luillH, and .shot down a Japanese fighter: th,at tried to Intercept over the enemy base. /cro them Auto Tax Stamps Must Be Purchased (Continued from Page One) •HI IH MMMU f .^ RUBIN'S Onnn ftol, Nitf» NADOATDCK, CT Dvorhoad, tho JupanoHO plnnoH olrotod holploasly. With tho car- rlorn abla'/c, they had no place to land. .Jupnncso orulHors 'tried to plow up 'men from' tho burning VOHSQIH but thoy uonltln't nut.ol.oHo onough Klmilly, a .lap orul-sor oponod itfj guns on ono or tho carrlcrn to pu| hor out of hor mlpory. Th'o 1 crow sti'll wan aboard tho oarrler when It was Hhollcd, Ouy and other naval pllotH tpol^ off from an American carrier las I Thursday morning after tho on Midway fHland. Thoy' sigh tod the throe Jnpnnos oni'i'lors, Hlrung out In a lino, flrnt about 10 mltofl nhoaVI, of tho third, Gi'iilHcrs - and doslroyor.s word guarding them. When the Amortonn pianos ap pnnrod, tho enemy ships put up torrlllo antl-alroraft barrage, anojjo flghterH roared up to otT tho attack. But tho navy pianos dived pound the .lap ships, After 0«> wan In tho water, American cllvo- bomberH returned lo Hoore hits on the stricken vossols. I Darkness Dually Jild the battlo area. But during tho nl'ght (tay hoard groat explosions, and he bo- flovcH tlie JaphnoHO aai»K their crip- plod ships, Next morning ft navy patrol plane plokod up Ensign Gay. 1/1 fo rafts, debris, and great patches of oil marked the slrotoft of Pacific where tho battle had been fought. MQHOOW— -The BmouiE-dorlng Bus-, lmi front st|(}don)y • -has flared' into Notion. Tho Germans have launched Btrong assault8 of live fronts 1 — at Lenin- lax stamp to koop In tho oar nt all tl'iiios In c'ase tho stamp should ho- conm lost or -dostroyod, The stamps will bo on snlo in ovory po.stoi'l'ico -in Lhis vicinity but cannot be obtained at tho Internal Uevonuo qft'loo in AVatoi-bury. They may bo ob-talnod . Irowover -at the Internal Kovonuo -ofl'ioo in Hartford. Washington;' June good i care of "your tree, lights, bo'causo last tho duration.*-. ; - ^ Tho WPB has banned, the production of such lights nlong -vyltlr'acl- vortlslnff and deadratii-vc lights^ ei 1 - fectivc July ;I. Restrictions on ihp' us'o of critical, nmtei'ials. in- regular light bulbs were -Jmposed',, but ..substitute matoi'ials will -be used to keep up production, • .. •'•-•• ,ralia ,iu the transports which car- 'ie<l Arnqrican' soldiers there. Tl)crc ( s no'shortage of coal for leaUng—although there may be noi shipping problems later. Buy ww,'The fuel oil-'situation prob- bly will remain tight. 'There/won't;be many new houses going .up—except in war-boom communities.. For "lhe' v worker and business man —a spokesman for the National' As- soc^atipn of Manufacturer hopes businessmen won't 'rush to sign contracts eliminating most overtime pay, T^e supreme court has upheld a. labor "contract upder which em- ployes received ai guaranteed minimum weekly wage mayworjc more than 40 hours a week Without extra pay. But I/he N-A-M warns that a hish to sign similar contracts might cause war production delays. Besides, t-he decision needs clarification. And i,t may, not apply to' all similar contracts. , The tgOyeminent, has ordered drastic wartime controls on the nation's bus line's. After July 1st, bus services to amusement, .or recreational areas will.;. 'Stop- or -be curtailed. All express se.r.vjce on'bus schedules between-'cities must end 1 , and existing schedules' which don't come up to efficiency -standards will have to be ^i'.O-ppedc 1 . In Issuing the new; order,' 'the" Off ice* of Defense Transportation called i on bus companies to pool- services" over Competitive routes, '•'•.' -.:•' '--• . , The 0-D-T. order against service to amusement areas -bans schedules for -:the. primary purpose of carrying people to' go)f courses, at. ! iileh- ic' fields,"race tracks, dance pavilions, or similar places. A spokesman declared that beaches are included. But, <he explained, they probably 'will be .'allowed to continue their schedules through the summer. The order ending inter-city .express service ' defines such service is routes operMing outside of a 15 mile limit of a city and'sched- ules on which the average' fare is more than 35. cents. Exception* -in the orders 1 are made for bus service to \yar factories or military" and naval • establishments. 1 , ' JRENE "WICKER, popular, Singing Story Lady entertains 1 v of school* a musical story about airplanes while they enjoy their afternoon milk. With nation-u)id Q emphasis on proper diet;glass-bottled milk « now available in many factories and schools so that every adult may[drink the recommend^ Dint a day, and every c^ild a quart. Miss Wicker believes that the art of the storyteller will stage a come-back during the present emeraencv. Stories and story-games willhelp to entertain children luring blackouts, she saws, and keep them from becoming frightened, work in the* near future. . Bids will also be sought; for tho reshingling of the one-family housi that is owned by -the '-borough ' Ir the vicinity of tho Mcnclowbrook home. This will be in charge' oi Messps. .Brophy, Scully and the town farm committee. NAVAL HONORS ACCORDED DEAD JAP SAILORS New York, June 9— (UP~The ashes of four J-a-panese sailors- who died in submarines at the bottom' of Sydney harbor,-' liave a .long w.-iy to go borne. Full .naval honors were given the- unknown sailors at.' a funeral 5n Sydney. IWi naval officers al-| tended. The urns conlaining ashes of the sailors are being sen( (.0 the Swiss cjonsul-gewuvj/. Ho'||J decide. 'on the roundabout. of sending tliem back lo .lo ' •» * "'WANTISS HATKS Hartford, June 9—(UP)—Tho Con- nodlieul/ Wnrah'ousemen's nssoclft.J tion h^s asknd the Public IJllliUcs commission for 'authority l.o crease Its rates for trucking home- hold goods. Tlie. Sncrenses range from eight, lo 57 per cen-t. Tlio fls- sociution also wants to reduce Hie number of trucking'territories from seven to three. The commission has! taken the application under advise*I menf.. The future of America's children] lepends on the nien on the lighting! front—and on you <it home.• invcslj on per cent-of your income in War| ionds regularly. Welfare Dept. Speirfc $5,191.03 . (Continued frpm Page One) - Minister—You know, Sambo', 7 .Jit's, no disgrace to work for a living,. Sambo—Yassah ! Dat's what. .'All 1 ' alwnys tolls -nuvli wii'e. , . ell roc tors pointed oul, that "through the ages tyrants 'have ' endeavoreq lo'.'govurn and control 1 men by en- gondoring feflr," and quoting from Mary Haker Kddy^s'- work," ''Misoel- .Ifiny" (p. .'JO!), they further, say, "Pei'HOcu'Uon is 'the weakness of tyrants engendered b'y their foai 1 , and lovo will cast, i'l, out." ' American^Designer Endorses : Pretty Clothes^Wit^ a Purpose 9 . .- , ' ' . • . ' " . ' ' ' ^V -. ' 4 . ' STILL Now York, Jime 9.— (UP)— What- ovor olse thoy'vo lost, the Italian^ still :havo their dreams. Rome radio reports- tomorrow' -is Navy Day in ftnly. , ...... New Ordnance Chi Jap bca in tq new Where ia .fashion today? What will this summer hold .for "American women's wardrobes? Jhese are questions eyery one of> us ; ls. askipg . . . because freedom of fasriioh has become an. "important- part -of our ; American way ot -lite. : A leading American designer of daytime dresses and pla.y clothes, ' Nelly Don belieyes.tliat'fashion will continue to 'flourish In 'the face of growing obstacles. For these are •days that /stimulate the ingenuity of American f ash ion* creators. 1 fashion, histpry has proved that necessity is the -mother of invention. The d»ytlme dress; as ; we know i\ today, got; its .starts during the last war. In 1916 Nelly Don de- .signed . tlje first att^aotiy o cotton frock. Bright an^> colorful in direct contrast to 'the dull; formless ''''''' Sira'pltcity i ';j:- : v ; .^araoother :.shoulders.;., f .... ,^]at^er[ng skirt...lengths .'* • •> ingeniously dissighed elimness ^rallvthese-thihgsi'thatOiaYe been slowly.:--- shifting , into the fashion scene-rare : "musts!? for today, i N;6w tLiat 9, large rpiBn-t of ; .every ^vardrbbe is. being assembled for a. purpose, eve ; u more attention n^ust be given tp;igii.anty^iand\..workinla.n- 8hip../K.ew;'fasMons^tire-i < a^iiig cues fi'phv{ the 1 active' liye's w;e lead. All tb;s'(jal|8 : fpr'clothes 1 with^niaxii ^umA;/style ; /apd.: minimum upkeep ', j * * s '"f r\\* -!t 'r\ r\\ \ o'|* Cl^l % At/iVl AY^O ' ^"Vlft^" ' " II T*A t * f ' *r^l tlUlitil "OC4 GUJUtJJ B LJlnv **10 ,' .. ••,>.;> 1 ^,:-..,,^^^_,,-,-.^p i ,^j ( jj ll _ the.- .welfare fjepartmcnt during tlie yea r. To lh i-s -a m 6u ri t, Mr. Sou 1 1 y reported fin addition of $10 from miscellaneous sources. JDefjucti-ns •the expense f.or Ap : ril -the dopart- ment has : a" balance" of 5539,818.97 for the renmjnder of the year, ' ;Th;e breakdown -'on the April expense follows': " •'•'." ' Poor . . . . ; ', '...... . .$1, j J5J i , ....... f . . . . . . ,•; .... 1,421.00 Hospitals ; ____ ............... 257.02 " Children -in Homes Administration ____ Mea jio'wb rook Ho m e ..,,. 2.00 .-1,^5.24 /. 1,049.61 •155,19103 |.he board town ; look's^'and feelis^her^be8t^;v': v v V ; . f v j«^^du^rerdoln^pecia^ Worjc/ ti Supl.. Spully 4 informed t-hat \\-\e main ."floor'- of hall buildi-ng and, several offices in the building were in, need of redecorating, and Warden Brophy stated that. he had received.,a- re^ueai from the local defense council for the rcpajnting-v of their! quarters in. the ;town.'hall'building.. Jt -was decide^, to. place the ma-tter In the hands pf '..Warden,. Brophy, -SupL Scully and it-lie''-tdwa-hail 1 committee who are to ask for bids o,p the j-^«J=^3««5i^^^ Graduation Days You can sew and save money this year in making white Gradtfation Dresses. . ... ...... . .y -59o yd, White Mercerized Shantung, 40 inches wide . .75c yd, White Sharkskin, 40 inches wide .-. . . ... . . , .75c yd. White Mexicodl^ 40 inches wide. . . . , , ..... . . . .75c yd, Kennedy Store 5=s6=a=sjra=s6=a=a=ar«=^^ tion .to the American woman ing. the home f Jres burning, ' keep- Mai. Gen, Campbell O v <# Pictured at his desk in Washington is M»j, ''Gei|. Leyin H. Capip^ell, T»6wly-appointed head of .the Army Ordnance Dopartmoni Attached to hir advisory .staff,are four Rrpmi- nonfc industrialists, B.i 1 , Fairies* of the.;U. S. Steel Corporation, 1C. T. Keller of the Chryalpr Corporation, Lewis H. Brown "of the 3rown- Cprporatioh, and Bernard M. Bftruch. / *'-'-"' (CentralPreui) other challenge .... oije iipbn whosp I'ps^lts depend the portion of pnia of America's leading industries? for years .to come., Nelly; Don bellieyes that • fashion design/ ast^wellMS->t.he m^ny other creative arts,-will int^o- duce ; all sorts bf intpprtan't new ideas and trends. ;.,;'';:; / ^^ i ^..^'; • Tlie fashion' picture; for Sumraier 19.42 is bright and 'colorful; .Pastels -planning' a> ;moat Jbr Victory gar- of precious BU 1 tfl"),a nd> aklrt- com b| natio na ; .- ; y of —\yill also play a p'atrJoti'c role this season, Floral "prints-'return as/a summer perennial; and clean sharp-looking: checks, stripes; plaids' 'and polka,; (Jots., are, playing; roles in every womBinls" wardrobe!^'!".. •. .,Cotton; arid;.rayon,' -which 'past decade hayej taHeii .^tpp, as fabric firsts/' at-eV "'" ^wlifle selectiohs^:; Ap^e^i ton is* top8.,,f6r' town weftr v>;'horth, squth^ Cotton Ifl easy to -Vear jand/easy £6 keep up, ; For sports 'wearX;Denim, seers u c k e r, broadclbth; \, pop! i ni pique.,, For • lighter moments :: rr Cp6l dimity,; and;; biltUtej ^picture esque lace; crisp; tiesue giugham; Ht for any : typo; of new ani3[ gctive role^,.-v';;.-:'^.!. f r,,X •M-V.,..,^J. ;•-:•', 5 "^omen piijKthiB job"; in iwpr ^In- dustr'ies -will find attractive^ one- pieciB- "coverall" slack^ that" are »bn- pribfcd ahdf Bmartly cut ta j fit the -' feminine figure 1 . Adjustable •'Jsafety" cuffs at th^ ankle will not i;catch"-;. i iD 'niachin^ry f or • drag pja : the H locir.''Pocjicets' are : placed sb ; tHey 'won't gap. As streaiplined . . The'-^8ame\' ) ''jdiBalgn'i/ > ;plu8 a short, • detachable raprpn—witli i lots of; gay pockets — 'Wni^ibi;' right; at " hon^e helping Jyou Vhoe ^yoiir back; yard. Arid 'culbtte' aresses ^ are; .catching [fancies ^ of : a; growing 5 -ariny of "' ''' ' . ^^Beciiuse eyery i piece ' of clothing ayB;Nell^;0on;^" a '-rsi' iftnyeftmfenti « N'- is the time .jto- choos^ clcfthes^ tna do a? ; 3QQaxliuiiM oii? a minimum i " Mirror-finished, ' ro$6 goldfUlod. Smart dial. SUPERBLY STYLED.... STAR-TIMED JEWBlS the ent',n^ Ala8ka.$apt. ^Ithei^, Xr niiae4":i).utfiK .-- •Trhn functional de«ign...the rare beauty of simplicity—these things Americans want in '42. And theee/arc things you'll fincl in the rie> Elgin Deluxe watches! Here are slender, ckqrmin g titucpicces for women ;. flattering in every detail. And for men—there are. watches that mal^e the best of companions ... dependable ... fashioned inliaiid- aoine patterns. Elgins are priced from f27.50,includingFcdcra) Tax. < TIMK PAYMENTS AT VIRGINIA; SCHMIDT, senior 'clam president, ftamlolpb»M«coa Womi»i> Cqlleifs M2, wye, "Tho giving of an Elgin for jrndu*- tion has been « tradition in "»' , famiiy'for three gcueralioiifl." NO EXTKA COST

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