Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 12, 1977 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 12, 1977
Page 11
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. October ia, itm N. Yemen Leader Assassinated LONDON iUPI> - Unknown assailants have assassinated North Yemen's moderate leader. U. Cot. Ibrahim Mohammed cl Hamadi. who k«d the strategic Red Sea nation toward improved relations with Saudi Arabia. ' In a string of bulletin radio announcements, the ruling Command Council that was headed by Hamadi said criminal rancorous murderers" had slain' both the 34- year-old president and his brother. U. Col. Abdullah Mohammed el Hamadi. a top military official. The council — North Yemen's chief executive and legislative body — vowed "revenge" but gave no details of the assassinations nor any immediate indication o( possible- suspects. The radio broadcasts from the North Yemeni capital were monitored in London. Early today, the council born in Hamadi's 197-) bloodless takeover announced a new council chairman. Lt. Col. Ahmad ol Ghashmi. lo -fill the vacuum" left by the slaying of the country's "great-martyr.' 1 The new leadership vowed "to follow the line set for us by the late leader" — a path marked by close ties with neighboring Saudi Arabia, tension with the radical regime of South Yemen and an ambitious five- year development plan to boost the living standards of one of Talks Follow 'Sick In' HARTFORD CITY, ind. (UPI) — Representatives for Blackford County Education Association and the school board bargained lale Tuesday night following a "sick in" protest that left 60 percent of the systems classrooms without teachers. Superintendent William Couch canceled classes for over 3,700 students Tuesday when 12(i of the system's 195 teachers reported sick. The "sick-in" was a protest for failure of talks between he school board and teachers association to reach agreement on a new contract. Thomas R. Smith, president- elect of the teachers group, said he was uncertain whether the teachers would return to the classroom Wednesday. He inidicated action would depend on progress from the negotiation session late Tuesday night. . the world's most 'Impoverished nations. Ghashmi. Hamadi's deputy armed forces chief of staff, was designated new head of both the command council and the armed forces. The three other members of the ruling body retained their seats, a council announcement indicated, Despite the Ghasmi council's pledge to continue past policy. Middle East diplomats said it remained unclear what stance the new leadership would take toward radical South Yemen, which along with North Yemen guards the strategic entrance through the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea. Hamadi's stated policy'after his takeover was a close alliance with "our great neighbor." Saudi Arabia, and bitter enmity toward the Aden government. But recently, Hamadi had indicated he might follow the Saudis' 1976 lead and patch up relations with his neighbor. He was scheduled to open an official visit to South Yemen Thursday. Diplomatic sources speculated that . Haniddi, a career officer who wrote poetry in his spare lime, might have been slain by internal tribal elements opposed to any softened stance toward Aden, The Ptwrbc-Trtbune. tagjuapbri. Ind.—11 Missing Jeweler's Body Found Lucille Ball holds a loving cup, one of-the prizes m the second annual Lucille Ball-Cutty Sark Backgammon Tournament scheduled to begin in Hollywood Oct. 21. Ov;er 200 people will compete to take the trophy home. (UPI) S-\N Jl|AN Pucito Hfco (LPlr — \ charred jnd bulletriddled body dumped: in the mountains of central Puerto Rico mav be that of missing New York, gem merchant Abraham Shjft/adeh, according lo the jeweler s brother and New York City Police Shafizadeh disappeared-on. a trip to Puerto Rico in July with between S-'OO OW ,md $,)(» ooo in gems. The bodies of three other ]p\npler> dealer-. h,ne been found in Puerto Rico in the past three years.' The !»an Juan Star tod.iv quoted • Shafizadeh's brother. Dr. Fardkh Shafizadeh-Hakimi. as saying that the bocl> found resembled this uem dealer. • It's a possibility that is my brother. 1 ' F a r o k h ShattzadehHakimi told the newspaper 'The description seems to match. There; is- no other conclusion I can draw If the identification is con. firmed, Shafizadeh would be the fourth jeweler found dead m Puerto Rico over the past three years New York City officials Tuesday also, said the body, discovered July 29 in a shallow grave-alongside a road near the town of Arecibo about 50 miles south of San Juan, 'closely KS WIN UP TO'1.000 JUtIA muMM flOO WINNIR WAIIIN DAOllr $100 WINNER IONNII Mill $1,000 WINNIR MNIT 1. KIDWIll 11,000 WINNER OPAl JACKSON $1,000 WINNIR •OIHTMUIDOCK •100 WINNER MAIX DOWNING Mil, «OII1T SIMMON 11,000 $1,000 WINNIR WINNER MTUICK IAVAUI »1/000 WINNER . ClltUI OOINI fi.ooo WINNER •OSA A. HOVIPT $1,000 WINNER lean Meaty pare Ribs IB. Quarters J Pork Loin \\ ork Chops 9ft SAVE : w ~ " e _ _ rt owovmtMSH " —, rtp "«>«™C*K - 7ftc iwmw j-i >jn tain Pork Chon« • i.l .59 Pork Sauscme .« /V Breokfost Sausage « /T Cube Steok » I./O •SSwJJwo " I.-" rorK^ousuge _ __ a . lM . aaa B ». ^^ '«»»»»»«WHBIIHB ,,. «i i« Center Horn Slices «. I. COM CfXWIY ft«K Rib Eye Steaks Picnic Style Pork Roast .a. 79 Bologna. . . . *1 Oft '«»»» OUIIN MiJHNIKKS !JJ Si 1 O Sirloin Tip Steak . . . ... ,'l.o9 Manjize Beef Potties . ."» l.-lV Sirloin Tip Sandwich Steaks." 1;99 Beef Liver Pork Roast V.S.DA GraJe W Large Eggs Stock Up and $w WITH COUPON >r* . ^^ **\ KGUUB « Dlil _ / >x \/ ' Pepsi-Cola . w_ 8 '»'-" $ 1.1 9 \J ' i'- 1 7 1 **! MIICIOU5 _ _ X Fudge Bars , . "?•". . '# 88 C •T*r'\ NMIONW. x „_._ Peanut Butter. . T.. 'jf /9 C V*1U PIUS - _ Grape Jelly . . V . . s 69 C ,'<* "i." • •* ^ ^M?/t #/#/ A^ Pumpkin Pie Ptf KHz Apple Pie Kwnty Kitf Frozen f / CoJcfatlX o lf/ PowderedSugar^ X BAGS | f,f,JJ (M)T ^^ ^^f* i[ GdEEN GlAKT KOUKTY KIST „„ Corn .... ."'. OIIEN GIANT KOUNTY KIST ' "A * 1 I '-'I Mixed Vegetables.'":*^ %% $ 1 VI GHEN CUNT COUNTY KIST „« . Froien Peas. . r, . SAVE 1PKG FES FAMILY WITH COUPON 2W2 2% Lowfat Milk PiASttC GAL. JUG WITH COUPON 16-OZ. PKG. Spaghetti hetti Sauce SAVE 50 '^^^^^\^ II - WITH THIJ COUrON WrfHTMIlCOUfOM •! TMJU OCT IS. 1977 __ i; TMJU OCT IS. 1977 TMtUOCm 1W7 H INBUNHIMMII PUMXIUACH || aftHKb ». <» «^ . •• •SSSi •••»1»» MNKMMI N1CUMRT: MMI MICI»»A»T SAVE 10 lUMYKREMT WITH THIS COUPON |l WITHTOircOufON | B TWHJ'befTiTwr" • THUU OCT is,«» " u THWI OCT 15/1977 5 "!i"«7r MAWflttUbWHH •• mum* I ONTHEfUHCHASlOf g' ONTHEKKHASfOF •'"SSS'.SIftSBkE"! flC.A4WXC»»irJI POTTINGSOa K MMWIMJ.*^;! ^U-MCO^MM • OttSSlffil ! »fc 8S< !! 4 «^ W^ 8 sucroIACOM . J; HOT ooos Jj r ^J?g »| J ; MU.CMrW ft* fAVHU II Mt COW*lN Ml MKItT |{ Mt CfiVFfNlKft fWUt ,- r || Wf CHPMI HI rtMIlT || J m£ mym PU FAMIT PUD matches the description of Shafizadeh. A few months apart in 1974. New York merchant Leo Dershowllz and Chicago dealer Howard Block, were found shot to death on isolated rural roads on the edge ot the San Juan metropolitan area. Police believe they were followed from the U.S. mainland by their killers, but no arrests have been made in the slaylngs, in which'hundreds of thousands of dollars of diamonds also were reported missing. Gem dealer Jacqueline Kane of New York was found dead behind some garbage cans in the docks area of San Juan earlier this year. An autopsy showed she had died of natural causes, but how the body ended up on the docks is still a mystery. Shafizadeh. 31. of New York had an airline ticket from New York to San Juan July 28 to collect an $80,000 debt from a Puerto Rican jeweler and offer more gems for sale. New York Police confirmed the gem dealer or a person using his name boarded the nonstop flight that day. The body which may be that of Shafizadeh had been shot five times and was later burned to prevent identifical ion. Although the body was burned beyond recognition. New York authorities said one fingerprint was sufficiently intact for possible matching with Shafizadeh's prints. The FBI has reportedly contacted^.: rliureau of Immigration^ and Naturalization officials to obtain-Shafizadeh's fingerprints. Shafi/adeh,:. a bachelor who worked ;' in Manhattan's "Diamond District." immigrated to New York from Israel. Judson's Annual Parent Advisory Meeting Set NORTH JIJDSON - The North , Judson-San Pierre Schools, have scheduled a parent advisory council organizational meeting for this school year. The meeting will be held at I p.m. Monday, Oct. 17-, at the Liberty elementary school, north portable classroom. Under Title 1 guidelines, school officials said it is mandatory that each educational agency establish a parent advisory council, the membership of which is com' prised of a majority of parents who have children participating in a Title I school activity. The North Judson-San Pierre schools are using Title I federal funds in a special reading and kindergarten readiness program for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. 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